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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  July 20, 2018 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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(grant) tonight -- close to 16 hundred firefighters from as far away as
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(grant) tonight -- close to 16 hundred firefighters from as far away as arizona are spraying, shoveling and chopping down trees battling the ferguson fire.(grant) that fire is burning just over 24-thousand acres and is 7- percent contained. strike teams are on the fire lines for 16 hours at a time... cleaning up areas where containment lines are reinforced. reports say the inversion layer, and cooler weather also helped
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firefighters gain ground thursday. direct sunlight held off for much of the day.
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suinshine on sunday. high pressure will then build back in to the bay ares to bring another round of hot temperatures next week. (grant) now to a big story we are following tonight -- a deadly boat accident... in a fierce storm. (grant) now to a big story we are following tonight -- a deadly boat accident... in a fierce storm. emergency dive crews have now pulled the last bodies out of table rock lake in missouri as families deal with unfathomable loss. (grant) 17 people have died since the accident.(vicki) camila bernal has more
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from branson, missouri. 911 sot"we have a report of a duck that has sank completely. they have lost sight of it. about 10 people have surfaced, but there were about 20 on board.they are attempting to pull people out on to the belle and the surrounding dock."summer fun turns to tragedy in america's heartland. seventeen people are now confirmed dead, including nine members of one family, after a duck boat carrying 31, capsized in table rock lake near branson, missouri...a town known for family fun and one of america's most popular summer vacation've probably seen these duck boats at popular tourist spots across the country. they drive on land, and cruise in water. but this time bystanders on another boat helpless.sot"oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh! oh no. oh no! somebody needs to help them!" we're hearing from more witnesses today.sot wagner elleman fisherman, witnessed duck boat accident"once we saw it start taking water through the front nothing was going good from there. and then it started taking water on from the back right corner and stuff went downhill from there."missouri
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governor mike parson is determined to find answers... as the coast guard and national transportation safety board conduct investigations. in branson, missouri, i'm camila bernal. (vicki) in san francisco we used to have those duck (vicki) (vicki) in san francisco we used to have those duck boats that were involved in the incident in branson missouri... but the city stopped the rides about three years ago. commuters mostly use the ferry system on the water. the system carries 10-thousand people a day.. and safety is a key priority. the 13 vessels in the fleet vary in size, but not in safety sytems... rafts to accomodate more than the total passenger load are standard, as are life jackets which can be found under seats and in cabinets. ferry authorities
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sayseing safe takes more than having equipment. while the boats are designed to tackle all kinds of weather on the bay, there are times in the winter when winds and tides prove to be too much, and service must be suspended (vicki) we first told you about the deadly missouri boat accident with a push alert last night on our mobile app. stay connected on breaking news by downloading it today (grant) it is here! rugby's world cup sevens - it officially kicked of today at att park. (vicki) the match-up with world class rugby players is a first in the country... kron four's ella sogominian caught up with some fans. she joins us live from the newsroom... ella what are people most excited about? rugby world cup sevens started this morning and will go on into the weekend. it's first time the teams are competing for the melrose cup on u.s. soil. 24 men's and 16 women's teams are competing from 28 countries.they play seven
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minute halves with seven people on each side of the field so it moves very quickly. it's a knock out pool and if you lose you go into a challenge bowl if you win you get to compete in the world cup.this is the first time the international event is hosted in the united fans from all over the globe flew here to watch. stephanie martin, rugby world cup sevens organizer// "in addition to all these fans coming internationally we also have a great fan base locally so all the 28 countries are really represented locally so it's a great melting pot." the women's finals are on saturday and the men's finals are held on sunday. three day passes have sold out but single day tickets are still available. and if you can't make it to at&t park, you can check out how your favorite teams are doing on the r-w-c sevens app . tonight at 10 we'll hear from fans both from san francisco and in the newsroom ella sogomonian kron 4 news. (grant) the re-opening of julius' of san francisco's oldest restaurant..... has been delayed by a lawsuit. kron4''s maureen kelly talked to people on all sides of the
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legal battle. after being closed for 10 years....the historic restaurant perched high on telegraph hill had been inching closer to reopening.....until this new legal setback. the planning commission allowed the new owner of nearly 100 year old hot spot an exemption so he could skip getting an enviromental review....that move brought a lawsuit against the city from a neighborhood group called the friends of montgomery street..alledgiing the granting that exemption violated the california environmental quality of those neighbors behind the suit told me by phone that he thinks city officials helping this restauarnt reopen are more motivated by nostalgia than what's right..he for one does not look back on when julius' castle was open as the good old days.there was a tremendous amount of traffic going back hundreds of cars a day trucks coming earlier in the morning and then noise up until around midnight. now the restaurant was already there what was open in the 1920s or something it goes way back. when it was open there was no such thing as an environmental impact report, the california environmental quality act which regulates all these
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things had not yet been passed had anyone tried to open a restaurant from scratch given the present legal situation it would never get approvedthe new owner, who says it's taken six years and millions of dollars to get the restaurant ready to once again says he has no plans to give up.i've had literally hundreds of people people talk about having a prom hear their first date here there for his job interview it's endless every time i meet people who are all-time san francisco they have some special memory here and i want to keep that alivea spokesperson for the city attorney calls the lawsuit baseless and a classic case of nimbyism....a hearing is set for november...the new owner says he plans have julius's castle back open sometime this year.maureen kelly kron4 news (vicki) coming up -- going to the caribbean ... beachgoers expected to see beautiful waves of clear blue water... but got this... why this isn't a suprise for locals. (grant) plus, why a back-roads route to the golden gate bridge...may no longer be an option. (vicki) plus -- why a community in the east bay is trying to stop a doggy daycare from setting up shop.
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some neighbors in san ramon are saying not so fast...they don't want a doggy day care business right near their homes.(vicki) people against it say the business will disrupt traffic and potentially cause sanitation issues. kron four's philippe djegal shows us the proposed site. (philippe)no name/neighbor- "so, this is where i live -- this building. and, here is the dog daycare gonna be. you can see it's very close by." and, this neighbor isn't thrilled about the prospect of camp bow wow moving name neighbor- "the dogs, they gonna have all bugs, other flees. you know, i'm also worried because we, you know, we live so close." camp bow wow is a dog service company that stays open 24- hours a day, seven-days a week. no name neighbor- "they bark and they cannot control themselves." the company already has facilities in concord and livermore. in april, the business applied for a minor-use permit for this building on alcosta
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boulevard in san ramon. thursday, the city zoning administrator held a hearing open to the public where several neighbors, like this woman, living in the condos next door -- voiced concerns about the business potentially moving in. the city staff report on the application says the building could house up to 125 dogs at a time. with services including overnight boarding, day care, grooming and name neighbor- "the smell is definitely another thing that i concerned." the staff report says the dogs would stay inside at all times with the exception of a fenced outdoor area in the back. t-c cagle lives in the same condo complex and supports the business moving cagle/neighbor- "the funny thing about them disrupting our lives, we live next to a commercial lot. we knew that risk when we moved here. so, if you didn't want to live next to a commercial property, you shouldn't have moved here. that's the way i look at it." community development director for the city of san ramon, debbie chamberlain says public comments will continue to be heard on this application.debbie
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chamberlain/administrator- "as part of the public hearing process, um, whatever decision is made, that decision is appealable to the planning commission and ultimately to the city council also." the next public meeting is scheduled for august 16th. in san ramon, philippe djegal, kron four news. (grant) on the peninsula... the humane society and spca rescued a cat stuck on top of a utility pole in san bruno. a neighbor called the spca saying the cat had been stuck for three days on top of the pole on trenton drive. the spca called in the san bruno fire called in the san bruno fire department and pg&e to help get the cat down. pg&e pulled up a ladder and climbed the pole to reach the cat and then handed him over to the spca. other than being dehydrated and hungry the cat is expect to be just fine... now they are working on reuniting him with his family. (vicki) some friday night commuters ran into a surise while trying to get onto golden gate bridge northbound from san francisco in the presidio.(grant) a popular
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(grant) a popular back way to get on the bridge is now permanently closed to vehicles...making way for a bike and walking trail. kron 4's gabe slate spoke with folks at the presidio trust about why they took this action. crissy field avenue in the presidio, in san francisco, is now permanently closed to vehicle traffic. it's now a bicycle and walking path. crissy field avenue is little half mile stretch that picks up off mason street which runs along crissy field it's at the foot the bridge a lot of locals use it as a back way up to the golden gate bridge to get on 101 north toward marin. sot - driver upset. iit's a nice road i ran into quite a few upset drivers here who were caught off guard sot - driver upset it sucks crews with the presidio trust, the entity behind this project, were here adding more sinage for motorists that's good. because it was a mess a lot of confusion here drivers not knowing where to go? whether they should turn around or not ?? how to get on the bridge sound from jean fraser / ceo, presidio trust "we are doing this for the walkers and bikers make it
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more safe" pedestrians and bicyclists using the new trail seemed happy about the change. sound from trail users "i'm very happy, i love it, it's safe, this is great" in san francisco gabe slate kron 4 news. (grant) now to our (grant) news. slate kron 4 news. (grant) now to our four zone forecast... as we take this forecast... as we take this live look outside at the embarcadero... joining us now is chief meteorologist lawrence karnow...
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lawrence karnow: it was another nice day with slightly cooler temeratures. highs today were still in the 80s and low 90s inland with patchy fog and 50s and 60s at the coast. the sea breeze is blowing again and will bring more clouds into the bay. monsoonal clouds will also continue to move through over the next couple of days. it was another active day across the sierra with dozens of lightning strikes. on the satellite you can see as high pressure moves east we begin to cool slightly. highs tomorrow will be in the upper 80s to low 90s inland with 70s and 80s around the bay and 50s and 60s and patchy fog at the coast. we'll see more suinshine on sunday. high pressure will then build back in to the bay ares to bring another round of hot temperatures next week. (vicki) in the caribbean ... visitors expect
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next week.temperatures next week.
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... visitors expect to see beautiful waves of clear blue water. but at playa montesinos in the dominican republic ... beachgoers are greeted by waves of trash. distressing video seen here was shared by the group parley for the oceans ... and has already been shared thousands of times on social media. according to the
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organization ... it happens every time heavy rains take place. parley for the oceans - cleans up plastic around the world and tries to get people to change their habits. for this project ... they are working with over 500 public workers ... including the island's armed forces and government officials ... to clean up the beach. most of the plastic collected will go to a landfill ... with some of it being reused to create recycled products. coming upso my next set of directions was go out and drive it for 4 miles without stopping something to mix it around..i'm hoping we won't have to add a new discamer to bottles of fix a flat ... or stop signs i'll explain in the next edition of people behaving badly (grant) plus -- why many married couples keep their income under wraps... if the wife makes more money than her husband. (vicki)and coming up at ten: the waitress who was grabbed by a customer she then body
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slammed.,.. says she is happy with how she handled herself.. but not everyone she is underfire by some who say it happened because of what she was wearing.
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(vicki) wells fargo is paying up for another costly misstep. (grant) the bank is now refunding customers who were charged for pet insurance, home warranties, or other types of insurance. according to the wall street journal, thousands of customers were charged for dozens of "add-on" products they didn't need or understand. those refunds are on top of the hundreds of millions of dollars wells fargo is paying out for deceiving consumers. (grant) many married couples keep it under wraps, if the wife makes more money than her husband. that's
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according to two researchers who looked into census data. they say both husbands and wives in those marriages will say the husbands' paychecks are higher than they are. but the wives actually exaggerate them more than their husbands. the same holds for the wives' earnings... both husbands and wives downplay them - but husbands do that by a bigger margin than their wives. one researcher says couples do that to fit into perceived social norms. (vicki) a former top executive for paramount is denying she was fired for making insensitive comments. amy powell was terminated friday. she was president in 2013. in a memo -- the chairman of paramount pictures told studio staffers that other employees had complained about remarks made by powell. it is unclear what powell is accused of saying... but it sparked an investigation and she was let go. reports say..."there is no truth to the allegation that i made insensitive comments in a professional setting - or in
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any setting." she's reportedly exploring legal action. (vicki) mosquitoes in northern california have tested positive for the west nile virus. we'll pinpoint where you need to be extra careful. (grant) and next. how president trump is reacting to news his former laywer secretly taped him...about paying off a him...about paying off a former playboy star. (vicki) plus -- people taking a website's name a little too seriously. what the owners of rent-a-hit man dot com say their website is really about.
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(grant) a website's domain name is a play on words that has people contacting a computer hacking prevention service about wacking...or killing people. (vicki) not the desired result says the owner of website, who talked to kron4's haaziq madyun about this disturbing discovery sotbob innis is reading a disturbing email that he just received at his website the problem is innis is not actually a hitman. he is currently a computer data recovery specialist from novato. back in 2005 he and his college buddies started a computer network intrusion detection business. they named a hit mansot
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innis/rent-a-hitman: "if you have a wi-fi network in your business we would basically try to penetrate it, tell you what your vulnerabilities are, and work with you, your point and click solution. we will resolve your issue. point and click with a mouse">he parted ways with is buddies. the website was dormant for three years. in 2008 he decided to check the email in box and found hundreds of messages from people who were not interested in his netweork intrusion skillsnat/sot haaziqin this field where they give a description it gets a little dicey?sotwhen he realized people from all over the world were looking to hire him or join the hitman business he did two things. he put a disclaimer on the site making it clear that hit man is a play on words sot the second thing he did was reach out to law enforcement to give them a heads up about the messages he was receiving. i contacted a deputy in
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augusta county virgina who confirmed they are actively working a conspiracy to solicite first degree murder case. the tip came from the rent-a-hitman websitesot however just in case anyone out there still thinks innis is a real hit mansotwho will put you behind novato haaziq madyun kron4news
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(grant) in national news tonight -- president trump's former longtime lawyer and "fixer," michael cohen, recorded multiple conversations with mister trump... including a discussion of a payoff to a former playboy model keep her quiet about an alleged affair....that's according to the presient's current attorney. athena jones reports. it's the tale of the tapes.(nats)stunning revelation that michael cohen -- president trump's former personal attorney -- secretly recorded conversations between them -- and not just once.a source familiar trump telling cnn when informed of one of the tapes trump said, quote "i can't believe michael would do this to me."trump's current attorney rudy giuliani tells cnn that one of the conversations -- which took place two months before the 2016 presidential election in the then-candidate's trump tower office -- was about
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payments to former playboy model karen mcdougal, who says she had an affair with trump in 2006 -- an affair trump denies.karen mcdougal/ alleges affair with trump: "we were together 10 months before i chose to end it. so, we saw each other quite frequently." anderson cooper/ cnn: "so, dozens of times you were together."karen mcdougal/ alleges affair with trump: "many dozens of times, yes. (and you were intimate?) yes." giuliani told the new york times that in the tape, trump advises cohen to pay mcdougal by check -- if he does pay her -- so that there is a record. giuliani said the payment was ultimately never made and the tape shows trump did nothing the end, mcdougal reached a separate 150- thousand dollar deal for her story with american media inc - the parent company of the national enquirer before the election.a-m-i -- whose chief david pecker is a close friend of trump's -- never ran the story.mcdougal has accused cohen of secretly taking part in the ami deal.trump's campaign denied any knowledge of the ami deal in a november 2016 wall street journal report on the agreement.(nats) the fbi seized the mcdougal tape -- and others -- during an april raid of cohen's office -- part of the southern district of new york's criminal investigation into
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his business dealings -- including the 130-thousand dollar payment he made to porn star stormy daniels -- days before the 2016 election -- to keep her quiet about an alleged 2006 sexual encounter with trump that trump also denies.anderson cooper/ cnn: "and you had sex with him?" stormy daniels: "yes."anderson cooper/ cnn: "you were 27 and he was 60, were you physically attracted to him?"stormy daniels: "no."anderson cooper/ cnn: "not at all."stormy daniels: "no."the secret recordings may provide an answer to one of the biggest questions facinghe president -- just what does cohen have on him?trump's former fixer -- michael cohen/2011: "i protect mr. trump."has sent signals in recent weeks that he is willing to cooperate with special counsel robert mueller's russia investigation -- although it is not clear what kind of evidence cohen will be able to provide in that probe.according to giuliani, the mcdougal tape is the only one of true substance and trump's attorneys do not believe it is a problem for the president. (grant)(gnt) that was athena jones reporting. multiple parties are interested in what could be on
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those tapes. one of them is michael avenatti, the lawyer for stormy daniels...who is suing both cohen and trump. (vicki) a microsoft executive says russian intelligence operatives tried to hack into the online accounts of staffers on three congressional campaigns in the upcoming midterm elections. this marks the first public acknowledgment of a russian attack on a 2018 race. tom burt, microsoft's corporate vice president for customer security and trust, was speaking at the aspen security forum thursday. he said earlier this year, the technology firm detected a fake domain likely used as part of phishing attacks directed at the three campaigns. burt did not identify which campaigns were targeted. he said microsoft took down the site and prevented the victims from being infected. (grant) for your health tonight.... as the summer heats up, so does mosquito activity. the bites can be annoying - but also dangerous if the mosquitoes carry west
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nile virus. for the past few weeks the sacramento-yolo mosquito sacramento-few weeks the for the past few weeks the sacramento-yolo mosquito and vector control district has been monitoring an increase in west nile activity in the area. so far, 23 mosquitoes have tested positive for the virus -- prompting aerial spraying. but some in the area are wondering if it's safe.... ashley yee/resident: "i initially i would say yeah go for it - kill them all but i do have concerns if its safe for wildlife"luz maria robles/spokesperson, sacramento yolo mosquito vector control district: "at the very low dosage rates we use less than an ounce per acre, there are no adverse health related effects to the environment, people or pets" people or pets" officials hope the aerial spraying over 41-thousand acres will help keep the potentially deadly virus from spreading. mosquitoes in contra costa county have also tested positive for west nile this week. (vicki) still ahead tonight -- a road rage incident lands one police officer on administrative leave. the survallience
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video that captured it all.... when we come back (lawrence bay area weather) a's manager bob melvin said a's manager bob melvin said it pregame.. the first one back from the all star break is always tough ... it's the one you want to snag.... but the giants finding some momentum of their own to start the second half of the bay bride series.. we head to oakland next in sports...
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the bay bridge series continues on the other side of the all star break... the a's have been red hot this last month one of best teams in base ball... needing to keep that momentum going...eric byrnes an a's fan favorite at the game today... known for the cycle he hit in this series in the mascots, diving for the finish there...ryder jones
9:40 pm
called up for brandon belt.. launches this one deep to launches this brandon belt.. launches this one deep to right, off the pole..edwin jackson can't believe the rookie's luck... third home run for jones this season giants up 2-1dereck rodriguez... 2-8-9 era coming into this game... solid night strikes out a pair in the bottom of the 5th... allows 3 hits 1 run 5 strikeouts over 6 and a third...---top 7 giants up 2-1.. pablo sandoval... solo shot down right off edwin jackson... panda 2 for 3 on the night..--top 8... brandon crawford coming off his all star game.... puts this game away... rbi single... giants win 5-1### ###giants win 5-1 rbi single... giants win 5-1###
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reports swirling tonight that the oakland a's are in the hunt for jeurys familia from the mets.. beat writer susan sussler with the report tonight...the a's may have been red hot lately.... but they know they need to improve their starting rotation... and they could enhance their bullpen leading up to the trade deadline... the righty, familia has a 2-8-8 e-r-a... and 17 saves... he has 123 saves with the mets... reportedly no deals are in place and other teams are still in the mix.. next hour... we'll check in with the raiders ahead of training camp.... football is on the way..stay with us more news -- after the break..
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more than 150 drivers
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were stopped in pacifica and half moon bay after a day long crackdown.(vicki)but two drivers apparently stood out from the rest of the pack. stanley roberts explains .. you know every once in a while i run across people who like to well how can i put it nicely tell me where to go or what to do do you know why he stopped you " well he said i stopped in the crosswalk (( yea you did)) but i stopped (( well yea you did stop)) i don't really want to talk to you ((ok you don't want to talk to me)) i don't i dont need to talk to you i can talk to him. and personally, i recommend you never talk to me but sometimes even i have to laugh at some of the conversations here let me show you. i'm out in pacifica with officer nelson of the town of hillsborough police department during a saturation traffic enforcement program crackdown when this pickup truck flat out ran the stop
9:45 pm
sign(( sound of car speeding) so we catch up with the truck so officer nelson can have a chat now officers are use to hearing excuses as to why the drivers fail to stop but his one is special. while they are talking menlo park police ((yelp)) is also stopping a driver ((yelp)) we'll visit that stop shortly let's listen to the driver of the pickup you scared me because all of a sudden i looked up and there you go, you didn't even slightly tap on the pedal on that one. and here is when he revealed whyi got up today had a slow leak in my back left tire and so i just went down to the auto store put the fix a flat stuff in it and the next set of directions is you know you have to go out driver it for 4 miles without stopping or something to mix it around ((makes sense i don't think they meant physically not stopping, i think they meant parking it somewhere...i think they meant you gotta stop at the stop signs)) ah ok well wish i had you as an advisor to that part because i read it as to get this mixed around you need to keep movingok now over to the menlo park policetraffic stop notice how the police cruiser if facing one direction and the car stopped the other?first off the driver didn't stop for over a quarter of a mile well listen in we made eye contact rear view mirror i was like ok he knows i'm behind him then he's like ok maybe he'll pull over
9:46 pm
and maybe we'll go over somewhere like here nope ((and heard you hit the siren again)) let's talk to the driver why are you sitting in this direction when she pulled you over in this direction .. i don't know.. you don't know how you turned around yea because i don't want to double park yes and i don't know the regulation about that so let me try a different approach ((so when the lights and siren come on you are suppose to do what?)) stop and what did you do i stopped / what he did was make a very slow k turn he was ticketed for not stopping at a stop sign do i need to go to traffic school i'm going to go out on a limb here and say.. yup in pacifica stanley roberts kron 4 news (grant) a criminal investigation
9:47 pm
is now underway against an officer accused of shoving a resident to the ground.(vicki) it happened during a road rage incident and was captured on surveillance video. russ mc-quaid has the story. the speed limit in the 800 block of west banta is 35 miles per hour...but neighbors complain cars drive sixty and seventy miles per hour through this stretch of road...and high speed is what neighbors say led to confrontation between a resident and plain clothes officer.the neighbors along banta road say theyúve complained about speeding traffic to the mayorús office and impd...without success. robert turner/neighbor"tom was walking across the street, we seen a car approaching at a high rate of speed, the car laid on his horn as tom was about halfway across the road and was pretty close to him when he went past"tom trickle is recovering from brain cancer surgery and says he was waiting for a refrigerator delivery about 8:30 this morning when a gray sedan sped by.tom trickle/resident" i
9:48 pm
think he was doing every bit of over fifty miles per hour" "i give him a hand gesture i basically gave him the bird. the car turn around...come back...and the driver getting out." when he pulled up he opened the door. he had a polo on with a badge embroidered on it so i assumed at that time that he was on duty or had just gotten off duty""the gentleman opens his door and the first words out of his mouth were who the f do you think you are flipping me off?" " he goes get out of my face and then he takes both hands like that and shoves me and i just go back""my head hits the ground you know.thereús a gap in the surveillance video that misses the shove and trickle landing ten feet away - but it does show what happened next. "when the officer chucked him immediately he got on top of him followed him down the driveway was on top of him had his shirt grasped in one hand and then was trying to knock his hands down with the other" marked cars...uniformed officers and supervisors arrived and trickle went to the hospital to be checked out. "if he would have said he was a police officer right then probable everything would have changed" (vicki) (vicki) that was russ mcquaid
9:49 pm
reporting. the officer is a long time veteran of the department he was in plain clothes at the time of the incident. he's now on administrative leave. lawrence karnow: it was another nice day with slightly cooler temeratures. highs today were still in the 80s and low 90s inland with patchy fog and 50s and 60s at the coast. the sea breeze is blowing again and will bring more clouds into the bay. monsoonal clouds will also continue to move through over the next couple of days. it was another active day across the sierra with dozens of lightning strikes. on the satellite you can see as high pressure moves east we begin to cool slightly. highs tomorrow will be in the upper 80s to low 90s inland with 70s and 80s around the bay and 50s and 60s and patchy fog at the coast. we'll see more suinshine on sunday. high pressure will then build back in to the bay ares to bring another round of hot temperatures next week.
9:50 pm
(grant) a busy tampa highway is back open after a tractor-trailer was danging off the edge this morning.
9:51 pm
shortly after 7 a.m. ... police responded and found the cab of the truck hanging off the side of the j-d young bridge. the driver of the truck made it out safely before crews were able to pull the truck back onto the road. the reason why the truck went over the edge is unknown. (vicki) up next -- tens of thousands of people are in san diego for comic-con 20-18. highlights coming up. if you feel like you spend too much time in the bathroom with recurring constipation and belly pain talk to your doctor and say yesss! to linzess. ♪ yesss! linzess treats adults with ibs with constipation or chronic constipation. linzess can help relieve your belly pain,
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and lets you have more frequent and complete bowel movements. linzess is not a laxative. it works differently to help you get ahead of your recurring constipation and belly pain. do not give linzess to children less than 6, and it should not be given to children 6 to less than 18. it may harm them. do not take linzess if you have a bowel blockage. get immediate help if you develop unusual or severe stomach pain, especially with bloody or black stools. the most common side effect is diarrhea, sometimes severe. if it's severe, stop taking linzess and call your doctor right away. other side effects include gas, stomach area pain, and swelling. so say yesss! to help for recurring constipation. yesss! to help for belly pain. talk to your doctor and say yesss! linzess. wlet's do it. ? ♪
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come on. this summer, add a new member to the family. at the mercedes-benz summer event. lease the glc300 for $429 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. of people are in san diego for
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comic-con 20-18.(vicki) comic-con international kicked-off thursday. more than 130,000 people are expected to attend. highlights include guest- speakers, new movie trailers, art shows, and of course... the costumes. comic-con typically generates over one hundred and 43 million dollars for the area's economy (grant) a san antonio couple is welcoming a new addition to the family. when the mother went into labor ... the couple raced to the hospital. but the baby had other plans ... coming early and right after dinner. there was no time to go to the hospital so the chick-fil- a bathroom was the next best place. chick-fil-a franchise owners are already helping plan her first birthday with a chick-fil-a theme. the baby theme. a chick-fil-a birthday with her first helping plan already owners are franchise
9:55 pm
chick-fil-a best place.was the next a bathroom so the chick-fil-a bathroom was the next best place. chick-fil-a franchise owners are already helping plan her first birthday with a chick-fil-a theme. the baby will also receive free food for life and is guaranteed a job when she turns 14. (vicki) and in puebla mexico -- the dog that helped in the rescue work after the earthquake that hit in mexico on september 19 got a statue. the sculpture shows her caretaker. both collaborated in the rescue work along with other volunteers who risked their lives to save others. (grant) that wraps up kron 4 news at nine...(vicki) but our primetime coverage continues at the top of the hour. justine waldman is here with kron 4 news at ten....justine?
9:56 pm
(justine) thank you grant and vicki.... next at ten...a neighborhood on the peninsula is seeing some changes made to its long time landscape. and neighrbors are not happy. why they say it is worth the fight to keep around trees more than 100 years old. plus...a deadly boat accident... in a fierce missouri - a survivor of the duck boat tradegy is speaking out after 17 people died around her. and- for the first time ever... the rugby world cup is on u-s soil. how fans flocked to san francisco to see teams battle it out to become crowned world champs. don't go away...hour three of kron 4 news in primetime starts right after the break.
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(grant) now at ten: a community on the peninsula is
9:59 pm
fighting keep its longtime landscape. good evening im grant lodes. (justine) and im justine waldman, pam and ken have the night off. this battle all surrounds two heritage trees... which are more than a 100 years old. some members of the community believe the trees add value to the neighborhood and are worth the cost of maintenance. (grant) kron 4's hermela aregawi is live in san bruno with that story.. hermela, why does the city want to cut down the trees? (hermela aregawi)in emails to the residents.. the city says the tress get in the way of future plans to make the space a park. but the people who live in the area say .. the trees are on the premiter.. and don't get in the way. and that the city just doesn't value them enough to plan the park around them. a community coming together to fight for a cause they believe in..they want these two trees left right where they are.they say.. the city is rushing to cut them down for no reason other than.. they're inconvenient for plans to build a park here.sandra perez-
10:00 pm
vargas/resident i feel that this could be handled better. we attended a meeting last year when they were talking about bringing the park here. and then there was no mention about the trees, absolutely no mention. and they designed a playground right underneath the tree. that is what the issue is at this point. the officials are saying it's going to get tree droppings where the children are. we are saying is what city park doesn't have trees with droppings.they are both classified as heritage trees and do have some protections under the law that help preserve such old trees. but according to the city, there are exceptions.. such as when they get in the way of public services or facilities. but residents say.. what is a park without these trees.stephen seymour/resident we'd like for the trees to stay. we have neighbors here who said they're willing to care for the trees and that the trees mean a lot to them. so we started sending emails and we actually put up a petition to save the trees. the city is going to build this park and put smaller trees there. but this tree has been living there for over a 100 years sandra perez-vargas/resident these trees are heritage trees. they've lived here. they've been here longer than us. they should have the right


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