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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  September 28, 2018 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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( james ) a big story we continue to follow this week.. the traffic headache caused by the clousre of the transbay trant center in san francisco. ( darya ) kron 4's will tran joins us live now with the details. will?
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another big story this morning... it could be another week before roads reopen around the new transbay transit center. repair crews at the transit center spent the day yesterday getting ready to shore up the area where two cracked support beams were discovered this week. they were taking out ceiling panels to prepare for the repairs of the cracked beams... they'll add tall pieces of steel to the center of fremont street to support the weight of the bus deck...and the roof-top park above. crews hope to finish up by the end of next week... and re-open roads in the area...
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( james ) ( james ) thanks will. ( darya )( darya ) thanks will.
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( darya ) ( darya ) (ácommercialá)
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>> and we're gonna be reaching out to our republican colleagues who are still undecided. >> opening statement, too part son to be a supreme court of justice. >> i'd say so. i never heard a supreme court justice come out and say that there's a vast left wing conspiracy to undermine his nomination. whoever heard of a supreme court justice who's supposed to be on the court to be impartial, to be that political, it was so makedly
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political. and when he came up for his nomination hearing in 2006, there were a lot of concerns that he was a political operative. and he showed that yesterday, that that is what he is. we do not need a political operative under this kind of clout on the united states supreme court. >> what we saw yesterday was a coordinated effort to change the conversation away from the brave, courageous survivor of sexual assault because her story was so intensely undeniably credible. to a partisan attack. and what judge kavanaugh said yesterday was also a complete change from his saying inly at his first hearing there's no republican or democrat side on the supreme court. now it's a vast left wing conspiracy out to get him. and that is demeans and
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disrespectful to the brave survivors who have stepped forward. it makes them puppets and pawns when in fact they are blatantly and proudly independent and have come forth to tell their own story voluntarily. [ all talking ] >> we're clearly not in the majority. >> judging by the way they've handled the committee vote so far, the rules don't matter. >> can we take one more question? i don't even know what that means. [ laughter ] >> okay, thank you! >> thank you. >> okay, so there you heard some of the comments from the outside hallway where inside they're still hearing comments
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from the very senators on the senate judiciary committee. we just found out that chairman grassley has called for the official vote to be at 1:30 eastern, 10:30 our time, which puts it outside of our broadcast broadcast. >> i would say don't expect any surprises. they're barrelling through with the vote. and it's expected be referred onto the full senate. >> right. >> look at what happened today with the senators walking out, and everything that diane feinstein had to say. i would definitely tune in to see what this committee does at 10:30 this morning. we'll have push alerts and everything else. >> we'll take a quick break.
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( james )( darya ) welcome back to the kron 4 morning news. let's get a check of >> felt a lot like summer this week! today made the change. we were in the 90s yesterday for some, only to be in the 70s for the same areas today. not gonna be feeling similar at all. big changes in a short period of time. san francisco right now, downtown seen from the north bay. we do have fog and cloud cover out there. it's a little aloft. that means it's not touching the ground. you do have good visibility on all your route, including the 101 and the 1 which were affected by lower
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visibility yesterday. san jose a little overcast kicking this one off. it's gonna stay offcart a little longer today. we have low-lying clouds filtering in across the bay but also some high clouds pushing in from the pacific. these clouds associated with an area of low pressure that's slowly meandering its way our direction. we are seeing a few showers along the coast this morning. really nothing more than just a couple of sprinkles. we won't be seeing any rainfall today. but tomorrow this is what we can expect. by saturday afternoon, right around 2:00 pm, we start to see some actual measurable precipitation pushing into the northern california coast just nothing of the -- north of the bay area. we start
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to see some lighter conditions pushing into the bay area. hundredth was an inch, not a lot. oakland, half moon bay, around 0.05 of an inch. these numbers, not even stretching down to san jose, which is looking likely to remain quite dry into the weekend. next chance of rain after that is monday. and that does look a little more widespread to start off next week. temperatures later on today, only boosting into the 60s and 70s. antioch and livermore, these areas were in the 90s yesterday. not so much today at all. and while we stayed in the 70s through your forecast, again tomorrow, late in the day into sunday morning. that slight chance of rain and another chance on monday. temperatures all across the board staying nice and cool. and definitely good for putting on sweaters and maybe some jackets! >> let's head over to the richmond, san raphael bridge, westbound 580 from hash through through the toll -- harbor
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through the toll plaza. i don't see any problems coming in from the north bay. there's a pocket of slow traffic southbound 101 heading into san rafael. but that's about it. 22 minutes from novato to san francisco. this is 92, commute out of hayward, and it's creeping along, expected to stay like this until 9:00. you're under 30 minutes to the 101, and still hotspot free. remember when you're coming off the bridge, take harrison street instead of fremont street because fremont street is still closed from mission to howard. and there's a big backup there a couple of blocks approaching that closure. >> thanks a lot, robyn. new this morning, bart has just announced they're adding ten new inspectors to catch people who try to evade fares. >> trying to crack down on that.
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>> reporter: in just a few month, you're gonna be seeing more fare inspectors on bart. those are the people that check your tickets to make sure you paid to ride bart. this week the bart board of directors vote the 7-2 to hire 10 additional fare inspectors and expand the teams to nights and weekends. it's gonna cost about $900,000. a spokesman says fare inspectord increase -- inspectors increase police presence on platforms and trains and compliance over time. bart has six fare inspectors who work during the day on weekdays. in january bart started enforcing a new proof of payment system, allowing inspectors to check for valid fare inside the bart system. since march, 3813 citations have been issued. we talked to a woman who says she's been the victim of fare evaders which calls tailgating.
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>> they get mind you, and when the levers open, they slide in with you. that happens a lot. at embarcadero, especially in the city. >> reporter: she says one time she had an injury on her foot so she couldn't move fast enough and they got in right after her. the new inspectors will start working the beginning of 2019. >> we'll take a break. >> and we're following breaking news of the hearing for judge brett kavanaugh, still underway. senators on the judiciary committee making their comment, statements before a 10:30 our time vote. this is customizable streaming tv for your family.
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have approved millions of dollars to plan and study the idea of creating a new rail
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link between the east bay and tracy. traffic along interstate 580 in the east bay is expected to more than double in the coming decades. in order to relieve that congestion ... officials are looking to extend some form of rail service from the dublin pleasanton bart station into the san juaquin valley. its unclear who would pay for for the 1.8 billion dollar valley link ... and opponents say the ace train system that connects the bay area to the valley ... should be expanded instead. ( james )committee ( james )
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(darya) (james) welcome back to the kron four morning news... lets start the half hour with a check of weather and traffic... big changes in the works for friday and the upcoming weekend. temperatures inland have taken a tumble, today only peaking in the 70's and low 80's as compared to yesterday's 80's and 90's. along the coast expect temperatures to remain in the 50's and 60's with cloudy
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conditions to start the morning followed by partly cloudy skies for the afternoon. no major hot spots. bay bridge wb 80 is less then 30 min from the maze to sf. san mateo bridge less then 30 min from 880 to 101. golden gat bridge drive time less than 30 min from 37 to the toll plaza. richmond bridge drive less
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than 20 min from the toll to 101 ( darya ) breaking from overnight....a six hour swat standoff at a san jose gas station leaves employees on edge this morning.( james ) kron4's sara stinson explain's how this finally came to an end. employees here at the valero gas station just put caution tape around the pumps - all they could tell me is they are temporarily closed as they are still dealing with the aftermath of the hours long standoff that ended just a couple hours ago.san jose police say the call came in around 9:30 last night from employees here at t >> san jose police say the call came in at 9:30 last night from the 1700 block of meridian avenue. employees so evacuated and a man inside the gas station threatened them and caused a
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disturbance. when the officers arrived the man refused to leave. the established a perimeter as the suspect refused to to come out. the hostage negotiators worked with the man and after three hours -- after 3 am he surrender. no one was hurt. we are still waiting to get more information. they have not released the name of the man. the employees of the gas station they they aren't sure how long they will remain closed. in san jose, kron4 news. breaking news -- listening into the senate judiciary hearing into the nomination of brett kavanaugh to the u.s. supreme court. the boat is not expected until 10:30. our time. until then they are speaking --
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speaking right now is lindsey graham. we will listen briefly heading to break. >> if you have one last conversation before you die you don't want to have it with joe. you would be around for a while. is a decent guy -- if he runs for president -- he came to the thurman funeral and gave a eulogy. i said that was incredible. i liked him. i didn't agree with him and i didn't like some of the things that he did but when i was down and out he was there for me. to my colleagues on the other side, this will and and we will see what to do next. i hope we can muster the ability to move forward. from observations about where we find ourselves and how we got here -- i wrote a book. i think senator blumenthal is
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the only person i know that has read it. it was online. i ran for president and i got 1%. so i had my time. i didn't go very far. i lost. i didn't think trump would win. i ran out on adjectives to describe his campaign. well, he won and i lost and he's president. i try to help him where i can. i say no when i must. the election is over for me. i would like to tell him that he had a choice to make. >> getting off topic -- they are just taking the floor. we will continue to monitor this. >> seven people are behind bars after a string of apple store thefts. investigators think they are
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responsible for 19 different apple stores being hit. that were arrested tuesday night in oakland. they are pretty sure this is part of a big ring that stole from 50 different stores. here is the video of the stores hit. the one in santa rosa has been hit a couple of times. they were booked into jail and they are looking for nine others. >> this theft of apple products affects us all. it is a quality of life impact. 19 counties have been impacted. here is the search warrant. >> close to the bay area there have been six different stores hit nine times. they were repeatedly hid in many cases over the last one month alone. it is 7:36. today the man convicted of
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killing a mother and daughter in livermore will find out how long he will go to prison. brian jones lost control of his car when he smashed into an apartment complex and killed the mother and her baby and two others were hurt. his blood alcohol level was twice the legal limit. >> coming up, local fishermen come to the rescue after a plane crash in the pacific ocean. in micronesia. we will have more coming up in the next hour. after the break, next week -- the security plans being put into place. and it is cool out there 50s showing up for the morning temperatures. it will be cool this afternoon. i am talking about big changes in the forecast just around the corner. >> the drive into san francisco has not improved. the traffic is backed up to all connectors. 14 minutes and growing.
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i will check the bridges after the break. you could save energy
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happy friday. welcome back. it's 7:40. here is a look at the low-lying cloud cover obscuring visibility on the city of berkeley starting out overcast. we are staying cool through the day. air quality has improved. north bay and south bay among the areas looking at good conditions stepping outside to enjoy the day. the coast and the east they are still holding onto moderate conditions. robin? >> checking in on the bridges because they are always packed -- this morning the slow down on 580 westbound stretches to harvard and it stays like this through the pay gates. bay bridge traffic is jammed but is not that bad across the upper deck.
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member you may want to get off at harrison instead of fremont because fremont remains closed from howard over to mission and it tends to back up the traffic through that intersection. golden gate bridge is smooth with 27 minutes to san francisco. friday light traffic. more drivetimes coming up. back to you, james. >> thank you -- fleet week is kicking off. we are your official fleet week station. they announced an effort to keep everybody coming to san francisco safe. >> we will be ready to respond to any event. it could be an event or an emergency in the neighborhood. >> they are ready to go. they also weighed in saying that if they plan to -- if you plan to drive and park your car make sure to hide your valuables where people can see
7:42 am
them. as you know there has been a rash of car break-ins. still ahead, the area athletes lighting up the field. plus, will the a's bring the wildcard to oakland? and the giants playing in the world series for pride. >>
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this is a good source of iron and it contains fiber and protein. >> ( james )( darya ) welcome back to the kron 4 morning news. let's get a check of st. 7:44. looking at the weather, things will be different this weekend.
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>> yes, we hope you have your long sleeves ready. you can keep your air conditioner in the window but you won't be needing it this weekend. >> across the bay area the temperatures will be comfortable. a little cool for some of us. in san francisco this morning we have low clouds and some fog. it is making for a great start to the day. the same in san josi the conditions are cloudy to kick things off. the cloud cover pushes in overnight associated with the first area of low pressure to the west. high pressure to the north is moving out of the area. low pressure attempting to make landfall across the western u.s. another system is off sure -- a low pressure area could bring in some tropical moisture later in the forecast that will result in a better chance of rain moving into next week. let's focus on the weekend
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potential. this is what we are looking at -- about one day away moving into tomorrow -- saturday we will have increasing clouds cover with offshore showers. these showers will make their way inland by 1 pm-2 pm tomorrow and we will be looking at moderate to isolated heavy showers in northern carolina -- california toward the border. we are not seeing this during the day but overnight we will see a round of a few scattered sprinkles across the bay pushing into saturday and sunday morning. how much rain can we expect? not a lot. don't get your hopes up. we are talking about the rain totals of point 100. the numbers range from 5/100 to just a little bit more at half moon bay. the numbers are cooler than
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yesterday. only in the 70s for a few hours -- a few areas. they were in the 90s yesterday. >> 74 for the high today. looking ahead not a lot of movement as far as the temperatures go and the best chances will bring will be saturday night into sunday morning and again monday. let's have an updated look at the traffic with robin. >> still moving along on 92. it is crowded and it will stay crowded two more hours or so. no crashes or stalls. 22 minutes out to 101. no major problems on the spam. backed up into the maze on all connectors. the drive is under 20 minutes. that is decent. on fremont street avoid the ramp and top over to harrison instead. remind is closed and it tends to
7:48 am
back up on the ramp onto the bridge. just want to show you this accident but after 24. all lanes are blocked and they are running a traffic break to get this out of the way. it is backed up approaching the split. keep in mind it's not closed, just a traffic break. taking in on the rest of the area, it is good for a friday. livermore to dublin and dublin to fremont -- 15 minutes. that's how you know it's friday. on the nimitz freeway out to 237. >> baseball: the giants with nothing e but the let's start the morning buzz with baseball. the giants have nothing to lose except the satisfaction of ruining it for the dodgers and the a's are trying to win home field advantage. they are jumping for joy getting this far wouldn't it be great if they got to play the wildcard game in oak town? they would have two sweep the
7:49 am
angels and the yankees would have to be swept by the red sox. the yankees beat the rays yesterday. did you see what they did? i don't know whether to call him righteous or foolish. it was his last start of the regular season. he only had to pick -- pitch two more innings. he decided to go caveman to retaliate for the rays pitcher. he was promptly ejected. that pitch cost him more than most people make in five years. later he said i don't make decisions based on money. was it worth it? really? >> it's never worth a. >> you are not a baseball player. these are the unwritten rules of baseball. >> let's go down -- 400 grand?
7:50 am
>> what is your price? >> the giants know where they will be -- they will be sitting on the couch like the rest of us. the only way to salvage the season is to blow up the dodgers' chances of making the playoffs. it won't be easy. the giants have two win two out of three this weekend. sunday the 49ers play one of 13 without jimmy g. it has got to be weird because it's against the chargers. he grew up rooting for them because the general manager was his grandfather. the raiders will try to get a win playing the browns. baker mayfield is making his first start after leading the comeback that gave them their first rectory and all that free beer. the first player to take any has -- to take a knee -- a
7:51 am
multi-year deal -- if he helps him win the fans will forget about it. still no bites on colin kaepernick. golf -- he kept the rams unbeaten. i won't go into this. female commentators are making history on amazon streaming. you can listen to the women or the men and two guys speaking spanish or two guys with reddish accidents. times are changing in england. meghan markle closed the car door. all by herself. that's it. royal women are not supposed to do that. should we rewind it? she closed the car door. >> inexcusable.
7:52 am
>> this is what we do. she continues to trail braise -- trailblazers in the uk. >> she doesn't realize it. like when she crossed her legs the wrong way or she tried to wear that hat to wimbledon. what's next, james? she might order coffee instead of tea. >> the horror. a real cowboy. >> have a good weekend.
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today's box office report. >> looking for a few laps you might be in luck this weekend. we have a pair of funny movies. >> david daniel takes a look. >> if you are going to do the work, drop the class. >> i am going to do the work. >> company heart is -- kevin hart is in nightschool. >> the best opening for a comedy since last summer's girls trip. it had the same
7:56 am
director and producer. >> small foot will give night school a challenge. this is an animated comic adventure that will debut with around $25 million. >> some people are just evil. >> they walk among us. >> hello -- this horror thriller is looking at an opening weekend of $5 million-$7 million that would exceed the budget. >> why would you want to get married? >> finally, little women -- the seventh big screen take on this i panicked -- iconic novel. >> will have a moderate release. in hollywood, david daniel. >> again a reminder -- following breaking news out of
7:57 am
washington where the senate judiciary committee is having a hearing on the nomination on kavanaugh to the supreme court. they will do a vote this morning. between now and then you can see various senators speaking their mine. they may be hoping to sway someone but it looks like the vote will come along party lines. we will take a quick break and come back in a moment including a live report from washington d.c. -- the latest coming out of the capitol this morning. ( darya )
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from the local news station we begin with breaking news. >> morning. thank you for joining us. >> the breaking news this morning -- the senate judiciary committee in a matter of an hour and a half or so will vote on the nomination of judge brett kavanaugh to the supreme court. >> yes, they went into session at 6:30 but they are still talking. let's go live to washington dc with the latest from the nation's capitol. >> >>reporter: the committee is set to meet at -- set to vote at 1:30 p.m. eastern time in regard to the confirmation of judge brett kavanaugh. at that point it would move to
8:01 am
a procedural vote. this comes as this committee has been meeting for an hour and a half. you can see the senator speaking now. the majority whip. a lot has happened in just this hour and a half. it began with a motion on the democratic side to the pima -- subpoena mark judge. he is the high school friend of brett kavanaugh. he was in the room when he allegedly pinned her down and tried to remove her clothing. the motion to subpoena him was shutdown. then there was a motion to have the vote this afternoon. that passed 11-8. there are 21 members of the committee and the reason only 19 voted is because two senators did not particiipate.
8:02 am
shortly after they led a group that got up and let the proceedings altogether. when you look at what they had you have the vote this afternoon. we have the support for kavanaugh to go through. there was a question about jeff flake as the tiebreaker and now he has decided to back up kavanaugh. once this boat goes through we will move to a procedural vote. at this moment the gop does not have the vote to confirm brett kavanaugh. throughout this there was support for kavanaugh and his testimony made a difference particularly for the american bar association who endorsed him. now they have released a statement saying deciding to receive without conducting an additional information -- this would not only have a lasting impact on the senate but negatively affect the trust necessary for the american people in the supreme court.
8:03 am
also out of the white house their views have not changed. it is their nominee and throughout the hearing they were largely silent. at the end president trump reiterated his support for his nominee. he may be confirmed in a few days time if the gop can secure those votes. >> reporting live in washington, omar gimenez. in addition there was a dramatic moment that played out when the protesters approached jeff flake. >> he said he would be in support of the supreme court nomination and the demonstrators didn't like that. >> nobody believes me -- i didn't tell anyone. you are telling all women they don't matter. that they should just stay quiet because if they tell you what happened you will ignore them. that is what happened. that is what you are telling all women.
8:04 am
they don't matter and they should keep it to themselves. if they have told the truth they will just help that man to power. >> that is what you were telling all these women. that is what you are telling me now. look at me when i am talking to you -- you are telling me that i don't matter. that what happened doesn't matter. you are going to let the people that do these things have power -- that's what you are telling me when you will for him. >> he had no comment. in the meantime we saw these protesters speaking out in support of doctor ford and saying they believed her allegations. this is the second time they've held a demonstration in the streets of berkeley shutting their support. this rally became a little contentious when they were confronted with the republicans who disagree. they back kavanaugh. we will continue to follow the latest scheduled for 10:30
8:05 am
our time which you can watch online. >> > right now we will look at the weather and traffic. robin? >> in oakland all lanes are blocked on highway 13 north after the 24 split. this accident is left over from 7:00. they are just issuing traffic alert because they are holding all lanes of traffic and saying the alert will be in place 30 minutes with the backup growing and crawling to the split. if you take 5:80 -- 580 it's not so bad. going to the bay bridge toll plaza it's the usual jam packed up through the maze and crowded across the upper deck. more drivetimes coming up. all the clouds in the traffic cam -- you can see them from above. take a look at the fog and low- lying clouds. this is intruding well into the east bay. this isn't impacting the
8:06 am
visibility but there's a lot to talk about. san jose is looking at cloud cover and starting the morning overcast and cool. by noon today still in the 60s and the numbers will be boosting and by the time we get to 3 pm the 60s and 70s. yesterday it was in the 90s. talking more about cooler temperatures and rain chances still to come. back to you. another big story, the traffic nightmare continues as we see the closure of the transit center extending to next week. >> yes, we have an update. >> another week this is the worst we've seen it all morning. that officer had to tell somebody i don't want to argue with you. get going. that car was trying to make a left turn where the gray corolla
8:07 am
was. it is clearly illegal. you can only make a right turn. that car was trying to make a left. he said just get out of here. the whole integration has changed. in the past you could drive through fremont street. but if you have been following this you know that the transit center has been shut down and they are not working at this time. they will continue to work on this until october to reopen. >> bart officials voted last night to the time is a:06. new this morning march officials have voted to add 10 new inspectors. >> we have more on the story -- lydia? >>reporter: soon you will see more inspectors. they will check your ticket. the board of directors at bart voted 7-22 expand the teams two
8:08 am
nights and weekend. this will increase the police presence on the trains and platforms and encourage compliance. bart currently has inspectors during the day and weekdays. in january they started to enforce the proof of payment system. they will check for valid fares. since march 3000 citations have been issued. we talked to a woman who said she has been a victim of this. >> i have been the victim of people -- i guess it's called tailgating. there was a time when i was recovering from a broken ankle in a walking boot and this guy pushed me through. >> the new inspectors will start working the beginning of 2019. a fair citation will cost you $55 for a juvenile, 75 for an
8:09 am
adult. >> thank you. the time is a:08. -- a mac:08. >> trying to link more murders to the golden gate killer. >> and dozens second my peppers day. they are searching for the person responsible. >> after the break a, we will on treasure island getting a chance to voice their concerns about a new toll that would charge them coming on and off the island even if they leave their. >> -- even if they live there. >> you could generate your own energy,
8:10 am
at home. or to save energy, unplug unused appliances. do your thing, with energy upgrade california. ( james )people across teh bay
8:11 am
area are getting a chance to weigh in on a plan to ch back. people around the bay area getting their chance to weigh in on a plan to charge a fee to get on and off of treasure island. >> how about six dollars to get on and off you don't want to do that? >> for the people that live
8:12 am
there -- it's a big issue because clearly this has a lot more to their monthly expense to and from work. some people say the money is needed to build homes and a transit system for the island itself. they have a meeting yesterday and the residents had a chance to voice their concerns. if this passes the drivers would pay upwards of seven dollars during peak hours. >> coming up, local leaders tried to do this. we will tell you what this is all about. >> (james)(darya) welcome
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back. let's get a check of the weather this morning... a mac:14 and we have an update on the commute. >> this is a hot spot and look like it may be a head-on collision. all lanes are blocked northbound 13 after the split. we have emergency crews on the scene and these cards may have been traveling on tunnel road and fell onto 13. we are waiting for more details. all lanes are closed with a special alert issue. you can see that the backup continues to grow. coming from 24 it will be the usual crowd for a friday. 19 minutes from walnut creek over to this area but it could get heavier since we have this new trouble spot and heavy
8:16 am
traffic is merging. i will keep an eye on this hotspot. i want to show you the overturn accident. south to 80 before this area we have growing bike. in the counter direction but it is and overturned that i want to show you. it is slow. on the commute side it looks decent for a friday. going north from san jose to cupertino at about 19 minutes. not too bad with no major issues. checking in on the bridge -- still backed up and quiet to the north they. i will take the bay bridge coming up. >> a cloudy start to the day. goldengate bridge is viewable in the distance. if you look closely this tells you it's not fog but low-lying cloud cover for most of us. it is cloudy for most of us
8:17 am
stepping outside to start the day. today cloudy skies and cool temperatures and tomorrow is rainfall arriving and it will impact areas just to the north. on saturday morning offshore showers picking up and by early afternoon we will see the showers working their way inland. at 5 pm tomorrow clear and dry for san francisco and northward we are looking at heavy areas of rainfall stretching from the bay all the way to the oregon border. in mendocino or sonoma county expect showers tomorrow. eventually into sunday this is when the biggest chances of rainfall can be expected. just scattered sprinkles is what we are talking about. rainfall estimates putting us well under 1/10 inch. san francisco the same and half moon bay not a lot. santa rosa 6/100 which is is
8:18 am
the most rainfall we will see for this area because it is north. not a big difference as far as yesterday for temperatures along the coast. nice and cool and staying cloudy up and down the coast. in the afternoon the temperatures will be cooler than yesterday's in the 60s and low 70s. san jose at 74. as for livermore into the 90s back into the 70s. a big drop in temperatures. walnut creek in the mid-70s today and oakland back into the 60s. fairfield 79. back to you, darya. >> a big story this morning -- more than a dozen got sick from pepper spray in the north bay. police are looking for who did this. it happened at this walgreen store in alejo. nr-írx/p-unwxí7xno carrierringr0
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valley link said the ace train system connecting the bay area to the valley should be expanded. coming up, more arrest after some thefts from apple stores across california. now, new information shows the crime ring that was bigger than i originally thought. local fishermen come to the rescue after a plane crashes in the pacific ocean. we will have those dramatic images in the moment. >> this is customizable streaming tv for your family. ...whatever size. it's saving money with flexible channel packs.
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8:23 am
a fight that can only be won, if we stand together for one cause. him. expert care for every new beginning. (robin) no major hot spots. bay welcome back 8:23. >> this hotspot in oakland -- all lane is blocked on highway 13 northbound after the 24 split. this crash happened at 7:30 but
8:24 am
chp is just issuing a traffic alert. they have all lanes closed. prepare for heavy delays. it is backed up beyond watching miller just about to the 580 split. adding to the heavy traffic out of walnut creek -- 21 minutes now. it is all merging together. i will keep an eye on this and check on this coming up. john? >> cloudy this morning resulting in lower visibility and that is helping to make for a delay this morning. >> will over an hour for you delay and weekend travel day -- if you have plans to fly, plan accordingly. maybe you are heading closer to home where the conditions will remain dry from tahoe south. expect comfortable temperatures in the 60s. heading north toward the cascades this is where we will be looking at a lot of rain.
8:25 am
>> darya and james? 8:24. there was a plane that missed the runway and landed in the ocean and all these boaters saved the passengers. >> this is a remarkable story. you see the local fishermen swarming around the plane. everybody was scurrying out of the exes. everybody was fine. maybe a broken bone or two but everybody survived. this was a small island in micronesia. the visibility was poor and the pilot overshot the runway and the plane ended up in the water but everybody is okay. >> ( sara 'm live in this high school football field was vandalized, forcing the first game of the season to be moved. i will have the details coming up. >> ♪ flintstones! meet the flintstones. ♪
8:26 am
8:27 am
♪ they're the modern stone age family. ♪ ♪ from the town of bedrock. ♪ meet george jetson. ♪
8:28 am
♪ his boy elroy. with instant acceleration, electric cars are more fun to drive and more affordable than ever. electric cars are here. plug into the present. going on two hours listening in to the judiciary committee talk before they take it to a full vote at the supreme court. >> if everything goes as expected it will come down party lines approving his recommendation to the full senate which is expected to vote saturday with judge kavanaugh being sworn in on tuesday if the dates hold. we will have to wait and see. >> yes, you can see the updates.
8:29 am
these two members walked out. they felt like it was a train they couldn't stop. >> yes, and here is the democratic senator monitoring this. the official vote is not expected until 10:30 our time. if you want to watch go to our website and we will send out an alert as well through the mobile app. download that and make sure the alert feature is activated. a michael and 29. -- 8:29. >> a hotspot in oakland on highway 13 northbound after the 24 split. this is interfering with trafc because the backup is merging together. at 7:00 the crews are on the scene. a head-on collision after 24 and the backup is about to redwood. coming from 24 it's about 22 minutes from walnut creek to
8:30 am
the oakland side. i'm recommending 580 instead of 13. take the long way around because traffic is not -- 24 from there. traffic is not moving. i will have an another looking just a bit. john? looking at the rain this weekend locally but down south on the western coast of mexico another hurricane. rosa is a category 4 expecting to make its way further north weakening to category two and category one by the time we get to sunday. this could result in swells in the distance next week areas along the southern coast of california. no real impact in the bay area. back to you. >> gh football field in the southbay police are trying to find out who vandalized this football field. it happened in morgan hill.
8:31 am
live with what they are going to do now -->>reporter: they had to move the game from the high school to live oak high school. the game is tomorrow as scheduled. they had to move it because they had to appear the field after a group of people drove their trucks onto the field. who did it -- that is still the question. this field north of town was being repaired. they had to repair the field after the vandals drove onto it creating deep ruts in the grass earlier this week. this is what the staff told us. this field has been repaired by the grounds department but they repaired areas need time to heal. they need to have additional care. they say it is deemed
8:32 am
unplayable so they have to wait until it is fixed and that way it is safe for the students to play on it. we have been trying to contact school officials. no one will tell us anything. they did not let us fill a video of the football field. we have not gotten the go- ahead. they will play tomorrow at live oak high school at the same time but at live oak high school. this could be a story of rivals for someone random, maybe not a student. the officials are trying to nail this down to see who is responsible. live in morgan hill, sarah simpson. a:32. breaking news overnight -- a six-hour standoff at a gas station left employees on edge. it happened 9:30 last night at the valero gas station. the employees got out. the man caused a disturbance.
8:33 am
when the officers got there he refused to leave, barricading himself inside the gas station and at 3 am he surrendered and was taken into custody. >> be seven behind bars for a string of apple store thefts. investigators think they may be responsible for thefts in 19 different counties. police arrested them tuesday night at a home in oakland. they say it is a crime ring and they stole from many different stores. they think it is a big ring responsible for more than the six storms that have hit nine times. >> millions of dollars of apple products. this affects you and me and at the quality of life crime. 19 counties were impacted by this. this is the search warrant.
8:34 am
>> $1 million stolen in 19 counties. there were six stores hit and they got $280,000 worth of stuff. they are still looking for more. the man convicted of killing a mother and daughter in a drunk driving crash in livermore will be sentence. brian jones lost control of his car when it crashed in 2015. the crash killed the mother and her daughter. two others were also hurt. the blood alcohol level was almost twice the legal limit. he is going to go to jail. in the south bay people living in the hope village in san jose have a new home. they have started to move with the help of volunteers. the city of san jose has a greased to lease land to them for one dollar per month for six months. they won't be moving far -- it is right across the street.
8:35 am
hope village is one by homeless advocates and the goal is to make this encampment a model for future projects. >> inside of a a long time neighbor and friend of a man found dead in his apartment was shaken by the gruesome discovery. he was the first to notify them about his neighbor. he disappeared in june. he hadn't been seen. police went to his home because they were asked to do a check. they went three times but never went in. the neighbors called saying there was a crime scene cleanup crew outside and they had seen strange men coming and going. when the police came in that's when they found his torso in a fish tank and rest -- arrested two men. court documents say silva stole
8:36 am
credit cards and used them to hire the cleaning crew and to buy a new car. the neighbors still can't believe what happened. >> the person in jail now, i'm concerned there are other people out there roaming the streets involved in this. >> the person in jail remaining is there on other charges. the other man has been released. >> entified. chii- chyu horng was found dead rly wednesday a woman stabbed to death in her san francisco home has been identified. she was found dead early wednesday. police have arrested her grandson in connection with the murder. >> 8:36. a warning for parents after a man tried to lure a teenager into his car in petaluma on eli boulevard and casagrande road near casagrande high school. he was driving a black suv and he pulled up alongside a boy
8:37 am
and try to get the boy into his vehicle. he threatened him if he didn't get into the car and the teenager ran away. police do not have a detailed description for the man. >> tomorrow sunnyvale will have its first ever gone buyback event. if you bring a gun there will be no questions and you will get $100-$400 for each gone. the guns must be unloaded and stored in the trunk of your car. this is first-come, first- served. >> pg and e cutting back trees in an effort to reduce the risk of fire. they have hired tree cutters to remove trees along the power lines. you can imagine the work ahead of them. there are nine base cancer. there is a lot of noun this
8:38 am
areas and they hope to take this proactive approach before a disaster response is needed. still ahead -- fleet week back in town. we have a preview of the security in place. plus, a goodwill worker shocked to find thousands of dollars in a donation box. we will have the story coming up. >>
8:39 am
i'm april kennedy and i'm an arborist with pg&e in the sierras. since the onset of the drought, more than 129 million trees have died in california. pg&e prunes and removes over a million trees every year to ensure that hazardous trees can't impact power lines. and since the onset of the drought we've doubled our efforts. i grew up in the forests out in this area and honestly it's heartbreaking to see all these trees dying. what guides me is ensuring that the public is going to be safer and that these forests can be sustained and enjoyed by the community in the future. major hot spot in aoakland nb
8:40 am
8:41 am
13 after 24 all lanes closed to clear welcome back to the morning news. it is 8 40. back to the hot spot in oakland -- all lanes are open now northbound after the split. two separate accidents, one a had on collision. much heavier traffic now with 13 almost backed up to 580. you may want to take 580 29 80 and 24 and jump off and avoid
8:42 am
some of the heavy traffic, not all of it. here is 24 and it is jammed. 20 minutes walnut creek to the tunnel. i will take a look at the bay bridge coming up next. john? a foggy start to the morning. cloudy all the way into the east bay today. take a look at this view. normally you see mount diablo but it is skewered by the low lying cloud cover. as for the current operators mostly the upper 50s with hayward and san jose 59 degrees. oakland and concord each of 58. a lot of these numbers are a touch warmer than yesterday at this time. moving into the afternoon they will be a lot cooler, especially inland. back to you. >> coming up, first in the state -- and underwater trail will open. coming up in a moment. >> this isn't just any long-distance relationship.
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8:46 am
there major delays on 13 beyond redwood. keep that in mind planning ahead. cell 280 before almonte it is jamming up and all the it is in this direction the traffic is that a crawl. be prepared for the southbound slow down. northbound the commute looks fine -- slow and stretches from san jose to cupertino but only 60 minutes. that's pretty good for a friday morning. is the they bridge stacked up in crowded across the upper deck with a drive time of 27 minutes from downtown oakland to fremont. on 92 it is crowded leaving hayward but no troubles bus. clocking in at 17 minutes to the peninsula and heading to this bridge it is still crawling and the commute isn't over. 11 minutes from the toll to 101. john? >> here is -- in san francisco
8:47 am
low lying clouds this morning. not a lot of fog or visibility impact. just the clouds keeping us a little on the gray side. san jose more of the same. taking a look at low lying clouds that have hung out across the bay. even after the clouds workout we have more later today. today cooler and cloudier and tomorrow saturday will be a little rainy at least for northern california. north of the bay area into tomorrow around 5:30 coastal showers from sonoma county to the oregon border. it won't be until the evening that those of us in the bay will see the rain fall. here is the impact we are expected to have. a few hundreds of an inch for most of us. santa rosa into the northbay most of it. less then 1/10 inch of rain.
8:48 am
daytime highs much colder than yesterday. livermore was in the 90s yesterday. today upper 70s. san jose 74. oakland and hayward each at 68. the next seven days will stay in the 70s inland and as i said the rainfall saturday night into sunday -- and another chance money. >> someone is trying to ruin halloween. this shows a guy walking onto the porch and taking the halloween sign. >> look at this -- the question is, did he take it because -- it's not october. should you have the sign out yet? maybe it's the neighborhood watch and maybe he will return it -- probably not. we have seen packages stolen so
8:49 am
why not this? we will see this happening more your christmas and someone steals the decorations than two. >> 8:48. fleet week kicking off and as usual we are the official fleet week station. with all the people coming here some security measures are put into place. we will have a look. >> fleet week is just about ready to take off. here in san francisco at the department of emergency management the emergency responders have coordinated efforts to keep people say during this event. >> we will be ready to respond to this. it could be an emergency during an air event or you could be an emergency in a neighborhood. >> this gives us the opportunity to work with our partners practicing all our skills. >> during fleet week we support this event from a fire safety
8:50 am
and medical safety perspective. >> public transportation is recommended. for those driving, allow us to time to reach the destination. when you arrive the police chief says you should are smart. >> you heard us say this -- park smart and don't make yourself an easy target for someone who might want to take advantage of the people here. when you park a, hide your valuables and lock them in your truck. >>reporter: if you plan to see the airshow -- >> you should wear lifejackets. >> second, know how to get help. have a marine radio to contact responders in the case of an emergency. >> here you are looking at the best way to stay informed in the event of an emergency. >> sign up for alert sf. text the word fleet week sf to
8:51 am
888 77 and hit send and your phone will be registered for an alert. you should get a confirmation within a minute. in san francisco, kron4 news. one school is participating in an event called the million father march. it is a day for dads to reinforce their commitments to their kids by taking them to school. >> this is happening in pittsburgh. >> it's a nationwide thing. you could've done it. >> i know, but i had to work. >> after the dads dropped off their kids they paraded around the school and had a breakfast for all the dads. >> whichever parent does it usually take them, they love the other one to do it. >> california state parks is about to open a new trail in
8:52 am
southlake tahoe. >> yes, you can see it. you have to go under. an underwater trail in emerald bay featuring four dive sites where you can explore the barges that have sank there. >> the cold water preserves these ships and they are all down there almost in pristine condition. the trail opens monday. if you want to do this -- give it a try. >> it's like our own titanic. >> yes. >> let's talk about football. the radars -- the raiders are back in action sunday. they are taking on the cleveland browns. the raiders are looking for their first win. the browns have their first win under their belt with a comeback last week.
8:53 am
the kickoff is at 1:05. >> coming up on the news, people on treasure island are having their first chance to weigh in on a possible toll for people coming to the island. i bet you can guess their reaction. we will have the story in a moment. >>
8:54 am
8:55 am
welcome back. happy friday. coming up at nine clock -- at 9:00 heading out to yosemite it should be nice but on the cloudy sign right now. the temperatures out there will be in the 60s and 70s the valley floor in yosemite making for comfortable weather to explore the sierra. as for those of us back here at
8:56 am
home we've got some good air quality returning, holding onto moderate conditions along the coast and for the east bay. robin? the drivetimes is a bit high from 101 to san francisco. an accident southbound at sir francis drake blocking several rains. once you get through this it will be a great ride south to san francisco. before you get there a lot of stop and go traffic. lucas valley to sir francis drake. that is why it is a 40 my minute drive. the bay bridge is jammed all the way to fremont. you know the story. the bottom of the offramp is clogged up. fremont is closed between mission and howard and this is not helping your driving to san francisco. thank you. coming up in the next hour the senate judiciary committee has decided the fate of kavanaugh's nomination. we will tell you what this boat
8:57 am
is expected to be. another traffic nightmare and it now we are learning more about how long it could take to repair the cracked beans at the transit center. officials voted to add 10 new inspectors to catch people not paying.
8:58 am
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9:00 am
start the morning with a check of weather and traffic... and traffic... big changes in the works for friday and the upcoming weekend. temperatures inland have taken a tumble, today only peaking in the 70's and low 80's as compared to yesterday's 80's and 90's. along the coast expect temperatures to remain in the 50's and 60's with cloudy conditions to start the morning followed by partly cloudy skies for the afternoon.
9:01 am
no major hot spots. bay bridge wb 80 is less then 30 min from the maze to sf.. golden gat bridge drive time less than 30 min from 37 to the toll plaza. ( james ) judge kavanaugh's hearing may have been yesterday... but on capitol hill the atmosphere may be even more heated.senate
9:02 am
offices are filled with protesters and the judiciary committee hearing was interrupted when democratic senators got up and walked out. ( darya )washington correspondent alexandra limon joins us live to break it all down for us.happening now? ( alex ) the atmosphere in washigton is just electric - judge kavanaugh's nomination has turned into all out political partisan fight even more than it was before. this all started this morning before the judiciary committee meeting started senator jeff flake the moderate republican released a statement saying he would vote in released a statement saying he would support judge
9:03 am
kavanaugh's nomination. that's important because flake is one of a key handful of republican senators and he's the only wub that's on the jew -- one that's on the judiciary committee among the key senators so that basically guarantees that kavanaugh's f committee. that led to that very dramatic moment you're talking about in the committee hearing when democrats got up and walked out. first, democrats introduced a motion to subpoena mark judge, that's the man that dr. kasem ford was present and witnessed when judge kavanaugh allegedly tried -- allegedly tried to rape her. naves voted down along party lines. along with that, senator grassily introduced another motion to set the committee on kavanaugh at 1:30 eastern today. some democrats flatly refused
9:04 am
to partake in that vote and then they got up and walked out one by one. first it was harris, then bloom enthat will and then they spoke to reporters in the hallway about why they did it. >> it was very clear that the republicans will break every person on the supreme court where be there with a cloud, he will weaken the court. >> we're talk about putting somebody on the united states supreme court for a lifetime. for the sake of our democracy and the integrity of our glam chicago. you would think that -- democracy. >> some democratic women
9:05 am
started to link arms and walk across to the senate side to get in on the hearing and join the senators that woked out in protest and that's why you saw them in that press conference behind them and dozens and dozens of protesters in the hallways laying down on the floor getting arrested, chanting and shouting things is coming. >> wow, lay the time line out for us. what happens next? when's the vote? what's ahead? >> it's obviously up in the air but as far as what we understand will happen next, the first thing will be this 1:30 senate judiciary committee vote that'll be to vote kavanaugh out of committee and will likely pass. then we understand that republican leadership has set a vote the first procedure vote for the full senate to happen saturday around noon. now, it's a procedure vote called a motion to proceed, and then after that the official vote on kavanaugh we're being
9:06 am
told might happen monday or possibly tuesday but, again, all of these moving pieces, everything is up in the air and i presume subject to change. we just really don't know. >> okay. thanks a lot, alex. we'll stay tuned for that because 0u 0 our time is when -- 10:30 our time is when that vote will happen. then another moment that alex yqux/nmx?ñ?ñwhere corned senator jeff flake of arizona when he said he'd support the no, ma'am and you got to -- nominee and you got to see what happens. >> nobody believes me. you're telling all women that they don't matter. that they should just stay quiet because if they tell you what happened to them, you're going to ignore them. that's what happened to me and that's what you're telling all women in america. that they don't matter, they should keep it to themselves because if they have told the truth, they're just going to help that man to power anyway. that's what you're telling all of these women. that's what you're telling me
9:07 am
right now. look at me when i'm talking to you. you're telling me that my assault doesn't matter. what happened to me doesn't matter and you're going to let people do these things and put them in power. that's what you're telling me when you vote for him. >> that was in the elevator he was cornered before going into the committee room. in berkeley. this time supporting christine blasey ford just like last time but this time there was a bit of discourse and things got a little contentious when another side showed up to the street to rally for kavanaugh and the berkeley college republicans and they back his nomination so everything was peaceful but two sides shouting at each other for a time. >> the other big story this morning is a situation in san francisco where now it looks like the headache for commuters will continue into next week. cracks at the trans-bay transit
9:08 am
will be there for a little while longer. will. >> reporter: realtime traffic as far as downtown san francisco and you can see very much busy at howard and fremont and only letting certain people go. that car thought he or she could possibly go through. no, only construction crews. you get the point that ever since this was shut down a couple of days ago, people are thoroughly confused and you can no longer go down on fremont and submission and market because of what's going on. the cracked beams at the sales force transit and the belly exposed and all morning we've seen people go up and down with cherry pickers looking at it. we know october 5 possibly is the guesstimation on when this street will be open to the public but they spent 2.2 billion on this, open for 40 days and it still went wrong. who knows in october 5 will be
9:09 am
met. in the meantime, traffic problems. goodness gracious . just avoid this area all together. >> yeah. >> with that, a lot of people are taking it to heart and we've got the new steps that bart is taking to crack down on fare evaders. plus, somebody opened a pepper spray can and unleashed and a whole bunch of customers went running out. we'll tell you what happened.
9:10 am
9:11 am
9:12 am
major delays on sb 101 before sir francis drake. traffic jammed from lucas valley. . traffic is crawling and a look at sally road and plan ahead for that slow down. your drive times 74 74 minutes nevada to san francisco. 9:12 and a big story this morning, more than a dozen people got sick when pepper spray was released in a pharmacy in the north bay. police are still looking for who did it. it was this walgreens on springs road in vallejo. somebody walked in and pepper sprayed a employee then another employee who came to that employee's rescue. both of those workers had to go to the hospital and then a dozen other people had to be treated at the scene because the pepper spray affected them
9:13 am
so horribly. they still don't know who did it. they have no idea but they got away. still ahead, local leaders trying to get a train service from the bay area to tracy. we'll have the details. ( darya ) welcome
9:14 am
9:15 am
back. let's get a check of the weather this morning...
9:16 am
major delays on sb 101 before sir francis drake. traffic jammed from lucas valley. bay bridge wb 80 is less then 30 min from the maze to sf. san mateo bridge less then 30 from . i'll keep you posted and three left $ílanes closed. south 101 before sir francis drake. it's looking a whole lot better. check out drive time 86 minutes for the drive now nevado to san francisco all because of the hot spot and on the golden gate and getting there from the north bay will be a challenge.
9:17 am
when you come off the ramp, you'll drive into the closure and live shot and it's looking good and backed up. we're suggesting that you avoid it. the bridge looks decent and 18 minutes to the north bay and traffic tracker showing normal averages for friday and 80, 9w2 580, and these numbers going down 16 minutes to downtown oakland. a lot cooler for some in the east bay and temperatures up to 15 degrees cooler than yesterday. san francisco very cloudy if not foggy for a lot of us and that's the way it is across most of the bay this morning. san jose very cloudy as well and take a look at the east bay. this is the view from the foothills above and you can see berkeley below and that's because cloud cover is aloft today and that means that that view down below and your
9:18 am
visibility is good. it's the clouds making it so gray and gloomy to start off friday. early on in the day, not looking at much of anything across parts of california and ui tomorrow afternoon. by 6:00 p.m. looking at heavy showers at times right around yreka and north of -- eureka and working into the evening hours and isolated sprinkles pick up during overnight hours saturday night into sunday across the bay. sprinkles is really the ideal word here because what we're looking at is not a whole lot of rain. it's just a nice little, i guess teaser of what we'll hopefully see this winter season and santa rosa a big winner nearing a tenth of an inch of rain and checking in with minute amounts. showers saturday night into sunday morning looking most likely and that heaviest of
9:19 am
rain north of the golden gate so those of you up in marin, napa and golden county seeing the best chance of precipitation. temperatures into the 70s for areas along the bay but, hey, only in the 70s inland. antioch and livermore at 77 and 78 degrees each. these were in the ad90s yesterd so what a change. 70s is the way we'll be through the weekend and into next week too. saturday night into sunday our first dose of moisture and then seeing more as we move into monday. james. >> all right, john, thank you. metropolitan transportation commission approved a plan to spend millions of dollars to study the idea of creating a new rail link between dublin and tracy. we have a closer look. >> the dublin pleasantton bart station but out in the san juaquin valley and livermore, they take buses or drive from home to the station and then back home at the end of the
9:20 am
day. brutal commute and may be relief on the way. in the coming decades traffic on the busy interstate 580 plans have been in the works for a long time to extend some dublinton rail station into the san juaquin valley. the metropolitan commission approved over $10 million to conduct a environmental impact review in preliminary engineers on just such a project. it's known as valley link. it would be a railway from the dublin pleasantton bart station over the pass extending to tracy and beyond. >> it would be great. >> that's welcomed news to bart riders like neil holmes traveling from tracy on a regular lay sis. fighting traffic is brutal and valley link is a good idea. >> highways are overfilled and a waste of gas.
9:21 am
faster and easier to do that. i can take tracy all the way to san francisco. >> opponents paying for construction of the $1.8 billion valley link and another argument is that the ace train system connects the bay area to the san juaquin valley and perhaps better to expand than in any case. it'll be years if ever before a valley link is up and running. they hope relief is on the way. >> people do it every day and long distance of trains and what i do here. >> valley link could be up and running sometime between 2023- 2026. east basins teacher east bay science teacher pleaded guilty to child molestation. he was a teacher at walnut
9:22 am
creek. they got a tip from a witness saying he was talking about his crimes in an online forum and eventually caught when meeting with an undercover cop who he thought was a young teenager. police say his crimes did not involve students at the school. in the south bay, a 90- year-old man is behind bars o old stepdaughter. san jose police went for a welfare check at the home and that's where they found the body of karen navarra. they say that anthony iello murdered her and was booked into the santa clara county jail. still ahead, bart now taking new steps to crack down on fare evaders and we'll have that story plus people on treasure island getting a first chance to voice their concerns about a new toll that would charge people to get on and off the island. we'll explain. this is customizable streaming tv for your family.
9:23 am
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9:25 am
it's my job to protect as a public safety,pg&e, keeping the powerlines clear while also protecting the environment.
9:26 am
the natural world is a beautiful thing. the work that we do helps protect it. public education is definitely a big part of our job, to teach our customers about the best type of trees to plant around the powerlines. we want to keep the power on for our customers. we want to keep our communities safe. this is our community. this is where we live. we need to make sure that we have a beautiful place for our children to live. together, we're building a better california. . welcome back. and back to our hot spot. major delays on south 101 approaching sir francis drake and multi-vehicle accident blocking the two left lanes and chp issued a traffic alert so crawling with lucas valley and that's why you're at 93
9:27 am
minutes, ouch, to san francisco and plan ahead and we'll check more bridges coming up. shane. >> thank you, robin. people across the bay area are getting their chance to weigh in on a plan to charge a fee to get onto and off of treasure island. that toll on top of the toll for the bay bridge first. the money we're told is going to be used to build new homes and develop some sort of new the county transportation authority held a meeting yesterday where residents called this plan a bad idea f. it's passed, drivers would have to pay a total of $7, that's $3.50 each way to get on and off the island and then there are lower tolls -- the bay bridge, yeah. a few more public meetings held to discuss the ramifications of this and public has more chances to voice their concerns before this goes into effect in 2021. mar arrests of a stream of thefts from apple stores across the country and new information shows the crime ring behind
9:28 am
this a lot bigger than police originally thought. (darya)(james) welcome
9:29 am
9:30 am
back to the kron four mornin 9:29 am, we're looking at weather and traffic. the last half hour, still not too late for travel. >> we have two lanes, we had three lanes close not - - now we have them two. they will be working with this for quite some time. southbound 101, catching folks by surprise when you think the commute is over you have a major crash jamming up the ride. from lucas valley all the way to sir francis drake and we do not have enough time to clear it. once you get to the crash scene after that it's great continuing to san francisco now and not - - whopping 90 minutes total novato to the toll plaza.traffic jam from the maze, 580 back to 24 and stays heavy all the way to fremont,
9:31 am
major closer in place on city streets, fremont shut down to mission, it's a mess. don't even exit at fremont street, use harrison instead, harrison is slow not as bad. you can use harrison or folsom instead of fremont and howard because of those streets are - - this morning, we will check more. >> plenty of clouds to start the weekend and more of them in your saturday as well. temperatures are nice out there nice and comfortable , hayward in san jose 60 degrees, concord, might be a warmer start than yesterday, cooler finish, temperatures from the 90s inland to the 70s, 60s in san francisco and oakland and for san jose, 74 today, compared to 80s yesterday. more about the weekend brain and cooldown still to come. knew this morning, football
9:32 am
games at so bridal high had been moved because of vandals that destroyed the football field. they drove trucks into the field creating deep ruts in the grass area this week. the department has been working to repair the feels but the district deemed them unplayable. big story bart official voted to add new 10 inspectors to test people not paying their fair. - - fare. >> you will see more fare inspect there's was are the people check to see if you bought a ticket to ride the bart this week. the barred bowl - - board of director to hire additional inspect there's an expanded team tonight and weekends. a spokesman said that it increased the police presence on board train and platforms and encourage compliance over time. bart currently has six inspectors work during the day and week and in january they started enforcing a new proof of payment system.
9:33 am
it allows inspectors to check for valid fair inside the bart system since march 3800 13 s. asians had been issued, we talked to a woman who said that they have been a victim. >> i have been a victim of people that i guess called tailgating, and there was one time that i recovered from my broken ankle on a walking boot - - boot and this guy push me through. >> it's 9:33 am and breaking his overnight a six hours stand up at the san jose standoff around 9:30 pm last night at the valero - - of alejo - - valero gas station. a guy went in and threatened them, he barricaded himself in the gas station and it wasn't until 3:00 this morning that police were able to get him to surrender and take him into custody. seven people are now behind
9:34 am
bars this morning after a string of apple store staffs, they may be responsible for others in 19 different counties. police arrested the feast she say not a home in oakland and they think it's a big ring stealing from at least 50 different apple stores, this is a video of the store hit a couple times in santa rosa. they are thinking this crime is even bigger than the people they arrested. a theft of apple products and that affects you and me and it's a qualitative life - - 19 counties had been impacted by the ring. this is a search warrant that was a part of the oakland pd. they think there are other people out there and there are nine outstanding warrants for others that they would like to arrest. happening today the man convicted of killing a mother and her daughter in a drunk driving crash in livermore will
9:35 am
be sentenced. brian jones lost control of his car when the crash into an apartment complex back in 2015 that crash killed esperanza more alice and her daughter lydia. two other children were hurt. his blood alcohol content almost twice the legal limit at the time of the accident. people living in the hope village and encampment in san jose have a new home. residents started moving into the new location with the help of volunteers. the city of san jose agreed to lease them the land for a dollar a month for the next six months and they don't have to go far. the new site is across from the old one. hope village is run by advocates and the goal is to make this encampment a model for future homeless housing projects. and 82-year-old woman stabbed to death in her home has been identified, - - horn was found dead on wednesday morning, they arrested her 30- year-old grandson in connection with that crime. happening now warning for
9:36 am
parents of a man tried to lure a young teenager into his car in petaluma. it was in the area of eli boulevard south and casagrande road. near the high school. the man was driving a black suv with tinted windows. he pulled her alongside a - - a 13-year-old boy and tried to get a boy in his car and threatened the team to get in the teenager took off ran away and the teens - - the teen is okay and they don't have a description of the man. tomorrow, sunnyvale will hold the first ever gun buyback event. it starts at 8 am at the presbyterian church and last until noon. anyone who turns in a gun will not be asked any questions and oversee over $100-$400 for each gun turned in and there's no limit on how many you can turn over, all guns must be unloaded and stored in the trunk of your car if you plan to participate, that event is first come first serve. they area athletes to lighten up field in football and baseball, jared gives women
9:37 am
broadcasters to talk about. and the a's hope to bring the wild card game to oakland and the - - are playing in their own world series, just for pride. take a live look at san mateo bridge, so foggy there but traffic not too bad. the problem is in the north bay. >> we're talking to mike and finding out how you can save money. >> a lot of ways to save money. the biggest one is you have one of the largest selections, we have pair and single tires. a lot of vehicles these days are all-wheel-drive. people damage one tire, maybe the tire is unrepairable rather than changing all for you can get one as long as we can match
9:38 am
the depth and the brain. >> if you have a 4 x 4, you raise your track and put biggers tires. i was on the fence about changing from a manual to an electric toothbrush. but my hygienist said going electric could lead to way cleaner teeth. she said, get the one inspired by dentists,
9:39 am
with a round brush head. go pro with oral-b. oral-b's gentle rounded brush head removes more plaque along the gum line. for cleaner teeth and healthier gums. and unlike sonicare, oral-b is the first electric toothbrush brand accepted by the ada for its effectiveness and safety. what an amazing clean! i'll only use an oral-b! oral-b. brush like a pro. at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet,
9:40 am
we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more. major delays on sb 101 before
9:41 am
sir francis drake. traf the time is 9:41 am and back to the hotspot south 101 it is tough right now leaving the north bay heading to san rafael, a crash just cleared before sir francis drake. at one point it was walking three lanes all major delays out of marine to the southbound drive all the way to the - - 98 minutes drive time that's major from to novato to toll plaza. across richmond bridge as well jammed from the toll all the way out to 101, 28 minutes , make sure to plan ahead.
9:42 am
the california state park system is about to open a brand- new trail near south lake tahoe in south lake tahoe. for the first time ever, in the park's history it will be underwater. you will have a chance to follow the trail to emerald bay. come with your own canister. oxygen canister. a number of ships and barges that sunk their, four dive site set up you can go down there and take a look, pretty interesting, experts say the water so cold, it's preserved a lot of the ships some of them more than 100 years old. - - pretty interesting site to see. swimming down below the surface. get a whatsit i bet it's cold. you want to stay warm. we've got lots ahead, a peek outside, continue to look at the weather and traffic on a
9:43 am
foggy friday morning, you can see the breeze in the - - and the flag, trying to clear out as usual. you could save energy by living off the grid. completely. or... just set the washing machine to cold. do your thing. with energy upgrade california.
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(áábreakáá) no major hot spots. bay idge wb major delays continue on 101 heading to pfrom the north bay to san francisco. 74 minutes novato to 9cwl g/the traffic is recovering from the crash i told you about that sir very heavy "kfleaving marin. san rafael bridge also impacted crawling from the toll plaza minutes of very high drive time when traffic is supposed to be winding down. maze to fremont street offramp is packed because fremont's - -
9:49 am
street is closed from howard to mission. cloudy today but no rain. way to future cast. there will be some northern california showers mostly staying to the north. evening hours saturday night to sunday we will q light rain fall. about. a few sprinkles for most of us, most e&significant rain kt'ñpc< in zg7santa rosa nearing a 10th an inch which is not a whole lot to be talking about. temperatures will range from the 60s to the 70s, a lot inland areas. temperature change for those of7 us along the coast, less noticeable. pretty cloudy today it will clear later on but expect a cloudy day than not. temperatures in the 70s tomorrow slight chance of rain round of rainfall on monday. á let's start with the morning bf buzz, with baseball ÷íluñlose
9:50 am
but the satisfaction of ruining it for the dodgers, the a's trying to win home field advantage in the wild card game. they are already jumping for joy for getting this far but wouldn't it be great if they got to play that winning wild card
9:51 am
said quote i don't really make decisions based tdon money i get." you think? no, was it worth it really? ever worth it. x >> you are baseball players this is the unwritterule of baseball. >> 9i guess. what is your pride worth? >> i like 400 grand better. >> the giants, know exactly who they will be when the wild card game, they will be .;[urgg on the couch like the rest of us only way they qrlñcan salvage i to blow up the dodgers chances - - of making the playoffs. we don't want them to clinch in our home. the giants have to win at least two out of three games this this sunday the 49ers play game one of 13 without jimmy g, áit would be weird u)áñfor quarterback cj back third because it's against the chargers a team he grew up rooting for because their general manager what was his grandfather the raiders will get a
9:52 am
oakland fn(against the %qñsbrow baker mayfield he is making his first start after leading the comeback that gave them !+ethe first victory and all the free beer. the first player to take a knee was kaepernick on the 49ers has gotten a job. the carolina panthers signed mul betting that if he helped them to win then even the fans who do not like to protest will forget about it. no bites on any jerry goff made ring catholic proud and cal, he touchdown to keep the rams and beaten. i am not going to go to the play-by-play because this is real tv and female commentators have been dsrelegated to amazon streaming. where they are making history by being one of the four audio sources you can listen to the women and the regular guys and women and thñguys with uys and british accents.
9:53 am
while historic. changing for women in england, new judges meghan markle closed the kocar door that's it. all by herself. that's it. women are not supposed to do that. look at it again should we rewind? she closed the car door. >> inexcusable. this is what we do. megan continues to trail lays ways usually challenging - - and realizes it like when she crossed her legs the wrong way n - - the full cross it has to be low by the ankles or when she tried to where the hat to wimbledon, my god, what's i&une james? breaking all kinds of protocol, ordering coffee instead of tea the horror. >> she's a real cowboy.
9:54 am
9:55 am
( james ) comedy leads the
9:56 am
way at theaters this weekend, as a pair of laughers fight for if you're looking for something funny this weekend we got a couple of options nm&at the theaters, david daniels take a look. it's not going to do the work, drop the class. worki am going to do the work you will see. >> kevin hart their - - squares off with tiffany had is in nine - - in night jfschool debuts - expected to debut number one, that would 1wñbe the best openi ber a comedy since last >> oh my gosh. fja >> reach into your memory. >> small foot is expected to give night school qrlña challen' box office watchers figure it will debut with around $25 @> they walk amongst us. >> held fast - - the horror thriller is looking at five to
9:57 am
exceed the production budget. s >> because i love him. u >> finally there's little women w /iconic louisa may alcott novel. it was projected to debut with twvytmto $4 million in moderate release. a reminder happening just 30 minutes from now the senate judicial hearing committee will vote on brett kavñ,tugh nomination to the supreme court so make sure to state and for that. this has been going on since next 30 xthis morning and we wok have been monitoring what they have been saying and the e/9vot when it comes in you can watch it live on kron4. we have it live as - - streaming, go /to the website and the mobile app and we will see you push alerts. that's in for the morning tonight , we will see you next monday morning.
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