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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  August 15, 2018 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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tonight... a northern california man faces several charges in connection with friday's crash that killed a c-h-p officer and another man during a traffic stop in fairfield.((pam)) authorities say, this is a case of distracted driving.thanks for joining us... i'm pam moore.((ken))and i'm ken wayne.the chp held a news conference late today to announce vehicular manslaughter and reckless driving charges against that driver who has been identified as 38 year-old sean walker of rocklin.((dbl bx))kron 4's jr stone is live in fairfield tonight with the details... jr? (j.r.)pam and ken...investigat ors say this driver was talking on his cell and
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speeding...this suspect is behind bars tonight here in fairfield. he'll stand in front of a judge tomorrow afternoon. he faces nearly 7 years in jail.officer kirk griess died in this crash along westbound interstate 80 at the manuel campos parkway and north texas street. griess had just pulled over jaime manuel who was driving a saturn suv when a chevy pickup truck veered over and hit both griess and the saturn. officers say 36 year old sean walker of rocklin, which is just outside of sacramento, was driving that pickup. officers say he was on his phone and speeding. he faces two felony counts of gross vehicular manslaughter and on felony count of reckless driving. ((pam/ots)) family ((pam/ots))((pam/ots))
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family members of nia wilson say, they will hold a news conference friday... to announce the filing of a lawsuit against bart.... over her untimely death. wilson is the young woman killed on july 22nd... at the macahur bart station. her sister was also injured in the attack, which bart police say, appears to have been random. john cowell has been charged with murder and attempted murder. according to the wilson family's lawyer, the suit will quote - "allege bart failed to meet the duty of common carriers ... to provide riders with the highest standard of care." (ken) and a new poll out tonight... shows that 75 percent of people want more police officers on bart platforms and trains.(pam) the bay area council... which promotes the local business community... conducted the twitter poll. our grant lodes is here... with how bart's police chief is responding to that news. (grant) bart's police
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chief carlos rojas joined us live in studio earlier tonight...addressing crime on the transit system. first topic...that news poll...that clearly states most people want a greater police presence on platforms and trains. carlos rojas, bart police chief: "i'm 100% supportive of having more officers on trains, we want to deter and prevent crime and we do that by being visible on trains at at stations. we have 14 officers in our training program and 8 officers in the academy so we do have a lot of momentum in hiring but there's a lot more work hiring but there's momentum in do have a lot of academy so we officers in the program and 8 officers in the academy so we do have a lot of momentum in hiring but there's a lot more work to do." (grant) the chief there referring to bart's saturaturation effort...where officers are working six day reassure riders after that string of 3 murders at stations in the span of a week. one of the chief's challenges...being able to pay his people more...many other local law enforcement agencies
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provide much higer salaries. (grant) the chief says he'll be presenting his comprehensive crime fighting plan to the board next month. but he would not go into specifics about what it will include. ((pam/ots)) more perspective now on the bart police issue. today, kron4's haaziq madyun asked riders.... what they think about the idea of having more officers out and about. (pkg)would you support more police patrols on bart stations and trains to increase passenger safety in the wake of recent violent attacks. that is the twitter poll question the bay area council organization asked bart passengers who live in the counties of san francisco, san mateo, alameda and contra costa. 1,653 twitter users particiapted in the poll, the results...?sot
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the bay area council is regional non-partison public policy organization representing 300 of the bay area's largest employers focused on improving issues surrounding housing and transportation, says the spokesperson rufus jeffrissot nat/haaziq would you support more police patrol at bart stations and on trains?sot"yes i will" nat/haaziqwhy?sot"because i feel that we need more police officers for more safety"sot "yes i do believe that bart officers should be on the platforms to deal with issues" officials at bart say they are aware of the bay area council's twitter poll. bart is currently working on it's own a safety and security plan sot
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((ken))in the south bay... the hunt is on tonight for the driver who slammed into a parked car.. causing it to crash into a happened just before eleven last night on angie avenue near story road in san jose. police say the driver of an s-u-v hit a parked car... and the impact was so strong it pushed that car into the home causing some major damage to the front door and support beams.. police say the driver of the s-u-v ran off... no one in the home was hurt. ((nats))music nats..... immeasurable
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sadness in the north bay today... as the public said goodbye to a fallen firefighter.a procession for battalion chief matt burchett took place.. as his body was returned home to utah.((pam)) the 42 year-old was killed monday while battling the mendocino complex fire.he leaves behind a wife and 6 year old son ((ken)) the plane carrying his body landed at roland r. wright air national guard base in salt lake city just over an hour ago.his funeral will take place on monday.((dbl bx))kron 4's justine waldman is live in santa rosa tonight where that procession took place. (justine)hearts were people came to honor a true hero.the hearse carrying battalion chief matt burchett's body, slowly pulled onto the tarmac.surrounding him, a full honor guard, with dozens of fellow firefighters and law enforcement officers here to pay their respects and grieve together.the 42 year old husband and father, died while fighting the mendocino complex fire.his body escorted from ukiah to sonoma county airport...and people lined the streets the entire
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way...holding american flags and signs of gratitude.carol leech / watched procession sot i am out here to give my love the family and honor all firefighters that have come to help in californianats of bagpipesthe flag draped casket was carried carefully on to the c130 plane.his death felt in countless black sashes over badges.matt is the 6th firefighter to die battling california's wildfires this season.battalion chief jeremy rahn / calfire sot everything you think you can unshroud your badge we are doing it againnatsmatt's wife dressed in black tightly hugged members of his fire fighting crew.the procession somber and silent...until the roar of the plane engines took matt's body back to his home state of utahthe sadness here.. a reminder of the sacrifices firefighters make to keep us all safe.sot we go on the line together and when there is an end of to support each other as a family." (justine)on the plane with him back to his home state of utah, his wife.and 6 members of the cal fire honor guard who have not left his side since he the sonoma
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county airport justine waldman kron 4 news. tonight crews are making more progress battling the mendocino complex is the largest wildfire in california history.((vo + sidebar)) here are the latest numbers according to cal- fire.the fire, which is burning in lake, mendocino, colusa and glenn counties .... has burned more than 364-thousand acres. it is now 67-percent contained.the blaze has destroyed nearly 150- homes... and more than a
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thousand are still threatened tonight. ((ken vo + sidebar))new numbers on the carr fire, which is still burning in shasta county.according to cal fire... the blaze has now burned more than 214-thousand is 69-percent contained.three people have been killed in the fireand more than one-thousand homes have been destroyed.the cause of that fire is still under investigation... but a vehicle malfunction is suspected. (pam) lets turn now to chief meteorologist lawrence karnow.(ken) lawrence how are the fire conditions looking for firefighters? lawrence karnow: low clouds and fog with drizzle were slow to clear today helping to cool temperatures all over the bay area. highs today were mainly in the 70s inland with 60s and 70s around the bay and 50s and 60s at the coast. doppler radar is showing more showers and thunderstorms over the sierra. on the satellite there is a weak area of low pressure approaching the coast. it will help to bring more clouds to
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the bay area again tonight with patchy drizzle. tomorrow will start with low clouds and drizzle before partial clearing in the afternoon. highs tomorrow will be in the 70s to mid 80s inland, 60s and 70s around the bay and 50s and coast. it will on thursday become a little with mid 90s by the weekend. coming up at eight.. a new report shows bay area roads... are only getting worse.and drivers are dishing out a lot of money because of responds after hundreds of
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users say they have been hacked.what you need to know to make sure your account is safe.and next...a measles outbreak hits nearly two dozen states, including california. we'll hear from a bay area doctor about the symptoms you need to look out for. this is not a bed. it's a revolution in sleep. the new sleep number 360 smart bed, from $999, intelligently senses your movement and automatically adjusts. so you wake up ready to train for that marathon.
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and now, save up to $500 on select sleep number 360 smart beds. ends wednesday. at eight....a measles outbreak
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has hit almost two dozen states... including california. ((pam)) so far there are more than 100 cases, but the centers for disease control expects that number to rise.((dbl bx)) kron 4's charles clifford is live in marin county.. he spoke with a doctor about what people need to do to protect themselves... charles? the center for disease control says that so far this year 107 people in 21 states have contracted measles. in california, the health department says that there have been 18 confirmed cases
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of the virus this year. sot measles is one of the most contagiouis of the infectious diseases.dr. matt willis is the public health officer in marin county. he says the danger posed by measles can not be ignored. sotif there's one child in a classroom coughing, that whole classroom can be exposed. there hasn't been a confirmed case of measles in marin since 2015, but willis says this time of the year, when kids are headed back to school, is when they are most concerned about infections.sotmeasles is one of the most contagious of the infectious diseases. it doesn't take much of the virus. . a particle to get in the air and create exposure for a whole classroom. if there's one kid with measles in a classroom coughing that whole classroom will be exposed.fortunately, measles is also very preventable. the measles vaccine is about 95 percent effective and in california all kids are now required to be vaccinated before they start
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kindergarten. willis says that parents who still refuse to vaccinate their kids are putting their child's health and education at risk.sotif there is a case of measles at a school, we will exclude unvaccinated children for 21 days. which is the period of infectivity. we want to make sure that all parents know that so they can vaccinate their children so they don't have to deal with that.cdc says 107 measles cases so far in the us, there were 118 total cases last year. in marin county, charles clifford kron 4 news. ((pam/fsc))((pam/fsc)) ((pam/fsc)) according to the centers for disease control....symptoms of measles generally appear about seven- to 14 days after a person is infected.symptoms include... high fever, cough, runny nose and red- watery eyes. ((ken/me3 vo))new tonight at eight...instagram says it is investigating after several users claim they have been
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hacked.users say they have barred from using their accounts.they say when they reset their password and get a recovery email, it is linked to an account with a russian domain instagram acknowledged the problem in a blog post and encouraged people to use a strong password, and revoke access to any suspicous third-party apps. now to our now to our four zone forecast. taking a live look outside at s-f-o.(ken)kron-4's chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here now with the forecast lawrence karnow: temperatures were running cooler than normal around the bay area. highs today were in the 70s and 80s inland with 50s and 60s and patch fog at the coast. it is another day of showers and thunderstorms over the sierra but that will subside as the sun goes down. on the satellite image you can
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see a weak area of low pressure off the coast. that low will move east keeping high pressure from building in too strong tomorrowl. once it moves past high pressure will return and bring hotter temperatures into the weekend. highs tomorrow will be in the mid to upper 80s inland. inside the bay we'll see 60s and 70s with 50s and 60s at the coast. it will begin to warm on friday with 90s inland. it will remain hot in the valleys for the weekend with much cooler weather at the coast. temperatures will cool for everyone early next week.
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((nats)) good morning, welcome! it is back to school for studen in san jose.we were at willow glen elementary.... when students filed in for the first day. parents snapped photographs of their children in front of the school as they dropped them off.the school also has a new playground, which was a big hit with the kids. ((ken/mon vo))if you still have some back-to-school shopping to do, you're not alone. experts say it's not
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too late to find some great bargains whether you're buying online or at a store.mary moloney has some last-minute money saving tips. summer is coming to a close- soback-to-school deals are heating up. shopping and money experts say late august to early septemberis still a great time to find really good deals.katherine cullen, national retail federation: "we still have the labor day sales and stuff in august so if you missed on an item you really want don't despair." saving tip number one: buy in bulk. experts suggest you pool resources with a group of parents who have to buy the same items for their kids, then split the cost to save money. bargain tip number two-- match prices. according to a recent nerdwallet survey-- about 4 out of 5 parents don't always do this and leave money on the table. another suggestion from nerdwallet--- buy refurbished laptops or computers instead of new ones. just make sure it comes with a warranty. bargain tip number three-- take the bundle approach and buy pre-packed boxes of supplies
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online. alok deshpande, financial expert, smartpath financial: "standing in the aisles at a walmart or a target is tough. and so, you save time and headache if you get the bundle."online sites like school-tool-box dot com and school-pak dot com allow you to search for pre-built boxes for participating schools.alok deshpande, financial expert, smartpath financial:"we've priced those out to see if you bought them individually versus the bundle. you almost always save on the bundle than versus buying individually. and more importantly, you save time and headache."for consumer watch, i'm mary moloney. -----end-----cnn.script----- --keyword tags--consumer watch back-to-school money saving tips spending school supplies ahead at 8increased congestion is costing you time and a whole lot of cash here in the bay area.the billion dollar price tag...and where that money is going. but first... a c-h-p officer finds himself on the wrong side of the law.details on his arrest for allegedly molesting a 12- year-old girl. ((gary sports tease)) coming up a little bit later in this broadcast. what are we doing. giants/dodgers later tonight, and also as i continue my final week, tour of my life, i'll show you the guy whose every step i copied. in everything i do on the air is what he did in real life. we'll show you how it went
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down, in a few minutes.
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((pam)) a disturbing case of child molestion in northern california.((ken))the officer with the california highway patrol.the victim...just 12 years old. rowena shaddox tells us how authorities were tipped off. 35-year-old michael richard joslin is no longer in the tan chp uniform he's worn for the past 11 years.instead, today he wore an orange and white stripped jail uniform during his arraignment in amador county superior court, where he pleaded ánot guilty to five áfelony counts of continued sexual abuse of a 12-year-old girl, including rape, according to the criminal complaint filed in court. (shot of court document)amador county sheriff's investigators
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were notified of the alleged abuse on came from a pastor who said that a mother had notified him that her daughter had been molested. investigators began their investigaton and tracked joslin to placer county, where he was arrested on monday.from our investigation, it looks like it's been going on approximately one year."a protective order was imposed on joslin in court today, prohibiting him from contacting the victim in an capacity, and requiring that he turn in his firearms.the amador area chp commander todd brown said in a prepared statement that he was "appauled by the nature of the allegations," and that joslin no longer works for the california highway patrol. during his career, joslin has served in san andreas, helping with traffic around elementary school students in murphys, and with other students in copperoplis, before transferring to amador two years ago. ((ken))that was rowena shaddox
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reporting.joslin will be back in court monday for a bail hearing. coming up at eight..the victims of the horrific sex abuse at the hands of priests... are now speaking dmv is taking steps to ease congestion at its ofces. and next... find out how much potholes, crumbled roads and traffic jams are costing you each year. ((lawrence tease))i'm kron 4 chief meteorologist lawrence karnow.coming up, i look at your 7 day forecast.details are right after the break.
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((ken)) bad roads and more traffic have become a way of life in california, especially here in the bay area. ((pam)) but a new study finds.... they are both costing drivers ... thousands of dollars each year. kron 4's dan kerman shows us how. congestion in the bay area seems to be an everyday occurance.sotactually it's getting worse but i hope it gets betteradd to that the potholes... it seems as if road crews can barely keep up... now a new study by the trip research group finds bad roads coupled with congestion are costing california drivers 61 billion dollars annuallysot it doesnt take a rocket scientist to figure that out if you drivein the san francisco oakland area the costs break down to $2,992 per driver annually, while in the san jose area it costs drivers an extra $2,745sot carl guardino/ california transportation commission 38-48 when you dont invest you dont have the infrastructure that you need and california hasn't invested in transportation systems for nearly 2 and a half decadescarl guardino is a member of the california transportation commission. he
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says that changed last year when the state legislature passed a 12 cent a gallon hike in the gas tax generating nearly 5-and a half billion dollars a year. sotwe already have invested 9.2 billion in 6800 improvements for road and highway repair and congestion relief in every single city in california and all 58 counties. but now a measure to repeal that gas tax is on the november ballot... guardino thinks it's shortsighted and many drivers agree.sotif its going to go to repairing the roads then i am all for it. standup dan kerman/sf 130-140 another finding of the trip report of all the major roads in california either maintained by the state or local jurisdictions, 44% are in poor condition. in sf dan kerman kron 4 news.
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((ken/ots))more steps are being taken by the dmv to try to ease congestion at its offices.the agency... announced it is adding new self-service kiosks at seven bay area offices.the dmv says the new kiosks will make vehicle registration renewal simple and quick.the agency has been working to reduce wait times at its offices statewide.on august 4th... the dmv expanded saturday service at several dozen offices.and last month it and began offering extended hours at 14 locations 4-days a week. john cox, the rebulican candidate for california governor visited customers at a dmv office in sacramento.he says he wanted to see first-hand how long people have to wait to get service. some people say there were in line for more than three hours. cox says the problem starts at the top.customers say changes need to be made....couldn't tell you what that would be.
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cox, a wealthy cox, a wealthy businessman, is essentially funding his own campaign while democratic opponent gavin newsom has a campaign war chest approaching 40 million dollars.polling shows newsom with a 24 point ahead of the november election. (ken) now to our four zone forecast. you're looking live at the golden gate bridge.(pam) kron-4's chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us with a look ahead lawrence karnow: temperatures were running cooler than normal around the bay area. highs today were in the 70s and 80s inland with 50s and 60s and patch fog at the coast. it is another day of showers and thunderstorms over the sierra but that will subside as the sun goes down. on the satellite image you can see a weak area of low pressure off the coast. that low will move east keeping
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high pressure from building in too strong tomorrowl. once it moves past high pressure will return and bring hotter temperatures into the weekend. highs tomorrow will be in the mid to upper 80s inland. inside the bay we'll see 60s and 70s with 50s and 60s at the coast. it will begin to warm on friday with 90s inland. it will remain hot in the valleys for the weekend with much cooler weather at the coast. temperatures will cool for everyone early next week.
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((pam/landing vo)) another big story we are following tonight... victims of sex abuse by catholic priests in pennsylvania... are speaking out ... this follows the out ... this follows the release of an explosive grand jury report. the pennsylvania attorney general calls it .... the country's largest, most comprehensive report into child sex abuse in the catholic church. natasha chen explains how that state may change laws.... to help more victims.
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shaun dougherty/survivor of sexual abuse by pa priest: what do you tell an institution that teaches morality but has none? victims like shaun dougherty are speaking publicly about the 300 pennsylvania catholic priests who have been accused by a grand jury of sexually abusing more than a thousand children.shaun dougherty/surviv or of sexual abuse by pa priest: i am at peace. i'm a veteran of the navy. i felt obligated in the 90s to speak up. the report says priests were raping boys and girls - with church leadership protecting and even promoting the attackers.shaun dougherty/survivor of sexual abuse by pa priest: i don't understand how an organization has more say and sway in the state that i swore to defend than i do. there is a bill in the house being debated now that could bring justice. because of the state's statute of limitations...josh shapiro/pa attorney general : almost every instance of child sex abuse we found is too old to be prosecuted.but not every priest in greensburg pleaded guilty to sexually abusing a seven-year-old boy. and the
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only other case ... josh shapiro/pa attorney general in erie, we charged father david paulson, with sexually abusing one boy for eight years. he actually made the boy go to confession to admit his sins. the pennsylvania house will vote next month on whether to eliminate the criminal statute of limitations.the grand jury also proposed a civil window law - which would allow older victims more time to sue for abuse they suffered as children.i'm natasha chen reporting. still ahead at 8a kidnapping investigation is underway after three women say their uber driver took them on a wild ride in sacramento. but first... our vicki liviakis is back with a brand new edition of dine and dish. what she is cooking up this time
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just when you thought you were done painting... discover paint bleed under your tape... not with frogtape! frogtape is the only painter's tape treated with patented paintblock technology. paintblock reacts withhe water in latex paint to form a micro-barrier against paint bleed, giving you the sharpest lines possible. get professional results with frogtape... no messy lines, no paint bleed. for sharp lines every time, frog it! new tonight at eight.. the
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restaurant business is brutal. unfortunately most never make
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it, let alone last a lifetime. there is one that has been a san franciscco mainstay ... for more than one - hundred years - the balboa.(ken) tonight on dine and dish - vicki liviakis revisits the longtime eatery to taste the balboa "re-fresh" to say that diners at balboa are loyal is an understatment. first open in 1913 - balboa is a mainstay in san francisco's marina neighborhood - a fundamental part of what's fondly known as the bermuda triangle for party people. some would say don't mess with success. but, there's a new chef at balboa and he's whipping up all kinds of new twists on an old theme. he's chef goran basarov... sensitive to the needs of this neighborhood institution, while trying to gently noodge it along. sure you can get your favorite burger... but there's also an heirloom tomato dish. this fresh caught salmon with coconut rice to die for. oh and shishido peppers with pleny of zing. and so far,
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so good. balboa still caters to the regular bar crowd. and more adventurous foodies. across the street - it's sister hangout - matrix is re- named and re-imagined as white rabbit. a hipper place to take instagram pics. but the bottom line at balboa... don't mess with the burgers. don't mess with perfection. in san francisco, vicki liviakis, kron 4 news. (pam) (pam) if you have a restaurant, cafe or bar that you would like to see featured on 'dine and dish... send an email to dine and dish at kron 4 dot com .... or fill out the
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submission form on our website. you can also check out our 'dine and dish' facebook page. (ken ) in sports... the a's and mariners went 11 inings without scoring... we'll let you know how it ended...(pam ) and we take a look at the man gary says inspired everyrthing he does on the air... and in life... we wll have a very special look back... coming up next at 8another scary incident involving an uber driver in northern californiahear from a witness who says her ride, turned into an absolute a kidnapping investigation is underway.
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vo)) a terrifying experience-- that's how three women in sacramento describe their recent ride with an uber driver. sara zendehnam reports. theadora fuerstenberg/uber passenger"i legitimately believed we were going to die." a nightmare uber ride in sacramento...theadora fuerstenberg/uber passenger"he terrorized us for 25 minutes." it's an app thousands use everyday... but a june 15th uber trip on i-80 from a book club in arden to oak park traumatized these three women...theadora fuerstenberg/uber passenger"he would swerve in and out and then as he was doing this he would say we're all going to die now."theadora fuerstenberg.. angela o'neal and katherine vallaire say the uber driver drove erratically... and didn't follow directions home. theadora fuerstenberg/uber passenger"we had passed our exit by this point."o'neal in
8:46 pm
the back seat that was able to get through to 911 dispatchers. that's when the women say he finally got off highway 99 at 47th avenue.theadora fuerstenberg/uber passenger "like, the doors are open oh my god so we just ran out." they were met by sacramento county sheriff's a statement uber tells us they removed the drivers access to the app quote... "the disturbing behavior the riders reported will not be tolerated."they say they stand ready to work with police.but it was the next day that fuerstenberg says things got worse after her neighbor said...theadora fuerstenberg/uber passenger"oh your friend just left it was strange. he was staring into your house."fuerstenberg says the description matched her uber driver...she says she eventually was able to get a restraining order against him... but the three women want more.theadora fuerstenberg/uber passenger"i just want him to be held accountable."the sacramento county sheriff's department says they are investigating this as a kidnapping.the da will determine whether or not charges will be filed and if an arrest will be made.the friends also want this to serve as a lesson.theadora fuerstenberg/uber passenger"we really want other people to be aware that this is a risky situation and there may not be any accountability." (ken) that was sara zendehnam
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reporting. an attempt was made to speak to the driver. there was no answer at the address linked to his uber account. the giants going for a sweep of the dodgers in l-a... right now...(wipe to a's) a's -mariners.... 17,078 fans at the coliseum on a wednesday afternoon... top 1st... nelson cruz... grounder to 3rd... mat chapman fields it... runs to the bag to get the runner... then throws to 1st for the double play... nice play by chappy scoreless until the top of the 12th... the aformentioned dee gordon... who only hit one home run all season... takes
8:48 pm
yusmiero petit all the way out to right field for a 2-run hiomer final score... 2-0 mariners in 12 innings... a's now lead seattle by 2 1/2 games in the wild card amd drop 1 1/2 games behing houston in the a-l west this being my last week at kron... we've been taking some looks back... tonight we peer a little bit my pre-kron career... and pre-kron career... and the man who i stole everything i do on the air from...on the air everything i do on the air
8:49 pm
from..."just prior to his arrival at kron, gary made a name for himself in ohio, where for two-and-a-half years his brash style helped wbns become the highest rated local newscast in the country. there, radnich also did some play-by-play for ohio state football, teaming up with coach woody hayes." wide open. touchdown. erick kannis. we gonna sit here all afternoon and brag about michigan?"the reason gary connects so well with the viewers, is he is just impeccably honest.he was a forerunner to the guys with the diamonds in their earlobes. gary was just that kind of gregarious, interested, outgoing, aggressive father was a basketball player, and a boxer. you never hear that combination. he was one of those all-league basketball players. he was a center at 6-3. he was like wilt chamberlain, back in the 1930s. that was considered a big guy. but boxing was where
8:50 pm
he made his name. he was a three-time golden gloves champ. athletic skills weren't the only thing gary got from his dad. his father was kind of off the wall in many ways. he always worked for himself, you know. he had a ranch, he had a restaurant, he had a pest control business. he was a policeman in san jose. you'd hear these legendary stories about how my dad would never arrest anybody. guy had too much to drink, my dad would drive him home, and dump him on his porch, rather than take him to jail. gary's work schedule and kron's independence was suddenly insignificant. that's when his father bill, passed away. my dad...that was it for me. that was my best friend, along with my mother.he and his dad were so, so so close, but now he has all these fond memories. he was a guy who listened to every show, watched every show. so i felt bad for a
8:51 pm
while, but knowing my dad, the timing was just right. he had lived a full life. if he couldn't still do his thing, it's better that he passed at 86 than hang around. when i was a kid trying to be cute on the basketball court, my dad would pull me aside and say c'mon, just do it straight. this kron promo from 1997 tried to capture some of gary's relationship with his dad always says: work hard, but make it look easy. no gary, work like crazy, but make it look easy. thank you very very much. his famous line he said: don't trust anybody, unless they love you. and as strange as that sounds, and granted it sounds harsh, but what he meant was: do your own thing, keep your eye on what you're after, and when people give you advice, unless they really love you, at the very least question it. "after graduating in speech and arts, gary turned to broadcasting, and had the unique distinction of hosting two shows on two different channels. one with legendary unlv basketball coach jerry tarkanian. radnich would book guests by offering car service--his own car, a plum-colored cadillac el dorado which was affectionately known as
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"raddie's caddy, or, as mom liked to call it:"the pimp mo-bile" things got a
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pimp mo-bile"to call it:"the pimp mo-bile" baby boomers,
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here's something you should know. there's a serious virus out there that 1 in 30 boomers has, yet most don't even know it. a virus that's been almost forgotten. it's hepatitis c. hep c can hide in the body for years without symptoms. left untreated it can lead to liver damage, even liver cancer. the only way to know if you have hep c is to ask your healthcare provider for the simple blood test. if you have hep c, it can be cured. for us, it's time to get tested. it's the only way to know for sure.
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for us, it's time to get tested. (pam)(pam)(pam) that wraps up kron 4 news at 8.(ken) grant lodes is here with kron 4 news at 9. (grant) thanks guys... a community acitivist-- against gun violence shot multiple times... and the gunman are on still on the loose tonight... details on the condition of the victim in a live report... plus.... a man is behind bars-- facing several charges in connection with friday's crash that killed a c-h-p officer during a traffic stop in fairfield. who police have in custody and how they managed to find
8:57 pm
him... (grant) and a warning tonight for people in one city along the peninsula.... police are investigating a report of sexual assault involving a ride-share driver... where it happened and who police are looking for... kron4 news at nine is next...
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(grant) new tonight at 9 ..... police are investigating a shooting in the san francisco bayview neighborhood, that left one man in critical condition... and now police are searching ofr the suspects...(grant) thanks for joining us, i'm grant lodes...(pam) and i'm pam moore in for vicki lvakis... the victim is a well- known community advocate... who works with kids and tries to stop gun violence...(grant) the shooting happened monday, on kiska road ... just after midday. kron 4's ali reid spoke to the victim's family and joins us live from san francisco general hospital tonight. ali, what can
9:00 pm
you tell us? .... the victim remains in the intensive care unit tonight. his brother tells me he was shot 5 times .... in the shoulder, neck, and head.this all happened close to his home. he'd just left a meeting, stopped by his house and was waiting for the van with his peers to pick him up, when the shooting happened.43 year old joseph taeotui ( ta - yo - tew - wy ) was born and raised in the bayview, and made it his life's mission to give back. known to many in the streets as " jungle " .... the father of


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