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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  September 25, 2018 1:30am-2:00am PDT

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onight -- celine dion leaving las vegas. why she's quitting her sin city residency. >> then we're backstage with justin timberlake, mariah and kelly clarkson. which of her fellow performers got her emotional. and the voice is back. is blake already admitting defeat. >> plus proud papa channing tatum, did his daughter inherit his dance skills and we prank kevin hart. >> we figured we would do something fun. >> sorry, not sorry. >> did you really see my face? >> this is "entertainment tonight." >> the most successful residency in las vegas history will soon be history. celine dion is pulling the plug atcaesar's palace after two
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decades. >> so many people want to know why. she paved the way for stars to set up shop in vegas. celine is the queen and now her reign is coming to an end. ♪ it's all coming back to me >> the queen of las vegas announced an end to her reign. her final show will be june 8th of 2019. celine says she has mixed emotions about the decision, adding quote, performing at caesar's palace has been a big part of my life for the past two decades. it's been an amazing experience. >> i heardry rumors you might be there until 2019. >> celine has taken the stage more than 1,000 times and grossed more than $1 billion. >> 1,000 shows. i don't feel that old. >> "e.t." was by her side just after her first show in 2003.
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>> i was more anxious than nervous. >> can you believe she thought the gig was a gamble at the time? >> you feel like you're on the edge, living on the edge. okay save my life and you have no choice and you jump. so we'll see. we'll jump. >> so why would the mom of three walk away from it all? "e.t." knows celine has been in the studio working on her first english album in five years and another guiding force is the spirit of her late husband renee. >> we were partners. we were always 50/50 and when he passed he gave me the other half and i feel complete. i'm a mother who's very proud to have three wonderful boys who every day to see my husband through them. will get you ever. >> she does. tickets for sceline's farewell shows go on sale friday. >> you better hurry. >> it's a good show. >> kelly clarkson go emotional
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talking about carrie underwood's pregnancy. carrie was talking about it all and et online's lauren zima got kelly backstage at the iheart radio music festival. ♪ love so soft that you never gonna stop ♪ >> how was today being at iheart concert? >> great. i mean, i don't usually get to go see concerts and carrie's killing it and she's pregnant what. so i hated singing pregnant. >> carrie underwood covered her baby bump with a loose shimmering blouse. fellow "idol" champ kelly clarkson praised carrie for being so open and honest recently about having suffered three miscarriages in the last two years. >> i was emailing her like it's so important that you talk about it. you don't have to because it's a really hard thing but it makes women who feel inferior or like something is wrong with them. it makes them feel comfortable that people gohrare you making baby. how great is it to see her out here doing her thing? >> that's amazing.
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it's news to me that she's pregnant. i'm very very happy for them. >> kelly also shared details about her new talk show set to air a year from now. >> will we see the kids on it on at all? >> oh probably because we have four of them so i'm sure one will pop up every now and then, yeah. >> it's cool. it was fun to shoot the pilot. >> luke bryan told us he wanted to be on it? >> he better be. >> would you go on kelly's new show? >> certainly, certainly, if she would return my calls. call me. >> another highlight of this weekend's iheart radio music festival, shawn mendes joining justin timberlake for a surprise acoustic performance. ♪ is this the way it's going down ♪ >> he's one of my all time music idols and people in general. >> shawn mendes is talented. >> dueling falsettos.
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>> don't start singing. >> let's go back to kelly clarkson. she will be spinning in her coach's chair tonight on "the voice." also back is jennifer hudson. you know what that means, double trouble for blake and adam. >> females have won the last two seasons and then you have to contend now with jennifer who comes in. she'll toss a show. and i feel like once that happens, it's a wrap for you and adam. it really is. >> i'm not upset because i like girls. i mean and so when they win, it's, you know congratulations. i'm happy about it. >> as long as it's not adam, i don't care. can you turn around ♪ >> j-hud's return is about to shake-up the coaches panel on "the voice." there's just one problem. she's really hard to hate. >> look, it's okay. i can't compete with that. >> no you really can't. >> my gosh. >> and also she's like an oscar winner. so like after we did promo one day i had to follow her and then
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we had to do these ads where we had to kind of act and i was like are you freaking kidding me? i have to follow the oscar winner? like i was so intimidated i wanted to pee my pants. and honestly y'all she's like the sweetest thing ever. she and her family always bring like cookies and pie to work. >> this is a very important decision for you to make, the right one. her name is jennifer hudson. >> come on adam. ♪ say it again >> joining the coaches for season 15 are mentors thomas rhett, ceelo, halsey and keith urban. >> did you get to meet nicole? >> i think i said hi to nicole maybe once in my life at an award show. she didn't come with keith to the rehearsal much to the disappointment of myself and my team because she's really the only reason i invited keith to be my mentor is 'cause i wanna meet nicole kidman. i wanted to hang out with her. instead i had to sit there with freaking keith all day for no reason. >> he got a woman. >> listen. >> he got a woman. >> and a good one. you don't need another reason to love blake shelton. i'll give you one.
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agagwen stefani will show you. ♪ she gets what she ♪ turning me on like it's her job ♪ >> wait a minute, a singing cowboy. did he say turning me on like it's her job? working overtime. >> you had a busy weekend. you were on the streets. you were with the cast of "small foot." >> if uhyou're calling me out, u were calling yourself out. you were there. channing tatum just instagrammed this adorable moment with his5-. >> i'm just watching her and >> she's just the lone one going mmmmm and being silent about it. solidarity. >> jenna told us once about taking her to ballet class. >> she likes to free style more than she likes to follow a routine. >> every kid is up doing the proper stuff and she's just doing her own thing. she kind of came out that way. i wish i could take credit for that, but i can't.
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>> channing's "smallfoot" co-star gina rodriguez was also talking family on her first carpet since getting engaged, fiance joe a little camera shy. >> he's taking a break. it's a lot. >> the ring is very romantic. so my head just went will the dress be romantic too? >> oh, i haven't even thought that far. i'm like i barely made it today. >> don't worry, gina. chris hemsworth had to skip his bad times at the "el royale" premiere. >> chris, man, we miss you man. >> hemsworth's co-stars said he was busy shooting. >> heavy is the hand that wields the hammer, man. jon hamm serious about wanting it's always exciting to have y. >> for now, jon's gearing up to shoot "top gun maverick" with this guy, bill pullman's son lewis, his co-star in this movie. >> we actually haven't talked i can't wait to work with him again. i'm very, very excited. >> it's happening. also in the film and looking
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gorgeous in gucci dakota johnson. she and i have something in common. >> what? >> we spent the weekend on the run. >> we were hanging with beyonce and jay-z at the concert. let me tell you, i am still recovering. dakota was spotted arriving with her man at the concert. >> he and jay-z are good friends. also there, well, no introduction. >> oprah. >> oprah. >> i can see her waving back and forth. >> that concert was spectacular. beyonce is a great performer. >> well coming up -- meghan markle proves's a total a sneak >> we're at home with tv's
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new d-con. so d-licious mice risk their lives for it. now 10 times tastier to mice than the lead competitor. mice love it to death. celebrated his first victory in
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five years. today he celebrated touching down in paris wearing matching outfits with his girlfriend. she's 23. she was general manager of his restaurant in florida. she left the restaurant and they went public with their relationship last month at a tournament. it looks real. she was spotted vacations in the bahamas with tiger and the kids. >> kevin, did you know this, duchess meghan markle's got a little bit of game too. check it out. >> the duchess showed her sporty side tossing a purple ball during a demonstration of net ball. she and harry sure didn't hold back the pda while on a visit to a youth center at the coach choice awards. >> but it's this outfit that's grabbing the attention. meghan's flowy blue oscar de la renta blouse with folds across her mid section certainly won't stop all those rumors that she could be hiding a baby bump.
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>> it's incredibly special to be here today. >> royal watchers will keep an eye on meghan's middle when she and harry embark on their official tour of polynesia, australia and new zealand next month. meanwhile meghan's mom doria ragland was traveling solo as she returned home to los angeles after visiting her daughter in london. while there has been speculation she might move to the uk, there has been no official word about her leaving the u.s. permanently. >> and prince george and princess charlotte were back on wedding duty. the future king donned blue britches as a pageboy and the little princess was a flower girl for the i dos of a friend of kate's. the outfit the duchess donned is actually a recycle. she previously wore it on a visit to berlin. >> she always looks amazing. those kids are so cute. princess charlotte, i live for her. >> still ahead -- >> when you learned there were six babies what was your reaction? >> very scared. >> six babies, 60 diapers a day, we're at home with tv's new
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sextuplets. >> plus, what to expect tonight from the dancing debut. >> and tiffany haddish goes back to school on and off screen. did you crash a prom for real? >> closed captioning provided by --
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♪ >> look at selena go living her best life at jlo's concert over
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the weekend. it was quite the ladies night, jessica alba and sofia vergara also there. look at the smile on a-rod's face. good thing jennifer is right in front of him. >> he's holding on to jennifer lopez. of course he's having. meanwhile tiffany haddish is also on cloud nine after winning also on cloud nine following her first emmy win for hosting "snl." >> you got that emmy. where are you putting it? >> it's in the bed next to me. >> you know it's really making me realize how not good i was on "snl." >> nonetheless, tiffany says she would have never pulled off that hosting gig without kevin's advice. >> i was like hey, hey. go out there. give everyone 100%. you had to put that in that deep voice. >> that big brother voice. >> and she was great, but let's get back to how i've never been nominated. >> why? >> i think it boils down to talent at this point.
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>> not buying that. but one talent kevin doesn't have? dealing with animals as we recently saw with jimmy fallon. >> this is gisele. >> oh [ bleep ]. >> we brought something for you kev. >> did you really see my face just now? >> i mean, you were super scared of the ostrich, though, and it was a baby ostrich. >> did you hear the noise it was making? >> isn't that amazing? >> you know who else makes that noise? ever see "jurassic park"? looking for something to attack. what's the closest thing we should attack looks like the black guy. me. >> kevin and tiffany bring their comic chemistry to the new movie "night school." he's a high school drop out going back to school. she's a teacher. >> you crash a prom in the movie. did you crash a prom for real? >> yeah, i did crash a prom for real. old ladies and then i started pop locking and then one of the kids recognized us. oh, man. it's tiffany haddish.
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then they start screaming and it was great. >> she's so funny. >> i love tiffany. i'll see them tonight at the l.a. premier of "night school." we have to talk to kevin about leslie jones who had some harsh words about mr. hart recently. i'll have that for you tomorrow. >> >> well, it's nothing but love times six for the stars of tlc's new reality show. only brook anderson was invited inside the sweet home of the waldrop sextuplets. >> when you learned there were six babies, what was your reaction? >> a lot of tears. very scared. and now we couldn't imagine life without them. >> it's a 1 in 5 million chance, one eric and courtney waldrop weren't expecting when they tried for a fourth baby. courtney was on a low dose of fertility drugs and was told they might have twins. now they're the happy, albeit tired parents to wales, saylor and bridge and these adorable
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sextuplets. >> this is layke, rivers, tag -- >> tag the tank. >> yes, big boy tag. >> this is blue, big boy blue, rawlings, this is sweet little rayne. >> how do you handle it when they're all screaming? >> it's hard, but i've gotten used to knowing they can't get picked up every single time. >> the usually sweet tempered 9 month olds go through 30 bottles and 60 diapers a day and they're getting ready for reality tv show fame with their new tlc series "sweet home sextuplets." >>id you guys react when your mom and dad said you're going to have some little baby brothers and sisters, six in fact? >> well at the time i didn't know it was that big of a deal.
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but now it's a really big deal. >> what's the best part? >> just having all of our kiddos right here with us. this is the best place to be. just under this roof. >> so cute. brook looks like she wants another one. a new episode of "sweet home sextuplets" airs tomorrow night on tlc. now tonight get ready for the return of "dancing with the stars." we've got a preview of what to expect starting with a glimpse at what bachelor favorite grocery store joe is bringing to the dance floor. >> let's go. five six seven eight. >> glitter, rhinestones, you know, that i accept. i'm not going to do spray tan. >> but he's excited about the clothes. no, he's excited about the wardrobe. >> oh, yeah. i'm fine with the wardrobe. i'm just not going to do a spray tan. i'd rather have a natural tan. >> expect to see joe and jenna johnson bring their chemistry to the ballroom. get ready to see the quick step.
1:54 am
>> that's really showing people you're a bad dancer. >> it's funny. >> 13 new celebs and their pro partners will be vying for the mirror ball trophy including brand new pro brandon armstrong making his dancing debut with r&b singer tinashe. >> oh, they're not ready for us. >> we're in business y'all. >> the first eliminations take place on tuesday. joe and jenna have been rehearsing for three weeks. >> i hear jenna's voice in my head 24/7. shoulders up. >> down! >> shoulders down. elbows up. >> uh-oh. i think he needs more practice. >> a lot more practice. coming up a sneak peek how "big bang
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>> travel consideration provided by -- >> the 12th and final season of "the big bang theory" kicks off tonight on cbs. >> you're the sweet quiet one and i'm amy's mom?
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is that what you're saying? >> we spoke to executive producer steve holland who told us they hope more guest stars like laurie metcalfe and christine baranski will return. >> since it's such a happy show, it will not have a quote bummer ending. i love that show. >> like "seinfeld". >> maybe they'll all go to the moon with elon musk. >> that would be a big bang ending. >> bye, everybody. >> i love my pun. >> bye, everybody. >> i love my pun. >> see you all later. washed up? never. sometimes. l'oreal age perfect rosy tone moisturizer. increases cell renewal. boosts skin's rosy tone... instantly. age perfect rosy tone from l'oreal paris. and we're still worth it. falsethe falsies mascara real. from maybelline new york. corner-to-corner volume. no gaps. for false lash glam that challenges fake.
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