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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  October 10, 2018 7:30pm-8:00pm PDT

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♪ it's "e.t." at the amas. >> from throwing shade to so much slay. >> it was lady's night at the amas. hot. >> there is no limit for women. >> you can do anything you want. >> but the best of the show what we saw behind the scenes. >> plus jen garner in her 40s flirty and thriving. why she's ready to date? and why priyanka and nick are waiting to make that a reality.
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get rereaady for a royal weddin and a star is born, but bradley we're not talking about you. >> the dog i fell in love with is your real life dog. >> charlie. >> the campaign to score the pooch an oscar. >> this is "entertainment tonight." welcome to chicago and the set of empire. there's a pivotal plot twist this season. i'm going after the empire. i'm working as an -- >> you're supposed to say i'm going after empire and i'm supposed to take it but you have to take it. >> punk ass actors. >> we'll get to that in a second. we're going to start with the american music awards. ladies ruled the night and keltie was in the middle of the madness.
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>> did taylor swift shade kim k. at the amas? taylor kicked off the show with a giant cobra. she wrote thank you for liking my duet with karen. karen is taylor's name for the giant snake she also took on the tour. the k. name is heard to be a dig at kim. taylor described herself as mother of snakes. >> taylor swift. >> taylor swift. >> taylor swift. >> swift won four amas putting her total at 23 and breaking the record for most wins. >> i'm looking forward to the next chapter.
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>> and taylor doubled down on her plan to get out the youth vote. >> get out and vote. i love you guys. >> and speaking of empowerment. jlo released her new girl power song "limit less". >> the message is there's no limit for women. >> it is. the only thing holding you back is you. and the jaw dropping expression was the same for all of us when cardi b performed. she won three awards. >> they said i wasn't going to make it after i had a baby. >> speaking of hot mamas carrie underwood was glam and absolutely gorgeous cradling her little baby bump. we'll break down all the night's
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fashion. >> we got some news about another powerful mama jennifer garner, but jen is finally making time for a love life. >> newly divorced jennifer garner is dating and quote loves it. the glowing 46-year-old mom of three was spotted signing autographs outside of kimmel's studio. a source tells "e.t." she is being very selective and quote seems to be staying far away from celebrity dating. "e.t." can also report that jen played a big role in ben's decision to break things off with the 22-year-old playboy model shauna sexton. our source says quote jen tried to be supportive of his relationship winds, but she couldn't get behind this. ben is firmly focussed on sobriety after completing 40 days of treatment for alcoholism. ben looked to be in a great mood out in l.a. yesterday and had a sweet moment with an adoring fan.
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>> now to a devastated theresa and joe guidice. a judge has ruled he will be deported to his native italy at the end of his 41-month prison sentence for fraud. >> our source says theresa hopes to win an appeal so joe can stay. if that doesn't happen, she'll mostly stay in america. no priyanka's tiffany's tip to joe jonas. >> i may have hinted i wanted a tiffany ring. >> s athe end of the 2018 blue book collection. our source said the couple is telling friends the wedding will be most likely next year. >> if you want more proof that she wants everybody to be in
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live, she's just app. >> just like meghan markle found her happily ever after with prince harry, get ready for another round of royal wedding fever. get ready for another case of royal wedding fever as his cousin princess eugenie says i do. here's what we know. ♪ >> george and amal clooney are expected along with cindy crawford and randy gerber ther. jack works for calamigos tequila. super models naomi campbell and kate moss are close friends of the bride and demi moore is tight with the bride's mother sarah ferguson. >> princess eugenie is rare for a royal because she holds a real job. >> she's ninth in line to the throne, but she's a working private individual.
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she is not funded by the royal family. she's an art director. >> eugenie's maid of honor will be her older sister princess beatrice. prince george will be a pageboy and princess charlotte a bridesmaid. the queen's oldest great grandchild savannah phillips will also be a bridesmaid and we're just hoping for another cheeky moment like this. there's a rumor that harry and meghan may only go to the ceremony, but could skip the evening reception. >> we're told that several of prince harry's exes will be there. chelsea davie has reportedly been reportinvited. >> there's plenty of drama where kevin is working in chicago. >> yeah keltie, i'm here because i have a little cameo on an upcoming episode.
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he's working with me on my scene. how am i doing so far? >> doo doo doo doo doo doo. >> this is my trailer right here. they have put your name on the -- whoa. it's special to say kevin frazier, not interviewer. i'm trying to get my rehearsal in. >> action. >> jamal -- >> no. >> jamal -- >> i don't believe it. >> jamal -- >> again. >> this doesn't work, but i'm about to do my scene. >> you seem really happy. >> my episode is expected to air sometime in november. michelle and keltie back to you. fool. >> we know his scenes are going to get cut. we know that. >> i was going to give him some
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credit and say we should have a watch party. >> it's never going to air. >> meanwhile on tv tonight, the return of "riverdale." why is everyone so obsessed with this show? >> i'll give you two reasons, luke perry and k-j apa. "e.t." online's leanne aguilera got to the root of their real-life connection. >> luke, when you were on "90210" your hair was iconic and it still looks great. >> it was much taller than yours bro, oh, much bigger. i could get it way up. >> exactly. >> how did "riverdale" become one of the most buzzed about shows on tv? call it casting genius. they found super hot and talented stars as the teens and for the parents? well they're the ones gen xers were crushing on in the '90s, molly ringwald, mark consuelos and of course luke. >> i am curious to know, luke, how does this compare to your "90210" days?
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>> "90210" was bigger this way, you know, but "riverdale" burns white hot. >> next the heat level is off the charts. fans love to ship bughead and varchie. >> what can you tease? >> their relationship is definitely put to the test this season. >> yeah, put to the test while they were in the shower, while i was bleeding to death in the hospital. >> lili reinhart and cole sprouse are a couple in real life, but bughead's getting even more serious this season 'cause betty's may be getting a matching tattoo. >> have you thought about where you would want betty's to be? >> nowhere obvious because i don't want to have to get a fake tattoo on every day for work. i already need to get my tattoos covered constantly. so i don't need longer hair and make up time. >> coming up how bradley cooper picked the perfect pooch for "a star is born." meet his real life best friend. >> then is julia roberts lady gaga's biggest competition for an oscar. your first look at a film some
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are calling her best since erin brockovich. >> then how taye
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>> common told "e.t." his family was embarrassed the see his
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♪ >> lady gaga, harry styles and serena williams are all teaming up. they have been picked to co share next year's met gala. it's the oscars of fashion. >> it's going to be great. the theme is camp which is perfect for lady gaga. it's all the overthe topness. gaga is drawing rave reviews. >> the dog who i fell in love with is actually your real life dog? >> yeah, that's charlie. >> in this movie charlie who f a scene stealer during one of bradley's most heart wrenching moments. >> does your dog have to audition or were you like i already know you're the greatest animal on the planet? >> you know, i never even thought about any other dog but him. >> we've seen the pooch in real life out for a walk with cooper and baby mama irina shayk, but here's some dog data. charlie is named after bradley's late father charles cooper. he's a golden doodle, a golden retriever poodle mix.
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and he's a rescue who stole lady gaga's heart. >> did you ever get to puppy sit on set? >> oh, yes. we were always playing with charlie. ♪ >> while gaga and bradley's film has pulled in over $65 million so far twitter's been doggone canine crazy advocating for an oscar, but this man's best friend has already won bradley an award. animal rights organization peta tells "e.t." it will honor cooper with the inaugural compassion in film award for casting his own dog rather than using one from a potentially questionable animal handler like some productions quote we're hoping cooper's kind decision sets a precedent. >> you have to jump through a lot of hoops to be able to do that. >> that's the best about being able to make a movie is you geti >> still ahead, is this date night? >> yeah. >> from the cute to the colorful to the totally out of control. >> look at these legs. >> oh! >> we're breaking down the ama
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fashion and carrie underwood's baby bump couture. >> and hey oscar is julia roberts calling. >> closed captioning provided by -- it's time for the ross fall dress event.
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you know when you're at ross and you ...for how much?.. that's yes for less. fall's best accessories are even better when you find them for less. at ross. yes for less. ♪ >> so this suit. this guy put my entire family inside of it. >> take it off and show us. >> okay. i kind of look like a cartoon character. i got my kids and my wife. >> country star thomas rhett made his ama fashion all about family in that gucci suit. i mean, that red carpet did not disappoint. there was color, sparkle, lace
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and lots of leg as we break down the stories behind the style. ♪ >> it's cuchnie. it's classic. it's chic. >> can i see the purse? that is so cute. >> a new look. >> i did a little choppy for this. >> i just wanted something different. the amas are fun and you can push the boundaries. >> look at these legs today ladies and gentlemen. ♪ >> people are saying marilyn. wasn't the inspiration, but i will take it. >> the inspiration behind taylor's off the runway look? she called herself a human disco ball. carry dressed her baby bump in not one but two dresses.
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>> i feel like it's soft and it's a little hard and it's kind of like me. >> sometimes you have to go as big as you can. >> red carpet trends, showing a whole lot of leg and pretty in pink. mariah got the memo wearing a guy nor mouse few sha gown. we couldn't keep our eyes ouf sierra's little man future. is this date night? >> yeah. >> we're having our time right now. >> my heart. >> my heart was so full because everyone turned it out. back to mariah. her performance of "with you."
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>> something else that sounds good? taye diggs back on tv. let me say sit again. taye diggs is back on tv. only "e.t." was invited to the set of his new football drama "all american." >> i heard this described as like "the oc" meets "friday night lights." what do you think about that comparison? >> hmm i'm not upset, no. you have the sports and you have the beautiful people, but then you get a lot of major issues that they kind of tackle. >> i need you to win games, but you need me more. >> taye's new hustle, he's a beverly hills high football coach. his star player's recruited from south central l.a. and even though newcomer daniel ezra sounds like an american teenager on the show, he's actually a brit. >> so i only speak american when i'm here. i wanted to practice and i would go to restaurants and places >> okay. so give me a number one with fries in american voice. >> give me a number one with fries. >> a number one with fries and i'm vegan so i'd never order that. >> "all american is based on the
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real life experiences of nfl line back spencer paysinger who's also a consultant on the new cw series and it scores with plenty of action. most of those extras on the field are former pro players. but is daniel ready for gridiron greatness? >> you need to show me how to smile. >> how to help him be a heartthrob because the cw produces those good lookin' fellas that the young girls like. >> 100%. >> well, that's me. so you don't have to worry about it. right? >> that's true. >> you've -- i got it. >> i'm going to pretend that smile is all for me. >> it's all for me. i have loved "friday night lights." >> you're going to get something like that. >> let's move on to america's sweetheart. julia roberts back on the big screen in "ben is back back." we have your exclusive new look.
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>> omg, i can't believe it. >> hi mom. >> how much of your own mothering instincts and feelings did you take into this difficult role? >> i mean i really didn't because i just think you have to -- things have to be separate, yeah. >> it's easy to see why. the 50-year-old mom to three plays holly, a mother whose love for her addict son is tested when he skips rehab to be home for the holidays. >> this time tomorrow you are back in sober living. >> okay. >> you do not leave my sight ever because for the next 24 hours you are mine. all mine. got it? >> i got it. if i don't deal with this, then it could be worse next time. >> okay. >> pay the man and then get out. lock the door >> okay. just be calm. i can't be calm. >> critics are calling julia's performance in the family drama a career high. >> i just need you to please find my son. >> and her best since "erin brockovich." >> just tell me son where you want me to bury you. >> i'm not going to die. >> "ben is back" is out december 7th.
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>> anyway, here i am still here. so thank you. ♪ >> you obviously recognize that guy who is playing julia's son. his dad was actually the director. a family working together. >> yes indeed. next on kron-4 news at eight: monster hurricane michael slams the southeast...and takes a deadly turn. a look at the damage the record-breaking storm has done. and where it's headed next. fire destroys an east bay construction project... how it will slow down affordable housing in the area. plus. a judge deciding on whether to toss out a jury's verdict and order a new trial in the case against monsanto and its weed killer roundup. i'm ken wayne i'm catherine heenan.
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the news -- at eight -- is next.
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>> travel consideration provided by -- >> get excited all you lambs out there. mariah carey's new album is expected soon. we'll leave you with the video of "with you." >> it's gorgeous. it's shot all around hollywood. glam like mariah. ♪ ♪ i don't know what i'm supposed to do ♪
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(ken) hurricane michael has become deadly. at least one person has died from the monster storm. michael tore through florida as a category four storm.(ken) thank you for joining us i'm ken wayne.(catherine) and i'm catherine heenan. now a category one..michael is moving through georgia and toward the carolinas. natasha chen is in panama city beach...with more hurricane michael made history as it slammed into florida's panhandle and


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