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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  June 16, 2018 1:30am-2:00am PDT

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♪ tonight -- mariah carey's total body transformation. >> look at me, ra, ra, ra, bathing suit next. >> her hot holly wide night out. >> this diet that i'm on. a "dancing with the stars" surprise engagement. what val revealed to "e.t." >> we're very row maptic. plus -- >> ♪ you're the one that i want >> john travolta makes our grease dreams come true. >> to the back. >> can you believe it's been 40 years? >> i can't. then, just in time for father's day, whose kids are showing brotherly love? and the star papa's confessing their epic daddy fails. >> i've had too many failures to count. >> you can't launch a kid, like, ten feet in the air. this is "entertainment
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tonight." >> hi, everybody. thank you for joining us. >> let's get started. tonight's top story. mariah's night out in new york. new detail on her transpor mags. she showed off her epic slimdown last night as she helped induct jermaine dupree into the song writer's hall of fame. >> he knows how to get you where you need to be. >> they worked together on hits like "always be my baby." ♪ you'll always be part of me. >> and we belong together. ♪ we belong together >> meanwhile, a source tells et et today that mariah is the happiest she's ever been. several reasons. her weight loss. tend of her are relationship with her former manager. and relief from revealing her struggle with bipolar disorder. sources tell "e.t." mariah underwent gastric sleeve surgery last year. she's lost 50 pounds according
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to one report. >> you look so gorgeous. how are you feeling? >> feeling good, darling. >> last night was the first performance for ariana grande since her engagement. proudly wearing her ring, which cost $93,000. mariah's ex is extremely tight with the couple. deerd ra behar interviewed him. >> the wild and out family. the nickelodeon family. what did you think? >> i thought it was amazing, man. i watched them both grow up. i was like, do it, man. he called me before he did it. is there he called you before he was going to propose? >> yeah, yeah. i mean, it was -- he was really excited. i was like, man, i love it. keep it going. love is in the air. >> would you officiate the wedding? >> yes. i'm all for all weddings. i'm not sure how long they'll last if you let me do it.
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i'm up for it. >> ariana grande and pete davidson are not the only stars to get engaged this week. dancing pros val chmerkovskiy and jenna johnson did. >> i'm in love. >> all my dreams coming true. >> he's the guy for you. you're so happy? >> yeah, so, so happy. >> he got on one knee and made it official with a huge, cutting-cut diamond. he proposed in venice, italy. the couple made the announcement yesterday into have a instagram. val said he first visited venice when he was 17. i promised myself then that the next time i would come back was to propose to the woman i want to spend the rest of my life with. 15 years later, i kept my word. it was perfect. he hinted about a proposal in march. >> it will probably be this a foreign place. somewhere very romantic. without cameras and way from everyone. >> the dance pros, who met the
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the ballroom sparked rumors of romance in 2016. >> we have had to go through a lot of different things in life together and apart. we realized we're way better together. >> no word on a wedding date. one thing we do know, val is wanting to be a dad. >> i can't wait to be a father. i am more eager to be a father and that a husband, for sure. ♪ dancing it's kind of hard to believe it's been more than 40 years since john travolta ruling the dance scene in new york in "saturday night fever." he owned manhattan last night as the city's most infamous mob boss. >> how special is it for you and kelly to share this night together? >> we were looking for a project for many years to do together. when you're a couple, it's cricky. there's a sensitivity about couples working together. this is just the right one. >> what's the matter with you? >> "gotti," the story of the notorious new york crime boss has been john and wife kelly preston's passion project. >> do you know what your husband does for a living?
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>> he provides. >> so celebrating the films's new york premier seemed a perfect place for a date night. >> it's so special. it's been a long time coming. the fact that we premiered in cannes and now we're here in new york. >> i love that epic night you had in cannes dancing with 50 cent. what do your kids think of your dance moves? >> they love it. >> you gotta get cool dad points? >> i got cool points today for dancing with chris pratt. in his book, that was cool. >> tomorrow marks the 40th anniversary of "grease's" film release. john admits being cast as heartthrob danny was a dream come true. >> honestly, i had wait sod many years to do that, because i had don it on the road. so i waited five years of daydreaming that i would get to play the lead. ♪ i met a girl crazy for me >> when i first saw the scene where he's on the bleachers, that was like, oh, be still my heart. right? >> i think you and most of the world. >> most all young girls, and boys, across the world. >> can you please live out my fantasy and we can do the four corner step together cause
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>> to the left. to the back. to the back. there you go. fantasy done. alex rodriguez is loving his life right now with girlfriend jennifer lopez and their blended families. one of the reasons he works so hard to be a good dad is because his father wasn't around for a lot of his life. >> my father passed about three years ago. but my greatest father's day is -- he left us at 10. and then around 22 years old, we reconnected and, uh, in a four-ge ries. and kev, it was probably the best four games i've played in my entire career. and it was the only four games he got to watch me play. >> after not seeing him for a decade and only briefly hearing from him in 1993, a-rod reconnected with his dad in 2000. he hit a homer, pointing to his
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father in the stands. >> i want to put on a show for you. so you know what you walked away from. >> does that fuel you as a father? >> since he left me and my family and i, i always thought about, i never want to do that. i want to be a great father. a present father. >> a-rod's definitely doing that. the former yankee is very busy these days as a sports commentator. and a guest shark on the tenth season of abc's "shark tank," to his daughters, he's just dad. >> when i get home, i'm the personal assistant to a 13 and a 10-year-old daughter. i'm a professional uber driver. to all their events and soccer practice and all of that. and i'm focused on killing that job. >> now alex fessed up to me about some of the things he does for his kids that his kids wish he didn't do. we got a-rod and other famous funniest father fails. that is on the way. right now, some other star
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dads are celebrating with their kids. how is that for brotherly love? alec baldwin posted the video of his nearly-year-old son leo cradling and kissing his 4-week-old brother romeo. close by is mother hilaria. l oh, is such a lover. next up -- >> this is me and willow. we're at dance dimensions. >> will smith walked down memory lane. >> first class. how was it? ment it was awesome. >> he posted this throwback video of his daughter. >> how does it feel going in and attacking and conquer? >> it feels good. and finally david beckham, the doting dad. >> that's all we want for our children. for them to be passionate. >> congratulations. >> the beckham bunch was passionate in wishing their dad an early happy father's day. >> so proud of you. >> becks who is part owner of a
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new miami club shared the kids' message as well as family and friends eating dinner and celebrating the world cup win in 2026. jerry springer canceled after 27 seasons? the stunning headline today. then -- "grease" turns 40. the danny and sandy shockers. the stars nearly picked for the roles. and "back to the
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act risz alexandra shif was honored with the 018 women this film face of the future award. >> i'm taking all the
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♪ all right. let's get you up to speed on more headlines. first up in tonight's "know & tell" a jerry springer shoerk. has the show been cancel snd no more baby daddy fights? no more vegas vipper snackdowns? >> the show is stupid. >> that may be true. it's run 27 seasons. shooting almost 4,000 episodes. now come reports they have halted production and laid off staff. hold on. a source tells "e.t." start in the fall, it will air on the cw, with reruns. new shows that have already been taped.
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and they're considering ordering more original episodes down the line. >> we'll be right back. also, a killer american horror story crossover. >> beautiful. >> ryan murphy tweeted he'll combine season one about a haunted house and season three, about a coven of witches. >> that's great idea. >> sometimes i marvel at how i can dream something up and it happens. >> sar ha paulsen played a psychic and a witch. >> that would mean i would play billie jean andelia. let me have it. >> lucy liu is scary in her own way. >> what kind of jobs did you have? >> i was teaching a ining aerob. >> she took break from
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"elementary" to shoot the film. in it, she's set up with taye diggs. >> oh. >> funny. >> i like when people are goofy. you kind of do that when you're in love. still ahead -- >> i think they have enough. >> just before father's day, we get star dads to confess to major fails. >> i thought i would be cool, you know what i mean? no, i was embarrassing them. lea thompson's candid interviews with her daughter. >> more difficult than your dad. >> naming names. >> whoa. >>. and our "grease" 40th anniversary flashback. >> do you still have the pants? >> i still have the pants. closed captioning provided by --
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than john travolta and olivia newton-john? say, for instance, henry winkler and marie osmond? it could have happened. we're getting the the party started early on this flashback friday. ♪ you're the one that i want you are the one that i want ♪ >> can you believe it's been 40 years? >> i can't. can you? no, you probably weren't born yet. you weren't born yet. >> i loved that movie growing up. >> sandy! >> danny! ♪ working up the quarter mile >> who was the first actor considered for the role of danny zuko? >> ay! >> john said a olivia wasn't the first choice either. >> they brought up linda ronstadt. marie osmond. i said, they're wonderful. but every -- every guy in the world wants olivia newton-john as their girlfriend.
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>> oh. ♪ summer days drifting away >> and i knew that because i wanted it. i felt the same way. okay. and every girl wants to be like her. and i said, if you don't see this, you guys are nuts. >> olivia was 29 at the time and was afraid she was too eold to play a high school student. they hit it off right way. >> the chemistry was there right away. >> from the first screen test we did, it worked. ♪ hopes willy devoted to you >> olivia's song earned the show the only nomination. the black bad sandy outfit left a lasting impression. ♪ feel your way >> i was stitched into them. because the zipper on the the side was broken. needless to sarks i didn't drink or eat much on those days we were filming ♪ you better shape up >> you to still have the pants? >> i still have the pants. >> do you ever slide it on at
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home? >> i don't want to know. i don't want to see if i can fit in them. >> the film launched with a huge hollywood premier. it was the number one film of 1978. >> we broef up in a black t-bird to the then grauman's chinese. >> great time. great friends. made a lot of lasting friendships. we had a fantastic time. it was like the childhood i never had. ♪ those summer nights >> i would love to know what john's kids think when they watch "grease." the travolta family celebrates father's day on sunday. here's one thing we have learned about star parents. fame does not protect you from funny father fails. >> too many failures to count. >> i'm either dressed the wrong way or have said the wrong thing. so -- it's limitless. >> i am the worst at cutting apples. anytime i cut an apple, they're
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like, dad, no more. they would starve before eating my apples. >> getting excited in the pool and throwing him up to dive. and just throwing him way too high. i could see tears welling up. i was like, oh, you can't launch a kid, like, ten feet in the air. >> going to the wrong school to pick my daughter up. it was embarrassing. >> ashlee simpson's father is constantly getting schooled by her son's homework. >> what in the world is this you're 9. >> as for jason aldean, he's down for diaper duet thety with 6-month-old son memphis. but -- >> i don't do baths. >> he doesn't like the get up in the middle of the night that often. >> i'm a musician. we go to bed late. go the sleep late. he gets up at 4:00, i've been in the bed for an hour. >> he doesn't just sing in the car. he lies. >> my mum and dad told me it was against the law to drive with a light on in the back of the car.
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and it isn't. it's just that it's annoying. i have found myself telling my son the very similar thing. >> ben affleck, give him credit for trying? >> i introduced my kids to taylor swift. ♪ are you ready for it >> god came down and walked on the the water. ♪ i see how this is gonna go snet. >> i thought i would be cool, right? we got in the cab, i was embarrassing them. they didn't want to walk with me. i can introduce help though cool people. i don't get any transfer. no ruboff cool. >> oh, welcome to parenthood, ben. we have all been there. >> why do you keep calling me calvin. >> that's your name, isn't it? calvin klein? it's written all over your underwear. >> can you believe "back to the future" turns 33 next month. michael j. fox's mom in the movie was played by lea thompson. she's a mother in real life. she's made a new movie with her two talented daughters.
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but, the talk got personal when we asked them to interview each other. >> what is the worst louck you ever had with a guy before dad. >> wow. >> savage. >> mr. dennis quaid was, more difficult dude than your dad. >> lea unleashed and not holding back. she has been married to director howard deutch was oncen gauged to quaid. >> i said he was difficult. he was an actor. we were young. your dad was a much more stable dude. >> this year narks 35th anniversary of jaws 3-d. what do you remember most snnt i had lied and said i acted more than i had. >> you told me to lie on my first resume. me, too. >> it worked. >> all three are working together in the new dramedy, "the year of spectacular men." lea directed and co-stars with
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her daughters. the journey to find mr. right with motherly advice. >> you wrote a role for me as your mother. and for zoey. >> my name is zoey. i came out of you. you held fe heme for so long in stomach. >> call it mom my director brain. >> you gave me the confidence. >> i think it's beautiful. >> beautiful. and also a little too honest. >> what's your most vivid memory of being wild? >> well, there was a whole streaking time, you know. in the '70s. >> cut! cut! >> i have a feeling lea might get grounded when she goes home. she's starring in a modern retelling of "little women." that hits theaters on september 28th. when we come back, how does christine in aguilera sing her daughter to sleep? you may be surprised.
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that is all the time that we have for tonight's show. >> one more thing we want you to check out before we say good night. >> bye, everybody. ♪ >> millions of kids sing along to the pj max theme song. only one little girl gets a lullaby version. christina aguilera showed jimmy fallon how she does it. ♪ who are these heroes who show you the way ♪ ♪ p.j. max do the p.j. max harmonize. ♪ p.j. max do the pchlt j. max ♪ >> i can't think of a rhyme.
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