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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  July 22, 2018 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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>> our britney spears world exclusive. >> i just want to be a happy person. >> the pop star's major announcement and why she's totally up for a reunion with justin timberlake. >> definitely. >> then. >> shut up. >> trying to do an interview here. >> mamma mia. >> move over for meryl. our mamma mia squeal exclusive with streep and cher taking over london. >> plus. >> i thought the [ bleep ] was white. >> roseanne off the rails again. what's hinds her new rant and what has her speaking out now. >> hi, this is roseanne barr. >> plus meghan markle royally
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terrified. why her dad seems to think so. >> i've had no way of contacting her. >> and suits" minus meghan. new addition katherine heigl full of first day jitters. plus our exclusive with the spy who loved me cast sharing their worst breakup stories ever. >> how justin theroux's heart was torn apart in epic fashion. >> what are you doing here? >> this is "entertaiment tonight." >> ladies and gentlemen, britney spears has launched her first tour in seven years. but before she hit the road the pop superstar sat down for a world einterview. miss kelsey knight is here with me. >> baby, one more time. britney has been through a lot. in our sit down, it became clear she is in a really good place and getting ready to celebrate a major anniversary ♪ >> that baby one more time is 20
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years. >> yes. >> coming up this year. >> uh-huh. >> does it feel like it's been 20 years? >> it's been so fast. like i feel like i started yesterday. you know, so it's like everything still feels very new which is a blessing. it's been a roller coaster. >> what would you tell that britney from 20 years ago? >> i would tell her just to believe in yourself and never doubt yourself and be strong. ♪ but now i'm stronger >> i sat down exclusively with the 36-year-old for her first solo sitdown in nearly two years. he's all about her son, her music, herman ♪ >> and she's expanding her reported $250 million music and beauty empire with her new fragrance, prerogative, available at walmart and coals. >> why did you choose that particular name. >> it's so bold. no judgment. there's no labels. it's just very fresh. and i feel like it's powerful
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and sexy. for gir to have an image of empowerment and you have a little bit of ego. it's okay. toot your own horn. that's really important these days. ♪ >> what would you say you're most confident about? >> i just want to be a happy person. that's already important to spread joy you know and be a happy person. >> what are you least confident about? >> o, lord a lot of things. but of course, all of us girls are like oh, my god, what is this on my legs, what's going on. my booty, oh. >> this week she posted this behind the scenes look at her photo shoot for her new fragrance. >> do you ever let the boys smell it and help you choose. >> no. >> they were like mom we don't like perfume. >> i love men's perfume. come talk to me. the aroma of men's perfume, my boys are teenagers now, 11 and
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13 and starting to wear men's perfume. >> already? >> it's wonderful. i love men perfume. >> i like that you call it men perfume. >> amicism years old? i love men perfume. >> i like it. it sounds better than men's cologne. >> i likemen's cologne better. >> i like the men perfume. it's cute. >> as long as a man smells good i'm done. he can smell like breakfast, i don't care. pancake in the morning. >> 'd eggs. so much more good stuff from the interview. what did she say about a mickey mouse reunion with justin and what is her favorite cheat meal coming up. >> let's stick with music and talk about mamma mia here we go again out this weekend. our brooke anderson was at the premiere in london where it was all about these two ladies, meryl and cler. cher ♪ here i go again. >> you are turning back time over and over and over and over.
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>> you know, as long as i can. it won't last forever. ♪ having the time of your life >> shut up. trying to doing an interview here. >> hollywood legends cher and meryl streep gave a little love to each other. >> she plays your mom. >> appropriately enough. because she's lived a much longer life than i have. >> what's it like reuniting with her? >> i came on the set the day she sang "fernando." that was my first day. >> and she just the lid off the place. she steals the movie. >> how does it compare to other things you've done in your career? >> so easy. it's so easy. it's like everyone was having a good time. when i came in, everyone knew each other. i was the odd one.
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eends and i were the otd ones. everyone was so nice and there was no pressure. >> cher wore all black on the blue carpet and narrowly i avoided a wardrobe malfunction. >> make sure if you can keep it symmetrical. >> great. you're going to find that out. that's what i want america to know, okaying? >> it's too small. >> the mamma mia sequel copies the saga of the musical musical from 2008. tom hanks and rita wilson say audiences are ready for some fun. >> it's a sing along and everybody knows the word. >> yeah, it's so true. >> most of the original cast is back and turns out reunions are something amanda seyfried is all about. >> next year is the 15th anniversary of "mean g lindsay has said. >> irks i'm in. of course, i am. i'd be crazies. >> next up for meryl her appearance alongside the ladies
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of big little lies. season two is expected to premiere next year. >> what has it been like joining that cast? >> it's fantastic. and i love having the girls as my boss. because they understand. we have lots of big fabulous drunken meals together. >> what else can you tell us? do tell. >> i'm not telling you a damn thing. you have to tune in. it's fantastic. >> it's worth a try. >> when meryl tells me to watch, i'm watching. let's stay across the pond and talk about meghan markle after her dad's latest controversial interview. he claimed the royal family cut him off from his daughter. that tops this weekend's no and tell. >> i've had no way of contacting her. >> in an explosive interview th tabloid the s meghan is feelg pressure of being a royal saying "i think about my fought right now and i think she's terrified. i see it in her eyes and face and this one isn't even a staged
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smile. this is a pain smile." after the interview went public, sharon osbourne came to meghan's defense on the talk." >> you just look at a guy and go i think maybe you got a little problem here. i hope it's not dementia or something else that can't be cured. no, i'm serious. >> mrs. o, you don't know thomas mark. >> no, never met him. >> meghan's alf sister lashed out saying that told hag can shut her mouth. >> roseanne's explosive video rant. >> i thought the [ bleep ] was white. i thought the [ bleep ] was white. >> yes, that is audible laughing in the background immediately after the comic attempts to clarify the racist tweet that got her fired. >> i'm trying to talk about iran, i'm trying to talk about valerie jarrett and the iran deal. >> the unedited one-minute video
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was posted to her youtube page thursday night. a male voice is heard off camera giving her unconventional media coaching. > imagine a presidential address like you're busted for killing a hooker. >> friday a second video was posted she called her official statement. >> i'm able to speak for myself without the filter of the biased media. >> delivering what appears to be a scripted message, she claims abc's decision to pull the plug on her hugely successful show was politically moat have aed. >> my show was canceled and i was labeled a racist. why you ask? well, the answer is simple. it's because i voted for donald trump. >> now to our candid new interview with wendy williams. she told kristine johnson how her past drug addicts could have cost her everything. >> i lost over a decade of my life being hooked on cocaine. >> it was is mid-90s and wendy was living a double life.
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>> i was that girl standing outside waiting for my next connection at 3:00 in the morning by myself. i could be dead. >> wendy says her rock bottom was realizing the pain she was causing her parents and she was able to turn her life around without rehab. >> how did you do that? >> changed my social circles. that was around the time that i met my boyfriend at that time but now he's my husband kevin. >> wendy opened up about her 17-year-old son's past struggle with the synthetic marijuana k2. >> our son three years ago smoked k2. this is a drug we see on news. people are walking around like zombies. i was horrified. >> did you notice changes? >> immediately it zaps your brain immediately. >> today, mother and son are using their experiences to help others fight addiction. launching the be here national campaign. and wendy has a message for others also struggling with substance abuse. >> you got to get yourself
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together. life is sweet on the other side. you want this. >> on way more with britney, cher and. >> oh my gosh, am i going to screw up this whole thing. >> replacing a royal. >> why suit's newest star katherine heigl freaked out on set. plus our exclusive spy who dumped me interrupted. and our interview way off the rails. and our interview way off the rails. >> this is my the world is full of different hair. that's why pantene, the world's #1 conditioner brand, has conditioners for every hair type. from air-light foam for fine hair, to nourishing 3 minute miracle for thick and curly. and the moisture-infusing gold series collection. giving more women great hair days - every day. pantene. world's number one... conditioner brand. i'm ray and i quit smoking with chantix.
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ride with this crew. do the wave with these guys. and hang with this little one. that's because move free ultra is clinically proven to keep my joints moving better than glucosamine chondroitin. which means i'm free to rock on with this gang. move free ultra. movement keeps us connected. ing. > do you want to die having never been to europe or do you want to go to europe and die having been to europe. >> why are those my only options. >> mila kunis and indicate mckinnen don't need help in bringing the funny but they're supported by a pretty hilarious cast. i talked about their movie "the spy who dumped me," and since that's the title who dumped them in real>> what's the worstve ha? >> i don't know.
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>> i've been married for too long. >> i had a girl in high school. i was going to college. she had to stay back a year. why aren't we together. i did the romantic thing of surprising her. her roommate was like what are you doing here and then i was like and i went into her room and someone was there. >> okay so justin's worst breakup was not his split with jennifer aniston and seven months later he's got a new love in his life a pitbull named kuma. he brought her to the sbov. >> hi. >> a fellow his dog is hard to resist. >> she's a good puppy. >> i need to get a dog. diabolical. >> get a dog and cat. >> i cat will do nothing for you sexually. >> i know your size. >> it's a long story. i'm going to explain everything. >> in "the spy who dumped me," justin is dumping mila. kate is the bestie and sam hewn
7:15 pm
is the sexy british guy. >> can i ask about sam's body. >> i'm not trying to object tiff phi. >> ask about sam's body. >> what you got. >> you post your workouts on instagram. >> sam jogs naked. there have been plenty of times where we were driving through budapest and she's shirtless on a bridge jogging along. ashton and i were like [ bleep ] just like jogging along with his little six pack. >> did you ever rope anybody else into the crazy. >> i tried to get them to jog naked with me but it didn't happen. we'll go. we'll hang out. >> we're going to do this. >> we're very healthy humans. >> that was a pc way of saying they're both fine. >> i lost this cast. now, let's talk about the cast of brooklyn 99. >> this is my husband and my favorite show. >> they took part in comic-con going on in san diego right now which is huge for fans.
7:16 pm
super heros and fantasy. we get a big tv scoop. since brooklyn 99 moves, there was a lot to talk about. >> rejoy is was abundant. >> we had a full night of being devastated. >> it was a terrible night. >> like a 23-hour cycle. >> in may it got axed by fox but a day later nbc picked up the show for season 6. andy sandberg wants bruce willis to cameo. >> we bump flow each other on a street and you go excuse me, and you walk away. that was a bad il make this hap. >> and now that andy is a proud papa will his daughter join the 99 baby brigade? >> there's certainly brooklyn baby play dates. >> who hosts the best play dates. >> i've been supposed to host
7:17 pm
one for four months and it hasn't happened. it's fast approaching. i've been doing a little yard work. it's almost done. >> and he has a show which just came back to tv "suits." the hit is in season eight. with meghan markle now a duchess, katherine heigl is taking over. i talked to the new addition on set in toronto. >> alex. i prefer samantha. >> walking the halls it's a little bit of a trip, right? >> blew my mind. we did some camera test in louis's office. i was like i'm. louis's office. >> get out going to steal something. don't start like that. don't start like that. >> katherine joined the cast as a sassy new partner at the firm after rachel was written off the show. how did she get the part? the 39-year-old is such a big fan she asked the show's creator if ed consider her.
7:18 pm
>> do you need anybody? because i'm available. so it just kind of happened. >> three kids coming to toronto with you. >> yes. >> how do you handle that? >> i raised my niece. she's with us. there's four kids and my husband and i and two dogs. >> who has the pack and play. >> it's chaos. but i think we're getting it tighter and better and down to a science. >> you do have a nice. >> also joining the cast full-time dewey hill is now a series regular after guest starring last season. >> i'm here to tell you back the hell off. >> we may not have seen the last of meghan's former on screen husband patrick j. adams. >> find it very hard to believe that mike ross doesn't appear at least one more time on the show. >> i love that. >> up next, "snl" bloopers revealed. the hosts who couldn't hold it together. then why you haven't heard
7:19 pm
the last from "sharknado," the cast at comic-con. >> only we are hanging with the cast of the new predator including this is us" star after his emmy nomination. >> i'm disappointed in myself. >> magnum p.o. we're with the stars taking over these mem ♪ ♪ can world-renowned artist red hong yi use the chase mobile app® to pay practically anyone, at any bank? all while creating a masterpiece made of tea leaves? ♪ ♪ yes. but this isn't for just anyone. ♪ ♪ hong yi! it's for the strongest man in her life. ♪ ♪ life. lived red's way. chase. make more of what's yours.
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>> now, it saturday night live" bloopers. it's not just the cast who can mess up. >> something is coming out about me real soon because i'm next. >> the rhythm of the fire. then ford the river -- then ford the river of flame. >> you don't know me. >> you don't me, jeanne. >> god, that's sexy. >> this is not an fbi badge. >> no, but we live together. >> get out of the car.
7:22 pm
out of the car. >> come on. >> but it's not -- i confiscated i it. >> you didn't think you heard the last from the cast of "sharknado," did you? >> yes, well the gang from the sixth and final film in the franchise titled the last "sharknado" it's about time. comic-con to talk about their future. >> aah! >> suv's up. >> is this end? >> who can say for sure. the fact this movie got made in the first place tells us that anything is possible. is this the end? looks like it. >> every good thing eventually comes to an end. >> there's nocliffhanger. we can at started in "sharknado ends in "sharknado" six. >> it comes full circle? >> 100%. people won't believe it. >> but this "sharknado" has a
7:23 pm
twist unlike any of the previous movies. >> the shark can travel through time. >> we started everywhere. >> yeah. >> we. >> you ride dinosaurs. >> rides a pterodactyl. her name is tara. >> cameos are a "sharknado" must. for the final installment a mini 90210 with tori spelling. > we go back in time where steve -- look at you. steve, i love it. >> got me all jumbled here. we go back in time where fin meets his parents. fin's mom is played by tori and his dad is played by dean. thos. always funny. you never think you'll like them and sitting there watching it. the cast of the predator we talked to the gang following if the footsteps of arnold schwarzenegger's 1987 sci-fi action epic.
7:24 pm
>> i'm salty with you guys because you came in dressed in regular clothes. last time dwight howard was here he came in full predator gear and came all in. >> i'm disappointed in myself. >> can i go to the bathroom for one second? >> the crew will face off against an alien terror in "the predator," but if they were squaring off with that foe in real life, which friend would sterling call in for help? >> i on screen father and dear friend. he carries like rambo knives around with him. >> he seems au lobby but you cr. >> but would olivia ever join forces with sterling on "this is us"? t. no, you know why? >> stop. >> i watched one clip and i was already bawling. i watched one clip and i'm like. >> you threw up? >> and not that he needs the work but is there any truth that sterling is joining the cast of
7:25 pm
"frozen 2"? >> in negotiations rights now. feeling optimistic. there's a flu character they want to introduce that i kind of auditioned for. and it would be an opportunity to do something that my kid definitely can watch. >> the predator is in theaters september 14th just three days before the emmys when sterling could potentially take thome with more emmy awards. >> legs crossed, everything. >> rooting for you. >> now let's get back to comic-con. did you see and do everything? >> pretty much. there's a lot to take in. it's absolutely impossible. it kind of left me annette online's lauren zim ma bum out. we barefoot one to wine about it. >> kelsey, we're having so much fun. i'm feeling refreshed with my barefoot rose. >> there are some things i'm surprised about. first up, i was not aware of the comic-con fashion. >> i'm terribly dressed for the occasion. >> id not have worn three-inch
7:26 pm
hooes to run around the convention center had i known most are in sneakers. >> i left my spiderman onesie at home. now i've lost the moment to wear it. >> perhaps my most serious grievance kevin frazier is having so much more fun than we are. >> why is he always on the funtime bus? this morning prepare for the interviews. he's in the human claw. >> getting prizes, getting thrown around in the air. >> i got boxes for everybody. >> hanging out with the new magnum p.o. in a ferrari. kevin, who, what? >> jay hernandez, crushed on growing up. kevin goes ride around in a ferrari with him? >> not okay. >> the biggest problem is we can't all t do. >> it's impossible to see all the stars, ought activations. >> >> dancing to doily parton. >> it's iconic. >> cheers to comic-con. >> straight ahead mamma mia men
7:27 pm
in span dem. what made them the most uncomfortable and why the woman couldn't stopwatching. > where do you put your hands? >> then -- more from our comic-con takeover with stars of tv's new reboots. >> will there be a reunion. >> netflix 2019. >> and what happened when the chef and his son tempted fate in the bahamas. >> i want to go out there. >> closed captioning provided by --
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i've been making blades here at gillette for 20 years. i bet i'm the first blade maker you've ever met. there's a lot of innovation that goes into making our thinnest longest lasting blades on the market. precision machinery and high-quality materials from around the world. nobody else even comes close. it's about delivering a more comfortable shave every time. invented in boston, made and sold around the world. order now at gillette. the best a man can get. if you're just joining us here are this week's top five stories. number five, meghan markle's dad fashion critic. in an interview with the sun is, thomas markle criticizes his daughter's royal wardrobe saying "meghan seems like something out of an old movie why in 2018 are we dressing like the 1930s. why do they have to cover their knees. the former hollywood lighting
7:31 pm
director who believes she is faking her smiles told the sun he wants to try to visit her whether he's invited or not saying "i'm not going to wave flags and make a fool of myself. i would find a hotel room and try to reach them." number four, a century goes wrong. we askedtise nielsen what happened. >> we're doing things that we haven't quite. ed yet before. we've never performed with fire. we had never performed with a bl then that specific drop we were doing we were doing it where she was higher up than we've done it before. then i have to give her a verbal cue when to fall. >> and i actually couldn't even really hear him because the audience was clapping so much, which is awesome they were clapping for us but i couldn't hear anything. >> number three, katy perry's depression. ♪ >> in a candid new interview with vogue australia she says the lack luster reception of last year's album witness led to
7:32 pm
a depression. "unknowingly i put so much into the reaction of the public and the public didn't react in the way i expected to which broke my heart." >> justin bieber's i dos with hailey baldwin number two. our source says they want to have a smaller wedding with family and friends, nothing over the top. on the short list for location, canada where the believes is from or somewhere in the states. and number one, wendy williams opens up about past addiction. it was during the '90s when is she worked as a new york deejay. >> i lost over a decade of my life being hooked on cocaine. i was a functioning addict though. i would report to work on time and all my coworkers including my bosses would know but instead of firing me, i would grab my headphones and arrogantly walk in the studio and they didn't fire me because i was making ratings. >> she says her rock bottom was realizing the pain she caused her parents and she was able to turn her life around without
7:33 pm
rehab. go to et online for the latest. >> would's wild invasion of san diego at the ultimate fan fest that is comic-con. >> we've shown you a few "a" list film calfs getting together and tv scoop there. first up, the magnum p.i. reboot. >> whoo. >> we blow up a couple of ferraris in the pilot. >> jay hernandez steps into the tom selleck role but the car, the chopper, the gorgeous scenery even the dobermans are all back. >> but this time, higgins ler m >> an what will be higgins new flavor? >> she's ex-military as well as you know, same as the guys. >> she'll kick some butt. >> pretty much. >> will there be any folks from the olds show popping up? >> have to watch the show.
7:34 pm
>> i'm trying to get. >> definitely trying to make it happen. >> jay won't be rocking that famous magnum stash. >> we thought we should do a mashup of the new and old magnum. it's amazing. >> bam. >> oh, my. >> look at that hair. >> look at that. >> fun fact, jay was only 27 when nag numb debuted in 1980. perdida wasn't born yet but a clack is a classic just like this car. >> i need to go. >> cbs gave me the car. >> get out. >> love you. >> let's keep the reboot news flowing. remember alyssa milano, holly marie and shannen doherty to cast a spell on all of us with "charmed"? it's back. we were with the three witches set to take over this fall. >> in the reboot business, there
7:35 pm
are people who like love the show and there's people who are skeptical. you can't do it as well as to the first one. what do you say to those people. >> i did see today on twitter that somebody said we're not in competition. they said it's a nice tribute. >> that's really gratifying that they see it like that. >> i feel like there's a lot of negativity but also positive activity. >> you sarah diaz and madeleine are finding manual nick sisterhood. >> this is our legacy. mom wanted to us do this. >> they say they want to honor the original charmed but at a modern twist. >> is there any possibility at some point one or two or three of them could pop in and -- >> i would love. >> and listen to there. we could be heading back to dawson's creek. >> we asked kevin williamson about a reunion. >> let's just say there is talk.
7:36 pm
>> there's talk. >> there's talk. >> like katie hoemts would sign on talk? >> i can't say anything. >> another '90s show that could be making a comeback "saved by the bell." >> ♪ >> mark paul gossler who is promoting his thriller "the passage," told us it's all about finding the right concept. >> i am not as opposed to it. we're all in agreement we would do it. it's just finding a vehicle that feels right. >> coming up, more from our britney spears world exclusive. what she's only telling us about her past with justin timberlake. >> probably one of the most special times in my life. >> we know how to make babies very well but we're -- wehere. >> jessica simpson and drew barrymore on running beauty empires and still finding time for date night. >> and we're in the
7:37 pm
7:38 pm
7:39 pm
>> welcome back. can we talk about jessica simpson and drew barrymore, two devoted moms was wildly successful careers. >> and great heads of hair. for drew and jessica, it's all about the glamour game which appears to run in the family as lauren found out. >> my daughter is just as obsessed with hair and makeup. >> and entertainment. as i am. >> she's all into it. like all the rhinestone brushes.
7:40 pm
she's helped me along the way. it's good to have an opinion fr6-year-old. we all need youth. can you say hi? >> hi. >> do you love mommy's products? >> what are products? >> like what do you mean? >> mopey's name is on everything. >> maxwell got the total hookup when it comes to getting glam in addition to her empire her mom is launching a new cosmetic line. it's not just the makeup that keeps her feeling sexy. >> you look amazing. your man looks amazing. > he keeps me hot. i have to say like such an amazing father that it makes me want to stay young. i'm like how can you be so active. >> does that make you think we're good on the family for awhile? >> yeah, we arecallying. we're very happy. we know how to make babies very well but we're -- we got the little one here. >> yeah. >> jessica was at beauty con in los angeles, the annual
7:41 pm
cosmetics convention is where we caught up with another famous mom. dress's two girls love her flower beauty line, too. >> my daughter frankie was drawing black eye browse all the way across like chris in blade runner and olive had beads and little dots everywhere. and she's so artistic about it. i had such pride. >> even though she's a mogul, drew is not afraid to bare all posting makeup pics like there. something else she's honest about, her dating life. >> you said in the past you're on the ands. what do you think? >> i got off. it was fun to try. still single. like do friends set you up? >> no, every one of my friends set me up. where is the friend setting people up? cameron diaz help a ses ter out right now. get her a man. we love an honest man. what about when your kids get too honest but. >> and cut you down on national
7:42 pm
television. ouch. that happened to bruce willis, his tex demi and his own daughters took aim as bruce became the latest victim of a comedy central roast. lauren zim ma talked to the ladies in bruce's life about cutting him down. >> celebrating is a loose word. >> we know a lot more than we should about my dad. >> what's it like to bring home somebody you're dating? >> he loves having men around. >> you have five daughters you need more testosterone if he gives them an article of clothing it's like a quiet come here and gives them a hat or a tee. kind of -- >> the rumor tallulah and scout weren't afraid to spill dad's secrets, neither was demi moore who gets in a few jabs of her own. how was bruce feeling about all this attention? >> not nervous. >> because have you your wife here to support.
7:43 pm
>> you that, too. >> cool as a cucumber. >> love you dad. >> it's payback, bruce. laugh at it, right? now to a celeb dad getting real about working with his son. guy and hutter fieri taking part in the kickoff to "shark week." they may know a lot about fish but how are they at not becoming fish food? >> "shark week" and we're open for business. >> guy and his 21-year-old son hunter took to the bahamas trying to avoid becoming lunch for the ultimate feeding machine. >> that's a lot of shark. this is pretty awesome, hey? i want to go out there. all right. i'm done with there job. >> the two had no fear diving into shark infested waters. >> wait. up. >> now is a bad time to tell you put a tuna fish sandwich in your back pocket. >> they're mellow. whether he they feed you can see
7:44 pm
how they turn it on and off. >> that's an understatement. >> this is guy fieri feeding frenzy. >> they're learning about sustainability for "shark week." >> you think about it too much, it gets real scary. my kid is down there. fortunately he's doing great with the diving. i'm not worried about managing him. >> what an adventure. >> we got a chance to really have about as up close and personal of an experience with sharks as you could imagine. >> you guys want to see one of these guys up close and personal? >> oh, my god! this is out of control. >> cross that off the bucket list. that wasn't on the bucket list. >> you got to be kidding me. >> still to come, more from our britney spears world exclusive, what she's saying now about a mickey mouse club reunion. >> could it ever happen. >> cler on her big screen return and friendship with meryl streep. >> she was unbelievable. i had no idea what i was doing. >> first this weekend in the
7:45 pm
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7:48 pm
that was britney's first hit "baby one more time," from way back in 1988. >> as we all remember, nancy o'dell went back to her disney days. >> justin, carrie. >> britfully. >> katrina. >> the mickey mouse club, 25 years ago we're coming up on that. >> yes. >> of's so much about everybody getting back together, having reboots. could it ever happen. >> it was a great time. that was probably one of the most special times in my life was the mickey mouse club. ♪ ♪ ain't nobody crying >> would you ever think about getting everybody back together again? >> me, well they would have to plan it. i would definitely show up. definitely. >> "e.t." first met britney in 1999. she talked all about getting that role when she was just 12 years old. >> after that show that's when i realized i had a major love for
7:49 pm
music. when i'm on stage, i'm a different person. i explode and have attitude. but when i come off the stage, i'm so like this is entertainment business has not affected me at all. i'm still the same britney totally. ♪ >> from photo shoots to award shows we have been with her through all of her ups and downs and right now is definitely an up. her las vegas residency brought in 140 maryland and she just launched her piece of me tour last week. >> my show is a workout. it kind of keeps you really strong. >> are you like really careful what you eat? >> sometimes i just want a hamburger. in real workout, i want clean chicken and vegemites. that's it. my stomach is so sensitive. i have a steak, i'll be sick for three days. >> what does a burger do to you? >> burger is fine. i have the small burgers from mcdonald's. >> those are good. >> the happy meal. >> we're so happy that you like mcdonald's and you can look like
7:50 pm
this. >> i need to see the fry go into your mouth before i believe you're out here eating happy meals. well, britney's tour rolls into new york's radio city music hall monday. meanwhile, this weekend is all about another music diva. that legend is cler. among the cast belting out the hits in the mamma mia squeal along with meryl streep. brooke anderson plet up with the legend in london and meryl was on her mind. >> what was it like reuniting with meryl for you? >> we've stayed friends all these years. >> 35 years after being in silk wood. >> cannot believe that. >> that was my first film. and she helped me i mean she was unbelievable. you know, because i had no idea what i was doing. >> i decided to commit being a grandmother. >> you're playing meryl's mother. >> yes. >> and you're three years apart. >> actually four. >> what did you think about that? >> i didn't really think it had
7:51 pm
much to do with anything. i just thought it was cool. >> it was so much fun to see her. she was divine. >> does it get better than meryl and cler. >> the cast some from the original ten years ago told brook there newbie's presence on set was a can't miss event. >> i had the day off. i said to my mom, everyone has their moms and dads and boyfriends and girlfriends. everyone sat there and the big spotlight goes right on cher. ♪ there was something in the air that night the stars were bright fernando ♪ >> andy and cher were so captivating this legend had to watch this one. >> everybody said late ser meryl was watching it. and which made me really happy. >> you're too kind. >> cher and andy garcia aren't the only new cast members. the squul continues to explore the mystery behind which guy in young donna's life fathered her child. >> are you guys ready to be the next big heartthrob.
7:52 pm
>> we were with each other. >> josh dylan sprouse is young bill the role played by skarsgard. jeremy irvine is sam, pierce brosnan's part and hugh skinner is harry the young colin firth. ♪ >> tell me how it entwould down when you got the call you got the part, how did you react? >> i tried to play it quite cool. i was embarrassed. i called all my friends. >> the or mamma mia came out ten years ago and making the sequel a decade later pren aid unique challenge for the men who had to squeeze back into their span dem suits. >> i was told that all the guys especially had a big time on set with the spandex and stuffing their pants. >> i should have paid to watch them because they were -- they're very much practical jokers. >> did you know we're all in the trailers at the same time looking at this thing after ten years which makes it more difficult to get into.
7:53 pm
we're all in there looking at you and we all sort of step out at the same time and the look between us all here we go again. >> they had no shame. it was just, and i remember walking past their trailers and the boys an staring at their outfit on a hanger. >> where do you put your hands? >> colin and i were stuffing things down the front. >> it's a little bit out of control, who could get away with the most. >> there wasn't an eggplant left in catering. >> we looked the new cast was great. but cler, i died. >> cher. >> this is actually her first movie since "burlesque" eight years ago. >> highly underrated. you don't feel that way. >> we'll be right back.
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travel consideration provided by -- >> well, stars birthdays this weekend, josh har net is 40, david spade celebrating turning 54 and danny glover is 72. now, take a final look at your choices. which disney star once dressed
7:57 pm
up as hannah montana for halloween? that was selena gomez. she's 26 this weekend. happy birthday. >> monday on "e.t." >> chris pratt and ryan reynolds. >> we might have surprises planned for you. >> the super dad showdown at comic-con. >> then 40 years later >> jamie lee curtis hits san diego for her return to halloween. does she love being hollywood's original scream queen. >> nobody calls me queen. >> nicole kidman is aqua man's mother. monday on "e.t." >> we are almost out of time this weekend. for all the late breaking hollywood news go to check out in video from lenny kravitz. the track is off his new album set to drop september 7th. i'll be the first in line and the video is pretty stripped down with lenny, a drum kit and empty room. who needs anything else. >> enjoy the video and the rest of your weekend everybody, bye. >> yes. of your weekend everybody, bye. >> yes. ♪
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