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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  September 20, 2018 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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that we can agree on terms that are fair and which ensure her safety," lawyers for christine blasey ford said in a letter to top senators today. as protests broke out on capitol hill today...nats: "we believe dr. blasey... if you don't want to be arrested you need to back up... we still believe anita hill."senators now must determine the next steps.senator charles grassley, chairman of the judiciary committee, hoped to schedule a public hearing on monday -- but ford's lawyers said today that was too soon. "a hearing on monday is not possible and the committee's insistence that it occur then is arbitrary in any event," ford's lawyers wrote.the supreme court fight is now awash in uncertainty ... as demonstrators made their voices heard -- and were arrested -- outside the offices of key republican senators...kavanaugh has categorically denied ford's claims that he pinned her to a bed and groped her at a high school party more than three decades he prepared for a possible monday hearing, a friend of his tells cnn: he is
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"disappointed and frustrated, but wants to testify." (fs graphic)democratic senators today said ford deserves an impartial investigation and protection...mazie hirono/d- hawaii: "she is being threatened, death threats etcetera. this is called, i would say, intimidation of a - of a witness. and i call upon the fbi, on their own, to investigate this occurrence of all the threats that she is undergoing."they accused republicans of not taking her complaint seriously.kristen gillibrand/d- new york: "they've already have decided. they don't want the facts. they don't want this investigation done." republicans said democrats were posturing ... and pushed back at the notion of calling additional witnesses beyond ford and kavanaugh.sen. john cornyn - the no. 2 republican in the senate - accused democrats today of "hijacking" the process "to accommodate political interests."president trump is standing firmly behind kavanaugh.president trump : "he is such an outstanding man. very hard for me to imagine that anything happened." (catherine) that was jeff zeleny reporting...(ryan) president trump says he wants to give this process all the time it needs. (ryan) back here in the
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bay area... close friends and neighbors of ford -- say they've got her back. (catherine) kron four's rob fladeboe has more on that part of the story, from palo alto. nats (people chanting "senate vote not, senate vote no...") senate vote no was the battle cry as a group of demonstrators that would rise to fifty or so marched up and down the sidewalk here outside christine blasey ford's home early thursday. many carried signs thanking ford for her courage in coming forward with her story. christine blasey ford, a professor at nearby palo alto university, has accused u.s. supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh, of sexual misconduct in connection with an alleged assault she claims took place at a party when both were teenagers. supporters called ford a woman of integrity and believe otherwise.kristen podulka/ford supporter "...this is about us getting a message to christine of love and support and we know she is getting death threats and hate mail and she needs to know we're here for her..."jamie
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barnett/ford supporter "...she needs to know that her community is behind her and that we believe her. that's the first thing, the second thing is that we are very frustrated with out senate judiciary committee. these are mostly republicans, older white men and they are not showing an ounce of empathy..." there were calls echoing ford's request for the f.b.i. to investigate her claims and that brett kavanaugh, like ford, should submit to a polygraph test. ford is telling the truth says palo alto mayor liz kniss.liz kniss/ford supporter ".....i think she is telling the truth, i don't think she would ever put herself in this very awkward, public worldwide situation if they weren't telling the truth...."in palo alto rob fladeboe kron4news (ryan) (ryan)
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(ryan) this story continues on line at kron4 dot com.... there we have reaction from both sides... as well as reactions from president trump and democratic leader nancy pelosi. there is also a fundraiser for the alleged victim... all that on kron4 dot com. (catherine) an update on the fire that shut down highway 50 in camino. crews have stopped the forward progress of the "meyers fire" that broke out around 12:30 this afternoon. all lanes of highway 50 have now been reopened near 8 mile road. the 12 acres fire is about 60 percent contained. about 30 homes are threatened by the fire... and evacuations are in place. for details - go to our website, kron-4 dot com. lawrence karnow: temperatures
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soared into the 90s in the hottest valleys today as sunshine and offshore winds brought warm weather all the way to the coast. it will be a beautiful warm evening and skies will stay nice and clear. on the satellite you can see as high pressure moves over the west coast it continues to bring sunshine and warm weather to the end of summer. highs tomorrow will be in the 80s and low 90s inland, 70s and 80s around the bay, and 60s at the coast. it the first day of fall on a few patches the coast. hot offshore return on tuesday. (ryan) we have an update man who had to be rescued from the water near san francisco's aquatic park this morning. we're told he remains in critical condition tonight at the hospital after suffering traumatic injuries. two others were also rescued from
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the base of a nearby cliff and taken to the hospital. the victims were in an area they weren't supposed to be in. the fire department issuing a warning to all visitors and residents -- saying to stay on the trails for your own saftey. (catherine) an inmate who escaped from a conservation work camp in nevada county has been caught. justin tie- quin-go was found at a gas station in san leandro this afternoon.. he'd been serving a six year sentence for robbery with a firearm in contra costa county. he walked away from the inmate camp earlier this week. ((2shot))((catherine))new tonight at nine...a heartbroken family in northern california is demanding the person who hit and killed a 14 year-old boy...go to the police. .((ryan))the chp says the driver...took off with the teen still on the hood of the vehicle. doug johnson spoke with the teens family. take a close look at the vehicle driving across the top of your screen.neighbors tell us that's the van or s-u-v that hit a teenage boy early wednesday morning.julie miles,
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witness"we heard somebody yelling: help me! help me! you just hit somebody, stop, stop stop!"nats mom cryingthursday, that teen's mother reacting to the news her son is gone. kindra dodson, victim's aunt "we thank everybody for all the support, you know everybody reaching out, calls, texts, prayers. she thanks everybody."kindra dodson tells us the victim is her nephew... 14-year-old desean rowe-manns, a student at nearby mira loma high school.kindra dodson, victim's aunt"he was a very charismatic child, very funny, very outgoing, very popular." desean's step father tells us he was riding a friend's bike that morning, which may have been too large for him and that desean was not wearing a helmet.desean tried to pop a wheelie up onto the sidewalk, when his step father says he feel backwards that's when the van or s-u-v struck him.but that vehicle did not stop... continuing on with desean on the hood... according to the california highway patrol.kindra dodson, victim's aunt"the only thing i can think of is that they were maybe a little inebriated..." (but with)"whatever the case may be, i just wish they would
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come forward."the chp says the driver quickly turned west into a neighborhood... rowe-manns was thrown off the car into a front yard.a neighbor provided fox40 with this surveillance video of that car taking off at high speeds.that neighbor told fox40 off camera, it wasn't for another 20 minutes before police were able to find the teen's body and perform c-p-r. officer mike zerfas, chp north sacramento area "it's shocking to the conscious that someone would hit another person, have that person come off their bicycle, be attached to their vehicle drive away from the scene and then dump the body on a lawn and do nothing to provide any care for the welfare of that person and just drive away." thursday chp officers slowed down traffic on watt in order to search the roadway for evidence.meanwhile dodson says her family hopes someone else saw that vehicle. kindra dodson, victim's aunt "we are at a loss for words right now, we have nothing. so if you've seen anything, if you know anything, heard anything, please step forward." (ryan) happening now... california moves further away from plastic products with a new law. today... governor jerry brown passed a bill, restricting the use of plastic
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straws at restaurants statewide. kron 4's hermela aregawi is live in walnut creek with the details.. and reactions from restaurant owners.. hermela, what's the response? (hermela aregawi)overall.. no one is strongly one is strongly opposed to it. now the bill doesn't ban plastic straws.instead it says.. if you a customer want to use a plastic straw while dining, you'll have to ask for it. and on the other hand.. a server can only give a customer a plastic straw.. if the customer ask for it.this applys to full service restaurants. it doesn't apply to fast food or some casual style cafes. if a restaurant doesn't comply.. they get two warnings.. and then they start getting fined.. for a maximum penalty of 300-dollars per year. some restaurants here already have moved away from using plastic straws so they support the new law. they tell us environemntally friendly straws are generally more
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expensive.. sometimes more than four times the amount.. but they say.. it's worth preventing the damage that plastic does in the environment... particularly the ocean. and it appears that their customers.. here in walnut creek support them. nina saleh/restaurant manager we've had guests come by and be like, oh no, don't use the straw, it's a waste of plastic. we're like, don't worry about it. we're compostable but we do appreciate that concern because we've always felt that way. you know, we always recycle, we always compost. we always try to cearash ghasemi/chef owner, main street kitchen and bari think it's fantastic. i really believe in it. and it's the same thing with water. we don't like to pour a glass of water for them unless they ask for it. and that's what we've been doing. we started in 2008 in oakland. that was our first small cafe. i remember it was really hard to get those compostable stuff and we had to order them and they used to ship it from oregon. it got much better. the quality is better now. there are still little bit of issues here and there. but much better and the prices are more reasonable now. (hermela aregawi)now there is
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some opposition to this.. though hard to say how significant.. but some restaurant owners have pushed back.. saying a move away from them plastic straws doesn't make enough of a difference to the environment.. and also that some people with disabilities need to use them.. but we haven't talked to anyone that makes that argument to support the use of plastic straws in particular. the law goes into affect next year.we'll hear from customers coming up at 10. reporting live in walnut creek hermela aregawi kron 4 news (catherine) coming up... the victim of an alleged road rage incident is left clinging to life on the hood of a car.... and it was all caught on camera... the charges the driver is facing
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tonight... (ryan) plus... animal shelter employees save a neglected poodle with more than two pounds of matted fur on it. we'll show you the little guy's complete transformation after all that fur was shaved off... (catherine) and next.. the raiders new stadium isn't even finished yet... but there are already problems.. why everyone's upset about the parking plan. that's after the break..
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((ryan))new tonight at nine... las vegas officials say the new raiders stadium is on time.. and on's set to be completed by july of 20-20.officials say all the permits are in order, but there is a slight delay on concrete of the big on-going issues is parking. clark county accepted the raiders plan, but m-g-m has not yet signed off on it. officials say both sides are still trying to hammer out the details. i think it will be an ongoing issue past when the stadium opens we have meetings right now in oakland and we've been operating the building for 25 years so parking is an important part of game day it will remain an important part of game day and will keep revising the plant to make sure that it provides the fans what they wantmy company remains very concerned and although we clearly can be a beneficiary to some of this activity we are particularly on a any vent day that isn't a sunday afternoon football game but on a saturday we are petrified that we're going to get choked outas for the
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raiders headquarters and training facility in henderson nevada, plans are already drawn up.raiders say they expect to break ground on that facility by the end of the year. (catherine) a shooting in maryland just north of baltimore this morning left at least 4 people dead at a rite aid distribution center police say the shooter was a 26- year-old temp worker...who used a handgun to carry out her attack. police also confirmed the shooter eventually shot and killed herself. . no shots were fired by officers responding to the scene. investigators are now trying to figureoutwhy she opened fire.. sot sheriff jeffrey gahler, harford county, md"our detectives are still working to establish a timeline but at this time what we know is that the suspect was a temporary employee. she reported to her work day as usual and around 9am she shooting began. we do not at this time have a motive for this senseless crime." (catherine) one source says the woman was a
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disgruntled employee. federal authorities are joining the investigation. (ryan) a los angeles charter school was put on lockdown today - becauseof a near-by shooting. it happened at around noon near the 'charter high of the arts, multimedia, and performing school' -- in the van nuys section of the city. police say the shooting didn't happen inside the school... but at least two people were injured -- and two suspects ran from the scene. (catherine) a lioness at the fresno zoo bit a man on the foot late last night -- after he broke into her enclosure. police say 38- year-old julio mendez climbed over a net at the african adventure exhibit.. that's when the lion jumped up and bit his toe. mendez told police he was being chased. but police say he had to try pretty hard to get into the enclosure... (catherine)
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police found drug paraphernalia on mendez and believe he was under the influence. he'll be cited for trespassing. (anchors) now to our four zone forecast... as we take this live look outside at the embarcadero... joining us now is chief meteorologist lawrence karnow... lawrence karnow: temperatures soared into the 90s in the soared into temperatures karnow: temperatures soared into the 90s in the hottest valleys today as sunshine and offshore winds brought warm weather all the way to the coast. it will be a beautiful warm evening and skies will stay nice and clear. on the satellite you can see as high pressure moves over the west coast it continues to bring sunshine and warm weather to
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the end of summer. highs tomorrow will be in the 80s and low 90s inland, 70s and 80s around the bay, and 60s at the coast. it will cool on the first day of fall on saturday with a few patches of fog along the coast. hot weather and offshore winds will return on monday and tuesday.
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(ryan) when an animal shelter in fresno accepted a dog... he was a matted mess. (catherine) but after a little loving care and lots of grooming, he's been transformed.. . reporter bailey miller has the story. "come here, let's get you some treats."jareth the poodle is getting all the love and treats he could ever need.but less than a week ago, he was in major need of help.he was surrendered looking like this. he was carrying pounds of matted fur with stickers and foxtail stuck inside..devon prendergast/valley animal center"it was really heavy. he wasn't moving very much, very weak."vets say he was severely neglected and had been living like this for at least 6 months..he was surrendered to the valley animal center and the team sprang into action. devon prendergast/valley animal center"our hearts are just too big to say no."they sedated the poodle and 5 of their team members worked to shave off the mane.devon prendergast/valley animal center"they were able to remove a huge fox tail that was in one of his eyes."and this was the result: two
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pounds of fur.a coat that looks like it could be a rug. and after a complete transformation, the poodle was finally feeling frisky again. the team named him jareth.and there is no information about who surrendered him.but valley animal center team members happy they are the ones who devon y animal center"this is exactly why we do what we do." (ryan) jareth isn't free and clear yet, we're told he still needs a couple of vaccinations and to be neutered.(catherine) ater that -- he'll be ready for adoption. (catherine) still ahead... first it was the museum of ice cream... then the color factory and candy- topia... now - get ready for huggable faux marijuana buds and a pool filled with foam weed nuggets.. it's part of a new pot museum. children - not invited. the location - coming up.. (ryan) and after the break... troubled bank, wells fargo is expected to cut thousands of jobs... we'll let you know when.
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tonight... san francisco based... wells fargo, is expected to cut more than 26-thousand jobs over the next three years.(catherine) c-e-o tim sloan made that announcement today.... he says it's happening because of changing customer preferences...including a spike in online banking.
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wells fargo has also been dealing with a string of scandals.... including the creation of millions of fake bank accounts... and forcing clients to buy car insurance they didn't need. the bank also announced earlier this year, it plans to shut down 800 branches by 2020. (ryan) amazon wants its voice assitant to be everywhere and apart of everything you do. therefore, the company unveiled several gadgets that'll help let you control the basic tasks, all by voice. from microwaving potatoes to switching the music in the car. among the new products: an amazon microwave that can be told to defrost peas or reheat coffee. there's also a new echo for cars that can be asked to play podcasts, give driving directions or make a call. amazon is also revealing a redesign of its hockey puck- shaped echo dot, saying it's now louder. (catherine) a pizza oven company called 'ooni' is offering people up to $1,000 a day to sit at home and taste
9:26 pm
pizza. it says it will pay 10 people to do the taste- testing. . the'll be expected to make their own pizzas usinga variety of ingredients and give feedback on new pizza products. the pay depends partly on experience...whatever that means.. you can get details on our website - kron four dot com. (ryan) coming up at nine.... the mayor of oakland bashing the mayor of cupertino tonight. hear what mayor libby schaaf(shaff) is accusing cupertino of doing -- and how the mayor of that south bay city is firing back. (catherine) also -- - bridge tolls are already expensive in the bay area... but you might have to pay yet ááanother toll if you want to visit treasure island.. details ahead... next... it was a high-profile case... a bay area woman kidnapped for ransom -- and now she could be questioned by the man who took her. why lawyers say matthew muller could cross-examine denise huskins at a hearing next week.
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now at 9:30.... it was a bizarre kidnapping case in vallejo -- that shocked the west coast...(ryan) and now the man convicted in federal court in the "kidnapping-for-ransom case" -- will get the chance to question his victims. as steve large reports -- six new counts are now headed for the courtroom. this is matthew muller's new booking photo from the solano county jail.after pleading guilty to kidnapping in federal court, the solano county d-a is now charging him with 6 new counts... including
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kidnap for ransom, rape, and false imprisonment.all part of the break-in, and attack on denise huskins and aaron quinn in his vallejo home in 2015. inside this solano courthouse....muller-granted the right to act as his own attorney-and possibly forced to wear shackles in the courtroom-will have the opportunity to question huskins and quinn about the heinous crime he is already convicted of committing against them.dan russo/aaron quinn's attorney: "this is pretty freakish stuff."dan russo is aaron quinn's attorney.he believes muller the harvard educated one-time lawyer- is relishing the opportunity.dan russo/aaron quinn's attorney: "this is his golden opportunity to inflict more injury on people but to also draw attention to himself."as his own attorney, muller will also be granted access to prosecutors evidence- including two videos he allegedly recorded showing huskins rapes.russo says huskins and quinn are prepared for the showdown in court.- but it will not be easy.dan
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russo/aaron quinn's attorney: "i think it's going to be a terrible experience for them. how can it not be a terrible experience for them?"muller is already serving a 40-year sentence in federal court .if convicted on the new charges against him he could be sentence for life. (ryan) that was steve large reporting. the timing of the case couldn't come at a more stressful time for denise huskins and aaron quinn.(catherine) this preliminary hearing court date is set for tuesday. their wedding is the following saturday. (ryan) a disturbing story out of fremont... a 28-year old man is in custody after allegely attacking his neighbor with a machete. it happened sunday night and the victim in this case suffered traumatic injuries, but is expected to survive. kron 4's charles clifford has an update. well, the fremont police department told kron 4 thursday afternoon that the victim in this case has regained consiousciness and given a statement to police. but at this point, we don't yet know a motive for this attack.the fremont police department says that this man, 28 year old zekria joyaa is in custody facing felony counts of mayhem and attempted
9:32 pm
murder. joyaa is accused of using a machete like weapon to attack this man, john mosley. the attack is alleged to have occured sunday morning here in the 3000 block of rockett drive in fremont. officers responding to a 911 call for help found the victim bleeding and suffering from multiple lacerations to his hands, face, torso and neck. according to mosley's daughter, who was home at the time, the suspect had assaulted her father without warning.before being taken to the hospital, mosley was able to tell police that he was attacked by a neighbor. upon further investigation, joyaa was found in nearby union city at his brother's house. he was taken into custody and allegedly told police that he had blacked out and doesn't remember attacking mosley. meanwhile, john mosley's injuries are said to be signifigant, but he is expected to survive. he could possibly lose sight in one eye. his family has set up a gofundme page to help raise money for his medical expenses. joyaa meanwhile is being held without bail and is scheduled to enter a plea in court next week.anyone with information about this c ase is asked to contact the fremont police fremont, charles clifford kron 4 news. (catherine) governor brown
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has blocked legislation that would have required california middle and high schools to start no earlier than 8-30 a-m. brown sided with opponents of the bill who say that local school boards should decide how to run their schools -- not the state. supporters had argued research shows that later school start times can mean better grades...attend ance..and graduation rates (ryan) in san francisco, there's a proposal to overhaul the current lottery system that places students in public elementary schools. the idea is to give parents a little more certainty about their options. the proposal to revamp the system will come up at next tuesday's school board meeting... and then be voted on later this fall. if it passes - there would be parent input and analysis to determine how it would all work.. that could mean three years... before the changes happen. (catherine) the bay area housing crisis has one city leaderpublicly scolding the leaders of 'another' city.. oakland's mayor is accusing cupertino of
9:34 pm
approving a lot of office space - but not enough new housing.(ryan) tonight - the mayor of cupertino is responding to what mayor schaaf(shaff) is saying.. kron 4's dan kerman has reaction from both mayors. sotoakland mayor libby schaaf is talking about building housing, especially affordable housing and she says numerous bay area cities are not pulling their weight.sot in a series of tweets thursday morning schaaf called out the city of cupertino saying last year the new apple headquarter opened in cupertino with space for 12-thousand employees. meanwhile, the city of cupertino issued permits to build just 27 homes in 2017. sot libby schaaf/ oakland mayor 34-43wednesday night the cupertino city council did approve the constructon of nearly 3000 homes in the old vallco mall...and for its part
9:35 pm
cupertino believe at least prior to approving the apple campus their housing was in line with where it should be sot darcy paul/cupertino mayor 56-106but schaaf isn't buying it saying the lack of housing production in the bay area, particularly in areas of high job growth, contributes to the region's housing crisis and puts additional pressure on places like #oakland. and she says several other cities will have to take a hard look at their contribution (catherine)
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(catherine) it's already expensive paying for bridge tolls in the bay area and by 20-21 there could be yet another new toll.... to visit treasure island. the money would be used for a development project to build new shops, hotels and more than eight thousand homes within the next decade. during peak weekday hours it would cost people from san francisco three dollars and 50 cents and those coming from oakland a dollar 75. and weekends would be signifigantly cheaper.robert taylor, mersea general manager. (catherine) san francisco planners hope the new tollwould get more people into public transit... we have more details on our
9:37 pm
website - kron four dot com. (catherine) still ahead.... a big recall is affecting thousands of pounds of ground beef... what you need to know to stay safe... (lawrence bay area weather) (sports tease) coming up in sports, the a's not messing around today with the angels... and also, news that hasn't been said in nearly two years-- the cleveland browns have won a football game. see how it all unfolded.
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and we aren't wasting any time here--big news in the nfl tonight. cleveland's streak of imperfection is finally over. --jets- browns at the dawg pound.. --the number one overall pick...baker mayfield... entered late in the 2nd quarter with the browns down 14-3.. brought instant energy.. led a scoring drive to make it 14-12... then, a little philly special on the two point conversion. game tied at 14. --late in the 4th, jets up by 3... carlos hyde...the former cleveland the lead. 21-17 browns --then, in the final seconds, jets driving... sam darnold going deep, but his pass is picked off. --browns win 21-17... and for the first time since christmas eve 2016... cleveland's 19-game losing streak is over. speaking of winning teams, the a's broke out the bats
9:41 pm
against the angels. -let's go to the coliseum. --we pick it up in the 3rd-- a's up 2-1... stephen piscotty... deep and true... 3-run homer...for the 2nd straight game. his 26th dinger of the year. 5- run frame for the a's. --in the 4th, more offense. marcus semien....right up the middle... 2-runs come home. once again, the a's batted around... 7-run frame for the a's. oakland up 12-1. --in the 6th, the cal alum...not finished. semien...laces a double to left... 3-runs cross the plate. 6-in the frame... --the a's with 21-runs on 22-hits... and they beat the angels by a football score, 21-3. staying in oakland-- warriors season is nearly here. . the back-to-back champs... unveiled their latest banner today at their facility in downtown oakland. some warriors are already in the office... get a look at shaun livingston working out today. and the schedule is going to pick up real quick... media is on monday...with training camp opening up tuesday morning. the regular season begins october 16th against the thunder at oracle.
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just ahead on kron4 sports at 10, we'll check in with the 49ers and raiders... reuben foster speaks for the first time since coming back from suspension, while the silver and black not panicking after two losses. until then, more news after the break. this is customizable streaming tv for your family. ...whatever size. it's saving money with flexible channel packs. live tv and the latest shows to stream. and all your streaming apps in one place - even netflix. this is how xfinity makes life. simple. easy. awesome. get started with xfinity internet and tv for just $34.99 a month for 12 months and customize by adding flexible channel packs. click, call or visit a store today. (ryan) new tonight at
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nine... a road rage incident caught on camera. shocking video shows a woman behind the wheel of a car while another woman hangs on the hood. massachusetts and charges have been filed. reporter drew karedes has details on what police say led to this crazy scene. it's the jaw dropping video
9:45 pm
hard to believe that at first glance. but watching it from several angles it's hard to comprehend what the driver behind the wheel was thinking. asaad alsaray/witness: "it was like a movie, to be honest with you."asaad alsaray couldn't believe his eyes. a woman hanging onto the hood for dear life on busy broadway and everett during a hit and run involving a scooter. surveillance video from moments before shows the car also pushing a man down the street.asaad alsaray/witness: "this is bad. i never fee like this my life. you hit people then you drive away."alsaray says the woman seen clinging onto the hood eventually leapt off several hundred feet down the road. he called 9 1 1 and continued following the driver. later identified as jakrah pires.asaad alsaray/witness: "i told her to stop and like she said why you follow me? she was like nervous but she drive really fast."his persistence leading police to pires in a medford shopping plaza two miles away. pires draping a hood over her face while facing a judge and exiting the courthouse.jakrah
9:46 pm
pires/accused driver: "are you serious, right now?"her attorney claiming the man and woman on his scooter started it.thomas polito/attorney: "they were kicking her car and trying to attack, causing her to flee in fear of her safety." investigators say surveillance shows pires initially tapping the scooter because she thought the couple on it was going too slow. police allege the man driving that scooter reacted by kicking the car before pires kicked it up a notch stepping on the gas. (ryan) pires is facing numerous charges including assault and battery with a dangerous (catherine) a wild west- style shoot-out in missouri was caught on camera ... it happened in front of a gas station in east saint louis 12 surveillance cameras were rolling when men from two different cars began shooting... people ran for cover....andbullets ripped through the glass of the gas station office.. fortunately no on was hurt.... police say this kind ofbrazen public shooting is
9:47 pm
becoming more common. no arrests have been made yet... (ryan) you might be happy to hear, swarms of bugs we're used to seeing durning summer months, are dying off.... but it has scientist pretty worried. of course the disease carrying mosquitoes and ticks, crop-munching aphids and cockroaches are doing just fine. but the more beneficial flying insects of summer - native bees, butterflies, ladybugs, and fireflies - appear to be disappearing. scientist have never actually counted most insects, so there's no way to know how their previous populations compare to today. they say these bugs are so important to keep alive, because they're a key link in the food chain for 80 percent of what we eat. lawrence karnow: temperatures soared into the 90s in the hottest valleys today as sunshine and offshore winds brought warm weather all the way to the coast. it will be a
9:48 pm
beautiful warm evening and skies will stay nice and clear. on the satellite you can see as high pressure moves over the west coast it continues to bring sunshine and warm weather to the end of summer. highs tomorrow will be in the 80s and low 90s inland, 70s and 80s around the bay, and 60s at the coast. it will cool on the first day of fall on saturday with a few patches of fog along the coast. hot weather and offshore winds will return on monday and tuesday. tuesday.
9:49 pm
(ryan) 4 your health tonight... a major recall alert to tell you about-- (catherine) an e-coli outbreak blamed on ground beef has turned deadly federal officials say 'cargill meat solutions' has recalled nearly 133-thousand pounds of ground chuck. eighteen people who ate the meat became sick-- one of them died. we have details on our website - kron4 dot com. the ground chuck should be thrown away or you can return it to the store. (ryan) sometimes -- fast food is the only option. but you can still be healthy -- even if you grab something
9:50 pm
from the drive-through. dietitians say when ordering fast food -- think veggies first like salads. they recommend, around half your plate to be full of vegetables. but salads can pack a calorie punch with all the different toppings like breaded fried chicken or having a lot of cheese... so the best advice is to stay away from those. also -- skip the fries and don't order a soda with your meal. if you take a moment to consider your diet -- dieticians believe fast food can still be, healthy food. (catherine) changes are coming to kids' meals in california.. governor brown signed a law today that means milk or water will now be the default drink sold with kids' meals... it doesn't ban restaurants or fast-food chains from selling soda or juice -- but says only milk, a non-dairy milk alternative; or sparkling, still or flavored water can be handed out automaticallty -- and advertised on the menu.
9:51 pm
the idea is to fight childhood obesity, diabetes and other problems.. the law takes effect january first. (catherine) beyonce and jay z - are "on the run" across north america.... and their tour hasn't stopped them from helping outsome deserving high school students. (ryan) reporter john trierweiler(tree-why-ler) has the story from glendale. natsthe concert of the year for some--thousands packing state farm stadium to see pop power couple beyonce and jay-z. but it was a moment before the duo took the stage that stole the show and left one valley teen in shock.mikayla lowry, a senior at trevor brown high school, awarded a one-hundred- thousand dollar scholarship from the couple.mikayla lowry/student:"i was just shocked. i didn't know what to do"understandable -- mikayla like many teens looking forward to this night -- excited to see two of her favorite artists, but had no idea that what d-j khaled would announce would change
9:52 pm
her life.mikayla lowry/student: "he was saying like 3.7 gpa and like marine biologist, and i was like -- and we were all looking at each other, like you, you, but they said my name and i was like what -- like it just felt unreal." mikayla will be the first in her family to go to college and admits she was nervous about the cost of school getting in the way of her dreams.mikayla lowry/student: "it's gonna change my life because i thought that i was going to have finical hardships for college, for like university, so with this it's just great."grateful for an amazing giftmikayla lowry/student:"they could've chose any of these kids, yet they chose me and i just feel really -- i'm really grateful for that."and is now ready to pursue her future. (ryan)2 shot tag that was john trierweiler(tree-why-ler) reporting.(catherine) the scholarships were from the 'shawn carter foundation' and beyonce's 'beygood initiative.' (ryan) up next... get ready for 'bongzilla,' and a selfie frenzy museum all about pot. where the newest
9:53 pm
attraction is opeing it's doors after the break.
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9:55 pm
(catherine) former rap mogal marion "suge" knight - will spend more than 20 years in prison.... that's for the 2015 hit-and-run death of(r pleaded no contest to voluntary manslaughter today. his trial was expected to start in just four days. in exchange for the plea - knight is expected to be sentenced to 28 years in state
9:56 pm
prison. his sentencing will be october 4th and as part of the plea deal - prosecutors agreed to dismiss other pending criminal matters. (catherine) a glass bong taller than a giraffe... huggable fake marijuana buds and a pool full of foam weed nuggets. this is las vegas' newest attraction - and the best instagram backdrop - a museum celebrating all things cannabis. it's "canna-bition"- and this pot museum just opened today, but nobody will be allowed to light up at the place -- because of a nevada ban on public consumption of marijuana. although, visitors 'can' learn about the drug as they snap photos. it's a made-for-social-media museum where every exhibit has lights meant to ensure people take selfies worthy of the no- filter hashtag. only adults 21 and older will be allowed at "canna-bition." (ryan) that wraps-up kron 4 news at nine...(catherine) but our primetime coverage th hour. pam moore is here with kron 4 news at ten....pam?
9:57 pm
(pam) thank you ryan and catherine next at ten... a close call for a jogger on the peninsula authorities say, she was attacked by this man in broad daylight.but she managed to break free.. and started chasing the suspect until he was ulimately arrested. tonight police say, she did the right thing.a live report.. coming up. plus... it is a treasured mural in a historic san francisco neighborhood, but in recent years... it had been vandalized several times. what the artist did... to keep the taggers at bay.. and honor america's rich latin culture.(pam) plus... governor jerry brown signs the state's first plastic straw ban.but there's a catch... we'll explain in a live report. don't go away... hour three of kron 4 news in primetime starts right after the break. ♪ flintstones! meet the flintstones. ♪ ♪ they're the modern stone age family. ♪ ♪ from the town of bedrock. ♪ meet george jetson. ♪
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♪ his boy elroy. with instant acceleration, electric cars are more fun to drive and more affordable than ever. electric cars are here. plug into the present. (pam) now at ten:
9:59 pm
police arrested a 19-year-old east palo alto man.... in connection with a violent attack on a woman in menlo park this week... (catherine) prosecutors
10:00 pm
say the woman was jogging when the suspect began following her... and her screams helped her escape. (pam) the man is now facing attempted rape and assault charges.good evening im pam moore. (catherine)and im catherine heenan... in for ken wayne. kron 4's gayle ong joins us live from san mateo county with this story that's new at ten... gayle, how did police track the suspect down? police identify the suspect as 19-year-old the suspect as 19-year-old rogelio artiga artiga now faces three felony charges tonight..including attempted rape and witness persuasion.. investigators say just before five monday ooa woman was jogging in this


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