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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  August 25, 2018 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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family by his side c-n-n's ryan nobles reports on his life and legacy. he was a war hero, always at the ready for a good political fight. nat sound:"god bless you and god bless america. "a statesman with a reputation for siding with his conscience. senator john mccain led a life of duty and service. sen. john mccain:"there's nothing nobler than serving a cause greater than your self interest." born to two generations of admirals, mccain graduated from the naval academy and later trained as a pilot. at age thirty, he saw his first combat during the vietnam war. on his 23rd mission, in 19- 67, a missile hit his plane. he ejected, was captured and spent more than five years as a prisoner of war. the bonds he formed with the other prisoners -- he said--changed his life. sen. john mccain: "the camaraderie, the friendship, the love that we
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had for each other was still the most remarkable experience of my life." in 19-73, mccain returned home physically disabled, hailed as a "war hero" upon retiring from the navy in 19-81, he relocated to arizona with his second wife, cindy. a year later, he was elected to the united states house of representatives, where he served for two terms. in 1986 mccain won a seat in the u.s. senate and held it for more than three decades. sen. john mccain:"the thing i liked about the senate, if there's an issue put before the floor of the senate, i can go down, propose an amendment, i can go down and sometimes i can go down and make a fool of myself."at times, his willingness to buck the will of his own party earned him a "maverick" reputation. mccain: "be strong, have courage and fight!" in 2008, he earned the
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republican party's presidential nomination. but he lost the race to senate colleague, barack obama.then came the trump presidency. mccain surfaced as one of trump's most outspoken critics, and part of the so- called "fearless five" gop senators who defied the president during his first year. but at a time of great political turmoil, mccain had to face his own upheaval: in 20-17 he was diagnosed with brain cancer. after surgery, he returned to the senate for a critical vote: his party's push to repeal obamacare. mccain's maverick reputation on vivid display as he
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with a defiant thumbs-down.a dramatic last chapter for a man finally free - as he said - to vote without reservation mccain:"our reputations, our character are the only things we leave when we depart this earth." john mccain -- a naval aviator and senator who embraced his destiny and led a life of national service. (justine) john mccain's daughter released a statement saying quote i was with my father at his end as he was with me at my beginning. she goes on to say that he showed her what it was like to be a man. that she will miss him as only an adoring daughter can. but she takes comfort knowing quote "john mccain, hero of the republic and to his little girl, wakes today to something more glorious than anything on
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this earth. (jrs) john mccains wife, cindy mccain, sent out a tweet in light of his death saying quote. "my heart is broken. i am so lucky to have lived the adventure of loving this incredible man for 38 years. he passed the way he lived, on his own terms..." (justine and the 44th president...barack obama tweeted..."few of us have been tested the way john once was, or required to show the kind of courage that he did. but all of us can aspire to the courage to put the greater good above our own. (jrs) president trump tweeted out: my deepest sympathies and respect go out to the family of senator john mccain. our hearts and prayers are with you! (justine)adlib pelosi .@senjohnmccain was a leader & public servant of deep patriotism, outstanding bravery & undaunted spirit. throughout his career, we all saw his integrity, humility, courage & grace. may it be a comfort to his family to know that so many around the world mourn with them.
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jr stone )adlib harris (justine) we will have more on the life of senator john mccain in the next half hour of kron 4 news. a live report from arizona is coming up at 8:30. untill then you can follow along with this breaking story on our kron4 app. (justine) authorities in hawaii are now warning of dangerous flash floods ... despite lane's downgrade to a tropical storm, torrential rainfall left many areas under water.(jrs) up to 10 more inches of rain are expected to fall on some areas of the islands through the weekend. natasha chen is on hawaii's big island with the latest on the storm system.
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honolulu mayor kirk caldwell: "we all planned for the very worst and hope for the best. and i think... we are... we're lucky." some hawaii residents are breathing a sigh of relief...the category-three hurricane threatening the islands disintegrated into a tropical storm late friday night.but even as tropical storm lane moves away from hawaii, the slow-moving storm continues to dump rain on parts of the islands -- making it the second-wettest tropical system on record to hit hawaii. maui mayor alan arakawa: "we've been having heavy rains in different areas. are you're seeing places like hanna where we have streams that are overflowing and roads have to be closed. trees falling down power lines falling and having to be repaired."lane unloaded more than a foot of rain on the island of maui...hawaii's big island has seen more than 40 inches of rain -- with more expected through the weekend. torrents of rainwater triggered landslides and pushed debris into neighborhoods.mos: "it's just the volume of water... it
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couldn't hold it already... i've never seen that before and then the small bridge plugged up above and that's what flooded all of these houses."authorities are reminding residents and visitors to stay vigilant despite the storm's downgrade, hazardous conditions remain across the statein kona, hawaii, i'm natasha chen. (jr stone) we are joined by chief meteorologist lawrence karnow who is tracking tropical storm lanes path. lawrence karnow: remnants of hurricane lane are still bringing heavy rains and flooding to hawaii. more flooding is likely over the next couple of days. it was not as hazy today as we began to see more of a westerly wind. and highs were warmer too with more sunshine and highs in the 80s inland and 60s at the coast.. on the satellite image you can see
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how the circulation pattern is bringing smoke just off the coast and pushing it onshore. high pressure will strengthen over the bay area this weekend which should warm temperatures slightly. highs tomorrow will be in the 70s and mid 80s inland 60s at the coast. temperatures next week will run slightly below average. (jr stone) in fairfield... police confirm that a fatal shooting took place near armijo high school. we first brough this to you as breaking news last night on kron4 news at 8. (justine) two teenagers were shot just a block away from a football game. and as sonseeahray tonsall
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reports...the victim who died... was only 16. fairfield -- police confirm that a shooting took place friday evening around 5 p.m. near armijo high school in fairfield.the fairfield police department received several calls reporting a shooting in the area of bell avenue and washington street which was subsequently closed.officers determined there was a gun battle between two groups at the intersection. officials say there were two victims; a 16-year-old and an 18-year-old. fairfield police confirmed 16- year-old, ahmar willis, died. willis was from fairfield.the older victim is in critical condition; police say he is from vallejo. no further details about him are available at this time. football players of armijo high and other students had to run from the game they'd just started with bethel of vallejo and into lock down spaces."in my mind i was telling myself not to worry 'cuz there were a lot of people here and not to worry and i'm gonna be okay. but i was still scared because you never know if the shooter's here.. there," said armijo offensive left tackle ,jose zuniga. (jrs)(jrs)
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(jrs) zuniga.
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commuters today as the twin peaks tunnel is back open for service.the one hundred year old tunnel has been closed and under construction for the past two months.(justine) this after a construction worker died while working inside the tunnel.. kron4's gayle ong is live in the west portal neighborhood in san francisco.gayle. (gayle)muni stopped (gayle) muni stopped the project after that worker died..but it's
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been completed it on time.. there's relief for residents who use this service but now the city is concerned about choosing construction contractors. the twin peaks tunnel is back open saturday..after being under construction for two months..the completion comes two weeks after a tragic accident during the project.. 51-year-old patrick ricketts of colusa county died after he was hit by a steel beamwhile working inside the tunnel ricketts was a signal technician for shimmick construction...which was later revealed to have a history of workplace and safety violations...muni recieved criticism of the project after reports stating the company denied any citations and violations on documentsbut transit officials ensured the company did meet the requirments to pre-qualify for the bid
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we can look at all the contracts in more comprehensive before we verify some of this information before we move forward.">in the meantime, relief for commuters and businesses as the construction site took up parking spaces ..edgar lugo owns this shoe shop near the tunnel -- he says the project affected business but it needed to get done (gayle)shimmick construction
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could not be reached for the meantime, the city supervisor norman yee is planning to hold a hearing next month to investigate how city contractors are chosen. live in san francisco gayle ong kron 4 news.. (jrs) verizon is making some changes after coming under fire for throttling coverage during the mendocino fires. (justine) families torn apart. a human rights lawyer... speaks just with kron 4 news... about what she witnessed at a detention center in texas.
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(justine) taking a live look outside....(jr stone) meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez has our forecast.
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lawrence karnow: remnants of hurricane lane are still bringing heavy rains and flooding to hawaii. more flooding is likely over the next couple of days. it was not as hazy today as we began to see more of a westerly wind. and highs were warmer
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too with more sunshine and highs in the 80s inland and 60s at the coast.. on the satellite image you can see how the circulation pattern is bringing smoke just off the coast and pushing it onshore. high pressure will strengthen over the bay area this weekend which should warm temperatures tomorrow will be in the 70s and mid 80s the coast. next week will below (jrs)a tesla vehicle crashed into a fire truck responding to a crash on highway 101 in san jose early this morning. san jose fire fighters tweeted the car was reportedly on auto mode but bot the tesla company and chp have not commented on that.(justine)kron 4's ella sogomonian is live at the san jose fire department with details on the crash.
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(ella)the cause of this crash is still being investigated by san jose california highway patrol.the fire fighters are shaken and although they suspect it, they want to know if in fact that tesla was on auto mode. san jose fire fighters were responding to a call around 1 am saturday of a crash on highway 101 when they themselves were involved in a second collision. their engine was headed soutbound near bailey when a tesla struck them from behind forcing them to get to work on their own were posted to a private twitter account called san jose fire fighters alleged the car was travelling about 70 mph and may have been on auto mode but the braking system was not engaged. that claim hasn't been confirmed yet.sot: chief david barnett, san jose fire department// "we are definitely interested in learning more about self driving cars, cars that are able to go into auto mode or whatever the new technologies have so we are definitely staying on top of that the question is, is learning those safety considerations and
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working with those industries so we can learn to respond and quickly mitigate those emergencies."the tweet went on to say this is the second time in recent months a tesla zero emissions car slammed into the back of one of their engines. chief barnett wasn't able to confirm that but stressed the importance of all drivers to be vigilant.saying their trucks have been hit several times lately while parked at emergency scenes. (ella)chief barnett when on to say their a big concern for all first responders is when they have to stop on a freeway. drivers need pay attention when on the road especially when travelling at such a high speed. so give space and slow down. chp and tesla were not able to respond to questions on the investigation in time for this in san jose ella sogomonian kron 4 news. (jrs) a palo alto woman
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has been missing for just over a week. now the search continues for the 66 year old with the help of drones. sen. john mccain passed away today. a live picture now... of a black hearse accompanied by a police motorcade... driving away from the ranch near sedona where he spent his final weeks.
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search for a 66-year-old palo alto woman continued today along the peninsula. yesterday the woman's family flew drones with hopes of finding her or her car... (jrstone) heartbreaking story as i met the family this week. tonight kron 4's philippe djegal was with that family and has more with the
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mother who is still missing this evening. along university avenue in east palo alto...clovis kaboga- miller/son- "the emotions are up and down -- all over the place."where the road intersects at bell street. clovis kaboga-miller/son- "we've been searching for her everyday, but this is the first on this scale."family, friends and complete strangers hold posters and hand out fliers to passersby with 66-year-old wamaitha kaboga-millers picture and information attached.her son clovis says she was last seen a week ago...the morning of friday the 17th...when surveillance video captured her inside the country time market.directly across the street from where kaboga- miller's family saturday stagged the command center for her search.clovis kaboga- miller/son- "i met with the sergeant of, uh, palo alto
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police department. he was out here earlier today. and, they're, uh, conducting their own search."jay graviano/clovis ' friend- "we're all really worried about her. um, we want to bring her home."jay graviano and his friends all went to high school with clovis.they sifted nearby san francisquito creek and other marsh and baylands in the area. wamaitha kaboga-miller is considered at-risk because of the number of prescription drugs she takes for a medical clovis kaboga-miller/son- "we think she'd be somehwere close. so, really anywhere in the peninsula. but we'd say from redwood city, uh, even all the way to san jose in the south bay. but we don't think she went far."it's also unclear what led to her disappearance.clovis kaboga- miller/son- "it could be foul play. um, or maybe she got lost. maybe its a combination. uh, but we really don't know." wamaitha drives a silver 2002 mercedes benz with a california license plate number d-p-2-4-1-l-u.she retired from the tech industry after immigrating from kenya to the united states and raised her family here.some of her family from africa is in town to join the palo alto, philippe djegal, kron four news. (jrs) burning man starts sunday. but for htose who have never expereinced the festival they are getting a little help right off the plane. (justine) a new hospital is opening in san francisco. we speak to those who had to move. (jrs) remembering an american hero. local representitives give their
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condolences for the passing of senator john mccain and we have a live from arizona.
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(jrs) we are continuing our breaking news this evening. as out pour senator john mccain, who served the united states in both the united states in both the military and in congress, has died. i'm jr stone. (justine) and i'm justine waldman. john mccain's family announcing he passed away this afternoon at his arizona home after a long battle with cancer. reporter karin caifa is in sedona,
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arizona. arizona. sedona, arizona. (justine) now to a story you'll only see on kron 4. a bay area attorney who spent nearly a week inside a texas detention center.. says the u.s. has a human rights crisis. (jr stone)shikha hamilton just returned from the ice facility in karnes city... which holds mostly fathers and children. she talked exclusively to kron 4's hermela aregawi who joins us live from the newsroom with that story..hermela? hamilton says we often see mothers in these detention centers.. or in photos being
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separated from their children. but she says.. there are a lot of fathers that are coming to this country with their sons.. trying to escape gang violence or political persecution. she says. .. a lot of them came from guatemala and hondurasthe attorney was at the facility with a total of 16 volunteers and staff.they met with dozens of people in five days.most of the people they spoke with had been there for about 4 months.. and hamilton tells me they were at their wit's end.she says.. there were fathers who crossed the borders with their sons.. to keep them from getting recruited by gangs. others are fleeing political persecution. she says.. one father hadn't talked to anyone in the months he was there.. he came with his son.. trying to flee violence. he had a bullet lodged into his arm and hadn't even had the chance to tell anyone. hamilton says.. there's only so hamilton says.. hamilton
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says.. there's only so hamilton says.. hamilton says.. there's only so much nonprofits can do.. and was heartbroken by the amount of suffering that was happening within those walls. we'll have more on what she saw coming up on kron 4 news at 10. (justine) in san francisco, the hospital replacing saint luke's hospital in the mission district just opened its doors today. (jrs) kron 4's sara stinson has details on the transition and what this new facility has to offer.
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the doors are now officially open here at the sutter health mission bernal campus. all day long hospital staff has been bringing patients from the saint luke's over to the new location. we got to meet some of the first patients ever at this ryan and kaitlynn peterson - parents of francis - the last baby to be born at saint luke's hospital.the peterson family was also one of the very first patients to be transferred over to the new hospital replacing the nearly 15 decades old st. luke's.the sutter health c-p-m-c mission bernal campus was celebrated by mayor london breed on friday with a
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ribbon cutting. this hospital is 18 years in the making. the new seven floor hospital has 120 beds with a lot of offer.the hospital also has a brand new emergency room. and within the first hours of it opening - it was already of need. as everyone settles into the mission bernal campus - construction continues on the van ness campus - it has 274 beds and is set to open in march. in san francisco, sara
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stinson, kron 4 news.### (justine)(justine) c-p-m-c is also building a 274 bed facility on geary and van ness that will open in march. but for now this new emergency room and hospital is open and ready for patients. (jrs) a california mother and daughter killed in a fiery crash thursday have been identified. 43-year-old aileen pizarro and her 12- year-old daughter aryana died when a wrong way driver hit their suv. marcella lee spoke with a member of the tight-knit family: voice of dominic pizarro/mother and sister died in crash (quick): "my mom's name was aileen and my little sister was aryana." dominic pizarro says it had always been the five of them. voice of dominic pizarro/mother and sister died in crash: "i was born and raised in san diego. me -- me and my brother my sister were all raised by our grandpa and our mom."but on thursday afternoon, their family was shattered. voice of dominic pizarro/mother and sister died in crash: "wrong time, wrong place ... they made the same -- they crossed the same path as the other driver."an 18-year-old heading the wrong way slammed into
8:35 pm
dominic's mom's suv on the northbound 805 near la jolla village drive. the fiery crash killed his mother and little sister. voice of dominic pizarro/mother and sister died in crash: "they're trying to confirm dental records right now. that's all that ... there's not really much ... for us to see."-nats-aryana was 12 with an angelic voice soft as velvet. -nats-voice of dominic pizarro/mother and sister died in crash: "my little sister was ... was, you know, going to be in seventh grade and she, along with me and my brother, we're musicians and she would go out and just spread her, you know, her love for, you know, music. we'd go perform at retirement centers. they called themselves the pizarro trio. voice of dominic pizarro/mother and sister died in crash: "she wanted to inspire other kids and she - she - she always was just about helping and giving back. and she had the biggest heart the world."aryana's voice now silenced forever. voice of
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dominic pizarro/mother and sister died in crash: "she was the most innocent little 12 year old and my mom -- this single mother that just did her best."on thursday, the mother-daughter pair was out running back to school errands. voice of dominic pizarro/mother and sister died in crash: "she got off work and went to go pick up my sister because they were going to get contacts for her. she started school monday ... or was going to start school monday."but sadly dominic, his brother, and grandfather are now left to plan a funeral. voice of dominic pizarro/mother and sister died in crash: "i truly can't believe what's happened i think part of me still is in denial about all of it. (jrs) the wrong-way driver was also killed in the accident. authorities identified him as 18-year-old trevor heitmann and say he was driving at least 100 miles an hour. heitmann is believed to be a youtube star known as "mcskillet" -- who has more than 870-thousand subscribers. (mabrisa)i have your forecast coming up a bit later on...
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(justine) they are off to the playa. burning man starts tomorrow... and burners mean big business for the black rock desert.
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(jrs) i saw them on the i-80 today. some of the tens of thousands who have already begun pouring into nevada for the counter culture festival. (justine) festival.(justine) burning man starts on sunday. now ed pearce tells us how first timers are getting help as they land at the reno airort. reno, nvclassic adventures rv rentalsvisitors from around the country and as many as 34 different countries have made the trip to this annual counter culture-art- festival-be-in in the black rock desert.heidi jared/reno tahoe airport: "i mean we're talking morocco, egypt, iceland, south america,
8:40 pm
canada, mexico, ourcloser neighbors as well.""japan, israel, australia, brazil." dick dixon/classic adventures rv rentals: "we have customers from germany, russia, france, spain, mexico, all over the world."many of his customers are flying in and picking up their vehicles here.dick dixon/classic adventures rv rentals: "what you are looking at here are units that will be picked up by people who prefer a motor home."they're just part of an expected flood of burners who will pass through the airport.heidi jared/reno tahoe airport: "we expect at least 18 thousand attendees flying in over the course of the next five days on their way out to the playa. it really is our single largest event."some are veterans, but each year many are first timers and the first thing they need is information.heidi jared/reno tahoe airport: "so many travelers were flying in and didn't even realize that the playa was a two hour drive from the airport. they thought it was just minutes away and that was just their first question."since 2008, the airport and the burning man organization has greeted them
8:41 pm
with this hospitality table manned by volunteers, each a burning man veteran with some answers."how to get out there if they don't have transportation. how far away it is. what supplies they might need when they come into reno. so we're their greeters, kind of their ambassadors when they come into reno and hopefully help them find wht they're looking for." sunday, the exodus will begin. back here there will be more work to be done as tired, but hopefully happy burners show up, their vehicles and themselves typically covered in playa dust.heidi jared/reno tahoe airport: "we have additional customer service staff that will be patrolling the terminal sweeping up behind the burners as they come in covered in fine, playa dust. all the airlines here are required to package each piece of luggage in individual plastic bags to protect our line baggage handling system, to protect our conveyor belt
8:42 pm
system behind the counter from all the dust." (jrs) that was ed pearce reporting. burning man starts tomorrow and runs thourgh september third. and in sports. the red hot a's were in action today against the twins... see how they fared...coming up.
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(justine) verizon officials now says its made multiple policy changes after a bay area fire chief filed a lawsuit last week against the company for slowing down their data speeds while battling the state's largest wildfire.(jrs) santa clara county fire chief anthony bowden says his crew relies on the internet to keep track of the fires and
8:45 pm
coordinate resources. kron4's michelle kingston reached out to verizon today to hear what the new changes look like and what it means for firefighters moving forward. (mk)michelle kingston, mkingstonnewsverizon says they are sorry they did not live up to their own promise of service and are making every effort to make sure it doesn't happen again.from the wildfires in california ... to tropical storm lane in hawaii ...first responders rely on internet to keep you safe ... but santa clara county fire chief anthony bowden says verizon slowed down their internet speed while fighting the largest wildfire in state history and because of that -- he's filed a lawsuit ... stating that throttling was actively impeding county fire's ability to provide crisis response and essential emergency services."james williams, santa clara county counsel"internet service providers are focused on profit, that's their job, firefighters are focused on putting out fires, that's their job, and what we all
8:46 pm
need as citizens is to ensure that our firefighters can do the job they need to do to keep us safe."just days after the lawsuit was filed ... verizon says they will ánow lift restriions on public safety customers, providing full network access. (mike maiorana, verizon senior vice president of public sector "...verizon wil lift restrictions on public safety customers, providing full network access.")james williams, santa clara county counsel"but it misses the broader point. the broader point is quite simply public safety, firefighters, police officers, shouldnt have to rely on internet service providers whether it's verizon or someone else to decide what to do here. we should have some basic regulation to ensure they have the access they need."during a fact finding hearing on friday with santa clara county fire department and verizon executives, verizon's dave hickey apologized.dave hickey, verizon"we are truly sorry, and we're making every effort to ensure that it never happens again."chief bowden's statement was included in a lawsuit filed against the federal communications commission by santa ara county, the fire department, san jose and multiple other parties in support of net neutrality.james williams, santa clara county counsel their #1 priority to keep us safe, to protect lives and
8:47 pm
property and any impediment to that is just unacceptable." michelle kingston, mkingstonnewsverizon is introducing a new service plan next week that will feature unlimited data with an easy way to upgrade service at no additional santa clara michelle kingston kron 4 news (justine) in wildfire news. firefighters are starting to get a hold on the mendocino complex fires. the flames have burned more than 377- thousand acres...and it is 67-percent contained. more than 150 homes have been destroyed. there are still more than a thousand buiildings being threatened. however...the mandatory evacuation order has been reduced to an evacuation advisory for the lake pillsbury and surrounding area within the mendocino national forest and lake county...that are under current madatory evacuation. crews expect to have the flames fully contained by september first. (justine) taking a live
8:48 pm
look outside....(jr stone) meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez has our forecast. lawrence karnow: remnants of hurricane lane are still bringing heavy rains and flooding to hawaii. more flooding is likely over the next couple of days. it was not as hazy today as we began to see more of a westerly wind. and highs were warmer too with more sunshine and highs in the 80s inland and
8:49 pm
60s at the coast.. on the satellite image you can see how the circulation pattern is bringing smoke just off the coast and pushing it onshore. high pressure will strengthen over the bay area this weekend which should warm temperatures slightly. highs tomorrow will be in the 70s and mid 80s inland 60s at the coast. temperatures next week will run slightly below average.
8:50 pm
(j.r.) we are getting closer and closer to football season. how bout some preseason action. niners taking on the colts in indy. jimmy garoppolo play action pass...he's got his man...pierre garcon. he goes 47 yards...niners would get inside the 10 but turn it over at downs. early second quarter jimmy g again...this time he's got marquise goodwin along the sidelines. beautiful pass and catch. that would lead to a field goal. here comes the colts though. andrew luck...under pressure...the former stanford star rolls out then runs right throught the center for a 15 yard play and a first down. then luck he's got a man...and he's got a 15 yard touchdown
8:51 pm
pass. colts go up 7 to 3. jimmy g out...c.j. beathard in. beathard..52 yards to richie james junior. a little while later beathard dante pettis...can't hang on. niners would get another field goal on that drive. san francisco did eventually score a touchdown in the 4th quarter. they still lost 23 to 17. jimmy garoppolo 9 of 19 for 135 yards. beathard 7 of 8 for 83 yards. but again...preseason football. (j.r.) this time of year we don't talk too much basketball but there is some troubling news to report tonight about a former golden state warrior. nick young...aka swaggy p. former golden state warriors guard was arrested overnight in los angeles according to espn. he was stopped in hollywood for a late night traffic violation and then later charged with delaying an investigation. it's a misdemeanor and he is now out
8:52 pm
of jail. nick young is currently a free agent. (j.r.)going into today's game the san francisco giants had lost three of their last four. eight and a half games back in the division. fun day though out at the ballpark. the 2010 world champion team was honored as they went up against the texas rangers. how fitting. early on it was brandon crawford. a three run shot...giants jump up early...four to nothing. in the 7th hunter pence hits one deep and it is not playable that ball is gone. still something left in that tank...five nothing giants. rangers would rally in the last inning. giants though win this five to three. speaking of the san francisco giants. superstar catcher buster posey will undergo season ending hip surgery on monday in colorado. posey has been speaking of the san francisco giants. superstar catcher buster posey will undergo
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something from a hollywood movie but they are real... flamethrowers that is...actually what you're looking at is called "not a flamethrower." these devices were given to those who paid for them today in the mission district of san francisco. they cost 500 dollars each and were designed by elon musk's company called the boring company. this is not a joke. 20-thousand of these flamethrowers were bought by folks across the county. justine, bout a "not a flamethrower."
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♪ >> what's going on, bud?


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