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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  July 20, 2018 1:30am-2:01am PDT

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tonight, our wendy williams exclusive. >> i could be dead. >> getting real about the cocaine addiction that could have killed her. >> i was as twisted as the drug i chose. >> what you never knew about her life. and her son's struggle can drugs. >> i was horrified. >> jen garner stands up for sexual abuse victims. >> it ep aed a conversation that i wouldn't have had this morning. exclusive details on justin bieber's i dos. why in comic-con will be the wilds one yet. >> who knew chris himself worth
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had dancing skills in the ballroom throwback you have to see. >> something inside me takes over. the magic happens. this is "entertainment tonight." he will hoe and welcome to "e.t.'s" comic-con takeover in san diego. some of the stars will join us in our exclusive room. >> it is so great. we have such a good view of the craziness on this street. we have a tape of that coming up. we begin with our exclusive interview with talk show host wendy williams. >> about 9 monos ago, wendy gave everyone a scare when she fainted on live tv. that he is strong woman. this isn't the first time she has overcome adversity. i'm talking about a serious drug addiction shed. she held nothing back. >> i lost over a decade of my life being hooked on cocaine. i was a functioning addict. would report to work on time.
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>> what was that like? >> horrible. >> before she it hit it big, she's a deejay. >> we are on radio and on tv. >> it have the mid '90s and wendy was liing a double life. >> it was the mid '90s, and wendy was living a double life. >> i was that girl on tremont avenue in the bronx, back when there were only pay phones, standing outside waiting for my next connection at 3:00 in the morning by myself. i could be dead. all of my co-workers, including my bosses, would know, but since instead of firing me, i would wear my headphones and walk in the studio and arrogantly wouldn't fire me because i was making ratings. >> and how are you feeling inside during that time? >> i felt like i could do this. i was as twisted as the drug i chose. >> wendy says her rock bottom was realizing the pain she was causing her parents, and she was able to turn her life around without rehab. and how did you do that though? >> changed my social circles. that was around the time that i met my boyfriend at that time, but now he's my husband, kevin. >> wendy also opened up about
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her 17-year-old son's past struggle with the synthetic marijuana k2. >> our son, three years ago, he smoked k2. now this is a drug, we see it on the news. people are walking around like zombies. i was horrified. my son became somebody i didn't even know. >> did you notice changes? >> immediately, immediately. zaps your brain immediately. >> today, mother and son are using their experiences to help others fight addiction, launching the "be here" national campaign, and wendy has a message for others also struggling with substance abuse. >> you've got to get yourself together. life is sweet on the other side. you want this. >> good for wendy. i think she can help a lot of people by being an honest. a group of women shined last night at the espy awards. jennifer garner presented the arthur ashe courage award to more than 140 survivors of sexual abuse.
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and nischelle turner spoke to jen backstage right before the historic moment. >> i don't know how you're going to be able to hold it in when you' standing up for these women. >> well, this is a very intense moment. representing every survivor, please welcome to the stage the recipients of the 2018 arthur ashe award for courage. >> led by olympian aly raisman and others, the women's presence on stage prompted tears and a standing ovation. to ensure she got the tone right, jen rehearsed the night before. >> that was really important to me, because i knew i needed to get my emotions out before tonight. because it's not about me. it's about them. i'm just there to serve them. >> how do you talk to your little girls about that? >> it opened up a conversation that i wouldn't have had this morning, and it's so important to find a way to talk to our kids and help them know that they're always safe coming to us. >> what a powerful stage up here. >> host danica patrick was also making news for a few firsts. she was the espys' first ever
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female emcee, and it was her first red carpet with boyfriend aaron rodgers. the green bay packers quarterback and ex olivia munn were espys dates back in 2016. >> amazing mom, amazing person. >> and nfl star russel wilson had wife ciara and their two adorable kids on his mind. >> sienna is the cutest thing in the world. >> oh, my gosh. >> she was dancing. she was dancing to "level up" today, right. and she's grooving. she's grooving, and i'm like, man, she's got better rhythm than me, and she's 1. >> and it looks like future may have a future in athletics actually. >> yes! >> the cutest thing is the baseball. it's really a great little family. >> thank you so much. >> thank you so much. >> russell wilson is not little future's buy logical dad, but he has been a father to that boy since day one. >> i always admire her on the red carpet. always gets it right. meanwhile, justin bieber and
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hailey baldwin have a wedding to plan. >> they sure do. so how soon will we see justin and hailey say i do? up first, in tonight's know and tell, bieber's walk down the aisle. ♪ ♪ you smile i smile >> enjoying their engagement -- that's what a source exclusively tells "e.t." about the fiances of 12 days. and planning for the bieb-win wedding is already under way. our source says, quote, they want to have a smaller wedding with close family and friends, nothing too over the top. on the shortlist for a location? canada, where the biebs is from, or somewhere in the states. they've even thrown around the idea of having not one, but two big days. so much for keeping it simple. ♪ what do you mean >> up next, george clooney's recovery after that terrifying scooter crash in italy last week. >> i wrote him and i said, i hope the reports of no serious injuries are true and only your ego is bruised. >> we caught up with george's longtime friend and "e.r." costar noah wyle, who spoke to and joked with george after the accident. >> he says he's on four wheels for a while. >> earlier this week we spotted
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the 57-year-old at the airport in rome walking on his own, but with a bit of limp. and finally, pink gets real about being a mom on the road. >> going on tour with children is really tricky. it's exhausting. it's the hardest thing i've ever done. >> the 38-year old opened up to reese witherspoon on reese's new directv show "shine on with reese." and it turns out these two go way back. >> i was thinking the other day about the first time i wrote to you. >> yes. >> was when ava was 7. you wrote a song called "stupid girls." ♪ i don't wanna be a stupid girl ♪ >> when women like you write a song, my daughter listens more to you than she does to me. >> love pink. love reese. so much girl power. that is awesome. right now comic-con is clearly the place to be. more than 130,000 fans of comics, movies, and science fiction are going to pack this event over the four days. there's going to be 850 panels and fans losing their minds.
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not just the fans -- hollywood too. here's just a taste of what to expect. [ cheering ] >> this is friging awesome. >> expect hollywood's wonder women, led by gal gadot to take flight. >> the sequel "wonder woman 1984" has been in production for weeks. we predict gal and director patty jenkins will hit the warner brother's presentation stage and deliver a sneak peek. gal might even bring another young fan to tears like last year. and expect nicole kidman help aquaman make a splash. the film's first trailer will debut saturday. director james wan posted this image of the oscar winner playing jason momoa's mother, queen atlanna. >> your mom is nicole kidman. >> i know. it was hands down one of the greatest actresses i've ever worked with. >> and jason will help represent the superdads dominating comic-con. >> chris pratt! >> chris pratt will likely
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arrive saturday to promote "the lego movie 2." that same day proud papa ryan reynolds will reunite with his "deadpool 2" family for an onstage panel. it's speculated reynolds may even confirm news of a "deadpool 3." dad of two, sterling k. brown will also hit our "e.t." suite. he makes his comic-con debut for the upcoming action film "the predator." >> do i get a cookie now? [ laughs ] >> there will aslo be plenty of "halloween" nostalgia from a former scream queen. >> he's waited for this night. he's waited for me. >> tomorrow, jamie lee curtis is confirmed to appear during the universal panel. speaking of throwbacks, earlier today the cast of the new cw "charmed" reboot kicked off the whole convention. there stars everywhere you two at comic-con. i'm sure you're wondering why i'm wearing this helmet and harn easy. have you ever wondered what it would be like to get into one of
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those arcade claw machines? we'll find out. guy's shark dive. what happened when the star left the cage. >> oh, my god! he's out of control! chris hemsworth woos his wife with a very sexy salsa. we'll show you how he learned those moves. >> dr. stanley: remember this: cannot change the laws of god. when he has visited you in some form of adversity and he brings you through that, that's like he has increased the strength of the foundation of your life and your faith in him.
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♪ you're my brown eyed girl dinner parties don't get better than this, because that's beyonce hiding her face from the camera while her man jay-z sings along with u2's bono. how incredible is that? they are definitely having fun time in nice, france. but you know what? we've got one heck of a party going on here at comic-con. someone else having a bit of a salsa party -- chris hemsworth. well, just when we thought he could not possibly get any more better check this out -- >> is there anything better than a hot guy that can make you laugh? that's just what chris did, posting this hilarious salsa lesson with wife elsa pataky on her 42nd birthday in spain.
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turns out chris has experience in this department. in 2006, he competed on australia's "dancing with the stars." he finished 5th. >> something inside me just takes over, and i lose it across the floor and the magic happens. some hideous things happen. >> were you on "dancing with the stars"? >> no. yes. >> i didn't know that. >> did you notice the rhythm? >> i think you've got the moves. ♪ i really like it >> um, yeah, he's definitely got moves. but all this isn't the only reason we love the shirtless god of thunder. we are super into how he absolutely adores his kids. they fall asleep on him. he takes them surfing. he even makes jump roping fun. chris is also still crazy about his wife. he and elsa were set up on a blind date. >> i left her a voicemail. i said, hello, my name is chris. um, would you like to go on a date? >> actually, that's pretty hot. >> 7 years of marriage later, chris still looks at elsa like
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this -- >> your wife elsa helps to keep you in shape. >> she does. >> is it true? >> what are you referring to? in the privacy of our home? she keeps me in shape just by the three kids that we have. >> making the kids? >> no, hey. >> and she's got that charming personality. the full package. chris isn't the only hemsworth in love. so is his brother liam. so you can forget the new reports out there that claim he has broken up with miley cyrus. "e.t." learned that is not true. they are still together. just minutes after we put that up, liam post third down video of them goofing around in the car together. coming up, "mamma mia" in pair dice. >> ferrell animals. and "magnum p.i." is back and we are checking out his new per rarry. the big changes for the reboot. plus, from eating to eaten.
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will guy become food for these hungry sharks? >> oh, buy! closed captioning provided by --
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♪ dancing queen ♪ amanda flaw leslie singing the google translate rendition
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of "abaa's "dancing queen. we are all in for "mamma mia" here we go again. as brooke anderson found out, so are the younger male leads who are clearly having fun with their new status. ♪ >> are you guys ready to be the next big heartthrobs? >> we are all with each other so it's all right. >> josh dylan is young bill, the role played by stellen skarsgaard. jeremy irvine is sam, pierce brosnan's part. and hugh skinner is harry, the young colin firth. ♪ waterloo, i was defeated you won the war ♪ >> so tell me how it went down when you got the call that you got the part. how did you react? >> i tried to play it quite cool because i was embarrassed to scream in there, but then i left and had a scream and called my
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friends. >> josh was working the fruit and vegetable section of a grocery store when he was cast. >> i dn't scream, i don't think, but i rushed around the corner and thought, this was quite cool. >> are you planning to go back to the market? >> i hope not. i mean, yeah, as a paying customer yeah. >> the movie is set on a greek island, but in reality, they shot in croatia. >> we kind of just took over this island vis for like 5 weeks, whatever it was. just ran like wild like feral animals. >> i don't think so it's crazy. >> jeremy actually had family visiting him on the set. >> i brought my parents out, which was a real mistake. because now they think every movie i do is just sitting on beaches with pierce brosnan and colin firth and, you know, having a lovely time. >> no disrespect, but hanging out with cher and meryl streep on the beach is pretty dog gone good. speaking of beautiful sets -- back in the '80s, "magnum p.i.'s" red ferrari was
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a staple on the oahu set. now get ready to see a lot of fast cars in the cbs reboot. as for the man following in tom selleck's footsteps? well, jay hernandez and perdita weeks are game for anything. >> whoo! ha ha! >> we blow up a couple of ferraris in the pilot episode. >> the car, the chopper, the gorgeous hawaiian scenery, even the dobermans -- they're all back in this reboot. >> not today, boys! >> but here's what's new -- perdita is higgins, magnum's foil, originally played by the late john hillerman. >> so what will be higgins' new flavor? >> she's pretty tough. she's an ex-military as well as -- same as the guys. >> so she'll kick some butt. >> pretty much. >> will there be any folks from the old show popping up at any time? >> you're going to have to watch the show. >> i'm trying to get you more folks. >> we're definitely trying to make it happen. >> another switch up -- jay won't be rocking the famous magnum 'stache. >> we thought we should do a mashup of the new magnum and the old magnum.
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>> here we go. >> it's amazing! >> baby! >> bam. >> oh, my god. >> look at that hair. >> look at that forehead. >> fun fact -- jay was only two years old when "magnum p.i." debuted in 1980. perdita wasn't even born yet. but a classic's a classic, right? just like this car. >> look, i would love to talk to you guys all day, but i got to go. >> oh, i'm sorry. i'll get out. >> as you can see, they took the car back. i guess they need it for the show. "magnum p.i." premieres september 24th on the cbs. >> now, tomorrow at comic-con, a sad day. the "sharknado" cast for the very last time. sharks also happen to be on the menu for chef guy fieri, but not in the way you think. >> it's shark week, and we're open for business. >> guy and his 21-year-old son, hunter hit up the bahamas trying to avoid becoming lunch for the
1:54 am
ultimate feeding machine. >> that's a lot of sharks. this is pretty awesome, eh? i want to go out there. i'm done with this cage job. >> the dude had no fear diving into shark-infested warts. waters. >> hunter, i think now is a bad time to tell you -- i put a tuna fish sandwich in your backpack. >> sharks are very mellow, but when they would feed, you can see how they would turn it on and off. >> turning it on is an understatement. >> this is guy fieri's feeding frenzy! >> father and son are learning about preservation and sustainability for discovery channel's shark week. >> if you think about it too much, it gets real -- real creepy, real scary. plus i got my kid down there. fortunately he's doing great with the diving, so i'm not worried about managing him. what an adventure! we got a chance to really have about as up-close-and-personal of an experience with sharks as you can ever imagine. >> so you guys want to see one of these boys up close and personal? >> oh, my god, he's out of control! >> let's let this guy go.
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>> mark it off the bucket list. >> that wasn't even on the bucket list! catch a shark by a tail? you got to be kidding me. >> we know guy can survive one-on-one with sharks. what about the human claw? when we come back, yes, indeed, what about the human claw? when we come back, yes, indeed, now a foundation stick with full coverage. new super stay foundation stick from maybelline new york. cover, conceal, touch up. lasts up to 24 hours. maybelline's new super stay foundation stick. only from maybelline new york.
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so a couple of days ago, kevin frazier accused me of saying yes to everything. >> true! >> it is true, but now i get my revenge, because you don't see me going inside a human claw machine. not in this outfit. >> we all do crazy things in our lyes that sometimes we regret. >> if awe need a safety harness and a helmet, is it really safe? oh, it's going to get snugger. >> three, two, one. >> aah! oh, god. ugh. just one, right? >> okay, here we go. get hem, get them, get them. i got boxes for everybody. thanks, man. this is cool. keltie, i told you i would bring you back a gift. >> i thought that guy might catch you, but you got legs.
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>> a lot more inanti-from comic-con tomorrow. i'm going open my gift. can i have a peanut butter sandwich? can charlie have one, too? charlie can have one too. one for charlie. (gasp) look mom! charlie took a bite. feed his imagination, with the fresh roasted peanut taste he loves. where there's jif, there's love.
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