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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  August 10, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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(pam) breaking news at 8 ... out of solano county. that is where a wildfire is forcing evacuations tonight. the fire is burning close to homes in fairfield ... and heavy smoke is pouring into the air.(pam) thank you for joining us i'm pam moore. (ken) and i'm ken wayne. tonight there are evacuations. authorities are evacuating homes on constitution avenue, estates drive, and couples circle near the paradise valley golf course. anyone in that area is asked to leave immediately. all others are asked to avoid the area. this fire started this afternoon and quickly spread to at least 150 acres. it's burning in the paradise valley area of fairfield. (pam) that's where we find kron-4's charles clifford... he joins us live
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.. charles- what is the status charles- what is the status of this fire right now
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amount of details..with the karnow is here lawrence meteorologist our chief (ken)hours.. nighttime head into the fire.. as we the area of the conditions in weather check the we want to ( pam ) right nowof this fire is the status of this fire right now
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( pam ) we want to check the weather conditions in the area of the fire.. as we head into the nighttime hours..(ken)our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here with the details..
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(ken) a san francisco jury orders a former bay area groundskeeper to be paid hundreds of millions of dollars over a claim that the weed killer roundup contributed to his terminal cancer. (pam) monsanto already says ... it will appeal the verdict. kron-4's ella sogomonian has reaction tonight from the plaintiff who won his claim in court. gasps in this san francisco courtroom on friday as a jury determined giant corporation monsanto's product round up caused terminal cancer for bay area man dwayne lee johnson. the former benecia unified school district groundskeeper
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said he used the weed killer 20 to 40 times a year...and believes his non hodgkin's lymphoma disease was the result of it.sot: dwayne lee johnson, plaintiff// "johnson and his attorney's expressed their celebration is beyond their own...but a benefit to thousands of people who may have had their health impacted by the monsanto product too. sot: r. brent wisner, plaintiff's attorney// "the monsanto vice president shared his condolences for johnson's diagnosis but defended round up saying there has never been evidence for it containing a cancer causing agent and has been reviewed by medical professional many a time and cleared for use.sot: scott partridge, monsanto vice president //"
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( pam) so what does this mean for the average person using roundup weedkiller?(ken)kron 4's gabe slate joins us live in the newsroom, he spoke with environmental experts gabe i caught up with kathryn phillips, director of the california sierra club, she is based in sacramento.the sierra club is one of the oldest and largest environmental organizations in the country...i asked them what does this verdict mean for the everyday gardener.. what should we know? is roundup safe to casually use around your house?? here is what they said sound from - kathryn phillips, director, sierra club california / sacramento"don't use it. it is dangerous. it's widely used people don't know but it's bad. katherine phillips director of the sierra club california says if you have to use roundup take precautions sound from - kathryn phillips, director, sierra club california / sacramento"use a glove and mask the spray can flow over the yard and your kid and wildlife becareful with it" scott partridge, vice president of monsanto, the company behind roundup, says
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their product is safe to use. sot: scott partridge, monsanto vice president //"the verdict today it doesn't change the overwhelming scientific evidence in the 40 years of safe use of glyphosate around the world. it is the most widely used herbicide in the world. it is the most widely studied herbicide in the world. there are over 800 scientific medical peer reviewed published studies that demonstrate glyphosate is safe and doesn't cause cancer."in sf gs k4news if you want to see monsanto's
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full statement we have published that on our website kron 4 dot the newsroom gabe slate kron 4 news. (ken now to a stunning courtroom decision today in oakland. the judge in the deadly ghost-ship warehouse case...tossed out the plea deal...which prosecutors had reached with the defendents. our grant lode is here with to explain. (grant) this was a bombshell today at the cramer said that the law does not allow him to change a plea deal but then he told the court that he does not have to accept it. both max harris and derick almena read statements to the victims in court. harris telling the victims' families in part: "i am so deeply sorry and
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regret my actions and inactions, my lack of awareness that led to this tragedy. i don't expect forgiveness. i would never ask for that." when it was almena's turn... he told the victim's families in part: "i am guilty for believing we were safe...i am in hell. that is why i blame god" the judge found remorse in the words of harris but not almena. almena was facing a 9 year sentence as part of the plea with prosecutors. and since their plea is a package deal... that affects both defendents. 36 people were killed in the warehouse fire in 20-16. now, the two men, their attorneys and prosecutores will return to court next friday....the case now could go to trial...or they could try to negotiate another plea deal. "so today's a tough day. it's a tough day for california highway patrol. it's a tough day for me. it's (ken) the california highway patrol is mourning one of its own tonight. a motocycle officer conducting a
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routine traffic stop... was killed. solano county chp officer kirk griess pulled over a sedan on interstate 80... when a pickup truck veered onto the shoulder... crashing into both the officer and the sedan. officer griess and the driver of the sedan... who has now been identified as 49 year old jaime manuel of vallejo... were rushed to the hospital... but did not survive.. now the chief of c-h-p golden state division has a message for all drivers. chief ernie sanchez chp golden gate division "our heart goes out to all the chp staff not only the solano office but state wide. this is what they do everyday. just a reminder please please when seeing first responders on the shoulder caltran working on the road remember to move over. (ken) the suspect driver in the pick up is also in the hospital and is being interviewed and is cooperating with the investigation. oh my god oh my god(pam) in southern
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california tonight... property lines have fire lines .. flames from the raging 'holy fire' are burning right up to suburban backyards. (ken) the fire that began monday in orange county has now moved east into riverside county. (ken) the holy fire has doubled in size since yesterday. it has now burned more than 19-thousand acres. and is still only 10 percent contained. tonight some 20-thousand people are still under evacuation orders. the arson-caused fire is burning dangerously close to homes... and so far 12 structures have burned. and as kron-4's grant lodes reports...a whole community is on edge tonight. natmy heart was pounding and i was screaming for they are doins residents cheered as the country's biggest air tanker roared overhead ... fire retardant, the last barrier against the relentless advance of flames.natthe holy fire has
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driven twenty thousand people from their homes.there's fáá embers everywhere,a handful stayed ... some using garden hoses to protect their property ... until they were ordered out,police: cmon lets go. anyone else in the house? no, nobody's here.natthe the concern today is for what's known locally as the elsinore effect ... a sudden intense downdraft from the mountains that could spread the fire even more quickly.natmeanwhile the man charged with deliberately causing the fire made a bizarre court appearance... mugging for the camera and interrupting the judge.arson ... aggravated arson that's a lie forrest clark faces felony charges that could mean life in prison. he's being held on a million dollars bail ... and when his counrt appointed attorneys asked for a reduction, he broke in againi can handle a million right now... coming up at eight..
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a disturbing trend for a troubling purpose. why some pets are being harmed intentionally by their owners. plus. an unmarked office at the state capital...not open to the public. what we're learning about the secret d-m- v office for lawmakers. and next. the suspect in an attack on a sikh man in central california ... goes before a judge.
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it is video (pam) it is video which is difficult to watch. a 71- year old sikh man ... being attacked... kicked.. and spit on. today, one of the two teenage suspects ... faced a judge. kay recede was in court ... she shows us the obscene gesture the suspect displayed. 'the union city police chiefús son did not say much in court, but he did look straight into our camera.'18-year-old tyrone mcallister flipped off our camera with a smile while at his arraignment.the union city
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police chiefús son is charged with elder abuse... attempted robbery and assault with a deadly weapon.a 16-year-old has also been named as a suspect... but his identity will not be released because he is a minor.investigators with the manteca police department believe mcallister is the man seen in this surveillance footage captured monday morning at greystone park in manteca...the man in black is seen repeatedly kicking then spitting on 71- year-old sikh (sick-h) grandpa sahib singh natt.his family says natt is doing well considering the attack...but is now too afraid to go on his morning walks.they believe the beating is a hate crimecity councilman and family friend gary singh spoke on behalf of loved ones(gary singh victimús family friend)'the sikh community it has hit them hard but you know i would say that itús not just the sikh community, i think it hit the whole community of manteca hard.'the president of the naacp stockton branch was also in court...bobby bivens says he does not want this attack to divide the community... (bobby bivens president, naacp, stockton branch)'as to whether it was just a hate crime or a crime, iúm of the opinion that at this point, looking at the videos, that itús just a crime committed by some young people.'the 18-year- oldús father, union city police chief daryl mcallister
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has said in a statement that he is estranged from his son and that he needs to be held accountable for his actions. (pam) there is no bail set for mcallister.. he is expected back in court next friday. (pam) police are asking for your help finding a vallejo man ... accused of kidnapping and sexual assault. he is considered armed and dangerous. 33-year-old kenneth weathersby is wanted for two separate kidnappings and sexual assaults of female victims. he is described as six feet- three inches tall... weighing 230 -pounds. united states marshals are offering a cash reward of up to $5,000 for information leading to his arrest. (pam) in san jose... presentation high school is facing legal action.. in connection with the alleged sexual abuse of former students. (ken) a civil suit brought by a former
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student alleges she was molested back in 2003 by former presentation theater director jefferey hicks. kenneth turek/plaintiff's attorney "...when she tried to end the abuse, hicks told her he would kill himself and have her arrested"(ken) the suit also alleges that former principal mary miller knew about the abuse but failed to report it to authorities. in a statement presentation callled the allegations false and misleading and looks forward to it's day in court. (pam) a new study reveals, people addicted to opioids may try to get a fix by any means necessary.. even if it leads to a loving pet getting hurt. according to the study just released by c-u anchutz - medical school at the university of colorado, people addicted to opioids are injuring their own pets, or even dogs not belonging to them, to satiate their opioid obsessions. they take the pets to the vet for pain killing opiates ..then use them for themselves. in response,
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the unviersity has created an online course for veterinarians to detect such cases. doctors from the study believe, the problem of procuring painkillers for pets for human use ... is likely underreported, and only the tip of the iceberg. now to our four zone forecast... taking a live look outside at s-f-o. kron-4's chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here now with the forecast lawrence karnow: temperatures began to cool today but it was still hot in the valleys where temperatures hit the 90s. dense fog is forming at the coast and moving into the bay. the breeze will carry the low clouds a little further inland tonight. on the doppler we can see a few showers over the sierra and southern california. on the satellite you can see as high pressure have moved east. that allowed us to cool today and that trend will continue into the
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weekend. a few tropical clouds will also pass overhead the next few days too. highs will be in the upper 80s and low 90s inland with 70s and 80s around the bay and 50s and 60s at the coast. it will be a little cooler with a few clouds on sunday. the cooler weather pattern will continue well into next week. new ahead at 8 a routine traffic stop turns into a life or death situation when a suspect fights back against police. and it's all caught on dashcam video. dashcam week.into next continue well into next week.
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new ahead at 8 new ahead new ahead at 8 a routine traffic stop turns into a life or death situation when a suspect fights back against police. and it's all caught on dashcam video. plus. a california couple loses their home ...then, has to cancel their wedding .... all due to the most destructive fire in state history. ((gary sports tease)) tease))((gary sports tease))
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((ken))here's what we are tracking new tonight at nine... a father is speaking out tonight after he and his young daughter-- were attacked by a rabid beaver... and he caught some of the attack on video. details on how he managed to stop it from going after his child... coming up on the kron4 news at nine...
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(ken) the carr fire has been burning for two and a half weeks. more than 175-thousand acres have been scorched and about 11-hundred homes destroyed.(pam) tonight, we hear from one couple about to get married .. they had to put their plans on hold because of the fire. reporter spencer joseph has their story. "he's a little wore out." bree harles and nick fiscus along with their adorable sons, like hundreds of others, are
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without a home tonight after the carr fire tore through their community.nick fiscus/resident"i was getting a little worried, there were a couple of fire fighters up there from cal fire i was talking to and we were all pretty awestruck at how fast it moved and how aggressive it was." what makes their story even more heart breaking is that before the fire started, they were preparing for their wedding which was supposed to be last sundaybree harles/resident"we were planning on going forward with it but then the smoke just was really bad and we had a lot of family coming from out of town, which would fill up hotel rooms that we didn't want to take from the people here."their wedding was very important to them, especially because nick's father is dying of cancerbree harles/resident "his father is passing from cancer and we want him to be able to see us get married." so now in the middle of sifting through the wreckage of their home, the couple's thoughts are turning to how they can plan a full wedding on a time make matters more complicated, their wedding venue, the elks lodge in redding. was also evacuated from the fire.and they haven't been able to contact the family.aside from the venue, a lot of the wedding supplies were in nick and bree's home. bree
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harles/resident"i don't even know where to start because everything is starting from scratch from point a again, planning a wedding other than the dress. the dress is taken care of."one of the few things that remained in the home was a "love sign" that the couple still plans on using in their wedding.and despite the disaster, nick and bree are strong and showing that love can make it through anything. nick fiscus/resident"no matter, what we will stick it out and we will be ok. even though sometimes we we're going to be, we'll be ok." (ken) cal fire officials say the carr fire is less than half contained and is still threatening more than five- thousand homes. coming up at eight.. how the family of a kidnapped teen teaching other children how to stop abductions. plus.
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why sacramento lawmakers do not have to wait in long d-m-v lines like everyone else. and next. we are tracking breaking news tonight out of fairfield... where a wildfire is forcing evacuations at this hour.
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news at the bottom hour. a wildfire is burning in fairfield right now.(ken) earlier it was dangerously close to homes... but is shifting direction due to the
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wind. kron-4's grant lodes is here with the new evacuations tonight. (grant) homes have (grant) homes have not burned homes have not burned but structures in the peabody subdivision and lagoon subdivision are threatened the fire had moved over the ridge to the gold ridge development. residents of hancock drive and hom drive are being evacuated.the fire is are being drive and hom of hancock residents development. the gold ridge the ridge to moved over the fire had threatened subdivision are and lagoon subdivision in the peabody but structures evacuations tonight. (grant) homes have not burned but structures in the peabody subdivision and lagoon subdivision are the fire had moved over the ridge to the gold ridge residents of hancock drive and hom drive are being the fire is the spca the help of vacaville pd, fire, and some amazing people that stopped to help we got the animals out. cement hill
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road is closed between peabody and manuel campos drive. ááááá evacuations ááááádrive.manuel campos peabody and manuel campos drive. ááááá evacuations are continuing in the paradise valley area. fairfield pd is working with staff at senior living facilities to get residents evacuated from the area. residents from the senior living centers are being taken to fairfield high. people looking to pick up family members should go there.
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on her way to school, a vallejo teenager was abducted and she has not been seen ever since.that was over two years ago. and today, the family of pearl pinson wants to make sure another family does not go through their same pain. kron 4's justine waldman shows us .... how they helped teach kids in their community.. to fight back against a kidnapper. nats thank you!a brand new backpack ... stuffed with all the right supplies.this gift is, something the kids at the vallejo mobile home rv park really liked.sot it is nice and now i dont have to go buy a new backpack anymoresot it is prettythe family of missing teenager pearl pinson helped plan this giveaway, all with donations.they wanted to help their community have a
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successful school year.not just with pencils, but with the power to know what to in the face of a predator.rose sot teaching these kids how to defend themselves in that sutaion and is us feeling that what we went through could help themin may of 2016, pearl pinson was abducted on her way to school.the only suspect in the case, died in a shoot-out with police.the pain of not knowing where she is, never goes away.sot we are doing our best everydaynats vallejo police came to pass out stickers.and teach kids what to do if a stranger approaches them on the street. sot officer long if they are not your teacher or parents friends you should go tell an adultparents appreciated the self defense sot i have never had something that horrible happen in my life and i pray it doesnt happenthe pinson family anxiously waits for the case of their missing loved oe... to be solved.but they are happy they could teach kids about stranger danger.a lessons they hope kids never need, but want them to know... as they head off to vallejo justine waldman kron 4 news. (pam) we have (pam) we have (pam) (pam) we have been
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telling you about the long, slow lines at d-m-v ... but did you know ... california's lawmakers can avoid the long lines plaguing d-m-v offices .. because they can visit their own office, which is 'not' open the public.(ken) word of the special d-m-v is not sitting well with people waiting at the typical d-m-v. jessica mensch visited the secret office that's a perk for lawmakers. (britney clendenin, dmv customer)'i waited 3 and a half hours.'and all customers can do— is wait.(britney clendenin, dmv customer)'itús just irritating to think about how long i have wasted here now.'but california lawmakers— donút have to wait in these same lines.we learned thereús a private
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dmv— only open to members of the legislature. (britney clendenin, dmv customer)'they have to wait just like the rest of us. thatús not fair. who approved that?'the office is located inside of this legislative building on n street.itús not listed on the directory— nor is it marked.and when we knocked to get some more information...(staffer)'we have to direct all of our questions to the office of public affairs.'the dmv declined an on-camera interview— but sent us this statement.'the department of motor vehicles (dmv) has an office located within the legislative office building that serves as a primary point of contact for more than 10,000 constituent services, questions and concerns sent to legislative offices. approximately ninety percent of the work performed by the two-person dmv staff is related to assisting customers who have contacted their state representatives to resolve dmv issues. in addition to the services provided to constituents, this office offers in-person services by appointment only to the state legislature.'confirming that yes, the office is only open to lawmakers— but most of its work has to do with addressing your concerns. still, dmv customers are not happy...dmv customer)'they ainút no better than us. you know? come on now.'(maria
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telles, dmv customer)'why arenút they subjected to come wait in line just as we are? because they have legislator jobs? thatús annoying.' (ken) turning now to our four zone forecast(pam) chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is tracking that wildfire lawrence karnow: temperatures began to cool today but it was still hot in the valleys where temperatures hit the 90s. dense fog is forming at the coast and moving into the bay. the breeze will carry the low clouds a little further inland tonight. on the doppler we can see a few showers over the sierra and southern california. on the satellite you can see as high pressure have moved east. that allowed us to cool td that trend will continue opical clo will also pass overhead the next few days too. highs will be in the upper 80s and low 90s inland with 70s and 80s around the bay and 50s and 60s at the coast. it will be a little cooler with a few clouds on sunday. the cooler
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weather pattern will continue well into next week.
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still ahead at 8 an uber driver dies after a fight with a passenger over the price of the ride. why the rider is not facing charges. plus. how male fertility could be tied to what kind of underwear they choose. and next. a couple is demanding answers after their pet dog was accidentally euthanized.
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paintblock reacts with the water in latex paint to form a micro-barrier against paint bleed, giving you the sharpest lines possible. get professional results with frogtape... no messy lines, no paint bleed. for sharp lines every time, frog it! (ken) an illinois couple is speaking out after an employee with an animal shelter says, they accidentally euthanized their dog.(pam) the couple
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says, the incident took place this week on thursday, and now they are searching for answers as to why this happened.(pam) this is a picture of moses, who was tazewell county animal control. owners tony and jennifer wang say, moses was ordered to stay inside an animal shelter, after an employee with the county was bitten. the wangs say, they are not satisfied with the animal shelter response. since the incident, the animal shelter says, it is reviewing its policies to ensure that this will not happen again. the wangs are still in disbelief and figuring out what to do next. (pam) an uber ride took an unexpected turn ...when the driver died after a fight with a passenger.(ken) so far the rider has not been charged. and it's unclear if the driver died from the fight...or from a medical condition. police say
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michael wallace was picking up a group of four outside a marriot. but a fight broke out with one of them over the price of the ride. he got a black eye and split lip from the fight. then suddenly wallace said he couldn't breathe and collapsed. the passengers then called 9-1-1. but he eventually died. police are awaiting the results of an autopsy to see exactly what caused wallace's death. (pam) ahead in sports... gary and his lovely wife alicia answer viewer emails.(ken) and how did warriors star steph curry perform today on the grass...gary has details...and all the sports...coming up. next at 8 what was supposed to be a routine traffic stop....tustate trooper. the jaw shootout with a suspect.
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(pam) police in pennsylvania are releasing body camera footage of a shootout from last year.. that seriously injured a state trooper.(ken) emma wright gives us a look at the dramatic video. in november 2017, state trooper ryan sieple made what was supposed to be a routine traffic stop on route 33 in plainfield township, northampton county.dash cam video shows daniel clary getting a ticket for speeding, but as the trooper begins to pull away, clary flags him
8:46 pm
down again.trooper sieple called for back-up and the video shows sieple and trooper seth kelly putting clary through a sobriety test.the video shows clary unstable on his feet during several of the tests.when the troopers try to arrest clary, he resists and they wrestle him to the ground. clary attempts to fight back, at one point, the fight even spills out onto the road with traffic driving by.police tried to use a taser on clary but he gets up and reaches into the driver's side window of his car.the video shows clary firing the gun multiple times at both trooper sieple and trooper clary.both officers return fire and clary drives away.trooper kelly was seriously injured but survived - partially by applying a tourniquet to himself. (pam) clary was convicted of attempted homicide. (ken) a new study about which underwear men wear is connected to the amount of sperm concentration a man has. (ken) the study says men who prefer to wear loose-fitting underwear have a higher sperm concentration than those who wear tight
8:47 pm
underwear. doctors say this is important when it comes to men wanting children, because this is how doctors measure male fertility. doctors say it is best for men in fertility clinics to wear looser underwear to raise sperm concentration. the raiders are in oakland the raiders the raiders are in oakland tonight...facing the detroit lions. lets take a look at the score. it's currently 10-7 raiders... second quarter. the oakland a's are one of the hottest teams in baseball their playing the angels. the score is...3-2 a's in the 4th inning. highlights later tonight. and lets not forget about the giants...they are at at&t
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park tonght facing the pittsburgh pirates. the score is....6-1 giants in the 4th inning. round 2 of the ellie mae classic at stonebrea in hayward today. warriors fans are screaming...steph curry...don't quit your day job.on the 3rd hole...curry's easy par...just won't go in...he would end up with a bogey 5th hole...curry's shot sails far...far..far to the right....he would end up with a double bogey.he shot 11- over par 46 on the front nine in the second round.that left curry at 12-over for the tourney... with no chance to make the cut... and in last place ... 154th.however yesterday... curry was yesterday... curry was impressive... he shot 1 - over 71 in the first round.
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good for good for bonds, he is good for bonds, he is having his jersey retired. i still think he embarrassed the giants franchise. i always admired that you were never
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afraid to do unusual things on tv. that takes a lot of guts. none of your business if terrell owens
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didn't want to go to canton. i still don't know why i still don't i still don't know why
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you're leaving. looks like you are still having fun with the anchors. i love it! 31 years ago i asked for tv tips and you said, "forget management's advice, always do your own thing." after 6 months in a small market, i've taught school for 30 years. thanks!
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(ken) happening now... the outside lands music festival is underway at golden gate park. it's the 11th year the 3-day music festival and new this year... all backpacks brought to the festival are required to be "clear"... and grass lands... a section devoted to all things cannabis... now has a special section in in the park as well. (pam) that wraps up kron 4 news at 8.(ken) grant lodes and vicki liviakis are here with kron 4 news at 9. (grant) breaking news out of the north bay. a fairfield. it's forcing
8:57 pm
hundreds to evacuate and burning dangerously close to homes. we have a live report and an update officials just gave minutes ago.(vicki) and new tonight at members of victims in the ghost ship warehouse fire react to a judge's decision to force the defendant to stand trial. after a plea deal was thrown out today in court.(grant) plus.. a jury hands a win to a plaintiff who says the weed killer round up caused his terminal cancer. how much the company must pay a bay area man.(vicki) stay with us kron-4 news at 9 is next
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(grant) that breaking news we're following tonight is out of solano county. that is where a wildfire is forcing áámore evacuations tonight. and now the fire is burning close to homes in fairfield ... and heavy smoke is pouring into the air.(grant) thanks for joining us, im grant lodes..(vicki) and
9:00 pm
i'm vicki livakis... this fire started on nelson road and cherry glen road in vacaville earlier this afternoon and quickly spread burning at least 150 acres. (grant) kron-4's gayle ong is live in the vacaville tonight we the latest details, gayle? gayle? (grant)


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