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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  June 7, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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now at eight .. shots fired, shots fired gunfire in san francisco's mission district. we have no suspects in custody right now what we are learning about the shooting that left one victim dead and two hospitalized.whoosh how state officials smashed california's biggest illegal fireworks ring.whoosh no warning messages no hands on the wheel. the alarming details in that fatal tesla crash last march.whoosh police in the south bay warn of a dangerous new criminal trend. burglars are coming to the home armed (ken) breaking news at 8 out of san news at 8 out breaking (ken) (ken) breaking news at 8 out of san news at 8 out breaking news at 8 out of san francisco. that's where the search is on r a suspect in a triple shooting. thank you for joining us i'm
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ken wayne.(pam) and i'm pam moore. one person has been killed in the shooting. this is all happening on treat avenue, near cesar chavez street. the other two victims were taken to the hospital.. and are reportedly in serious condition. (ken) kron-4's gayle ong joins us live from the hospital tonight ...gayle do we know how this started? two victims who self transported themselves are recovering heretheir conditions are unknown.. apparently the shooting happened inside one of the units in that mission district neighborhoodauthorities still have to get a warrent to go inside,that usually takes a few's video of the scene earlier.. the shooting happened around 3:20 this the city's mission districton the 1400 block of treat way..right now we know investigators are on the scene collecting any type of evidencefrom shell casingpossible surveillence video..there's no arrests --
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the suspect or suspects are still at largeresidents we spoke to off camera say there have been multiple shootings here over the last year..we know there were three shootings today in the mission district and police are still investigating if they're related.. police did say this appears to be an isolated incident of course we will keep you updated at will keep you of course we incident be an isolated this appears to police did say this point.">investigation at this point."> police did say this appears to be an isolated incident of course we will keep you updated at kron 4 news at 9 and 10 with the very latestbut right now investigators are still at the housing unit on treat way gathering clues. and asking anyone with information to contact san francisco police for now, live in san francisco gayle ong kron k news (ken) we told you (ken)
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we told you about this shooting with a push alert on our mobile app. stay connected on breaking news by downloading it and enabling push alerts today. (pam) 49-thousand pounds of fireworks ... seized... in one of the largest busts in state history. a multi- agency effort ended with seven arrests tied to a large- scale, illegal fireworks ring. (ken) cal fire says the organized crime ring was operating for more than 30 years in cities across the state including several in the bay area. kron 4's gabe slate joins us live.. he spoke with east bay cal fire officials who are hoping this will bust will lead to a safer july 4th holiday this year in the bay area. gabe, this investigation and bust was conducted by the law enforcement arm of cal fire, charged with protecting are public lands, and preventing fires. as july 4th gets closer fire officials want this historic bust to remind people how quickly setting off even a small firework can lead to a
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big fire. nats - fireworks cal fire says - on average each year, fireworks start over 18,000 fires in california 1,300 of those being structure fires, and 300 being vehicle fires. and these yearly fires from fireworks on average cause three deaths, 40 injuries, and $43 million dollars in property damage. sound from - jonathan cox - cal fire battalion chief wildfire is a big problem in california these are weapons of wildfire cal fire battalion chief, jonathan cox, says busting up this illegal fireworks ring and taking just under 50,000 pounds of illegal fireworks off the streets is a big success for them as we enter the wildfire season and july 4th holiday. sound from - jonathan cox - cal fire battalion chief we don't have to look further than the north bay or oakland hills to know how big fires happen fast and how dangerous they arecox said a three year investigation led up to this bust, 7 arrests were made, $115 thousand dollars in cash and a variety of firearms, computers, and cell phones were seized. sound from - jonathan cox -
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cal fire "some of the raids took place in the bay area walnut creek oakland and hayward and at those locations some illegal fireworks were seized so this does have a bay area impact our advice really is it's not worth it to be held liable for starting a wildfire you're better off seeing a professional show and not messing around" with all the concern of wildfires in the area cal fire and local law enforcement wants you to know there is a zero tolerance policy toward illegal fireworks.they are taking serious, and going after them.. fire officials are asking that you take in a show and not risk starting a fire with an illegal firework. in san francisco gabe slate kron 4 news.
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(pam) the san francisco mayor's race is still too close to call. here are the numbers... you can see how tight the race is tonight. and the ballots are still being counted-(ken) and san francisco's rank choice voting system means it could still be a few days before we find out who won. kron 4's charles clifford is live in san francisco with more on the latest numbers. on thursday, the san francisco department of elections counted just over 8 thousands votessan francisco department of elections director john arntz says that about 5,000 vote by mail ballots arrived at the department on thursday. those all need to be verified and counted. with the top two candidates running for san francisco mayor now separated by a mere 255 votes, arntz says they are double checking to make sure there aren't any ballots that were misplaced on election day.sot
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as we go through the material that came back from the polling place we are going to find ballots that were put into the wrong container on election day. we will review those and if they are valid we will count those of thursday afternoon, the department estimates that there are still about 83,700 ballots left to count. with 4 voting cards in each ballots, that means about 334,000 individual cards still need to be checked. director arntz estimates the work will continue through the weekend and probaly into next week.sot sunday would be a reach . i think monday would be closer. we've got four machines, it's just a matter of getting stuff through the machines and then reported so it's going to take several days.both london breed and mark leno have representatives observing the vote coutn which continues tonight untill 10 and then they are back at untill 10 and then continues tonight vote coutn which observing the representatives leno have breed and mark both london several's going to take then reported so machines and through the of getting stuff it's just a matter four machines, closer. we've got monday would be a reach . i think sunday would be sotweek. probaly into next the weekend and continue through the work will arntz estimates checked. director still need to be individual cards 334,000 means about each ballots, that means about 334,000 means about
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(pam)(pam) the warriors are one win away from their 3rd championship title in 4 years. (ken) it was a close game last night-- but golden state came out on top. kron 4's kim smith reports from cleveland tonight-- where the teams are gearing up for game 4.
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at the q pays off... the warriors say last year's game4 taught them a lot... but those lessons have truly been seen over the course of this season... in the warriors 4th straight trip to the finals... each year has a different story...but this season may have taught the warriors the most.... ((draymond: 'you go from playing in the nba finals to here we go again 82 games just fighting that feeling and yioui can just continue to go down the list of things we've gone through this year. from steph getting injured during playoffs to andre being out, you can go on and on... it's been a different journey,. and when you go through things like hta and still able to come out with the same result we were able to come out with, barring we're able to close this thing out it makes you appreciate it much more.")) tag: the warriors say the mantra heading into game 4-- dont be complacent... meanwhile at cavs practice this morning... the team is trying to stay engaged... jr smith says the key for them has been the ability to keep communicating... and thats a tough thing for a team to do especially when the odds are not in their favor... so going into game 4, the cavs plan to take it one quarter at a time... in cleveland kim smith kron 4 sports > (ken) there's a new
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federal report tonight on that deadly crash of a tesla on autopilot in mountain view last march: the n=t=s=b says that the driver did not have his hands on the wheel ... and there was no audible warning ... even while his car was accelerating into a crash barrier on highway 101.(pam) all that data downloaded from the car's onboard computer(ken) and it allowed the investigators to reconstruct the final moments before the accident that killed the 38=year=old tesla driver a little before nine thirty, apple engineer walter huang was driving southbound in the diamond lane of 101.he was approaching what traffic engineers call a "gore point," the barrier separating the left=hand exit ramp for highway 85.huang's tesla suddenly served into the
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cushioned crash attentuator at the tip of the concrete barrier.the impact split it in half before it was struck by two other vehicles, an audi and a mazda.bystanders were able to pull the driver from the wreck, but he died at the hospital.using information dowloaded from the tesla's onboard computer, the ntsb was able to construct a detailed timeline of what led to the crash.huang engaged the tesla's autopilot four times in32 minutes, including the final 18 minutes and 55 seconds.during that time, the vehicle provided two visual alerts and one auditory alert for the driver to place his hands on the steering wheel. all of these alerts occurred more than 15 minutes prior to the crash.tick tick tickin the final minute before the crash, the driver's hands were detected on the steering wheel wheel on three separate occasions, for a total of 34 secondsat 8 seconds prior to the crash, the tesla was following a lead vehicle at about 65 miles per hour.tick.
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at 7 seconds prior to the crash, the tesla began a left steering movement while following a lead vehicle.tick at six seconds, the driver took his hands off the wheel. tickat four seconds , the tesla was no longer following a lead vehicle and began accelerating to its preset cruise speed of 75 miles per hour.tick at three seconds prior to the crash and up to the time of impact , the tesla's speed increased from 62 to 70.8 miles per hour, with no braking or evasive steering movement detected. coming up at eight.. facebook says, a bug revealed private user posts how you will know if you were affected. plus. two good samaritans killed on the side of the road as they try to help others in need. what c-h-p is saying about getting out of your car on the highway. and next... a minor is among those arrested in a home invasion robbery. it is part of a disturbing trend... south bay police are trying to tackle.
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jose.. three stolen guns are off thestreets .. according to police.... those weapons are connected to an armed home invasion robbery. (ken) kron four's rob fladeboe has the details. rob fladeboe/san jose "...home invasion robberies, stolen guns and a juvenile suspect. they are part of what police say are a pair of disturbing trends they are working to control..."this ar-15 assault rifle and a sig sauer pistol were stolen from a home here on woodbury court during a burglary that became a home invasion robbery when the owner interrpted the crime and was ordered at gunpoint to open a paul joseph/san jose police ".....that's a disturbing tend were seeing when burglars are coming to thehome armed and if they encounter the homeowner they shift gears and go into robbery mode and confront the victim and order them to hand over their property..."a getaway car and distinctive t-shirt seen in surveillance video led police to a home here on kammerer avenue in san jose's mayfairdistrict where they arrested 19 year-old oscar vasquez and a 17 year old juvenile suspect, who was not paul
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joseph/san jose police "....we are definitely seeing a trend of juvenile suspects involved in very seriouscrimes like robberies, burglaries and car-jackings so this definitely fits that mold...." the cases are not directly related but last month police arrested 16 suspects in connection with a wide-ranging crime spree, 11 of whom are juveniles. they were involved in 7 robberies, 6 car jackings and 10 burglaries. yet another disturbing fact is that many of these crimes involve the use of stolen guns. again, lt. joseph on the latest case. lt. paul joseph/san jose police "....we did not want that ar-15 out there on the streets and also when the 17 year old was arrested he had another gun in his waistband that was stolen from in another burglary so in total we got three weapons off the street..."rob fladeboe/san jose ".....they're not sure why but police say violent crime involving juvenile suspects are up 19 percent in san jose over a year ago. more resources are being directed at the problem... in san jose rob fladeboe kron 4 news (pam) human trafficking is a growing problem in the city of san francisco... that's according to the district attorney... and today, d.a. george gascon announced the arrest of a man ... accused of pimping a 17- year-old girl.(pam) newsfladeboe kron 4 news
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(pam) human trafficking is a growing problem in the city of san francisco... that's according to the district attorney... and today, d.a. george gascon announced the arrest of a man ... accused of pimping a 17- year-old girl. a crime the d-a's office says, is far too common. kron 4's philippe djegal reports.. (philippe) in february... san francisco district attorney george gascon says an undercover police officer responded to an advertisement on a website frequented by human traffickers... backpage-dot-com. the young girl pictured whose services were being offered turned out to be 17-years-old.
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the offic er received a reply setting up a date at a downtown san francisco hotel, also asking for a donation -- which gascon says is often code for a sex gascon/district attorney- "i believe it was $260. uh, the undercover personnel from san francisco police department went, they met the victim immediately. uh, they seized her phone, they started looking, they realized that this was a probably a case of human trafficking, and then the investigation evolved from there." in april, gascon says a team effort between his office's crime strategies unit, the san francisco police department and federal agents... led to the arrest of 19-year-old kriz mike nunez of san francisco. he faces 27 felony counts of human trafficking and pimping of a minor. all stemming from just one victim.frank carrubba/da's office- "they were trafficked, um, all over the united states. um, including as far away as florida and, um, the eastern seaboard." and, gascon says some of the evidence collected in this case... may help investigators solve other similar trafficking- related crimes.greg mceachern/sfpd- "we really need the community, when they see instances like this, um to bring it to our attention."
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george gascon/district attorney- "this is not a rarity in our city. this is a very common occurance." in 20-15 alone, gascon says his office prosecuted more than 500 human trafficking cases... but adds that his department is severly under funded to fight the problem. he's asked the mayor's office for a million dollars that he hopes the board of supervisors will include in the next fiscal year budget to focus more on human trafficking. in san francisco, philippe djegal, kron four news. (ken) facebook says a software bug made some private posts public for as many as 14 million users. the problem happened over several days in may. facebook says it's fixed. but it's the latest privacy scandal for the company. the company says the bug suggested users make new posts public...even if they had prevously restricted them to "friends only" or another privacy setting. facebook is notifying users who were affected. now to our four zone
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forecast. taking a live look outside at s-f-o. kron-4's kron-4's meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is here now with the forecast a slight warming trend is forecast for friday in the bay area. expect 60s along the coast and bay with 70s-80s as you head inland. another weak system cools conditions on saturday. a warming trend will get underway on sunday and continue through the middle part of next week as high pressure builds over the region. temperatures will warm back into the 80s to middle 90s. 90s.the 80s to middle warm
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back into the 80s to middle 90s. new ahead at 8.. how thousands of how at 8.. new ahead new ahead at 8.. new ahead 90s. the 80s to middle warm back into temperatures will warm back into the 80s to middle 90s. new ahead new ahead new ahead at 8..
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how thousands of wedding crashers ruined one bride's big day in texas. and next. a guide to house hacking. how you can live rent or mortgage free.. ((gary sports tease))coming up a little bit later in this broadcast warriors getting ready for the knock out blow tomorrow night... we'll talk about game four. also terrell owens is going to make pro football history, we'll tell you how... a little bit later in this broadcast. ((ken))here's what we are tracking new tonight at nine... kevin durant is known for his philanthropy off the court is really making a difference.the warriors star is helping some special bay area children get a head start by paying for their first year of college. we'll hear from one of those
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lucky students..tonight on kron 4 news at nine.
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(ken) new at 8 imagine living rent-free in your own home or apartment? it is possible! there are several ways to have someone else make your mortgage payment for you. (pam) in today's consumer watch -- mary moloney introduces us to the concept of "house hacking" ... and a 3-step guide to making it work for you. david greene, author, "long- distance real estate investing": "i've seen people who are making between 500 to one thousand dollars a month out of a property that they own."it sounds too good to be true-- but it's a tried and proved concept. it's called house hacking. the term is used to describe buying a multi-unit property, living in one of the units and renting out the rest.david greene, author, "long-distance real estate investing": "and they can actually get their mortgage paid for by other people so that they can rent there for free save money and buy another house." another
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strategy is to rent out extra bedrooms or listing them on's the same idea if you already own a home or you're renting an apartment. david greene, author, "long- distance real estate investing": "some people actually make more than you're actually spending every month just by following this strategy." first-- make sure there's a demand where you live.second-- find the average rent you can expect by checking websites like craigslist or rent-o-meter dot com.and third-- make sure it's legal. david greene, author, "long-distance real estate investing": "you really want to make sure the area that you're in allows this type of thing. or if you're renting the unit yourself, you have to make sure your landlord knows because he owns the property." of course, sharing your home can have privacy and security issues...but the savings perks are there if you're willing to make some sacrifices.david greene, author, "long-distance real estate investing": "house hacking is a financial tool. it's important to understand that. this is something you're doing to benefit your finances and give yourself a long-term plan to be able to build wealth in real estate or any other means."for consumer watch, i'm mary moloney.
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coming up at eight.. the cost to fly ... could soon be going up. what the price hike is being blamed on. plus. a family says their dog saved them and a baby from a raging fire. what the dog did when she spotted flames. and next... two young men die while trying to help others in a crash on the highway. what the c-h-p is saying about getting out of your car on the highway. ((lawrence tease))i'm kron 4 chief meteorologist lawrence karnow.coming up, i will take a look at your 7 day forecast. details are right after the break. just when you thought you were done painting...
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♪ never let you go enhance your moments. san pellegrino. tastefully italian. (pam) two good samaritans were killed on a northern california highway .... when they got out of their car to help others.(ken) it was after two cars were involved in a crash. the accident has police warning other to be cautious. ben deci (dee-see) reports. it was a terrifying accident. two cars in the dead of night collide at highway speeds... one ends up upside-down on the highway. but everyone walked away. at first.sot - officer bradley ryder/california highway patrol"an unknown timeframe passed, and a third vehicle came by and struck that vehicle."two men, aged 21 and 22 had gotten out of their car to help. they were the driver and a passenger of the car least damaged in the original accident. they got out and ran to rolled over car... to help the driver of that car out, but they couldn't get out of the way themselves of the second accident.they were sent flying through the air to the other side of the highway, and
8:31 pm
killed.should they have tried to help?sot - "honestly that's a tough question. and there's no perfect answer to that. every circumstance, every traffic collision is different."it's a complicated accident scene... california highway patrol day one of the other drivers involved was last check, they couldn't explain why the original accident happened.sot - "the traffic collision was still under investigation. at this time we do not know if alcohol was a factor."factor." alcohol was a factor." (ken)no arrests have been made, no citations issued. (ken) president trump met with japanese prime minister shinzo abe today - ahead of two important global summits. abe's message -- don't forget about japan in the talks with north korea.(pam) the two leaders also
8:32 pm
addressed trade.. the topic which is making other global leaders frustrated with trump ahead of the g-7 summit this weekend. natasha chen is in washington with this report. japanese prime minister shinzo abe is on a mission ahead of president trump's summit with north korean leader kim jong un in singapore. president donald trump: he's the number one celebrity in japan.he told reporters about his hope in long-range stability for northeast asia.he also brought up an issue not officially on the north korean summit agenda -- japanese nationals abducted by north koreans decades ago, including one girl kidnapped at age 13.shinzo abe / prime
8:33 pm
minister of japan (translated): it is the long-held desire of the japanese people to have her and all of the abductees come home. president trump agreed to bring it up with kim. president donald trump: the issue of japanese abductees, which i know is of great personal importance to prime minister abe. trump also said he's well prepared for the singapore meeting.president donald trump: this will not be just a photo op. this will be, at a minimum, we'll start with, perhaps, a good relationship and that's something that's very important toward the ultimate making of a deal.meanwhile, existing good relationships with other countries are being tested. on the heels of trump's tough tariffs, seven countries known as the g-7, will meet in quebec to talk (ken) obamacare premiums could increase by double digits next year. insurance companies in several states have requested large rate hikes for 2019. many insurers are blaming the hikes on steps taken by president donald trump and republicans in congress. most are the fact that congress s -- eliminated the individual mandate, which requires nearly all americans to have coverage
8:34 pm
or pay a fine -- and the expected expansion of health plans that don't adhere to healthcare regulations. (pam) also set to rise, the cost of flying to your summer destination this year. the reason? analysts blame rising fuel prices... cutting into airline profits. it is unclear just how high fares will rise, but experts say, the airlines will find ways to add a few more dollars to a plane ticket. for instance, airlines could increase base fares, add fuel surcharges, or sell fewer so-called "cheap seats". some of the major u-s airlines, including american, delta, and united, are already warning wall street that higher fares are coming due primarily to rising fuel costs. (ken) now to our four zone forecast. you're looking live at the golden gate bridge.(pam) kron-4's meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez joins us with a look ahead a slight warming trend is forecast for friday in the bay
8:35 pm
area. expect 60s along the coast and bay with 70s-80s as you head inland. another weak system cools conditions on saturday. a warming trend will get underway on sunday and continue through the middle part of next week as high pressure builds over the region. temperatures will warm back into the 80s to middle 90s. still ahead at 8 a dad's picture of his baby goes viral...what he says happened when he visited a public restroom with his daughter. plus. 90s.the 80s to middle 90s.
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still ahead at 8 a dad's picture of his baby goes viral...what he says happened when he visited a public restroom with his daughter. plus. actress reese witherspoon making a big announcement about a new project she's working on. and next.
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a car swerves out of the way....a police officer spots why. a woman sleeping in the road. what she was doing there. doing there. ♪ ♪ legendary jockey víctor espinoza is insatiable when it comes to competing. ♪ ♪ so is his horse. ♪ ♪ when it comes to snacking. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ that's why he uses the chase mobile app, to pay practically anyone, at any bank. life, lived victor's way. chase. make more of what's yours. in texas. police dash
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cam video catches a bizarre sight -- a woman asleep on a road. take a look. a sergeant was traveling on the highway ...when the vehicle in front of him suddenly swerved
8:40 pm
out of the way to avoid hitting something on the road. that something was a someone...jeanette murillo. the sergeant approaced murillo and realized she wasn't hurt...but was asleep. after further investigation... authorities found her truck nearby stuck in a ditch... filled with open containers of beer inside. the woman was arrested for public intoxication. (ken) new at 8. a new hampshire father is getting a lot of attention for a photo he posted of his baby. (pam) it is also launching a debate about gender roles in child care. chris mau was out on a walk, when his 8- month old started crying. so he stepped into the closest restaurant to change his daughter. but once he got to the restroom... there was no changing table. he says he didn't feel comfortable looking into the ladies room - and did not want to wait. so he pulled out what he calls the emergency towel to change his daughter. his friends convinced him to make his frustrated post public. and now it has
8:41 pm
gone viral. (pam) mau says, the responses to his post have been mostly positive. with most people chiming in about similar situations they have encountered. (pam) in sports -- washington d-c finally breaks its 26-year championship drought.. the capitals beat the golden knights in game- 5 ... to win their first stanley cup. also -- where will kevin durant's game three performance rank in franchise history? our sports director, gary radnich has all the sports coming up next at 8 one bride's big day ruined by some wedding crashers...but they weren't people. i am extremely proud of jackie, gaby and stephanie. we worked with pg&e to save energy because we wanted to help the school. they would put these signs on the door to let the teacher know you didn't cut off the light.
8:42 pm
the teachers, they would call us the energy patrol. so they would be like, here they come, turn off your lights! those three young ladies were teaching the whole school about energy efficiency. we actually saved $50,000. and that's just one school, two semesters, three girls. together, we're building a better california. (pam) in texas.
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thousands of dead fish have washed up in seabrook..(ken) the smell alone is keeping visitors away -- but one bride and groom say the dead fish are ruining their wedding plans. it's a stinky reality for kristi ling. she planned on marrying the love of her life at their seabrook home...but this week ...that all changed. a long group of dead fish came rolling into the area. texas parks and wildlife officials say an algae bloom
8:45 pm
may have created low dissolved oxygen in the water. if there isn't enough oxygen, the fish can't "breathe" and die. with temperatures soaring close to triple digits, kristi ling says the smell is unbearable.(sot) (ken)together."> being happy together.">(ken) bride-to-be kristi ling is currently focused on finding a new venue. the last time seabrook saw a fish kill this big was back in 2014. (pam) a family in stockton says .... their dog is a hero, after the puppy pit bull helped alert them to a fire. as ken ma- shin-chi reports... what the dog did may have saved lives. as flames engulfed parts of a fourplex on east yorkshire drive in stockton a little
8:46 pm
after midnight on sunday, an unlikely hero made sure everyone got out safelyshe's scared8 month old pit bull sasha helped warn nana chaichanhda that the fire was next door by banging on the backyard doornana chaichanhda, lost home to firei open it and she runs in and starts barking at me like crazy and i was like ok, this is weird. this is not like her.nana quickly noticed her cousin's building was on fire, and raced into the bedroom to grab her 7 month old daughter when she saw sasha by herchaichanhdashe had already had my baby by the diaper and was dragging her off the bed. i was like oh my gosh, what are you doing?fire crews responded within minutes of the initial 911 call, and though the flames only reached her attic, nana's home is now unlivable. her cousin was not home at the time of the fire nat?nana and her cousin are now staying with their aunts that also live in the four-plexas they try to start over after losing their homes, nana is thankful for her pup's heroics and hopes it changes people's view of pit bulls as family petschaichanhdait meant a lot. i owe her everything. if it wasn't for her, i would have still been in bed and things could have taken a worse turn. (pam) the dog's owner says,
8:47 pm
it was one of the rare nights where she left sasha outside at night. and could likely be the reason everyone made it out alive. new tonight at nine...the california highway patrol is trying inform students about the consequences of drugged driving. the drugged driving suit simulates what its like to be behind the wheel...under the might be surprised at the results...find out, tonight on kron 4 news at nine. the golden knights' the golden the golden knights' the golden knights' cinderella story
8:48 pm
comes to in end in game 5 of the stanley cup final the knights lose 4 straight against the caps let's show you how everything went down in las vegas the knights pre-game festivities are an event on its own we pick it up in the second period game tied at one alex ovechkin slaps a power play goal 15th goal of the playoffs caps up 2-1 in the third... washington tie the game at 3 and lars eller scores the go-ahead goal for the caps marc-andre fleury loses the puck... and eller taps in fans celebrating in the streets of d-c after 43 seasons... washington win their first stanley cup ovechkin wins the conn smythe trophy... given to the playoffs mvp ovi is a champion for the first time in his career... has 607 career goals no word if the team will visit trump at
8:49 pm
the white house the warriors are one win away from winning their third
8:50 pm
n-b-a title in four years. golden state held practice today... ahead of game four. with a win over the cavs friday... golden state will become the first team since the 2007 finals to sweep their opponent. gregg poppovich and the spurs won four straight against cleveland. only 8 teams have been able to achieve this feat. the warriors are five and a half point favorites for game four. kevin durant says he will resign with the warriors this summer it would be hard for anyone to leave a team that is on their way to winning back-to-back titles. k-d's 43-point performace in game three is the reason the warriors are up by 3-games on the cavs. steph curry and klay thompson were cold from three... combined 3-for-15 durant joins rick barry as the only other warriors player with 40 points and 10 rebounds in a finals game. golden state understands that without k-would look completely different. "it really is shocking when you see the talent. i was telling our staff after the game last night: i played in five
8:51 pm
finals; i don't think i ever saw anybodymake a 30-foot shot in the middle of the game, much less four of them, which k.d. did last night"."i just know when i rush i'm not as good as i want to be. if i take my time and be patient, i can dictate and control everything. so i'd rather control everything than be reacting to someone else out there".kevin durant was great at 23. as you get older and older, your game gets more and more seasoned. but everyone knew that.that's kevin durant. so it's not like you would think that he would fizzle out. you knew he was built for greatness from the time that he was drafted. i mean, everybody knew that besides portland, i guess. and make sure to tune into road to the championship tomorrow at 4-pm we will get you ready for game 4... as the warriors will be looking to become the 9th team to sweep their opponent in the nba finals we will have live reports from cleveland with mark kim smith and the son of warriors barry... scotter will be break everything down this week's lexus ultimate highlight goes to brandon crawford in the
8:52 pm
giants series finale against arizona... crawford hit a walkoff single off john ryan murphy crawford is having an all star year... since the end of april he's batting .424 san francisco come from behind to win, 5-4 tomorrow they'll begin a ten-game road trip in the nation's capital the a's are over at the coliseum opening a four game series against the royals right now -- terrell owens says he will not attend his own induction ceremony for the pro football hall of fame in august owens was voted into the hall in february... in a statement released today owens said... "while i am incredibly appreciative of this opportunity... i have made the decision to publicly decline my invitation to attend the induction ceremony in canton." he added... canton." ceremony in induction attend the invitation to decline my publicly decision to have made the opportunity... i this appreciative of incredibly "while i am owens said... released today owens said... "while i am incredibly appreciative oo publicly declin my invitation to attend the induction ceremony in canton." he added... "after visiting canton earlier this year... i came to the realization that i wish to celebrate what will be one of the most memorable days of my life, elsewhere.... at a later
8:53 pm
date... i will announce where and when i will celebrate my induction." owens heavily criticized the when he failed to be elected his first two years of eligibility. rafael next at 8. a big announcement from reese witherspoon. the new project the actress is working on.
8:54 pm
something incredible is coming to disney california adventure park. it must be epic! thrilling!...daring! come ride the incredicoaster.
8:55 pm
it's going to be simply exhilarating dahling! (pam) it is a return of
8:56 pm
all things pink ... and well, blonde. legally blonde 3" is officially in the works! actress reese witherspoon confirmed the project on instagram thursday. witherspoon will reprise her role as the perky, perpetually happy elle woods in the third installment. "legally blonde" was released in 2001.. and became an instant cult classic. the sequel followed in 2003. no plot details or release date have been announced. (pam) that wraps up kron 4 news at 8.( ken) but our primetime coverage is just
8:57 pm
getting started this thursday. vicki liviakis is here with kron 4 news at 9....vicki? ((vicki))thank you pam and at ten...the race for san francisco mayor is a tight numbers are in...and there is still no clear cut winner and plenty of ballots left to count.we'll break it all in a live report.and new tonight at nine...warriors star kevin durant is making moves on..and off the court.not only is he one win away from his second championship..he's helping four lucky bay area kids chase their dreams by paying for their first year of college. the incredible story...coming up.((vicki))plus find out where authorities seized nearly 50-thousand dollars worth of illegal fireworks.and who they have behind bars tonight.keep it here...kron 4 news at nine starts right after the
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8:59 pm
to be a close race, it's rank choice voting: you never know whats going to happen. butted mark leno: win or lose i just think this experience for the past four or five months have been one i would not trade in for anything.">(vicki) no clear winner just yet in the race for san francisco mayor
9:00 pm
and we may not know for days....(vicki) thanks for joining us i'm vicki liviakis...(ken) and i'm ken wayne in for grant lodes... which ever candidate wins it will be historic as mark leno will be the city's first openly gay mayor and london breed would be the city's first black woman mayor... (vicki) let's take a look at new numbers tonight... it shows the two candidates are just a couple hundred votes apart.. (ken) kron 4's charles clifford is in san francisco with more on the ballots that are still being counted- on thursday, the san francisco department of elections counted just over 8 thousands votessan francisco department of elections director john arntz says that about 5,000 vote by mail ballots arrived at the department on thursday. those all need to be verified and counted. with the top two candidates running for san francisco mayor now separated by a mere 255 votes, arntz says they are double checking to make sure there aren't any ballots that were misplaced on election day.sot as we go through the material that came back from the polling place we are going to find ballots that were put into the wrong container on election day. we will review those and if they are valid we will count those of thursday afternoon, the department estimates that there are still about 83,700 ballots left to count. with 4 voting cards i


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