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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  June 15, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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wayne. kron 4' justine waldman has a look at the accusations tonight and the concern about the possibility of there being other victims. sot we don't generally see females as the predators but that is the case here self-described best friends according to the santa clara county sheriff's office - 24 year old talia sisco of saratoga on the left and 23 year old tina pourani of san jose on the right - both face charges of having sex with teenage boys.sot i think it it is horrible it is praying on the most vulnerable women men anyone who abuses a child needs to go to prisonsanta clara county sheriff laurie smith tells me right now there are 3 victims, and possibly a 4th. ,, the victims are 15 and 16 years old.the investigation into alleged abuse started in april.sisco was then a student-teacher at bernal middle school in san jose.the oak grove school district tells kron 4 news it immediately removed her from the classroom, when it learned of the accusations.sot how they knew the victims was through families and friends it had nothing to do with the school.the victims attend a local high school.and the sheriff says investigators collected "extensive evidence of a graphic sexual nature." some showed the two suspects bragged to each other about their encounters calling themselves "sexual deviants." sisco is being held without bail at the elmwood women's jail in milpitas on multiple counts of sex with minors. pourani posted 60-thousand dollars bail.sot if convicted they will be registered sex offenders justine waldmanthe sheriff's office worries there could be other victims, which is why they are asking anyone
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with information to come forward, even if it is through an anonymous santa clara county justine waldman kron 4 news. (pam) new at ten: california's assisted- dying law, which allows terminally ill adults to receive life-
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ending drugs from a doctor, was reinstated by a state appeals court today. this is three weeks after a judge stopped the practice .. this is video of bay area woman brittany maynard... who was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer in 20-14. brittany and her husband moved to oregon to take advantage of that state's right to die law and end her life peacefully.. today decision by the appeals court gave opponents of the law... until july 2nd to file arguments explaining why the decision should be reversed. the law will remain in effect, while the court considers the new arguments. (ken) just into our newsroom - two people were killed after a small plane crashed in southern california. the plane went down on a road and caught fire shortly after 5 p-m. this happened just south of hesperia airport... on summit valley road about 35 miles north of downtown san bernardino. the faa and ntsb are still on scene and they say the plane was a beechcraft bonanza.authorities say a
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vehicle traveling on the road was hit and damaged by debris from the crash, but no one inside was injured.details on the plane's departure site or its destination were unknown. the cause of the crash is under investigation. (pam) a local (pam) a local emergency room doctor... caught on camera taunting and even cursing at a patient in the south bay. that physician, at el camino hospital in los gatos, has since been suspended... tonight, kron 4's ella sogomonian met with the patient involved.. sot: ella sogomonian, @ellasogomonian// "the patient tells me hes not angry and hes not sad hes just confused why a doctor would behave with him in such a way when he needed help and tells me that he just hopes no other patient comes across this type of behavior
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again."nats: "you have changed your story every áexpletiveá time."this is video of an emergency room doctor at el camino hospital in los gatos early tuesday she mocks patient samuel bardwell who suffered from what he believes was an extreme anxiety attack. sot: samuel bardwell, patient// "i did nothing wrong, i didnt raise my voice i was not aggressive i didnt have the intent or the ability to even be aggressive." in the video bardwell says dr. beth keegstray walks into the room with security behind her then laughs and taunts him claiming bardwell didn't need the help as much as other patients there at the time. nats:"i'm sorry sir but you are the least sick of all the people here who are dying." bardwell says he vomitted and felt numb head to toe during basketball practice at west valley college in saratoga. he is left wondering why any doctor would approach him with sot: samuel bardwell, patient// "i have no other words for it im just so somebody would treat me like that without being aggressive or they were the ones being hostile from the beginning they were the ones confrontational from the beginning i couldn't i was numb head to toe."el camino hospital ceo dan woods released a statement acknowledging the unprofessional witnessed in the video and went on to say, "we take this matter and the physician involved has from the work schedule pending further investigation." sot: ella sogomonian, @ellasogomoni an// "in addition the hospital just released an update saying they've notified their providor "vituity emergency california services" to remove
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this physician off their list of approved emergency room doctors who provide care to their hospitals. hospitals. care to their hospitals. (ken)big national news coming out the white house today... the trump administration announced new tariffs on chinese products.and the top question now-- could this lead to higher prices for americans? omar jimenez has the story from washington. the world's two biggest economies are now at war over
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átradefirst the united states put in a 25 percent tax on 50 ábillion dollars worth of áchinese exports."we're putting tarrifs on 50 billion dollars worth of tech and other things. because we have to. because we've been treated very unfairly."now china responds.imposing a 25 percent tariff...or tax...on 50 ábillion dollars worth of áu-s products. china's ministry of foreign affairs says quote "china doesn't want a trade war. however, confronted by such short- sighted act that hurts both (the) us itself and others, china has no choice but to fight back forcefully."here's how it breaks down on both sides. on the áu-s side...the tariffs target products in the chinese:aerospace, robotics, manufacturing and auto industries."this has been something that has been in trained for a long period of time. it's thorough, it's moderate, it's appropriate." the áchinese tariffs will target products in the u-s: agriculture, automobile, and seafood industriesamong others. in the meantime products in these affected industries could get more
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áexpensive.not to mention the steel and áaluminum tariffs that the u-s has already imposed on canada, mexico, and the european union -- who have all promised to retaliate. both the taxes from the u-s áand china are expected to go into effect on july 6th. in washington i'm omar jimenez. (pam) hundreds of people rallied at the ice field office in san francisco earlier today.... they were demanding that the government stop separating families at the border.. this is because of a new, zero tolerance immigration policy created by the trump administration.. kron-4's gayle ong was there for the rally.. she joins us live in san francisco with details. gayle. the policy is separating children from parents if they illegally cross the u-s border..a debate that's happening on capitol hill and resonating here in the bay area. the protest in san francisco was one of hundreds across the country trying to bring attention and speak out against the new
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immigration policy on the u-s mexico borderroberta mclaughlin opposes attorney general jeff sessions' citing the bible in the border policy protesters chanting in front of the ice field office on behalf of the childrenrebecca solnit organized the event, her grandmother was a refugee from poland and russia, 19many here want to let their feelings be shown for the unaccompanied children
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cannot imagine the trauma that the children would suffer to be separated from their parents."> while democrats focus on families being split at the border.. republicans announced today they have come to an agreement on a plan to protect "dreamers". a house vote is expected next week - but it's not clear if democrats will support the bill. live in san francisco, gayle ong kron 4 news.
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it was much cooler again today even in the valleys where most highs were only in the 70s. low clouds and fog continue to linger near the coast with a few patches around the bay. on the satellite image you can see the low pressure creeping toward the bay area. it will bring with it more clouds and cooler temperatures for most of the weekend. highs tomorrow will be in the 70s and mostly sunny inland with 60s and 70s around the bay and pathcy fog and cool 50s and low 60s at the coast. it will be a little cooler on father's day. on monday temperatures begin to warm again. it could get hot by thursday, the first day of summer with highs in the 90s heading into next weekend.
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(ken) new at ten.... detectives with the richmond police department arrested five men while investigating a marcotics trafficking network. the three main suspects were these brothers... eduardo, jorge, and julio chirinos viera... all from richmond. after a three month long investigation... police arrested and charged the suspects with various narcotics violations. richmond detectives say they found ninety thousand dollars worth of cocaine, heroin and methamphetamine and eighty thousand dollars in cash while searching the brother's home. the department is crediting
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tips from the community for helping with the success of the operation. a one million dollar bail has been placed on each brother. (pam) a new report about california's unemployment rate. coming up: we'll tell you whether the number went up or down... (ken)plus: a family of four shot in colorado including a 13 year old boy who died. now police say road rage could be behind it. (pam) for about four months now.. bart has added extra patrols to stop fare evaders.coming up: find out if more will be added to stations.
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( pam ) since march, bart has been aggressively going after fare evaders... who cost the system millions of dollars each year. but now, plans to expand those inspections have been put on hold. kron 4's dan kerman is in san francisco with more since march a team of 6 inspectors has been charged with asking bart riders for proof of purchase, that is making sure they are not riding the transit system for free. this week bart board had planned to expand the team adding 2 additional inspectors, but has put off the decision... until they are sure it is workingsot bevan dufty/bart board member 19-29 some directors were like we want a full more robust report that looks at all sides of this, how much revenue are we generating, will it be on path to pay for itself are we making sure we are not cherry picking people but going down the line whether its on a train or an escalatorin the three months the program has been fully operational,
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inspectors have contacted 18,388 riders, and cited 1,633, about 8% who could not show proof they paid.sot this is a very important issue, we are losing 15 to 25 million dollars a year, that is an enormous huge hit to bartwhile that's a chunk of change most bart riders we spoke with have yet to see this team of fare inspectors, sot i have not seen the fare inspectors or been stoppedand while they think fare evasion is important, they believe there are more significant priorities sot maybe they should be doing something more productive like keeping the stations clean and looking for people violating the health hazards.soti think bart should be doing more to reduce fares for those who are low income and who are jumping turnstiles to get onto the trainstandup dan kerman/sf 131- 141as things stand now bart will revisit the issue of adding additional fare inspectors in the fall. in sf, dan kerman kron 4 news. (ken)(ken) (ken) (ken) california's
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unemployment rate remained unchanged at four- point- two percent in may.... the state added more than five- thousand non-farm payroll jobs. "the california employment development department" said, the rate 'tied' the record low .. set in april. in may 20-17... california's unemployment rate was four -point- nine percent. ... no problem, no problem, 87 degrees. (pam) if you think you are if you (pam) degrees. (pam) if you think you are good at multi- tasking
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- a local weatherman in georgia may have you beat. atlanta's jay jefferies was drumming the forecast yesterday morning.(ken) jefferies has been challenging other meteorologists to show off their talents while doing the weather -- and he's leading by example.he brought his drums on set for the occasion - impressing viewers and his colleagues by drumming steadily while giving the forecast.he didn't miss a beat or a detail - giving temperatures, humidity, dew points, expected rainfall, and more. (pam) now we are wondering which of lawrence karnows special talents .. he can do while giving us our bay are forecast? it was much it was much cooler again today even in the valleys where most highs were only in the 70s. low clouds and fog continue to linger
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near the coast with a few patches around the bay. on the satellite image you can see the low pressure creeping toward the bay area. it will bring with it more clouds and cooler temperatures for most of the weekend. highs tomorrow will be in the 70s sunny inland with 60s and 70s around the fog and cool 50s and low 60s at the be a little cooler on father's day. temperatures begin to warm again. it could get hot by thursday, the first day of summer with highs in the 90s heading into next weekend.
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(pam)(pam) coming up: it has been two years since a 2 year old was killed by an alligator at disney.. find out what his parents are now doing... to help other children in his memory.. (ken)and next: one driver back east learned a hard lesson about parking. how his destroyed car has him second guessing where he leaves it. (ken) new video tonight at 10.
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talk about a sticky situation. an overturned 18-wheeler carrying honey buns and pecan pies crashed buns and pecan pies crashed early this morning on a highway in mississippi. it took hours to clean up all those snacks. no one was injured...but the incident created traffic during the morning commute. (pam) there is a reason you are not supposed to park in front of a fire hydrant... because it is illegal! the owner of this car in new jersey... apparently does not know that, so when hamilton township firefighters responded to a house fire,
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the car was in front of the hydrant, so they broke the car's windows and went through it. they posted this photograph on facebook with the caption - "this is what happens when you park in front of a hydrant." (pam) coming up: a petition is asking one of san francisco's most popular tourist spots ... to make changes. why the petition says, one exhibit is extremely dangerous for the
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to disney california adventure park. it must be epic! thrilling!...daring! come ride the incredicoaster. it's going to be simply exhilarating dahling! if you're looking for anon for incredible selection of the brands you love, this season's newest trends for a fraction of what you'd pay at department stores, ♪ you gotta go to ross (pam) a deadly shooting in colorado that left a 13- year old boy dead ..was apparently triggered by road rage.(ken) a 12 year old told police he saw a driver open fire on his family during a confrontation that killed his older brother...critically wounded his mother and younger brother. police tracked down a suspect hours after the shooting. jeremy webster acknowledged he shot four people. and told officers
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he has "mental health issues" the 12 year old told police the driver followed the familys car into a parking lot and argued briefly. before he shot the mom then turned and show two of her children multiple times. webster is now facing charges including first degree murder. (ken) in the north bay, police in american canyon say, 20 -vehilces were vandalized police are asking for more information. kron 4's charles clifford has more on the extensive damage. the american canyon police department says that 20 vehilces were vandalized either late thursday or early friday morning. the culprits appear to have randomly targetted vehicles parked along residential streets on the eastern side of the city. smashed windows were found along via bellagio, sarcedo, oakstone, ironhorse, hallmark, gold valley, and cantada. the damaged vehilces included cars, trucks, suv's and even a motor home.after discovering the vandalism early friday morning, police saturdated the area but were unable to find the people responsible.sotthis is very concerning.annena aikins lives along via bellagio and is stunned this has happened here.sotthis is a nice neighborhood. it's safe and we have good neighbors so we are very concerned.sotthis
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really makes me violated and angry.danielle thompson had her car window smashed. she's furioius.soti thought this was a nice community. we moved here 16 years ago from oakland to get away from this sort of thingso far, it appears that the vandal or vandlas only smashed windows, no thefts or injuries were reported. so far, no suspects or motives for the vandalism have been identiified and the american canyon police department is now hoping that anyone with information will come forward. danielle and annena hope those responsible will be found and brought to justice. soti would like for the police to figure out who is behind this.soti would like to see more patrol in the area late and night and early in the morning. just make a presence. that's what i would like to see. and to see someone get consequences for it. now, investigators say they have recovered some evidence. . including fingerprints. they are also asking that anyone who might have surveillance video of the suspects to contact american canyon, charles clifford kron 4 news. news. clifford kron 4 canyon, charles clifford kron
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4 news. (ken) many working parents are looking to find safe rides for their kids during summer vacation. (pam) but they should be wary of those under age 18 taking uber to get around. our grant lodes is here to explain.. that most uber drivers.. do not know they are not supposed to transport minors. (grant)they don't. and it is company policy for any driver to get the i.d of someone who doesnt look 18. reporter melanie michael spoke to one driver who says she will risk a bad rating to follow this rule.
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as a parent, would you be okay with your child getting into the car with a stranger? any parent should be freaked out about that, uber or not when this uber driver gets behind the wheel, she's got two top priorities: safety and following company rules. including no customers under 18 isabella who chose not to share her last name or identity.... wants passengers and parents to understand this policy.i will not accept anybody under the age of 18. if you look like that, and you cannot provide a form of id, i will cancel. i'm not willing to take the risk. as it turns out, isabella knows all too well the struggle of parenting and juggling schedules. she's also a mother.. .and married to another uber driver. she admits, it's tough for working parents but, she's not willing to break the rules. at the same time, she knows she could get a bad rating if she cancels a know, we're pinged for that. it brings our cancellations rate up and as far as uber is concerned, when they look at that, it goes against us as drivers. i wouldn't risk it, he means too much to me this working father of three understands the temptation to use uber for transporting his kids... but ultimately ... wouldn't try it. it's a
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constant struggle. i could see why people would do it, i just don't think it would be a good idea (grant) that was melanie michael reporting. drivers who cancel a ride with a minor and get a bad review-- can contact uber and have it fixed.ken and pam? ken and pam? ken, pam and grant chat
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(ken) a very popular place to visit in san francisco these days is now the target of an online petition.(pam) the problem is small... made of plastic... and is raising environmental concerns.(ken) kron4's haaziq madyun has a closer look at the sticky situation. the san francisco museum of ice cream website says...we encourage curiosity, creativity and conversation. on this day the conversation outside the museum was all about a petition circulating to close or change the famous sprinkle pool, filled with plastic pellets which the petition states is extremely dangerous for health, the environment and wildlifesotkid
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leaving museum: "plastic?"yes the plastic sprinkles are known to get stuck in clothing. those who have signed the petiition are concerned that when visitors leave those sprinkles will fall out of shoes and clothing, onto the ground and eventually into storm drains and from there into the bay. so what do museum of ice cream visitors think about all of this?sotsot sotsot sotthe online petition to close or change the sprikle pool is closing in on its goal of 19,000 supporters. museum of ice cream managment had no comment about replacing the platic with something biodegradable...but the majority of folks i spoke to say do whatever just keep the spinklessot
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francisco location." although the company did not make it clear when that will clear when not make it the company did although location."san francisco those at our be replacing sprinkles will biodegradable part that ".... it says, in statement...released a country -around the has four locations cream - which kron4news (pam) today...the museum of ice cream - which has four locations around the country - released a statement... it says, in part that ".... biodegradable sprinkles will be replacing those at our san francisco location." although the company did not make it clear when that will happen. the statement goes on to say.. that the museum has taken several steps... including re- training and hiring more staff... to ensure that sprinkles from the facility are contained within the vicinity of the museum. (pam) two years ago, an alligator dragged a two -year-old boy to his death at a disney resort in orlando. (ken) now his parents are helping the families of children who need organ transplants as a way to honor him. (pam) amanda crawford has the story. two years ago, the parents of lane graves made a promise.
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that his tragic death would be turned into good for other families.lane was killed at disney world when an alligator dragged him into the water.a year later, his parents announced their new mission. matt graves/father:"melissa and i created the lane thomas foundation to honor our son, lane. lane had a very special light about him."that light shines on in the difference this organization is making. the lane thomas foundation helps families when a child needs a life-saving organ transplant.matt graves/father: "we want parents to know without judgment that if they decide to make the ultimate decision to donate their child's organs, they will prevent other parents from knowing their pain." thanks to the graves efforts, there is emotional and financial support symbol is a lighthouse.and that's what stands at disney world to remember lane.signs and fences now warn parents of potential danger in the water.for lane's parents, their child's most important legacy is helping others through that promise they made.matt graves/father:
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"lane loved children and it was very important to melissa and me to select a mission where we could try to prevent other parents from knowing the pain of losing a child it was much cooler again today even in the valleys where most highs were only in the 70s. low clouds and fog continue to linger near the coast with a few patches around the bay. on the satellite image you can see the low pressure creeping toward the bay area. it will bring with it more clouds and cooler temperatures for most of the weekend. highs tomorrow will be in the 70s and mostly sunny inland with 60s and 70s around the bay and pathcy fog and cool 50s and low 60s at the coast. it will be a little cooler on father's day. on monday temperatures begin to warm again. it could get hot by thursday, the first day of summer with highs in the 90s heading into next weekend.
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(pam) as part of our commitment to the community.. kron 4 employees volunteered at food banks across the bay area today. (ken) it's a way to celebrate our parent company.. nexstar's founder's day of caring. hermela aregawi has more on the impact that these food banks make.
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(sports) coming up i'll have all the day's sports highlights and scores.highlights and sports
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the day's i'll have all coming up (sports) (sports) coming up i'll have all
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the day's sports highlights and scores.
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(pam) there are so many reports about people getting struck by trains... and you often wonder how is that possible (ken)because the only way you can get hit by a train is to be on or very close to the tracks... you're pondering how long will the move take while sitting in traffic, when you should be worried whether or not you're gonna catch the next train train hornunion pacific railroad rolls through the east bay on a regular basis, there are no published schedule they just show up sound of train...and when they show show up, they only have one simple request, that you not be on the tracks sounds simple enough but apparently it's turning out to be the most difficult thing on the planet well maybe not the
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planet... but definitely in antioch and pittsburg, now i have shown you video before of people sitting on active train tracks nats: ambiance but have you ever wondered just how long they were kicking it on the tracks let's look at just how long simpson and son landscaping sat on the loveridge tracks for almost 55 full seconds along with the black car next to it nats: ambiance this pickup truck sat on the same tracks just over 45 seconds while having a sip of something from a thermos ambiance but this white pickup sat on the tracks for a full minute a minute may not seem like a long time but if you have a train heading your way that is a long time ambiance over on auto center drive in antioch i watched and so many drivers without a fear in the world were sitting on the tracks and to give you an
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ideal just how long the uhaul was sitting on the tracks here is the truck driving up to the tracks i was able to walk over and start recording notice how the driver never noticed i was standing there in plain sight recording ambiance california state law states that a vehicle or pedestrian must stop at least 15 feet from the nearest rail and may not proceed until it is safe to do soyou can get fined for stopping on active train tracks up to 490 dollars and a point on your driving recordor you could just get hit by a train and we could talk the giants wrapping up their ten-game road trip with a series down in l-a san francisco looking to bounce back after losing 3 out of 4 against the marlins let's head to chavez ravine-- evan longoria in the dugout with a cast on his left hand... he fractured his pinkie in miami thursday giants will get second opinion wether he will need surgery...
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when they return to san francisco in the fourth... dodgers up by 2 yasiel puig hits a double off derek holland yasmani grandal extends l-a's lead holland... allows 2 home runs, 5 hits and strikes out 7 in five innings we are slowing starting to see the return of vintage panda hits a 2-run jack down left field in the seventh giants make it a one-run ballgame to the ninth... giants with 2 outs brandon crawford... their hottest hitter since may kenley jansen gets his 16th save of the year crawford grounds out... giants only had 4 hits dodgers win 3-2... they have won 10 of their last 12 the a's signed their first round pick kyler murray this afternoon before facing the angels murray will be the starting quarterback for the sooners this fall... he will join the athletics he will join the athletics after the football season got to be part of batting practice... his family was
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also there a's got in trouble early in the ballgame chris bassitt tries getting albert out at first... the ball goes over the head of matt olson anaheim scores 2 runs things didn't get any better for bassitt ian kinsler hits a solo shot... bassitt the fourth allows 7 hits and 6 runs angels win 8-4 the warriors dynasty could be in trouble kawhi leonard reportedly wants out of san antonio... meaning the lakers could be in the cusp on the n-b-a's new superteam sources say kawhi's decision came after growing frustration with the spurs on how they handled his quad injury last season. leonard hasn't asked the spurs for a trade... but prefers playing in los angeles. the lakers are also frontrunners in signing lebron james and paul george in free agency. kawhi is not concerned with missing out on a supermax deal with san antonio. he's willing to leave on the table nearly 44 million dollars per season over the next five years. the warriors will the warriors will be looking to add depth to their roster in this year's n-b-a draft
10:49 pm
today golden state worked out lavar ball's kid, liangelo and five other prospects liangelo, who played last season in lithuania and is projected to an undrafted rookie, is ready for whatever the future holds."i feel pretty good going into the draft. i feel like i'm going to get drafted. i feel like i can produce for a team. but if i don't, i'll go to the g-league, be a free agent or join a summer-league team.... i get questions about my dad. but like i tell everybody, that's him. if you want to talk to him about what he says, you could. it don't really bother me. i'm my own dude." tiger woods hasn't won a major in ten years at this point, we don't know if we will ever see him be in contention for another major win in his career we head to shinnecock hills for round 2 of the u-s open tiger entering the day nine shots off the lead first hole... tiger struggles in the
10:50 pm
rough... it goes over the green... leads to a double bogey finishes 10-over shoots a 72... he misses the cut by two strokes tiger wasn't the only one who stuggled... jason day, rory mcilroy, jordan speith, and sergio garcia won't be playing this weekend dustin johnson with the shot of the day drains a 45-foot birdie putt... he's the only player shooting under par heads into moving day with a 4-stroke lead johnson will be looking to win his second u-s open in 3 years
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(weather) coming up i'll
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have the seven day forecast.
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10:55 pm day i'll have the coming up (weather) (weather)i'll have the seven day forecast.
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it was much cooler again today even in
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narrator: tonight, the clock starts anew. fresh faces... -all my life i've been working to overcome obstacles. american ninja warrior here is no exception. narrator: ...inspirational heroes... -i want to show the world what i can do. -jon stewart, at 52 years old, he is going to las vegas. -yeah! narrator: ...and unexpected stars... -the first american ninja warrior can absolutely be a woman. and it can be me. whoo! narrator: their place in history. time is short, but legends last forever. -we're coming for you, mountain! -welcome to las vegas, nevada, where we're continuing the national finals of american ninja warrior here at stage one of mount midoriyama. i'm matt iseman, alongside former nfl defensive end akbar gbaja-biamila.


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