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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  September 13, 2018 1:30am-2:00am PDT

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♪ >> tonight -- will julie chen leave cbs. why her husband's down fall could mean too? >> then -- >> i've been told my whole life i'm not a dancer. >> welcome to dancing with the supporting stars. why the pros are more recognizable than the cast. >> he's grocery store joe. >> and why geoffrey owens turned down an offer to compete in the ballroom. >> yes, they have. >> plus a bachelor nation fan favorite arrested. what she's saying about her embarrassing mug shot tonight. >> then, only we're with kevin hart delivering a texas size surprise these students never saw coming.
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♪ >> this is "entertainment tonight." >> thanks for joining us everybody. our man on the move kevin frazier is in dallas with another big exclusive hanging with kevin hart. kev, what are you two up to? >> somebody thought it would be a good idea to give kevin hart control of the on the performing arts school in dallas dall. we'll be back. >> i'm afraid for that school. >> 100%. >> let's get started with that julie chen spotted out. >> julie will be live tomorrow night hosting big brother. will she leave both of those shows now that her husband leslie moonves is out at cbs.
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>> have you managed to talk to julie yet? >> i certainly feel for julie chen today. she's in a very difficult position. >> for the third day in a row, julie chen did not attend "the talk's" live taping. her and her husband were spotted out for the first time since he stepped down. a team of movers were outside their house unthough it's unclear what they were doing there. moonves left cbs monday amidst sexual assault allegations. >> today we say enough is enough and today we say we believe you. >> "the talk" panel discussed the scandal on monday and tuesday, but not today. >> chen is expecd first tv appe husband's exit tomorrow for double eviction night on "big brother." >> "variety" executive editor, debra birnbaum says julie chen is in an awkward position. >> when the first story broke she came out saying she was standing by her husband. i think she has to address the questions in her personal life
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before she has an answer for the nation. >> you work for your husband. >> technically. >> they've been married for nearly 14 years. last year she told larry king one of her secrets of a happy marriage is effective use of the silent treatment. >> he doesn't respond well to ice cold. i shut down. >> don't do that. >> i will ice you out. >> now there's another high profile shake-up at 60 minutes. jeff pager is out after sexual misconduct allegations were made against him. cbs said the move is not related to the allegations but because pager violated company policy. scandal. abcth the stars." >> solid. >> i haven't d anything to challenge myself in decades.
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>> rocking that boat. >> we're rocking it, baby. >> iconic gold medal champion mary lou retton, "dukes of hazards" john schneider and "the facts of life's" nancy mckeon round out the triple threat of '80s nostalgia. ♪ the facts of life >> i actually thought of the most terrifying thing in the world to do for myself and then said yes. >> retired bronco's super bowl champ, demarcus ware is this season's pro athlete and singer tinashe represent the pop stars. ♪ >> as for the remaining contestants? the pros will be dancing with the supporting stars. >> i deal in produce. but one thing i haven't produced yet is love. >> and his claim to fame is being kicked off the first episode of last season's "the bachelorette." >> i mean he is grocery store joe. >> there's evanna lynch who is best known for playing harry potter's hogwart schoolmate luna lovegood. >> why not? it's an amazing show. to be paid to turn up and dance for weeks on end, this was a no brainer. >> in years past "fuller house" stars candace cameron bure and
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jodie sweetin took on the ballroom. next season? it's juan pablo dipace who plays kimmy gibler's love interest. >> they just said love every minute of it. it's going to be intense. >> and trust cheryl. trust in cheryl. >> she's the best. >> i've only done 21 seasons. >> not part of the cast? >> has "dancing with the stars" reached out to you? >> yes, they have. they have. >> former "cosby show" star geoffrey owens who says it wasn't meant to be. >> i can't imagine myself on a show like that because i am such a terrible dancer. >> but, hey, the actor who was shamed for working at a grocery store is simply too busy now. "e.t.'s" confirmed that geoffrey just bagged a guest starring role on "ncis, new orleans." he'll play star scott bakula's old friend who gives the special agent advice. >> owens previously accepted tyler perry's offer to shoot 10 episodes of his o.w.n. show, "the haves and the have nots." he also had nicki minaj promising to give him $25,000. >> i hope he doesn't take it the wrong way, but i just want to help him in any way i can. >> but after that offer is nicki now getting her own windfall?
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>> you knew when that footage came out you was about to look [ bleep ] dumb. >> since her headline making fashion week brawl with cardi b nicki's podcast, "queen radio" has shot to number one on apple music. the fight itself left minaj embarrassed. >> i was mortified. i could not believe how humiliated it all felt. >> they're in these beautiful dress dresses. didn't seem like the time or place. >> i know. this might add more fuel to their feud. nicky did not receive any american music award nominations today, but cardi b get eight. the show airs october 9th on abc. it's always a great show. >> award season is officially underway. you saw that with the shows at the toronto film festival. >> the campaigns have begun.
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for melissa mccarthy a little on set drama. up first in tonight's know and tell. melissa's feline competition. >> i'm months behind in my rent and my cat is sick. >> melissa felt a bit upstaged by a scene stealing cat. >> yes, i was jealous of it. i put him on the counter in the vet's office and it started sneezing and we literally -- we were like are you kidding me? is the cat acting sick? and it would just kind of look at me and i was like i gotta go back to class. >> quite by accident i find myself in a rather criminal position. >> the comedian takes a dramatic turn in "can you ever forgive me" based on a true story. she's a down-and-out author who takes up forgery. >> what is your back-up plan in life and did you have one growing up? >> oh, yeah. i always thought i was gonna do women's clothing. i still always think i'm like i can make clothes. i'm a great organizer. i can go in and i can hem anything. i'm handy with that. >> i mean your back up plan is
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kind of your side hustle now i think. >> i love calling it a side hustle. i never thought i had a side hustle. i like that it makes me seem edgier. >> in "white boy rick," matthew mcconaughey plays the father to the youngest ever undercover police informant and drug dealer. >> son, the lion don't leave the serengeti. >> tell me about this movie. it looks incredible. >> it was a great script and worth telling even if it was fiction, but it was not. >> so then, once i understood it was a true story, i came on board. it's unlike any character i've ever played before. not the best father. >> and original scream queen, jamie lee curtis was just 19 when michael myers first came after her. "halloween" marks the 11th film in the franchise's 40-year history. >> people love both being frightened -- d was a small to with a really scary twist to it. >> and what about a "freaky friday" sequel? jamie lee's movie daughter lindsay lohan seems ready.
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>> lindsay lohan dancing in mykonos, have you seen it? do you think there's a possibility for a musical readaptation of "freaky friday with the with the with the dance from mykonos? do you know what i'm talking about? >> she said nothing. >> she just said what she wanted to say and i'm moving on. >> coming up -- a bachelor in paradise favorite arrested for getting violent with her boyfriend. what the mother of two is saying about the incident now. >> then kevin hart becomes high school principal for a day. what can possibly go wrong? >> enough! >> plus -- >> it's a 20-second shout out.
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don't use if you're allergic to taltz. before starting, you should be checked for tuberculosis. taltz may increase risk of infections and lower your ability to fight them. tell your doctor if you have an infection, symptoms, or received a vaccine or plan to. inflammatory bowel disease can happen with taltz, including worsening of symptoms. serious allergic reactions can occur. ready for a chance at 100% clear skin? ask your doctor about taltz. ♪ recognize this mug shot? that is "bachelor in paradise" favorite amanda stanton. she was arrested in las vegas and charged with domestic violence after allegedly shoving her boyfriend. a rep for stanton says she gave her boyfriend what she thought was a playful shove. >>retty >> you might remember amanda was involved in a cheating scandal last year at the end of her
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season o"p and bachelor nation is freaking out again over another scandal after last night's finale. >> krystal, will you marry me? >> yes. >> yen -- jenna, will you marry me? >> it seemed to be paradise found for chris and krystal and jordan and jenna on last night's finale. both couples left mexico engaged. >> it just blows my mind that we went on a tv show and we found each other, for real. >> but it turns out the relationship may not have been real for jordan's fiance jenna. jordan released a statement saying he has ended their relationship. this is after it came out jenna dating jenna released screen n shots of text messages he says nothing to her and never has. quote, i don't even like him,
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let alone love him. >> i love you too. >> a source close to jordan tells "e.t." he is shocked and disgusted and feels like he doesn't know the real jenna. >> you just gotta be open and honest with each other and be transparent. >> i feel like god sent you to me. >> the proposal happened in june and "e.t." online's lauren zima was with the couple two weeks ago for the taping of the finale, they had already picked a date and agreed to a tv wedding. >> jordan, how did you know jenna was the one? >> when she walked up the steps to paradise, i looked at her eyes from a distance and i saw her soul and my soul kind of boop. it's the best story ever to come out of "paradise." >> the best story. >> what? >> jenna responded. she said the texts were completely fabricated and she never cheated on jordan. she said she has an attorney and th looking at aresponsible. >> not so paradise like. >> still ahead -- >> what kind of things got you sent to the principal office? >> being a clown. >> look who's in charge now.
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>> then your favorite stars want to send you a personalized message. >> plus, we're diving into jamie dornan's modeling past. and what he's telling us about his philadelphiaty shades co-star. >> closed captioning provided by --
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♪ >> let's all pretend we're laughing really loud at something i said.
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>> too cute. anna fers made a surprise visit to a los angeles elementary school to encourage kids to spend time cooking with their families. let's go back to dallas with a double dose of the kevin. nancy, welcome back to kevin hart's high school. yeah, kevin hart has taken over this high school for the day. >> you know what, don't do the toss. let me do the toss. what you guys are gonna realize is that kevin hart is a principal in dallas. booker t. washington school of performing arts just got better because i implemented my system, my way, nuggets every day. you know, why am i talking? see for yourself. i can really do this, kevin. ♪ >> what kind of things used to get you in trouble and get you sent to the principal's office? >> being the clown. i was the guy who didn't know how to shut the funny off. i got in trouble for it. >> shocker. >> you're being a smarty pants and i know you are. >> what happens when kev rules the school? pandemonium. >> i'm not a morning person.
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school now starts at 12:00 p.m. whoo! every single class has to start with the teacher going good morning. >> by the way, principal, what's going on there? >> enough! work! >> what's the square root of 81? >> what? >> it was like this every day. this plus tiffany haddish every day on set. you'll see this energy with tiffany's energy. >> tiffany just won an emmy. >> i'm so happy because this woman deserves it. i know where she came from. >> for me it doesn't get bigger. it doesn't get better. i'm lucky to have her in this movie.
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>> he dropped this secret. >> you're gonna hear a bunch of nos. but guess whg. n nos prepare you for the one yes. you're working hard to hear the one yes. >> so thankfully kevin is leaving now because the kids want control of their school back, but also because you have to get to chicago. you're gonna throw out the first pitch at the cubs game. >> i am. i'm throwing out the first pitch of the cubs game and i'm also leading them in a little song called "take me out to the ball game." >> go ahead. take me out to -- >> no. no. no. >> take me out -- >> take me back to nancy right now. just take me back to nancy. he doesn't even know the words. he doesn't even know the words. nancy, back to you. >> i don't know if i want you to come back to me kev. that kev needs practice. we let him sing and you saw those kids come face-to-face with a celebrity. it's not always that easy. but now there is a way for you to feel the love from your favori sting and say congratulas
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from your first love as you pledge your heart to your final love. congratulations on the upcoming marriage. have a wonderful one. >> that 16 seconds earned lance bass 150 bucks. tommy lee charges $250 for a shout out. kathy griffin? 499 big ones. >> lots of love. >> it's called cameo. you scroll the site and pick a star you want to shoot a personalized message just for you. if the celeb agrees to the request, within seven days the video is delivered to your in box. >> hello, mindy. this is tom felton. congratulations on your wedding. i'm sure it was marvelous. >> it works like tinder. you swipe right if you want to do the message and you swipe left if you don't. >> hey steve, it's dorinda medley from "the real housewives." i heard that you are my biggest fan. >> i think we probably get 500 requests a day. so this month we're gonna do over 9,000 requests. >> all the real housewives are big sellers. >> it is just like a 20-second shout out, but you also risk losing that fan supporter if they don't like it and i've had that they're like you [ bleep ] suck. >> the company gets 25% of the profit. the star gets the rest. sounds like a pretty genius side hustle.
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>> i've made about $10,000 on cameo. i purposely price my videos low. and people love them. >> that must be a lot of messages. >> which star requests the most? dennis rodman. $1,000 for a single shout out. nischelle turner in new york, would you pay $1,000 for that? >> oh, nancy. that's not fair. that's a pair of louboutins, hon honey. i'm in new york for fashion week. tonight i'll be with rihanna for her savage x fenty line. and speaking of sexy, "fifty shades" star jamie dornan was spotted signing autographs at the toronto film festival. but before that, he was with us talking exclusively about his next chapter and get ready ladies, his modeling past. >> i've never done runway thank god. i don't have a great walk. >> there's earlier modeling stuff.
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i was probably less impressive. >> i don't keep a book put it that way. >> so he doesn't have the model strut down, but he's definitely mastered the sultry look. >> these days, the "fifty shades" star is all about looking to the future. up next for the 36-year-old, he's one of robin hood's merry men, hitting theaters in november. >> this is suicide. >> the dad of two girls also just wrapped voicing a part in the 2020 sequel to "trolls." >> i wouldn't have done too much work so far in my career that the kids could watch and i was quite mindful of that and they were going through a particularly obsessive trolls period when i sort of asked a few questions about whether i could be involved in the second one. >> and now the northern ireland native is the face of hugo boss' new fragrance boss, the scent. we're getting some serious "fifty shades" vibes from the new ad. and wife of five years, amelia, she totally approves. >> she loves it. i'd never met anyone like her before who's very passshe's rea. >> now that he's an expert in the field, we asked jamie to name a fragrance after some of his famous co-stars like jamie
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foxx. >> suave. i don't know he's a pretty -- he's a very cool person. >> how about rita ora? >> sassy. >> and of course dakota johnson? >> what would dakota's be? loyalty. that's nice. that was far too nice. >> so sweet. >> nice guy. >> i know he is. >> we'll [alarm clock] ♪ ♪ ghirardelli caramel squares. makes life a bite better.
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>> travel consideration provided by -- ♪ >> you are looking at the first images from the premiere episode of the conners. in the episode the family gets rocked by a sudden turn of events. >> all signs point to probably roseanne's passing. >> we don't know for sure. it sounds like it could be. >> it premiers october 16th on abc. >> laurie metcalfe is the only member of the cast that got nominated for an emmy. >> tomorrow on "e.t." the emmys are five days away. we're on the red carpet for tv's
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