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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  September 21, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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now at eight drama at a yelp office in san francisco ... an employee taken into custody while colleagues worry about their safety.whoosh a real life boogey man, who crept into his victim's homes under the cover of darkness ... reaction to the arrest of a u=c berkeley employee suspected of being a serial rapist.whoosh a south bay family's grief and outrage after the hit and run death of a 77 7ear old woman what kind of community are we living in? now at 8. on edge and afraid. employees at a yelp office in san francisco concerned ... after one of their co=workers is detained by police this afternoon.. thank you for joining us i'm
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pam moore.(ryan) and i'm ryan o'donnell... in for ken wayne tonight. a yelp worker says the employee in question sent an email saying he was going to shoot people at the office... then kill himself. kron 4's gayle ong joins us now live with the story you'll only see on kron-4 . tense moments today..people we spoke with say the incident was handled quickly but with recent work place shootings, the latest in maryland and wisconson, has employees on high alert. a kron 4 viewer sent us this exclusive video of a man taken into custody by san francisco police...this is inside 55 hawthorne street in san francisco and one of the yelp offices...according to sf pd the call came in around 2,with a report of a person wanting to hurt himself..officials detained the male employee and he was taken to the hospital for a medical evaluation.. there were no arrests or injuriesbut an employee we spoke to - who wants to remain anonymous is - telling kron 4
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they heard this man was armed and a threat was made to shoot co workers today..
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accused of raping, torturing, and robbing at least ten women over a 15-year span.(ryan) and we're finding out, waller lived and worked in the bay area for years.(pam) waller's alleged crimes took place across six- counties... from butte to contra costa. and it was crime scene d- n-a ... entered into a genealogy website... that eventually led to an arrest. it is the same website police used to catch the suspected 'golden state killer'. investigators say, the bravery of the victims also helped solve this case..
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over."> (pam) waller is charged with 12 -counts of forcible sexual assault. (ryan) continuing our coverage. we have also learned, waller may have lived in several different bay area cities including berkley and richmond, but he's currently a resident of benicia.( pam) waller lives along k- street in benicia, with his wife. he was reportedly arrested this morning, while driving from benicia to his job on the cal- campus. kron 4's charles clifford joins us live tonight in berkelely. but earlier this afternoon, he visited roy waller's home and spoke with neighbors. charles . . . . well, roy waller worked here on well, roy waller well, roy waller worked here on the cal campus in berkeley but he lives in benicia where his arrest has stunned his neighbors. 58 year old roy charles waller lives with his wife in this
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house along west k street in benecia. it's a quiet fences and curious neighbors. sotvery suprisded and shocked andrew brunt lives two doors down. he say he and waller aren't friends, but they have exchanged pleasantries the way neighbors do. sotjust walkign by and seeing him as a neighbor really .just from time to time. that's about it. word of waller's arrest for multiple alleged rapes dating back to the early ninties has stunned andrews and his neighbors. sotyou never really know what your neighbors are up to.meanwhile, the benicia police department says that after learning of waller's arrest, they are reviewing past cases. checking to see if he could possibly be a suspect in any unsolved crimes.back on k street, andrews says he's happy that the alleged norcal rapist may have been captured, even if it means loosing a neighbor.sotit's good news. if he's convicted. it's good that dna evidence is being used to catch him. now, the contra costa county da has also said they are going to looking into past
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case to see if waller may have a connections. disbelief and dismay... after it was revealed the accused "norcal rapist" worked locally at u-c berkeley for more than 20 years. now berkeley officials say they're looking into whether or not he's connected to any crimes committed on campus. (ryan) kron-4 sent a push alert when the arrest was announced today. make sure you download the kron-4 mobile app to always get the latest breaking news alerts. police are trying to find the driver who hit and killed an eldery woman... then took off. it happened near the intersection of vista park drive and copperfield drive in san jose. authorities say, 77 year-old uma vish-wa-bhan was walking with her husband ... when she was hit. police are looking for witnesses anfatal traffic accident this year in san jose .... and the 14th involving a
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pedestrian. new at 8. the "irving fire" in marin county last week prompted evacuation orders just an hour from when the wildfire started(pam) the quick orders by officials this fire season ... got people wondering whether cal- fire has changed its evacuation protocols.(ryan) kron 4's gabe slate joins us live from the newsroom, gabe you spoke with cal fire? yes i didand cal fire told me there is no official change in evacuation criteria but they said yes they are evacuating earlier now and we should get used to it.. it's the new normal.. cal fire said it's because they are battling a new breed of wild fire that is hotter and moves faster sound from - amy head, cal fire spokeswoman"we will evacuate sooner than later to save lives, these fires now are so intense and moving fast, and with what happened last year we don't want to wait" cal fire spokeswoman amy head says the early evacuation orders of the irving fire that were sent out just one hour after the fire started on september 10th near samuel p. taylor state park in marin county is the new normal you
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can blame the population boom here creating extra traffic, the drought which has ripened the vegetation into wildfire fuel, and the amount of people moving out into the country living in the woods among the hard to navigate narrow windy country roads. sound from - amy head, cal fire spokeswoman "remote areas one lane are hard to get to, we need people out of the way, the quicker they get out the better " and cal fire wants people to know we are entering the most dangerous time of the fire season and when they call for evacuations you should take it seriously sound from - amy head, cal fire spokeswoman "september october indian summer the heat is coming and the winds and this when it gets bad and scary and people should be ready for a big wildfire and ready to evacuate " gabe slate kron 4 news. gabe slate to evacuate " wildfire and ready to evacuate " gabe slate kron 4 news. in san
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francisco gabe slate kron 4 news cal fire has set up a website that details out everything you should do now to prepare for a wild=fife evacuation that website is ready for wild=fire dot org in the newsroom gabe slate kron 4 news (pam) turning now to our four zone forecast... another warm day around the bay... on the last day of summer.(ryan) chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us now with a look at fall. lawremce karnow: it was lawremce karnow: it was another warm to hot day today with into the 90s inland, with 70s and 80s
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around the bay and 60s at the coast. after a sunny start the fog returned to the coast. if you're going out tonight it will be cooler inside the bay and coast with increasing clouds and breezy conditions. on the satellite you can see a storm in the gulf of alaska. it will bring more rain to the pacific northwest and help to cool temperatures in the california. highs tomorrow will 80s inland and the coast, and around the cool a little sunday before on monday weather. it toward the week. ((pam/tele vo)) the money to pay for future settlements from last year's devastating wildfires... will come from utility customers.((take full)) governor jerry brown signed a bill today ... allowing utility companies to p p-g- and- e from going bankrupt. the company faces billions of dollars in liability if investigators determine the utility caused the tubbs fire .. that wildfire destroyed thousands of homes... and
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killed 22 people in santa rosa last year. the bill also requires utilities to harden their equipment... so it will be less likely to cause fires... and it makes it easier to clear dead trees and brush ... through controlled burns and other means. p-g-and-e has already been found responsible for a number of the other wildfires in the north bay last year. coming up at eight.. concerns that bart fare inspectors are racially profiling passengers.. how bart is responding tonight. plus. a shocking crime in new york city. after police say a woman attacked several newborns... and next. the deadline has passed for brett kavanaugh's accuser to respond to congress.. what that means for next week's hearing.
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christine blasey ford says she wants another day to consider terms for testifying before the senate judiciary committee, about the alleged sexual assault by supreme court nominiee brett kavanaugh. committee chair chuck grassley had set a deadline for 10-pm eastern... which was just about an hour ago. ford's attorney - debra katz called that deadline quote "arbitrary" .. saying, its sole purpose is to bully ford. ford met with the f-b-i in san francisco for several hours today .... about the death threats she has received and now wants to
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consider her response until tomorrow. chairman grassley says, if no agreement is reached ... the panel may vote monday on kavanaugh's nomination.((ryan)) meanwhile... president trump weighed-in on the kavanaugh controversy through his favorite outlet, twitter.emily schmidt has more on his reaction. at 8:56 friday morning washington time --president trump started a supreme court started praising judge brett kavanaugh-- calling him a fine man... facing partisan assault.18 minutes later --tweet two moved to christine blasey ford-- who alleges kavanaugh sexually assaulted her at a party when they were teens. trump tweeted if the attack was as bad as ford said--she or her "loving parents' would have filed charges with local law enforcement.15 minutes after that--he wondered why someone didn't call the fbi 36 years ago.three tweets changed a week-long white house narrative. listen to what counsel kellyanne conway said about ford just before the tweets went out.kellyanne conway / white house counsel: "there's no reason to attack to her is the reason---there's
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no reason."across washington-- kavanaugh supporters stuck to more traditional defenses-- women colleagues and friends vouched for his character:sara fagen / kavanaugh friend and former colleague: "the reason we believe allegations are false because we know brett kavanaugh."senate majority leader mitch mcconnell told republicans accusations won't derail the nomination. sen. mitch mcconnell / -r- majority leader: "you've watched the fight; you've watched the tactics, but here's what i want to tell you, in the very near future judge kavanaugh will be on the united states supreme court."in washington, i'm emily schmidt. (pam) there is concern that bart's african- american passengers are being racially profiled by fare inspectors. that is based on new data
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collected by bart. but bart's spokesperson argues ... that is not happening the subject of racial profiling surfaced in light of data which reveals ... african- americans make up 12- percent of bart's passengers, and simultaneously receive the vast majority of fines for not paying the fare. but bart spokesperson alicia trost says , that is not the case, (pam) citation"> (pam) bart estimates, it loses around $20- million dollars a year because of fare evasion. (ryan) governor jerry brown is ordering an audit of the d-m-v in light of long wait times at offices. the audit will assess information technology and customer service. it comes a day after a computer outage crippled more than one
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third of offices for several hours. the d-m-v has recently faced angry backlash from lawmakers and customers over long lines as well. the state's department of finance will perform the audit. (ryan) lane closures on the golden gate bridge have been cancelled for tonight, after causing major delays on the bridge last night. this is a live look at the bridge. officials say the weekly lane closure will continue for the next three years. and drivers should expect delays moving forward. these lane closures are to help officials construct the suicide barrier on the bridge. lanes are scheduled to close from 9 p-m to 5- am monday through thursday. and 10 p-m to 7-a-m on friday. again tonight's lane closure has been cancelled. now to our four zone forecast. taking a live look outside at s-f-o.kron-4's chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here now with the
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forecast lawremce karnow: it was another warm to hot day today with highs soaring into the 90s inland, with 70s and 80s around the bay and 60s at the coast. after a sunny start the fog returned to the coast. if you're going out tonight it will be cooler inside the bay and coast with increasing clouds and breezy conditions. on the satellite you can see a storm in the gulf of alaska. it will bring more rain to the pacific northwest and help to cool temperatures in the california. highs tomorrow will be cooler with 80s inland and 50s and 60s at the coast, and 70s and 80s around the bay. it will cool a little more on sunday before warming again on monday with windy weather. it will be cooler toward the end of next week.
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new ahead at 8 a california father is outraged... over the disturbing act he caught a repairman doing on a nanny cam in his kids' bedroom. and next... republicans want the president to sound the alarm about the upcoming mid-term elections. how the g-o-p could lose its majority in the senate. and later in sports, the 49ers and raiders... both on the road this weekend. mark carpenter will have the latest from santa clara and alameda. ((ryan))here's what we are tracking new tonight at nine... a teacher is in big trouble for allegedly putting his toddler into a game she could steal prizes.and it's all caught on job could be in jeopardy.that story...tonight on kron 4 news at nine.
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(ryan) the new york times is reporting senate majority leader mitch mcconnell and house speaker paul ryan privately told aides, president trump needs to sound the alarm about a potential huge "blue wave" hitting capitol hill.c-n-n's joe johns reports. the message from senate majority leader mitch mcconnell today.sen. mitch mcconnell:"keep the faith. don't get rattled by all of this."his bottom line ... forget the supreme court controversy and vote republican.sen. mitch mcconnell:"we can hold onto the senate majority for two more years. we're going to transform the federal judiciary."the president, who's predicted a red wave in november, modifying his message on the stump thursday night in las vegas,where he was joined by endangered g-o-p senator dean heller.president trump:"promise me! you gotta get out for the mid .... don't be complacent. you gotta get out for the midterms."though democrats hold a narrow path
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to the senate majority, the president is not holding back, calling out heller's opponent, jackie rosen, by name, sort of. president trump:"a vote for wacky jackie is a vote for the extreme agenda of those people."next, president trump heads to missouri as part of his ramped up campaign schedule ahead of the election. president trump:"it's like this. it's like this. if somebody has a cold, we don't have a majority that day. it's like we have to have more republicans in office."also tonight, the first lone star state debate between republican senator ted cruz ... natsand democratic challenger congressman beto o'rourke.nats cruz got a boost thursday from ivanka trump with the pair touring houston's johnson space center.the president is expected to hold a rally for cruz next month.all of this as senate democrats need a gain of just two seats to claim the majority.with such a slim margin, top conservatives are sounding the alarm.sen. mitch mcconnell:"we have a very tiny majority."
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(pam) the first votes for the mid-terms are already being cast. in- person voting started in minnesota today. making it the first state in the nation to begin to weigh- in on the fight for congress. that voting is a full 46- days ahead of the november 6th election day. coming up at eight.. new details revealed about the moments leading up to the fatal encounter... between a sheriff's deputy and a suspect. plus. an 8-year old girl recovering from west nile virus.. the hardships she's facing on her road to recovery. and next. a woman stabs five people... including newborns, in a disturbing attack. ((lawrence tease))i'm kron 4 chief meteorologist lawrence karnow.coming up, i will take a look at your 7 day forecast. details are right after the break. ♪ flintstones! meet the flintstones. ♪
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an additional baby stabbed /// we got a third baby stabbed > (pam) still no motive is clear tonight, in the horrific knife attack that took place in queens, new york ... three newborn baby girls ... slashed with a butcher knife and a meat cleaver. two adults were also injured.(ryan) the alleged attacker, a 52- year old woman, who then apparently tried to take her own life. as catherine heenan show us, it all unfolded in the pre-dawn hours. "early today at 3:44 a.m., officers with the 190 precinct received at 911 call that there was an assault with a knife.>along with the wounded babies, police found a caregiver with multiple stab
8:30 pm
wounds and a man with a slash in the the basement, they found another employee, a 52=year=old woman who tried to slash her wrists. "what's clear is that there was a woman of asian american background in distress, most likely with some mental illness, that had no business being around infants."the newborn victims ranged in age from three days to one month. all of them are expected to survive, though the two youngest are in critical condition.the facility was not a licensed day=care fact new york law prohibits children under the age of six weeks from enrolling in day care without special approval. 'this is a three story house with a basement and we are told that some of the mothers of the babies were also staying on the premises. there are many speculations and ongoing questions with regard to what kind of business this was."neighbors told police that pregnant chinese women would come to the building to deliver their babies, who could then claim u=s citizenship.they said it had been operating for about
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ten years new at 8 as the community mourns the death of deputy mark stasyuk(stass- ee-yerk), we're learning more about the circumstances surrounding his death. stasyuk(stass-ee-yerk) and another deputy were shot monday- after responding to a disturbance call at the pep boys in rancho cordova. stasyuk(stass-ee-yerk) later died from his injuries. jessica mensch has an update on the investigation. ((pkg))(lauren pearlstein, neighbor) "my heart is broken for the family, the friends and the officer's work family." flowers, balloons and words of remembranceleft outside of pep boys in rancho cordova. (lauren pearlstein, neighbor) "i wanted to do what i could." to honor deputy mark stasyuk- shot and killed monday afternoon.(sheriff scott jones, sacramento county sheriff's department)"we all know that every time we put on a badge that's the promise we make, that we'll lay down our lives for others. but we are seldom asked to make good on that promise."sheriff scott jones says it all started when suspect anton moore came into pep boys- angry with customer service.the store called for back up.(sheriff scott jones,
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sacramento county sheriff's department)"the suspect was pacing around the store. when he had gotten to about here is when our officers arrived and told the suspect they needed to talk with him."the suspect turned and ran, drawing his gun. deputy stasyuk tried to block his exit.and the suspect started firing, hitting the store clerk. stasyuk ran for cover, but the suspect fired, hitting him in the back.(sheriff scott jones, sacramento county sheriff's department)"he followed deputy stasyuk into the parking lot, continuing to fire into his back."striking the deputy in the head, killing him almost instantly.the suspect then ran along the side of the building, all the while shooting at deputy robertson. (sheriff scott jones, sacramento county sheriff's department)"instead of the suspect fleeing, he chose to come back through the side entrance to try to finish the job he started with deputy robertson."she was able to return fire, striking the suspect.the suspect ran away along folsom boulevard where other responding officers caught up with him, exchanging gunfire, hitting the suspect. moore remains in the hospital, as law enforcement mourns the death of one of their own. (sheriff scott jones, sacramento county sheriff's "he was a good man with a good heart. it makes poignant."
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certainly not (lauren neighbor) now he's up in enormous " the suspect is still in the hospital - right now in stable.the sheriff says they'll take moore into custody as soon as doctors give them the all clear. (pam) in the north bay.. it has been 9- months since recreational marijuana has been legal for adults to buy in california. but there is also a lot of new red tape.. and enforcement for those in the business.. in fact, sonoma county's permit office says, it has shut down more than 600 un-permitted grow sites since january. kron4's maureen kelly shows us what the enforcement agents are finding. here you can see one of the pot farms that had been caught operating without a permit. sonoma county officials says there had been estimates of 6- thousand grow sites in the county when they first started working towards issuing permits two years the 600 plus that have been shut down since january represents only about 10 percent of what could be out there. we have a lot more to go tennis wick is the director of the county's permit office. he says most the operations they've shut down we not even attempting to get right with the law. others tried and failed. their agency is complaint driven....directed in by neighbors who can smell the crops. wick says some of these operations aren't just skirting red tape...they are
8:34 pm
tampering with the environment. i was at a site yesterday in a watershed that hosts the coho salmon and water was being siphoned directly out of the stream in order to support the groutbut a grower on the sonoma county cannabis advisory council says this is a sad situation....saying that the county has made it impossible for some established mom and pop growers to get on the path to legitimacy....because it was decided their land isn't located in the proper zoned area....or their farms are too small to be permitted. another said the permit process is painfully slow...and knows other pot farmers who's had to drop out because their funds have dried up. i appreciate that people who are coming out of the black market and into the green or making a substantial investment or taking a substantial risk. they are finding out what it is like to be a legitimate business person in california, they're having to apply for a permit that goes through the environmental quality act like everybody else, so i understand their frustration with the process and i think that's why we owe it to them and the public to have an a robust law-enforcement around this issue people who are trying to avoid these responsibilities are brought to justicethe county has issued fines totalling nearly 450-thousand dollars to unpermitted growers....they are asking growers still under the apply for a permit and get legit. maureen kelly kron4 news. (ryan) (ryan) now to our (ryan)
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(ryan) now to our four zone forecast. you're looking live at the golden gate bridge. (pam) kron-4's chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us with a look ahead .. lawremce karnow: it was another warm to hot day today with highs soaring into the 90s inland, with 70s and 80s around the bay and 60s at the coast. after a sunny start the fog returned to the coast. if you're going out tonight it will be cooler inside the bay and coast with increasing clouds and breezy conditions. on the satellite you can see a storm in the gulf of alaska. it will bring more rain to the pacific northwest and help to cool temperatures in the california. highs tomorrow
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will be cooler with 80s inland and 50s and 60s at the coast, and 70s and 80s around the bay. it will cool a little more on sunday before warming again on monday with windy weather. it will be cooler toward the end of next week. still ahead at 8 an alert from the f-d-a an alert at 8 still ahead week.
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still ahead at 8 an alert from the f-d-a over certain pet medications. concerns they could cause neurological problems. plus... the possible link between multi- purpose household cleaners ... and obesity in children. and next. a woman loses her life savings after storing it in the fridge. what may have happened to 35-thousand dollars.
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(ryan) a colorado woman is trying to track down a wad of cash she hid in her freezer. she lost track of it... when costco replaced the appliance.(pam) and we are not talking about a small chunk of change. there was about 35-thousand dollars stored in that freezer. renee reese says, since june, her family and friends have been in a battle with costco trying to find the money. reese says, she stored the money there because she has debilitating multiple sclerosis... and could not get to the bank. that is also why she needed a new fridge ... in a hurry to clean out the fridge ... she and her family simply did not see it. now the family has filed a police report ... detailing what happened. (ryan) a third grader in
8:41 pm
nebraska is slowly getting her strength back after a scary diagnosis of west nile virus. simple tasks like... playing catch... are slowly getting easier for vivi lee. the 8-year old has been at sanford's children's hospital the last several days. she started-off with basic kid stuff... a headache, vomiting. but then her symptoms worsened. vivi had to be hospitalized immediately. she could no longer walk on her own and could barely talk. the west nile sparked, encephalitis. her brain, nervous system and muscle control were all under attack. (sot) jennifer lee/vivi's mom: "she just got just dizzy. she is not walking as well. she is a very energetic child and loves to be outdoors and now she is learning how to walk all over again." now, now, occupational therapists and others are helping get vivi back on her feet so she can go back to school. teachers say her fellow classmates are patiently waiting for her. next at 8 he was called to fix the
8:42 pm
floors, but instead, a california repairman is caught on a nanny cam doing something disturbing. just ahead in sports, we'll have an update from the coliseum. as the a's welcome the twins. and the 49ers...are off to kansas city... ready for pat mahomes and that k-c offense. we'll check in with kyle shanahan.
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new at 8. a california family says .. they were shocked by what their nanny- cam ... caught a repairman doing in their children's bedroom.(ryan) as peter daut reports -- the man's action could lead to criminal charges. and we want to warn you... you might find this video disturbing. watch carefully what this repairman appears to do inside the bedroom of two young girls. he goes up to a hamper.. peeks inside.. appears to check to make sure no one's looking.. and then reaches in, touching clothing and underwear.the man was supposed to fix damaged floors inside the playa vista home wednesday.but instead.. jason cooper says a hidden camera caught the guy doing something far different.jason cooper/father: "i was enraged when i saw this video."cooper says the the camera on his three-year-old daughter's crib.. recorded the worker making multiple trips to the one point you can see he reaches in to grab underwear.. turns.. and then brings it to his face.jason cooper/father: "and he's sniffing or licking doing something disgusting with my either five-year-old or three- year-old's underwear."the
8:46 pm
worker goes back again.. but this time.. appears to put the girl's underwear in his pocket before leaving.after seeing the video, cooper says he filed a police report.we called and emailed the man cooper says is in this video.. but he did not get back to us. cooper says he also confronted the man by phone and that the man 'gasped' after hearing he had been recorded.jason cooper/father: "i didn't let him speak to me. i didn't want to hear what he had to say. he knew what he had done, he knew i had video of it. i want to make sure he can't do this to another family, and to another five year old or another three year old." (ryan) cooper is still waiting to speak with detectives. it's unclear right now what charges he could face, in addition to petty theft. now at 8. a placerville barbershop is taking heat -- after a photograph taken there.. of a hanging doll portraying former 49er colin kaepernick.... was posted on pi online. it was taken
8:47 pm
inside the bowtie barbershop in downtown placerville - and shows former 49er - colin kapernick - hanging from the ceiling by a noose. bowtie barber is a well known public figure in this community... and says, the hanging doll has been here since 2016 - when kapernick and a teammate kneeled during the national anthem. the barber... who actually put up the controversal doll says, he is sorry. (sot) "i am a die hard 49ers fan and when that action happened there was a lot portrayed on the 49ers and i took it personally.""im publicly announcing that i apologize it was the wrong thing to do, will not do hit again, absolutely wrong thing to do im sorry."sorry." the colin kaepernick doll... has since been taken down. (pam) the f-d-a is alerting pet owners about certain chewable flea and tick medication ... that can cause neurological problems including seizures and stumbling. the f-d-a says, certain chewables for dogs and cats contain a
8:48 pm
pesticide isoazoline. the brands in question include.. braecto... credlio... nexgard... simparica. the f-d-a reccommends pet owner talk to their veterinarians about the medication. (ryan) you can now freeze your credit for free under a new federal law. a credit freeze restricts access to your credit file. essentially halting anyone from opening any new credit in your name. the rules used to vary by state... and could cost up to 10-dollars to freeze your credit. but not anymore. congress passed the law in response to last year's massive equifax hack... which exposed the private information of more than 145-million americans.
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we'll start tonight with the a's--who, with 9 games left are still making a run for the division and the top wildcard spot. an update from the coliseum... the green and gold hosting the twins... at last check-- oakland up the 5th khris davis got it all started...2-run homer in the 1st...his 44th dinger of the year. the giants in st. louis just went final, cardinals win 5-3. we'll have full highlights later tongith. after leading by 17 against the lions, the 49ers allowed detroit to rip off two touchdowns in 5 minutes in the 4th quarter. this week, they know kansas city won't wait till the 4th to art scoring. the good thing is the team is regaining its strength on dethe mix after misisng the first two games due to suspension. richard good to go...after missing practice yesterday with a heel issue. kyle shanahan knows that kansas city offense is going
8:50 pm
to open up the field... patrick mahomes...a league leading 10-touchdown passes through 2 weeks.. the 2nd year qb running a top 10 attack that spreads the field...with some speedy receivers...and averages 40- points a game. " when you mess up something and they've got a big arm quarterback and they've got speed all over and they've got good players there, they'll score fast. you get a guy out of position it's not usually an explosive, it's a touchdown. if they get a bunch of easy touchdowns and stuff like i think they have a little bit, the score is going to be what you guys have seen. you've got to make those guys earn it. you've got to make them work. you can't give them freebies." meanwhile the raiders left this afternoon for south beach... a sunday morning showdown with the 2-and-0 dolphins. miami...with a solid attack that uses big receivers on the outside like kenny stills and albert wilson.. and pounds the ball with kenyon drake and former 49er great frank gore. nonetheless, the raiders fix... stopping their tendency to come out flat in the 2nd half as they've surrendered 36-points down the stretch over the last two
8:51 pm
weeks. jon gruden...knows miami is gonna give em a fight. "obviously, we had the lead i think the whole game against denver except the last eight seconds. i think as an offense we could have done a better job for our defense by taking time or picking up a first down to end the game. i think the defense - they feel bad as well - but it's a team thing. we could have helped them out a lot better.""a lot of their passes are on running plays where they are throwing the built in rpos, so we got to defend the entire width of the field. they have kenny stills and parker, two guys that make you defend the field vertically. that's what adam gases' system does, it's tough."" é é just remember kron4 is your home for everything 49ers and raiders. we got you covered at 9pm every saturday during the football season... kim smith with your niners coverage on the red and gold zone... jason dumas and myself will be talking raiders on the sword and shield zone. it all gets going at 9 saturday night on kron4 finally, tiger woods
8:52 pm
failed to win a major this year, but he's looking to finish the season on a victorious note. --we go back to atlanta for round 2....the final pga tourney of the year. --woods entered the day with the lead and never let it get away. check this out on the 12th... his 2nd shot on a par 4... sticks it on a par 4... sticks it right next to the cup... would tap in for birdie. --eldrick...with 4- birdies on the back nine... and this one was impressive... on the 15th, 23-feet uphill...and his track is on point. the 14-time major winner...fires a 68, his 2nd straight round in the 60s... and is 7-under, tied for the lead with justin rose. next at 8. household cleaning products may be affecting your childrens' health... the link between disinfectant and making kids overweight. the everyday cleaning
8:53 pm
8:54 pm
8:55 pm
products you may be using..... may be seriously affecting your childrens' health.(ryan) jeremy roth has more. multi-surface household cleaners could be making kids overweight, according to a new officials found a link between infants living in homes where anti-microbial disinfectants are used at least once a week and elevated levels of a digestive bacteria in their stomachs.the problem is:the gut bacteria -- lachnospiraceae (lack-no- spear-ee-ay-cee-ay) -- is linked to obesity.and the more frequently the products were used, the more bacteria the children the time they reached three years old --
8:56 pm
children in homes using disinfectants had a higher body mass index than children who lived in homes where disinfectants were not frequently used.further research found:here was no increase in the bacteria associated with eco-friendly cleaners without bacteria- killing ingredients.a senior author of the study says the results suggest the gut bacteria is the issue. researchers caution, that even though they've found this link..t's still a big leap to say disinfectants cause childhood obesity.for today's health minute, i'm jeremy roth. (pam) that wraps up kron 4 news at 8.(ryan) but our primetime coverage is just getting started this friday at nine... a mystery in the north bay. fairfield police are trying to get the word out about a man... missing since february zachary rose vanished without a electronic billboards are up.. hoping anyone will come forward with information.details next in a live report. also ...
8:57 pm
a story you will only see on kron 4.a yelp employee, undergoing a mental evaluation, after his co- workers say, he threatened to shoot up the office, then kill himself. we are live with the exclusive story. ((ryan))plus, the weekend is here, and it is going to be a warm one for parts of the bay area.our chief meterologist has your four zone forecast. ((pam))keep it here...kron 4 news at nine is next. this isn't just any long-distance relationship. this is long distance with the best wifi experience plus the most free shows to stream. and with savings on wireless, this is a relationship with more money to spend on the important things. this is how xfinity makes life... simple. easy. awesome. get started with xfinity internet for just $29.99 a month for 12 months, and ask how you can save when you include xfinity mobile with your internet. click, call or visit a store today. (ryan) a mysterious
8:58 pm
8:59 pm
disappearance in the north bay... police are looking for a man who suddenly áávanished without a trace-- and has been missing for the last seven months...(ryan) thanks for joining us, im ryan o'donnell in for grant lodes...(pam) and i'm pam moore in for vicki liviakis... they've recently put zachery rose's picture on electronic billboads... in hopes that would turn up some clues.. but the search continues....(ryan) he was last seen in the 2400 block of shorey way in fairfield... that where we find kron 4's hermela
9:00 pm
aregawi...she joins us live with the latest details.. hermela? (hermela aregawi)police say the 28 year old man was last seen leaving a friend's home in this nieghborhood. they say.. he left behind his white pick-up truck and belongings and was never seen again. zachery rose of hercules has been missing for more than seven months now.police tell us on february 4th.. a friend of zachery's reported him missing.. after he left that friend's home on shorey way that night before. people who live in the area say.. they have seen police and investigators canvassing the nieghborhood in recent months. fairfield police event went as far as putting up the 28 year old's photo on electronic billboards. neighbors say.. it's just a bizarre incident in an otherwise really quiet neighborhood. anray batoon/neighborit's shocking hearing this kind of news. i got goosebumps actually when you told me about this one so really shocking. i feel so sorry about this guy. i feel so sorry fo the family. again i got kids about the same age. and i hope they find him. rupert victoria/neighborwhen i saw the flyers for the first time, i was scared because i asked myself, is this a safe


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