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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  June 14, 2018 7:30pm-8:00pm PDT

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tonight, inside meghan markle's royal girls' trip with the geen. the joke, the whispers the fashion and the special gift for mer grandmother in law. then, another royal in london. queen bee's big celebration. the "ocean's 8's" premier party. where was rihanna. sandra's date night with her boyfriend. then, are j-low and a-rod too busy for marriage? the real reason he hasn't popped the question. our tom brady and oprah
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exclusive. jon hamm is totally obsessed with us. >> he's been singing "entertainment tonight" since you arrived. >> bababa ♪ >> he made up the words. hey, this is an amazing moment on so many levels. look at that huge smile on queen elizabeth's face. how often do we see the queen smiling like that? >> hartley ever right? meghan markle is traveling side by side with the queen. already suffered one moment. we have all details inside their royal girls' trip. this was meghan's first appearance with the queen without harry. arriving in cheshire, england, via the royal train, the occasion signaled that the queen is all aboard team meghan. >> the queen extended an arm of friendship, but she's making the time in her very busy schedule to say to meghan, okay, i'm
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going show you personally the royal ropes. >> meghan's one of a kind belted cape dress was created by claire waight keller for givenchy. that's the same designer of her wedding gown. the 92-year-old monarch and her granddaughter-in-law seemed very chummy together seated on the stage. >> meghan whispered into the queen's ear and had her in stitches of laughter. it was a very guarded momentment you don't often see the queen in laughter ♪ the wheels on the bus go round and round ♪ >> the duchess was wearing brand new pearl and diamond earrings, a gift from the queen. >>by don't know if they were new or part of her collection. >> and while greeting the crowd, the royal newlywed called harry the best husband and gushed about married life. but there was one minor situation. the queen always walks ahead of all other members of the royal family. she started to enter her car first, but after a word with
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meghan, the duchess actually entered ahead of her. >> she turned to the queen and asked her what her preference was. the queen said, you go first. she did. she abided by patriot come. >> the joint appearance happened less than one month after the royal wedding. by contrast, duchess kate didn't make a trip with the queen until nearly a year into her marriage. in a rare interview, kate said she was quite nervous. >> i went without william, so i was rather apprehensive about that. everyone teases me in the family that i spend far too long chatting, so i think i've still got to learn a little bit more and to pick up a few more tips, >> i'm sure she did quite well. elizabeth alexandra mary is not the only queen in england right now because queen bey is there too. beyonce, of course. she's there for the "on the run 2" tour. but even on stage, the performer
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is still a parent first. >> happy birthday to sir and rumi. >> celebrating the twins' first trip around the sun with a special shoutout on stage in manchester. ♪ forever young >> the message was delivered by beyonce during their "young forever" duet. ♪ you look perfect tonight beyonce then sang a cover of ed sheeran's ballad "perfect" as candid behind-the-scenes images of the carters were projected for fans. at one point, bey and jay embraced in front of a declaration that reads, quote, this is real love. and check out queen bey's arrival. leading up to the concert, beyonce and her mom tina were choppered down in two helicopters. the family's next tour stop is tomorrow night in london. >> ooh, i love beyonce's sky high boot combinations. she looks amazing. london also the backdrop for the ladies of "ocean's 8" who stole the style spotlight at their uk premiere. and for bad gal rihanna, a near wardrobe malfunction. ♪ work work work work work
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>> workin' hard to contain her enviable curves in that edgy metallic poiret dress. this is rihanna's definition of fashionably late. an eyewitness tells "e.t." she arrived after her costars, which is why she wasn't a part of their group photo. meanwhile, the other "oceans 8" women were perfect 10s on the fashion front. sandra stunned in a bold sequin zuhair murad belted jumpsuit. her boyfriend of three years, bryan randall, escorted her throughout the evening. at the after party, she unleashed her frisky side, wearing bedazzled cat ears. >> can't we just to this? do we have owe steal stuff? >> yes. >> and now that their film has premiered at number one in the box office, sandra says their press tour is one big party. >> we had a lot of pressure to begin with, and we tried to let it go and just enjoy ourselves, which we did. but at least we sort bonded over it. and we stuck together. if we fail, we fail together, and if we succeed, we succeed together. >> i need 100 more premiers so i
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can have 100 more outfits like these. >> they look beautiful. can we talk jennifer lopez and alex rodriguez? we're all guilty of asking them every time we see them when they're going to get married. i talked to a-rod exclusively, and of course, had to ask him again. but we started with their most recent modern family moment. that tops tonight's know and tell. >> that blended family -- how did you make that work? >> for us it's all about the kids. >> j-lo certainly fits right in with a-rod's girls. check out lopez getting them and her daughter emme glam last night for a dance recital to her music. >> we just had an awesome, awesome time watching three little girls. it's the new way of families. i came from a broken home and i think it's super important for your parents to stick together. seeing how happy the kids get while we are together is priceless. >> today the dad was hard at work shooting "shark tank." the guest panelist is back for their 10th season. but are he and j-lo just too busy for marriage?
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♪ everybody talks about when is she going to get a ring? >> we're going to take our time and we're going to do things at our own pace. >> what do you think of that? >> she's the queen. we are in a great place in our lives. we're raising our children. there's four of them, and that is what we strive to do every day. >> next, ariana grande and pete davidson face cameras after their engagement shocker. the "snl" star, who only went public 25 days ago with the singer, hit up a movie last night in lower manhattan with his fiancee, but she got a little camera shy. ♪ >> are you shocked by how quickly they got engaged? >> definitely, it's very fast. >> ariana's former "sam and ca"" costar jennette mccurdy told us at the "damsel" premiere why the couple just might work. >> tattoos. she always liked the tattoos. >> and humor. >> and humor of course. >> now to nick and priyanka's sleepover? jonas was spotted leaving chopra's rental in tribeca
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yesterday after we are told he spent the night. while her younger man was all casual, priyanka left separately in this expensive cream couture. and finally, it was no shoes, no problem for j-law and her new man. jennifer lawrence got a piggyback ride home from art gallery director cooke maroney in new york. her bare feet never touched the ground. days earlier the pair was all about the pda on a double date at manhattan's frenchette restaurant. a source tells "e.t." inside they were super cuddly, very affectionate, and comfortable with each other. live your life girl. all right, let's quickly move on to the troubling news out of "the bachelorette," as the disturbing past of one of becca's suitors is revealed. the big question today, how did he get on the show in the first place? >> i'm lincoln, like the president. nice to meet you. >> 26-six-year old lincoln adim is expected to be registered as a sex offender by a massachusetts court after being found guilty of indecent assault and battery last month. the conviction stems from a 2016
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incident. adim was accused of groping and assaulting a woman on a harbor cruise. >> i can't wait to learn all about you, share secrets. >> lincoln is lincoln. and he's somebody that right off the bat i was excited about. >> in a season where honesty has been becca's mantra, the news came as a shock even to the show's producer, warner brothers television, who released a statement denying any knowledge of the charges prior to the start of production. according to producers, when adim was cast, he himself denied ever having engaged in or having been charged with any sexual misconduct. warner brothers says it employs a highly experienced third party to do background checks on all the contestants and is currently investigating why the information never surfaced. >> i feel threatened physically. >> adim quickly reached troublemaker status on the show after altercations with his mansion mates. "e.t." reached outor comment, but he did not respond by our deadline. >> what do you think, i'm going to get up and fight you and make a scene? no. i was raised better than that. >> now, a source close to current bachelorette becca
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tells "e.t." that the background checks also include psychological testing, and contestants even meet with a psychologist who, quote, asks you about your life. so it's weird that this slipped through. >> i know you want to say, why you want to be on a reality show, right? see. >> coming up -- >> freedom! >> celebs in disguise. who's the star singing with at a new york subway stop? and jimmy's "grease" dance lesson straight from john travolta. >> this is unbelievable. >> why john's bringing back two of his classic roles. >> then, paris jackson scrubs graffiti off of michael jackson's star. the strange twist behind her daddy tribute.
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adam rip p ork n and rita
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♪ what is a u.s. intelligence officialser with a voice like that doing in a new york subway? giving the crowd a big surprise, because that's actually christina aguilera in disguise. the banjo player? that's jimmy fallon.
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a a christina is going to be jimmy's guest on the tonight show tonight. i would have recognized her voice. >> you never know. mr. fallon having one of his best weeks ever, because he also got a dance lesson from danny zuko, aka john travolta. ♪ it's electrifying >> the dance move is called the four corners. remember this? ♪ you're the one that i want ♪ the one that i want ♪ oh, oh, oh, honey >> john had suggested it to "grease's" choreographer. >> so i said, we used to do the four corners. why don't we do that? >> john's been reliving his classics a lot lately. ♪ you can tell by the way i use my walk i'm a woman's man ♪ >> remember this famous visit to "lenny's pizza" in "saturday night fever"? >> two, two. give me two. that's good. >> well, he and wife kelly preston just paid a return visit to brooklyn. this time there were about 1,000 fans cheering his dance moves. yeah, the white suit/black shirt combo rings a bell too. this is all part of travolta's
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global push to promote "gotti," where he portrays mob boss john gotti. we were on the set for some dancing there, too, with kelly playing his movie wife. but it was a little more traditional. >> otherwise, it becomes something else. i'm too famous for that. >> but there he is again with the cool moves today on gma. and backstage there was this improv with chris pratt, once again flashing back to "grease." ♪ that's the way it should be ♪ whoo yeah >> he loves to dance. >> everybody loves john. we are going to be with mr. travolta tonight at the premier of "gotti." still ahead tonight. >> she makes me laugh. >> you never heard tom brady like this. >> she flies in the sky. >> gushing about his wife. what he's are revealing to oprah
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for the first time. plus s kevin costner tv's new jake ewing? >> there's a thrill. our exhaustive on set exclusive with the stars of" tag." how jeremy renner broke both his arms. >> shouldn't you be in casts right now? >> maybe. closed captioning provided by --
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♪ ♪
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hi! leaving a career to follow a calling takes courage. a personalized financial strategy can give you confidence to take the next step. hi guys! aw yeah! see how access to j.p. morgan investment expertise can help you. chase. make more of what's yours. daddy! >> all right, where you guys going on vacationsome. >> costa rica. >> montana. >> can we talk about it later? >> yeah. >> i'm guessing costa rica wins. tom brady making a sweet cameo during gisele's "73 questions" for "vogue" magazine. and as oprah found out, after nine yrs and two kids together, these two are still >> what's you're forite part of being a husband? >> i just love having to come home to someone that engages me every night.
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you know, she makes me laugh. oh, my god. [ laughs ] >> in case you missed it, tom loves gisele. and after 11 years together, their relationship is stronger than ever. >> she flies in the sky. you know, she's so creative. and i'm very rooted, so she stretches me in ways that without her i couldn't be stretched. and i think i keep her -- in some ways, in my belief -- she's here, but i keep her just close enough where she doesn't go so far. >> ground her a little bit. >> she knows she can always count on me and i know i can always count on her. >> the five-time super bowl champ sat down with lady o for a special interview airing sunday. and in this exclusive clip, the usually private father of three explained why he gave fans a rare look inside his home life in the facebook series "tom vs. time." >> what a handsome hubby! >> why did you decide to do it?
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>> i think it was just good timing. and i felt like it would be nice to share with the fans what my life was all about. for me it's always been you see me through the lens of what you want to see a professional athlete as. to say, okay, this is how it really is was fun for me. and i also think documenting a part of my life. i can look back on that with my kids and say, wow, this is a really cool piece for our family. >> also here's another fun fact about tom brady -- gisele revealed that he doesn't like to i get that. he's got super bowl feet. she's got keep them safe. summer block busters. the stars are hoping their latest small screen roles turn into must-see tv. >> it's amazing when you're doing something and then people really like it. >> executive producer jessica biel's usa series "the sinner" returns for season two, and while she won't appear
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in the show this time around, jessica's excited for the ride ahead. >> i mean, this is my baby, so i want to be a part of it. and i know this world. >> kevin costner makes his tv return in paramount network's "yellowstone," described as "dallas" meets "the sopranos." keviis, the head of a ranch family willing to kill and even die to protect their land. >> you can't stop them. >> watch me. >> i was really taken. it was a big world. it was hard to look the other way. >> and a best seller will likely sizzle. five-time oscar nominee amy adams brings the creepy page turner "sharp objects" to hbo. >> i had been working in montreal on arrival when i got the script. it's a thrill. >> hi, i'm amy poehler. >> another amy will be cohosting her first tv competition series alongside her "parks and rec" buddy nick offerman, celebrating america's creators in "making it." while movie star kevin hart will be hosting the cbs obstacle course competition "tko: total
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knock out." >> no pain. whoa. no gain. >> and finally, john krasinski takes on an iconic role in amazon prime's espionage series "tom clancy's jack ryan." >> i'm the best chance you have. i'm thrilled and also a little terrified. jack ryan's been one of my favorite characters since a kid. >> john also scores one of the this year's biggest hits. writing and directing in a thriller "a quiet place." that was about not getting caught. that's not the point of the next movie. brooke anderson going behind the scenes of "tag." ♪ ba ba ba ba >> jon has been singing "entertainment tonight" in the green room since you guys arrived. >> we're always there for you jon. and we learned that on this set, the stars are always cracking each other up. [ laughter ] the movie is about longtime friends who get super intense playing a month long game of tag. >> i'm going to be the one who tags jerry.
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we're going full bore, but, yeah, it's really fun. >> trying to tag the next one it is cutthroat. >> oh, god. >> when you go home after days like this where we're literally sprinting around and jumping around -- i'm 46 years old. i don't bounce back like this guy bounces back. >> three, two, one, action. >> when it's edited together in slow motion, jon and jeremy renner's showdown kinda seems like a "matrix" movie. >> callahan approaches from the left. engage no contact protocol. >> jeremy got so physical doing his scenes, he fractured both his arms. >> how did this happen? >> justs a stunt rig broke, and i broke along with it. >> crazy freak, you know, accident. >> he's a superhero. i was like if i get a hangnail, i'm going home for a week. >> it is amazing that jeremy kept shooting. >> it is, isn't it? coming up. next on kron-4 news at
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eight: scary moments at a busy, south bay swimming pool after dozens, including young children, fall ill.what authorities think was the a north bay woman, mauled by a dog in her own backyard..led police to shoot and kill it.hear from witnesses who describe the find out which two bay area high schools could be merging into save money.what students think about the potential move. i'm ken wayne i'm pam moore. the news -- at eight -- is next.
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travel consideration provided by -- ♪ that is paris jackson shedding tear in the emotional new video "rescue me" by 30 stock exchange mars. she also shared the image, scrubbing graffiti. that's not her father's star. belongs the a radio personality of the same name. >> she didn't get son confused. she said i understand, but a name is a name. i love that. paris added, some people have no respect. >> father would be proud, right?
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>> he really would. >> bye, everybody.
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now at eight ... hosing them down, stripping them, hosing them down againsan jose fire officials describe how they had to deal with dozens of people sicked by toxic chemicals at a local swimming pool/whooshin the east bay ... police reveal that a babysitting high school teacher charged with molesting children had a history of crimes elsewhere.whooshproud to be the first in her family to graduate from high school ... this bay area high school student found her mike cut off during her valedictorian speech ... why school officials say they did it. whooshnat you didn't tell anybody elseand in southern california ... a mother's outrage when a fellow hotel guest tells her daughter to shower before swimming in a hotel pool. hotel pool.


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