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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  July 21, 2018 1:30am-2:01am PDT

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>> i thought the [ bleep ] was white! >> roseanne off the rails again? what's behind her outrageous new rant. is she ramping up for a talk show. taking on meghan markle's family. which celebs are going after them and how sharon osbourne is doubling down on meghan's dad. >> why would you want to make such a fool of yourself. and heather locklear's ex-breaks his silence. how richie sam bora is taking action after her recent meltdown. plus, george clooney's recovery. then, what we just learned about the miley and liam's split report. and -- >> can i go to the bathroom for one second. >> why the predator stars threatened to walk out of our interview. this is "entertainment tonight." hello and welcome inside our headquarters here at comic-con.
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a lot of breaking news going on here in san diego, with some of your favorite stars. we'll get into all that a little later. our top story tonight, roseanne barr's new rant. she told us that she was going to talk about the controversy that got her fired and her show cancelled. but, man, oh man, kev. >> yeah, no one expected to see this. >> i thought the [ bleep ] was white! i thought the [ bleep ] was white! >> yes, that is audible laughing in the background immediately after a seemingly unhinged roseanne attempts to clarify the racist tweet that got her fired. >> i'm trying to talk about valerie jarrett with the iran deal. >> i know, but you've told me this 300 times. >> that was what my tweet was about. >> the disturbing, unedited one-minute video was posted to her youtube page last night. the 65-year-old appears agitated while smoking a cigarette. >> are you filming? >> yes. >> a male voice is heard off
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camera giving the 65-year-old comic unconventional media coaching. >> imagine a presidential address like you're busted killing a hooker or whatever? >> what? >> here's what we know about the video time line. >> 11 days ago, on july 9th, roseanne tweeted she was backing out of a planned tv interview explaining she wanted to release her own content on youtube. two days later, on july 11th, roseanne's son jake requested questions from fans. >> if you have questions you would like her to answer, you can send them. if you're an attractive female, you can also send nudes because i'm the one checking. >> last friday, production appeared to be under way. jake posted to instagram this behind the scenes footage in which roseanne appears calm and sincere. >> thanks for wanting to hear what i have to say, that's kind of novel right now. >> there has been no word yet on when the additional content will be posted. up until now, roseanne had only spoken about the aftermath of her racist tweet on her friend rabbi schmuley boteach's podcast. >> i definitely feel remorse.
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>> a source tells "e.t.", rabbi schmuley will record a new episode with roseanne today. and he's planning to ask her about the bizarre video. >> another star famous for speaking her mind in a much more controlled and sane way is sharon osbourne. e co-host of "the talk" sounded off about meghan's markle father and he reportedly got upset about it. so what did sharon do? she doubled down. >> it's so obvious you have a bad drinking problem. you know, you just look at aooky and you think, maybe you got a little problem. i hope it's drink and it's not dementia and something else that can't be cured. no, i'm serious. >> mrs. o. is definitely team meghan. sharon admits she doesn't know thomas markle personally but she definitely has an opinion. >> he looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, so, if it's a duck,
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it's just my point of view what i get paid for. >> meghan's half-sister samantha lashed out at sharon saying, that old hag can shut her mouth. >> my sources tell me thomas markle isn't a big drinker. the reason that he's overweight and what he prefers more than alcohol is junk food. >> "e.t.'s" royal expert katie nicholl says the royals' strategy in dealing with meghan's family, is to not dignify anything they say with a response. this comes as thomas was just seen out solo for his birthday. the 74-year-old went to mcdonald's, shopped at best buy and returned late to his l.a. motel. >> i don't think there are any concrete plans at the moment for meghan to go out and see her father. i don't even believe that they have spoken on the phone since the day of the royal wedding. another star speaking her mind about the markle family is oliva munn. she revealed this about the director of her upcoming film, "the predator." >> shane black used to date samantha markle, the really crazy sister. yes. he dated her back in the day. >> did he really? >> yes. and i think that we should reunite them.
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maybe samantha will calm down if she's -- she's real like angry. she said a lot of crazy stuff to the press. there is some happy news for the royals. they'll be celebrating this sunday because prince george is turning 5. william and kate's firstborn already got one pretty cool birthday present -- >> his own commemorative coin. let's go from the royal family to a holly wd family. heather locklear and richie sam bora have one daughter together, 20-year-old ava. and richie's breaking his silence, saying, he's doing everything he can to get ava's mom healthy. >> richie took his affection for locklear high in the sky. to show his support for heather who is currently in treatment for substance abuse. the former bon jovi guitarist took a two-hour dare devil ride near locklear's l.a. home in this fighter plane inscribed
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with heathers initials. >> you better keep it together. >> richie and heather divorced after 11 years of marriage. but 12 years later, some bora says he's helping his daughter's mom receive the care she needs after her arrest for allegedly attacking a police officer and a paramedic last month. richie says he has assembled a team of doctors and specialists to ensure heather and their daughter ava's best interests are taken care of, quote, i will of course always be there for heather and especially ava. 56-year-old actress confirms to "e.t." while in treatment, she has isolatesed herself and from most of her friends. her friends and family are all worried sick. >> and of course, we wish the best for heather and her entire family. meanwhile, it looks like george clooney is well on the road to recovery after the scooter crash that left him battered and bruised. topping tonight's "know and tell," clooney steps it up. >> walking on his own in sutri, italy, today, clooney didn't
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seem to be limping just ten days after slamming his scooter into a car at 60 miles an hour. >> hi, george, who are you yo? >> good, man. >> a source tells "e.t." george "feels lucky becaushe didn't suffer any permanent injuries and no broken bones, but his body is still stiff and sore." clooney was well enough to go back to work directing his upcoming hulu miniseries "catch 22." meanwhile, over in spain, george's best buddy is hanging with a hemsworth. matt damon and wife lucy joined chris and his wife elsa for a boat ride off the coast of san sebastian. thor had no fear leaping from both decks right into the ocean with their kids. the damons and hemsworths love to vacation together. but matt told us that there's one big issue. >> my wife doesn't like it when chris has that beefy body, either, it's just too much. as for chris' little brother liam? well, we showed you how he and fiancee miley took to instagram yesterday, seemingly to fight reports that they had split
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after cyrus deleted her instagram posts. but why'd she scrub her social media clean in the first place? today, a source tells "e.t.," miley simply likes to change things up. she is working on new music and plans to come back with brand-new instagram. ♪ we can't stop >> my managers are like, are you okay? are you on this planet because we haven't heard from you, we haven't seen any instagram posts. >> but when will we hear wedding bells for the couple? we're told there is no rush. she felt that all the pressure of a wedding put unnecessary strain on their relationship. and like all couples, liam and miley fight, but they both agree they are in it for the long run. still ahead -- two '90s reboots in the work? we got the scoop. the new talk of a dawson's creek comeback. >> like katie holmes would sign on and saved by the bell, breaking news. >> will there be reunion. and kevin hart's fight with tiffany haddish.
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and which this is us star could handle a real-life -- the stars of the predator have so much to celebrate. we took a little time out to toast sterling's emmy nominations. dogs don't play hard to get. they declare love at first sniff. dogs love more, because they are more. let's treat them that way. milk-bone. doing more for dogs since 1908.
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♪ that's the cast of "breaking bad," back together to celebrate the show's tenth anniversary and look at this. aaron paul got his daughter in the spirit, 5-month-old story. that's the cutest little baby meth cooker i have ever seen. >> she looked fantastic. >> we're all in if breaking bad did a reboot. come back, y'all. we did find out yesterday that dawson's creek could be coming back. ♪ i don't want to wait for our lives to be over ♪ >> let's just say that there's talk. >> there's talk! >> like, katie holmes would sign on talk? >> dawson's creek creator kevin williamson is all about reunions. the executive producer of "the
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vampire diaries" is once again teaming up with its star paul >> it stars sex and the city kim cattrall. >> i'm not opposed to it. we would all do it. it's just finding a vehicle that feels right. >> we caught up with mark paul gosselaer. the 44-year-old is promoting the passage premiering next year on fox. he already has a special bond with his 11-year-old co-star. >> i learned so much from him. >> do you? >> yeah, especially me. >> just listening to you i figured it out now. it's the reboot of "saved by the bell." that's your daughter. >> yes. >> oh, my gosh. >> i had a thing with lisa turtle. >> yes. i like that story.
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netflix, 2019. finally the cast of brooklyn nine-nine is celebrating being saved from cancellation. >> rejoicing was abundance. >> the comedy got eaksed by fox. then it got picked up by nbc. >> such a cool cameo. bump into each other on the street. you go, excuse me. >> kevin, anything you can do? >> that was horrible. can't do anything until he pulls that together. all right, still ahead here -- >> the final sharknado, or is it? what the cast is only telling "e.t." about a possible seventh movie. then -- >> it's a miracle -- >> what you haven't heard from our wendy williams exclusive. holding nothing back about her past cocaine addiction and her fight with whitney houston over drugs. and sterling k. brown's
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co-star oliva munn doesn't watch him on "this is us." closed captioning provided by --
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♪ welcome back to "e.t.." yesterday, talk show host wendy williams spoke about her drug addiction back in the '90s. still a lot you haven't heard i including how whitney houston's death affected and how wendy got cleaned. one day i just said, i'm not
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doing this anymore and i didn't have to go to rehab or anything like that and it's amazing. it's a miracle i was able to stop. i was a functioning addict, though, i would report to work on time. >> being a functioning addict, i mean, how do you function? >> a functioning addict has several alarm clocks, you know, you're organized. my parents would never call me out on it. but i would see the pain in their eyes and i would just say, oh, my gosh, i come from a really nice family and i have a really good job. i've never been arrested, i've never been caught in a sting, wendy, it's time to stop. >> wendy's had time to reflect since the last time she opened up about her addiction. on her talk show in 2012 after the death of whitney houston. >> felt very close to whitney. both plagued with the demons of substance abuse. >> wendy and whitney had one interaction. they famously sparred in a contentious radio interview back in 2003. >> is there drug use going on?
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>> who are you talking to? >> to you, whitney. >> no. you're not talking to me. i'm a mother. >> it's been almost 15 years since i smoked last from a crack pipe. >> wendy celebrated her 54th birthday wednesday night by launching her "be here" campaign to battle addiction. and her parents were there, smiling proudly. what is is that like? >> it's nice. my mother and father have seen me through the fire. to have them here and see me come full circle, that's everything. >> at the end of the day the most important thing is that wendy is healthy. all right, more comic-con news to get now. oliva munnm she stars with sterling k. brown and keegan michael key in "the predator." i expected a little more when they arrived. >> i'm a little salty with you guys because you came in dressed in regular clothes. last time dwight howard was here, he came in a full predator gear. he went all in.
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>> yeah, i'm disappointed in myself. >> okay, thank you. >> can i go to the bathroom for one second? >> the crew will face off against an alien terror in their movie "the predator." but, if they were squaring off with that kind of foe in real life, which friend would sterling call in for help? >> milo ventimiglia, my onscreen father and dear friend, he carries like rambo knives around with him randomly. he seems all lovey as jack, but you cross him- boom! >> but would oliva ever join forces with sterling on "this is us"? >> i haven't seen "this is us" yet so i actually don't know no, no, you know why. i watched one clip and i was already bawling. i watch one clip and i'm like -- >> you vomit? you throw up? ♪ let it go >> and not that he needs the work, but is there any truth that sterling is joining the cast of "frozen 2"? >> in negotiations right now. feeling optimistic there's a new character they want to introduce that i kind of auditioned for and it would be an opportunity to do something that my kids definitely can watch.
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another one of the big movies here at comic-con is "sharknado." they're saying this is the final installment, or is it? ah! surf's up! >> is this the end? is this end the end? >> there's no cliffhangers, the story that started in sharkn a, did, o 1 ends in sharknado 6. >> it comes full circle. >> but this sharknado has a twist unlike any of the previous movies. . these sharks can travel through time. >> you ride dinosaurs? >> cameos are a sharknado must.
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in the final, a mini-90210 reunion with tori spelling. >> i love it. >> we go back in time with finn meets his past. finn's mother is played by tori and his dad is played by dean. >> it's the end of sharknado. there should be a spin-off based on my cameo in "sharknado 3." behind us, some 130,000 people expected to come through the gates for comic-con. >> it's impossible to see everything there is here. it kind of left me and
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etonline's lauren zima, a little bummed. so we team up with barefoot wines to "wine about it." >> so, keltie, we are having so much fun at comiccon. i'm feeling refreshed with my barefoot rose. i'm having a great time but there are some things i'm very surprised about. i was not aware of the comic-con fashion. >> oh, i'm terribly dressed for the ocsion. >> i would not have won a three-inch heel to run around a convention center. had i known, most people were going do be in the sneaker. >> that's what i'm saying. >> he's in the human claw getting prizes. >> hanging out in the new magnum p.i. in the ferrari. i'm kevin, who, what? we made some adjustments and we finally fit in. >> i feel ready. >> cheer to comiccon. >> yes, and cheers to our good friend, kevin frazier. coming un, the funniest feud
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you'll ever see, kevin hart and tiffany haddish. why are they fighting over $300?
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travel consideration provided by -- if there's anybody in the free world you want to owe money to, it's kevin hart. you know what, he won't let you
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pay him back. >> just ask tiffany haddish. she had to ambush him on the set to try and square things up. >> make it rain. >> hold on now. you don't have too is this. >> of course, that didn't work. kevin posted this message to tiffany. what he didn't know i put it back in one of her wig caps that she wasn't wearing that day. kevin wasn't joke zblg are you serious, kevin? am i going to have to fight you to give you this money back? >> tiffany, let it go. just hit him up for a really big dinner. >> exactly. or a nice gift. okay, another reason they've taken their money fight public. they star in "night school." >> a great time this
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