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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  July 15, 2018 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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♪ >> clooney's first sighting since his crash, unable to stand? his injuries on display as amal helps herman. >> what shocking video reveals after he was thrown 20 feet in the air. >> inside justin bieber's surprise engagement. >> i love him. >> details on the ring, the proposal and how they first met as kids. >> my daughter haley. >> plus selena's reaction to the news. >> any comment? >> and the emmy nomination. we are getting down with the new nominees. which roseanne star could win a trophy. how kelly clarkson lost 40 pounds.
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>> everybody keens asking. >> everybody you need to know about her diet. >> plus. >> cue the music, let's dance. >> our exclusive in hong kong. the couples he hooked up. >> i take credit. >> and exclusive tom cruise. >> get out. >> yeah, our "top gun" flash back that left him in his tear risks. >> this is "entertainment tonight." the latest on george clooney after his scooter dplash italy. >> news on his condition after his close call was caught on video. >> lucky to be alive. this is the shocking surveillance footage showing the head-on collision that catapulted george in the air. he crashes down, shattering the driver's windshield with his helmet. in the foot and obtained by the italian newspaper, the 57-year-old's body is then seen laying on the street. the driver gets out of the vehicle to check on him.
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authorities tell "e.t." the drive placed the emergency call to the authorities. according to paper, the driver said he didn't see george but stopped when he heard a loud thud. amal rushed to his side at the hospital. they left together once an mri determined he was not seriously injured. thursday george was back on his feet and on the move with the support of assistant and his wife amal. george left the island of sardinia on a private plane. they were headed to rome where filming of his series "catch 22" will continue as planned. the crash wasn't the first two-wheeler accident he's been involved in. >> you know, a broken rib. it was an accident basically. >> in 2007, george and sarah larson were injured after an accident in new jersey. >> perfect weather. other than flying through the air, it was perfect. >> no word yet if he'll be seeking legal recourse for this crash. in 2007, george did not sue the
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driver who hit him. >> are we going after this guy. >> oh, no, it was an accident. let him take care of himself on that one. it was an accident. >> let's move on and get to the news on justin bieber after his shocking engagement. )q to settle gement. down with hailey baldwin. >> i suspected. >> they go to church together. they're cute. what about his ex-selena gomez put in an uncomfortable situation. latest after justin's surprise proposal. >> hi. any comment on justin's engagement? congratulations for him? >> she was out shopping this week in new york ignored the questions about her ex. last saturday's engagement happened pretty fast. justin and selena split in march. justin and haley reignite the romance about a month ago.
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he asked steven baldwin for her hand in marriage a couple weeks ago. >> does your dad like him? >> both my parents like him a lot. >> i love that young love. >> later in the week, justin and haley supporting mer rock were caught making out in new york. now to meghan and hairly's royal trip to dublin. they both had beaming smiles on wednesday when greeting young kids while visiting a soccer stadium. meghan donned a chic black pantsuit. her locks were too much of a temptation for one child who pulled on her hair and got a reprimand from harry. her brown handbag seemed to have some of thprotective plastic packaging still stuck at the bottom. the bag is sold out anyway. now to the rock and his newest movie out this weekend, "skyscraper" looks intense set in the skies above hong kong. kevin frazier has the assignment
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of traveling there for the premiere. "e.t." was in the big apple with dwayne. here's our globe trotting adventure. >> what's up hong kong? hey. >> i can't even hear myself in talk because dwayne johnson is in the house. >> this is what it's like when the rock triggers an avalanche of excitement inside the massive hong kong premiere. >> thank you so much for the love. >> what does it mean to you whether you're in china or in a mall in california or these people lose the mind? >> the first time both of us have been to hong kong. we've been blown away by the love. >> later in the week he flew to new york and made the premier of "family affair," that's three generations of the family hitting the carpet. he brought his mom and daughter simone as dates. at home for the night, girlfriend lauren and their two daughters. >> we're constantly checking in, always facetiming. we have a 3-month-old and 2b and
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a half-year-old at home. i'm a big baby. lauren does a tremendous job. i'm so proud of her. she's a super mom. i'm like you're my superwoman. >> the couple of ten years welcomed tia in april. >> when i told her and she throws up on me and cute things like that. she's beautiful. >> neve campbell is adjusting to life with a new baby. she and yj field recently adopted a son. they have a 6-year-old caspian. they snuck away for a parents' night out. she glittered in a beaded gold gown. >> this is from hong kong. our movie is set in hong kong. >> right now it's about tom cruise and his "mission: impossible" squeal. carly steel was with him in paris for the premiere. >> ladies and gentlemen will, madame, olympic tom cruise. >> this is the moment to be able to be here with everyone and
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this is a celebration. >> hey. >> i'm partying late tonight. >> my mom and dad are here. they're going to see it for the first time. >> you dream of moments like this. >> the city of lights plays a major role in mission impossible: fallout which opens in jewel. tom's been busy making the long awaited "top gun" squeal. >> you don't need to remind us. calm down. >> i feel the need, the need for speed. >> joining tom on the set of the "top gun" squeal is miles teller playing goose's son. >> he's a very dedicated actor. he's going to be amazing. > just for you we went deep into the "e.t." vault and we have one of your first interviews on the set of "top gun." >> very sure of himself. he loves his plane. he loves to fly. loves his plane. loves to fly. >> you're talking about yourself. >> that's hilarious. >> looking at that, what advice
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would you give to that young man? >> enjoy the ride. >> tom definitely enjoyed the ride shooting the movie. sure he shattered his ankle in this stunt gone wrong but his biggest fear might have been accidentally destroying some of paris's architecture. >> drifting around doing everything i can not to hit. i've got to get close to buildings but i can't hit any of them. so i didn't and very relieveded about that. back here stateside this week was huge for some of the biggest names in television. >> i love an award show. hollywood was in a celebratory mood after the nominations were announced. we were with a new honorees. >> you're an an emu away. >> when someone offers you a chance to play jesus, you say yes. >> john legend is on the roaded to if he scores an emmy. he's won ten grammys here and an
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oscar. and last year landed a tony for coproducing the play jitney. >> i'm excited. >> yes, i am. >> another tony winner poised to win an emmy, laurie metcalf who's role in the roseanne reboot earned a nod. >> thank you very much for this nomination. >> a fantastic morning for sterling brown who shared his double emmy nod thanks on twitter. a father/son face-off as milo and sterling are the only two regular cast to be nominated from the show. >> hopefully we can stick around and keep going. >> we were there as the cast of the marvelous mrs. maceal did their happy dance landing 14 nods. >> "the handmaid's tale" got a second surprise landing a second nomination for a role. >> thanks to everyone here. >> on you, right? >> on. >> you on way more with tom cruise and the rock plus
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hollywood's latest diet crazes that helped kelly clarkson lose nearly 40 pounds. >> it's not a secret. >> then michael buble exclusive. how his son's cancer battle pushed him to the brimpg of quitting music. >> john stamos a bad dad. >> they're not going to take my kid away from me. >> how he treats his 3-month-old kid away from me. >> how he treats his 3-month-old when mommy's away and his plans i'm ray and i quit smoking with chantix. i tried cold turkey, i tried the patch. they didn't work for me. i didn't think anything was going to work for me until i tried chantix. chantix, along with support, helps you quit smoking. chantix reduced my urge to smoke. i needed that to quit. when you try to quit smoking, with or without chantix, you may have nicotine withdrawal symptoms. some people had changes in behavior or thinking, aggression, hostility, agitation, depressed mood, or suicidal thoughts or actions with chantix. serious side effects may include seizures, new or worse heart or blood vessel problems,
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introducing new venus platinum. a premium metal handle boosts control... to reveal up to 100% smooth skin. venus you might be missing something.y healthy. your eyes. that's why there's ocuvite. ocuvite helps replenish nutrients your eyes can lose as you age. it has lutein, zeaxanthin and omega-3. ocuvite. be good to your eyes. >> hey, hey, hey. ♪ it's a beautiful day and i can't stop ♪ >> that is singer michael buble. you'll remember nearly two years ago, he stepped away from the spotlight to focus on noah's cancer treatment. he is now 4 years old and doing very well and buble is back, as well sitting down exclusively with cheryl hickey to talk about the darkest time in his life. >> perspective came on halloween
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which was the day that we got the diagnosis. my whole life changed and my perspective on life. my philosophical idea of what it's all about and what matters. just in one of snap changed. . >> little noah's mom revealed they were in argentina when he was first diagnosed with the mumps in 2016. but when the test revealed he had cancer, the family sought treatment in the u.s. michael says they couldn't have gotten through the ordeal without the support of their family. >> i wish that we never, my boy never had to go all the things he had to go through. my sisters took their kids out of school, both. they left their jobs. they left everything for me. came to be with us. and they just sat with us. coming back like this because people can say it isn't a comeback but man, i was gone. i didn't know if i would ever,
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ever come back. >> that was going to be my next question. did you know how long you would be gone? >> i figured i wouldn't. listen, it became so clear that none of it was very important. >> now the family including the 2-year-old son elias is celebrating the happy news. >> baby number three. >> baby number three. >> my first little girl. i'm excited. >> what do you know about little girls? >> we're so excited. you realize how blessed we feel, how much this -- how much it means to us. how much after everything that this is what happened for us like man. >> it's just the best. >> it's the best. >> i'm so excited four. congratulations. >> i get more emotional. >> that's okay. you're allowed to do that. >> what the hell's wrong with me. >> i get it. that's where the emotion comes from in his music. another dad all about family
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these days john stamos. >> i love him as a father. >> a lot of people do. >> so is the proud papa ready for more kids? only we were with john as he spoke about that and his first time daddy joys raising 3 mountain old son billy. >> being a dad is excellent. he's starting to smile in the morning. everything is sort of a first. you think you know how it's going to be because i was on tv forever. i have a fear of handing the baby back like someone's going to yell cut and they're going to take him away. >> john is giving us his daddy confession. he's ready for number two. >> caitlin wants one tonight. chocolate is an aphrodisiac. i'm going to try for twins. what's the sexiest chocolate you guys have? >> sea salt. >> give me ten. >> stocking up on that be at at lindt dark chocolate tasting
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party in new york where we found out john loves to have fun with therhood. >> i snapchat him all day. i had an emoji of me dancing on his forehead doing the chicken dance. >> who does billy look like. >> he doesn't look like either of us. i'm starting to worry. every day, we go does can he look like you? he does have a smirk like me. and he does have like he'll vis thing like this. >> and as for the one co-star john doesn't trust with his son. >> laurie will steal him. he's like looking around. and she texts me all the time. how is billy? what's billy doing? how does he feel today? what am i. >> john, it happens. step back and let him take the spotlight. >> he has to have more kids. >> i like him. >> coming up, tom cruise excluesive. it's quite extreme.
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>> motorcycle chases at 100 miles per hour hanging from a helicopter at 2,000 feet and the ground breaking stunt that no actor has ever pulled off. >> then. >> don't interrupt me. what did i tell you about that. >> when the rock talks, we listen. and did he have a secret wedding? plus, we're with pre and cap chopra.
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jnas. >> i want to get married.onas. >> i want to get married. >>. ♪ >> that's a guy who definitely has nebs of steel, tom cruise. that is the only way possible he could do the death defying stunts in mission impossible fallout. >> i'm not only acting and producing the film, i'm doing all my own stunts in there and all my action income there from motorcycles to sky diving,
7:20 pm
helicopter. >> breaking down mission impossible fallout by the numbers. the action film franchise has made more than $2.8 billion worldwide. that helicopter tom is hanging from flew 2,000 feet in the air over a new zealand glacier. >> we're flying around. it was freezing when we were flying around. the things we were doing, it was extreme. >> they shut down the streets of paris so he could 100 mice per hour. the city gave tom and the crew control of the famous arc detry om. his most impressive stunt might be the sky diving scene. he became the first actor in a boeing c-17 from a height of 25,000 feet. >> the sequence is incredibly grueling. it's very technical. it's very dangerous. to be honest. >> the scene shot in the united arab emirates was a thrill ride for tom and he was grateful for the highly skilled crew who
7:21 pm
helped make it happen. >> it was excellent. i think we really take a look at the footage. that's what it always comes down to but i have to say, i think it went exceedingly well. >> she's kind of insane. i'm an adventurous guy this that's next level stuff right there. >> you're going to break your face and it will be over. we need him. >> we love you. mission impossible fallout hits theaters on the 27th. now to this real life super hero gal gadot proved she's wonder woman in real life visiting a children's hospitals in virginia last week. >> in town shooting the sequel to her film wonder woman 1984. she will be starring alongside dwayne johnson in the film red notice. >> dwayne reteams with his director ross and marshall this your ber. kevin frazier was in hong kong. rock breaking news to kevin.
7:22 pm
is he the roenick jonas and pre and ca chopra are an item. >> i heard you brought them together. is that true? >> are they happy. >> they're happy. >> then yeah. >> you take credit for it. >> jumanji. >> don't do that for him. >> don't interrupt me. we're in hong kong. >> i don't even know what that means. >> be polite. >> these two have a full on bromance going. they first worked together in central intelligence and then went bigging with skyscraper. >> go. >> whether he you were writing this, was this the guy and was it. >> don't ask him that, kevin. >> wow. >> tom cruise said no. and then mark wahlberg said no. and then kevin hart said no twice. >> see what i got to put up with? >> there's also some great stunts in this movie. crane stunt is phenomenal. you did that. 30 feet in the air. >> i was wired. but i still did it, ran, jumped
7:23 pm
off one take and boom. >> besides action sky scraper is all about family. last april dwayne and lauren welcomed baby tia shoo she's doing great. mama lauren is doing great. baby tia is doing great. >> you didn't run off andquette married, did you? >> i refer her to as my wife. >> did you get married. >> no, easy, don't rush, big daddy. >> you both work with kevin hart. the next. >> you nan man ji, kevin will be in it. are you killing him off. >> 100%. kevin didn't test well. our chemistry didn't work. he's gone. >> okay, dwayne. he's got jokes, people. >> those two together probably have the best chemistry. other than us. moving on, he was joking about being responsible for hooking up his costars pre and ca chopra
7:24 pm
and nick jonas. >> very juicy. talking in the hamptons. here's pri and ca's powwow. >> i totally want to get married at some point. >> those words have to be pretty sweet for nick considering two weeks ago, she said this. >> how about we all starve until we get married because that's the end of our lives anyway. why i said that was every fairy tale ends as the princess getting married to the prince. what happens in her life after that. so the idea is oh, my gosh, she found her prince. now her life's done. most people's lives start when they get married. that's what i was taking a take on. stop telling women the ultimate goal is to find a guy and get married. >> her strength is no doubt one thing nick loves. "e.t." spoke with the 35-year-old at the hamptons event with voguing. > perfect.
7:25 pm
>> now if she didn't want to talk specifically about her joe, but it was crystal clear she's in a very happy place. >> what's the most romantic thing someone's done for you? >> i've been lucky in that department. >> i think it's the written word that always makes me really happy. something written down. a letter, a note. don't get me chocolates and flowers. >> coming up -- >> i remember reaching rock bottom. >> just when you thought jada pink ket smith's show couldn't get more shocking, how this week's red table talk is pushing boundaries even further. >> then we're with gloria estefan celebrating a rare hollywood milestone. >> when i was 1. >> closed captioning provided by --
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7:29 pm
$900 million in less than three years. she's on the cover forbes and talking about how she hit the beauty bank. >> i knew i was passionate about makeup but didn't know i could have fun every day doing a job. >> brad pitt's charity under fire. "e.t." was with brad when his make it right foundation started building affordable housing after katrina. well, now some residents claim the project isn't living up to its promise. they may many homes have serious problems rotting wood, structural flaws and mold. >> the problem has to do more with design, flat roofs equal leaks, equals mold. equals trouble. >> as for brad's role a source says make it right remains a top priority for him, that he's in it for the long haul and continues to visit new orleans adding unlike others he's poured more time and resources into fixing things, not less. he never ran away.
7:30 pm
>> number three, was whitney houston molested by dionne warwick's sister? now in a statement to "people" magazine, cissy says although the film is marketed as a houston family approved endorsed project, neither my son michael dion nor i knew of the allegations of abuse till two days before the screening. neither whitney nor dee dee is here to deny refute or affirm how can that be fair? >> number two, newly engaged justin bieber faces his future in-laws. he chartered a helicopter this week to whisk his new fiancee home to see her family and show off her massive ring. it's worth a reported quarter of a million dollars. and number one george clooney back on his feet after a terrifying scooter accident in italy. this is the shocking surveillance footage showing the 60-mile-per-hour head-on collision that catapulted george in the air, he then crashes down
7:31 pm
shattering the driver's windshield with his helmet. there were no serious injuries. go to for the latest. >> also in the news this week, jada pinkett smith. >> the finale of her incredible show red table talk got very candid as she described the compulsion she had to fight to overcome. >> when i was younger i definitely think i had a sex addition. if you want to have a lot of sex that's great but why are you having all ha. >> candid revelations from her who says she battled several addictions including alcohol. >> i remember reaching rock bottom. i had two bottles of wine and was going for the third. hold up. you in this house by yourself going on to your third bottle of wine. you might have a problem. >> her series red table talk, her sister-in-law ashley marie.
7:32 pm
and when i visited the set, jada told me why she's putting it all out there. >> are people prepared? they believe they know you. >> yeah. i don't know if people are ready. i am. i'm hoping it will give people the freedom also in their lives to find their truth. >> during this week's episode, her mom adrienne opened up about kicking a heroin addiction 27 years ago. >> i just had to let go and surrender. >> yeah. >> so that i could receive what he was trying to -- >> sometimes it's hard for me to talk about our journey together. i'm always so freaking grateful because we made it. >> now this is the last episode for this season. the show will return in the fallen including chat with hubby will smith. >> i like she said i'm going to give you will and me but not till season two. they've been married more than 20 years. there's lots to tell. it might be the entire season
7:33 pm
just will and jada. >> gloria estefan and her husband emilio will celebrate their 40th anniversary in the fall. making it work in hollywood. >> the show is a love story. what an incredible love story you have. 40 years. >> married in september but together 43. >> damn. >> i met him when i was 1. what is the secret. >> respect and love. yes, baby, whatever you want. >> you know what? he makes me laugh every single day of my life. >> now they're bringing their love story from broadway to hollywood. their hit musical "on your feet" started a four-week run at the pantages theater. >> what do you think it is about your music that transcends everything? >> i tried to warn everyone, the rhythm is going to get you. what else can i tell you? ♪ rhythm is going to get you
7:34 pm
>> one of the most popular songs is in the show. it's also celebrating its 30th anniversary. >> incredible. originally it was the bogeyman is going to get you. my drummer had written this thing. i go i have a tiny son. i'm not singing that. i rewrote all the lyrics. that whoop in there -- is kind of an homage to the original idea of the bogeyman is going to get you. >> i love that. >> straight ahead, is there such a thing as too much shirtless chris hemsworth? why his new co-stars think so. >> i think it was a big mistake to have him take his shirt off. >> plus the doctor behind kelly clarkson's diet craze that helped her lose nearly 40 pounds. why he says eating the wrong vegetables can make you fat. >> you make some swaps. >> hollywood's new dynamic on screen duo. >> spoiler alert. >> mila and kate behind the
7:35 pm
scenes of their spy
7:36 pm
7:37 pm
chris hemsworth posted this photo with wife of seven years elsa. he captioned the moment there comes a time in every relationship when only so much wisdom can be passed on. this was that moment. your loss, honey. i'll be here waiting when you need to hear my story. >> burn. speaking of mr. hemsworth, his next role is a side of chris
7:38 pm
we've never seen before. his dancing shirtless side. >> the shirtless we've seen before. the dancing is new to us. he's in the thriller "bad times at the el real." alongside jon hamm. seeing chris in action was more good times than bad. >> how did i. >> chris helms worth shirtless cult leader. >> it was a really big mistake to have him take his shirt off. >> why. >> because it's all you can look at. it's astonishing impressive. >> he was like i'll go and see anything that has a shirtless chris hemsworth looking like jesus stand package in the rain. >> i may or may not do a little dance of sorts. it's so spectacular. >> okay. so john is the main character of bad times at the he will royal which is about seven strangers each hiding a secret coming together at a hotel with a dark past.
7:39 pm
chris appears for only seven seconds in the trailer but he's gotten all attention. is john a little jealous? >> if you were to collect into a similar hotel, who from the cast would you want on your team. >> shirtless helps work the. >> are you jealous. >> no. >> that was a houghy tone. >> everybody wanted him to take his shirt off and pren was like please, keep it on. please keep it on. i'm rained on for three days. can i take my shirt off? let us clear the set. you can do that on your own time. >> the el royale, no place for a priest. >> if you came to the same hotel in real life, what secret would you want to bury there. >> the internet ruins everything. >> there's no role or anything? >> everything is everywhere always. >> what about you? >> what would i want to bury. >> chris hem worth's shirt. >> hello. >> we lost it. >>. >> i like what she's thinking bad times at the el royale hits
7:40 pm
october 12th. from a mystery to a comedy and the genius pairing mila kunis and kate mckinnen starring in "the spy who dumped me." we have a look. >> it's a long story. i'll explain everything. >> justin is really funny. i don't think i was aware how funny is. he is the spy who dumped me. >> bad people are after me. >> i thought the script was hilarious. it involved mila and kate. i loved it was a female driven action comedy. >> i killed someone. i killed someone! >> in the comedy, the bffs are caught up in a conspiracy and end up chased around europe by assassins. outlander locks lips with mila. >> he doesn't want to go on a
7:41 pm
road trip with them. >> kate has a particular quality. she works -- she has a side sheet of lines she's always creating. most takes she has a second or third or fourth of sort of alternate lines to say. >> she's hilarious. >> i'll tell you anything you want to know. >> she shaves between her boobs. >> just the one mignon with the one eye. >> she googled on my computer and now i get weird ads. >> now this is another movie two you need. blake lively and anna kendrick. here's a behind the scenes look at their thriller "a simple favor." >> did you save my picture? >> erase it. i guess i'm not the kind of person you're normally friends with. >> you don't want to be friends with me, trust me. >> blake is a mysterious fashion publicist. anna is a mommy blogger. >> cop here, little dude. >> can we have a play date
7:42 pm
today. >> do you drinking? >>ing. > does your kid drinking? it's never too early to start. >> i think you're joking but great. >> stephanie, i need your help. i do need just a simple favor. >> the simple favor is my best friend asks me to pick up her son from school but my character goes policing. > i'll warn you, you go poking around in her past, you'll find something that is terrifying. she is not a normal person. >> the brand-new trailer leaves us with so many questions. did blake get to keep all the amazing fashioning? why and nap is kissing blake's husband and whose body is in the bag. >> it's always fun when you don't know what is going to happen and characters completely surprise you. >> it's just twist on twist on twist. >> people do terrible things for their own reasons. ♪ >> still to come, we're with the doctor behind kelly clarkson's
7:43 pm
weight loss without exercise. >> i'm like 37 pounds lighter in my plether. >> then kevin hart's challenge for "e.t." >> i'm an athletic specimen. >> we tested out his new show "obstacle course." the moment that left us stunned. >> i cannot breathe right now. >> and paula abdual is back on tour at 56. her keys to surviving life on road. >> to dance the entire time would be ridiculous. it was ridiculous when i was doing it 25 years ago. >> that's ahead. first this weekend in the "entertainment tonight" birth days. which comedian is deaf in one ear. which comedian is deaf in one ear. >> jane lynch, ellen or why shop marshalls? (engine revving) because shopping should thrill you. (horn honking) with big brands at small prices. mwah! (laughing) for the whole family! whoo-hoo! woman: and unexpected finds you never knew you were looking for. so every trip feels like an instant victory. that's the fun of marshalls. (gasp) with brands that wow
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your eyes can lose as you age. it has lutein, zeaxanthin and omega-3. ocuvite. be good to your eyes. >>. ♪ i can leave ♪ >> that is kelly clarkson hon looks very different these days. the secret to her nearly 40-pound slimdown is all in her diet. i was with the man behind her new health kicking. > 37 pounds lighter. >> i'm sorry. >> in my plether. >> i just read a back called the plant paradox. >> not only did she drop 37 pounds without exercise, she says following the plan helped her get off thyroid medication. what is the plant paradox? we went straight to the creator to find out. how did you come up with this idea? >> i used to be 70 pounds bigger than now despite running 30 miles a week and going to the
7:47 pm
gym one hour a day. i eliminated foods that turned on our immune system which are called lep tins. we attack ourselves by mistaking. > lep tins. what he exactly is it? when i pick up the where is it, what do you say. >> it's in the skin and the seeds of that tomato. it's in the skin and the seeds of that cucumber. additional societies have actually always peeled and deseeded their cucumbers. >> says there are lep tins in lots of plants based foods like grains, oatmeal, brown race and pasta. >> over the last 50 years, we have increased our lek tin connion unknowingly and coinciding with that our autoimmune disease skyrocketed. >> his solution to eliminate lek tins is simple. >> the first thing su make some swaps just like kelly did. >> i'm going to be real with you. it's expensive to do. >> get rid of oatmeal.
7:48 pm
it's a grain, a nasty grain. get rid. brown rice. get rid of whole wheat. there's great substitutions. for instance, this is millett. some people call it birdseed. sore gum is fantastic. when you move them weight loss is the natural consequence. >> it's a great book that changed my life. i'm not saying it will change yours. >> well, one of the people she can thank for success in the music industry, idol judge paula abdual is still knocking it out on stage and just announced her first solo headlining tour in over 25 years. i got the details straight up from paula herself. >> 25 years. what has changed for you when you go into putting together a show? >> i think i have more endurance than i actually do. for me it's get back in the gym, back training. it's not as easy but it's more rewarding. >> we've known the pop icon a long time. over 30 years to be exact.
7:49 pm
>> the first pop star to become a correspondent. >> the last time she went on tour was last summer but it wasn't a solo act. that inspired her to hit the road on her own. >> i had a great taste of what it's like being on road last summer with boyz ii men with a real warm welcome. >> when you go on tour, what are your must haves? >> a chihuahua. good snacks, good healthy snacks, definitely of cable. ♪ >> straight up paula will take abdual on a 26-city tour starting in october. what can diehard fans expect to see. >> will scat cat be there? >> we go together opposites attract. >> whether i like it or not, he'll find his way. there are going to be a couple of surprises. i was deciding whether or not i should sing "straight up." what do you think. >> the amount of text messages i got from friends, we're already
7:50 pm
planning our trip to las vegas. straightup, paula, i'm ready to be forever your girl. celty. >> paula's tour kicks off october 3rd in new jersey. what's going on at the judge's table of american idol? >> what did it take to get everybody to sign on? did everybody get their money? >> the questions. very good. >> we doubled. all of us doubled. >> absolutely. >> nice to center planned employment for next year. >> one of the best parts of being on a hit show. you can renegotiate. the judges are excited about coming back for season two on abc. >> last season's winner maddy poppy is now on the tour with the rest of the top seven. that includes boyfriend and runner-up kaleb lee. ♪ i'm staring at the ceiling >> what's it like to sing with someone you're really dating? >> it's awesome. we're already reading each other's minds.
7:51 pm
>> yes. it's like duetting with yourself almost. >> still going strong. kaleb first confirmed their relationship just before she won last season of american idol. >> she's like my best pal and happens to be my girlfriend. >> right after she won, you posted this that was so sweet. you said don't forget me. >> i was just joking. there's so many blogs on the internet. kaleb is already showing signs of insecurity. the down fall of their relationship. two, three ♪ >> "e.t." got an excluesive look at rehearsals for the american. "idol" tour. >> it features last season's top seven finalists including gabby and cade. >> what is it like to be with two couples all the time. >> when we were in the top five, i was the fifth wheel all the time.
7:52 pm
at least we got some other girls. >> the new season of "idol" won't start till 2019. >> now to a different competition show, total knockout. excited about this one, too. kevin hart is doling out abuse on the set. nischelle turner and i experienced firsthand taking our lumps on this wild course. tk go. >> this is where it gets good. you've got a helmet. >> she's fine. >> you're doing amazing. >> no, you're doing great. you're blocking the balls with your body. that's good. stay there. >> so what we discovered is competing on his new game show is a lot harder than it looks. >> can i ask you a question? >> yes, sir. >> i only went from there to here. >> yeah. >> why can't i breathe right now. >> people are throwing objects at you left and right. as fit as you are, you couldn't
7:53 pm
grasp the fact that these balls wouldn't stop flying at your face. >> i may be fit but i'm not dumb. >> let's call it a little -- >> oh, no. oh, no. >> do not think that that happens all the type because it doesn't. >> i wasn't even looking. > i saw something out of my peripheral. you're okay. >> i got you. >> kevin hart produces the series that has contestants raising through ob obstacles all for a $50,000 grabbed prize. >> come on, cam. come on. >> that's a good move. i've never seen that. >> you got it. whoo. >> okay, i got to ask you how you think kemp frazier would do on here. >> i would pay top dollar to
7:54 pm
have kevin frazier come and do this course. i would love it. get kevin frazier here please. i would pay. >> let's make it happen. we've got get ♪ ♪ can world-renowned artist red hong yi use the chase mobile app® to pay practically anyone, at any bank? all while creating a masterpiece made of tea leaves? ♪ ♪ yes. but this isn't for just anyone. ♪ ♪ hong yi! it's for the strongest man in her life. ♪ ♪ life. lived red's way. chase. make more of what's yours.
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>> a few birthdays there week. brian austin green turning 45, scott foley 46, forest whitaker 57. take a final look at your choices. which comedienne is deaf in one ear. that is jane lynch who was 58 this weekend. >> monday on "e.t.," i just want to be a happy person. >> are britney spears excluesive. what would you tell that britney from 20 years ago. >> what she's telling us about her past with justin. >> one of the most special times in my life. >> plus her kids and big announcement. >> yeah, it's been a roller coaster. >> that's monday. >> we're almost out of time. for all the late breaking news, go to >> before we go, check out the new video from max george. remember him? from are the british boy band the wanted. >> he's gone solo and his debut single is called "barcelona,"
7:58 pm
starring model laura crane and max goes shirtless in it. >> there's a shocker. in a music video. enjoy it and the rest of your weekend everybody. bye. ♪ ♪ i need you possibility of high-based
7:59 pm
showers or thunderstorms for the bay area beginning around wednesday beginning around evening.
8:00 pm
(jr stone) good evening and thank you for joining us at 8. i am jr stone.(justine) and i am justine waldman. the owner of the car, is in hawaii. and told us happened sometime this past week. and the airport has no idea, who (jr stone) a 7-eleven store in fremont was lit on fire overnight.. the store on mission


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