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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  July 10, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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now at eight a wildfire threatening schools, homes and an i=b=m complex in the south bay ... we are live at the scene.whooshwe will also take tou live to the san mateo coast where family members are desperately searching for a portland woman missing since last friday.we want her home and we want her safe and as soon as possiblewhoosh shell=shock in the east bay, where cars in a residential community have targetied by vandals armed with eggs and sugar,"it's just, why? why would you do that? (ken) (ken) we are following breaking news tonight. firefighters attacking a pair of brush fires burning in the south bay. one in morgan hill...the other in san jose. (ken) thank you for joining us i'm ken wayne.(pam) and i'm pam moore here is a look at where the two fires are burning. in san jose it's near curie drive and san ignacio avenue at santa teresa county park. and in morgan hill
8:01 pm's in the area of hale and miramonte avenues road. (ken) tonight chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is tracking the wind conditions around that fire. (pam) but first, we go to kron-4's j-r stone .. he joins us live from morgan hill.. j-r
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(ken) j-r j-r hill..from morgan he joins us live from morgan he joins us live 4's j-r stone .. we go to kron- but first, we go to kron- 4's j-r stone .. he joins us live from morgan hill.. j-r j-r hill.. j-r
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(ken) turning now to our four zone forecast. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us now.(pam) lawrence .... firefighters
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battling hot and windy conditions today. lawrence karnow: it was mostly sunny and nice today with hot temperatures again inland. the summer monsoon continues to bring shower and thunderstorms into southern california. highs today were in the 90s inland with 60s at the beaches. on the satellite you can see the area of low pressure moving to our north. that will help cool the temperatures a little tomorrow but we will still have 80s to low 90s inland. more fog will develop along the coast and bay tonight. highs at the beaches tomorrow will also be cooler with fog and in the 60s with 70s and a few 80s around the bay. high pressure will begin to build in slowly and our temperatures will warm into the weekend. it will be muggy on friday with moonsoonal clouds moving through. more sunshine is expected for the weekend with hotter temperatures.
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(ken) the county fire burning in yolo and napa counties is now 83 percent contained. it has burned just more than 90-thousand acres and has destroyed 20 structures. all evacuation orders have been lifted. (pam) terrifying moments today for a child and a baby... as a fire tears through their townhouse in antioch.(ken) the children have been taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation... and four homes are affected by flames.(cross) our grant lodes is here with the dramatic video.. and an update on those children. (grant) the fire marshall says those children marshall says the fire (grant) (grant) the fire marshall
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says those children are both going to be okay...they've been treated for minor been treated for minor smoke inhalation and released. a neighbor says a young teenager who was watching a baby... frantically banged on her door early this afternoon...saying help me help me. she called 911. by the time the first firefighters arrived...the flames were pouring out at least two units. a total of 10 units were damaged or destoryed. this was near barcelona circle and buchanan road in antioch. here's the woman who called 911 when thast boy was desperate for help. witness: "the little boy got out with the baby which i'm thankful for. i know he's a teenager and can probably watch the baby but he was scared and was so thankful that he was able to get the baby out."(grant / con't vo at least 20 people who live there have been displaced. investigators are still trying to determine what started the fire.
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along the san mateo county coast, the family of a missing oregon woman is hoping that someone will come forward with information.((ken)) 23 year old angela hernandez was driving from portland, oregon to southern california last week, but no one has heard from her since friday morning. kron 4's charles clifford is live for us tonight in san mateo county with an update. charles . . . well, the search effort to find angela hernandez has been suspended but her family is now offering a 10,000 reward for information that will help them find her. last thursday evening, angela hernandez texted her sister that she was going to sleep in her car, a 2011 white jeep patriot, behind this safeway in half moon bay. the next morning, she texted that she was resuming her drive to southern california. that was the last time her family heard from anglea.sotthis is not in angela's character to contact the familyangela's sister christina says it's very unusual for her to not stay in
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contact.sotthe whole way down from oregon she was in contact with our other sisteralthough she was last heard from in half moon bay friday morning, authorities say that on friday evening angela's cell phone pinged a cell tower 37 miles south in davenport. authorities say her phone continued to send out a signal near davenport until monday. the santa cruz county sheriff's office conducted an extensive ground and air search along the coast near davenport but they found no trace of angela or her vehicle. authorities are now considering her disappearance suspicious.sotif she had gone off the cliff or any of those possible circumstances of car crash i think we would have had a little more evidence to corraborate that kind of situation.while the family holds out hope that she will be found safe, they also suspect that foul play may be involved.sotsomeone somewhere had to see something. i'm hoping. . i think people are sometimes afraid to say something. . but i'm hoping the 10,000 dollars encourages them to say something and it will benefit us all.
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again, anglea was driving a white 2011 jeep patriot with oregon plates.anyone with information is asked to contact either the san mateo county sheriff's office or the santa cruz sheriff's san mateo county, charles clifford kron 4 news. news.clifford kron 4 news. (pam) kevin manning, the pedicab driver who was severely injured in a hit and run in san francisco, has died. 13 -days ago.... manning was following traffic laws, carrying passengers, when police say, he was struck by a car swerving in and out traffic. (ken) he remained in critical condition until last night when he passed. kron 4's gabe slate joins us live from the newsroom, gabe you spoke with kevin manning's co- workers who are now mourning their friend.
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pedicab driver, worked with kevin manninghe would bring a smile to my face whenever he came into the shop colin sanders worked alongside kevin manning at cabrio taxi pedicab based in san francisco. sound from - colin sanders, pedicab driver, worked with kevin manninghe was a great guy hard worker a grandfather and father on june 27, around 4pm this honda civic travelling southbound on the embarcadero was swerving through traffic when it collided with a pedicab that 66 year old kevin manning was operating near sansome in san francisco. two m condition until monday night when he passed away. sound from - colin sanders, pedicab driver, worked with kevin manningmost of the day i've been consumed with angersound from reporter gabe slate - police are still looking for the driver that hit and killed kevin manning police are asking that anyone that was in the area of the embarcadero and sansome in san francisco
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on june 27th around 4pm to check their phone's camera roll ..they are hoping to obtain the license plate number for this gold/champagne colored, honda civic 4-door sedan that hit and killed kevin manning. sound from - colin sanders, pedicab driver, worked with kevin manningit does not surprise me what happened i have almost been hit 4 to 5 times by cars colin sanders says pedicab drivers should not have to be afraid for their life when working. sound from - colin sanders, pedicab driver, worked with kevin manningbe patient take the extra 30 seconds and make sure it's safe be a safe driver and hopefully you'll prevent other people from going through what we are in sf gs k4n in sf gs k4nwhat we are going through people from prevent other hopefully you'll driver and safe be a safe make sure it's seconds and the extra 30 be patient take kevin manningworked with pedicab driver, colin sanders, sound from - working. kevin mannings co-workers set up a gofundme page raising money for medical expenses accumulated. you can find a
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link to that on our website. in the newsroom gabe slate kron 4 news. coming up at eight.. a remarkable rescue in thailand... as all the trapped boys and their coach ... are freed from a cave. how they were finally pulled to safety. plus. a bay area tourist killed while on vacation triggers a manhunt for a gunman in mexico. and next.... where cars are being vandalized in one east bay neighborhood.
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way in the middle of the night in south hayward ... and cracked an egg on a car ... possibly looking right into the surveillance camera ... and then walking away.aaron ledesma, hayward"knowing someone's just walking around on your property, looking through your things, it's a little unsettling."aaron ledesma says his car, his wife's car and their garage door were all egged by this woman.and his neighbor got hit, too.amanda graef, hayward "it's absolutely like a violation because they are invading your space. they're damaging your property."amanda graef watched her surveillance footage tuesday morning and was surprised to find that shortly after being egged by this woman ... another woman vandalized their property.this is her in this image here -- holding a bag of sugar.amanda graef, hayward"we noticed another woman, different woman trying to break into both of our vehicles as well and spreading sugar all over the sidewalk and on my husband's work truck."the sugar and eggs still on graef's driveway ... as she works now to clean up the mess.amanda graef, hayward "it's just frustrating. people have no common decency any more."michelle kingston, mkingstonnews"i checked with the hayward police department to see if this is a trend happening throughout the city. they said they haven't seen egging happening in recent weeks and neighbors hope this
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doesn't become a trend. in hayward michelle kingston kron4 news." (ken) now to a story you'll see only on kron-4 a thief got away with priceless family heirlooms dating back more than 100- years. (pam) it is jewelry.... a grandmother gave to her grandaughter to wear during her wedding. (pam) the jewelry was in a backpack, that was stolen during a snatch and grab theft sunday night on buchanon street in san francisco .. the victim... rachel lodge was a bridesmaid in her friend's wedding in ireland.. a few days earlier. the bride gave the jewelry to lodge to take back to her grandmother in the states. lodge - an expecting mother - chased after the robber ...but he got away. now lodge is asking for the jewlery to be returned ... no questions asked. sot"if you could return it to the news station
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ouy it would mean a >(pam) suspect took off in a car on green on green street. san francisco police have limited information on the suspect ... and the get away car. investigators are checking surveillance cameras in the area for any possible leads. now to our four zone forecast. taking a live look outside at s-f-o.kron-4's chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here now with the forecast lawrence karnow: it was mostly sunny and nice today with hot temperatures again inland. the summer monsoon continues to bring shower and thunderstorms into southern california. highs today were in the 90s inland with 60s at the beaches. on the satellite you can see the area of low pressure mong temperatures a little tomorrow but we will still have 80s to low 90s inland. more fog will develop along the coast and bay tonight. highs at the beaches tomorrow will also be cooler with fog and in the 60s with 70s and a few 80s around the bay. high pressure will begin to build in slowly and our temperatures will warm into the weekend. it will be
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muggy on friday with moonsoonal clouds moving through. more sunshine is expected for the weekend with hotter temperatures. nat for 03(ken) celebrations in thailand tonight and around the world.the 12 boys and their soccer coach are safe and above ground tonight after temperatures.with hotter temperatures. nat for 03 temperatures.with hotter
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temperatures. nat for 03(ken) celebrations in celebrations in thailand tonight and around the world. the 12 boys and their soccer coach are safe and above ground tonight after more that two weeks stranded in a flooded cave.(pam) on june 23rd, the group entered a cave in northern thailand. monsoon rains began flooding in ... forcing them to go deeper and deeper underground. the team wound up two- and a half- miles from the entrance ... cut off by a narrow, water-filled passage, catherine heenan has the story of their miracle rescue, residents of the city of chiang rai stayed up to cheer the last ambulance arriving at the hospital.parents who had
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feared the worst for weeks struggled to express their joy. "i want to hug him. i already said in the interview before that i wanted to hug him and i want to tell him that i'm happy. "the complex rescue operation brought hundreds of experts flying in from around the world to help.british divers found the group huddled on a muddy bank eight days ago. the first four children were brought out on sunday, the second batch on monday, and the rest were freed today . each boy was attached by a rope to a rescuer and escorted by two divers.the conditions challenged even the most experienced. "we could see only our hands with short distance. secondly, the stones are razor sharp which is dangerous for our diving, (and) thirdly the passage is very narrow."the risks proved too grear for former thai navy seal saman kunan he died on his way back from delivering oxygen tanks to the boys.the last people to emerge from the cave were four other thai navy seals - including a medic - who had been stayed with the group since they were discovered a week ago.the mission commander says he hopes that the near tragedy will never be repeated. narongsak osotthanakorn/mi
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ssion commander: "i want this case to be immortal to prevent any possible situations like this in the future." new ahead at 8 a woman harassed in a park for the shirt she was wearing... while an officer stood by and did not act. plus. two airlines making big announcements... about what will no longer be offered on their flights. ((gary sports tease))"coming up a little bit later in this broadcast. when you have to go up against kate uprton's husband it's trouble. the a's tonight, but there is some good news on the oakland horizon. we'll check out the giants and cubs, what goin' down. and serena, serena, serena.. keeps on doing it. later in this broadcast." ((ken))((ken))here's what we are tracking new tonight at nine...the bay area isn't the only place in california dealing with devastating wildfires.people in one southern california community are finally returning home to see what's left of their neighborhood..after scorching
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temperatures sparked a huge fire there.we'll hear from residents who are now picking up the pieces, but vow to rebuild.that's tonight at kron 4 news at nine.
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(ken) southwest airlines is announcing it will no longer offer peanuts on its flights.(pam) the iconic travel snack will be gone .. beginning august first. southwest says, it wants passengers with peanut allergies to feel safe on every flight a southwest spokesman says, the airline has offered them off and on ... since the early 1970's. not to worry: passengers will still get free snacks. depending on the flight, the airline will continue to offer pretzels, cookies, veggie chips and corn chips. (ken) and american airlines is nixing plastic straws and drink stirs on its flights. starting this month american will serve
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drinks with straw and wood stir sticks in its airport lounges. they will also begin moving to what they call eco-friendly flatware. the airline says the moves will eliminate more than 71- thousand pounds of plastic a year. coming up at eight.. the trump administration misses the deadline to reunite some children with their families. the reasons why some children are still in limbo. plus. a beloved california postal worker dies on a day with triple digit heat. the changes her family now wants to see. and next. a 27 year old bay area woman.... killed while vacationing in mexico. ((lawrence tease))i'm kron 4 chief meteorologist lawrence karnow.coming up, i will take a look at your 7 day forecast. details are right after the break.
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a 27-year-old san francisco woman was killed by a stray bullet while leaving a restaurant in an upscale neighborhood of mexico city. (pam) kron4's maureen kelly has reaction to the tragic loss from the victims friends and family. bullet casings and shattered glass mark the scene outside the taqueria where 27 year old tatiana miruntenko (mare-you- tenko)was gunned down saturday. mexican authorities say the victim was struck by a stray bullet fired by gunmen aiming for a bar bouncer inside the eatery . the crime happening in an upscale section of mexico city. the bouncer was hospitalized, and a manhunt is underway for the shooters. the 27 year old victim vacationing with her
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husband and friends, celebrating the couple's one year wedding anniversary. today her husband answered the buzzer at the home they shared in this mission bay building.....but he declined to go on camera.tatiana seen here with her family, grew up outside a phone interview her sister roma, who you see on the right, called tatiana her best friend. saying "i don't know how i'm going to survive without her, but with her memory and knowing how amazing she was to every single person that she ever came across, i will use that to incorporate into my life to be as great as she was to honor her memory."tatiana worked forsan francisco-based biopharmaceutical company. nektar therapeutics. it a statement a company spokes person described a loss as their of their employee as devastating as they described tatiana is someone valued for her positive energy, insight and shira enthusiasm for life lessons as they say she'll be incredibly missed maureen kelly kron four news ((ken/me3 vo))antioch police arrested a suspect in a double
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homicide that happened last week.35 year old dontay williams has been charged in the shooting death of valinda scott and her daughter milan ardoin.last thursday morning police responded to a home on delta fair boulevard and found the two this point, police have not released a possible motive for the shooting, but say they obtained an arrest warrant for williams last friday...and arrested him in oakland.he faces two counts of murder. ((pam/ots)) happening tomorrow... london breed will officially be sworn in as san francisco's next mayor. she will be the city's first african- american female mayor.the former president of the board of supervisors... won june's special election, after her opponent mark leno conceded ... and congratulated breed on her victory she will serve out the remaining term of mayor ed lee who died suddenly in december of last year. hundreds of people are expected to attend tomorrow's inaugural ceremony... which takes place as san francisco city hall beginning at 11 am. we will stream the ceremony
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live on kron 4 dot com, and the kron 4 mobile app.(pam) deadline imposed by a federal judge ... requiring more than 100 immigrant children - under the age of five - to be reunited with their parents. but, the trump administration admits.. it will not be able to meet that deadline.. dozens of children will be reunited ... however, dozens more, separated from their parents... remain in limbo. the government sites several reasons .. 46- other babies and children are not yet reunited with parents. for some , it is because their parents are not in ice custody anymore .. and the government does not know where they are. for nine of the children.. their parents were already released.. for another nine, their parents were already deported without their children. for 12 others : their parents are in criminal custody. and today's deadline is not the last. the judge has ordered the trump administration to reunite more than two- thousand children of all ages...with their parents by july 26. (pam) a beloved postal worker nearing retirement was
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found unresponsive in her mail truck in southern california -- on a record -hot day.(ken) attempts to revive her failed -- and she was pronounced dead at the scene. a dedicated postal worker with 28 years of service, close to retirement, peggy frank's sister lynn calkins says the beloved mail carrier had just returned to work for medical leave. her first day back in months due to a broken ankle, when tragedy struck on friday. the 63 year old was found unresponsive in her mail delivery truck in this neighborhood, according to residents... as temperatures topped more than 115 degrees in the record breaking heat. (ken) more."> (ken) coroners confirmed that while an autopsy has been performed, the cause of death is still pending, so it's
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she died. calkins says that change should start with the installation of air conditioning systems in all mail delivery trucks. (ken) now to our four zone forecast. you're looking live at the golden gate bridge.(pam) kron-4's chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us with a look ahead lawrence karnow: it was mostly sunny and nice today with hot temperatures again inland. the summer monsoon continues to bring shower and thunderstorms into southern california. highs today were in the 90s inland with 60s at the beaches. on the satellite you can see the area of low pressure moving to our north. that will help cool the temperatures a little tomorrow but we will still have 80s to low 90s inland. more fog will develop along the coast and bay tonight. highs at the beaches tomorrow will also be cooler with fog and in the 60s with 70s and a few 80s around the bay. high pressure will begin to build in slowly and muggy on friday with e sunshine is expected for the weekend with
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hotter temperatures. still ahead at 8 it's being called a miraculous rescue by a woman was able to survive being trapped temperatures.with hotter temperatures. temperatures. with hotter temperatures.
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still ahead at 8 it's being called a miraculous rescue by a woman was able to survive being trapped underwater in her car. plus. an exotic car goes up in flames all because of what another driver did at a gas station. and next. quick thinking flight attendants take action to save a dog in distress.
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(ken) a massachusetts couple is crediting jet-blue
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flight attendants for saving their dog's life. on the flight... their 3-year-old french bulldog "darcy" started showing signs of distress. darcy's tongue and gums were blue and she was panting frantically. flight attendants then brought ice bags to help her cool down... and an air tank with a mask darcy could breathe through. the pup rebounded in just a few minutes and was fine for the rest of the flight. the couple wrote a letter to jet blue thanking the company for helping keep darcy healthy. (pam) "incredible,".... "miraculous." just a couple of the words being used to describe a water rescue that played out in arizona. the rescue -- caught on camera... as bystanders looked on. authorities say, a woman in her 50's ... got trapped underwater in her car. she survived in an air pocket.... and called 9-1-1 from inside the submerged vehicle. crews arrived to save the victim. a rescuer disappears under the water ... fire and medical officials say, he felt the woman grab his arm.
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moments later - he surfaces - with the woman - alive. she sustained minor injuries. it is not yet clear just how the vehicle wound up in the canal. in sports... the world cup places it's first team into the finals... was it france or belgiem... we'll let you know... and the red- hot a's are cooled off by kate upton's boyfriend... but could they get things going once he left the game?... gary has the highlights... and all the sports... next next at 8 caught on camera...a woman harassed at a park by a man over the shirt she was wearing. see the confrontation next. at the marine mammal center, the environment is everything. we want to do our very best for each and every animal, and we want to operate a sustainable facility. and pg&e has been a partner helping us to achieve that. we've helped the marine mammal center go solar, install electric vehicle charging stations, and become more energy efficient. pg&e has allowed us to be the most
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sustainable organization we can be. any time you help a customer, it's a really good feeling. it's especially so when it's a customer that's doing such good and important work for the environment. together, we're building a better california. says she was harassed at an
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illinois park last month... for wearing a shirt with the puerto rican flag. puerto rico is an american terriroty and its residents are american citizens. she also says a police officer... just watched it happen. (pam) mia irizarry captured the encounter on facebook live, showing a man approach her and ask repeatedly about her u-s citizenship. she was
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celebrating her 24th birthday party at the park. irizarry says, a police officer was nearby watching, and when she asked for help ...the officer did not do anything. you can hear irizarry repeatedly ask the man who was harassing her.. to step back. when additional officers arrived.. the man was eventually arrested and charged with assault and disorderly conduct. as for the officer ... a park spokeswoman says, investigators will be interviewing the him... meanwhile, he has been assigned to desk duty.. (ken) two new jersey police officers saved a child's life sunday. the two-year-old girl was unconscious after nearly drowning in a backyard kiddie pool. that's when the pair sprung into action. nadia ramdass has the story. an unforgettable day of protecting and serving."it was a little chaotic."this heart- racing heroic rescue was captured on a newark police officer's body-cam. ofc shaquille johnson: "the only thing going through my mind is getting that child to breath again."rookie officers malikul aziz and shaquille johnson
8:45 pm
quickly responded to a north ward residence on a call of a child not breathing after possibly drowning in a family kiddie pool sunday. after bypassing frantic family members -- who actually tossed the child in the officers arms, the boys in blue immediately sprung into action.ofc shaquille johnson: "she was gasping for air. actually unresponsive it appeared to be in her father's arms. her eyes had rolled back."ofc. malikul aziz: "we had to turn the baby around and we had to make sure the air passage ways were not obstructed and that's when we had t apply the taps on the back of the baby."for what officers say seemed like an hour took all of a minute of administering first aid, to hear the child finally let out a cry.child's father: "a father has to be real careful with kids cause anything could happen in a minute."the child's father asked not to be identified. he said his little girl was in the kiddie pool and the water came up to her belly button. he says he turned his back for a moment --- that's when his baby girl went face down in the water. he says his daughter was wearing these two swim rings at the time of the incident and is convinced that's what caused his girl to lose her balance and nearly drown. child's father: "they really act like heroes. they're heroes."the modest pair-- who were cool under all pressure - don't see themselves as heroes. they say they're just doing
8:46 pm
their jobs.ofc shaquille johnson: "it's going to hold a special place for us but we get paid to do this." (ken) officers, both serving only 7 months so far, will be given commendations for their actions.
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the giants... with derek holland taking johnny cueto's tuen on the mound... taking on the cubs... right now... holland doing his jiob... 0-0 in the 6th inning(wipe to a's- astros) meanwhile... the a's.. on 1-dollar-hot dog night in houson's minute maid park... the aformentioned husband of kate upton... justin verlander... strikes out jake piscotty... verlander... 6 ip, 3 hits, 0 runs, 6 k's bottom 7th... 3-0 astros... alex bregman... hits his 2nd solo home run of the game... this one off emilio pagan... 4-0 astos...(bob melvin was ejected earlier... it looks bad for oakland but the a's rally in the 9th off houston's bullpen... and down 4-2... marcus semien... drives one to the left-field wall off hector rondon... khris davis and nick martini score.... 4-4 tie... semien has two doubles and a triple right now the game is in extra innings... still tied 4-4(wipe to jed lowrie) lowrie)(wipe to jed still tied
8:48 pm
4-4extra innings... the game is in right now the game is in extra innings... still tied 4-4(wipe to jed lowrie)
8:49 pm
jed lowrie will be an all- star after all... the a's 2nd baseman... who finished third in the fans and players votes for two of the spots at his position... was added to the squad as the automatic replacemnt for the yankees gleyber torres this will be his first all-star appearance in an 11 year major league lowrie is the american 62 rbi... and is mid-fielder to make the spring classic since miguel and one of only two a's second baseman... phil the other in (sot: lexus open) our lexus ultimate highlight... last night in cleveland look at the reds' scooter gennett... scooter gennett... scooter gennett... scooter gennett!... the barehanded grab and throw to first to rob jose ramirez
8:50 pm
take another ;look... gennett going the wrong way... falls back and bare-hands it... getting the out at first... ramirez can't believe it reds beat the indians 7- 5... and that's our lexus ultimate highlight!! the world cup bracket is coming down to the wire... --we go to st. ance and the semifinals. the french president, emmanuel macron in attendance. --we pick it up in the 21st minute... belgium trying to take advantage of a corner kick... check out the strike through traffic.... and hugo lloris (low-reese) is right there for the diving save. --30-minutes later, france shows em how it's done. off the corner again... and samuel umtiti (um-tee-tee) rises to knock in the header. what a shot into the back of the net.
8:51 pm
--president macron loves it... as france goes on to win 1-nil...and awaits the winner of england and croatia in the final. (wipe to ronaldo new team) in other soccer news, this is a big headline. cristiano ronaldo...a player many would consider the best in the leaving real madrid and will play for the italian club-- juventus (you-vent-es). the clubs agreed on a transfer fee of 100-million euro..which is about 117-million in u-s dollars. the 33-year-old leaves madrid as the club's all-time top goal scorer...and he led them to four champions league titles. big day at wimbledon for serena williams. -- williams..entering as the 25th seed...looking for a spot in the semifinals. a lot of starpower in the crowd.. drake, jessica biel and justin timberlake in attendance. -- serena facing camila giorgi.. we pick it up in set one.... and giorgi smokes a return past williams
8:52 pm
to take the opening set.... serena on the ropes early... but... --williams came roaring even in winning the 2nd set... great reflexes on the return winner... and then sealed the deal to take match point. williams..back in the semis for the 11th time in her career... she has won 7 wimbledon singles titles
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next at 8. a lamborghini goes up in flames... all because what another driver did at a gas station.
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is just a charred blackened frame after it went up in flames in missouri. and it all happened after another drive pulled away with the gas pump still in the vehicle.(pam)
8:56 pm
that caused fuel to spray on the engine bay of the lamborghini and ignited it. you can see the 200-thousand dollar car engulfed in flames. thankfully no one was hurt. police say that the driver of the van will not be charged. what's your favorite color? if you said pink, you're in good company -- it has been in style for one- point- one billion years... sort of. according to a recent study, researchers found ancient, bright pink pigments in billion-plus-year-old rocks in the sahara. researchers say that makes them the oldest colors in the geological record. they say analysis of the discovery confirms that microscopic bacteria dominated the ocean's food chain long before animals came along. (pam) that wraps up kron 4 news at 8.(ken) but our primetime coverage is just getting started on this busy tuesday.grant lodes and vicki liviakis are here with kron 4 news at 9. ((grant))thank you pam and at nine...scorching temperatures and high winds fuel two larges grass fires in the south bay.tonight we have
8:57 pm
learned four horses were killed in one fire in morgan hill.the other fire came dangerously close to homes.we are live in the south bay with the antioch teen is being called a hero for getting his family and his neighbors out as fire ripped through their apartment.two young children who suffered smoke inhalation..have now been released from the hospital.a live report from the scene....coming up. ((grant))plus..a desperate search underway for an oregon woman, headed to southern california...last seen in san mateo authorities are considering her disappearance...suspicious. ((vicki))keep it here...kron 4 news at nine starts right after the (grant) now on kron 4 news
8:58 pm
8:59 pm
at 9 -- we are technically early in the wildfire season...but it's kicking into high gear across california. and just today...crews have been scrambling to put put big fires in the south bay.(grant) good evening -- i'm grant lodes.(vicki) and i'm vicki liviakis. firefighters say they are seeing much larger fires than
9:00 pm
normal this year... fires that are continuing to burn throughout the night because of the extreme heat. we have team coverage with chief meterologist lawrence karnow tracking the conditions but we begin with kron 4's jr stone in the south bay where scorching temperatures fueled two large grass fires...jr we understand four horses were killed in one fire?


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