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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  September 19, 2018 1:30am-2:00am PDT

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♪ >> it's "e.t." >> it's "e.t." >> "e.t." at the emmy. >> "e.t." at the emmys. >> love at the emmys. >> we're just smiling a lot. my cheeks hurt a lot. >> justin and jessica, scarlet and colin. john and chrissy. >> plus, "e.t." with the newly engaged couple after the live tv proposal. >> but what you didn't see. >> did carrie day do not propose? >> then. >> i'll flip a table if we don't win. >> we hit the after partiess us. >> plus the fashion. >> we have bare shoulders and bare breasts here on the carpet. >> this belt is real tight, but it's okay.
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>> when i take off this outfit, that's nasty. >> this is "entertainment tonight." >> billion dollar mogul jessica simpson said it was a miracle if she had another baby. >> let's kick things off at the love fest known as the emmys. it was a beautiful night of beautiful moments. >> ♪ >> how does it feel to be at the emmys? >> it was a dream. >> justin consoled jessica after she didn't win the emmy. jessica's next project koup j.p. in charge. >> i would like to have him direct me in something. what do you think about that? >> i love it. >> the glam power couple worked
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a chic wedding world. but speaking of weddings the award for best proposal ever goes to director glenn weiss. >> you wonder why i don't like to call you my girlfriend because i want to call you my wife. >> glenn proposed to long time love jan svendsen after his win in the variety directing category. >> will you marry me? >> backstage we showed them what played out on live tv. >> i didn't realize people were standing and clapping. >> now real quick, if you didn't win, what was the back-up plan? was there a plan b? >> there's no plan b. >> the proposal filled room with emmy winner matthew rhys almost followed suit with girlfriend and "the american's" co-star keri russell. >> did you think about proposing at all? >> what happened was just after -- i kind of turned to her and she went, no, i'll punch you in the mouth.
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>> matthew just came from the airport barely made the red carpet. i was right there for his reunion with kerry. >> oh, we found her. yay! >> the couple celebrated his outstanding actor win at the fox after party. >> okay. he didn't propose, but does having an emmy make him sexier? >> oh, yes, definitely. >> okay. so maybe when you get home later just pop the question then? >> yeah, less of an audience. i always think. not prime time, not live. >> please welcome john legend she's going with tee-gen because she just got tired of correcting people when she was young. >> she opened up a pandora's box. just call her tee-gen. it's fine. >> tie-gen/tee-gen. let's just call her fierce and not just because of this sparkly silver zuhair murad but also because of chrissy twitter clap back. when a hater asked with quote, the utmost respect is @chrissytiegen pregnant again? she fired back, i just had a baby but thank you for being so respectful. ♪ >> we're presenting.
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>> the parents hit up the hulu after party. chrissy quick changing her dress and hair. and despite the bruise on her leg, the super model owned the dance floor until about 11:00 p.m. >> you have a ring on your finger. >> let me see this thing. does this mean anything? >> does it mean anything? >> like are you engaged? >> no. i mean, all these are just borrowed. don't read into anything. >> but you said that you are the happiest that you've ever been. >> i am, yeah. >> i have a new man in my life who i love very much. >> the very pda friendly couple was hand in hand all night. tom barely let go until he got camera shy at the amazon after party where heidi posed with tim gunn. >> congrats man. thanks so much. >> darren criss. >> to my darling mia. you've roll the windows down and pump the music up in my life and i'm so thankful for you. >> did you have that planned?
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>> yes. >> you didn't mess it up and now the next thing is like a wedding, what year 2018? >> what a crazy year. wild and crazy year. >> the pair has been together for eight years, their love fest left former "glee" co-star lea michele in tears. >> literally crying right now. >> are you in awe right now with this? >> complete and totally every day. >> my co-stars are absolutely crushing it. ♪ >> the fact that we're not at work today is exciting. that we get to be here together. >> do you ever see it afterwards and it makes you cry. >> 100% so mandy and i we have a tradition we watch every episode together, every episode she and i watch together and we are always crying. it makes us cry as well.
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>> the guys voted you one of their top fashion. >> i can go home. the night is won. mandy won with the guys, but her show was shut out losing to "game of thrones." sterling and milo lost in the lead actor category. milo told us he feels like a winner. >> i feel like a tremendous amount of pride for the group. i want to see the group recognized. beyond that we have a job tomorrow. >> which is to keep us crying. we love those stories. there is another cast about finding love. "saturday night live." >> case in point, scarlett johansson supporting her man, co-host colin jost.buforecast m jones, well, she was having none of it. >> well, there's a lot of couples that are coming out of "snl." there's something in the water there. >> i am not going to comment. >> and why? >> because i ain't one of those couples.
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>> "snl" is kind of ruling this whole emmy show, right? >> we're doing our best. >> you may see aidy and i popping throughout the show. >> don't touch your neighbor. >> what did i do? he likes it. >> it's sort of the "snl" takeover of the emmys. i would feel weird if i weren't here. >> the show was produced by "snl" creator lorne michaels and included appearances by 13 past and present cast members. >> has there ever been a tie at the emmys? >> yeah, you're wearing one. thank you good night. >> the critic reviews for co-hosts colin jost and mike ch home the emmy for outstanding variety sketch series. >> "saturday night live". >> ben affleck's ex "snl" producer lindsay shookus made her first public appearance since he checked into rehab. notably absent? cast member pete davidson and his fiance ariana grande. her rep says they decided to stay home in new york so she
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could quote heal and mend after the sudden death of her ex mac miller. >> "snl" alum bill hadar took home for the emmy for outstanding lead actor in a comedy series for his hbo series "barry." backstage he crashed our interview with his co-star fellow winner henry winkler. >> this is my boss, bill hadar. >> hi henry. we have to work on wednesday, you know that right? >> yes and i'm so excited. >> you have a 7:00 a.m. call. >> did you win an emmy? >> yes, we both did. ♪ >> henry winkler. >> henry's emotional win was four decades in the makes. >> i wrote this 43 years ago. >> this emmy is his first after six nominations. he earned three nods for his iconic role as the fonz on >> how are you right now? >> how do you feel? she feels great. i think she has to pee. >> and look at that. ron howard. >> yeah.
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you know what, he called me. we hadn't seen each other in a long time and he said, look, i'm going to the emmys. i hope we can hug and we did. >> "e.t." witnessed how close these two are back on the set of "happy days." >> i will never have an acting partner like ronnie howard again in my life. >> and the kids, kids jed, zoe and max, you can go to bed now daddy won. >> you know i said kids go to sleep now. daddy won. they're 35, 36 and 45 years old. i wrote that originally 43 years ago. >> the 72-year-old's outstanding supporting actor win for "barry" is extra special because his movie director son max actually called the shots for his dad's audition for the show. so a phone call was in order. >> hi, maxy. we're on "e.t." and i just wanted to say thank you for directing my audition because here i am. >> your dad won! >> your dad won an emmy! >> listen, clearly i was
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overexcited. i want to point out that max was working. he's a working director. it's great and congratulations to henry. such a good man. >> the photo with the fonz and ritchie cunningham today was everything. i think about this. in addition to his son how about ron directing henry in something now. >> it's time. >> coming up -- >> it's x rated. >> from racy to recycled. wait until you hear the stories behind these looks. >> plus we're taking you inside the emmy after parties. who had a little too much to drink? >> and -- >> hey "entertainment tonight" it's jessica simpson. >> breaking baby news. anything back. they give their all...
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♪ ghirardelli caramel squares. makes life a bite better. ♪ >> this is awkward to me. nobody paying attention. y'all is typing. this is rude. if we were at a comedy session, i would be cussing y'all out. >> that is tiffany haddish being tiffany and calling out the journalists in the room. to pick up her emmy. >> and she wasn't playing.
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>> look at me. >> tiff was tearing party. she was everywhere. >> tiffany proudly carried her emmy she won last week for guest hosting "snl" as she left the governor's ball. >> it was date night for new parents kirsten dunst and jessie plemmons, the pairs first red carpet since welcoming son ennis in may. >> the hbo party was full of winners. >> three years in a row. >> i know, yeah. >> oh, my gosh. >> i know. >> "game of thrones" held court at the hbo party. >> are you happy with how things ended? she didn't say yes. >> best season ever!
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. >> the wildest party may have been the netflix. dave chapelle serenading the crowd with a prince favorite. >> and finally at fox fx party. nominee penelope cruz had an outfit change to celebrate her show "the assassination of gianni versace" emmy win. >> that's something no one on the stage knows anything about. >> still ahead -- >> is it time for another one? >> we always practice. >> jessica simpson's big baby news and the singers stance on lullabies. >> that's scary. >> plus our emmy fashion confessional. >> effortless. >> bold. >> the secret to jessica biel's emmy body. >> and my single most favorite red carpet moment of the night. who put me in my place?
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>> wow. >> closed captioning provided by --
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♪ >> i don't know how anybody digests all of this that quickly. i'm completely overwhelmed and really grateful. >> a marvelous night indeed. mrs. maisel herself rachel brosnahan winning her first emmy for comedy actress. her hit amazon series taking home five emmys last night. rachel should also win an award for that red oscar de la renta gown.
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>> fabulous. >> off the love it so much. the stars were all about sprinkling pops of color on the carpet and they revealed some style secrets too in our emmy couture confessional. >> describe your look in one word. >> delicious. la la la la la la. ♪ >> describe your fashion in one word. >> effortless. >> your dress was more effortless than the word. >> true. >> sparkle fall. >> in one word describe your look. >> bold. >> what did you buy, borrow or steal? >> i didn't buy any of this. i borrowed all of this and i'd like to steal this ring. >> besides your own, who else is rockin' something you love tonight? >> jessica biel is rocking something i love tonight. >> she is. >> yes it's pretty. i might get married in something like that if i find me a husband. >> okay. we got our own confession. we are loving the white hot trend on the emmy carpet.
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how'd jessica biel prep for her straight off the runway look? under eye patches and squats. >> we need to talk to you about this little exercise you were doing saying emmy my butt is coming for ya. you were a little sore. >> yes. did you see those things? >> that's like beast mode, right? >> style secrets? mandy moore added extensions and dyed her hair. >> padma lakshmi recycled the gown she wore last october. and heidi klum had to lay down in the limo to prevent wrinkles in her zac posen dress. >> i always said they should have a little station here for us girls to take the dress off, to have a quick steam and i put it back on. >> what is the one secret of this dress. >> the slit in the middle is very high. it's like x rated when i sit down. >> oh, is it? >> look at this girl. you forgot your britches.
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>> oh, no, they're on. >> i bought it online. >> wait. who? stop. stop. you got it online? >> yeah. >> it's by carolina herrera. she's kind of mean. i was like i'm never wearing carolina herrera again cut to just literally the emmys. >> tell me about this outfit 'cause it's a pant suit but it's a dress. it kind of flows. >> it's like just like that exactly that. >> layers of fabric went into the tracee ellis ross validity no couture. fans compared the look to cotton candy irl. look was tiffany's gown too. she's giving me p.e. class parachute vibes. >> hot dog on a stick. >> hot dog on a stick. >> kevin, that is couture. >> speaking of ftoe a party of five.
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>> jessica revealed she's having a baby girl. >> baby number three comes as a happy surprise for jessica and husband eric johnson. we were with the 38-year-old mogul mama and 6-year-old maxwell in july and jessica told us they were content as a family of four. >> i mean we're very happy and we know how to make babies very well. >> and in april she tried to brush off baby fever while holding a fan's newborn. >> don't give me baby fever. >> so is it time for another one? >> we always practice, but we always practice but it would definitely have to be a miracle singer.r xwell was just 7 months old jessas announced she was pregnant again.
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>> our babies are beautiful. >> but one thing is for sure, this mama isn't a big fan of lullabies. ♪ when the bow breaks the cradle will fall and down will come baby cradle and all ♪ that's scary. you're like dropping your baby. so i just say sing the national anthem. >> let's shift gears and move on to other news. julie chen announcing she's leaving "the talk." i decided to leave the talk. i need to spend more time were my husband and young son. >> she made her speech just a short walk from the set of the talk. >> to everyone behind the scenes i send you my love. i will miss you all very very much. >> who will take julie's face and the future of the show? >> carrie ann, i don't know. you look awful good sitting in my chair my asian sister.
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this show will live on for many more years to come. i love you. >> let me tell you. the emotional was real. that is a very close tight knit group. it broke their hearts. >> i know it did. coming up, the moment i got called out on the red carpet. you will not believe who did it.
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>> travel consideration provided by -- >> all right. now before we go there's one emmy moment we have to show you. it is not every day nancy goes toe to toe with someone on the red carpet and loses. >> i lost big time. wait a minute. this is the best. the person who got me is a 7-year-old. watch what happened when i met january krakowski's son bennett. >> hi bennett. how are you? >> awesome. >> how does it feel to be on the red carpet? >> fine and it's gold not red.
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