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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  August 13, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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firefighter has been killed battling the mendocino complex fires. good evening -- i'm pam moore.(ken) and i'm ken wayne.right now we do not have the firefighter's identity or where he was killed. there's briefing in ukiah happening at any moment -- we will bring that to you live right here on kron 4. but first -- here's the latest on containment the fire is comprised of the ranch and river fires. the ranch fire.... which alone is now the largest fire in state history... has now burned more than 300- thousand acres. it is 59- percent contained. the river fire is now 100- percent contained. it burned 48- thousand acres. the fires have destoryed 146- homes... and are still threatening about one thousand structures.
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(pam) over the weekend, firefighters made significant progress on a major wildfire
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structures. thousand structures.
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structures.thousand about one threatening are still homes... and are still threatening about one thousand structures.
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(pam) over the weekend, firefighters made significant progress on a major wildfire burning in southern california. the holy fire has burned more than 22-thousand acres. and it is now 59-percent contained ... that's up from just 10- percent on friday. nearly half of the 21- thousand people under mandatory evacuation were able to return home. more than 14-hundred firefighters are battling the blaze... they expect to have the fire fully contained by friday august 17th... (pam) video has been
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released of a daring animal rescue mission pulled off friday evening by police, when the nelson fire threatened the solano county spca, animal shelter. kron 4's gabe slate shows us the video and he talked with police who shared what the adrenaline fueled experience was like. nat sound of police rescue body cam footage from vacaville police officers shows how intense it was when officers rushed to evacuate the dogs and cats inside the solano county spca animal shelter friday evening as the nelson fire threated to burn it down. sound from mark donaldson - lieutenant vacaville police "putting dogs cats in crates in patrol cars to save them and take them to a nearby makeshift shelter" mark donaldson, with vacaville police, says the fire department was busy trying to save the spca building. his police department was the only
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agency that could assist spca workers to get the animals out. sound from mark donaldson - lieutenant vacaville police "you just do what you have to do" vacaville police department set up a temporary shelter in a nearby grocery store parking lot and that's when something special happened members of community started showing up to help. sound from mark donaldson - lieutenant vacaville police "people started adopting animals right there on site" the fire department fought off the nelson fire, the spca shelter was saved, thanks to the vacaville police department no amimals were lost or injured.. the nelson fire was soon after contained.. a happy ending all around. in vacaville gabe slate kron 4 news
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lawrence karnow: temperatures cooled around the bay area today high pressure finally weakened. the monsoon returned to the sierra. doppler radar is tracking more showers over the sierra. highs today were in the 80s inland with cool fog and 50s and 60s at the coast. on the satellite you can see an area of low pressure approaching the bay area. that will help to keep temperatures down he next couple of days. highs tomorrow will be in the 80s inland with 60s and 70s around the bay and 50s and 60s at the coast. temperatures will begin to get hot again inland around early next weekend. (pam)
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new audio from the first moments ground controllers realized they had a big problem ... a sea-tac airport employee stole - and crashed a commercial plane near seattle. (pam) air traffic controllers released that new audio today .... it reveals the frantic moments before the plane went down.(ken) a ground controller repeatedly tried and failed to make contact with the rogue horizon air q-400. kyung lah reports. "i'm not even talking to him.""he came flying out of the cargo area from delta." "you need to call and scramble now.""yeah, we are."that's the moment officials call for military fighter jets... to intercept 29-year old richard russell... a horizon-air ground crew worker, who stole the plane without a pilot's license.richard russell:"hey pilot guy, can this thing do a back flip, do you think? // nah, i mean i don't need that much help. i've played video games before."but after about an hour in the air, russell makes clear he's not landing.
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atc: "now let's try to land that airplane safely and not hurt anybody on the ground." richard russell:"alright, ahh dammit. i don't know, man, i don't know // i don't want to. i was kind of hoping that was going to be it you know // just a broken guy, got a few screws loose i guess. never really knew it, until now."the plane crashed on a small island... exploding in dense woods, killing russell.the rogue takeoff raises the stakes for concerns about so- called "insider attacks" -- that criminals working as airline employees might be planning to do much more harm next time. the airline c-e-o says russell managed planes from the maintenance area by himself. he was in uniform, had the proper credentials and access.seattle airport officials say all security protocols were followed on the, they say, is tighter even than what is required by law. courtney gregoire/port of seattle commissioner:"and i think this is really, truly a one in a million experience. that doesn't mean we can't learn from it and ensure this type of tragedy doesn't happen again."the wider concern is
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for hundreds of thousands of employees who don't undergo constant close checks like those required for pilots.a 2017 house homeland security committee report warned potential terrorists could take advantage of ground vulnerabilities. a bipartisan bill tightening employee checks passed the house - and is stalled in the senate.kyung lah/cnn:"how do you stop any of this from happening?"gael tarleton/former port of seattle commissioner:"the only way to stop it is ignition lock devices on the engine itself. a pilot has to have the authority to use the ignition. and if they do not have the authority to use the ignition, then the plane should not turn on." (pam) the stolen plane heist has raised some serious safety questions across the country....(ken) tonight we talked with a retired pilot who flew commercially for 35-years and flew in the military as well. kron 4's j.r. stone is following the story and joins us live at san francisco airport. j.r. what
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was this pilot's reaction after seeing what happened last friday? (j.r.) he says nothing surprises him anymore and here is someone who piloted commercial planes for 35 years and military planes for 7 years. to fly an aircraft is one thing but to fly that aircraft is another thing. retired military and commercial pilot chris zwingle is referring to the the scenario that unfolded friday involving this man. richard russell. the man who stole a commercial plane from the seattle tacoma international airport. in zwingle's 40 plus year career of flying commercial and military jets he hasn't seen a commercial plane stolen like this.sot commercial no military yes it's happened. this is what the aircraft that was stolen looked like. a twin engine turboprop airplane that could seat 76 passengers. one owned by horizon air and operated by alaska airlines.
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zwingle says there are security features in this plane.sot it's been said that aircraft doesn't have a locking door but it does...... as to how russell learned to fly like he did it is unclear. in a conversation with an air traffic controller he claimed that he played video gameswell that's a heck of a video game and i've got to get it. i think there's got to be more to it than that. there's gotta be some type of detailed training that he not necessarily took but he studied something i don't think you're going to get the ability to fly like he did off a video game but i could be mistaken. (j.r.)so certainly a number of unanswered questions about richard russell. as for some perspective chris zwingle told me he had been flying in the military for seven years before he flew commercial jets. live at sfo, j.r. stone, kron 4 news. (pam) coming up -- (pam) (pam) coming up -- shocking
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allegations tonight... in the case involving 11 children found in a new mexico compound.... what prosecutors are saying about the death of 4-year-old abdul wahhaj. (ken) plus -- new charges against joseph deangelo... the man dubbed the golden state killer. how a father died while trying to protect his teenage daughter. (pam) and -- police are trying to figure out how this woman's body .. wound up floating in canal in bay point. we'll have a live report on this investigation.. after the break. is is not a bed.
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to help you lose your dad bod, train for that marathon, and wake up with the patience of a saint. and now, save up to $500 on select sleep number 360 smart beds. plus, no interest until january 2021. ends wednesday. (pam) nearly a month after an east bay woman's body was found floating in a canal, investigators are still trying to figure out what led up to her death...(ken) kron 4's ella sogomonian is live in the newsroom with details... live 25 year old kreonna smith went missing on july 16th...she was last seen at around 10 am. vo four days later her body was found floating in the contra costa water district canal near driftwood drive and pacifica avenue in baypoint by an employee.the sheriff's office dive team got her out...and took the body to the coroner...but the cause of her death is still unknown. nearly a month later the contra costa county sheriff's office still needs help with the investigation to try and piece together what happened to the young woman.tag the department is asking anyone with information to email or call their investigation can do so
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anonymously...we'll have that information up on kron4 dot inthe newsroom ella sogomonian kron 4 news. (ken) a plane made an emergency landing on a bay area freeway over the weekend ... and the people that caught the landing on dash cam video say they're still in shock. (pam) kron 4's ali reid talked with them about what could have been a much more serious accident.. the couple is still processing what happened over the weekend. it's not every day that you're driving down the freeway and you see a plane hovering over cars while trying to land.pkg it's like a miracle on 580 is what it iseric and brandi geer tell me the it was extremely scary watching a single engine plane fall out of the sky. those cars didn't even know what was comingthe plane's engine was completely silent... so for many, there was no warning that it was directly above.surprsing ly the plane wasn't much bigger than some of the cars. and the suvs were biggerthe geers were driving eastbound on 238. just before the 580 north interchange they saw the small one-engine plane slowing landing on the freeway. it's still surprising to many, how the pilot was able to land with no issues whatsoever.i
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heard the fda tape and he was surprisingly calmso was the passengershe said no we're fine. it's just the fuel leak and it was a little bumpy and she seemed so calm about it after the plane was safely on the shoulder, it wasn't all clear. the wing was still sticking out on 2 lanes of trafficeventually everything was under control and there were no injuries.things coulve gone differently.i asked the couple how they managed to jump into action as soon as they did...eric told me his boys scout trainng kicked into gear.reporting live from fremont ... ali reid .... kron 4 news. (pam) (pam) a live look outside on this monday night (ken)
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lawrence is here with the forecast for the week. lawrence karnow: temperatures cooled around the bay area today as high pressure finally weakened. the monsoon returned to the sierra. doppler radar is tracking more showers over the sierra. highs today were in the 80s inland with cool fog and 50s and 60s at the coast. on the satellite you can see an area of low pressure approaching the bay area. that will help to keep temperatures down he next couple of days. highs tomorrow will be in the 80s inland with 60s and 70s around the bay and 50s and 60s at the coast. temperatures will begin to get hot again inland around friday and into early next weekend.
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(pam) still ahead tonight -- former white house aide and reality star omarosa manigault newman releases the secret recording with president trump
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after she was fired... what it reveals after the break...
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prosecutors have added yet another murder charge against the suspected "golden state killer." authorities in visalia say, they have evidence that joseph deangelo is also the so-called 'visalia ransacker' of the 1970's.. kay recede has the latest. claude snelling... a journalism professor featured here in the 1976 college of the sequoiaús yearbook... was by many accounts a family man... a father who ultimately died ááwhile protectááing his teenage daughter(chief jason salazar, visalia police department)'he was a hero to his family, he was a hero to his community for what he tried to do to save his daughter.'visalia police chief jason salazar says back in september of 1975 — snelling woke up to a suspected kidnaper(chief) 'snelling didnút hesitate, he jumped in to save his daughterús life, immediately
10:24 pm
acted and in doing so the ransacker, deangelo, killed him.'(kay recede in visalia) 'we spoke to a neighbor off- camera who says he remembers the gunshots that night and the tragic scene that unfolded afterwards, the scene that took the life of a popular professor.'for decades — investigators only knew that the visalia ransacker killed snellingnow — they have named their sole suspect(chief) 'chief: that joseph deangelo is the man responsible for these crimes.'joseph deangelo was a police officer with the exeter police department from 1974 to 1975 — before he left for the auburn police departmentaround the same time — the chief says the ransacker killed snelling and burglarized about 100 homes (district attorney tim ward, tulare county)'by the filing of murder charges against mr. deangelo, we have officially linked what is known as the visalia ransacker to be the same individual that is the east area rapist.' investigators say there are similarities to the ransacker and the east are rapistboth suspects cased homes before they broke in... both helped themselves to victims food... both made chilling phone calls weeks after an attack investigators say unlike the east area rapist cases — they do not have dna evidence
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— and so many witnesses have passed away(chief) 'thereús some physical evidence that weúre continuing to work on that we believe is gonna help the case, good olú police work from victims and witnesses.'43 years later.. one suspect named... and a community still reeling.. investigators say time has only strengthened their resolve (da)'time faded, it wasnút forgotten.' (pam) a man involved in a "stand your ground" shooting case in florida .. is now facing manslaughter charges. michael drejka was charged today - more than three weeks after he shot and killed markeis mcglockton in clearwater.. the two had had an argument over a parking spot. an attorney for the victim's family said, it was the right decision. according to
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the criminal complaint against him, drejka said, mcglockton tackled him and he was in fear, firing his gun in self-defense. (pam) coming up -- it has been a devastating wildfire season so far in california. after the break -- we'll take a look at how canadian firefighters are battling nearly six- hundred fires burning right now. (ken) plus -- a california highway patrol officer killed in the line of duty was honored today. how the community is remembering him tonight (pam) and -- we'll have an update on the oakland police officer injured on the job. the status of his recovery... when we come back. (ken)
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responding to a call is in the hospital after being involved in a traffic collission. (pam) tonight the officer remains in critical condition. kron4's haaziq madyun has the story. sot
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was coming around this road, eastbound in the 1900 block he collided with a civilian car as well as a parked simi-truck">another opd officer in the area responded to the scene and tried to get to the officer but the impact to the vehicle made that impossiblesot
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patrol officer killed in the line of duty.... was honored with a bell toll in west sacramento today. motorcycle officer kirk griess had pulled over an s-u-v for a traffic stop friday... when he was hit by a pickup truck. the s-u-v driver was also killed -- and the truck driver was hospitalized. the truck driver was being questioned by police... and there is no word yet on what led up to the accident or whether he will be charged. griess, a marine corps veteran, worked for the highway patrol for 19- years. he leaves behind a wife, two adult daughters, and a teenage son. a baltimore police officer, caught on camera beating a man has resigned. the interim police commissioner says: he has "zero tolerance" for the behavior displayed in the video.(ken) andy rose has more from maryland.
10:32 pm
a baltimore police officer has resigned...after a video surfaced saturday that shows him beating a black man. nats (ya know what... you cant touch me...)the cellphone video shows dashawn mcgrier screaming at the officer. that's when the officer is seen throwing punches and continues hitting mcgrier for the next 12 a press conference monday, the interim baltimore police commissioner addressed the video.sot gary tuggle, interim commissioner baltimore police "the repeated head-strikes, strikes toward the head are disturbing."mcgrier's lawyer's not the first time the two men had crossed paths. sot warren brown, attorney for dashawn grier"in one occasion this officer, former officer, officer williams was hassling some young folks and my client had the nerve to suggest that the young folks talk to their parents about the way this officer is treating them and from that point on, he directed his ire toward my client." police say no complaint was ever filed about previous encounters between the two.the baltimore police department has been scrutinized in the past for controversial uses of force against black this case: the officer who resigned after beating mcgrier is black. so is another officer who did little to intervene.that officer is on administrative
10:33 pm
leave pending an investigation. i'm andy rose reporting. (ken) (ken) there are nearly 600 wildfires burning in british columbia. and almost 3-thousand people in northern and central b-c are on evacuation alert. 145 new fires were triggered by lightening over the weekend. hundreds of people have already been ordered out of their homes. about 2- thousand residents around quesnel (kwah-nell) have been told to be ready to leave on a moment's notice. so have 16-hundred people near fort st. james. smoke is making it dark outside in many places. environment canada has extended a special air quality statement for most of the southern half of the province. lawrence karnow: temperatures cooled around the bay area today as high pressure finally weakened. the monsoon returned to the sierra. doppler radar is tracking more showers over
10:34 pm
the sierra. highs today were in the 80s inland with cool fog and 50s and 60s at the coast. on the satellite you can see an area of low pressure approaching the bay area. that will help to keep temperatures down he next couple of days. highs tomorrow will be in the 80s inland with 60s and 70s around the bay and 50s and 60s at the coast. temperatures will begin to get hot again inland around friday and into early next weekend.
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(ken) new at ten tonight
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reporting. last year costco made 26 billion dollars in sales. now to a big story we've been following tonight.... former white house aide omarosa manigault newman has released a secret recording of a call between her and the president. the call took place after she was fired by
10:39 pm
chief of staff john kelly. cnn's kaitlan collins has more. president president trump addressing soldiers at fort drum. president donald trump: "i'm here today to sign our new defense bill into law..." as former white house staffer omarosa manigault newman - escalates her war with the administration... revealing she recorded her conversations with the presidentpresident donald trump:"omarosa, what's going on? i just saw in the news you're thinking about leaving. what happened?" omarosa manigault newman/former aide to president trump:general kelly -- general kelly came to me and said that you guys wanted me to leave." president donald trump:"no. nobody even told me about it."omarosa breaching major security protocols... secretly taping her firing by john kelly in the white house situation room... one of the most secure rooms in washington... with no devices allowed...john kelly/white house chief of staff:"i think
10:40 pm
it's important to understand that if we make this a friendly departure, you can look at your time here in the white house as a year of service to the nation. and then you can go on without any type of difficulty in the future relative to your reputation." trump tweeting today that despite intense pressure to fire omarosa, he kept her around because "she only said great things about me."adding "wacky omarosa" skipped work, missed meetings and was a vicious colleague... despite promising this on the campaign trail.president donald trump:"we're going to get the best people in the world."asked about omarosa over the weekend, trump said this president donald trump: "low life. she's a low life." omarosa had no defined role in the west wing, but raked in nearly two hundred thousand taxpayer-funded dollars and carried the title assistant to the president...she's also claiming the trump 2020 campaign offered her a 15-thousand dollar a month position if she agreed to keep
10:41 pm
silent...something she says she refused to do. trump also admitting for the first time she signed an n-d-a, writing on twitter,"wacky omarosa already has a fully-signed non- disclosure agreement!" but when cnn reported that senior white house staff signed n-d-as earlier this year, the white house denied it. hogan gidley/white house deputy press secretary:"i can say that the report that staff were required or asked to sign $10 million in nondisclosure agreements is not true."one white house official telling cnn they don't consider omarosa's recordings to be a national security threat, but noting they are worried she wasn't the only staffer recording conversations...all this as omarosa threatened more trouble for the white house.question:"do you have more recordings?"omarosa manigault newman/former aide to president trump:"oh absolutely."question:"are you planning on releasing them?" omarosa manigault newman/former aide to president trump:"i don't know. i'm going to watch to see. they've been threatening legal action. they're trying to figure out oh, how to stop me // i'm expecting that they're going to retaliate and so i'm just going to stand back and wait." (sports) wait."to stand back and so i'm just going to retaliate and so i'm just going to stand back and wait."
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(sports) coming up i'll have all the day's sports highlights and scores. you know when you're at ross shopping for backpacks... ...and mom also gets a back-to-school bag? that's yes for less. ross has the brands you want for back to school. and it feels even better when you find them for less. at ross. yes for less.
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...which means you can saynally hyes... the shoes your family wants. find top brands at big savings... ...for men, women, boys and girls all for a whole lot less... the ross shoe event. yes for less. in with the new ... the salesforce transbay terminal has finally opened up .. and among other amenities... it sports a roof top park .... (ken) but even (ken) but even with the terminal being open only a few days... the bad behavior has already begun. ((what do you think)) umm well i hope that's the only one you find, ((second one so far)) the second there is one on the other side this is jeff and we'll come back to him in
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a moment and no jeff was not behaving badly i'm at the brand spanking new salesforce transbay terminal, where on multiple levels, buses from all around the bay arrive to pick up and drop off passengers nats: ambiance on fremont street, you might see a rideshare parking in a dedicated turn lane dropping off passengers or for that matter you might see one waiting to pick up passengers on mission the difference from this driver and this one every bus driver trying to make that turn took a photo of the rideshare which means the rideshare driver might get multiple bus zone tickets in the mail that's 288 dollars a pop i guess you can call this a revenue free day for this driver nats: ambiance back on fremont street notice the light is red, but notice that not many drivers are stopping in fact just about every time the light turns red you can see people rolling through the red light..which is there because muni needs the space so the articulated buses can get out of the terminalnats: ambiance but inside the terminal, it's beautiful if you like hi tech
10:46 pm
even the rooftop park is high tech down to this water fountain which by the way, is triggered by buses rolling down they turn on without any warning which brings me back to jeff ((now that we've see our first official cigarette butt, what do you think jeff)) life goes on, ((what was your theory?)) well my theory is you have to make an effort to get up here and uh and smoking is waning in the general population, so i didn't think it woulbe much of a problem ((but now you've seen you first cigarette butt)) yea my balloon has burstfor the record the park fulls under san francisco rec and park rules and the san francisco police will be patrolling along with a private security agency my advice, enjoy the park and please don't trash itin san francisco stanley roberts kron 4 news the giants looked like they were looked like the giants
10:47 pm
news roberts kron 4 news the giants looked like they were going to go down at the hands of clayton kershaw... but rallied late... kershaw... gave up only one run over 8 innings on the other side... madison bumgarner bottom 4th... kershaw... pops one down the left field line... brandon crawford and gorkys hernandez runs into each other... it falls in for an rbi double... 1-0 dodgers... crawford had to leave the game under concussion concerns bottom concerns bottom 5th... justin turner... takes bumgarner out for a solo home run... 2-0 dodgers... bumgarner: 6 ip, 7 hits, 2 runs top 9th... 2-1 dodgers...
10:48 pm
giants down to their final pout... but nick hundley singles to right field... two runs are across... giants lead 3-2 next hitter... gorkys hernandez... who stayed in the game after the collisioin... folows up hundley with an rbi single of his own.. 4-2 giants final score... 5-2 giants... they are 5 games back of the diamondback... and 4 back of the dodgers and rockies in the n-l west the a's hosting the team they are trying to stay up pon fr the 2nd wold card spot in the american league... 10,400 fans at the coliseum tonight... bottom 3rd... 1-1 tie... jed lowrie... lines one fair and into the right field corner... damian semien and matt chapman score... 3-1
10:49 pm
a's... lowrie: 3 hits, 4 rbi sean manaea... the sean manaea... the call him the samoan randy johnson... the big lefty mows down andrew ronnie... 7 2/3 ip, 5 hits, 2 runs for manaea bottom 8th... 4-1 a's... matt chapman... another liner into the right field corner... chad pinder and jonathan lucroy score.. 6-1 a's... chapamn had 3 doubles top 9th... mariners close it to 7-6 after familia walked three batters... but after giving up a couple of singles... blake trienan settles down and strikes out nelson cruz to end the game and get his 31st save final... 7-6 a's... they are now 2 1/2 games up in the wild card... and only 2 games back of the astros in the a-l west 49ers starting running back jerrick mckinnon's injury he suffered in practice yesterday luckily does not look serious.. just a calf strain... but the nirs are
10:50 pm
still picking up more running back help... they are bringing in veteran alfred morris to provide depth while they deal with injuries at the position. morris... who played for the cowboys last season... was a sixth-round draft pick of washington in 2012 when shanahan was the offensive coordinator.... but his biggest claim top fame was biggest claim top fame was when he was all-pro in 2013... he was still driving a 1991 mazda because he said he wanted to "stay close to his roots"(wipe to sherman getting back) meanwhile... jimmy garoppolo and the niners were back at work today... and another injured player... richard sharman... who is battling a hamstring issue... was back on the practice
10:51 pm
today... the question... will he play saturday in texas sherman... of couse coming off a ruptured cut his final season in seattle short... so his health is always a concern kyle asked about sherman's status today...(sot: shanahan) shanahan>"we talk to him a lot about that, and we go with the doctors. he knows his body pretty well. we're trying to ease him in. he wanted to get a few reps today in team and stuff where we kind of plays they were and stuff. you could just mirror his feet and get a little bit of competition. we're still taking it very slowly reassess that and how we feel when we go against another team."
10:52 pm
and check and check and check this one out... as temperatures in atlanta reached into the 90's in te braves-marlins game... miami first base coach perry hill found a unique way to cool off out to the fieldpiece of weyt
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have the seven day forecast. lawrence karnow: temperatures cooled around the bay area today as high pressure finally weakened. the monsoon returned to the sierra. doppler radar is tracking more showers over the sierra. highs today were in the 80s inland with cool fog and 50s and 60s at the coast. on the satellite you can see an area of low pressure approaching the bay area. that will help to keep temperatures down he next couple of days. highs tomorrow will be in the 80s inland with 60s and 70s around the bay and 50s and 60s at the coast. temperatures will begin to get hot again inland around friday and into early next weekend.
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just when you thought you were done painting...
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narrator: in the criminal justice system sexually based offenses are considered especially heinous. in new york city, the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad known as the special victims unit. these are their stories. wait, wait, hold up, hold up. let's go someplace else. i got a better place. where you take all your other girls? come on, now, you know i don't have nobody but you. ( giggles ) what's over here? ah, the view is better. ( giggles ) ( door closing ) what's that? it's nothing. it's nothing. relax. come on now.


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