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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  August 1, 2018 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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acres. and the river fire has burned over 33-thousand acres.... combined thats over 94-thousand acres... they are 24 percent contained. 14 homes have been destroyed and more than 12-thousand structures are threatened. (vicki) tonight mandatory evacuations are in effect for those living on bartlett springs road, which is north to twin valley road in the mendocino national forest... kron 4's gayle ong is live in lake county where evacuation shelters have been established at lower lake high school... gayle, how are things there?
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things there?
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things there? gayle, how are high school... lower lake established at been shelters have been established at lower lake high school... gayle, how are things there? (vicki) as they've done in past years... the staff at moose lodge 22-84 in clearlake
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oaks is opening its doors to fire evacuees. right now more than 200 people are calling moose lodge home or at least forced camping. with the help of the community---supplies are pouring into the lodge. they've also provided cots and tents to keep people out of the sun. and that's critical with temperatures topping the 100 degree mark. many have been there since the weekend. and have no idea if their homes will survive. (vicki) there are (vicki) there are also plenty of pets here, and people at the lodge say they too are being taken care of. (grant) many people who live in the evacuation areas are trying to figure out just how long they're gong to be kept from their homes.(vicki) kron4's michelle kingston
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attended tonight's first mendocino county complex fire community meeting and has more on what's happening there. "there were about two to three-hundred people tonight here at this community meeting. many people wanting to know when they can get back inside their homes and of course when this wildfire will be under control."rep. mike thompson/ 5th congressional district"one- a super thank you to our first responders .. these folks have been doing a great job."residents from all over the county in kelseyville wednesday night -- hearing from cal fire and other officials about their safety and the latest information on the fires burning in their community.guy strohmeier, kelseyville"they've done a great job of warning us, advising us."many people here tonight still not back in their homes ...with the river and ranch fires destroying 10 homes so far ... and the mendocino complex fire destroying 14.rossi montes de oca, kelseyville"it was really hard staying out from your house for a few days and seeing the flames less than a mile away."people here -- worried -- and ready to get home.sandra strohmeier, kelseyville"given this is the new normal, it's puzzling, why so many fires? this isn't how it used to be."lake county sheriff's office says there have been burglaries in the county since the fires started -- but want people to know they are doing their best to keep everyone's homes safe. officials thanking first responders for all their work. rep. mike thompson/ 5th congressional district"they're just remarkable and every one
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of them puts their life on the line and they're there for all of us so thank you police and information booth will be set up outside kelseyville high school all day thursday for anyone with kelseyville michelle kingston kron 4 news 4 news (wipevo) a san jose woman started a fundriaser to help the victims of the carr fire in redding. she was surprised to get an overwhelming response as hundreds of people became involved. today - volunteers took five trailers up to people in need. the fundraiser started after jaime bruck posted on facebook. bruck has done this before -
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but this time it's personal as her grandmother escaped the carr fire with nothing but the clothes on her back. bruck had three donation centers in san jose, pleasanton and livermore. (grant) in shasta county...more than a thousand homes destroyed. six lives lost... and more than 180 square miles scorched in 10 days, but firefighters are gaining ground on the destructive carr fire burning near redding. from our partners at cnn... natasha chen reports. ken pimlott / director, calfire: we have a long way to go in this fire season california officals are saying that all hands are on deck in the fight against wildfires that have already burned more than 320-thousand acres across the statenat guard spox: we're fighting the fires on the ground and in the air. gov. jerry brown / california: whatever resources are needed we're putting them there. authorities are currently fighting almost a dozen large
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wildfires across the state including the carr fire -- which has burned 115-thousand acres near redding, california, killed at least six people, and is now the sixth most destructive fire in california history. despite the devastation -- officials there shared some hope wednesday afternoon - brett gouvea/unified incident command cal fire: i can tell you today we're starting to see more successes than losses on this and pretty soon we're going to see no losses and all successes. some residents are just now starting to return home -- to start the long process of rebuilding.that's where people like jim mcdaniel are critical. his team remove burned trees that could still be dangerous jim mcdaniel/independent contractor with cal fire: so we got to make sure that we don't have a big tree hanging over that's compromised over someone's house that survived the fire. we don't want a tree to fall on them when they're looking through the devastation. working in the redding community is more than a job for's personal.jim mcdaniel/indepen dent contractor with cal fire: this is my neighborhood, these are my neighbors, and this is my community. one of my best friend's house was lost just down the street. i tried to find her cats this morning when i came in but i couldn't. other major wildfires burning across california include the ferguson fire burning near yosemite national park, and the river fire in mendocino redding california im natasha chen. (grant)
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(grant) the oakland a's are lending a helping hand. the team is pledging 20- thousand dollars to help those affected by the carr fire. you may remember last year... the a's donated thousands of dollars to the victims of the north bay firestorm. the other bay area pro teams also helped out last year. (vicki) now to the ferguson fire burning in mariposa county. it has now burned more than 63- thousand acres and is 39- percent acres and is 39- thousand acres and is 39- percent contained. this fire has been burning for about two and a half weeks now. two firefighters were killed in this fire. one building has been destroyed... but no homes have burned. the fire has also forced the closure of yosemite valley...through at least valley...through at least sunday. (grant) a health advisory remains in effect in solano county... where smoke, mostly from the mendocino complex fires, has engulfed the area for days.(vicki) kron four's philippe djegal reports from vacaville where people are doing their best, dealing with smoky skies. (philippe) for some
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people... under the hazy skies... comes a shortness of breath, coughing, wheezing chest tightness or pain.robert young/retired fire fighter- "if you have heart or lung issues, um, or respiratory problems, its probably best to stay inside." most of the smoke hovering over solano county is coming from the mendocino complex fires... carrying with it small particulate matter than can be breathed danergously deep into the taylor/passerby- "i like to run outside. i'm finding its hard to run out there." difficult and also unsafe.jan littlefield/pass erby- "we're certainly staying inside and you know, taking it kind of easy, and you feel congested and you can really, i mean, its, its really bad." kristina kawczynski (kuh-zin-ski) has been in the south north near redding.kristi kawczynski/passerby- "i've been driving with my, my windows up and a/c blasting. so, at way i'm not dying." the health department says children and pregnant women are at greater risk of experiencing health problems related to wildfire smoke. deborah suttkus/passerby- "it stings the eyes and it does make me cough and that's no good. so pretty much, all the neighbors are indoors for now." kristina kawczynski/passerby- "netflix and chill all day, if you can."tom stuart/passerby-
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"heading to the coast. getting of the smoke." if you're in prolonged pain or discomfort as a result of the poor air quality... the health department saysontact a physcian immediately. in solano county, philippe djegal, kron four news. lawrence karnow: hiigh pressure is finally showing signs of weakening on this first day of august. it was still hot inland with some highs reaching into the low 90s. but overall temperatures cooled today and that trend will continue. more afternoon thunderstorms developed over the sierra again, on the satellite image you can see a couple areas of low pressure off the coast. they will help weaken the high pressure and move it further east. highs tomorrow will be in the mid to upper 80s inland, 70s and 80s around the bay and patchy fog at the coast will keep highs there in the 50s to low 60s. lows tonight will be cooler and actually slip into the 40s in the north bay. it may warm slightly with plenty of sunshine on friday before it coole below normal this weekend. high pressure will strengthen again next week to bring hot weather inland again.
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(grant) our coverage of this story continues online at
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kron4 dot com... there we have an interactive map showing firefighters battling the large wildfires across california.... plus.. details on which areas are evacuated...and evacuation center information. also... how you can help fire victims... all that on kron4 dot com... (grant)topvo coming up... it's video that's gone viral- two teens violently fighting on the ground -- but it's what the woman did to stop the fight-- that has families shaking their heads. (vicki) plus... bart officials are working on new ways to keep you safe on their trains... we'll break down bart's new five point plan... (grant) after the break-- the next time you use an a-t-m-- even at a bank, be sure to look closely before popping in your card-- where a skimmer and a camera were fod-- next in a live report...
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(grant) happening now... a warning tonight about a credit card scam... a card reader along with a camera was found
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on an a-t-m at a popular bank in the east bay...(grant) police say a pinhole camera was being used to record people's pin numbers... kron4's ali reid is live in alameda tonight with details on where it happened and what you need to know if you're a victim... it all went down at this comerica bank .... at the only a-t-m they have outside. unfortunately the only camera that captured anything was the one scammers placed on the machine.pkglooking at a photo of this a-t-m ......i wouldn't think twice. i wouldn't be concerned or have suspicion because it looks just like the atm. unfortunately, there is reason for concern. maintenance workers at the comerica bank on central avenue spotted a faceplate equipped with a pinhole camera that was being used to capture customer's pin numbers.if you hadnt told me i wouldve never knownshocking news for customers that use the atm frequently.the whole panel was
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replaced. police were called ... and the plate was removed. it isn't clear how long it was there, or if any customers were impacted.that's pretty wild. someone was pretty smart tho they have to stay ahead of what the police departments and banks are getting used to according to fico data, in 2017 the number of manipulated atms & point-of-sales devices increased by 8%. police say there are a few things you can do to protect yourself from fraud ....always take a good look before using your card at an atm.tug the card insert ... make sure it doesn't come apart.and be secretive when inputting your pin.every time i use the atm i put my had to cover my pin, so hopefully it'll never happen but you never just can't be careless with your stuffstandup unfortunately we didn't spot any surveillance cameras around the bank.and so far police have no suspect description.if you believe you may have been a victim ... reach out to your bank. reporting live from alameda ... ali reid .... kron 4 news. (grant)(grant) kron 4 news.
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(grant) the family of nia wilson...plans to sue bart. wilson is the young woman killed on july 22nd at the macarthur bart station. her sister was also injured in the attack, which bart police say appears to be random. john cowell has been charged with murder and attempted murder. according to the wilson family's lawyer, the suit will quote "allege bart failed to meet the duty of common carriers to provide riders with the highest standard of care." wilson's funeral is this coming friday. (vicki) violent crime on bart is up in 2018. one bart board director has come up with a five point plan to make the transit system more safe for passengers. kron4's haaziq madyun shows it to us-- in a story that's new tonight at nine... sot
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as well">there is a sense of urgency for bart board director debora allen who is working on a solution to an increase in crime in 2018. violent crime is up 2% from this time last year. she has come up with a five point plan to increase safety for passengers. number one hire more officerssotthe signing bonus represents the challenge of trying to hire new bart officers in such a competitive market here in the bay area. as you can see starting salary for a bart officer is $67,872 compared to $83,013 for san fan francisco police officer and $110,000 for deputy in the alameda county sheriff's office, which leads us to number twosothiring new officers could take some time. board director allen proposes calling in help from other bay area law enforcement agencies sotbart police undergo special training. they are the only officers qualified to patrol on the actual trains number four...?sot
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"number four would be get the officers out of the cars">that would increase their visibility and serve as a crime deterent. however she explains getting officers out of the cars does not a mean cop would be on every trainsot
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embarcadero... joining us (vicki) (vicki) (vicki) now to our four zone forecast... as we take this live look outside at the embarcadero... joining us now is chief joining us now is chief meteorologist lawrence karnow... lawrence karnow: hiigh pressure is finally showing signs of weakening on this first day of august. it was still hot inland with some highs reaching into the low 90s. but overall temperatures cooled today and that trend will continue. more afternoon thunderstorms developed over the sierra again, on the
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satellite image you can see a couple areas of low pressure off the coast. they will help weaken the high pressure and move it further east. highs tomorrow will be in the mid to upper 80s inland, 70s and 80s around the bay and patchy fog at the coast will keep highs there in the 50s to low 60s. lows tonight will be cooler and actually slip into the 40s in the north bay. it may warm slightly with plenty of sunshine on friday before it coole below normal this weekend. high pressure will strengthen again next week to bring hot weather inland again. inland again. hot weather week to bring hot weather
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inland again. (grant) and after the break... why a popular gorcery store in the bay area will no longer accept credit cards
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4 your money tonight... kroeger, the nation's largest grocery chain will longer be accepting a popular method of payment. (grantkron 4's gabe slate explains why and which bay area stores this will affect. kroger, which owns foods co, food 4 less, and ralph's grocery stores is the countries largest grocer..they are currently in a battle with visa over the fees visa charges them when a customer uses a visa credit card at checkout. the negotiation is ongoing but for now kroger just laid down the hammer. as of august 14th kroger says 21 grocery stores and five gas stations in california will no longer be accepting visa credit cards. there are five bay area foods co stores affected two in san francisco, one in oakland, one in richmond and one not on this map in pittsburg at 300 atlantic boulevard.
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retailers pay $90 billion in so-called swipe fees annually, according to bloomberg, and kroger says visa's rates and fees are the highest of any credit card.kroger says avoiding visas hefty fees will allow their stores to not raise prices of their goods. sound from - vanessa e. rosales ÷ foods co, director, corporate affairs "everyone sees it as a way of business but it's those fees that get passed on to the customer" vanessa rosales, director of corporate affairs, based in compton california, says they are doing this for the customer sound from - vanessa e. rosales ÷ foods co, director, corporate affairs " by doing so we can pass along the saving to the customer" foods co. will still accept all debit cards, including visa debit cards, as well as mastercard, american express and discover credit could not be reached for comment. vanessa rosales says this ban on visa credit cards, may not be a permanent thing. sound from - vanessa e. rosales ÷ foods co, director, corporate affairs " kroger still negotiating so could go either way " in san francisco gabe slate kron 4 news. (vicki) ahead at nine-- a a violent robbery at a beauty supply store caught (vicki)
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(vicki) ahead at nine-- a a violent robbery at a beauty supply store caught on camera... what the suspects used that helped them get away... (grant)topvo plus... a new school in the south bay... won't be ready in time for the school year... leaving parents scrambling to find a place for their kids to go. (vicki) and after the break... the deadly carr fire continues to rage in redding... tonight we take a look at newly-released video showing a mother and daughter escaping the massive flames...
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now at 9:30...the deadly "carr fire," rages near redding, and tonight newly- released video gives a glimpse of the sheer terror people have been facing....(grant) in the video, you hear a mother crying-- as massive flames close-in on her and her little girl as they try to escape their neighborhood last week. reporter courtney kreider shows us the dramatic video..... thursday night evacuation orders came on strong.local officials racing to keep up with a fire tornado taking out streets and entire communities in shasta county. nats: "evacuations in redding are causing traffic to back up in the quartz hill area." unidentified mother/ evacuated fire with daughter:"that tree is on fire." nats"...and just get out if you can. the evacuation center..." one mother fleeing with her
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daughter in the back seat getting caught in traffic with other evacuees while she watched the fire flurry advance from her rear view mirror. unidentified mother/ evacuated fire with daughter:"oh my god... oh my god... oh my god. no... no... please, no." "you're very brave cadence." "you're very brave girl cadence. (crying) mommy's scared. mommy is really scared." hot embers pelting the mother's car like hail from the sky as this massive vortex of flames grew taking out everything in its path from neighborhood to neighborhood. something fire officials say they have never seen... brett gouva/ incident commander chief, cal fire:"this fire is extremely dangerous and moving with no regard to what's in its path." two firefighters caught within the extreme fire behavior. redding fire inspector jeremy stoke and 81-year-old don smith who was a a privately contracted dozer operator. the firefighting community headed back to the fire line with no time to grieve. brett gouva/ incident commander chief, cal fire:"as we mourn the loss, we also battle a fire that is moving extremely quick wly ater redding." the shasta counr own words. the mother in this video, thanking her daughter's strong spirit. unidentified mother/ evacuated fire with daughter:"what a good girl you are cadence. you're a good girl." reporting on the carr fire, courtney kreider.
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(vicki) (vicki) the fire is one of more than 18 burning in california. it is now blamed for the deaths of six people. (vicki) a university of massachusettes boston student was arrested for hacking victims' cellphones and stealing at least 2 million dollars in digital currency from their accounts.
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prosecutors say 20-year-old joel ortiz was taken into custody on july 12th at l-a-x before he boarded his flight to boston. ortiz faces more than two dozen charges... including grand theft, identity theft and computer hacking. he is being held on one million dollar bail. ortiz's attorneys declined to comment on the case. (grant) we're learning about paralyzing moments for people at a market in south san francisco. a robber demanded money from a cashier... stating that he had a gun. the cashier never saw the gun but gave the suspect money from the register. the suspect was observed fleeing the market... going west on hillside boulevard towards north spruce avenue. reports say the suspect appeared to be a light-skinned hispanic male... wearing a red hooded sweatshirt, graysweat pants and white sneakers. anyone with information regarding this investigation is asked to contact south city police.. (vicki) in san jose the much anticipated opening of
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the newpromise charter school has been delayed until the fall of 2019. san jose unified school district, mandated by law to provide space for the new school, has offered classrooms at it's allen andsteinbeck it's allen andsteinbeck school in the santa teresa neighborhood. but promise charter parents are not happy... they had hoped for space at horace mann or several other downtown schools. yolanda bernal-samano "....transportation wise it's just not going to work, we had hoped the district would come around andgive us one of the schools in the downtown area..." (grant) (grant) but the district says those are elementrty schools and do not have appropriate facilities for middle school age students. a spokesman for promise charter says it is committed to working with the district to hopefully work something out for nextyear. but this fall, the families signed up for promise charter will returnto their neighborhood schools.
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(vicki) a big story we're following. a u-s appeals court dealt a blow to president trump's executive order threatening to withhold funding from sanctuary cities. the ninth u-s circuit court of appeals ruled the order was unconstitutional. but also limited a nationwide ban on its enforcement. an expert on court procedure says the president could try to enforce the order against juridistions outisde the 10 western states covered by the 9-th circuit. (vicki) mayor libby schaaf issued a statement on the decision saying quote ""once again, the courts have intervened to stop president trump's overreach. oakland, and all sanctuary cities, have a constitutional right to exist free from punishment by the federal government. sanctuary cities are safer cities." (grant) celebrating a bay area icon. today was a day to remember and reflect on people packed grace catherdral in san francisco today. the 49ers receiver... best
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known for "the catch" died after a long battle with a-l-s back in june. kron4's maureen kelly as he was remembered by the team's former owner and his teammates. the laughter, tears the cries of sheer happiness that ball the catch of all catches, never to be surpassed by any play to this day nothing will ever come closeformer niner tight end brent jones reads a fan's letter to the crowd at grace cathdral remembering the iconic moment that cemented dwight clark's place in sports history.....and his status as a beloved hero in the hearts of the 49er faithful.the catch....a touchdown play in 1982 during the nfc championship. a touchdown that helped the niners beat the then seemingly unstoppable dallis cowboys and put the team on the road to their first of five superbowl victories.his friend and fan
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huey lewis wearing a pin with clark's jersey number says it was an unforgettable moment for fans. i couldn't believe that we finally beat the dallas cowboys i remember like it was yesterday and that was such a moment not only for football but for city for everything there's a great great thingformer niner's quarterback joe montana says it was hard seeing his friend battle a-l-s these last few years.i try as i look back and i don't think about how he was and i saw him, i try to think of him in those times, when we were winning and losing championships and the ups and downs that we had as players and in our lives and try to remember the fun loving man that he was, the team's owner at the time eddie debartalo said disease took a lot from the star players life but did not break clark's spirit. i'm so very thankful that i've had so many moments he left me to cherish, how many of us can say that our best moments where as magnificent as his the candlestick goal post where clark made history is now installed on debartalo's ranch in montana.clarks'a ashes have been scattered a stone placed near that goal post....the same appromiate distance where the catch was inscription on the stone reads "dwight clark the dynasty began with you." maureen kelly kron4 news.
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(vicki) still ahead... a vicious fight between two young girls caught on camera-- and the young girl's relative in the video--pulls out a gun-- why that's stirring up controversy... (lawrence bay area weather) just when you thought you were done painting...
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dwight his memorial service...the 3 least professionally...he was closest to.... 49er owner eddie bartolo...his partner in the famous catch... joe montana... and the man who took dwight to cleveland with him as general manager....carm en policy... each had poinant thoughts.a lot of words have been used to describe dwight. a southern gentleman, selfless, handsome, humble, caring, courageous, loving, funny. the one i think that best describes him is loyal. dwight clark was loyal to every single person he knew. if you met him once, you felt that you had known him your entire life. you never forgot that moment. his smile and his heart were never touched by the disease. that shined through every time we were with him or talked to him on the phone. as strained as his talk would be, he still would be able to get across the dwight clark message and the dwight clark style. the one thing he would always say to me was you know, they don't call it the throw. in ending i'll say, to you, d.c., yes that's true my friend, but i will catch you on the other side.
9:42 pm
are red hot now...and the giants in recent memory put together 3 titles... but if you have been around here for awhile...i' think you would agree the greatest franchise in bay area history is still those 49er teams of the 1980's.... once again
9:43 pm
on disply today.....dwight clark and all they were and still are... a real team.
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if you're one of the lucky ones who don't have to drive out of san francisco on weekday afternoons and evenings...try to keep it that way.(vicki) stanley roberts shows real time...just how much time people are wasting in traffic. .. i wanna make a turn here, but the bikes wont let me i'm trying to get there bikes people running across the street against the light san
9:46 pm
francisco traffic is so bad (how bad is it) i'm glad you asked that question, please allow me to show you i just passed the intersection of harrison and spear when i hit rush hour traffic, i didn't know why it's called rush hour traffic. because it appears no one is actually rushing (sound of traffic) so to simplify what's going on lets just call it going nowhere fast traffic .. my only mission is to get past the onramp to the bay bridge and that feat by it self proved to be an uphill battle because just to get to the intersection i counted no one , not two but count them 5 light cycles (ambiance) each light cycle lasted approximately one minute and 30 seconds . so now i've made it to the intersection which means i'm next and i have a green light but blocking the intersection is heavily
9:47 pm
frowned upon nats ambiance so i wait as cross traffic goes by from left to right the right ot left traffic is stuck because the car in front is blocking the intersection now drivers on main are not permitted to turn right on red or make a left from 3 to 7pm but this uber driver decided to make a k turn right in the middle of the crosswalk while traffic is trying to get by and a person is in the crosswalk keep in mind, the two right lanes are for the bay bridge and the lane that i'm attempting to use goes straight.. however drivers instead make the turn and force their way into the two lanes heading towards the bride, leaving everyone else stuck even one of the motorcyclist can't cross we all sit there waiting, waiting and waiting so why not horn blowing? nats ambiance it's simple, what will get accomplished by laying on the horn absolutely nothing . the time spent at main and harrison 11 minutes and seconds. total time to travel t more blocks 23 minutes and 4 secondsand by the way i didn't plain to time my trip i was just heading san francisco stanley roberts kron 4 news
9:48 pm
(grant) new surveillance video tonight showing a violent store robbery.... it happened last firday at a beauty supply store in maryland. and tonight maryland. and tonight police are searching for the three suspects involved. the brawl started when one of the suspects took a wig off a mannequin.... that's when two employees tried to stop the robbery-- but they were attacked and pepper sprayed. the employees were taken to a hospital with non-life threatening injuries. police say the suspects managed to get away with one wig... (grant) a north carolina man says he and his carolina man says he and his
9:49 pm
car smashed into a store, nearly hitting them. and the moment was caught on video. it happened saturday afternoon at a clothing store... the two were talking with a store clerk. then as they walked one way and the clerk went the other way-- and that's when the car came crashing in. a store employee was hit... he was taken to the hospital and is expected to be okay.... as for the driver of the car-- she tried to get away but people managed to hold her down... she told police she thought she was in reverse, but it was actually in drive. (vicki) a snapchat video reportedly led to a vicious fight between two girls in houston. video of the fight has gone viral-- but it also appears to show a woman pulling a gun at another person trying to break up the fight. the families of both girls disagree about what took place. reporter erica
9:50 pm
simon has the story... natsit's a fight that's gone viral on shows two teens tumbling on the ground and a woman who appears to be waving around a gun.tiffanee washington/ fight participant: "it didn't have to go that far. i felt terrified." tiffanee washington is the girl in the black shirt.her aunt veneisha jones is the one who suddenly found a gun in her face.nats: "i started to approach the fight because i seen her approaching the fight so i tried to approach the fight. that's when she pulled a gun and put it in my face and said "b, back up" and i did like this. i was just so scared because i just knew she was going to pull the trigger." chade lockett, the one at the center of the video, called me to give her side of the story. claim this was all over a snapchat video, and they were
9:51 pm
confronted by multiple people armed with knives.chynecia barnes/ fight participant"i posted a video of a song and the girl tiffanee, she saw it and she approached me while i was on my friend's porch asking what the f was this about."chade lockett/ teen's mom:"when i hop out the car and say what's going on ? they charged at me. the lady in the brown shirt had a knife. the girl in the stripey shirt had a knife."in the video, we did find a woman with a knife and multiple witnesses we spoke with saw the same thing. lockett says she grabbed her son's toy gun out of the car to scare the group coming towards them and it was not real.chade lockett/ teen's mom: "when you're angry, people do stupid stuff, but at the end of the day, i had to go with my first intentions, which was to find something to get them off of my daughter. that's what i'm saying like i'm not a bad person, i'm not a bad mother. i take care of my kids, go to work and i come home, i'm not in drama." veneisha jones/ teen's aunt: "you're a grown adult. so you have to be responsible for your actions. so, i need to see justice for my niece. she needs to be put in jail for however much time she get, but i need to see her in jail immediately." (vicki) the incident has been reported to houston police and the case was referred to an investigator. lawrence karnow: hiigh pressure is finally showing signs of weakening on this first day of august. it was still hot inland with some highs reaching into the low 90s. but overall temperatures cooled today and that trend will continue. more afternoon thunderstorms developed over the sierra again, on the
9:52 pm
satellite image you can see a couple areas of low pressure off the coast. they will help weaken the high pressure and move it further east. highs tomorrow will be in the mid to upper 80s inland, 70s and 80s around the bay and patchy fog at the coast will keep highs there in the 50s to low 60s. lows tonight will be cooler and actually slip into the 40s in the north bay. it may warm slightly with plenty of sunshine on friday before it coole below normal this weekend. high pressure will strengthen again next week to bring hot weather inland again. (grant)(grant) inland again. hot weather inland again. (grant) up next... vicki liviakis chows down in oakland... on some comfort food... that's next in
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♪ strummed guitar you can't experience the canadian rockies through a screen. you have to be here, with us. ♪ upbeat music travel through this natural wonder and get a glimpse of amazing, with a glass of wine in one hand, and a camera in the other, aboard rocky mountaineer. canada's rocky mountains await. call your travel agent or rocky mountaineer for special offers now. (grant) the comfort food craze isn't new, but cozy meals that are organic and sustainable and downright decadent? (vicki) tonight on dine and dish - i take you to the long-awaited chow oakland to chow down on good grub.
9:56 pm
the wait staff is chill. the music is cool. and the food... pure comfort. welcome to chow oakland - a mashup of neighborhood eatery and corner grocery store. chow is aptly named - it's where you go to chow down. it's the newest addition to the chow restaurant family... the dream of this guy - tony gulisano, a bay area transplant from motown who's mission is to feed the people...oh and you can bring your dog too. the first chow opened in the city's castro neighborhood more than 20 years ago. chow oakland is a bigger version of chow lafayette - with a cafe and take out...and so much more. here you'll find an expanded organic fresh produce section...and butcher shop if you want to cook at home. or pick up take out from this giant wood burning pizza oven and grill. there's an in house bakery kicking out hearty breads and hard to resist desserts. beverages range from alcolholic to fresh squeezed juice. there's the ever popular salmon and egg scramble. seasonal slices of all sorts. and true to tony's philosophy of creating tasty
9:57 pm
affordable food... this is a space where you can also find a comfy groove to break bread with your neighbors. neighbors.with your neighbors. (grant) that wraps up kron 4 news at nine...(vicki) but our primetime coverage continues at the top of the hour. ken wayne and justine waldman are here with kron 4 news at ten....guys? (ken) thank you grant and
9:58 pm
vicki.... next at ten...evacuation centers in lake and mendocino counties remain packed tonightas crews fight to keep the ranch and river fires from destroying homes.those fires have burned more than 90-thousand acres combined.we are live in lower lake with the very latest. tonight at tena bay area professor just got back from visiting an immigration detention center in texas. tonight she's sharing what she witnessed in a story you will only see on kron 4.(ken) and a warning tonight for parents about a cereal being sold..that contains liquid's called dragon's breath.the potential health effects coming up.(justine) don't go away...hour three of kron 4 news in primetime starts right after the break.
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(ken)now at ten: the carr fire in shasta county rages on. 120-thousand-acres and counting. good evening im ken wayne. (justine)and im justine waldman... in for pam moore. and tonight - people are starting to


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