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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  July 5, 2018 7:30pm-8:01pm PDT

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♪ tonight, fourth of july couples ring in the fireworks. are j-lo and a-rod engaged? plus, the dance off. how the beckhams are squaching divorce rumors and why jada pinkett smith and will say they're not married anymore. seinfeld celebrates a major milestone. >> it's really special. >> what jerry is saying about a reboot now. >> plus, "ant-man and the wasp"s fan out over michelle pfeifer. >> she played your love interest and now she's playing your mother-in-law. >> it's all good, right. >> >> will smith says he and wife jada don't even say they're married anymore. what? he's gonna explain coming up. >> but those aren't the only fireworks going off in hollywood. >> come on. have you seen mariah carey lately?
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>> he looks great. we'll get to that, but first, the stars were all about showing their fourth of july spirt yesterday. and if you're j-lo and a-rod, that meant a little dirty dancing. >> nothing says love like a two-hour "carpool karaoke" session, j-rod style. ♪ you know where i'm at >> the couple spent the fourth getting cozy on the beach, but look what he spotted here. could it be an engage. ring? i don't see a rock and j-lo often wears jewelry on that finger. at night? what else but fireworks? trying to put out the fire, meaning those divorce rumors, david and victoria beckham posted this on their 19th anniversary -- her hand on his, while he's holding a glass of wine. david said, this time 19 years ago i was dressed from head to toe in purple, poking fun at their wedding day fashion. he sweetly calls posh the most amazing wife and mummy.
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♪ want to be your soulmate for the night ♪ >> justin timberlake just dropped a new song "soulmate." it's kind of perfect as he and jessica biel are all loved up and in the groove, dancing together while he's on tour in paris. over in hawaii -- >> happy fourth of july! >> happy fourth! >> derek hough and haley erbert have got some serious vacation vibes going on. summer checklist -- hot bodies? yep. cliff diving? done that. but what about a future engagement? >> do i feel pressured getting married? no. you know what? i don't actually. >> and serving up some fourth of july cuteness, little luna helped john legend and chrissy teigen get ready for the celebration. john also posted this new shot of 7-week-old miles. another proud papa? that would be john stamos. the 54-year-old performed at "a capitol 4th," putting 2-month-old billy in his guitar case, calling him a stowaway. >> daddy promises that one day you'll grow up and you'll have
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my hair, and more importantly, you'll have your mother's heart. i love you billy billy. >> now to the stars flaunting their personal independence on the fourth. ♪ you're beautiful >> happy independence day. we are here getting ready for the show. about to go on stage for rehearsal. >> a single mariah returns to the vegas stage tonight for her limited caesars palace residency "the butterfly returns." a source tells "e.t." she's the happiest she's ever been nine months after undergoing weight loss surgery, although mariah's team never confirmed it. >> lose the clothes pin. >> all right lets go. >> i'm keeping it together. >> and miley cyrus, who made the ultimate all-american party anthem -- ♪ it's a party in the usa >> celebrated in all shades of red, white and blue. her fiance liam hemsworth was nowhere in sight as she floated through the day on an inflatable bald eagle. in idaho, kim kardashian hit the lake without kanye. check her out wakeboarding for the first time after a few failed attempts.
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>> inside, 2-year-old saint delivered the cuteness, smothering his five month old little sis chi with kisses. >> kissy kissy! awe. such a good big brother. will smith might have won the holiday. yesterday, he fittingly posted a shot of himself and jeff goldblum from their 1996 classic "independence day" with the caption, you're welcome america! thank you big willie. and speaking of will, he just dropped another bombshell. this time about his over two-decades-long relationship to jada pinkett smith. >> we don't even say we're married anymore. we refer to ourselves as life partners, where you get into that space when you realize you are literally with somebody for the rest of your life. >> will and jada are really taking their "till death do us part" vow to the next level. in a new interview with the "rap radar" podcast, the superstar says the term "life partners" is a far deeper way to describe their union. >> there's no deal breakers.
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there's nothing she could do. ever. nothing that would break our relationship. she has support till death. >> even though they tied the knot over 20 years ago, these two are always plagued by divorce rumors and have clapped back. >> stop the divorce rumors and mind your damn business! >> just so that you know, we not getting a divorce. >> again. >> again! >> we've been waiting for jada to have her life partner guest on her facebook watch series "red table talk." well, it's happening. >> what in the world are you going to talk to will smith aboutsome. >> we are going to have an interesting conversation about how our journey in regards to transforming a marriage into a life partnership. it's going to be a really powerful discussion and how my mother and how willow and jaden, the whole family has been involved in this transformation.
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because i wasn't going to have him come. he was like, how are you not going to have me come to the table and i was like, all right you can come for episode 10. >> yeah, how are you not going to have him come to the table? >> that's a conversation i need to hear. >> i'm nosey, i need to know. we got another couple sticking together for better or for worse. michael buble and wife luisana. and we know they've been through a lot with their son's cancer diagnose of course. well, now some good news now. their family is getting a little bigger. ♪ i just haven't met you yet >> i got my first little girl coming. >> oh, yeah, congratulations. >> in three weeks. and i actually -- i've never said that before in public. i got a daughter coming. >> 4-year-old noah and 2-year-old elias get to meet their little sister soon. michael made the happy announcement on ireland's "today fm" radio. it's very welcome news after living through little noah's reported liver cancer ordeal in 2016. and while proud papa michael says everything's good now,
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the experience left him shaken. >> i've been through a lot, and, uh, one of the things going through something that my family's been through is that it gives you great perspective. and one of those points of perspective is that it really allows you to appreciate the good things. ♪ it's a new dawn, it's a new life for me ♪ >> the canadian crooner and his wife, argentine actress luisana lopilato, put their careers on hold during noah's chemo treatments. but michael, who's performing in the uk this week, says he's ready to hit the road again. >> i can't wait. i've missed it. i've missed being out there. i've missed that connection. i've missed singing my guts out and laughing and really being connected to all those beautiful souls out there. ♪ close your eyes ♪ let me tell you all the reasons why that you're one of a kind ♪ >> what did i take to get everybody to sign on? did everybody get their money. >> oh, the question. >> there we go. >> yes, we doubled it.
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everybody doubled it. so nice to have planned employment for next year. >> we can't wait. clearly the "american idol"ing judges are excited about coming back. meanwhile, last week's winner is getting ready to go on tour. that includes her boyfriend and runnerup caleb. >> what's it like to sing with someone who you're really dating? >> it's awesome. i mean, it's like -- we get each other. we're already, like, reading each other's minds knowing what were going to do next, i guess. >> yeah. it's weird. it's like dueting with yourself almost. >> still going strong. caleb first confirmed their relationship just before maddie won last season of "american idol." >> maddie's like my best pal. she actually happens to be my girlfriend. >> right after she won, you posted this instagram that was so sweet, but you said, like, don't forget me. >> yeah, i was just joking, and there are so manlike blogs on the internet that are like,
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caleb is already showing signs of insecurity. the downfall of their relationship. >> two, three -- ♪ >> "e.t." got an exclusive look at rehearsals for the "american idol live" tour. ♪ it kicks off july 11th and features last season's top seven finalists, including another couple, gabby and cade. >> what is it like to be with the two couples all the time? >> when we were in the top five i was the fifth wheel all the time. i got two other girls with a many. we got some other wheels. >> i think i'm finally ready to audition. >> i'm surprised it's taken you this throng get out there. i'm not sure that's going to work. that's not the only tv show we can't wait for. coming up -- >> gt goth, "stranger things"
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and how meryl is bringing big little magic to the small screen. then -- >> there's another world to being a comedian that the world never sees. >> the secret world of jerry seinfeld. plus -- >> remember fergie's strange version of the national anthem? wait until you hear the viral version that's a whole lot stranger.
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"e.t." isn't just ant air, we are everywhere on every platform ever
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i'm sorry. >> i love that kind of burping. it's my favorite. and i also like the stiff arm to brace. >> i mean, it's kind of true. >> okay. >> not for you. true for this guy. jerry seinfeld and "snl's" kate mckinnon keeping it real over coffee. >> with good reason. kate one of the many stars sharing a cup of joe and a joyride with jerry for the
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new season of "comedians in cars getting coffee." and we have your sneak peek. >> there's another world to being a comedian that the public never sees, and it's not on a talk show. there's one line in the promo where jerry lewis says, just go and laugh. >> just go and laugh. [ laughter ] >> and i felt like that's my whole philosophy of life. whoa, that car just blew up. >> the keys are not in the car. >> see, i told uh-uh shouldn't leave the keys in the car. >> i didn't have them. >> me either. i didn't have them. they're not in -- >> it was to teach you a lesson. you should always -- i could have let it go longer. >> i was in a coma for two days. >> but not the last ten days. i love hanging out with comedians and doing nothing, which is my entire life. >> they say, what's the show about? i say nothing. >> there you go.
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>> i think you may have something. >> don't expect a reboot of "seinfeld.." >> i don't care what other people do, but it's not for me. not my thing. >> shut it down. by the way, today is the 29th anniversary of when "seinfeld" premiered. >> god, am i hot. >> the not so glamorous part of being superheroes. >> you want me to do what, in this? then, can be the wait for your favorite shows -- we dug up some major scoop to hold you over. closed captioning provided by --
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michelle pfeiffer, i mean, my god. she's a legend. don't think i didn't think about "grease 2" several times. >> i love it. >> we're doing a scene, and i'm just playing "cool, cool, cool, cool rider" over and over in my head. ♪ with a cool cool cool cool rider ♪ >> oh, it's not just because we are from missouri. >> paul rudd and i have something in common -- we love that movie. >> i know you do. >> he hears about it every day. paul gushed about his "antman and the wasp" co-star michelle pfeiffer at the film's big premiere. >> this latest marvel movie is expected to open at number one this weekend. and i was exclusively with michelle and fellow hollywood legend michael douglas on the beautiful san francisco set. >> this is a new look. i've been working on my pecs a little bit.
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>> the costumes -- tough to get into? is it a drag? is it kind of fun at the same time? >> actually wearing them for 12 hours a day is a bit challenging. getting in and out of them, and you don't -- and going to the bathroom. you know, you would think -- you would think after all these years doing these kinds of films, they would sort of have that part of it down. >> so superhero suits, not so comfortable. but while michael's making his return to the "ant-man" movies, michelle's the newcomer to the franchise, and she caused quite a buzz on set. >> she's beautiful. she's cool. >> she's cool. >> he's kind. >> she plays your mom. >> my mom. >> i know! >> i'm the luckiest wasp in the world. >> i've actually worked with her in the past. >> she played your love interest. >> yeah. >> and now she's playing your girlfriends mom, which has got to be a little -- >> it's all good, right? >> we have bigger problems.
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>> shot partly on the streets of san francisco, "ant-man and the wasp" has these hollywood legends playing classic comic book characters, but it's not the first time michelle's ventured into that world. she cracked her whip as catwoman back in 1992. what's the big difference for you? >> i was learning how to use a whip. i was kickboxing. i think everything was more practical. there was very little special effects. that's what you call it. practical, right? >> yeah. >> something fantastic about michelle pfeifer doing her own stunts. can't wait to see this. and while the wait is over for "ant-man and the wasp," the same can't be said for some of our favorite tv shows. >> all good things come to those who wait. but if you're like us and you just need some details to hold you over until 2019, well, we've got all the tv secrets, starting with a "big little lies" two bombshell. filming for season two of the hbo drama started in march,
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and cast has been having a blast working and playing with newcomer meryl streep. >> she's just amazing. to watch her do her craft, we just go [ gasps ] can you believe it? >> we know meryl plays nicole's mother-in-law, who comes to monterrey looking for answers after the death of her son, perry. and there is a report that alexander skarsgard, who won an emmy, sag award, and golden globe for the role, may be back for season two. we're thinking he'll appear in flashbacks, or possibly a spirit haunting the ladies? >> it's interesting. interesting things are happening. that's all i can say. ay. >> now to an hbo show that has mastered the art of secrecy for seven seasons, "game of thrones." to prevent any spoilers leaking for the eighth and final season, cast members were only given digital scripts that disappear after they shoot scenes. and they are filming multiple versions of the ending. but here is what we do know -- when the final six episodes
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premier next year, there will be an epic battle, one that took a record 55 nights to shoot in below-freezing temperatures in ireland. oh, and kit harington's jon snow will finally discover who he really is, which means he's been hooking up with his aunt and has a claim to the iron throne. >> this season crazy. crazy. >> over on "the crown", there's a new queen elizabeth on the throne. olivia colman replaces claire foy as the monarch for seasons three and four, which will be filmed back-to-back starting this month. producers made the call to replace the entire cast to better portray the aging royals. >> i see. >> outlander's" tobias menzies steps into the role of prince philip, taking over for matt smith. while helena bonham carter replaces vanessa kirby as princess margaret, and we'll see her marriage fall apart. season three is set from 1964 to 1976, which means we'll be introduced to camilla parker bowles, the current wife of prince charles. also expected to return to netflix in 2019, "stranger things."
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>> i am so excited. >> season three is set in the summer of 1985, so that means there's a year time jump from the end of season two. joining the cast, cary elwes as the mayor. jake busey, son of gary busey, as a reporter. and 19-year-old maya hawke, the daughter of uma thurman and ethan hawke. and we know that lucas' sassy little sister erica will get more screen time throughout the eight new episodes. >> you are such a nerd. >> shut up. >> and finally, it's a showdown for the oval office in the seventh and final season of "veep." the hbo comedy will begin filming next month after taking a year off while leading lady julia louis dreyfus completed chemo for breast cancer, and her costars have rallied around her. >> she's doing awesome. she's getting stronger and stronger. >> season seven will pick up with julia's character selina campaigning for president once again. >> second time's the charm. >> uh, it's actually fourth. >> fourth. >> so good. >> lrlt, remember fergie's
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rendition of the national anthem at the nba all-star game? >> well, it didn't exactly get rave reviews, but could a new interpretation change all that? you'll wanna hear it next. ♪ gave proof kron-4 news at eight: dozens of people arrested, and hundreds of pounds of fireworks confiscated... as authorities across the bay area crackdown on illegal .racist flyers by a white nationalist group, found all over one bay area city.the stern reaction from the city's mayor. and...crews starting to make progress battling that huge wildfire burning in napa and yolo counties.but a change in the weather could pose problems as we head into the weekend. i'm ken wayne i'm pam moore. the news -- at eight -- is next.
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♪ banner yet wave okay, so that was fergie's now iconic take on the national anthem. she got a little bit of heat for that. >> a little? she got a lot. well, they picked a perfect time the release the remix version. think of this is the a post independence day gift, everybody ♪ i bought some bread, but i can't buy a kite, so i picked another pie yeah ♪ ♪ why did i put a lot of bugs in
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that pie. >> i mean, it's so good even. you got to see the i am extremely proud of jackie, gaby and stephanie. we worked with pg&e to save energy because we wanted to help the school. they would put these signs on the door to let the teacher know you didn't cut off the light. the teachers, they would call us the energy patrol. so they would be like, here they come, turn off your lights! those three young ladies were teaching the whole school about energy efficiency. we actually saved $50,000. and that's just one school, two semesters, three girls.
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together, we're building a better california. now at eight ... when they looked in the car they saw what was obviosly a very large amount of illegal fireworks ... light a fuse, go to jail. bay area police crack down on illegal fireworks.whooshthe gruesome discovery at an east bay park.we know she's a female in her 50s we are working on an identification. whoosha longtime east bay golf coach accused of sexually assaulting his students.whoosh and residents of an upscale community react to the sudden appearance of neo=nazi propaganda in their townm (pam) now at 8. a bay area wide crackdown on illegal fireworks... ends in dozens of arrests.... and hundreds of pounds of confiscated fireworks. thank you


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