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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  June 27, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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now at 8. a pedi-cab crash injures a family on the embarcadero. including two children. after a car that hits them flees the scene.firefighters make progress against the pawnee fire. but it's still a race against time. as dangerous conditions return to the fire zone. more than 3-thousand pounds of illegal fireworks seized in a major east bay bust. yet another video goes viral after a man threatens to call police on a bart passenger. this time for eating.... (ken) breaking news at 8 out of san francisco. that's where a family of four and a pedicab driver were seriously hurt in a crash.(ken) thank you for joining us i'm ken wayne.(pam) and i'm
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pam moore. this happened just after 4 -this afternoon... near pier- 29 on the embarcadero. that's where we find kron-4's ali reid... she joins us live... with more on who police are looking for at this hour. ali ( ken )san francisco police are investigating a hit and run crash on the hit and run investigating a police are investigation? witnesses tell me the pedi cab was hit by a driver who was fed up with traffic, and speeding.the cab operator took the brunt of the injuries, when he and the 2 young girls he was transporting ... flew out of the cab and hit the ground.police tell us that man is now in the hospital with life threatening injuries.the 5 and 8 year old children have non life threatening injuries .... and their parents, who were in a nearby pedi cab, were also taken to the hospital and checked out. they're expected to be here we have 5 people that
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were transported to the hospital ... witnesses say the hit and run driver, didn't bother to stop after wreaking havoc on the embaradero ... one of the owners who did not wish to give her name, tells me they've never had an accident like this before.sot - pedi cabs are a great way to get around san francisco. they're a lot of fun. we're been operating on the embarcadero for more than 25 years, and they are a very stable part of the embarcadero scene. like i said this is the first accident we've had of this nature, it's a very unfortunate thing that happened.standupafter the collision, the suspect took off and was last seen heading to the bay bridge in a light colored sedan.anyone with information that can help this case is urged to call authoriteis.reporting live from the embarcadero ... ali reid ... kron 4 news. (ken) now at 8. containment is up tonight on the pawnee fire burning in lake county. as kron 4 news.... ali reid ... kron 4 news.
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(ken) kron 4 news. ... ali reid ... kron 4 news. (ken) now at 8. containment is up tonight on the pawnee fire burning in
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lake county. as firefighters make progress on the fire line.(pam) here is a look at the latest numbers. the fire has burned 13 -thousand seven hundred acres. it is 30- percent contained. some evacuations have been lifted. but other areas are still under mandatory evacuation orders.(ken) kron-4's j-r stone spent the day following cal- fire as they battled the flames. and as he explains... firefighters are racing to make more progress, before dangerous weather conditions return.
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(pam) the fire conditions are expected to take a turn for the worse (ken) that has firefighters racing to get ahead of the chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us now... lawrence what are firefighters up against? lawrence karnow: low clouds and fog were slow to clear today and helped keep temperatures much cooler. higher humidity and cooler temperatures helped fire
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fighters at the pawnee fire. it is breezy if you're going out tonight with cool fog already returning into the bay. on the satellite image you can see the fog at the coast and the low pressure system swinging to the north. it will warm a little starting tomorrow but the sea breeze will keep temperatures down near the coast and bay. highs tomorrow will be in the low to mid 80s inland, 60s and 70s around the bay and 50s and 60s with patchy fog at the coast. air quality will begin to suffer with hazy skies in the afternoon. high pressure will begin to build on friday with offshore wnds becoming gusty friday night into saturday morning. temperatures will also soar into the 90s on friday with triple digits on saturday. cool fog will return on sunday to begin to cool the bay area but it will still be hot inland. much cooler weather is expected next week. ( pam) ( pam) a dog found on the side of the road in lake county earlier today by kron4's terisa estacio is now at a clinic. here is the
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little guy ... adorable.. this pup is now at the clearlake veterinary clinic in lake county and in good hands. if you recognize this dog, you can reach out to the clinic. (pam) in the east bay, just before the fourth of july holiday, a massive amount of illegal fireworks have been taken off the streets.(ken) during a raid, oakland police confiscated almost two tons of the explosives.kron 4's justine waldman has details on the man arrested for allegedly selling them and shows us the stash. plus, a look at the fireworks the dublin police department just seized. this is what a street value of almost $50,000 of illegal fireworks looks like.inside brown boxes in this locker at the alameda county sheriff's officesits 3,420 pounds of explosives confiscated by police..42-55 felicia aisthrope / oakland police department sot there is up to a $10,000 fine for using
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illegal fireworksoakland police followed up on a tip about a man selling illegal fireworks on the streets of the city. and found them in a storage unit on doolittle in san leandro, allegedly kept by 45 year old cong truong dinh of hayward, who is now under arrest, on various fireworks charges.police are happy these will not explode in the sky on the 4th of july or any other time.sot fireworks are dangerous we dont want people getting injured losing fingers or body parts from using these / additional it is fire season now and we dont want any fires started due to the illegal use of fireworksthe alameda county bomb squad also showed only kron 4 news these fireworks confiscated by the dublin police department in a different and much smaller raid.but being honest, authorities believe even with all these off the streets of the east bay it is just a drop in the bucket.1:12-1:21 srgt. ray kelly / alameda county bomb squadsot thre are probably hundreds and hundreds of stashes like this sitting in places throughout the bay area just waiting to be used on july 4th.for now the fireworks will stay locked up until the state fire marshall comes to collect alameda county justine waldman
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kron 4 news. (ken) a man accused of molesting four children while he worked at a school and summer camp has pleaded no contest to the felony charges.. hoang tran was an after school coach at brittan acres elementary school for about a month last year. prosecutors allege he molested three victims there. and a fourth at a summer camp last july. tran pleaded no contest to the felony charges on the condition he register as a sex offender and serve a three year state prison term. he remains in custody on one million dollars bail. (ken) new at 8.a former dance instructor now behind bars on sexual assault charges. martinez police say the victim was one of his students at a local dance kron4's michelle kingston reports -- police are asking for the public's help in finding other girls who may have been affected. (mk)a 31 year old martinez man
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is now sitting in jail on sexual assault charges.police say daniel howarter was a dance instructor at in motion dance center on arnold drive ... and his victim was a student.jordan sanders, deputy district attorney"he seduced her into a sexual relationship and took advantage of her and that's what we've charged." "this is the studio where he worked and where the victim danced. we asked, but they have no comment at this time as they are still waiting to hear from police."the victim came forward earlier this year -- reporting to police she was assaulted about five years ago when she was just 15 years old. "she was timid to come forward and she didn't know what to do and i think her words were that it festered inside of her and the mental anguish of keeping this and so she eventually couldn't take it anymore."court documents show howarter committed the sexual acts "... against said victim's will by force, violence, duress, menace, and fear of immediate and unlawful bodily injury to said victim and to another."law enforcement officials are encouraging anyone with information to come forward. "if there's anybody that has been victimized before we
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encourage them to come forward to the martinez police department and let them know if they've been victimized or not or if they have any information or not."howarter was booked into the martinez detention facility and his bail is set at 75-thousand martinez, michelle kingston kron 4 news coming up at eight.. an east bay shelter unveils a new tool to track down lost pets ... using facial recognition. plus. the officer who shot an unarmed teen now facing charges. what he could be convicted of. and next.. a man harassed on bart for eating on the train. now, video of the incident has gone viral.
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(pam) video has gone viral... of a bart passenger being harrassed by another,
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for eating a burrito on the train ...(ken) some people rolled their eyes at a man's threat to call police for the passenger eating. today, kron four's philippe djegal got feedback from frequent bart riders. (philippe)nats- "you can't wait? the sign says no eating and drinking -- you don't get it? you don't get it? you must be stupid." one man insulting another on a bart train as it passes the oakland colesium. the person who recorded this confrontation, wants to remain private... but posted this video on reddit-dot-com after witnessing the incident friday. nats- "i'm getting the police on board, how about that? excuse me." the man in the hawaiian shirt threatens to call the police on the passenger accused of eating a burrito on the train. he uses the intercom to make his complaint.. which goes to the train operator, but not the police.nats- "can you get a policeman on board here? we've got somebody dining in the first car." during that recorded part of the encounter... other
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passengers stepped in suggesting the passenger eating on board should keep eating... and, that they weren't bothered.kyle robinson/passenger- "uh, it was petty. it was ignorant. i mean, he must have been having a bad day."kenesha mayfield/passenger- "i think he should mind his business. who is he to enforce the law? and, he's just eating a burrito -- what harm is that? people do worse things on bart."stacy roe/passnger- "like people smoke crack and stuff on a train sometimes. like, all types of stuff." bart says eating on a train is a violation and can result in a citation or a warning. a rule some passengers agree should be enforced.james harper/passengers- "people that eat on the train leave their trash on the trains, so theres food. sometimes its on the seats. most of the time its on the floor. so, you step in it or you sit in it." passengers say these kinds of issues can be resolved without always police. philippe djegal, kron four news. (ken) a san francisco judge is tossing out a lawsuit against the president over student loan debt. that lawsuit accused the trump administration of illegally reneging on an obama-era committment to forgive loans. those loans were for
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chain. but a judge says the state failed to establish it had the right to sue. she gave them 30 days to amend its lawsuit. ( pam ) losing a pet can be a very stressful experience. in contra costa county, animal services has launched a new facial recognition system .. which will hopefully help pet owners find their lost loved ones quickly. kron 4's charles clifford is live tonight in contra costa county with details. charles. . . well, this time of year it's not uncommon for dogs and cats to be scared off by fireworks and then they might end up in a shelter. . like this one. this week contra costa animal services is service to help people find their wayard animals. natslet's say that mack here is your dog and you've lost him. he's at the contra costa animal services center, but you don't know that .by
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downloading the finding rover app and creating a free account users can upload a picture of their missing pet and then the system compares that image to pictures of animals being kept at nearby shelters. within seconds the app generates a list of possible matches. . .an walla. . there's mack. . safe and sound contra costa animal services.animal services launched their partnership with finding rover this week because every fourth of july they see a spike in the number of lost pets. sotanimal serviceds also says that anyone can upload pictures of their pets to the app then if the animal becomes lost their image will already be in the system.sotand finding rover isn't just for dogs, the service works with all kinds of pets. while animal services hopes while animal while animal services hopes that this new service will help people find their pets quickly, they say it's not a replacement for the traditional ways of tracking lost pets. . such as name tags and contra costa county, charles clifford kron 4 news.
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now to our four zone forecast. taking a live look outside at s-f-o.kron-4's chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here now with the forecast lawrence karnow: low clouds and fog were slow to clear today and helped keep temperatures much cooler. higher humidity and cooler temperatures helped fire fighters at the pawnee fire. it is breezy if you're going out tonight with cool fog already returning into the bay. on the satell coast and the loswinging to the it will warm a little starting tomorrow but the sea breeze will keep temperatures down near the coast and bay. highs tomorrow will be in the low to mid 80s inland, 60s and 70s around the bay and 50s and 60s
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with patchy fog at the coast. air quality will begin to suffer with hazy skies in the afternoon. high pressure will begin to build on friday with offshore wnds becoming gusty friday night into saturday morning. temperatures will also soar into the 90s on friday with triple digits on saturday. cool fog will return on sunday to begin to cool the bay area but it will still be hot inland. much cooler weather is expected next week. new ahead at 8 a mother's warning after week.expected next weather is expected next week.
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new ahead at 8 a mother's warning after her toddler is injured by a hidden danger at home. and next. a new test showing... some bike helmets may not be as safe as you think. we will show you the safest models. ((gary sports tease))coming up a little later in this broadcast: what are the giants and a's doing? we'll check in. give you a quick pop of the world cup, and hey a little promotion in the nba that is more than just your normal promotion. we'll explain in a few minutes. ((ken))here's what we are tracking new tonight at nine... ...that's coming up next
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prices of the season' with savings on the new sleep number 360 smart bed. it senses and automatically adjusts on both sides, for effortless comfort. for a limited time, save up to $500 plus free home delivery on sleep number 360 smart beds. ends june 30th. new at 8. new
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testing shows that not all bicycle helmets protect people in the same way. the insurance institute for highway safety teamed up with virginia tech, to do crash tests on 30 of the most popular bicycle helmets on the market. kron 4's gabe slate breaks down the report .. which the institute claims, reveals some flaws in helmets currently on the market and also shows, the cost the most do not necessarily provide the most protection. bicycle helmets sold in the united states must meet some basic government standards for safety but beyond that there is no official consumer guide
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to what helmets are best or what features matter. so the insurance institute for highway safety teamed up with virginia tech, who has been testing football and hockey helmets, to create a rating a system for bicycle helmets for consumers. the virginia tech lab ran rigorous crash tests on 30 popular adult bicycle helmets and rated them based on concussion protection. zero stars being the worst and 5 the best. of the 30 they tested only 4 scored a 5 star rating. stand up - gabe slate you would think the more expensive a helmet the better it would protect but according the report, ot the case. the top 4 rated bicycle helmets by virginia tech offering the same level of protection ranged from $75 - $200. one thing all the highest rated models had in common was they had mips, or multi directional impact protection system built in. i stopped by a performance bicycle shop where dennis was nice enough to explain what "mips" does for the helmet wearer. dennis westler - works at performance bicycle "mips let your head move during a crash if you get stuck so it can help prevent neck injuries" stand up - gabe slate" dennis point out one of the most important things about bicycle helmet safety he says most people don't know about " dennis westler - works at performance bicycle "you must
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replace helmet after 3-4 years it loses its build "in san mateo gabe slate kron 4 news coming up at eight.. coming up at coming up at eight.. coming up at coming up at eight.. new claims of abuse against a youth detention center... already slapped with a lawsuit. plus. the new rules that have some marijuana dispensaries trying to unload products at a steep discount. and next. an officer who shot an unarmed teen,
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now charged with criminal homicide. why the family of antwon rose says, they are cautiously optimistic.
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(ken) a major development in the shooting death of an unarmed teen just outside of pittsburgh last week. (pam) prosecutors have charged the officer involved, with criminal homicide in the death of antwon rose. omar jimenez reports on the latest stephen a. zappala jr. /
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brought about the result that he was looking to accomplish. officer michael charged with criminal homicide in the shooting death of antwon rose...which could include anything from involuntary manslaughter to ámurder.lee merritt/rose family attorney: we are cautiously optimistic about the criminal charges being filed. this family is holding out for a conviction and a proper sentencing and that is a very very hard thing to come by not only in allegheny county but in the united states. it all stems from a june 19th vehicle stop.rose was a passenger in a car pulled over by police -- suspected of being involved in an earlier shooting in nearby north braddock.stephen a. zappala jr. / allegheny co., da: rose shows his hands, turns and runs. he is not in possession of a weam.and the middle of his back.he was 17 years old. stephen a. zappala jr. / allegheny co., da: antwon rose didn't do anything in north braddock other than be in that vehicle.rosfeld had worked with other local departments for 7 yearsbut he was sworn in as an east pittsburgh police officer just hours before the shooting.nats
8:31 pm
of protestsrose's death sparked protests across pittsburgh and solidarity in places nationwide. stephen a. zappala jr. / allegheny co., da: he was not acting to prevent death or serious bodily injury. it's my opinion that he's not entitled to a justification charge to a jury as a defense. a preliminary hearing is scheduled for july 6th. i'm omar jimenez reporting (pam) a honduran teen says, he was beaten reporting (pam) a honduran teen says, he was beaten and deprived of food ... inside a youth immigration detention center in virginia.(ken) the teen says he was strip searched and placed in solitary confinement after arriving at age 16 to the shenandoah valley juvenile center. his account echoes abuse claims by other children in a federal civil rights lawsuit. he's now 18 and spoke on the condition of anonymity for fear of retaliation. shenandoah's executive director says an internal investigation concluded incidents in the lawsuit were unfounded. but virginia's
8:32 pm
governor has ordered two state agencies to investigate the facility. (pam) southern california detectives are looking into whether previous shootings ... are connected to a the death of a father at a popular park. tristan beaudette was shot in the chest while he slept. he was camping with his two young daughters.. ages 2 and four. in the search for leads ... investigators are now looking into other shootings at the park. one on june 18 of this year, and two last year. police are looking for similarities between the incidents. meanwhile... deputies have stepped up patrols in the area. (ken) pot shops around the bay area and the state are slashing prices in order to offload marijuana products in advance of new stricter state regulations that go into effect july first.(pam) kron 4's maureen kelly explains the changes that are coming to the cannabis industry. here's all of our concentrates and they are offered a 50% discount there are signs all over the harvest dispensary in san francisco...showing the sale flowers, or
8:33 pm
buds, being sold for 40 percent....some products are buy one, get another for only a dollar.the bargin basement sale is happening at pot shops all over the pot shops look to unload inventory that don't meet new state standards for testing....and packaging.. starting july 1 stricter testing guidelines will be going into effect to screen weed for molds microbials and other chemicals. there is a number of producers that simply haven't tested their products others have chosen to test those products but those testing requirements have increased and as they increase everyone is sending their source materials off to what is known as a level to screening for state testing that's what all the producers are scrambling to do nowbut some products on dispensary shelves are being discounted because their packaging won't meet new child resistant and tamper resistant standards going in affect the same day. like this jar of pot right here....which has a plastic seal.....but isn't considered another example of what state regulators are looking for. you might have to press down and turn it like you would a pill bottle the store staff say business has been brisk as a result.the more people that
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figure out there are sales going on they been coming in and flooding the store as well as onlineshoppers i spoke to were happy about the cheaper po prices......but at least one, who didn't want to appear on camera was happier at the idea of t stricter pot screening.that's important i feel like less chemicals better testing i think all that's very importantget (maureen) the owner of this dispensary believes that he will be able to unload i'll the sale merchandise by the july one deadline everything that everything that does not sell however return to them it will either be returned to the manufacture or destroyedso whether or not is sells by will still be going up in smoke. maureen kelly kron4 news. (ken) now to our four zone forecast. you're looking live at the san francisco embarcadero.(pam) kron-4's chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us with a look ahead lawrence karnow: low clouds and fog were slow to clear today and helped keep temperatures much cooler. higher humidity and cooler
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temperatures helped fire fighters at the pawnee fire. it is breezy if you're going out tonight with cool fog already returning into the bay. on the satellite image you can see the fog at the coast and the low pressure system swinging to the north. it will warm a little starting tomorrow but the sea breeze will keep temperatures down near the coast and bay. highs tomorrow will be in the low to mid 80s inland, 60s and 70s around the bay and 50s and 60s with patchy fog at the coast. air quality will begin to suffer with hazy skies in the afternoon. high pressure will begin to build on friday with offshore wnds becoming gusty friday night into saturday morning. temperatures will also soar into the 90s on friday with triple digits on saturday. cool fog will return on sunday to begin to cool the bay area but it will still be hot inland. much cooler weather is expected next week.
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of dead baby hammerhead sharks wash ashore
8:37 pm
in hawaii....what may have happened to the animals. plus. a man starts choking inside a chick-fil-a restaurant.. what a customer and employee did next .. may have saved his life. and next. tense moments for passengers on a flight when a half naked man tries to get on board. (fsc/pam) and a program sure to tune into our special 4th of july show.we will cover fireworks shows from concord, san rafael, san jose and san is the only 4th of july fireworks show in the bay area - televised live. the fun starts wednesday.. july 4th at 9:00- right here on kron 4.
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(ken) some passengers arriving at atlanta airport got video of a crazy situation. a half-naked man ran onto the tarmac... and up onto the wing of a delta plane. police say jhryin jones came
8:40 pm
darting to the plane shortly after 4:30 tuesday afternoon. he jumped on the wings and he jumped on the wings and started pounding on the windows. the captain of the plane got over the intercom and told passengers jones tried to board the plane. jones is charged with criminal trespassing, obstruction of law enforcement officers and public indecency. (pam) nearly one - hundred dead baby hammerhead sharks ... washed ashore near ke' ehi lagoon in honolulu in hawaii. (ken) state officials are calling for tougher laws to prevent more incidents like this. (ken) experts say the sharks were probably caught in a gill net. state senator mike gabbard has been trying to pass a law to ban or restrict the use of gill nets. the bill passed unanimously in the senate last year but did not move forward in the house. the state department of land d ceis now investigating how this happened. (pam) a man is now in custody after he climbed a los angeles freey wearing underwea
8:41 pm
and sneakers ... began climbing the 110 freeway sign, around wednesday morning... in order to hang a banner about fighting pollution. the man finally came down... by doing a back flip off the sign onto an inflatable airbag set up in the middle of the road by firefighters. police took the man into custody.. and by 10 a-m had the road cleared. the whole ordeal delayed traffic for hours. (pam) in sports... klay thompson is back in china... but not having much fun during a pick-up game(ken) and an a's pitcher gets his first win since 2015... gary has the highlights... and all the sports... next at 8 a mother warning others after her son got trapped in thehidde.
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(pam) new at 8... a safety concern. you may not have thought much about vent covers in your home. but like many things, they can be hidden dangers when children are involved. (ken) one connecticut mother wants everyone to know what to watch out for, after her baby fell 12 -feet down a ventilation shaft. patricia del rio has the story. kristie mendes/mother:"i looked down and i saw him in the vent. i just couldn't breathe."kristie mendes describing the worst moments
8:45 pm
of her life this morning when her son had fallen down this air vent in their waterford home. she had gone to the bathroom for a second and he was in a gated area of the hallway, but somehow he got the vent cover off and fell in. kristie immediately called 9-1-1.natsot/caller"it's ok baby, it's ok." natsot/dispatcher"keep him calm."natsot/caller"it's ok, baby." natsot/dispatcher"you can see him or just hear him?" natsot/caller"yes, i can see him, but only half of him. he's holding on." fourteen month old elijah irizarry had fallen feet first through the narrow opening and dropped 12 feet from the second floor down to the basement and was trapped in the very narrow ductwork.tom martin/waterford fire dept.:"the baby was in a position where his hands were over his head and he was in a position where he couldn't get them back down and he was sandwiched from the front and from his backside, and had room on the sides. his head was kind of pinned in there." more than a dozen responders cut through the ductwork and got him out within 20 minutes. surprisingly elijah only has minor scrapes.kristie mendes/mother:"they did great, the first responders. everyone that came in and ou they worke a te."inks elijiah used this hanger to lift off the vent cover. he had never done that before and she says she always assumed the vent was screwed down. she
8:46 pm
hopes this can be a teaching moment for all.kristie mendes/mother:"out of all of this to help people be aware that it ca i'm doing today, i'm getting all new grates and screwing them all down." down." (pam) experts say, if you have the type of vents that do not screw in, you should check them periodically to make sure the seal is tight. they are easily knocked loose by things such as vacuum cleaners. (ken) a chick-fil-a employee and customer teamed up in texas to save a choking man. their actions were caught on surveillance video inside the southwest meadows restaurant on saturday. a woman saw the man in trouble and rushed to begin the heimlich maneuver. employee hunter harris took
8:47 pm
over seconds later until the food was dislodged. the man went back to eating his meal after the incident. harris said quote "i did what i need to do and he was okay and i just came back and continued my work." the a's going for there 9th win in 11 games... 7 of 9 on this road trip... young a's fan... in detroit top 2nd... matt olson hits one deep to left... but jacoby jones leaps over the wallto rob him of a home run... the a's major league record of 27 stright games with a home run comes to an end but they didn't need it... chris bassitt... with the strikeout jam in the 3rd... 6 ip, 2 ed hits, 0 runs, 5 k's top 4th... jed lowrie... pulls one down the right field line for a rbi double... he gets the game-winning rbi for the 3rd straight game final score... 3-0 a's... bassit get his first major league win since 2015... ending a streak of 9 straight losses
8:48 pm
a unnelievable ending in game 2 of the college world series tonight... arkansas... already up 1 game to 0.... a strike away from winning the title... top 9th... 3-2 razorbacks but on this foul pop that would have ended it... it falls in between three players.... osu unbelievably still alive given a reprieve... cadyn grenier... with the rbi single to tie it 3-3... next batter... trevor larnach... with the 2-run home run... wow!... 5-3 oregon state comes all the way back to take the lead final... 5-3 osu... series tied1-1... deciding game tomorrow klay thompson had a great time in china last year... and by all accounts was having a blast back there this week... until... during a pick-up game a
8:49 pm
during a week... until...there this blast back was having a all accounts year... and by tomorrow klay thompson had a great time in china last year... and by all accounts was having a blast back there this week... until... during a pick-up game a player was undercut and klay didn't like it... a shoving match broke out and klay was right in the mix... even dropping some "b-s" bombs after things break up... a clearly upset thompson storms off the court klay also played some arcade games against chineise kids... but evidently got beaten badly numerous times... even in a shooting "pop-a-shot" contest against a young girl
8:50 pm
the first women's coach in the nba is getting a promotion becky hammon... is moving up to a higher position on the san antonio
8:51 pm
spurs coaching staff... she will place james borrego... who became the borrego... who james will place james borrego... who became the new head coach of the charlotte hornets in may hammon has been with the spurs since 2014... before that... the 41- year-old spent 16 years in the wnba... including eight seasons with the san antonio stars a pretty shocking day in the word cup... mexico taking on mexico taking on sweden... all mexico has to do is win to advance to the knockout stage... the game was tied at 0 -0 at the half, but sweden came to play in the second half. all three of their goals are scored after halftime..inclu ding an own goal from mexico. sweden wins 3 to nothing.... so it looks like mexico... hugely popular in the bay area... is out if the heavily-favored germany beat south koreagermany-south korea) this is about all that went wrong for south korea... ouch... right into the groin!. the game was scoreless
8:52 pm
until the 90th minute... when south korea scored... the goal was reviewed and upheld... 1-0 reviewed and upheld... 1-0 germany... desperate... pulls their keeper... south korea takes advantage... the long ball and run for the empty- netter... 2-0 south korea and that's it... the defending champion is out... the first time germany has exited in the group stage since 1938... they are the 3rd straight champion to not make the round of 26... (wipe to mexico fans left korean fan) and that a road rage stage a road rage incident you have to see to believe....when a man decides to attack a car. tonight at 9 california has adjusted its rules for crossing the street when there is a signal for pedestrians you knowy hechanges the rules in california (yea) what are the new rules do you know no let's take a look and see just how that is going, in the next edition of people behaving badly
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it's a road rage incident in florida you have to see to believe. a driver took out his anger on another car. we're talking punches and kicks to the grill of a s-u-v police do confirm that they
8:56 pm
responded to this scene. but no official report was filed. (pam) if you are going to steal, do not steal from a police officer.. but apparently, nobody told this little thief. a police officer in alaska... caught the bandit that swiped their doughnut on video. this little squirrel swiped the snack and then took off running. there is no description of the suspect, but it's safe to say he is brown, furry, and extremely cute. (pam) that wraps up kron 4 news at 8.(ken) but our primetime coverage is just getting started this wednesday. vicki liviakis is here with kron 4 news at 9...vicki? ((vicki))thank you pam and at nine..a portion of san francisco's embarcadero is still blocked off.after five people, including two children in a pedicab were hit. the car took off...and is still on the loose tonight.the driver of the in critical condition tonight.we are live with the very court justice anthony kennedy's retirement could have a lot of tonight at
8:57 pm
nine..we talk with one bay area pro-choice group who fears abortion rights may be elimintated when the next justice is sworn in.((vicki)) plus..a break in the weather is helping crews gain ground on a wildfire burning in the north bay.but another heat wave is on the way.keep it here...kron 4 news at 9 starts right after the break. (pam) what about him? let's do ♪
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come on. this summer, add a new member to the family. at the mercedes-benz summer event. lease the glc300 for $429 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. (vicki) now at nine...five
8:59 pm
people, including two children in a pedicab hit by a car... and the suspected driver took off...and is still on the loose tonight.(vicki) thank you for joining us i'm vicki livakis...(pam) and i'm pam moore, in for grant lodes... the driver of the pedicab... is in critical condition tonight. the crash happened just before four- this afternoon... on the embarcadero and sansome streets -- near pier- 29.... (vicki) kron-4's ali live at san francisco general hospital with an update on the conditions of the victims, ali?
9:00 pm
...... ......and now has life threatening pedi cab operator on wednesday, june 27, 2018 at approximately 4:14 pm, san francisco police responded to embarcadero and sansome (close to pier 29) regarding a traffic collision. in this incident, the suspect vehicle, described as a light colored sedan, made contact with a pedicab carrying a family of 4. there were 5 patients as a result of this collision, including the operator of the pedicab. the injuries are as follows:pedal cab operator: life-threatening injuries father: non-life-threatening injuriesmother: non-life- threatening injuries8 year old child: non-life-threatening injuries 5 year old child: non-life-threatening injuries the suspect vehicle was last seen headed towards the bay bridge, making this a hit and run collision. as officers process the scene, anyone in the area with video surveillance or those who


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