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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  August 28, 2018 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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students grieve.and they'll be here throughout the year.pkgno parent should have to bury their childrenat serra high's entrance ... blake bottarini's photo sits ... with that smile classmates know all too well. the parents are obviously distraughton monday, the 17 year old .... known as a kind and caring young man ... was heading to school when his car somehow veered off highway 35. as he was traveling northbound on skyline, he somehow went off the road to the right side, hit a tree, then went down the embankment 45 feethis vehicle was found just before 1'0 clock that afternoon. there are so many things that could've happened, maybe an animal crossed the road, maybe he jerked the wheel, we don't know if he was distracted, or going too fastschool officials tell me the serra student body has banded together. upperclassmen organized a prayer ceremony, decorated blake's locker to celebrate his life, and have written tribute letters to the teen. as the catholic school community keeps his family in their prayers, letters of support have been given to his twin brother who also attends school was a very tragic incident as c-h-p continues to investigate ... for the public's help ... as they try to piece together what caused the teen to lose control of the vehicle.the roadway was wet and skyline tends to get wet due to the trees and the area. that slick road may have played a part in the accident but we dont know for surestanduptomorrow the school will hold a formal prayer service for the entire student body.everyone will wear solid white shirts in support of the family. reporting from san mateo ... ali reid ... kron 4 news.
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(pam) a man who fled the country after allegedly killing a 6-year-old
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girl while street racing in menlo park back in 2009, was arrested today. shannon steven fox was wanted in connection with the death of lisa xavier... in a crash at the intersection of willow road and bayfront expressway.. it happened on the afternoon of november 12th, 20-09. a street race between two vehicles ended ...when one of them ran a red light.. and crashed into a car carrying xavier and her mother. the young girl died the next day and her mother was seriously injured. police say, fox fled the area and eventually the country.. he had been a fugitive for nearly a decade. (pam) now at ten: a headless torso ... found in a fish tank in a san francisco home. (ken) the home belonged to a man who police say was missing for months. now police have two persons of interest in this disturbing case.kron 4's ella sogomonian is live at san francisco police headquarters tonight with the latest...ella what do neighbors think about the discovery? neighbors say brian egg let so many people into his life and
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home...and hope his kindness didn't lead to his demise...because they believe that body found inside his home may be his... residents on clara street in san francisco say its been months since theyve seen their neighbor 63 year old brian egg whose lived there for more than 2 decades. they called police back in june who were dispatched to egg's home but nobody answered. persistent neighbors called on police again the first week of august after they noticed two suspicious people at the home...that claimed egg was on vacation in europe.sot: scot free, neighbor// "brian had some sketchy friends that would come and go officers returned a week later when neighbors reported a private crime scene clearning truck outside. police couldn't find egg but came across suspicious cleaning products and a terrible smell. they got a
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search warrant and scoured the home for four days until august 17th they came across a headless body floating in a fish tank in a concealed part of the home.some wonder why it took so many calls for police to have a look around.sot: commander greg mceachern, san francisco police department// "there werent any circumstances besides people were coming and going which is common in many places in san francisco grief striken by the grusome discovery another neighbor worries for egg and hopes for the best. sot: skot kuiper , neighbor// " for well over a decade now."police named two persons of interest in this case. 39-year-old lance silva and 52-year-old robert mccaffrey were both arrested on homicide, fraud, theft, identity theft, and elder abuse charges.however, the charges were later dismissed by the san francisco da's office pending further investigation. silva remains in custody due to a probation violation. mccaffrey has been released.tuesday night investigators were seen a few homes down rummaging through some bags wearing blue gloves but it isn't clear if that's related to this case.
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lawrence karnow: low clouds and fog were very slow to break up today leaving cooler than normal tempertures again. highs today were in the 70s inland, 60s and 70s around the bay and 50s and 60s at the coast. on the satellite you can see a trough of low pressure sitting across the
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west coast. this is keeping temperatures across the state running below the average for this time of year. highs tomorrow will be in the mid to upper 70s inland, 60s and 70s around the bay and patchy fog and 50s and 60s at the coast. it will start to warm slowly into the weekend. it could be much warmer on labor day and into next week after the destructive north bay firestorm...only a fraction of almost 27-hundred single family homes lost in santa rosa...have been rebuilt. santa rosa city permitting data indicates only nine homes have completed construction as of last thursday... and
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another 250 are under construction. officials say under-insurance is one of the biggest reasons for delays. as many homeowners discover that their policies do not cover actual costs of a rebuild. that can delay claims settlements and construction. (pam) controversial wildfire legislation is coming down to the wire .... in sacramento. the proposed law would reportedly help prevent wildfires - but, the measure could also allow utility companies, such as p-g- and- e ... to pass on some wildfire costs to customers ... even when they have been cited as the responsible party. capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala has the details.. on when the bill could be finalized... tonight - controversial wildfire legislation is coming down to the wire, in sacramento a proposed law would help prevent wildfires - but could also allow utility companies to pass on some costs to customers. capitol bureau
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reporter ashley zavala joins us live...((ashley)) the wildfire confrerence committee has until the end of the night to finalize the bill.. so it can be voted on before the legislative session ends firday. but -- debate over parts of this legislation has brought the committee right down to its deadline. with a destructive wildfire season already underway in california - there is a fiery debate in the capitol over proposed wildfire prevention legislation. ((sen. bill dodd d-napa)) "we still have the same goals that we talked about the very first time that we met. anything that we do should protect victims today, and should also harden the grid so there are no victims tomorrow and beyond." one of the heated issues is utility company liability when power equipment sparks a fire. under the proposal - some costs could be passed on to
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customers. ((sen. hannah beth-jackson d-santa barbara))"i send a signal to the markets that we are serious these companies accountable while at the same time recognizing we need electricity.")) another hot topic is forest management - regulate the removal of dead and dying trees.((assembly member brian dahle r-bieber)) (ken) the use of deadly pesticides at illegal pot farms has been a growing problem all across the state. today -- researchers and federal authorities announced they're finding potentially deadly pesticides at nine of every 10 illegal marijuana farms in california this year. that's a jump from chemicals found at about 75 percent of illegal growing operations discovered on public land last year, and six times as high as in 2012. one researcher says the pesticide found at the illegal farms is so powerful that less than a teaspoon can kill a 300- pound bear. (ken) the california state assembly has passed the bill that would allow people in san francisco to inject heroin and other drugs under medical supervision. it now goes to governor brown for signature...meaning the three- year pilot program could begin soon. the goal is to curb overdose deaths. the safe
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injection sites would provide sterile needles and allow people to use illegal drugs without fear of arrest. the c-d-c says the leading cause of deaths nationwide - is drug overdose. (pam) new tonight at ten: we are learning an oakland police officer, injured in a crash ... is still in critical condition tonight. (ken)the alameda county sheriff's officer tweeted that officer jordan wingate is still fighting and having a tough time.. they are asking for prayers as he remains in the hospital. the 22-year-old was responding to reports of a suspicious person... when his patrol car crash crashed into another car-- and then into a semi- truck. wingate has been with the department since 20-13.. when he started as a cadet. his father is an oakland police lieutenant. (pam) coming up: more thefts at a walnut creek apple store. who police say is responsible for the latest hit. (ken)plus: a new program in northern california is helping homeless veterans get off the streets. how it includes have a visiting judge hear their misdemeanor cases.
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(pam) and next: richmond police are offering up rewards in the search for suspects in two of the city's eight- murders this year. what both of these victim's families had to say today. this is not a bed. it's a revolution in sleep. the new sleep number 360 smart bed is on sale now, from $899, during sleep number's 'biggest sale of the year'. it senses your movement, and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. it even helps with this. so you wake up ready to put your pedal to the metal. and now, all beds are on sale. save 50% on the new sleep number 360 limited edition smart bed. plus 24-month financing on all beds. only for a limited time. sleep number. proven, quality sleep. police are offering up
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rewards.... in the search for suspects in two of the city's eight murders this year.(ken) kron 4's michelle kingston tells us how much the city is offering and she talked to the families of both of victims. (mk)michelle kingston,
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mkingstonnewsthe community and these families are hurting over the loss of both alexander and henderson... and hope someone comes forward with information.decenthia henderson, victim's mother"we never would've thought it would be our son, but at the end of the day, it can happen to anybody. anybody."richmond police are now giving away a 10-thousand dollars to anyone with information leading to an arrest in two unsolved murder cases ... hoping someone will come forward.decenthia henderson, victim's mother "people's kids, people's parents, everybody's hurting, the community is hurting."in april -- decenthia henderson's son mark was shot and killed near crescent park in richomond.nine days later ... 21 year old joseph alexander was murdered in the stop and shop on carlson boulevard ... richmond's eighth homicide in less than eight months.joseph alexander, victim's father"we just want justice. he didnt deserve this. he was a great person. loved by many. lots of family. we just want justice, bottom line."police say these two murders happened just days after a fatal shooting that ended a four and a half month period without homicides in the city -- the longest since richmond began keeping record in the early 1970s.decenthia henderson, victim's mother"why did they take marky away from us? do you know how much that hurt as a mother?"joseph alexander, victim's father"we dont know any details of what happened, we really don't care. we just want justice." michellethe reward will go to
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anyone with information that leads to an arrest in these in richmond michelle kingston kron 4 news (pam) oakland police are promising to increase patrols in areas where they have seen four homicides... in four- days. one of those killings claimed the life of 36- year old mario thomas. he was gunned down last night, in an area behind a laundromat.. off 73rd and international. it happened one day, after the deadly shooting of a 38- year old man ... just across the street. police believe those two crimes may be connected. then, there were two other deadly shootings sunday. two
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people were killed ... and three were wounded. all four killings have police shifting officers' hours in these areas .... to increase their visibility.
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(ken)it happened in fremont early monday morning and so far no suspects have been identified. kron 4's charles clifford has details. well, its an auto shop's worst nightmare. arriving to work and finding that all of your customer's car tires have been slashed. according to the fremont police department, sunday evening or possibly early monday morning somee burglarized at least one car and slashed the tires of 8 vehicles behind 2 different auto repair shops in the 41000 block of albrae street.sot monday. five cars of mine were all flat.fil bertolfo is the owner of fil's general auto repair. the vandals slashed tires on 5 cars behind his shop. 3 cars were vandalized behind asco auto body, which is next door.the fremont police department has launched an investigation but so far no suspects have been identified and a motive for the vandalism remains a mystery. there are multiple surveillance cameras nearby but it isn't clear if any of them captured an image of the suspect or suspects. fil says that a camera at a near by buisnesses did record what appeared to be a black car in the area early monday morning, but it was to dark to see the driver. soti'm responsible.fil says the cars belong to his customers but since the vehicles were in his care, he has to pay to fix the tires. meaning he's
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potentially out thousands of dollarshe hopes whoever did this will be arrested and punished.soti'm hoping that the people doing that will get caught. because it's not funny. the owner of asco auto body was unavailable to comment for this story.anyone with information is asked to contact the fremont police fremont, charles clifford kron 4 news. a live look outside now.. outside now..lawrence has the forecast lawrence karnow: low clouds and fog were very slow to break up today leaving cooler than normal tempertures again.
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highs today were in the 70s inland, 60s and 70s around the bay and 50s and 60s at the coast. on the satellite you can see a trough of low pressure sitting across the west coast. this is keeping temperatures across the state running below the average for this time of year. highs tomorrow will be in the mid to upper 70s inland, 60s and 70s around the bay and patchy fog and 50s and 60s at the coast. it will start to warm slowly into the weekend. it could be much warmer on labor day and into next week (pam) coming up: a new idea for building (pam) (pam) coming
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(pam) coming up: a new idea for building more affordable housing in the south bay. how officials say, it could create both work force housing.. and homes for those in need. (ken)and a sonoma city councilwoman up for re election is fighting back tonight after she says she was harrassed online... we'll explain coming up 10:30.
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new at ten: actor shelley malil .. from the movie - '40-year-old virgin' .... is out on parole ... - years after being sentenced to life for attempted murder. (ken) now as steve price says.. the victim who malil stabbed over 20 times.. explains why she belives malil is a danger to the public. kendra beebe/ex-girlfriend"and then i see this flash of silver and he goes bang, bang, bang."kendra beebe took the stand 8 years ago hoping to put her former boyfriend, shelley malil, behind bars forever.natsot"find the defendant, shelley malil guilty of the crime of attempted murder."malil admits he did it.august 11th, 2008, the hollywood actor showed up at beebe's san marcos home and stabbed her more than 2 dozen times. he said he wanted to kill her. malil was sentenced to 12 years to life in prison. but this past january. after serving just 8 years behind
10:24 pm
bars, a parole board agreed to release him.the governor's office, fearing malil was still a danger to society, stepped in and asked the parole board to reconsider malil's, the parole board held that new hearing.beebe testified - via a video conference call and didn't mince words.kendra beebe/ex-girlfriend"i let the parole board know that he stabbed me over 25 times. and after that didn't kill me he tried to suffocate me."while behind bars. malil took self help courses and participated in alcoholics anonymous.he convinced the board that he was a changed man.and once again, they ruled he should be released.kendra beebe/ex- girlfriend"i am absolutely floored, shocked, disgusted that the california parole board thinks shelley malil is suitable for any type of release. i think this puts society at large in danger." malil will be released later his fall.possibly in october. kendra beebe/ex-girlfriend "society is at risk.. he's going to get back out there and he's going to start dating again and when things don't go his way, i'm afraid he's going to relapse because this has been his whole pattern." (pam) changing the way it handles
10:25 pm
bail.what both supporters and opponents think about getting rid of cash bail. (ken)plus: the mystery behind the death of a family from washington state... might never be solved.why investigators say the condition of their house raises a lot of questions. (pam) and next in a story that is all new at 10. a northern california councilwoman is fighting back.. after she says, she was harassed online. (lawrence)ten at ten
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chase, make more of what's yours. tonight at ten: a wine country, city councilwoman is fighting back tonight.rachel hundley, of sonoma, says, she was bullied online... when someone posted pictures of her working in her underwear at 'burning man... the posts calling her immoral and unethical. (ken) the website with the photos has been taken down and in a youtube video hundley explains how all this has affected her. kron 4's j.r. stone has the story.
10:29 pm
this is rachel hundley, city councilwoman and former mayor in the city of sonoma. she's running for re-election and has taken to youtube after pictures of her working at burning man in her underwear, were posted on a website called rachel hundley exposed. hundley has responded to this on youtube.sot what was especially disturbing in this era of me too was the attempt to slut shame me in celebrating my body and my attendance at burning man. sonoma mayor madolyn agrimonti, who is also running for a council seat, says power to hundley for stepping up and fighting back.sot she's strong she's a strong young woman and i'm very proud she did the youtube video hundley says she was sent a letter on august 13th accusing her of immoral and unethical behavior. telling her to drop out of the upcoming city council election or else. a short time later the web site rachel hundley exposed was created. accusations about her time at burning man and pictures from the event were posted. the site was soon taken down and hundley says it was full of outright lies. in her video which now has more than a hundred thousand views, she addresses the people who may have targeted her.sot i am here today to tell my faceless bullies that i cannot be shamed into quiting because i am not ashamed the spineless individuals who created this web site want to influence our election yet they don't have the courage or integrity to
10:30 pm
own their own lies.j.r. stone it is still unclear who sent that letter and who put that web site together. i asked the mayor and she is unsure about it as well. we do know that 6 people are vying for 3 city council seats come november. in sonoma, j.r. stone kron 4 news. lawrence karnow: low lawrence
10:31 pm
lawrence karnow: low clouds and fog were very slow to break up today leaving cooler than normal tempertures again. highs today were in the 70s inland, 60s and 70s around the bay and 50s and 60s at the coast. on the satellite you can see a trough of low pressure sitting across the west coast. this is keeping temperatures across the state running below the average for this time of year. highs tomorrow will be in the mid to upper 70s inland, 60s and 70s around the bay and patchy fog and 50s and 60s at the coast. it will start to warm slowly into the weekend. it could be much warmer on labor day and into next week
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(pam) the late- senator john mccain is still bringing democrats and republicans together in congress.(ken) senate majority leader mitch mcconnell announced tuesday a bipartisan committee will look at ways to commemorate the arizona republican.our grant lodes also explains how other senators paid tribute to their collegue and friend on the senator floor today.grant? (grant)well, ken, pam first of all.. mitch mcconnell says he will appoint the committee and they will review options for how to honor mccain's legacy. meanwhile - senator lindsey graham took the lindsey graham
10:33 pm
took the senate floor to give an emotional farewall to senator john mccain.. "to those who are striving as a young person, remember john mccain. he failed a lot but he never quit. and the reason we're talking about him today and the reason i'm crying is because he was successful in spite of his failures."he taught me that honor and imperfection are always in competition. i do not cry for a perfect man. i cry for a man who had honor and always was willing to admit to his imperfection." (grant)senator lindsey graham also weighing in on the relationship between attorney general jeff sessions and president trump... saying it is dysfunctional and beyond repair. sessions was one of trump's first supporters in
10:34 pm
the senate and a top campaign surrogate. he was tapped to lead the justice department in february. but his relationship with the president soured after he recused himself from the department's investigation into russian meddling during the presdiential election. (pam) new tonight at ten.... the results are in for the arizona republican senate primary... to fill the seat of retiring senator flake.. martha mcsally will move on to the general election, after a fierce fight.the race was a battle for the future of the republican party in arizona. two candidates were staunch supporters of president trump and his agenda. while mcsally's military background follows in the footsteps of the late senator john mccain. kyung lah has more . natsin her final pitch to arizona republicansnatsu-s senate candidate kelli ward pledging she's the anti-john mccain.kelli ward/(r) u.s. senate candidate from arizona "are we going to elect another
10:35 pm
senator cut from the same cloth as john mccain and jeff flake? no!"this was hours before the senator died.kyung lah/cnn national correspondent: "was it a thought to maybe not say something today?"kelli ward/(r) u.s. senate candidate from arizona"there's senator mccain, the person, and i feel very, very bad for him and for his family. there's also senator mccain the politician that has let down arizona again and again and again."nats riding with ward conservative provocateurs tomi lahren and mike cernovichkyung lah/cnn national correspondent:"do you welcome their viewpoints?" kelli ward/(r) u.s. senate candidate from arizona"i welcome viewpoints from everyone."kyung lah/cnn national correspondent:"even if they're completely false and dangerous."kelli ward/(r) u.s. senate candidate from arizona"and how does that pertain to me?"kyung lah/cnn national correspondent:"you have him on your bus."natsthis is the battle for arizona's republican base.ward in lockstep with trumpcalling her opponent, establishment- backed arizona congresswoman martha mcsally a g-o-p phony. kyung lah/cnn national correspondent:"do you think that martha mcsally is trying to dupe republicans in this state?"kelli ward/(r) u.s. senate candidate from arizona "i do. 100 percent. she's pretending to be a supporter of donald trump // she's running as though she's kelli ward, and we don't need a cheap imitation. we've got the real thing."natsrep. martha mcsally/(r) u.s. senate candidate from arizona:"as we say in a fighter engagement in the air, fight's on."natsshe should know... mcsally is a retired air force combat pilot. natsa congresswoman who won in a moderate district.she's now shifting to the rightsitting at the table with trump in washington echoing him on the trail.rep. martha mcsally/(r) u.s. senate candidate from arizona:"i think the mueller
10:36 pm
investigation mueller "i think the from arizona:"i think the mueller investigation needs to wrap up // ...there's been no collusion // so let's get over it. let's move on // i had a 97 percent voting record with the president's agenda more than anyone else in the arizona delegation. so those are just the facts."but before president mcsally felt differently calling his access hollywood tape "disgusting" and "unacceptable" tweeting she was "appalled." to this day, not revealing if she voted natsopening herself wardbut also republican rom senate candidate joe arpaio long time maricopa sheriff convicted of criminal contempt for racially profiling nats then pardoned by president trump.joe arpaio/(r) u.s. senate candidate from arizona: "i'm the guy win this."kyung lah/cnn correspondent:"you think you're the front runner?" joe arpaio/(r) u.s. senate candidate from arizona:"not according to the polls. who cares about the mickey mouse polls, they're all stacked anyway."he's not expected to winnatsward thinks she has a fighting chance.mcsally already general.rep. martha mcsally/(r) u.s. senate candidate from arizona:"we look forward to having unity after we're the nominee on tuesday night // we're in a strong confident position. this is a high stakes election."
10:37 pm
(pam) mcsally will face democratic candidate kyrsten sinema for jeff flake's soon-to-be-open senate seat in
10:38 pm
november. meantime.. the governor of arizona plans to fill the open seat left by senator mccain's death.. after the funeral services.. (ken)in florida: tallahassee mayor andrew gillum has won the democratic nomination in his quest to become florida's first black governor. gillum faces the republican nominee, u.s. represenitive ron desantis, in the race to replace term-limited republican gov. rick scott. (pam) california will become the first state to eliminate bail for suspects awaiting trial. governor jerry brown signed a bill today that will replace bail with a risk-assessment system. this means most suspects arrested for non-violent misdemeanors will be released within 12-hours of being booked. people facing serous and violent felonies will not be eligible for pre-trial release. some people worry the bill will allow dangerous people to go free-- and they won't return for trial. supporters say the change will end the unfair practice of imprisoning people
10:39 pm
simply because they are poor. the new system will go into effect in october of next year. (pam) homeless veterans across northern california will soon be able to get some misdemeanor warrants dismissed ... without going to court. it is all part of an event called a "stand down"... which provides a wide variety of services to try to get homeless veterans back on their feet... including having a visiting judge hear their case. (sot) (vo continues) (vo continues) the judges will gather at the monterey county fairgrounds the last weekend of september, to
10:40 pm
consider minor infractions... and help the veterans put small crimes behind them. the "stand down" also provides medical and dental care, therapists and psychologists ... and food and clothing to prepare the homeless vets for the winter. about 450 vets ... including a couple dozen women... are expected. free bus service will be available from the palo alto veterans hospital ... to take homeless vets to the monterey county fairgrounds. (ken) to the south bay now.... where a solution has been proposed to help ease the affordable housing crisis. as kron four's rob fladeboe reports, the idea would put people who are homeless, teachers and others in need of an affordable place to live .... under the same roof, on what is now under -used school property. estimates vary but with as many as six or seven thousand homeless people on the streets of santa clara county on any
10:41 pm
given dayand teachers who cant afford to live here, an idea that just gained some traction would be to build permanent, afordable housing on county-owned, school district property. supervisor cindy chavez.cindy chavez/santaclara county supervisor "...they have a need for teacher and staff housing and we have funding for foster homeless housing and we are looking to see whether it's possible to create a partnership to see if it's possible to get both workforce housing and housing for populations in need on school district property..."no specific properties have been identified, but east side union, san jose unified and 31 other school districts in the county are home to hundreds of vacant lots and other under-used resources that might be tapped for housing says chavez. cindy chavez/santa clara county supervisor " districts have properties where they used to be a school and don't any longer and we are trying to think how to creatively use those assetts because in many cases...."the board voted unanimously tuesday to reach out to school districts with an offer of funding to pay for assett evaluation and feasablity studuies that would would address cost, zoning and potental conflicts arising from housing the homeless near schools.cindy chavez/santa
10:42 pm
clara county supervisor "....what we are really talking about is how do we share assetts and put people together in a way that's cost efffective for everybody and meets our broader community needs of getting housing..." rob fladeboe/san jose ".... san jose unified school district welcomes the idea, havingalready passed a resolution to work with both the county and the city of san jose on addressing the affordable housing crisis. in san jose rob fladeboe kron4news (sports) just ahead, even through their success, the a's keep having to send pitchers to the disabled list. but the green and gold...still grinding....their latest thriller from houston.
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new sleep number 360 smart bed. it senses your movement and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. and now, all beds are on sale. save 50% on the new sleep number 360 limited edition smart bed. only for a limited time. a big story tonight...
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the mystery behind the death of a family from washington state... might never be solved. the two mothers and six- adopted children disappeared in march in california. their s-u-v was later found crashed in the ocean off a cliff in mendocino county. gabrielle karol has more on this mystery.. sgt. brent waddell/clark county:"i wouldn't say it was a surprise but it wasn't necessarily what you'd expect in a house that had 6 children."the rooms weren't personalized.investigators didn't find much kids' clothing ... or toys.detective joe swenson wrote in a report: "after walking through the house, i did not get the indication that children lived in the house."clark county sheriff's office sgt. brent waddell said the condition of the house raised questions for investigators.sgt. brent waddell/clark county:"where did the kids live, what part of the house did they live in, what sort of regimen or what was going on behind the house. those types of questions came up because it wasn't what you would term a house that had kids in it or it didn't appear
10:46 pm
that way."investigators removed a laptop and an ipad from the house.the ipad was handed over to the fbi.waddell doesn't know if they found anything on suicide note was located in the home.sgt. brent waddell/clark county: "nothing that jumps out as a motive. there was no notes, no journals, there was nothing that would indicate why they would do that."child protective services had tried contacting sarah and jennifer hart regarding child welfare concerns right before the family fled to california. still waddell says we may never have an answer as to the exact motive.waddell/clark county:"detectives are the same way, that's why they do what they do. they want to put an answer out. a case open is difficult. we may never know why specifically. we can speculate but we'll never know specifically." (pam) that was gabrielle karol reporting. reporting. karol gabrielle that was (pam)
10:47 pm
(pam) that was gabrielle karol reporting. investigators are still searching for blood relatives of hannah hart ... to help identify human remains that were found this spring. so far ... no relatives have come forward. (ken)new at ten: a group of truckers helped police as they tried to talk down a suicidal man in florida. atleast seven truck drivers lined their 18- wheelers under an overpass on the florida turnpike as a man hung over the side of a fence. after more than an hour - officials say the man came off the bridge on his own.orlando police later tweeted a statement thanking the truckers for their assistance. here's quite the stat sent over to us from the a's. this season, the team has used the disabled list 25
10:48 pm
times...11 of those instances for pitchers. brett anderson and sean manaea...the latest added to that list. but through all that, the team keeps grinding. --a's astros in houston. --jose altuve is back in the lineup... and his fans are back in the stands... -- top 3rd... 1-0 a's... matt olson... goes deep to right and out for a 2-run home run... his 24th of the season... 3-1 a's --bottom 5th... still 3-1 oakland... alex bregman... turns on a hanging sider from edwin jackson... one-hops the wall in left for a 2-run double... game tied at 3... jackson... gave up 3 runs in 4 2/3 innings gave up 3 runs in 4 2/3 innings -- top 9th... nick martini... solid contact off roberto osuna... deep to right- center... it bounces over the wall for a ground-rule double. ramon laureano scores... 4-3 a's -then, in the 9th, blake treinen...bringing the late heat and saves the day...sits down yuli gurriel... a's go on to win, 4-3. and are a game and a half
10:49 pm
back. --back here in the bay, some activity at mccovey enjoying the water. --pick up the action in the 8th... scoreless game. the giants escaping trouble.. david peralta...sends one to right center field... steven duggar cuts it off....relay to brandon crawford...a high throw to the plate.... and nick hundley makes the catch to tag nick ahmed at home. game remains scoreless. --more heroics.. bottom 9th, 2-on for gorkys hernandez...pulls one to left.... duggar's got some wheels, and hauls it all the way from 2nd. and he may have been playing with an injured shoulder. that's a walkoff! 1-zip they take a 4th straight. both the raiders and 49ers wrapping up the preseason this week, so now's the perfect time to talk about their work in the community. starting with the niners... the team held its annual 'players for a purpose' fundraising event at levi's. guests in attendance had a chance to meet players,
10:50 pm
coaches and executives. all proceeds are going to help the 49ers community organization assist bay area youth. "helps kinda take you mind off of things. lets you, really, get back to what life is about. we're so enclosed and with football, meetings, and games, that's on. for something awesome like away from that for a second to just clear our minds is really nice." finally, the finally, the raiders...showing some love to the east bay...and donating 250-thousand dollars to help save the youth sports...eliminated by the oakland unified school district. 10-different programs have been cut, including bowling, swimming, golf and tennis... , but mark davis is stepping up to get those sports back up and running. in a statement, the raiders owner said..."the prospect of these kids losing their dreams was difficult to hear for everyone in the community... after school athletics are an important part of the high school experience and this donation will keep student-athletes on the playing fields in oakland."
10:51 pm
(weather) coming up i'll have the seven day forecast.
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a magical place... that's lookin' to get scared! with bats...and ghouls... and cars in disguise. i've cast quite a spell now... you won't believe your eyes! (laughter) the spell is cast. halloween time is back with spook-tacular experiences in disneyland and disney california adventure parks! (laughter) (pam) happening tomorrow for people living in
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milpitas.... there will be a planned water system shut- off tomorrow... it will happen during the overnight hours-- 10 p-m until 6- in the morning... the water main near south main street .... will be shut down to allow a contractor to cut-in a new connection, for a new development. the water shutoff will affect people on south main at serra way... to the intersection of south main st... at sinnott lane. four fire hydrants in the area will not be working either ...
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