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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  June 17, 2018 8:00pm-8:59pm PDT

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of children from parents seeking asylum.thank you for joining us this evening. i'm jr stone.(michelle)and i'm michelle kingston in for justine kron 4's ali reid reports ... the immigration debate hits close to home for many of the protestors. keep families togetherin front of the ice detention center keep families togetherfamilies protested for hours on sunday keep families togetherkarina sanchez knows all too well about ice detention. her husband of 9 years was recently detained and held in this same building.karina nchez / husband recently released by icethey just picked him up early in the morning. my daughter is 7 and saw everything. she broke down crying and i did the same thing.his wife and children are citizens, but there's a chance he may still be sent back to mexico.andrew vernon / of empathy or morality, you're
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a disgusting creature if you support any of thiskarina's husband is now back to workhis boss is awesomethey currently know people who are still locked up. and although these allies may not know who they arewe love you .. we love you on father's day ... they're protesting the cruel separation of children from parents seeking asylum.abraham drucker / organizerthere's no way i could come out and celebrate time with y kids while families are being cruelly separated, while father sat in jail, mothers taken aw from their children and detained.shabnam malek / protestorit's important for people to literally hear that they're in there. and whether the govt hears us or cares or we have an immediate effect, we want the people on the inside to know we're here and we's great that we have support from other races, not only hispanic, which is awesome, and i'm very grateful for that too.reporting from richmond ... ali reid ... kron 4 news.
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(michelle)controversy over the separation of families continues nationwide and today us senators and representatives headed to the border to get a first hand look at some of the centers where kids are kept.(jrstone) washington correspondent alexandra limon joins us live now from the us - mexico border in texas. alexandra lots of controversy down there. what are lawmakers saying tonight? alexandra limon / brownsville, txwe went at a detention center where immigrants are first processed if they cross the border illegally. we couldn't bring cameras but the cells were crowded.. surrounded with chain linked fences and the families and kids were goven blankets food and a mat to sleep on.but when
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the parents are sent to court the kids are separated and sent to places like this one. the sign reads welcome to casa padre- but after senator jeff jeff merkley was turned away the warehouse that now houses undocumented immigrant children has been the center of a hot debateon fatehrs day senator merkley and other lawmakers returned for an official toursot they went from 500 kids here in april to almost 1500 here now. theres no place to put them, theyre talking about putting a tent city for children near and lawmakers visited various detention centers... people gathered to protest the separation of the past many immigrants were simply deported with their kids. some call that policy
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catch and release.the trump administrations new zero tolerance policy means all adults are charged and their kids are separated from them when the parents head to court. the administration says its necessary to discourage people from trafficking drugs and committing heinous crimes manuel padilla / rgv border patrol chiefthere has to be a consequence for entering the country illegally.but lawmakers say the practice of separating from their families causes irreperable harm and trauma.rep. sheila jackson lee / texas (r)my fear is that there may be loss of life, and the loss of life is children that can't be found. =senator jeff merkely says since the zero tolerance policy took effect about 3 thousand kids have. been separated from their families. in brownsville texas alexandra limon.
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(michelle)at least five people were killed in south texas today after an s-u-v crashed while being chased by border patrol and a local deputy.dimmit county sheriff marion boyd said the vehicle was carrying undocumented immigrants.he says border patrol started the chase. . and enook over.12 people were ejected according to the least five are dead. boyd said his deputies are often trying to track down suspects accused of smuggling undocumented immigrants and drugs.he said it's a quote "perfect example of why our borders need to be secure." according to boyd, the crash happened about 45 to 50 miles from the mexico border. authorities believe the driver and one passenger are u-s citizens. (michelle) in the north bay... highway 101 in
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cotati has reopened after a multi-vehicle collision. c-h-p officials say the accident happened around 2 p-m this afternoon on the on-ramp from highway 1-16 to 101. deputies say at least one vehicle caught fire and at least one person suffered major injuries. all las re-opened just after 4 p-m. (jrstone)new tonight at 8.a bbq competition and festival in martinez took a voilent turn nimal rights activists began protesting. kron 4's sara stinson talked to an activist who was punched in the face and has his story. reporter intro: ("animal rights activists here in berkeley are recovering after their peaceful protest at a bbq festival turned violent.") nat of videoyou're looking at the chaos that ensued at the
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"king of the country" bbq challenge and music festival in martinez on saturday. ("nats")rowland says him and 14 other activists from direct action everywhere went to the event to the winners of the bbq contest were being announced the activists took to the stage to give a speech.once he began talking about animal rights - the crowd became enraged.("at that point it continued to escalate where attendees continued to shove us, yelling obscenities. putting bbq in our faces, shoving us.")then it became violent. ("beat us, knock us down. i was knocked down and hit in the face. our camera person was hit in the head multiple times.") rowland says at that point they were concerned for their safety and wanted to leave as soon as possible, but the festival attendees kept
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man at the festival took to facebook after saying shame on those vegan protesters who tried to ruin a good time...they destroyed last years first place trophy and trying to steal a vendors purse.("there was a guy that was in my face saying one of you took our stuff. we had no idea what he was talking about we at that point were just leaving.")rowland is now still trying to recover from it all. ("i feel okay i'm just glad it wasn't worse because i was really scared at some points.") reporter tag: (" we reached out to attendees of the festival, but did not hear back in time. as for the animal rights activists, they plan to continue speaking up for animals. in berkeley, sara stinson, kron 4 news.") (jrstone)a dispute between two families escalated into a huge brawl in another east bay the point police responded and tased a man. (michelle)it happened last night in veteran's park in brentwood. that's where we find kron 4's ella sogomonian live with details. it's a lovely day here in veteran's park and it's really
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hard to imagine how a fight involving at least 50 people could have happened here ... and that's excatly how locals feel saying this is not a reflection of brentwood. this is video of veterans park saturday night around 8 after police were called out to a fight between at least 50 people.brentwood police say a child hurt by another kid while playing...then the adults stepped in and a riot broke out.sunday locals enjoying their day at the park were in disbelief.sot: ali gouhari, park visitor// "and normally for a place like brentwood, like veterans park its pretty safe and secure so it's kind of unheard of."two families confronted each other over the incident which led to an argument that quickly turned violent forcing officers to intervene. one of which used taser when police say a man got combative.sot: jeremy owens, park visitor// "i'm not sure where the people were from but it shouldnt happen here because this community is very peaceful." 27-year-old sidney jones and 42-year-old myesha longabodike of oakland, 20-year-old freedie davis of antioch wh was tased by the officer, and 23-year-old jeanae lomackpratt of brentwood were arrested.
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(michelle)at least 22 people are recovering tonight after a shooting in new jersey early this happened at a 24 hour arts festival in least five people were listed in critical - (mk)edward forchion, witness: "about 10 shots went off. pow, pow, pow pow pow pow pow!" angelo nicolo, witness: "it's pretty nuts. so,'s a shame because they try to do something nice here and then people have to ruin it." gunshots ring out at an all night arts and music festival in trenton new jersey early sunday morning ... injuring 22 people.sending at least one- thousand people running, scrambling to safety edward forchion, witness: "the shots, you can feel them. like that was that close to every shot-
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i could feel it."one suspect in the shooting was killed and another person was taken into custody.authorities said the shooting appears to be due to an argument between neighborhood gangs.angelo onofri, mercer county prosecutor"the deceased individual, his name is tahaij wells. he was born in 1985. mr. wells was just recently released from prison and brf 20 on homicide related ch" the mercer prosecutor says fights began earlier in the night prompting police to tell organizers to shut down the event.they were in the process of doing that when the shooting started.the remainde of the two day festival has been canceled. (jrstone)two (jrstone)two vegetation fires broke out in the livermore area today. all lanes of westbound 84 between livermore and i-680 were blocked for much of the afternooameda county fire officials say they stopped the forward progress of the fires around 5 pm.but delays continued well beyond that as traffic was diverted off to ruby hill.high winds all weekend contributed pop up
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fireound the bay... and a warming trend is on the way. for more on this... we now turn to meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez. a warming trend is forecast to begin on monday and continue through much of the week as high pressure builds over the bay area. tracking 60s and low 70s along the coast and upper 70s and 80s inland. highs are expected to be much warmer early this week inland which will warm well into
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(michelle)coming up... security concerns in the run-up to pride weekend.after a man is robbed at knife point...what san francisco is what san to upper 70s. highs in the 60s to upper 70s. (michelle)coming up... run-up to pride weekend.after a man is robbed at knife point...what san francisco is doing to make sure revelers are safe. (jrstone)and new video tonight of a daring rescue
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near the ocean on the cliffs of pacifica. and bart saying that a woman was outside a san francisco two men... one of them hitting her with a ateboard...weave a reporter standing by... next. crystal geyser alpine spring water starts here, passes through here, and is bottled right here. at the mousontaice. naturally. crystal geyser is the
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only major u.spring water bottled at the mountain source. naturally. how far does crystal geyser alpine spring water travel from its source to the bottle? less than a mile and a half. crystal geyser. always bottled at the mountain source. naturally. (michelle)two men reportedly assaulted a bart passenger at the embarcadero station in san francisco..according to transit officials, a woman was
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hit in the face with a skateboard. (jrstone)it happened in the daytime yesterday..kron4's gayle ong is live san francisco. gayle, this sounds like a brutal case. it happened around 12:30 yesterday afternoon,it's still unknown if it happened underground or outside,either way, the embarcadero station is a very busy spot with many tourists. reaction to the unthinkable at a busy san francisco tourist spottwo men reportedly attacked a woman at the embarcadero bart station according to bart, one of them hit her on the face with a skateboard,the victim suffered minor injuries this all happened in daylight saturday
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the integrity, you see somebody is so self centered they don't think about anybody else, that's the problem."> frank dong is a street artist, his booth is right off the bart stop..valdene valenti is from the east bay, she feels bad but says the attack won't stop her from riding bart. many straphangers asking why... sherwin genova suggests perhaps more security around here..two of the suspects are described as men in their late bla ack man, medium build, light complexion, with short dark hair, wearing a black puffy jacketthe other, a hispanic man 5'4, skinny build, wearing
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blue hooded jacket and blue jeans it is unknown what led to the altercation but anwith formation is asked to call in san francisco, gayle ong kron4 news. (jrstone)in the wake of san francisco police's warning about safety during pride week.. a man is robbed at knife-point.this happened early this morning in the castro area.. around diamond and 20th. and now police are searching for multiple suspects responsible for the arawspoke to the victim... and joins us live in the castro with that story.. hermela? (michelle) heavy rain and flooding in
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houghton county, michigan is taking out roads and impacting local businesses.more than 60 sinkholes and wash-outs have been reported in the area. sewer lines were exposed as well.residents are advised to seek shelter and be on the look out for any flash more rain is in the forecast tonight.for more on this... let's bring in meteorologist (michelle)
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hermela?that story.. hermela? (michelle)heavy rain and flooding in houghton county, michigan is taking out roads and impacting local businesses. more than 60 sinkholes and wash-outs have been reported in the area.sewer lines were exposed as well.residents are advised to seek shelter and be on the look out for any flash floods.... more rain is in e forecast tonight.for more on this... let's bring in
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meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez.pretty dangerous situation out there. a warming trend is forecast to begin on monday and continue through much of the week as high pressure builds over the baarea. tracking 60s and low 70s along the coast and upper 70s and 80s inland. highs are expected to be much warmer early this week inland which will warm well into the 90s by tuesday. coastal areas should see highs in the 60s to upper
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(jrstone) new video tonight of a cliff rescue in pacifica yesterday morning. two teens and an adult were stranded on c night after hikingshelter cove crews 13 hours to finally
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reach the trio after late night fog prevented rescue attempts. the three hikers were reunited with family and checked by medical personnel. they were able to go home with no injuries reported. (michelle)coming up... a competition for dogs only a mother could love.we'll tell you about a local tournament that may be your hideous hod dog's chance to shine. (jrstone)and he's the youngest person to ever graduate from one u-c school. and wait until you hear what he has planned next.
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(jrstone) a 15-year-old boy graduated from u-c davis today. he graduated with a degree in biomedical engineering. it's not his first time graduating from college -- tanishq abraham graduated from american river
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college back in 20-15. at the time, abraham said he eventually waednto become a doctor, a medical researcher and president of the united states.tanishq abraham/gradua ed from uc davis: "my quest for knowledge, i guess, is kinda what has driven me to continue" abraham's parents agree -- they say they never had to push him to learn. (michelle) when it comes to this competition, it's the uglier -- the better. applications for the 20-18 world's ugliest dog contest are due this wednesday. this is a photo of last year's winner -- martha -- a neapolitan mastiff. a new winner will be crowned this upcoming saturday at the sonoma-marin fairgrounds. the winning dog gets 15- hundred dollars, a trophy and television appearances in new york. the contest has been running for nearly 30 years with contestants from all over the world. (jrstone) up next -- one in three up next -- (jrstone) (jrstone)
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up next -- one in three children in our neighborhoods risks going hungry every day. after the break we'll show you the way locafood banks are fighting the stigma and feeding the community. (michelle)and protests accross the nation today... against separating families who try to enter the country illegally (jrstone)and mayor elect london breed outlines her plan of action for defending san francisco's sanctuary city policies.. in an in-studio interview with us.
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chase. make more of what's yours. (michelle) across the country this father's day weekend-- lawmakers and protesters marched tolerance policy separating children at the border. (jrstone) the changes mean adults crossing illegally with children will be separated as the parents await their federal court proceedings. all this while the house prepares to take up two immigration bills this week. kim hutcherson has a closer
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look at the growing backlash. "hey hey don't take those kids away!"keeping families together. a major focus this father's day weekend as a growing chorus oanger an frustration was on display across the country. sen. jerry nadler (d-ny): "we spoke to fathers whose children have been ripped from their arms, who have no idea when or if they'll ever see their children again."on sunday-- congressional delegations and immigration advocates marched to faclities where the u-s government is holding unaccompanied immigrant children. it comes days after homeland security confirmed it separated at least 2,000 children from parents at the border since implementing the practice.manuel padilla jr., us border patrol's rio grande valley sector chief: "that is no different than a us citizen parent that is going through a judicial process prosecuted for violating the law-- being separated from their parents as well."the white house says the goal is to deter illegal border crossings-- but democrats say family
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separation is humane and want it to end. rep. carolyn maloney, (d-ny): "we are united in going back to congress and fighting for it." rep. beto o'rourke (d-tx): "whether you're in tents or a 4 star hotel, if you're not with your mom or dad if you've been taken from them you're traumatized."i'm kim hutcherson reporting. (jrstone)she's set to become the 45th mayor of the city of san francisco.and she's the first african american woman to serve in that office.mayor- elect london breed stopped by the kron four studio this week. among other things, she spoke to us about standing up for immigrants... and the city's sanctuary city policies.
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that's what is important for us to do here. to stand up against bigotry, against hatred, against divisiveness, for the purposes of protecting everyone that is an important part of the fabric of san francisco. q: "how do you do that when he's always threatening to remove federal funds?" he's threatening but we could also threaten to not pay our federal taxes. there are things that we can do to an in. so far we've been okay. for example, with caltrain electrification project, when we were awarded a grant, and that grant was threatened, we basically went after the other states where the president actually did well. where jobs were at stake, and then all of a sudden that funding was restored. and i just think there are other ways to really combat the president when it comes to his attacks on our city. as mayor, i will defend this city with all my might. q: "he's already set his sights on oakland mayor libby schaaf... so now we have two strong women pushing back..." oh, he's not ready for the bay area. not for the women of the bay. "that's fantastic.">
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(jrs) immigration is just one of the things we talked about wimayor- asked her about affordable housing, traffic congestion, and following in the foot steps of the late mayor ed lee . to see the entire interview... head over to our website at kron-4-dot-com. (jrstone) kron four is highlighting some of the good work that food banks across the bay area are doing everyday.. it is part of our parent company's annual - "founder's day of caring." (michelle) the second harvest food bank serves 260-thousand people in the bay area every month... but it says there are many more it could feed. kron 4's gabe slate shows us an innovative way the food bank reach those i nats music this weekly food share event at sunset ridge elementary school in pacifica feels more like a farmer's market or a community pot luck than a food pantry pick up center. all the food here is
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free for anyone in the school district. leslie bacho, ceo, of second harvest food bank, that donates to this food share, says it's a way for them to reach people who need help but are afraid to ask sound from - leslie bacho - ceo, second harvest food bank" people don't realize in this affluent county that one in three kids are at risk for hunger. one of the biggest challenges for food banks is just getting people to walk through the door for the first time there is a stigma. we will talk to families that are maybe skipping meals or resorting to fast food or watering down the milk they are doing all these different coping mechanisms but the thought of going to a food pantry just seems too hard to bear they think that it's only for people who are really bad off so we are trying to create a welcoming event that is friendly and makes it seem like we are all in this together" it's working. parents and grandparents of
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students here and people living in the community haveg u from - anna sanno parent of 1st graderget yellow pepper which is or the salads" anna sansano (san san oh) says the free food has really helped her families tight monthly budget. sound from - anna sansano - parent of 1st grader, sunset ridge school "it really helps, the cost of living her is so expensive" sound from reporter gabe slate "having all these free fruits and vegetables on campus here is having another positive effect some of the students are eating healthier" sound from - sarah watanabe - teacher, sunset ridge school " on thursdays the students come running out they can't wait for the free snacks they are trying fruits and vegetables they have never tried before, they are having a new experience" this food share event will continue weekly trying to improve the diets and budgets of the people in this community. in pacifica gabe slate kron 4 news.
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next train pisbg and antioch . and those pesky invisible train tracks i'll explain in the next edition of people behaving badly > (mabrisa)i have your forecast coming up a bit later on...
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(jrstone) there are so many reports about people getting struck by trains... and you often wonder how is that possible (michelle)because the only way you can get hit by a train is to be on or very close to the tracks... you're pondering how long will the move take while sitting in traffic, when you should be worried whether or not you're gonna catch the next train train hornunion pacific railroad rolls through the east bay on a regular basis, there are no published schedule they just show up sound of train...and when they
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show show up, they only have one simple request, that you not be on the tracks sounds simple enough but apparently it's turning out to be the most difficult thing on the planet well maybe not the planet... but definitely in antioch and pittsburg, now i have shown you video before of people sitting on active train tracks nats: ambiance but have you ever wondered just how long they were kicking it on the tracks let's look at just how long simpson and son landscaping sat on the loveridge tracks for almost5 full seconds along with the black car next to it nats: ambiance this pickup truck sat on the same tracks just over 45 seconds while having a sip of something from a thermos ambiance but this white pickup sat on the tracks for a full minute a minute may not seem like a long time but if you have a train heading your way that is a long time ambiance over on auto center drive in antioch i watched and so many drivers without a fear in the world were sitting on the tracks and to give you an ideal just how long the uhaul was sitting on the tracks here is the truck driving up
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to the tracks i was able to walk over and start recording notice how the driver never noticed i was standing there in plain sight recording ambiance california state law states that a vehicle or pedestrian must stop at least 15 feet from the nearest rail and may not proceed until it is safe to do soyou can get fined for stopping on active train tracks up to 490 dollars and a point on your driving recordor you could just get hit by a train and we could talk about you on the news or you could just stay off the tracksin contra costa county stanley roberts kron 4 news (michelle)more allegations of sexual abuse coming out of hollywood... this time against tv host chris hardwick.a-m-c said today that hardwick's show "talking with chris hardwick" will be suspended as they look into the accusations. hardwick's ex-girlfriend, actress chloe dykstra , said he sexually and emotionally abused her.the network also said he won't be moderating a- m-c and b-b-c american panels at comic-con international in san diego next month.hardwick said he was "blindsided" and has denied the allegations.
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(jrstone)and on father's day... we talk to some of the newest dads who ated the occasion with the birth ofchild. (michelle)and we'll tell you about the amazing father's day gift one daughter gave her father in his time of need.
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(michelle) this next story might make you feel a little guilty about that tie you might have gotten your father for father's day... that's because a florida woman gifted her dad a kidney! this father's day is unlike any other for patrick bachelier. this year, he and his daughter jacqueline have a special connection. he was desperately in need of a second kidney transplant after the kidney he received back in 2014 started to show signs of failure. the lifeline he needed was found extremely close to home. his daughter jacqueline was a 100
8:46 pm
percent perfect match for a kidney donation. that's the reason why she did it because we care for one another we love one r. we love one another and we care for one another. (michelle) doctors had said since this was patrick's second transplant, there were risks involved. but they went through with the procedure on may 29th...and it went as smoothly as possible. (justine) taking a live look outside....(jr stone) meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez has our forecast. . a warming trend is forecast to begin on monday and continue through much of the week as high pressure builds over the bay area. tracking 60s and low 70s along
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the coast and upper 70s and 80s inland. highs are expected to be much warmer early this week inland which will warm well into the 90s by tuesday. coastal areas should see highs in the 60s to upper 70s. it's been a tough road trip for the giants... they lost five of their to upper 70s. highs in the 60s to upper 70s.
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it's been a tough road trip for the giants... they lost five of their last six games heading into today's series finale against the dodgers. kareem abdul jabbar down at dodger stadium on father's day the giants trying to avoid getting swept in l-a top first... nick hundley smacks a 2-run jack off caleb ferguson san francisco up 2-nothing brandon belt back from the ten-day d-l after having his appendix removed... two weeks ago top third... giants not done with the rookie belt goes opposite field... adds two more... leads the team with 12 homers.
8:50 pm
san francisco only had 3 hits in th giants win 4-1 over at the coliseum... it was beautiful day to catch a game with dad we pick it up in the ninth... a's down by one...with two on. mark canha with a bloop down the middle mike trout can't get there in time heaney in the dugout was losing his mind canha goes 2-for-4... had a home run in the second. bottom of the eleven... oakland with the bases juiced. jonathan lucroy walks it off... singles to deep right off eduardo paredes it's his fifth career walkoff hit a's win 6-5... they take 2 out of 3 against the angels the u-s open is one of the hardest majors to win shinnecock hills took everyone out... tiger woods, jordan speith, rory mcilroy, and jason day all missed the cut let's head to new york... dustin johnson... the
8:51 pm
number-one ranked golfer in the world... in contention until the end... but not quite enough as he finised 3-over... 2 strokes back here is your winner... brooks koepka... last year's surprise winner is a surprise no more... he shot a 68 today... finished at 1-over to win by a stroke... it's the 6th time a golfer has won back-to-back u-s opens the u-s-g-a will be under a lot of fire... though... for creating a course so dificult that no golfer was able to finish under par... everyone loves a good underdog story mexico's national team made some history against the defending world cup champion germany. mexico took it to germany right away... the germans made a run soon after but neither team was able to score until the 35th minute... future star of the mexican squad... he scores the go- ahead goal... germany tried getting the equlizer but
8:52 pm
mexico's defense hung on. this is the first time mexcio has ever beaten germany in the world cup... and the first timehe th opening world cup game since 1982 down at avaya stadium... the earthquakes held a watch party for fans. they got to watch all three matches today the earthquakes will be doing this everyday until the world cup final on july 22nd tickets and parking are free... the team also has food trucks and several activites for your entire family
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(michelle) 10 dads celebrated their first father's day today.. by becoming dad's for the first time! these dads all had children today. sutter roseville medical center is celebrating the new dads by giving them each a special baseball cap. one othose new dads says more than anything else... he's thankful
8:56 pm
this father's day. "everything went just as well as you can expect and um i feel blessed and extremely lucky."(michelle) surely a for having children on m -- father's day... this day will forever be extra special for those dads -- sharing the holiday with their kid's birthday!
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