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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  June 9, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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and burned a total of 245-thousand acres. thanks for joining us this evening..i'm jr stone. (michelle) and i'm michelle kingston in for stldman. cal- fire released their findings late last night... after wall street closed... outlining exactly what sparked the ferocious and deadly wildfires last october. angela greenwood has more on what this could mean for pacific gas and electric. pacific gas and electric company (pg&e) today issued the following statement in response to the latest release of information by the california department of forestry and fire protection (cal fire) regarding some of the october 2017 northern california wildfires:the safety of our customers, their families and the communities we serve is our most important job. the loss of life, homes and businesses in these extraordinary wildfires is simply heartbreaking, and we remain focused on helping communities recover and rebuild.programs overall met state's high standardswe look
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forward to the opportunity to carefully review the cal fire reports to understand the agency's perspectives.based on the information we have so far, we continue to believe our overall programs met our state's high standards.for example, pg&e meets or exceeds regulatory requirements for pole integrity management, using a comprehensive database to manage multiple patrol and inspection schedules of our more than two million poles. similarly, under pg&e's industry-leading vegetation management program, we inspect and monitor every pg&e overhead electric transmission and distribution line each year, with some locations patrolled multiple times. we also prune or remove approximately 1.4 million trees annually.following governor brown's january 2014 drought state of emergency proclamation and the california public utilities commission's resolution esrb-4, pg&e added enhanced measures to address areas particularly affected by drought and bark beetles including increased foot and aerial patrols along power lines in high fire-risk areas, removal of hundreds of thousands of dead or dying tree, and daily aerial fire detection patrols during high fire season to improve fire spotting and speed of fire response.public safety power shutoff: resort, a program to
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proactively turn off electric power for safety when extreme fire danger occur, while helping customers prepare and providing early warning notification, where possible. (michelle)so we know the cause of more than a dozen north bay fires and others remain under investigation.if pg&e does end up facing charges as a result of these investigations... it would not be the first time they've been accused of negligence.remember -- back in 2010 pg&e was convicted of six criminal charges relating to a pipeline explosion in san bruno. (jrstone)state senator jerry hill helped spearhead bringing those charges against the company...kron 4's hermela aregawi spoke with him today.... and she joins us live in the newsroom with that story. what is the senator's reaction? (hermela aregawi)well he says unfortunately, he's not surprised. he says.. pg&e has done a lot of work to fix their gas system since they were convicted and fined for the san bruno explosion.. but he says it's apparent that they have completely neglected their electric system. the latest cal fire report gives us the result of 12 different fires across norther
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california. it foudn that some were caused by pg and equipment and power lines that were not properly maintained. in some cases, the investigation found that trees that were supposed to be maintained by pg&e fell into power lines. let's take a look at which fires were investigated here. redwood fire in mendocino county, sulpher in lake county, cherokee in butte county, the 37 and pocket fire in sonoma county, blue in humboldt, atlas in napa county.. and a series of fires in sonoma and napa counties. state senator jerry hill (d-san bruno):pg& e is going out of their way right now in sacramento trying to convince everyone that there is a new normal, that the narrative has changed, that now we have a common problem of climate change causing these fires. climate change did not start a fire, it doesn's start fires a fire has to be ignited by s
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somewhere. and if pg& e is negligent allowing and causing that spark, they should be responsible for the cost of that fire. (hermela aregawi)in the san bruno explosion, they were fined 1.6 billion dollars and a felony conviction. in 8 of the latest 12 investigated, cal fire found that pg& e violated state law. and has reported it to each county's district attorney. live in the newsroom hermela aregawi kron 4 news (jrstone)new tonight at 8.... in the north bay multiple fire departments were involved in knocking down a vegetation fire on san rafael hill. this is video sent to us by a viewer driving on the freeway. the fire was about 15 acres in size... and did not threaten any structures. however it did trigger a shelter in place... that has since been of just over an hour ago... san rafael fire department said the fire
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had been contained. (michelle) london breed is now ahead of mark leno in the race to become san francisco's next mayor. the latest numbers released this afternoon put breed ahead by 498 votes. just yesterday -- leno was in the lead by 144 votes. the department of elections is still processing about 42- thousand ballots. that includes 14-thousand provisional ballots... which officials say will not be counted until next week. you can track the latest developments on our website... a man is in the hospital tonight after he was shot by police on a packed street in the north beach district of san happened early this morning on grant avenue near green street in san francisco.kron4's ella sogomonian is live in the city tonight. ella, first off how is the man who doing this evening? (jrstone) san mateo county supervisor david canepa spoke today.... calling for a ban on gun shows at cow palace.
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it's happening in the midst of a two-show at the venue hosted by utah-based "crossroads of the west." just four days ago... county supervisers voted unanimously to support banning gun shows at the palace. canepa says the state should not profit from the sales of guns.... and that the board has been urging the state to ban gun shows for 15 years without any results. state senator scott wiener and assemblyman phil ting introduced senate bill 221 in may... which would ban sales of guns and ammo at the cow palace. (michelle) in the east bay... caltrans will close part of the caldecott tunnel for maintenance work starting this week. bore four of the tunnel on state highway 24 westbound will close monday...tuesday...and wednesday nights...causing delays. the bore will be closed from 9:30 p.m. until four a.m. each day. the closure will allow workers to wash the inside of the tunnel.
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motorists should expect delays and allow extra time for the commute. (jrstone) (jrstone)congratulations to the golden state warriors ... back to back nba champions.the team arrived back in oakland this afternoon ... carrying some fresh hardware... after last night's win over the cleveland's the third larry o' brien trophy for the warriors in the last four years.(michelle)they did it in style, too... blowing out the cavs 108-85 to complete a four game sweep of the finals. kron4's gayle ong was there to capture the hero's welcome. no need for game 7 a day after the warriors'
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historic sweep of lebron james and the cleveland cavaliers steph curry and kevin durant walked off the delta airline flight.curry hoisting the larry o'brien trophydurant with the m-v-p.. the team was greeted by members of the warriors front office on the waited outside the gates for hours hoping to catch a glimpse of the players.. some even bringing out the brooms
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to be home as you can imagine. they're going to rest and recover this weekend and get ready for the parade on tuesday, which coach steve kerr says they'll make it an annual event. here in oakland, gayle ong kron4 news."> (j.r.) as gayle said.... the warriors parade is set for tuesday morning but there are big changes in store this year. you're looking at video from the rally last year that happened over at lake merritt. we usually hear from players and coaches during that rally. well this year there will be no rally at the end of the parade. the warriors do say there will be an interactive parade but no rally like we've seen in the for the parade, this is what it looked like last year. the parade will definitely happen. it starts at 11 a.m. officials and team representatives recommend that you get there early and take public transportation. at least one
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million people are expected. last year between a million and half and two million showed up. the parade will start on bray and 11th ... pass two bart stations before turning on 20th... before ending at oak and 13th near lake merritt. and if you can't make the parade... kron4 has you covered. we'll be carrying the parade live on our air this tuesday... starting at 10 am. a slight warming trend is forecast for sunday along with continued breezy conditions in the bay area. tracking 60s along the coast and 70s inland. a robust warming is then expected on monday and tuesday as high pressure builds over california. expect upper 60s to lower 70s near the coast monday and tuesday with more widespread 80s and 90s for inland locations.
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temperatures are expected to return to near seasonal averages during the second half of next week. returning now to a story we first told you about a few minutes ago...a man is in the hospital tonight after he was shot by police on a packed street in the north beach district of san happened early this morning on grant avenue near green street in san francisco.kron4's ella sogomonian is live in the city tonight. ella, first off how is the man who was shot doing
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this evening? much of that remains a mystery as the police department have yet to reveal what led up to a chase that ended in this shooting. (nats: police, ambulance) a chaotic scene unfolded in this north beach neighborhood as witnesses tell kron 4 what seemed to be 100 san francisco police officers swarmed the area packed with people and bars early saturday morning. just after midnight people say a man running from police was shot at least twice by officers here on grant avenue between vallejo and green streets.sot: alex darrow, witness//"i heard a little commotion outside looked over, i heard two shots. couldn't see exactly what was happening but it was obvious that there were police involved and saw someone running away."the san francisco police department confirmed the shooting stemmed from an incident that led two officers in pursuit on foot near 1300 grant avenue...then shot the man on this sidewalk
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between tope and tupelo bars. sot: alex darrow, witness//"we were all trapped in the bar for hour and a half, two hours. the police eventually after two hours after getting the suspect away they were letting people out 15 at a time, taking everyone's id, any information and reports that they had."a tupelo employee said detectives reviewed their surveillence video but the vantage points didn't capture the shooting. ...while the tope bar's employees say cameras weren't working because of water damage from last least one witness claimed they saw the officers shoot the suspect in the back.sfpd hasn't confirmed that information. witnesses described the suspect as a tall heavy set man, bald, with a lot of tattoos...possibly hispanic. they say a gun lay on the ground for three hours during the investigation.police confirm a firearm was recovered but didn't specify who's it was.the man their officers shot was taken to zuckerberg general hospital with life threatening injuries. the police department hasn't
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revealed what led up to the chase or shooting but will hold a town hall meeting within ten days to shed some in san francisco ella sogomonian kron 4 news. (michelle)coming up... we'll tell you why donald trump is feeling optimistic about monday's summit with north korean leader kim jong un... (jrstone)and we'll update you on the northern california family whose retirement home was engulfed by lava in hawaii's leilani estates. (michelle)plus... what championship would be complete... without the gear to show off your team's victory? we head to oakland where fans are buying up tons of merch... and how the local libraries are joining in on the fun.
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up and at 'em!warriors fans were up bright and early, waiting in line at the oracle arena team store to get their hands on official n-b-a championship gear. kron 4's sara stinson was there when the doors opened and shows us what this year's gear looks like. reporter intro: ("dub nation is still very excited about last nights game even my voice is hoarse from watching it! they're now here at the oracle team store buying up all the nba championship swag, buying shirts for the family. but the most important item? the championship hat. i've seen every single person in line tha the entire team put these on at the end of the game last night.")the line wrapped
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around the oracle arena team store for most of the day. ("came up here said i was one of the first ones ah it was awesome.")people like jimmy walton arrived before the doors opened at seven in the morning to ensure they get the first pick of the championship gear.("got my old jacket to mix it in with the new.")("for champion hats and four tshirts.")this merchandise doesn't come cheap - some people were spending close to 500 dollars.("i always gotta get the hat and the shirt.") one man even got his hands on a replica championship trophy. ("i've been wanting one for years. since they got four in a row i'm going to go ahead and put it in the trophy case.")the line was non-stop - but as you can see waiting in line wasn't all bad - as people were still full of excitment about not only winning the championship - but sweeping the cleveland cavaliers. ("i was so excited last night. i am so glad winning back to back that is the first time in franchise history that we won back to back so i'm very excited.") ("when curry got that first
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one i thought oh it's over.") in the last minute of the one thier minds.("i said it's time for the parade.")("represent our warriors, welcome them home and have it ready for the parade.")reporter tag: ("the shelves are practically empty as it's been nonstop. they expect to sell out of these hats, but don't worry they also expect to get more shipped in the next week. in oakland, sara stinson, kron 4 news.")#### (michelle) starting today -- fans can get this special edition warriors library card. the card features an illustration of the bay bridge with a warriors player in the team's special "the town" jersey, highlighting oakland's heritage. residents in oakland and san francisco can get the collector's edition cards at their local libraries. library officials hope the new cards will encourage children to visit their local library more often. (jrstone) president trump is setting an optimistic tone ahead of his upcoming meeting
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with north korean leader kim jong un in singapore. his outlook is positive -- hopeful he and "un" can reach an agreement that will lead to the reclusive nation's nuclear disarmament. as air force one heads to singapore...rep orter james dinan takes a look at the attitudes ahead of the historic meeting.(pkg) president trump: "so it's a one time, it's a one time shot, and i think it's going to work out very well." president trump has some high expectations for his upcoming summit with north korean leader kim jong un next week trump spoke to reporters in canada saturday, as he was preparing to depart the g7 summit for the meeting in singapore.when asked if he thought the reclusive leader was serious about the negotiations, trump referenced his intuition that he says has made him a
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successful businessman president trump: "i think within the first minute i'll know. just my touch, my feel. that's what i do."((butt to)) "i think i'll know very quickly whether something good is going to happen or not. i also think i'll know whether or not it'll happen fast."the on-again, off-again, on-again meeting is set for tuesday and will be the first ever for a sitting u.s. president and a north korean leader. sources tell cnn that there is a plan in place for a possible second day of discussions, should the first go well.trump says he plans on bringing up "every issue" with kim, including human rights violations. but number one on the list is denuclearization.president trump: "this is a leader who really is an unknown personality" (((butt-to)))"i think he's going to surprise on the upside"(((butt-to)))"so outlook and i think wee ome out i've said it many times. who knows?"i'm james dinan, reporting. reporting. a slight warming trend is forecast for sunday along with continued breezy conditions in the bay area. tracking 60s
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along the coast and 70s inland. a robust warming is then expected on monday and tuesday as high pressure builds over california. expect upper 60s to lower 70s near the coast monday and tuesday with more widespread 80s and 90s for inland locations. temperatures are expected to return to near seasonal averages during the second half of next week. (michelle)the very first bond
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girl has passed away at the age of 9e character sylvia tren "doctor no" -- released in 1962 -- and "from russia with love" -- released in 1963.she starred opposite the first actor to bring agent double o-7 to the big screen, sean connery.according to a tweet
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from gayson's twitter page, the british actress passed away friday. (jrstone)coming up... (jrstone)coming up... we'll tell you why petaluma was overrun today... by a flock of sheep. (michelle)not sure if he was looking for a wrench... but one monkey gave a home depot customer more than they bargain-shopped for... and they have the battle scars to prove it.
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(jrstone) a home depot employee in florida was attacked by a customer's pet monkey earlier this week. part of the attack was captured on cell phone video. it happened on monday at a store in okeechobee. marilyn howard says she was taking a break outside when the monkey, attached to a leash and wearing a diaper, walked up to her. she says
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it was friendly at first but got spooked by the sliding glass doors....jumped on howard and bit her on her back and twice on the arm.marilyn howard/home depot employee: "and i had my hair up in a bun- bun. so she had a hold of my bun-bun like that. and when she took off she took off in her one claw got here and she just launched into the door." the owner showed up and the owner showed up and was able to get the monkey under control. one of howard's wounds is infected but the others are healing fine. she says she doesn't blame the monkey and hopes it does not get euthanized. (michelle) san francisco police say a woman who was shot to death... may have been the victim of domestic violence. 34-year-old vanessa palma was shot thursday on mission street. she later died in the hospital. police say palma was killed by her husband...43- year-old robert riley. officers beleive riley fled after the shooting. he was last seen driving a white chrysler 300. the vehicle
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has the california license plate 7-u-a-b-8-3-1. riley is considered armed and dangerous. (jr stone) up next... while californ..the bay area... and even some companies are cutting down on single use plastic... we talk to one expert who says we need to do more... and faster... to avoid disaster. (michelle) and while some leilani estates residents are now able to return home ... following the devastation of weeks of volcanic eruptions in hawaii... we talk to one northern california family who will have to start from scratch after losing their future home on the island.
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(michelle)in hawaii -- some people were able to return to their leilani estates homes ... but lava has destroyed more than 600 homes on hawaii's big island forcing some community members to build temporary shelters. (jrstone)and for one northern california family...retirement has been put on their future home in paradise
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was consumed by the lava flows. ken ma-sen-chi has their story. escalon -- watching lava continue to devastate parts of hawaii has been difficult to watch for many, but for one escalon couple the eruption destroyed their future was a home they say was perfect in every way and on memorial day what was once their future paradise was consumed by lava."we were pretty shocked when all of a sudden earthquakes, cracks, fissures all opened up and there was lava in leilani," said kathy morgan. "it was just amazing. we really didn't think our house would actually be taken though." escalon-natives kathy and gene morgan had purchased their retirement home on the island six years ago and after living there for at least four months out of the year, planned to live there full time once kathy retired in four years. instead, they went back to the island last thursday to say goodbye to their dream home they had been at just weeks prior."we were able, tender mercy, to get in down one of these streets and come around on friday and come in, see the last little section of our street that was left and kind of throw our keys in the lava and say our goodbyes," kathy morgan said.kathy morgan said it provided closure to the home they'd put their entire retirement savings into. then a rainbow emerged as they said their final goodbye."it all got taken away but we figure the lord must have a plan in
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this and we have to hold onto hope," kathy morgan said. "we can't go backwards and we can't get it back, and we have to look forward."the morgans say the sense of community is amazing on the island and they have spent the last week volunteering at evacuation centers and kitchens, helping others who they say have become their family."we figured that way we can maybe help make a difference and bring hope to other people, and it helps us get through what we are going through as well," kathy morgan said. outside of a few things their friends were able to save, the morgans plan to start over. it's something they never thought would happen but it won't stop them from living in paradise.the morgans plan to file a claim for their home and will remain in hawaii for another two weeks before returning in september to continue to help with recovery efforts. (michelle) new tonight at 8... a new poll shows the majority of bay area voters disagree with the government's immigration crackdown. of the one-thousand people surveyed by the bay area council, 55-percent disagree,
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28-percent are in favor of the crackdown and 17-percent are undecided. the study comes at a time where the trump administration is facing a lot of backlash for losing track of 15-hundred children and separating immigrants from their families. (jr stone) the troubled son of actors ryan o'neal and farrah fawcett is in custody in connection to a violent crime spree in southern california. los angeles police believe 33-year-old redmond o'neal randomly attacked five men in unprovoked instances last month. he's charged with attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon, and related counts. o'neal was arrested in early may for allegedly robbing a convenience store. redmond o'neal has struggled for years with drug and legal issues. (michelle) plastic straws are becoming more and more scarce here in the bay area... and that trend is expanding to the rest of california. the state assembly recently advanced a bill that would require restaurants to provide
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plastic straws... only if a customer asks for one. supporters of the bill say plastic straws contribute to the buildup of trash in the oceans... that can endanger animal life... and poison the seafood we eat. (michelle) a pilot whale that died in thailand has become the latest red flag about plastic pollution in the oceans.(jr stone) the animal swallowed eight kilograms of discarded plastic -- including 80 plastic bags. as lynda kinkade reports, that type of pollution is threatening to overwhelm the world's oceans. lynda kinkade, atlanta: "if pollution levels continue at their current rate, in the next 30 years there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. that's according to the united nations environment program. dr. al dove, you're a marine biologist and head of conservation and research here at the georgia aquarium. what exemplified this problem this week was the whale that died with 8 kg of plastic in its belly. how does that happen?" dr. al dove, vice president, research & conservation,
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georgia aquarium: "it's a tragedy that's unfolding every day, unfortunately. and a lot of it, out of sight out of mind. but it happens that marine life can't discriminate often between plastic trash and the food items that they want to eat. so, that whale in thailand is a great example of an animal who ate so much plastic it became a threat to its health, and ultimately contributed to its passing." lynda kinkade, atlanta: "you do a lot of research on whale sharks and how they filter all the water from the ocean. they obviously have a lot plastic, and i mean, in any of these areas where there's any rubbish."dr. al dove, vice president, research & conservation, georgia aquarium: "so if you were going to design an animal that would filter it would look like a whale shark. it's got a large mouth and likes to feed at the surface. and unfortunately, that filter feeding mechanism they have can't discriminate between little pieces of plastic and little pieces of food, so they end up ingesting this stuff. and we don't know what impact that has on their biology, but we suspect it's not good." lynda: "and we also see these incredible, shocking images of sea turtles with plastic straws and plastic utensils stuck in their nostrils, and that's not uncommon. is it?" dr. al dove, vice president, research & conservation, georgia aquarium: "no, this is
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a really striking image that we're seeing of sea birds and turtles and other animals that have been impacted by this plastic pollution that finds its way to the ocean. and it's really the leftover effect of our disposable consumer lifestyle."lynda kinkade, atlanta: "and manta rays. we saw that incredible vision from an australian diver off the coast of indonesia. manta rays just swimming amongst rubbish."dr. al dove, vice president, research & conservation, georgia aquarium: "they have the same problem that whale sharks do, which is they're also filter feeders. and, unfortunately, that part of indonesia really is at the epicenter of the ocean's plastic crisis."lynda kinkade, atlanta: "of course, this ends up in our system, as well. anyone that eats seafood, eventually will eat the toxins from the plastic that these fish are consuming." dr. al dove, vice president, research & conservation, georgia aquarium: "we can't pretend that we're not part of the ocean's ecosystem. three billion people rely on the ocean for protein every day. and so, if that protein is impacted by plastic, then that problem we created is brought back to us by the seafood chain."lynda kinkade, atlanta: "so, eight million tons of rubbish, of plastic, is ending up in the ocean every single year. what can we do a year?" dr. al dove, vice president, research & conservation, georgia aquarium: "yeah, that's the equivalent of about one dumpster of garbage going into the ocean every minute, 24/7, 365. but the good news is there are relatively simple things that we can do. and these are things that we know about, about recycling. just
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say no to the plastic straw. refuse anything that's a single-use plastic. bring your own cloth bags to the supermarket. and just be mindful of how much single-use plastic there is in your life, and avoid it whenever you can." lynda kinkade, atlanta: "dr. al dove, great to have you with us. thank you so much." dr. al dove, vice president, research & conservation, georgia aquarium: "thank you so much." (jrs) swedish furniture giant ikea will stop using all single-use plastic products in its shops and restaurants by 20-20. that includes plastic straws, plates, cups, cutlery, and garbage bags. the change is part of a broader plan that sets 20-20 its target date. by that time - ikea is aiming to use only renewable energy and only renewable and recycled materials in its products. the company also wants to make its home deliveries zero emission by 2025.
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a shocking video which first appeared on twitter -- whereit caught the attention of lots of people.. including our own stanley roberts.. (jrstone) it shows two men pulling up in a specially designed truck.... then doing the unthinkable. they didn't know the entire event was being recorded on camera .. we were so shocked we were like what happened who would do this and where like was this targeted was this and accident.nope i'm 100% sure this was no accident when this white pickup truck with no front plate pulls onto an oakland street and does this
8:41 pm
sound of hydraulicsat 1pm in the afternoon slowly lifts its bed full of concrete and other items and dumps then in front of a home near 23rd street (sound of concrete sliding out of the bed) then the truck speeds away nats ambiance left on the ground close to a ton of concrete it was all caught on tom larson's home security cameras which also records sound they literally just came around corner saw a spot where no parked and just let it all go ironically when i was there it was garbage day and because of the concrete i watched as the garbage truck bypassed the pickup did you just see what i just saw (yea the trash ah the trash truck couldn't actually pick anything up the keep driving now i'm no expert when it comes to construction debris but i know someone who is ken houston you know what this looks like this looks like somebody did something inside of a warehouse because
8:42 pm
of the thickness of the concrete you can tell that he planned this out he invested in like upgrading his vehicle in order so something like this) fast and quick so to give you an idea what this is, this intent just your everyday household concrete this thing must weight maybe man maybe two or three hundred pounds claps hands it's not an easy fix and now its in front of this guys house and listen to this see the wood that mixed up in the concrete you see how old it looks i bet you and guarantee if that's tested that's lead-based that means its hazardous to our community so help us figure out who owns this truck and email me at people behaving badly at kron 4 .com i would love to have a chat with the driver before he dumps outside of your house in east oakland stanley roberts onkr 4 news
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(jr stone) still ahead -- the warriors are back in oakland. golden state is the fourth franchise to win three titles in four years. we have all the sports coming up (michelle) and... the man who left his heart in san francisco... and whose early death broke the hearts of millions of san franciscans. we'll look back on the life and work of master chef anthony bourdain. >> dr. stanley: remember this: cannot change the laws of god. when he has visited you in some form of adversity and he b you through that, that's like he has increased the strength of the foundation of your life and your faith in him. [music] beloved chef - author -
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and storyteller anthony bourdain died friday. the t-v host was filming in france fans left tributes friday outside a restaurant he once worked at in new york.rter eric
8:46 pm
how friends, colleagues, and fans are remembering one of the greatest chefs in this generation... who had a soft spot for san francisco. anthony bourdain: "i don't even known what this is. i love you noodles!" called the original rock star of the culinary world, the elvis of bad boy chefs, anthony bourdain was a cultural icon. "mmmmm. delicious."his mission: to explore the world, meet the most interesting people, and -- of course -- find the best food. anthony bourdain: "we ask very simple questions: what makes you happy? what do you eat? what do you like to cook? and everywhere in the world we go and ask these very simple questions, we tend to get some really astonishing answers." born in new york and raised in new anthony bourdain began working in kitchens as a teenager, eventually becoming a celebrity chef --(nats)a best selling author and t-v host."what do you think?" anthony bourdain: "i love it."
8:47 pm
behind the success, bourdain struggled with demons, including an addiction to heroin, which he says began in a cape cod restaurant when he was just 17 years old. anthony bourdain: "it was some dark gene inside of me that i would very much hesitate to call a disease that led me to dope."bourdain spoke openly about his struggles and about the person who inspired him to do better.anthony bourdain: "i have a 7 year old daughter now that i never would have thought. i looked in the mirror and saw someone worth saving or i wanted to at least try real hard and save."using his celebrity to raise awareness about opioid addiction.along with his advocacy, bourdain remained a passionate explorer--bringing his spirit to cnn in 2013, where he shared his insatiable curiosity with audiences around the world, on his series "parts unknown." (nats)former president obama,
8:48 pm
who joined bourdain on "parts unknown" in vietnam, tweeting... "he taught us about food, but more importantly about its ability to bring us together. to make us a little less afraid of the unknown."anthony bourdain: "people tend to be proud of their food, they let their guard down when they talk to you, you see them at their most vulnerable and revealing in a lot of ways, so even people with whom you really have really fundamental disagreements and maybe complete different belief systems, if you're going to interact anywhere, it's going to be over food."(nats) "ah the real deal."erica hill, new york. francisco...adlib(michelle) meteorologist mabrisa
8:49 pm
rodriguez has our forecast. a slight warming trend is forecast for sunday along with continued breezy conditions in the bay area. tracking 60s innda robust warming is then expected on monday and tuesday as high pressure builds over california. expect upper 60s to lower 70s near the coast monday and tuesday with more widespread 80s and 90s for inland locations. temperatures are expected to return to near seasonal averages during the second half of next week. (j.r.)(j.r.) (j.r.) the golden state
8:50 pm
warriors are back in the bay area tonight. back to back champions who have won the
8:51 pm
championship three out of the last four years.they touched down this afternoon around 3:30...the first two players off of the plane were stephen curry with the larry o' brien trophy and kevin durant with his finals mvp trophy. they were greeted by dozens of warriors fans. you can see it in this shot but as their plane taxi'd to the terminal there were fire trucks blasting water into the air in celebration of the warriors arriving back home. in case you missed it this is what the trophy presentation looked like in cleveland last night. all smiles from players that the team played their best game of the entire playoffs last night to end the season. certainly good times on the cot. and good times in the locker room. it was a champagne party as the players doused each other and even got the camera pretty we with champagne. the team will have a couple more days to
8:52 pm
celebrate before the big parade in oakland on tuesday. that parade starts at 11 a.m. and more than a million people are expected. folks can start lining up on the parade route as early as 6:30 in the morning. a reminder there is no rally after the parade. the team will have an interactive part of the parade that can be seen online. (j.r.) in other sports news today the san francisco giants were in action trying to win their third in a row in washington.exciting start to the game as the washington capitals who just won the stanley cup showed off their trophy to start the game. they then threw out the first pitch. bottom of the second....giants already down three to nothing and matt adams rips this ball. that is a shot to deep right center. two runs would score. nationals up 5 to nothing. top of the come the giants. nick hundley at the plate...hundley says good day and good bye....three run home run. five to three giants. washington though...just too much for the this ball deep...real
8:53 pm's gone. nationals beat the giants seven to five.
8:54 pm
8:55 pm
8:56 pm
(michelle)well if you were in petaluma today and you hit traffic it's possible that you were stuck behind sheep.(j.r.) a viewer sent me the video earlier gotta see it because it really speaks for itself.look at all the sheep that took to the streets today. this was part of the transhumance festival. there were at least a hundred sheep in the streets. they were taken to eat grass and weeds in an effort to help make them a safer height. the festival lasted all day and there is dinner and dancing going on right now.on right now.
8:57 pm
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♪ >> so we're on our way right now, we're going to a know a probation search. that house is just across from walmart, and when we go there, we usually contact multiple people. so we're going to see what we get this time. >> open the door. come on out. who else is here? >> grant and -- >> grant, come on out.


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