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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  June 7, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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apparently the shooting happened inside one of the units in that mission district neighborhoodauthorities are getting a warrent to go inside that unit..the victim who was shot there was taken here at sf general hospital where he later died from his injuries.. two more patients who suffered gunshot wounds are fighting for their lives here also, police are still investigating if they are connected.. a triple shooting erupted on san francisco's mission district thursday afternoon.. that' the suspect or
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kron 4 news (ken) on the peninsula. one person is recovering tonight...after a shooting near redwood city. it happened around nine last night on westmoreland avenue. the victim who was expected to survive. no other details are
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being released. police are searching for the shooter tonight. (pam) a big story we are following tonight.... security will be increased at oracle arena for the warriors watch party tomorrow night. this is video from the game -3 watch party. officials say, one person was shot at wednesday's watch party for game 3. police say, a 35- year old male was shot in the parking area. the victim was taken to the hospital.. and is in stable condition. police are looking for the person responsible. (pam) golden state warriors fans are still excited from last night's big game three victory .... and looking forward to game four tomorrow night. take a listen. (sot) the warriors trailed for much of the game.. however,
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the dubs had one of their epic third quarters ... making warriors fans across the bay area happy. game four is tomorrow night... again in cleveland. the warriors are one win away from winning their third n-b-a title in four years. golden state held practice today... ahead of game four. with a win over the cavs friday... golden state will become the first team since the 2007 finals to sweep their opponent. kevin durant explained how this win would be different than prior years. t's different, man. i keep tellingpeople. it's just a different vibe because we've beenthrough a season with each other already aschampions, going through a whole season. so weknow exactly what we need to do in order for us to win. we wanted to do that, focus on that as much aspossible. gregg poppovich and the spurs won four straight against cleveland. only 8 teams have been able to achieve this. the warriors are
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five and a half point favorites for game four. (pam) a few bay area teenagers will not have to worry about how they will pay for their first year of college.(ken) that's because local superstar kevin durant is taking that pressure off their backs.(dbl box kron 4's ali reid met with a few of those teens and joins us tonight ... ali, quite an emotional moment for these kids. they're all still on cloud 9 ...these teens are intelligent, vibrant, and they have such amazing stories. after intervviewing them in a local competition ... kevin durant decided to offer this kind gesture. pkgthe competition was stiff ... four teens faced off to represent the boys and girls club peninsula for youth of the year.natsin the end they were all winners..natssot - we thought we heard it wrong that's right ... after listening to all 4 finalists ... golden gate warriors superstar kevin durant decided ... instead of helping pick one winner ... his organization would pay for the
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first year of college for all 4 students. sotdez frazier struggled with homelessness and poverty ... and after being wrongfully arrested a year ago, he decided to join the boys and girls club of the peninsula. his life hasn't been the same since.sotfrazier plans to double major in marketing and entrepreneurship at menlo college. sotmagali pineda ... of mexican descent ... is heading to uc riverside ... and hopes to make a difference in her family.i didn't realize how importsnt it was for my parents to ome here and live the american dreamsome of the teens met k-d when the kevin durant charity foundation renovated the basketball court at the redwood city club.sotall 4 teens will be graduating this wknd and have a busy summer ahead of them before heading off to college. ali reid ... kron 4 news.g off to of them before summer ahead have a busy thsois club.sot all 4 teens will be graduating
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this wknd and have a busy summer ahead of them before heading off to college. ali reid ... kron 4 news. q and a with ali (ken) the warriors look to sweep cleveland in game 4 tomorrow night. and we are expanding our coverage with a special "road to the championship" show. it starts tomorrow night at
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4:00-- followed by kron4 news at 5. a slight warming trend is forecast for friday in the bay area. expect 60s along the coast and bay with 70s-80s as you head inland. another weak system cools conditions on saturday. a warming trend will get underway on sunday and continue through the middle part of next week as high pressure builds over the region. temperatures will warm back into the 80s to middle 90s. (pam) san francisco voters are anxious for the results on who will lead their city.. but, tonight, the mayor's race is 90s.the 80s to middle warm back into the 80s to middle 90s. (pam) (pam) san francisco
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voters are anxious for the results on who will lead their city.. but, tonight, the mayor's race is still too close to call tonight. here are the latest numbers... you can see how tight the race is.. and the ballots are still being counted. san francisco's rank choice voting system means... it could be a few days before we find out who won. kron 4's charles clifford is live in san francisco with more .. on thursday, the san francisco department of elections counted just over 8 thousands votessan francisco department of elections director john arntz says that about 5,000 vote by mail ballots arrived at the department on thursday. those all need to be verified and counted. with the top two candidates running for san francisco mayor now separated by a mere 255 votes, arntz says they are double
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checking to make sure there aren't any ballots that were misplaced on election day.sot as we go through the material that came back from the polling place we are going to find ballots that were put into the wrong container on election day. we will review those and if they are valid we will count those of thursday afternoon, the department estimates that there are still about 83,700 ballots left to count. with 4 voting cards in each ballots, that means about 334,000 individual cards still need to be checked. director arntz estimates the work will continue through the weekend and probaly into next week.sot sunday would be a reach . i think monday would be closer. we've got four machines, it's just a matter of getting stuff through the machines and then reported so it's going to take several days.both london breed and mark leno have representatives observing the vote coutn which continues tonight untill 10 and then they are back at tomorrow at san francisco, charles clifford kron 4 news.
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(ken) a big story we are following tonight. police in redding say they have found a van that was stolen-- with more than a dozen show dogs inside. the van was headed for vallejo. these are pictures of the dogs after they were rescued this morning. the van was stolen yesterday from an in-and-out parking lot. a professional dog trainer was driving the dogs to a dog show in vallejo-- and left the van running when he went inside to get lunch. officers say the van was found this morning in a remote, wooded area south of redding. they say the van was locked and parked in direct sunlight. the officers then broke a window to get inside and rescue all 14 dogs. the dogs are now okay and being returned to their owners. (pam)coming up: homeland security says electronic spying has been showing up near the white house. experts explain how hackers can gather
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secret information. (ken) plus: outrage over video of police beating an unarmed man in mesa arizona. more on what is caught on camera that even the police chief says is disturbing. (pam)and next: the size of this firework bust going down in state history books. where authorities confiscated nearly 50-thousand pounds of illegal fireworks.
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(pam) 49-thousand pounds of fireworks ... seized... in one of the largest busts in state history. a multi- agency effort ended with seven arrests tied to a large- scale, illegal fireworks ring. (ken)as kron 4's gabe slate reports... cal fire says the organized crime ring was operating for more than 30 years in cities across the state including several in the bay area. nats - fireworks cal fire says - on average each year, fireworks start over 18,000 fires in california 1,300 of those being structure fires, and 300 being vehicle fires. and these yearly fires from fireworks on average cause three deaths, 40 injuries, and $43 million dollars in property damage. sound from - jonathan cox - cal fire battalion chief wildfire is a big problem in california these are weapons of wildfire cal fire battalion chief,
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jonathan cox, says busting up this illegal fireworks ring and taking just under 50,000 pounds of illegal fireworks off the streets is a big success for them as we enter the wildfire season and july 4th holiday. sound from - jonathan cox - cal fire battalion chief we don't have to look further than the north bay or oakland hills to know how big fires happen fast and how dangerous they arecox said a three year investigation led up to this bust, 7 arrests were made, $115 thousand dollars in cash and a variety of firearms, computers, and cell phones were seized. sound from - jonathan cox - cal fire "some of the raids took place in the bay area walnut creek oakland and hayward and at those locations some illegal fireworks were seized so this does have a bay area impact our advice really is it's not worth it to be held liable for starting a wildfire you're better off seeing a professional show and not messing around"
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( pam ) a live look outside ... (ken) mabrisa has (ken)mabrisa has the forecast.. a slight warming trend is forecast for friday in the bay area. expect 60s along the coast and bay with 70s-80s as you head inland. another weak system cools conditions on saturday. a warming trend will get underway on sunday and continue through the middle part of next week as high pressure builds over the region. temperatures will warm back into the 80s to middle 90s.
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(pam) new at ten: a report has been released about
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90s.the 80s to middle 90s.
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(pam) new at ten: a mystery in the naitons capital.. report has been released about electronic spying devices showing up in suspicious places... (ken)that is including near the white house. c-n-n's brian todd reports. a new report from the department of homeland security says there were signs that cell phone surveillance devices were detected as recently as last year.. operating near the white house and other sensitive locations around washington.the devices are called 'stingrays'-- or international mobile subscriber identity catchers-- and they're not only illegal for non-law enforcement usage in america, they're capable of gathering a lot of secret information.michelle richardson:"the imsi catcher pretends that it's a cell phone tower. so your phone will connect to it. and it will collect things like the device number so it knows who you are, records of who you communicate with and in some instances, even the contents of your communications."the
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department of homeland security isn't saying who it believes deployed the devices -- or even if they're still around..but members of congress and analysts say they were likely planted by spies. robert baer:"the only people that could do this and get away with it are people under diplomatic cover, which means foreign intelligence services. it could be china. it could be russia."former c-i-a officer bob baer says there's also spy software called 'ss-7'-- used all over washington, which can listen in on cell phones, and pick up even more content than 'stingrays' can.robert baer:"i can take this phone, or your phone, send malware into the phone which will then bleed off, over a phone line, our conversations. room harmonics, room conversation. conversation, people talking, text, and emails."experts say all of this technology, capable of intercepting calls, is why they are concerned about reports that president trump is using a personal mobile phone inside the white house...they say even if he isn't discussing top-secret information he could still be creating a security risk.vince houghton:"whether it's him trying to get around john kelly by using this cell phone.. and someone could ask, 'well what's kelly gonna
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think?' and he responds, 'it doesn't matter. he's at the pentagon right now.' that's not classified, but that can tell foreign intelligence agencies, 'huh- the chief of staff at the white house is meeting with people at the pentagon."baer says drastic measures might be needed-- to protect the president's conversations.robert baer: "look, the president is completely vulnerable to having his conversations listened to. i would take his phone away from him. there's no way to secure it." (pam) some members of congress want the federal communications commission to investigate these devices... but right now there are no plans to do so.. the white house has not commented on the concerns. (ken) facebook says a software bug made some private posts public for as many as 14 million users. the problem happened overs several days in may. facebook says it's fixed. but it's the latest privacy scandal for the company. they say the
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bug suggested users make new posts public...even if they had prevously restricted them to "friends only" or another privacy setting. facebook is notifying users who were affected. (pam) coming up: flying cars could become be a one las vegas company is trying to get this idea off the ground. (ken)and next: a photo shows a sweet moment after an oakland firefighter saved a toddler. how she ended up helping him out
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new at ten: possibly our most heart - warming story of the day... (ken) a firefighter and a toddler form a bond. take a look at this photograph... oakland firefighter sitting side by side...this, after he found her... in her crib while fighting the fire. her mom was trying to salvage what she could... so the firefighter stepped up to babysit for a bit. but it turns out, the child was the one helping him... by handing him some much needed water. (pam)chat(ken)chat (pam) coming up: new video of a violent arrest ... showing an n-b-a player being stepped on and mocked. how the officers actions change, when they find out
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he is someone famous. (ken)plus: the ultimate fare evader.our stanley roberts show us his life-risking efforts to avoid paying for a bart ride. (pam)and next: the d-a's office is cracking down on human trafficking in san francisco.... details on how one teenager was rescued... mabrisa teases the ten at ten ♪ ♪ legendary jockey víctor espinoza is insatiable when it comes to competing. ♪ ♪ so is his horse. ♪ ♪ when it comes to snacking. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ that's why he uses the chase mobile app, to pay practically anyone, at any bank. life, lived victor's way.
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♪ you gotta go to ross (pam) human trafficking is a growing problem in san francisco. that's according to district attorney george gascon.(ken) but officials are working to combat the problem... a man accused of pimping a 17- year-old girl was arrested. kron four's philippe djegal tells us it's a crime that the d-a's office says is far too common. (philippe) in february... san francisco district attorney george gascon says an undercover police officer responded to an advertisement on a website frequented by human traffickers... backpage-dot-com. the young girl pictured whose services were being offered turned out to be 17-years-old. the offic er received a reply setting up a date at a downtown san francisco hotel, also asking for a donation -- which gascon says is often code for a sex gascon/district attorney- "i believe it was $260. uh, the undercover personnel from san francisco police department went, they met the victim immediately. uh, they seized her phone, they started looking, they realized that this was a probably a case of human trafficking, and then the investigation evolved from
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there." in april, gascon says a team effort between his office's crime strategies unit, the san francisco police department and federal agents... led to the arrest of 19-year-old kriz mike nunez of san francisco. he faces 27 felony counts of human trafficking and pimping of a minor. all stemming from just one victim.frank carrubba/da's office- "they were trafficked, um, all over the united states. um, including as far away as florida and, um, the eastern seaboard." and, gascon says some of the evidence collected in this case... may help investigators solve other similar trafficking- related crimes.greg mceachern/sfpd- "we really need the community, when they see instances like this, um to bring it to our attention." george gascon/district attorney- "this is not a rarity in our city. this is a very common occurance." in 20-15 alone, gascon says his office prosecuted more than 500 human trafficking cases... but adds that his department is severly under funded to fight the problem. he's asked the mayor's office for a million dollars that he hopes the board of supervisors the next fiscal year budget to focus more on human trafficking. in san francisco, philippe djegal, kron four news. (pam ) (pam ) in the south bay.
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police are searching for a man and woman ... in connection with a home burglary. the suspects were caught on the home's video surveillance camera. it happened may 19th ... at a home on clauser drive in milpitas. officers found the front door forced open... but the suspects had left. (pam) new at ten: a southern california man and his girlfriend.... were sentenced today... in the brutal 2013 death of the woman's 8- year-old son.(ken) the judge... the district attorney.. the teacher who reported the child's abuse and his other family memebrs expressed how heartbreaking the details on this case are. a warning some of those details may be disturbing to some. amy johnson reports.
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judge george lomeli/superior court of los angeles county: "the conduct was horrendous, inhumane, and nothing short of evil." after calling this the worst case of abuse he has seen in his 20 years on the bench - judge george lomeli sentenced isauro aguirre to death for torturing and murdering 8-year-old gabriel fernandez. his girlfriend - the boy's mother, pearl fernandez, received life in prison for her role.judge george lomeli/superior court of los angeles county:"it is unimaginable the pain that this child probably endured." gabriel had a cracked skull, broken ribs, burns and b-b pellets lodged in his body. pearl fernandez/gabriel's mother:"i want to say i'm sorry to my family for what i did. obviously, i'm sorry for this, what happened. i wish gabriel was alive. every day, i wish that i made better choices."aguirre didn't speak in court and neither did the boys' biological father - who is in custody on an unrelated charge.but he said he wanted to listen to the sentencing... members who spoke at the hearing.olivia rubio/gabriel's cousin:"gabriel had unconditional love for you and knowing he would never turn you in." but gabriel's teacher, jennifer garcia, did
10:33 pm
report the abuse to a hotline. however, social workers left gabriel in the home where he was tortured and starved -- and eventually beaten to death by aguirre and fernandez. jennifer garcia/gabriel's teacher:"i know i'm not alone in hoping that they experience the same abuse in their lifetime and worse. they are evil people for what they did." she described gabriel as a kind and helpful boy.she no longer uses his student number. jennifer garcia/gabriel's teacher:"i don't assign number 28 to another student because i feel that it's only his number now, and it's a way for me to honor him in my classroom."five years after the young boy's death -- justice.jon hatami/deputy district attorney:"i'm just doing my job. that's it." deputy d-a jon hatami -- a father of two young children -- was emotional.jon hatami/deputy district attorney:"i think gabriel has affected everybody -- even me." (ken) (ken)the case sparked
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discussions about operations within los angeles county's child welfare system. a slight warming trend is forecast for friday in the bay area. expect 60s along the coast and bay with 70s-80s as you head inland. another weak system cools conditions on saturday. a warming trend will get underway on sunday and continue through the middle part of next week as high pressure builds over the region. temperatures will warm back into the 80s to middle 90s.
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(pam) four police officers from a suburb of phoenix, arizona.... are on leave amid the outrage over video that shows them beating an unarmed man. the police chief says, the video is troubling. and the man's attorney is calling for more action against the officers. we do want to let you know.. a warning some of the images may be disturbing. robert johnson has been patted down. he's unarmed, officers know he's unarmed. but they say he's refusing an order to sit downnats: guess what? i'm
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not gonna tell you again."so they force're watching security camera video from the apartment complex and this from the officers' bodycams. benjamin taylor/robert johnson's attorney: "they didn't stop until he was knocked out."nats of robert johnson: "you didn't need to put all that force on me." chief ramon batista/mesa police department: "the level of force is troubling. certainly at first glance this looks like a mistake. and it doesn't look right. it's my job, it's our job to collectively investigate."the local officers' union tells cnn that johnson 'was not compliant and physically resisted what we feel was a lawful detention.'johnson appears calm but not entirely cooperative before he is hit afterwards he's apoplectic. nats of robert johnson: "all y'all had a ábleepá, all y'all ábleepá!"sitting on the ground, that's johnson's friend erik reyes. reyes' ex- girlfriend had called 911 after reyes allegedly tried to break into her apartment. reyes claims he was fetching belongings. he's been charged with disorderly conduct and possession of drug paraphernalia. cnn could not reach him for comment. johnson's been charged with disorderly conduct, and hindering a prosecution for
10:37 pm
his role in the fracas. he's pleaded not guilty.benjamin taylor/robert johnson's attorney: "and the reason they did that is to justify their actions for beating him up." this actually happened may 23. chief ramon batista/mesa police department: "i learned about it a week later and i learned about it from a community member."that community member brought the security camera video to the chief. this week he released that and the bodycam video, with sound, to the media.nats officer: "sit down! sit your ábleepá down, ábleepá!"the department has now changed policy regarding punches to the head and face.chief ramon batista/mesa police department: "henceforth any strikes are only authorized in situations where a person is actively fighting with us. actively taking a swing at us." robert johnson wants more. he wants these officers charges dropped. and sue.benjamin taylor/robert johnson's attorney: "they hog tie him him to the elevator door." (pam) robert johnson wants the officers charged... his charges dropped... and he plans to sue. the mesa police association union says the officers were in a dangerous situation and trying to prevent anyone from ....caus stupid now. w? more videos were recently released in the arrest of milwaukee bucks player sterling it you can
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see a milwaukee police officer stepping on the rookie's ankle..shortly after he was tasered and arrested.((ken)) this latest video comes two weeks after the department released another video showing just how quickly the situation escalated.((pam)) now, that city's mayor says, he does not agree with how fragmented the video releases have been ... since the january incident. the incident started... when brown parked across two handicapped parking spaces at a walgreens. brown was then tackled and tasered by several officers.the initial police report described brown as aggressive.. but once the video was released the police chief apologized.the new video shows when officers finally discovered that brown was an nba officer could even be heard saying... he hopes the bucks make the playoffs.three officers were suspended after the incident for up to 15 days.brown's lawyer says they intend to file a civil rights lawsuit. (pam) new video tonight-- showing a man kicking a homeless person in san francisco. surveillance
10:39 pm
video was just released of the crime-- and we want to warn you -- it's graphic. and now police are looking for this man who they say is responsible. you can see the man dress in a suit-- and wearing a beanie.. carrying a suitcase while walking down the street. he walks past the man sleeping on the sidewalk-- but moments later he walks back and kicks the man in the face two times... and then walks away. and then walks away. the tenderloin police station released the video-- but it's not clear when or exactly where it happened. but tonight officers are asking for your help in identifying the suspect. (ken) a new federal report tonight on that deadly crash of a tesla on autopilot in mountain view last march: the n=t=s=b says that the driver did not have his hands on the wheel ... and there was no audible warning ... even while his car was accelerating into a crash barrier on highway 101.(pam) all that data downloaded from the car's
10:40 pm
onboard computer(ken) and it allowed the investigators to reconstruct the final moments before the accident that killed the 38=year=old tesla driver a little before nine thirty, apple engineer walter huang was driving southbound in the diamond lane of 101.he was approaching what traffic engineers call a "gore point," the barrier separating the left=hand exit ramp for highway 85.huang's tesla suddenly served into the cushioned crash attentuator at the tip of the concrete barrier.the impact split it in half before it was struck by two other vehicles, an audi and a mazda.bystanders were able to pull the driver from the wreck, but he died at the hospital.using information dowloaded from the tesla's , th able to construct a detailed timeline of what led to the crash.huang engaged the tesla's autopilot four times in32 minutes, including the final 18 minutes and 55 seconds.during that time, the vehicle provided two visual alerts and one auditory alert for the driver to place his hands on the steering wheel. all of these alerts occurred more than 15 minutes prior to
10:41 pm
the crash.tick tick tickin the final minute before the crash, the driver's hands were detected on the steering wheel wheel on three separate occasions, for a total of 34 secondsat 8 seconds prior to the crash, the tesla was following a lead vehicle at about 65 miles per hour.tick. at 7 seconds prior to the crash, the tesla began a left steering movement while following a lead vehicle.tick at six seconds, the driver took his hands tickat four seconds , the tesla was no longer following a lead vehicle and began accelerating to its preset cruise speed of 75 miles per hour.tick at three seconds prior to the crash and up to the time of impact , the tesla's speed increased from 62 to 70.8 miles per hour, with no braking or evasive steering movement detected. (pam) a company in las
10:42 pm
vegas is hoping .... to make the flying car, a product of the future. 'lake las vegas' is the training center for the company 'kitty hawk'. flyer is kitty hawk's first commercial vehicle. the misson is to get everybody to fly every day, eventually getting rid of ground traffic. the c-e-o says, they are making the flying cars in the cartoon - the jetsons' .. a reality. the c-e-o says, the flyer is capable of going up to 60- miles per hour. right now .. the battery only lasts about 20- minutes. kitty hawk has not said how much all of this would cost. though the company has started sign-ups for pre-sales of their founder flyers on their website. coming upthis is definitely a case of people behaving very evasion that we know about am i about to witness a suicide or something? this is will be good for my snapchat but this was pretty shocking, brazen and stupid i'll show you just how far one man went to ride bart in the next edition of people behaving badly > (sports) (sports) coming up i'll
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have all the day's sports highlights and scores. something incredible is coming
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to disney california adventure park. it must be epic! thrilling!...daring! come ride the incredicoaster. it's going to be simply exhilarating dahling! (pam) new at ten:
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not all heroes wear capes(ken) some ride inflatable unicorns. the internet has fallen in love with a man who saved a goose from a snapping turtle while floating on an inflatable unicorn in iowa. cary copolla was driving past a pond in des moines when he noticed a baby goose in distress.he immediately jumped into action, ran to his brother's house, changed into his swim trunks and grabbed the first floatation device he could find-a giant rainbow unicorn. (pam) coppola returned to the pond and swam out to the goose, which first appeared to be tangled in a net, but coppola later realized, the goose's leg was trapped in the jaws of a snapping turtle.(ken) coppola and his brother were able to free the goose, which returned to its waiting family.(pam)
10:47 pm
coppola told reporters, he has no regrets about the manner in which the fowl was rescued, (ken)but his brother said he wishes his brother would have chosen his huge pink flamingo float because it would have been funnier. (ken) as we already know stanley roberts records some of the craziest videos...(pam) except this time, he came across a man who also seems to have the knack for finding crazy things ... hold on. man (censored).... man (censored) is this an attempted suicide or something this would be great for my snapchatthis is some crazy video ,,, but i'm going to let it play in its entirety keep watching yall look this (censored) crossing bruh going for it ..ohhhh (censored) ooooo white people is crazy he did it he went all the way across (train horn blows) oooo (censored) white people is (censored) crazy look at the (censored) he thinks he's spiderman that ten dollars in serious (censored) see bart y'all want too much money that 10 dollars he made it tho look ha haaa that's my
10:48 pm
white boy, i don't know his name i'm going to call him ryan though (censored) ryan was serious (censored) (censored) ran across the freeway so he didn't have to paythat was this man... he goes by the name of markovili what was going through my mind was man he really crazy and bart is really expensive you see this is how we normally view fare evasion but what happened at antioch bart station was far from normal the man jumped a fence ran across 4 lanes of traffic and scaled a barb wire fence all to avoid paying his fare bart officials saw the video on facebook the video and didn't mince words it was pretty shocking, brazen and stupid when i first say it my jaw did drop i cant believe someone would do that its illegal its not worth it and again it's just really stupid this is a case of people behaving very badly (laughter) i don't have a very badly show yet oh ok but this is people behaving badly markovili edition so bart is going to reach out to caltrans who owns this fence and see if they can install barb wire to prevent anyone else from running across the freeway he couldn't just hop over the thing like everybody
10:49 pm
else do he just took it upon himself to run across the freeway, i guess that was cheaper the question is did he catch his train (shakes head) he caught it... so either he wanted to avoid paying his fare oh really needs to stop playing grand theft auto in antioch stanley roberts kron 4 news afterdropping two games in arlington the a's back at the coliseum opening a four- game series against the royals 94-year-old andy mousalimas, who was mousalimas, who was awarded
10:50 pm
the congressional medal of honor for world war two... threw out the first pitch at the game he was sitting next to vicki liviakis husband, randy as for the game... we pick it up in the fourth a's down by one... matt olson hits a solo shot off jason hammel... it goes 414-feet 13th homer of the year a's take the lead off a matt chapman rbi double stephen piscotty caps off the sixth inning with a single down the left field line... goes 3-for-3 on the night oakland wins 4-1
10:51 pm
the warriors are one win away from winning their third n-b-a title in four years. golden state held practice today... ahead of game four. with a win over the cavs friday... golden state will become the first team since the 2007 finals to sweep their opponent. gregg poppovich and the spurs won four straight against cleveland. only 8 teams have been able to achieve this feat. the warriors are five and a half point favorites for game four. kevin durant says he will resign with the warriors this summer it would be hard for anyone to leave a team that is on their way to winning back-to-back titles. k-d's 43-point performace in game three is the reason the warriors are up by 3-games on the cavs. kd joins rick barry as the only other warriors player with 40 points
10:52 pm
and 10 rebounds in a finals game. despite of all the injuries the warriors dealt with this year... durant says his first two season as a warriors player have been special "it's just a different vibe because we've been through a season with each other already as champions, going through a whole season. so we know exactly what we need to do in order for us to i told someone earlier, i think kanye west's first album is his best one because i didn't hear an album from him before. so the first oneis always a little different. but he had some great music after that as well. so i feel like we're in that transition from having a great first year, but figuring out different ways to be good inthe second year". and make sure to tune into road to the championship tomorrow at 4-pm we will get you ready for game 4... as the warriors will be looking to become the 9th team to sweep their opponent in the nba finals we will have live reports from cleveland with mark carpenter and kim smith and the son legend, rick barry... on set to everything down the golden knights' the golden knights' cinderella story comes to in end in game 5 of the stanley cup final the knights lose 4 straight against the caps let's show you how everything went
10:53 pm
down in las vegas the knights pre-game festivities are an event on its own we pick it up in the second period game tied at one alex ovechkin slaps a power play goal 15th goal of the playoffs caps up 2-1 in the third... washington tie the game at 3 and lars eller scores the go-ahead goal for the caps marc-andre fleury loses the puck... and eller taps in fans celebrating in the streets of d-c after 43 seasons... washington win their first stanley cup ovechkin wins the conn smythe trophy... given to the playoffs mvp ovi is a champion for the first time in his career... has 607 career goals no word if the team will visit trump at house terrell owens says he will not attend his own induction ceremony for the pro football hall of fame in august owens was voted into the hall in statement released today owens said... "while i am incredibly appreciative of this opportunity... i have made the decision to publicly decline my invitation to attend the induction ceremony in canton."
10:54 pm
he added... "after visiting canton earlier this year... i came to the realization that i wish to celebrate what will be one of the most memorable days of my life, elsewhere.... at a later date... i where and when i will celebrate my induction." owens heavily criticized the voting process when he failed to be elected to the hall in years of (weather) coming up i'll have the seven day forecast.
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