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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  July 5, 2018 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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officials say it happened during his time as a golf coach in sunol... and that there could be more victims. ((dbl bx)). kron4's gayle ong is live in sunol with details. gayle detectives say 52-year-old ki (kee) kim also taught at various other golf facilities throughout the bay area according to residents here in sunol -- he also gave private lessons.employees at this gas station say they've spotted him here a number of times with his students trusted as a golf coach.52-year-old ki (kee) kim - known as kenny now faces 8 felony counts of sexual assault of multiple underage girlsalameda county detectives say the victims were all his golf studentsit doesn't look like much now.. but this used to be the country drives golf center in sunol where detectives say kim worked
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nothing wrong, he just worried about the kids.">the center closed more than two years ago but an employee of a business next door who does not want to reveal her identity says she remembers kimonly when i showed her this picture she says he would come in to get coffee and saw him with his studentsand she is quite surprised of the news..nat sound the alameda county sheriff's office believes there could be more victimsanyone is urged to call policelive in sunol gayle ong kron4 news
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(pam)gayle, do you know if this coach worked at any other golf courses? (ken)new at ten: no charges will be filed in the drowning of a high school student in the east bay. danville police say, the may death of 15- year-old benjamin curry in the school's pool was accidental. detectives say they found no signs of foul play in the death, nor any criminal negligence. the investigation included the review of video footage from the pool area, as well as numerous interviews with family, classmates, and staff,
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along with a final review by the contra costa district attorney's office. (pam) a big story we are tracking tonight: fourth of july celebrations went wrong for two men in the east bay. both were severely injured by illegal fireworks kron 4's ali reid joins us live from newark tonight, where one man lost at least one finger.ali ... what can you tell us? neighbors tell me it was a big celebration.fireworks were being set off right at this intersection.around 10pm, things took a turn for the worse.pkgduring the 4th of july celebrations ... fireworks could be seen all over the bay area. some of them, however ... were illegal. i heard them shouting and stuff.those screams of fear ... a big explosion amputated a 28 year old man's finger and part of a second finger .... while he was lighting fireworks on dupont avenue.charlotte duval / neighborthey looked like they were using safe precautions, so we don't know if it was just a bad one. we were thinking, what if it was a defective one.regardless if
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the crowd was using precautions, fireworks are illegal in newark. that's unless they're safe and sane - meaning anything that doesn't shoot into the air.juan arreguin / neighborthey were having a big, big big (like a lot of fireworks?) some really big onesparamedics treated him at the scene before taking him to the hospital.they were inside for a while, for like 20 mins then they took him to the hospitalover in antioch ... outside an atuo body shop the firework was on top of the debris pile and he decided to light it. a 32 year old suffered severe hand injuries after lighting fireworks he found in a dumpster, even after his brother in law urged him not to.all i hear was an explosion and i run to him and it was hecca bleeding on his hand, so i tied it up for him to stop the bleeding.he was rushed to the hospital ...the firework is going to have a lasting impact on this person's life. damaging both hands. it's possible there may even be an amputation of one handstandupofficials say even with these reports, there will be people shooting off fireworks through the weekend. and the risk of fire will increase, as its expected to be hotter and windier over the next couple days.reporting live from newark ... ali reid ... kron 4 news.
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(ken)right now san francisco police are looking for a driver who they say threw a firework at a woman sending her to the hospital. the woman was standing on the coner of fulton street and masonic avenue when she says a man in a sedan pulled up and threw a firework at her... and the firework went of and injured her left foot. the driver then sped off and crews took the woman to the hospital but she is expected to be okay. (ken) a bay aa wide crackdown on illegal
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fireworks... ends in dozens of arrests.... and hundreds of pounds of confiscated fireworks. it was an especially busy night for san bruno police. there officers say they got lucky yesterday afternoon...while driving past a party. police seized 316 pounds of illegal fireworks from a car parked out front that shindig and made four arrests. later that evening ..when officers responded to an illegal fireworks call...they found more than just sparklers. (sot) san bruno police department "they observed a uple subject that we're going in and out of a vehicle when they went in to make an arrest for illegal fireworks they found a loaded illegal handgun and we made an arrest on that " (ken) in total... san bruno had 175 calls of illegal fireworks being used 25 arrests and they confiscated 120 pounds of illegal fireworks. (pam) it was a wild fourth of july night in the south bay. one man was lighting off illegal fireworks in the
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middle of 1st street, near an interstate- 280 onramp in san jose. the intersection of bonita avenue and east san antonio street ... seemed to be the main launching pad for quite a display .... judging from the spent illegal fireworks littering the street there. authorities say, they spotted dozens of fizzled out rockets ... firecracker debris and old sparklers. one resident we talked to says, he spotted some of his neighbors lighting illegal fireworks... but didn't feel comfortable calling the police.(sot) (pam) san jose police were surely busy... but said, statistics about arrests and citations issued for illegal fireworks .... were not immediately available.
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they also say, the number of complaints and citations issued by way of the city's on- line reporting tool .. wont be available for two weeks. (ken) the fire burning in yolo and napa counties has now scorched more than 88 - thousand acres ... new numbers just released from calfire has containment up to 33- percent at this hour... and some evacuations have been lifted... however other new mandatory evacuations are in effect... as nearly one thousand structures are still in peril this evening. kron-4's terisa estacio reports from the fire line about the challenges facing firefighters. (terisa estacio reporting, yolo county fire)just recently, the flames flared up on the ridge behind me...take a look - you can see how helicopters staged an aggressive air assault on the fire... dropping thousands of gallons of water in an attempt to stop the further spread of the yolo county fire... this all happening off of highway 16 near the town of rumsey.... it is quite a battle going on out here.. the winds pied up
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on thursday afternoon, so did the temperature. it pushed toward 100. the combination plus the dry conditions, presented the perfect opportunity for the fire to spread according to calfire officials. look over here at these other hot spots and flare ups. a calfire spokesperson says a large crew of fire fighters in the air and on the ground are working hard to make progress. chris elms calfire spokesperson we are so thankful. in the community - a deep sense of gratitude to those braving the elements to save homes, livestock and valuable agriculture. these signs of thanks dot the landscape. still there is a lot of worry out here.thalin umbay, yolo co. resident. yeah, me and my grandmother have asthma it was bad out here, scary? yeah. terisa estacio - temperatures are expected to rise again this weekend - and that will be yet another challenge for crews to face. in yolo county, terisa estacio kron four news.
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(ken and lawrence )we want to check in how weather is still playing a factor into this wildfire. lawrence, the wind are moving westerly, right? lawrence karnow: high pressure began to build out of the desert southwest today. temperatures were warmer as a
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result and in the upper 80s inland, with 70s around the bay and 60s and patcy fog at the coast. remnants of hurricane fabio are now headed toward california. you can see the stream of moisture coming up from the south. those clouds will begin to move into our sky late tonight and tomorrow. also big waves will continue along the south facing beaches at the coast. it will feel muggy on friday and we could see a few sprinkles as the clouds move through but it won't be much. temperatures will be warmer tomorrow too with 90s inland and 70s and 80s around the bay and 60s at the coast. it will be hotter inland over the weekend but much cooler at the coast with patchy fog. the pattern stays pretty similar into next week.
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(pam) track the weather conditions in your neighborhood .. on your phone and online at kron-4 dot com. there you will find full forecasts and current conditions plus- get breaking news push alerts with our app. you can download it right now. (pam)coming up: hurricane fabio will have an impact on the bay area. where swimmers need to be on the lookout for dangerous waves. (ken)plus: the recuse of a thai youth soccer team inside a flooded cave remains treacherous. tonight we've learned a diver working to rescue the children...has died. (pam)and next: a richmond resturant ... known for serving the community ... is shutting down. what the well- known owner will do next.
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landmark resturant in richmond will be closed by the end of the week. salute is known for its owner.. and her passion for giving back to the community.(ken)kron 4's hermela aregawi is live in richmond with how she is staying dedicated to that even in the final hours before the doors shut for the last time. heremal, what is next? it's been a dream come true for menbere aklilu..she started as a hostess here in 1993..a few years later ... with a generous loan from a customer.. she bought the a community staple.menbere aklilu/salute ownerit touched so much this restaurant because the stories
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because of the story, the event like thanksgiving homeless dinner. like how many people they came here. we serve 1300 homeless every thanksgiving. children, mothers.having survived domestic violence and the birth of her son in a women's shelter.. akililu says her passion is giving backmenbere aklilu/salute owneri love people. i am a people person. so the restraunt is my platform to tell my story to inspire other people, no matter who you are, no matter from where you came, you can realize your dream.more than 800 people are here for dinner tonight..they eat for free but all donations go to akililu's 40 empoloyees.jaime dooleyit's incredible to work for a place that's more than just a job. but the things you do just ripple throughout the community. and you come you hear people say oh my gosh, you guys, salute or menbe changed my life in this way or that. it's just incredible to be a part of that.customers say. they're sad to see her go... but will follow her
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whereever she ends up.ann arbogast/customeri was pretty angry at first, i think menbe deserves better. i know we came out a while back when she was threatened and turned it around. oh she's just amazing. she's really an asset to the community (pam)hermela, do we (pam) (pam)hermela, do we know where
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the new location will be ? (ken) highway one access to the big sur coast is set to reopen later this month. cal trans says a huge landslide closed highway 1 more than a year ago. 50 acres of land covering a quarter a mile of road were affected... business owners in the area are thrilled that tourist access is back.. there will be a ribbon cutting at ragged point inn to mark the offical reopening. the whole project cost fifty four million dollars to complete. (pam) the national weather service is warning
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beach goers.... about large waves and rip currents. the dangerous conditions started today. the advisory is in effect unitl sunday. south- facing locations such as santa cruz and stinson beach ... will be affected the most... that's according to the weather service. they say beach goers should never turn their back to the water and should always keep an eye on pets. the largest waves can reach up to 8 feet. (ken) a live look outside tonight ..(pam)lawrence has the forecast through the weekend. lawrence karnow: high pressure began to build out of the dert southwest today. temperatures were warmer as a result and in the upper 80s inland, with 70s around the bay and 60s and patcy fog at the coast. remnants of hurricane fabio are now headed toward california. you can see the stream of moisture coming up from the south. those clouds will begin to move into our sky late tonight and
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tomorrow. also big waves will continue along the south facing beaches at the coast. it will feel muggy on friday and we could see a few sprinkles as the clouds move through but it won't be much. temperatures will be warmer tomorrow too with 90s inland and 70s and 80s around the bay and 60s at the coast. it will be hotter inland over the weekend but much cooler at the coast with patchy fog. the pattern stays pretty similar into next week. (pam) an update to a story we first brought you week.into next pretty similar into next week.
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(pam) an update to a story we first brought you on kron 4 news at ten last week. the oakland zoo's highly anticipated california trail... is finally set to open... you are looknig at drone video of the new trail .... from our quadcopter four. the landmark exhibition will open july 12th. the $72- million dollar project... will explore the golden state's native flowers and animals... and the impact humans have on the natural world. the 56-acre california trail will double the facilities size... making the oakland zoo the largest in the entire bay area. among the attractions are eight habitats which recreate the native environments of our state's indigenous animals...
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including the grizzly bear and the california condor. (pam) coming up: contra costa county is working overtime to try and reunite lost pets and their owners.. following firework displays. why they say, they are expecting more lost pets to end up in their care. explosions and next: two dozen dead after explosions at a mexican market. what officials say was the cause of this tragic incident. you could generate your own energy, at home. or to save energy, unplug unused appliances. do your thing, with energy upgrade california. ( ♪ ) pixar pier has arrived! prepare to be awed. prepare to be moved. prepare to make a mad dash...
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( ♪ ) ...because with the incredicoaster, pixar pal-a-round, and a bunch of your favorite pixar characters, it's going to be pretty incredible. pixar pier is now open! only at disney california adventure park. explosion (pam ) 25 people are
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dead... and at least 40 others are hurt ... after this
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massive firework explosion just outside mexico city. it happened at an open air market which sells fireworks and was crowded with dozens of shoppers yesterday. 300 emergency fire responders rushed to the scene ... the injured were transferred to the nearest hospitals. the authorities explain... there are certain chemical substances which cannot be suffocated with water, however, they are working to control the toxic smoke in the area. get out of your vehcile, come this way. (ken)heavy rains across part of southern texas caused major flooding yesterday. this incredible video shows first responders near houston in harris county trying to rescue a woman from her submerged car.they tied a line to her vehicle to pull it from the flooded street. but just as they got the car moving. the rushing waters knocked one of the rescuers down and nearly swept him away. . houston was drenched with up to eight inches of rain. (pam) coming up: a deadly tree
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accident... during fireworks in the midwest. how one of the injured women got a positive outcome. (ken)plus: the health department is now using dna to try and reunite families at the border.why those against the method say they are looking out for the best interest of the children. (pam)and next at 10:30 - a small south bay community littered with racist fliers. who police say may be responsible. (lawrenceten at ten
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(pam) in the south bay, neighors in the small community of saratoga... in shock after someone put up racist posters downtown. (ken)the posters appeared along big basin way. they have since been taken down, but no one knows who is responsible. kron 4's charles clifford has reaction from residents and the mayor. well, big basin way here in saratoga is a meticulously manacured street and when these posters appeared a lot of people were upset.earlier this week, someone put these posters up through out downtwon saratoga. they encouraged people to report illegal immigrants by calling the phone number for immigrations and custom enforcement or ice. there's also the web address of a texas based white supremicist a statement thursday, saratoga's mayor said, "these posters do not represent what the city of saratoga stands for." the posters were apparently found along big basin way in saratoga and taken down quickly.on
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thursday, neighbors expressed outrage that alt-right propoganda would be posted in their community. sotwell, my viseral reaction is that its disgusting and saddens medr. greg sancier says he's dismayed that someone would be so bold as to post blantant racism here.sotthat in this community that is so diverse, and of varying backgrounds and cultural backgrounds of every type you can think of. that someone would be that racist to distribute that type of literature.he also doesn't recall anything like this happening here before.soti'm unaware of anything like this previously. certainly in other parts of the country but not in this community.the mayor says that "there are no specific steps being taken to prevent this from occurring again" butg she adds that "public works will be going around to make sure this is prevented."so far the person who posted the posters has not been identified. in saratoga, charles clifford kron 4 news.
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(ken)new at ten: investigators say illegal fireworks is to blame for this fire in sacramento. the fire started around 10 last night...the flames quickly spread from the roof to the attic. witnesses say they spotted fireworks shoot up high into the night sky...then land on the roof. today...the family returned to see the extensive damage caused by the fire. the wooden roof was destroyed. the smoke heavily damaged the walls inside. (sot) (ken) crews say fortunately the flames did not spread to other home's in the area...and no one was hurt. no word on any arrests. (ken)the fourth july weekend is often the busiest time of the year for animal shelters... (pam) kron four's philippe djegal reports from contra costa county... where animal services took in runaway pets who were spooked by fireworks. (philippe) since monday,
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when people started shooting fireworks into the air leading up to independence day... contra costa county animal services says 70 pets have been brought into the shelter reported lost. 39 of them dogs. 21 cats, and 10 other animals. steve burdo with animal services says, on the actual holiday itself, he says fewer lost pets were reported then expected.steve burdo/animal services- "we've actually had our best fourth of july since i've been here, which is three years, um, we only brought in 12 animals, uh, eight dogs, four cats. so, we're expecting that to rise over the next few days." animal services says typically the three days prior to the fourth of july... and, the three days immiediately after, mark the busiest time of the year for the shelter.steve burdo/animal services- "certainly, one of the best ways to reunite with your lost pet if they become lost is to have them licensed and micro-chipped. that is the most traditional tride and true way to increase your chances of being reunited with your pet if they become lost." throughout the day, volunteers waited outside the shelter, giving people the tools they need to help find a lost pet or notify the public that a pet has been found.
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pet owners can also download the finding rover app, which uses facial recognition technology to reunite missing pets with their owners.steve burdo/animal services- "pets are our family members and if they become lost, you know, its no different then if you lost a kid." burdo says animal services brings in more than 10-thousand lost pets a year... about 20-percent of those pets are eventually returned to the owner. in contra costa county, philippe djegal, kron four news. (vo) new at ten: dramatic images of a tornado touching down in florida. it destroyed a warehouse, knocked a hole in a restaurant ... in a restaurant ... and even sent boaters fleeing when it passed over a lake yesterday. once the shock and the sky settled ... many people spent the rest of their holiday afternoon -- trying to help the cleanup injuries were reported. lawrence karnow: high pressure
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began to build out of the desert southwest today. temperatures were warmer as a result and in the upper 80s inland, with 70s around the bay and 60s and patcy fog at the coast. remnants of hurricane fabio are now headed toward california. you can see the stream of moisture coming up from the south. those clouds will begin to move into our sky late tonight and tomorrow. also big waves will continue along the south facing beaches at the coast. it will feel muggy on friday and we could see a few sprinkles as the clouds move through but it won't be much. temperatures will be warmer tomorrow too with 90s inland and 70s and 80s around the bay and 60s at the coast. it will be hotter inland over the weekend but much cooler at the coast with patchy fog. the pattern stays pretty similar into next week. (ken)just in- a thai (ken) (ken) just in- a thai navy seal died
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attempting to rescue the thai soccer team from lack of oxygen. from lack of oxygen. officials say the boys are in good spirits, but a new medical report is a reminder of what they're dealing with. meredith wood has details. a half-mile beneath a mountain in northern thailand...a soccer team stranded inside a cave is waiting to be rescued. a medical assessment concluded
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that it was too dangerous to move the 12 boys and their coach out of the cave on thursday.two of the boys and the coach are reportedly suffering with exhaustion due to malnutrition.anmar mirza / cave expert: "they spent about nine days without any food at all. after four or five days the body basically starts to metabolize its own tissues so the muscles start to waste away."food has been sent to the trapped team... and rescue crews are pumping oxygen into the cave system as they pump water out.but with more rain in the forecast...rescuers are pushing ahead with multiple plans to extract the the surface, crews are searching for shafts into the cave system.but deep below... divers are considering teaching the boys to scuba dive.anmar mirza / cave expert: "i cannot over score the amount of risk that's involved there. the people who are going in there and supporting supporting them by diving themselves are people who have had years of experience and thousands of hours of training and it's still risky for them."thai officials say the boys are in good spirits...but experts
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warn that morale could change at any moment.lise van susteren / psychiatrist: "they're numb traumatized right now... they're numb because they're in an altered state of consciousness." meredith wood reporting. (ken)new at ten also in thailand.. officials say 56 people are still missing off the island of phuket.. after a storm capsized a diving boat. the boat was carrying 105 people, 93 of those were tourists...11 crew members and one tour guide when it topple n 16- foot waves today. one chinese male passenger has been confirmed dead, and at least 12 people hospitalized. another boat also overturned off phuket on thursday. officials said all 42 on board have been rescued. (pam) border arrests dropped 18 -percent in june according to u-s authorities. customs and border protection staff said, they made more than 42-thousand arrests in june. that's compared to nearly 52-thousand in may. the june number
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is still nearly double from last year at the same time. it's unclear what drove the decline. but seasonal changes like potentially lethal heat. and the president's zero tolerance policy may be factors. (pam) happening tomorrow - the first deadline ordered by a california federal judge to start reuniting families separated at the border. (kenright now - news that the department of health and human services is using dna testing to help prepare for family reunification has sparked controversy. omar jimenez has the story. dna testing is being used to verify biological links between parents and children separated at the border. a federal official with knowledge of the reunifications says it helps expedite the confirmation process as key deadlines loom. president trump tweeting
10:39 pm
thursday: "congress - fix our insane immigration laws now!" some members of congress say it's not that easy... rep. jeb hensarling: we need more judges to process these cases. i think there's a lot of abuse of the asylum seekers. that needs to be addressed by congress. so far...exact numbers on separations are still unclearbut the department of health and human services said last week about 2000 children were separated from their parents. it's now saying under á3,000 children are in custody with around a hundred under the age of five. but that could change soon. just days after president trump signed an executive order to stop family separations as part of his tolerance policy, which prosecutes people who cross the border illegally... a federal judge in california ordered a halt to most family separations at the u-s border as part of that rulingby july 6thofficials must make sure every parent has a way to contact their child. by july 10thchildren under 5 must be reunited with their parents by july 26th all children should be reunited with their parents no parents have been reunited with their children yet ábased on last week's order but hhs secretary alex azar says the department plans to meet those deadlines.. hhs secretary alex azar: we will use every minute of every day that the court allows us to ensure that we can confirm parentage in washington...i'm omar jimenez reporting.
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(pam) new at ten: we reached out to the san francisco based ancestry company- called '23 and me' ... which previously said, it would be willing to supply d-n-a kits to reunite familes. in a statement, the company told us, it is not involved in the health department's program right now. however the company did say, it is in discussions with non- profits and legal aid groups.. to see how it can help. kron 4 will stay in contact with the company and bring you updates as soon as we get them. (ken)also new at ten: an immigrant from guatemala has been reunited with her daughter in boston.crying(ken) angelica (ken)(ken)angelica gonzalez-garcia and her
10:41 pm
8-year-old girl saw each other for the first time in almost two months today. that's after the mother filed a lawsuit demanding to be back with her daughter.gonzalez-garcia says they crossed the border to seek asylum in early may, after fleeing domestic abuse and discrimination in guatemala.but they were later detained and separated. gonzalez-garcia was released on bond last month, but it took a while to finish the legal work for the reunification.they plan to live in massachusetts until their immigration case is resolved. (ken)still ahead: a tree fell during the fireworks in one illinois suburb killing two people and hurting five others. one of those injured people explains why she has a lot to be thankful for. (sports) coming up i'll have all the day's sports highlights and scores. it's time for the 'lowest prices of the season'
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on the only bed that adjusts on both sides to your ideal comfort, your sleep number setting. does your bed do that? it's the last chance for final closeout savings on the queen c2 mattress. now only $599, save $300. ends sunday. visit for a store near you. (pam) during the
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fireworks display in rock island, illinois ... a tree climb fell ... killing two men and hurting five others. (ken) grace runkel spoke to a woman hurt by the tree who actually has a lot to be thankful for. kataiveronna carter was six days away from her due date when she heard a loud crack at red, white and boom. kataiveronna carter:"i didn't think to look up at a tree. i looked up at the sky i thought it was a firework. next thing you know i looked up. the tree hit my side and then i fell down.kataiveronna carter: "right when it hit me i had very bad pain in my stomach and i knew something was wrong. first responders rushed her away in an ambulance ... they told her she'd have to have an emergency c-section.kathleen carter:"we weren't sure she was going to make it." kataiveronna's mom kathleen says it was pure chaos when
10:45 pm
the tree limb fell.her family was sitting right by it.she even helped lift the branch kathleen carter:"the man we were helping was right here. you know right here with me." //"the families were so sad." that's why the carter family decided to pay tribute."we all came up with her name. her first name's kamaree. kathleen after my mom. lawrence danielle."for 72-year-old lawrence anderson.and 61-year- old daniel mendozathe two men killed by the falling limb. kataiveronna carter:"it was respect at the time. i made a good choice. it made me happy to put their names together." kathleen says last night's accident keeps replaying in her mind.but holding her granddaughter helps make it better.kathleen carter:"she's just adorable. it was a lot of work to get through last night, but we did it." kataiveronna says she knows her little girl has a big name. but she has another name for her too...kataiveronna carter "she's a miracle."
10:46 pm
(pam)mother and baby are healthy and should go home in the next couple of days. the giants back in town... after getting swept by the rockies in denver san francisco opening 10-game home stand against the cardinals johnny cueto back from the disable list the right- hander struggles in his first start since april 22nd bottom first... cards with two on jedd gyorko goes opposite field... hits 3-run jack cueto allows 10 hits, 2 home runs, and five runs in five innings was on a pitch-count... threw 76 pitches luke weaver had a perfect- game bid going in the sixth giants down by 9... gorkys hernandez grounds to third gyorko can't get the out at
10:47 pm
first... breaking weaver's perfect outing cardinals win 11-2 giants drop first game out of four jeff samardzija is expected to start saturday. the shark will be activated from the ten-day disable list... after dealing with shoulder tightness. derek holland will move to the bullpen to make room for samardzija. the right-hander will not be on a pitch count... after throwing 90 pitches in his final rehab start. this season samardzija is struggling... he has a 1-4 record with a 6-point-56 e-r-a. the warriors seemingly can't lose at anything right now... even summer league hoops... they've gone undefeated in three games at sacramento's golden one center... taking on the lakers today marcus derrickson... no jordan bell or damian jones... so it was derrickson's show... hits the three-pointer here nuni omat... out of baylor... with the nice spin move... rookie 1st rounder jacob evans only played 6 minutes and didn't score... so instead you get more of... derrickson... another three... he had 24 points and four three-pointers final...77-71 warriors... they go unbeaten in the "california classic"... golden
10:48 pm
state now moves to las vegas for that part of the summer league... starting tomorrow against the l-a clippers lebron james has a new home... but it seems he's in no rush to build a new superteam in the n-b-a. lebron is reportedly not pressuring the lakers to add another star to the roster right now. according to sources close to kawhi leonard... he wants to join lebron in los angeles. the problem is the lakers haven't been able to work out a trade with the spurs. magic spurs. magic johnson is not willing to turn over the lakers young core to san antonio. kawhi will be an unrestricted free agent next summer.
10:49 pm
this is something you don't see all the time-- beach volleyball at the embarcadero. the avp's san francisco underway this weekend at pier 30-32. the tourney features the league's top pros including a number of olympians... and a handful of former stanford standouts. san francisco is another stop on the league's national circuit...which moves around the country. tour officials say nearly a thousand tons of sand are needed for the event.. and the bringing the beach to the city. (sot: volleyball player) "it's my first time up here playing in san francisco. i love it up here, very grateful for the opportunity. it's so cool to have the bridge in the background and just the breeze right off the water. unbelievable setup, the crew just does a fantastic job. once again, very humbled to be here."
10:50 pm
heading on heading on over to the all-england club for round 2 at wimbledon. rafael nadal coming off his 11th french open title... looking for title... looking for his third grand slam at wimbledon. the spaniard was all business agains mikhail kukushkin nadal wins in straight sets... 6-4, 6-3, 6-4 will play in third round saturdaythird round will play in third round saturday
10:51 pm
(weather) coming up i'll have the seven day forecast. day i'll have the coming up (weather) coming up i'll have the seven day forecast.
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lawrence karnow: high pressure began to build out of the desert southwest today. temperatures were warmer as a result and in the upper 80s inland, with 70s around the bay and 60s and patcy fog at the coast. remnants of hurricane fabio are now headed toward california. you can see
10:55 pm
the stream of moisture coming up from the south. those clouds will begin to move into our sky late tonight and tomorrow. also big waves will continue along the south facing beaches at the coast. it will feel muggy on friday and we could see a few sprinkles as the clouds move through but it won't be much. temperatures will be warmer tomorrow too with 90s inland and 70s and 80s around the bay and 60s at the coast. it will be hotter inland over the weekend but much cooler at the coast with patchy fog. the pattern stays pretty similar into next week. week.into next pretty similar pattern stays patchy fog. the coast with cooler at the but much the weekend
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the worst criminal offenders are pursued by the detectives of the major case squad. these are their stories. (woman) i have five pieces left to unpack and wash. everything else that went on tour is done. the decision is mine. i decide! ah, there you are. i've told you not to make the jackets too stiff. if i'm not free to move my arms, then i can't conduct. i mean, why don't you understand? okay. looks like his jacket's not the only thing that's too stiff. [giggles] shh. [singing operatically]


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