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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  August 24, 2018 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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(grant) that breaking news were following tonight in fairfield -- a gun battle... near a high school...has turned deadly.(grant) thanks for joining us, grant lodes...(vicki) and i'm vicki livakis... a 16 year old has been killed and an 18 year old is in critical condition tonight.(grant) and the two suspects are in custody... this is happening in fairfield in the area of bell avenue and washington street.... that's near armijo high school... it happened right before a football game... kron-4's gayle ong is live there no with the latest, gayle what do we know? (vicki) and we first told
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you about the deadly shooting with a push alert. we sent one out at 8:15 tonight... stay connected on breaking news by downloading the kron4 mobile app today (grant) a chemical leak caused a whole lot of traffic this afternoon and tonight on a major freeway in the easy bay... all lanes are back open tonight after a big rig shut down highway 880 near hayward in both directions on friday afternoon. traffic was diverted off the highway because the truck carrying chemicals was leaking. the truck did not crash. the driver simply noticed the 911. first phosphoric acid / nitric acid blend.. and put a shelter in
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place surrounding the area due to a vapor plume. (grant) in their special suits in their the hazmat team took about 3 hours to clean up 300 pounds of chemicals leaked. traffic all around the area was gridlocked all gridlocked all afternoon some people waiting hours some people afternoon waiting hours due to the road closure. .....(vicki) another big story tonight... hurricane lane has been downgraded to a tropical storm but the threat still lingers.... as parts of hawaii are getting pummeled by a slow moving disaster. more than three feet of rain has been dumped in the area, and caused flash flooding. from our partners at cnn...natasha chen has the latest from kona, hawaii.
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sot ross sasamura, dept of facility maintenance"we do expect the storm to provide more of an effect on our island later on this afternoon."hurricane lane downgraded, but still dangerous.forecasters say hawaii is no longer expecting a direct hit but they are still not in the clear.sot mayor alan arakawa, maui"we ask everyone not to go out, if you don't have to. stay at home."residents are not breathing a sigh of relief just yet.officials now concerned over the amount of rain that will be dumped by the slow-moving system.the central pacific hurricane center says the islands is suffering from "catastrophic flooding" - and they expect it to intensify over the weekend. more than 30 inches of rain has triggered landslides and dangerous flash floods.just look at this... that once serene river now looks better suited for white-water rafting. meanwhile people at a homeless encampment close to a beach are doing their best to hunker down and secure their belongings from the storm.sot "knowing that there is a lot of people that i love, going to be here makes me wish i could take every single person out but i know some of them want to stay with their camps." in kona, hawaii i'm natasha chen.
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(vicki) earlier this evening all flights flying into the island of kahului were cancelled today. here's a list of the airlines whose flights were scheduled to depart tonight from 5 to 6-55. however -- all flights departing to honolulu and oahu were on-time today. (grant) hurricane lane has forced many tourists to cut short their hawaiian holiday. just back from the islands is a sunnyvale resident who shared her story with kron four's rob fladeboe. tracy may/chased from hawaii by hurricane "....the hardest thing is the uncertainty...."uncertainty, says sunnyvale resident tracy may, about whether she and her cousin would ride out the hurricane at their hotel or head for home.tracy may "'d see these huge dark clouds and you knew it was coming so you were just hoping you could get out and if you were stranded that you had everything that you needed...." awaiting word about their flight, tracy shot this video of the palm trees outside her hotel room before heading to the safeway for emergency supplies.tracy may "....the government came out and said even if you're a visitor you need to stock up...."watching the hurricane unfold from the
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safety of her living room, tracy recalls the anxiety that she felt and how her hosts helped her cope.tracy may " the hotel, in the store, at the airport, they just showed us the kindest aloha spirit and i was really impressed and touched by that..."and then tracy landed two seats on flight out during a breif break in the clouds but it was a bumpy ride she wont soon forget.tracy may "....we had turbulence for about two hours and the captain was trying to give us a smooth ride but the plane was shaking a lot..."looking back on her ordeal, tracy showed me a picture of a rainbow that appeared just before takeoff. a reminder perhaps of that aloha spirit and her desire to go back to the islands as soon as possible.tracy may '...i have no worries about going back, hurricane or o hurricane, because they really took care of us..."in sunnyvale rob fladeboe kron4news
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(grant) continuing our coverage on hurricane lane. we are joined now live on skype by alan richmond of the hawaii police department(vicki) alan we've been talking about how the storm has weakened...are you still seeing heavy wind and rain?
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joining us now is chief meteorologist lawrence karnow... .... lawrence karnow: hurricane lane has weakened but still bring catastrophic rains and flooding to hawaii. its continuing to move closer to maui and oahu now and flooding rains will increase there tonight and tomorrow. hazy skies continued in the bay area as smoke from the west coast fires spread overhead. on the satellite image you can see how the circulation pattern is bringing smoke just off the coast and pushing it onshore. high pressure will strengthen over the bay area this weekend which should warm temperatures slightly. highs tomorrow will be in the 70s and mid 80s inland 60s at the coast. temperatures next week will run slightly below average.
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(vicki) and we are tracking 'tropical lane' on kron-4 dot com. there you will find a live interactive map.... as well as live web cams showing the conditions around hawaii... and a photo gallery... you can also hear reaction from bay area residents who just returned from the islands. it's all at kron-4 dot com. and always stay connected with push alerts from our free mobile app. (grant)topvo coming up... a five-year-old girl playing hide and seek with her friends-- when a 60-year-old man came up to her and allegedly urinated on her.
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the racial slur witnesses say he hurled at her -- while he was doing it.. (vicki) plus....the coyote population is growing...and getting more aggressive in one bay area city... and now residents in one neighborhood are concerned and want more to be done... (grant) and after the break...a giants pitcher is now apologizing... for his racist jokes... why the team says he went too far and it back fired.
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(vicki) a giants pitcher under fire for a racially- insenitive skit.. that he now says went too far. derek holland appeared on the mlb network earlier this week.. with a team employee of japanese ancestry.(grant) as part of the bit.. he mocks asian culture and the accent. kron 4's hermlea aregawi is live in san francisco with the latest, hermela?
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(grant) there was (grant) (grant) there was another
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spare the air day today as smoky skies are causing air
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skies are causing air quality concerns all over the bay area. kron4's dan kerman was at las lomas high in walnut creek - where there were questions if tonght's football game would be played. the las lomas high school football team was back in action friday afternoon, but throughout the day there was some question whether they'd play. that's because over the last few days air quality in the bay area has reached unhealthy levels sot lisa fasano/air quality district 13-23what we eperience yesterday was there was smoke from mendocino complex fire blew over the ocean and then back to the bay area and thats why we had very poor air quality very quicklywhen that happens, air quality officials say people both healthy and not should stay insidesotwe would ask them to keep windows and doors clsoed put air conditioning on recirculate, and if they have children who have outdoor sports i would advise keeping them in but the football team was on the field friday afternoon, because air quality has improved dramatically across most of the area. this time lapse unhea seniors and children, but for
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most of the bay area it improved to moderate, although, areas like livermore and gilroy turned red which is unhealthy for all, before it improved as wellstandup dan kerman/walnut creek 111-121it used to be we would only have air quality advisorys for smoke during those few months a year that was fire season, not it seems as if fire season in the las lomas (grant)(grant) (grant) now to our four this live look outside at the embarcadero... joining us now is chief meteorologist lawrence karnow... lawrence karnow: hurricane lane has weakened but still bring catastrophic rains and
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flooding to hawaii. its continuing to move closer to maui and oahu now and flooding rains will increase there tonight and tomorrow. hazy skies continued in the bay area as smoke from the west coast fires spread overhead. on the satellite image you can see how the circulation pattern is bringing smoke just off the coast and pushing it onshore. high pressure will strengthen over the bay area this weekend which should warm temperatures slightly. highs tomorrow will be in the 70s and mid 80s inland 60s at the coast. temperatures next week will run slightly below average. (vicki) in marin county...wildlife experts say when it comes average.below average.
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(vicki) in marin county...wildlife experts say when it comes to coyotes... perception may not be reality...this as some neighbors fe yote population is growing... a resident and his wife found a carcus of a cat that appeared to be half eaten last fall. he says he's lived there for 46 years, but didn't start
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seeing coyotes on his street until three or four years ago. in the past year he says he and his neighbors have reported up to two dozen coyote-related incidents. (vicki) the man also adds he wants the county to take an accurate count of all coyotes living here, round them up and send them back to open space. (vicki) still ahead... a crazy car crash-- caught on dash camera- after a drivers barrels through a median and into a school bus.... details o nwho was arrested.. (grant) and after the break... it's been four years since the massive 6-point oh earthquake shook napa and the surrounding region... we'll take a look at the recovery so
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far in wine country...
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at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more. today marks the four
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year anniversary of the napa earthquake....(vicki) the massive quake impacted many buildings, and buckling streets. as kron four's terisa estacio reports, the city still has some recovery to do, but overall, it is better than ever. (take pkg) four years later and the napa historic courthouse is still facing alot of work ... the u.s. post office also impacted by the 2014 napa earthquake is shuttered... these are the highly visible remnants of that quake. but as napa's mayor points out there is much more good then bad these days. jill techel, mayor of napa. napa mayor jill techel likes what she sees around her city.... it is a far different view then four years ago when the earthquake struck on a sleeply sunday. the damage severe - striking homes, churches, post offices,
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streets, important infrastructure. techel. there was alot. but that was then, this is now... napa has bounced back... in many ways. there are new businesses, a new fancy hotel, new markets. . techel says there are some projects that havent' fully recovered, such as the post office and courthouse, but there are plans in the works for those. techel. post office bought, it is going to be renovated. also, new housing going in where the napa register used to be. in napa, terisa estacio (vicki) (vicki) ahead at nine...
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an elderly woman attacked inside her police are looking for the suspects... (grant) plus...a diver goes missing-- and is then found treading water, waving for help. details on the rescue... (vicki) up next... all eyes are on tropical storm lane as it's already causing major problems...federal agencies are hoping for the best--but are preparing for the worse-- we'll have the latest on fema.
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(vicki) now at 9:30... tropical storm lane unleashes flooding and landslides on the hawaiian islands... and while federal agencies like fema say they are ready to deal with more of the impact...(grant) hawaiian hospitals are bracing for the possibility of a huge surge of patients as the storm hits the islands. they've post-poned elective procedures to make room for emergency patients.(vicki) washington correspondent alexandra limon reports - federal agencies are now warning people to prepare for the worst. as hurricane lane pounds
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hawaii with rain - federal officials say they're as ready as they're going to be... meredith austin / rear admiral, us coast guardany assests that were going to be flown to hawaii prior to the storm have made it there. they're staged and ready to go as soon as it is safe to respond. but fema administrator brock long painted a bleak picture of what lies ahead for the aloha state.brock long / fema administrator we need to set the expectations that the power could go off for quite some time and the infrastructure is going to be heavily impacted.long says it's the private utility company that will be responsible for restoring power.brock long / fema
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administratornot fema not the army corps of engineers. alexandra limon / washington correspondentfederal agencies are there to fill a different role long says- providing back up power and emergency assistance.sotour subject matter experts for temporary removal, infrastructure assessment.specifically officials are concerned with flooding (grant)(grant) we have been telling you about the families on the islands hunkering down... in addition to tourists... many locals have family members still in hawaii and they are all monitoring the storm. one man just flew back from hawaii and started working at a local restaurant here on the mainland. he's keeping a close eye on everything that's happening back home and says his family on the islands are preparing for things to get uglier...
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(vicki) people are trying to escape paradise and get out of hawaii before tropical storm lane hits. very flew flights are arriving at san francisco international airport - many are canceled. (grant) kron 4's justine waldman was at s-f-o where she spoke with passengers, who are relieved they missed the brunt of the storm. nats of bagsat baggage claim, passengers from united flight 372 looked relieved to be back in the bay.they made one of the few flights flying out of honolulu. many cutting vacations short, to avoid getting stuck in a storm.16-22 jeff thomas / hillsbourgh sot it cost a few thousand more dollars to change flights but we did not want to get stuck there that would have been a dragbecause of hurricane lane some of the 300-thousand tourists currently visiting the state of hawaii have tried to leave. 31-34 lauren andaya / san francisco sot i knew the hurricane was coming so i wanted to get out as soon as possible but you know, you can't control mother nature. airports are filled with
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people, frantically making travel changes.that is what laurie crider saw, who worried she would not make it home after a medical mission trip. 44-52 laurie crider / concord sot the pilot was like come on everyone get on we have a window here and we want to get out of here has fast as we can sot are you so relieved to have made it? omg you have no idea, i have been gone 4 weeks lane putting a damper on the end of linda addison's vacation.1:01-1:13 sot linda addison / fremont sot all the restaurants were closed and we put some food in the hotel room but we didn't know how long we were going to be stuck there just thought it was better to get out when we could this was not the hawaii a family from germany wanted to they decided to pack their bags to escape the tropical paradise and instead visit the bay area.1:24 -1:30 sot marcus appel / tourist from germany normally we are really sad to leave hawaii but this time we were really happy to get out of there
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(grant) and we are tracking 'tropical storm lane' on kron-4 dot com. there you will find a live interactive map.... as well as live web cams showing the conditions around hawaii... and a around hawaii... and a photo gallery... you can also hear reaction from bay area residents who just returned from the islands. it's all at kron-4 dot com. and always stay connected with push alerts from our free mobile app. (vicki) investigators in santa clara county are looking for three suspects who robbed and beat an elderly woman in her own home. the woman, who lives in los altos hills, is going to be ok but her attackers are still on the loose. kron 4's charles clifford has details.
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natswell, investigators are stunned that anyone would attack a woman in her 80's. the suspects have not yet been identified and authorities are hoping someone will come forward with information.around 11:30 on thursday morning, the santa clara county sheriff's department responded to a residence here in los altos hills on reports of a home invasion robbery.officers arriving on scene found an 83 year old woman saying that she had confronted three men who had broken into her home.sot during the course of the robbery she was assaulted. these three suspects were physical with her and she did suffer injuries.fortuatny, her injuries are non life threatening. after attacking he the house and stseveral items. one of the suspects is described as a hispanic male in his 20's. the two other were men wearing masks. the sheriff's department has launched an investigation.sot our crime scene investigation unit responded to the scene. scoured for fingerprints and any kind of evidence left behind. we wil review surveillance footage from the
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area and and follow any leads we develop.investigators are also hoping that someone may have information about the suspects or possibly surveillance video. anyone with information is asked to contact the santa clara county sheriff's santa clara county, charles clifford kron 4 news. (grant) a south bay music teacher was arrested after being accused of exposing himself to three of his students. all of the girls were 10 or younger. investigators say it happened during private music lessons inside the victims' homes between august 2017 and august of this year. they say he also worked at the almaden school of music and art. "bill" colvert is charged with annoying or molesting a child under 18. (vicki) the suspect killed in a car crash after being deputies has been identified. deputies tried to pull over 35-year-old louis marsh -- but he refused to stop and drove south on san pablo avenue. that's when marsh crashed with a truck and died at the scene. deputies say the car was dragged 20 to 30 feet before
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it came to a stop. there was a passenger inside... that person was able to exit the vehicle and was taken into custody. (lawrence bay area weather) (grant sports tease)tease) (grant sports
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the oakland the oakland a's traveled to the land of 10 thousand lakes... to take on the minnesota twins. the six foot five sean manea on the mound for the a's tonight.
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top tied at 1...and johnathan lucroy hits a single off of jake odorizzi to right field...nick martini crosses home.score: (2-1) oakland. in the top of the 8th, still 2- 1 oakland until matt chapman busts it open with a three-run home run...the a's starting to pull awayscore: 5-1 oakland. chapman's 18th home run of the year. the next inning, stephen piscotty smacks a no- doubter, his 17th of the year, to make it 6-1. the a's would go on to score another run. final score:7-1 oakland.... the score:7-1 oakland.... the a's improve to 77-52 on the year. (grant)the a's didn't need khris davis tonight.and he's clearly the team's best player, the man who has hit more home runs than anyone else in major league baseball this year...and over the past couple seasons. he's the current king.and he needs to stay in oakland...he'll be
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here next season...unless he's traded before then for a bunch of young talented prospects...but after that... he's a free agent.the a's have a long, painful history of getting rid of players once they're really good....and warrant a big raise.the moneyball model flirts with frugal...lots of people call it cheap...and the a's loyal fan base deserves to hang onto khris davis.yes, winning matters...and really good players help you win.if the season ended today, the a's would be a wild card team headed to the playoffs.but style matters sports is also show business... and as the nike commercial famously said in the late 90's when mcguire and sosa were going nuts..."chicks dig the long ball."everyone digs the long ball.and that's why the a's should think long term. granted, if the team pony's up and signs him long term, the 30-year-old would eventually become an expensive player who's probably past his prime. and that could coincide with the opening of a new ball- park...wherever and whenever that might be.he makes about 10 million this year...that's
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a bargain...and you're gonna have to pay way more than that to keep him. but do it.dont' make him the lnext sonny gray, josh donaldson, yoenis cespedes, josh reddick...i could go on.they all left...pretty recently...and they're all good.but for goodness sakes...sign khris davis...before he leaves and starts hitting home runs against you.keep it here, more news after the break. (grant) this is not a bed.
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nine... a five-year-old girl was playing hide and seek with her friends when a 60-year-old man came up to her and allegedly urinated on her. it happened in michigan and he reportedly also called her a racial slur while he was doing it. reporter susan samples has the story. katrena rapier/resident"she
9:46 pm
was like back here."katrena rapier said the children - including her two boys - were playing hide and seek just one door and a shout away from home.out of sight, but not ear shot.katrena rapier/resident "before i could check on them she came in in the house like, her eyes big."the five year old neighbor girl was near tears.katrena rapier/resident "she's like i'm wet. and she was holding her head, and she was like my hair's wet and my clothes are all wet."rapier said the girl had been hiding near a fence when this man, 60 year old david allen dean, appeared on the other side of it.. katrena rapier/resident "he just started urinating on her and he said stupid (bleep)."dean's is a familiar face around the neighborhood, near leonard and alpine on the city's northwest side.. natsot/neighbor"he's been cutting the grass for us. he's been picking up trash to make a ten dollar bill." katrena rapier/resident"my assumption was he was homeless because he's out here all day and all night.. i never knew he lived right there's a lot more the street didn't know about the neighborhood fix-it guy who lives just a couple blocks away.dean is on the sex offender registry, has a long history of criminal sexual conduct dating back to the late seventies, did prison time for sexually assaulting a
9:47 pm
minor.court records from last year show he's been diagnosed as schizophrenic, is quote "easily provoked, delusional and sexually preoccupied due to increasing psychosis." natsot/neighbor"i didn't know it.. then again i don't ask people their business."katrena rapier thinks she'll start asking.katrena rapier/resident "you know he's been around all the children on the street and everything. i'm kind of scared to let me kids play now." (vicki) court records show it was recommended dean live in supervised adult foster care. it appears he has not been living under supervision. (grant) a man was crashed through a di ithin seconds those within seconds those squealing tires came to an abrupt halt and clark pennington who tookdash cam went into action. he
9:48 pm
immediately called 911 and ran to see if anyone was hurt. clark pennington/captured crash on dashcam: "the man was getting out of the camero and he said that he was ok. and he went around to check on the people that he hit. and i heard somebody else that was already checking on them say they was okay it wasn't life threatening."(grant) threatening."(grant) thankfully the school bus hadn't picked up any children yet and there were only minor injuries for the people involved. the driver of the camero-- 24 year old erik payton-- was arrested at scene for not having insurance. (vicki) a food truck set up shop along a california highway for drivers stuck in gridlock traffic friday. a fatal traffic friday. a fatal tanker truck accident left traffic at a standstill along 105 in the los angeles area. the food truck was among those waiting --- so workers decided to pull over and serve up half-priced food from the side of the highway.
9:49 pm
two people died in the accident. the crash initially shut down traffic in both directions during the morning rush hour. (grant) a missing diver has been found alive off the florida coast after spending nearly a day in the water. the coast guard in saint petersburg received a call wednesday from the captain of a 25-foot dive boat reporting two missing divers who didn't resurface. the 34-year-old man was found alive hours later, five miles southeast of the dive site. later on thursday, the other driver was found alive - treading water and waving for help. both divers are okay. lawrence karnow: hurricane lane has weakened but still bring catastrophic rains and flooding to hawaii. its continuing to move closer to maui and oahu now and flooding rains will increase there tonight and tomorrow. hazy skies continued in the bay area as smoke from the west coast fires spread overhead.
9:50 pm
on the satellite image you can see how the circulation pattern is bringing smoke just off the coast and pushing it onshore. high pressure will strengthen over the bay area this weekend which should warm temperatures slightly. highs tomorrow will be in the 70s and mid 80s inland 60s at the coast. temperatures next week will run slightly below average. (vicki) as we approach the one year
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(vicki) (vicki) (vicki) up next... the animated film 'finding nemo' led to an increased demand for clownfish as pets, but the popularity actually led to problems... we'll explain... ♪ flintstones! meet the flintstones. ♪
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♪ they're the modern stone age family. ♪ ♪ from the town of bedrock. ♪ meet george jetson. ♪ ♪ his boy elroy. with instant acceleration, electric cars are more fun to drive and more affordable than ever. electric cars are here. plug into the present. (vicki) it's the hotel
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that inspired one of the most famous horror stories of all time ..."the shining"(grant) and last night it had a and last night it had a monstrous, univited guest in the middle of the night! a bear wandered into the lobby of the stanley hotel in estes park, colorado. the close encounter was caught on camera by a surprisingly calm employee. no one was injured... the bear hung out for a few moments... but then apparently got bored and exited the building. the video was posted on thehotels facebook page and it's been viewed over 336-thousand times.
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(vicki) the humble clownfish. it's one of the most instantly recognizable inhabitants of the world's coral reefs made famous by the 2003 animated film "finding nemo." but after finding nemo's box office success there was a drastic spike in the number of fish people wanted for their aquarium. karen burke da silva is a marine biologistand the co- founder of a program called "saving nemo."karen burke da silva, saving nemo: "and the places that they were getting those fish was actually from the wild. as the numbers kept coming out of the wild, they started getting very very small in some places. and in fact in certain areas became locally extinct."(vicki) students at belgian gardens primary school in the australian city of townsville are trying to change that. as part of the saving nemo programthese children are helping breed baby clownfish to keep people from taking them from the wild. the clownfish raised hereare eventually traded away to pet shopsin exchange for aquarium
9:56 pm
supplies. (grant) that wraps up kron 4 news at nine...(vicki) but our primetime coverage continues at the top of the hour. pam moore and ken wayne are here with kron 4 news at ten....guys? (pam) thank you grant and vicki.... breaking news- next at ten... a 16-year-old is dead and and 18-year-old is in critical condition.. after a gun battle near a high school in fairfield. just in our newsroom... new detaisls about where one of the suspects fled... among 500 parents and students. plus all new at ten...a home burglarly caught on camera.. now police are looking for the stolen items and the suspects. (pam) and hurricane lane has been doal storm .. the thre it still poses for the hawaiian islands. (ken) don't go away...hour three of kron 4 news in primetime starts right after the break. news now at ten: at least
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one teenager is dead.. and another is in crticial condition in the north bay. (ken) police say this happened in what they are calling a 'gun battle' near a high school... just before a friday night football game started. (pam) two suspects have been arrested... good evening im pam moore. (ken)and im ken wayne. (ken) kron 4's gayle ong is live in fairfield. gayle.. we have just learned one of the suspects fled to a gym where 500 students and parents were locked down... can you tell us more about that ? (pam)
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