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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  November 2, 2018 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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the stands ... a knee on the field ... tonight fallout from the raiders=niners battle of the baywhoosha major battle over san francisco's homeless ... tonight we talk to the tech billionaire who's poured millions into proposition c. sotwhooshand the f=b=i says it's intercepted a second mail bomb addressed to bay area activist tom steyer. (pam) (pam) we start with breaking news this evening out of san jose. just before seven- tonight.. the c-h-p reporting a huge brush fire
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along interstate-880. good evening. i'm pam moore. (grant) and i'm grant lodes in for ken wayne. all lanes but one lane is blocked on southbound 880 in the area just south of north first street in san jose. the right lanes are also blocked on north bound highway 87 due to the fire. police are advising drivers to expect delays are try to avoid the area if you can. so far they do not know when the road will re-open. we have a reporter on the way to the scene and will bring you a live report later in the newscast. (pam) we first told you about this brush fire through a push alert. you can stay updated with this story and all breaking news... by downloading our kron 4 app tonight ... "obviously there's a reason why these two teams have not been allowed by the nfl to play one another." (pam) an all- out bloody brawl at the 49ers - raiders game last night.. people taking out their phones .. and capturing it all on camera. the 'battle of the bay'
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football game between the 49'ers and the raiders on thursday night ... lived up to its name in more ways than one... .. a number of videos are being shared around social media ... of fan fights during the big game... one of those videos led to an arrest for felony battery... (grant) kron 4's gabe slate met with santa clara police who said, despite the high arrest numbers... they believe their beefed up security was sufficient... we want to warn you some of this video is graphic. this is one of several fan fight videos being passed around on social media from monday night's football game between the 49er's and raiders that took place at levi's stadium. at this point it's not known what started this altercation but you can see one man repeatedly punching another and then the man doing the punching leaves the area. santa clara police say that video was posted right after the fight and it helped them track down the suspect and make an arrest sound from - santa clara police captain wahid kazem "we got him within minutes" santa clara police captain wahid kazem said it is 31 year old stevgonzalez guardado seen in this video punching another
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man they arrested him and charged him with felony battery. that was just one of the three arrests for assault they made on game night. there was 32 arrests made in all. sound from - santa clara police captain wahid kazem "the majority of were public intoxication" this video showing a bigger brawl between a sea or red and black rival fans, lead to no arrests captain kazem said his officers were on scene quickly broke it up, there were no major injuries and none of the fans involved pursued charges. sound from - santa clara police captain wahid kazem "the number of arrests did exceed records of any event in last year and half" even though there were high arrest numbers, santa clara police say they were prepared for the battle of the bay and considering there was 60,000 fans, and a lot of drinking it could have been worse sound from - santa clara police captain wahid kazem "it could have been worse" in santa clara kron 4 news
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(grant) tonight we're learning from family that the cheerleader who kneeled at last night's game is a woman named kayla. (pam) according to her biography on the 49ers website-- she is a 2nd year member of the gold rush.... and she is from the east bay. kron4's dan thorn has more on perhaps the most famous cheerleader in the country right now. a brand new picture of a member of the gold rush kneeling before thursday's 49ers raiders game...the family of the protesting cheerleader tells us her name is kayla and she's from antioch. the 2nd year member is seen here taking a knee during the national anthem--while other members of
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the gold rush stand in unison.. for people living in the bay area the response has been mixed..sot: i dont agree with it personally but it is what it is. you know, i wouldn't kneel because i know the people i have family members that are veterans in service. it's just your choice to do that i guess it's okay for her. sot: i support everybody's right to peacefully protest. whatever it is they want to protest and i think it's totally within the bounds of what's reasonable and acceptable. the kneeling movement began in 2016 with former 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick.his reason was to protest police brutality against african americans. we reached out to kayla to learn more about her motivations but she says she's not doing any interviews at this time. we also reached out to the san francisco 49ers who say they are also not commenting at this time. (pam) (pam) the nation is just a four days away from the november mid-term election. in san francisco,
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one of the key measures on the ballot is proposition- c. (grant)yeah, prop c would levy a tax on many of san francisco's most successful businesses with the proceeds going to to help the city's homeless.kron 4's charles clifford is life for us tonight in san francisco where this afternoon he spoke with one of prop c's biggest supports. charles (chuck)yeah, everyone agrees that something needs to be done to address homelessness in san francisco and in a few days we will find out if voters support this plan. next tuesday, san francisco voters will decided the fate of prop c. if passed, businesses in the city that gross over 50 million annually would be taxed raising between 250-300 million dollars. the money would then be used to pay for housing, mental health services, and other programs for san francisco homeless population. sotour homeless need us at a time that has never been more critical. by passing proposition c we are going to give them the relief that they need.salesforce ceo marc benioff is prop c's biggest supporter. he feels that taxing san francisco's most successful businesses, including his own, is the best option.sotthe ones who have gained the most and made their businesses on the backs of the city , they are the ones who are going to be paying the tax. not consumers or small businesses. but the prop c also has opponents, including san francisco mayor london breed. she has said that prop c lacks the accountablity needed ensure the money will
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be used for it's intended purposes. she also believes it could make the city's problems worse because prop c doesn't include a regional plan to address homelessness. benioff says that prop c was crafted by experts and that the city would be responsible for managing the additional revenue.sot it's been created by the most important homeless advocates in our city. the medical professionals, the experts on the streets. they are the ones who fashioned it together. the people who are accountable are those people and city hall, including the mayor, the board of supervisors. together all stake holders are the ones who hold together and adminster prop c. with only a few days left before the election, benioff is optimistic prop c will pass and if it doesn't?sot it's in god's hands. (chuck)in san francisco, charles clifford kron 4 news.
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(grant) the fbi remains on high alert tonight for more suspicious mail bombs. (pam) this comes, after a second suspicious package was mailed to bay area trump critic - tom steyer.. just last night. kron 4's dan kerman went to the u.s. postal facility in burlingame.. to find out more. this was the scene last friday at the u.s. postal facility in burlingame after a suspicious package addressed to trump critic tom steyer was discovered...bomb techs with the f.b.i. rendered the package safe... now it's happened again. friday morning the f.b.i tweeted : "the fbi has confirmed a package was recovered last night in california, similar in appearance to the others, addressed to tom steyer."the fbi says this second package addressed to steyer was discovered at the same burlingame facility and bomb techs rendered that package
8:09 pm a statement steyer, who has called for president trump's impeachment said: "we're extremely grateful that everyone is safe and thankful for the exemplary work of law enforcement and the united states postal service surrounding their work investigating these acts of terror. "these threats are not isolated but are a part of a larger assault on the norms that uphold our democracy. we will not relent as we push for the broadest possible democracy and a respect for every american. the fbi says this is the second suspicous package to be found since last friday's cesar sayoc, who has been accused with sending more than a dozen mail bombs to democrats, trump critics and cnn. standup dan kerman /burlingame 119-129while the fbi says this latest device is similar in appearance they have yet to say if sayoc is responsible or if there is a copycat on the loose. in burlingame, dan kerman kron 4 news.
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(grant) the man accused of mailing bombs to some critics of president trump will be transferred to new york to face charges there. a brief detention hearing was held friday morning for pipe bomb suspect cesar sayoc. he waived his right to a bond hearing. the 56-year-old is charged with five federal crimes in connection with more than a dozen mail bombs. none of the devices detonated and no one was injured. if convicted, sayoc could face up to 48 years in prison. lawrence karnow: we had a few passing clouds today with fog along the coast. highs were in the 70s coast. highs along the today with fog passing clouds had a few karnow: we had a few passing clouds today with fog along the coast. highs were in the 70s and 80s in the bay and valleys with 60s at the coast. high pressure will once again build over california for the first part of the weekend.
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offshore winds will howl over the mountains with gusts high as 40 to 50s mph. red flag warnings are up until sunday morning. tomorrow will be mostly sunny with warm temperatures. highs will be in the 70s and 80s with even some 60s and 70s near the coast. it will cool slightly on sunday with partly cloudy skies. more sunshine and dry weather will continue well into next week. now to our four zone forecast. taking a live look outside at the golden gate bridge.kron-4's chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here now with the forecast the forecasthere now with karnow is lawrence karnow is here now with the forecast
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on tuesday... will voters repeal the state gas tax? the important politician who is denouncing prop 6.. daylight saving time could be something of the past. supporters and opponets depate the pros and cons of proposition seven the future of the ghost ship building ... has been determined. the reason no one is fighting its removal.
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(pam) developing news tonight... the ghost ship warehouse in oakland -- where 36- people were killed in a fire in 20-16 -- now has the green light to be demolished. the go - ahead was given largely because no one protesting the building's removal ... kron4's haaziq madyun has the story. (pkg)this 30 days public notice pending demolition of the ghostship warehouse has expired with no objections from people in this oakland communitysotas the 2nd anniversary of the deadly ghostship fire approaches, the owner of reeds supply company, al garcia, says removing the charred structure will be good for this fruitvale neighborhood sot
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36 people who died but on the same token the community needs to come together and move on"> sotoakland city councilmember noel gallo says now that the 30 days notice has come and gone without any complaints the next step is for the property owner to bring it downsotwhat would he like to see standing here in its place?sot that sounds good to garciasotin oakland haaziq madyun kron4news (grant) recent polls show that proposition six, the ballot measure to repeal a state gas tax, is trailing and
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might go down to defeat. as kron four's rob fladeboe reports -- the critics of prop six include governor brown. jerry brown/california governor "...prop 6 is a scheme and and a scam and it was put on the ballot by some acolytes of donald trump...."governor jerry brown joining public safety and trade unions friday to call on voters to reject proposition sixjerry brown/california governor "....we need to fix our roads, we need to fix our bridges, we need to make sure our local transit is up to the task..." proposition six would repeal a 12 cent per gallon gas tax hike and an increase in vehicle registration fees. governor brown signed the increases into law last year to fund $5 billion dollars annually for road and bridge repairs and other transit improvements. in response to brown's comments the yes on six campaignissued a statement that reads...(full screen graphic) " amount of false partisan rhetoric changes the fact that nearly 1 million californians, half of whom are democrats and independents, put prop 6 on the ballot and will be voting yes on tuesday...."governor jerry brown/california governor "....this is a great opportunity to show the rest
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of the country that california knows how to invest in it's future...."the governor says prop six is dangerous and firefighters agree saying that bad roads filled with potholes slow response times and put lives at risk. in palo alto rob fladeboe kron4news. (pam) in san francisco.. mission district activists are angry about plans to rebuild a big apartment building.. destroyed in a fire.. (grant) kron4's maureen kelly says they argue the areadoes 'not' need more luxury housing developments. chants of se si puede were followed by a moment of silence... for the one resident killed this massive apartment fire almost four years ago.the activists fighting genrification and
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displacement in the mission choosing dia de los muertos to vent their anger over the plans submitted for what may eventually replace what is now a huge vacant lot on the corner of 22nd and mission street.the fatal fire broke out in the afternoon that january day back in 2015....a raced thru the huge building that housed nearly 60 families and several small businesses. supervisor hillary ronen says the late mayor ed lee made a handshake deal with the owner to sell the building to low income housing developers who would build a replacement that the old tenants could move back into. she says (the mission demonstrators say) that owner has either rejected or ignored offers from the mission economic development corporation. those protesting today called what's been proposed a luxury development that the mission doesn't need. our attempts to reach the owner were unsucessful but the plans submitted to the city for review calls for a nine story mixed use development with 129 units with 24 below market rate as well as commericial space. those at this rally today called on the owner to sell his building to the city..the activists say if their demands aren't met they will call for a boycott of any opens up in the new development.maureen kelly kron4 news. kron4 news. maureen kelly kron4 news.
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now to our four zone forecast. taking a live look outside at s-f-o. kron-4's chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here now with the forecast lawrence karnow: we had a few passing clouds today with fog along the coast. highs were in the 70s and 80s in the bay and valleys with 60s at the coast. high pressure will once again build over california for the first part of the weekend. offshore winds will howl over the mountains with gusts high as 40 to 50s mph. red flag warnings are up until sunday morning. tomorrow will be mostly sunny with warm temperatures. highs will be in the 70s and 80s with even some 60s and 70s near the coast. it will cool slightly on sunday with partly cloudy skies. more sunshine and dry weather will continue well into next week.
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with just days to go before the midterms, republicans will have another closing message to voters-- the results of the latest job report. apple no longer releasing its sales numbers to the public. and one investor says, there is only one reason the company is still making money. and later on in sports, a look back at the game that had raiders coaches bickering... how the niners fresh face, nick mullens took over the battle of the bay. ((grant )) here's what we are tracking new tonight at nine... a disturbing photo appears online... showing two people wearing k-k-k hoods, and a third person in blackface.... now the commmunity is outraged... and school officials are
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investigating after finding out these teenagers are army recruits... that's coming up new tonight at nine.... proposition 11 solves two issues. first, it continues to pay paramedics while we're on break. second, it ensures the closest ambulance can respond if you call 9-1-1. vote yes on 11.
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proposition 11 "a common sense solution"
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to protect public safety. it ensures the closest ambulance remains on-call during paid breaks "so that they can respond immediately when needed." vote yes on 11. (grant) 4 your money tonight... apple plans to stop disclosing the number of iphones, ipads and macs it sells each quarter.(pam) executives explained the move in a conference call thursday .... shocking analysts ... and adding to jitters around a mixed earnings report. one investor believes, apple is trying to make up for slowing sales growth -- by charging more for its devices. in the last quarter, apple sold about 47- million i-phones -- representing zero growth in the number of smartphones sold from the same quarter last year. even so, apple's overall revenue
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continues to climb from one year to the next. (grant) general motors is increasing its efforts to "go green" by getting into the electric bike business. today, g-m unveiled two e- bikes that will go on sale next year. one of the designs is foldable. some e-bikes can run on electricity alone with no pedaling, but g- m wouldn't say whether its new bikes will run entirely on electric power. gm also isn't saying whether the new e-bikes will be sold individually to consumers, used in bike-sharing fleets, or both. (pam you still have a chance! it is not too late! all day today, starbucks has been giving out free reusable cups... to celebrate the beginning of the holiday season. you will see these four different holiday coffee cups hit the streets ... last year's crop got some pushback for not being christmasy enough.. so these coffee cups have a little more of the traditional red and green. only today, can you get the free
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re-usable cups... to get it, you have to buy one of the six holiday beverages. good news for the economy... unemployment is down. unemployment is down. but - we'll look at why some people are still unhappy... ((lawrence tease))i'm kron 4 chief meteorologist lawrence karnow.coming up, i will take a look at your 7 day forecast. details are right after the break.
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now has the best economy in the history of our country and we want to keep it that way. in the last month alone we added ... this just came out a few hours ago ... two hundred and fifty thousand jobs."(pam) a robust report on the economy ... just days before the election... the government says, unemployment is rock bottom ... and paychecks are growing..(grant) that's good new for republicans ... but some democrats are skeptical . "we've got wage growth that's the highest we've seen in a decade, we've got a 250,000 person job number that despite the hurricane and we're seeing people reconnect to the labor force."sfxa trio of numbers from the bureau of labor statistics ... a quarter=millio n new jobs added last month ... unemployment at its lowest point in a half=century ... and the biggest news ... wages grew by more than three percent for the first time since 2009.all of them good signsbut some critics say they don't tell the whole story "the economy is not the stock market. it's not the
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unemployment rate and it's not the gdp. it's whether people are doing better, saving more, and dreaming bigger for their kids."figures from the federal reserve bank show rising wages have fallen far behind another figure ... corporate profits, are now at an all=time historical cuts have enabled companies to boost profitability, but instead of sharing their profits with workers, companies are putting the money into stock buybacks and a result, the fed says, "never have corporate profits outgrown employee compensation so clearly and for so long. " (grant) the secotrs with the biggest job growth ... health care and education. together they've added a half million jobs in the last year. (grant) this weekend we'll set our clocks back an hour to end daylight saving time for
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the year... a measure on tuesday's ballot could lead the way for lawmakers to end that practice of falling back and springing forwd for good. supporters of proposition seven say the seasonal time change is dated. bay area assemblyman kansen chu says the biannual changing of the clocks can be hazardous to the health and productivity of kids, workers and seniors. (grant) opponents of the measure, including state senator hannah-beth jackson, raise concerns over students going to school in the dark during winter. in a statement against prop 7 jackson wrote "requiring days to start in the dark during winter is more than inconvenient- it's dangerous. it's dangerous for children heading to school or waiting for the bus in the dark and for adults who have to start their commutes in
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darkness." if voters approve prop 7 and lawmakers come to an agreement... california would join hawaii and arizona as states that don't observe daylight savings. (grant) now to our four zone forecast. you're looking live at the golden gate bridge.(pam) kron-4's chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us with a look ahead .. and the getaway forecast. lawrence karnow: we had a few passing clouds today with fog along the coast. highs were in the 70s and 80s in the bay and valleys with 60s at the coast. high pressure will once again build over california for the first part of the weekend. offshore winds will howl over the mountains with gusts high as 40 to 50s mph. red flag warnings are up until sunday morning. tomorrow will be mostly sunny with warm temperatures. highs will be in the 70s and 80s with even some 60s and 70s near the coast. it will cool slightly on sunday with partly cloudy skies. more sunshine and dry weather will continue well into next week. (grant) a scramento area man thought he just had trick- or-treaters at his door halloween night... but it turns out there was also a thief.(pam) reporter (pam)
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week.well into next will continue well into next week.
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(grant)(grant) a scramento area man thought he just had trick-or-treaters at his door halloween night... but it turns out there was also a thief.(pam) reporter macy jenkins tells us .... what she did, even stunned the children. it happened in less than 30 seconds.trick or treaters rang the doorbell - but one of them wasn't after the candy.david moorman/ homeowner: "i'm just like what!?"homeowner david moorman was at a friend's house - when his front porch camera detected activity at his house in carmichael.david
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moorman/homeowner: "so when my ring went off on my phone, i was like 'oh, there's someone at the door! and when i looked at the screen i was like wow, we have a trick or treater this year."but his excitement quickly turned to exasperation. david moorman/homeowner: "and while the kids were trying to find the doorbell, she grabbed it and then she just left and left the kids behind her!" moorman's amazon delivery - stolen.take a listen - you can hear the children stunned to see the woman pick up the package and flee.nats of kid: "what are you doing?"nats of adult: "come on, come on."nats of kid: "what if there's a camera?"david moorman/homeo wner: "and they were absolutely correct. what was she doing? and yes there was a camera! it's really sad! it's sad that someone feels that they can just take something that's not theirs."moorman says - he's not pressing charges - for the $15 car charger in his package.but hopes the woman in this video - won't make this a bad holiday david moorman/homeo wner: "i really just want to teach her lesson so that way she can raise her kids better and they can make better decisions that what she made." what she made." (pam) that was macy jenkins reporting. sacramento county deputies say, sadly, porch pirates are not unusual... but it is not typical to involve
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alec baldwin arrested. we have new video of him leaving jail... plus the reason he was put in handcuffs to begin with. plus... the inspiring tale of teachers trying to get their kids interested in reading. the magical world they created... and the special surprise guests. a man ends up in the hospital after being shot in the back. why charlie the dog has been forgiven after nearly taking out his master.
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a 74-year-old man is in the hospital after his own dog shot him during a hunting trip. after the shooting, the man managed to call 9-1-1. his son says it's normal for his dad, sony, to take his three dogs hunting for jack-rabbits where they live in new mexico. sony was sitting in his truck, his rifle in the backseat, when charlie's paw got caught in the trigger. the bullet went through the seat and sonny was shot in the back. and even though charlie could've killed him, sony has forgiven him.voice of mark gilligan:(grant) after the accident, all
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three dogs were taken to a county shelter, but sony is now trying to get them back. teachers at one school ... completley transform the hallways into hogwarts ... using their own money. so impressed by their dedication, a few special guests decide to drop by. and just ahead in sports-- all it took was one game for nick mullens to put his name in the nfl record books. how the young quarterback made history..while also pushing around the raiders in the battle of the bay.
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(grant) the harry-potter spin-off 'fantastic beasts: the crimes of grindel-wald' hits theaters this month, and fans are jittery with anticipation. some of the biggest fans may be the teachers and students at a school in alabama.(pam) they transformed part of their school ... to pay tribute to the potter franchise. and as sarah verser reports, they were rewarded with a visit from the stars of the upcoming film. nats: "please welcome eddie redmayne, newt scamander."star studded doesn't cover it. students roared when award winning actors jude law , and eddie redmayne along with zoe kravitz, ezra miller and callum turner , the cast of fantastic beasts set to hit the big screen in two weeks ,
8:45 pm
hit the stage at parkside elementary in cullman county first.zoe kravitz / actress: "i've been to hogwarts, and this is one of the most magical places i've ever been." they came to see for themselves after three "out of the box thinking teachers transformed the hallways into the four houses of the potter franchise... and when it went viral , it got the attention of harry potter creator jk rowling.jude law / actor: "inspiring you guys all to dream and learn..."for this title one school where nearly 80 percent of students are on free or reduced lunch this is beyond big.teacher (no name given): "i think this is going to have a huge impact on them, just because they don't have a lot of experiences. they don't have a lot of opportunities to travel and see a things outside of their home town." jude law telling the crowd his parents were teachers and the visit means just as much to him and the other actors.. jude law / actor: "to see teachers like this or to experience teachers like this who have put their hands in the pockets and given of their own time to really thought about what they can do to make a difference, to engage and capture their students imaginations and encourage them to dream and think and as wee just said really work out what it is that makes them want to learn is very very special and that's why we are hear to celebrate."eddie redmayne / actor: "coming to this school and faces and how much adrenaline they had and how much adrenaline we had - is so it make it all beyond joyous."ezra miller / actor: "i'm going to try to stay. i'm going to do sort of a cat burglar to hide in one of those cabinets."as if they could forget brothers leaving something else to make this visit memorable. a check for 25-thousand dollars.tracy jones / teacher: "if this little bitty school that's 78 percent free and reduced lunch can do something amazing that makes kids excited to be at
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school, then any school can do it." (pam) teachers say, transforming the halls of the school into a harry potter
8:47 pm
paradise... also made students more interested in reading. (grant) actor alec baldwin is back home tonight...after being arrested for assault. a police spokesman said the incident happened on 10th street in manhattan and was a fight over a parking spot. a 49-year-old man was taken to a nearby hospital with an injury to his jaw. this is video of the 60-year-old leaving jail today. baldwin was booked and released. the "30-rock" star has the "30-rock" star has portrayed president trump on "saturday night live," and hosts a sunday talk show on a-b-c called "the talk show on a-hosts a sunday talk show on a-b-c called "the alec baldwin show." we'll open up tonight with the of
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6-in a row, trying to make it 7 against minnesota. -the champs and t'wolves happening now at oracle. at last check--score is 61-58 warriors at the break. golden state..was rolling out of the gates...shooting 12-of-15 from the field. but the wolves made a run in the 2nd quarter. we'll have full highlights later tonight. "here is one wide open for the touchdown, garcon.. what a start for nick mullens at the end of a perfect opening drive. 49ers on top" and the 49ers would stay on top. it was around kind of this time last season when the 49ers acquired jimmy garoppolo...and jimmy g mania took over. this year, nick mullens is not taking over as franchise quarterback, but the undrafted qb has brought some life to a rough year in santa clara. what a debut for mullens... as the niners completely picked apart the raiders, in a 34-3 beatdown. more than 260-yards passing... 3 touchdowns and no interceptions. he didn't even know he was starting for sure until the day of the
8:49 pm
game... and he finished with the best passer rating for a qb making his first start since the 1970 merger. during the offseason, he's worked with fellow southern miss alum brett favre... and he had some motivation from the packers legend with a pregame text. "he just told me how proud of me he was. he sent me a message before the game. he said, 'nopressure. just be yourself,' and that's what i tried to do before the game and during the game. so, justtried to stay calm out there and lead the offense. obviously, we got some veterans on the o-line, so it was just a very collective effort."how'd you sleep last night?"i slept good, about every hour. but, those hour periods were great. no, i slept prettygood. no, the marriott - spent plenty of nights there." " there's a lot on his plate coming in and being his first time in a real nflgame, non-preseason, started off real well, was very poised. got the guys in and out of the huddle anddid a helluva job." on the on the other side of the conversation, you just saw the video of the raider
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defense being attacked... but the offense had some serious problems as welll... the 49ers got to derek carr 7-times...and never let him get comfortable, holding him to zero touchdown passes. the raiders now 1-and-7... and before the game, jon gruden made headlines saying that he's received calls from plenty of players that are dying to be raiders. afterwards, he said he wants people to be excited about the team's future. i know it's not looking pretty right now, but i've heard a lot of negativity over the last six orseven months and rightfully so. but, we're going to build a championship football team here and i knowa lot of people, as players, as fans and just in general want to be a part of this."" i think going forward, we build that trust and see who really wants to be a part of this. you see who really wants tobe here. who really wants to turn this thing around? who really wants to do the hard things that nobodyelse wants to do? it's easy to say, 'mmm, i'll go do it somewhere else.' that's easy. i think we figurethat out, and i think that going forward we find out who's a raider" and for more on the state of bay area football,
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kron4 has got you covered saturday night at 9pm... kim smith, with all your 49ers news on the red and gold zone. jason dumas...with the latest on the raiders on the sword and shield zone. saturday night at 9. finally tonight, a new deal that ensures the giants will keep seeing clayton kershaw on a regular basis. the dodgers staying out of free agency...and agreed to a new 3-year extension to remain in l-a. the contract is reportedly worth 93-million dollars... the 30-year-old is a three- time cy young winner and mvp, but has failed to claim a world title...after falling in the world series the last two years. two people rushed to the hospital ... after eating some of their kids halloween candy. the not so sweet surprise police found inside the candy.
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(pam) filmmaker and sonoma county winemaker francis ford coppola is expanding into the cannabis business. the director of "the godfather" and "apocalypse now" has announced - "the grower's series,".. that is a line of organic marijuana strains. his company says, he is one of the first to produce both wine and weed. the 1-gram containers are shaped like wine bottles -- and are filled with marijuana grown in humboldt county. (grant) two people in oregon were sickened by their children's halloween candy. authorities in washington county say, the couple unknowingly ate some 'sour patch kids' .. which were laced with methamphetamine.. velena jones reports. nats"so now i'm questioning, does all of this candy, is it bad?james smith and his two kids are taking a second look at their halloween candy after learning his neighbors were drugged after trick or treating.james smith, father: "i'm tempted to throw the whole bag out unfortunately
8:55 pm
and just go to the store and get a bag."washington county deputies say his neighbors on south jay street got sick after eating "sour patch kids" from their kids candy--- it later tested positive for methamphetaminejames smith, father: "you shouldn't be doing this to kids, for crying out loud. unfortunately it was a parent that ingested this... had it been someone his age, the outcome could've been death."bonnie stewart was home when deputies and an ambulance came to her neighbors home bonnie stewart, neighbor: "i never thought anything like this would happen with meth being around in the neighborhood its crazy, you cant trust anything anymore." velena jones, reporting: "deputies say because the family likely walked through different neighborhood it's nearly impossible to pinpoint where that candy came from, unless someone else reports it."mark povolny, detective, washington county sheriff's office:"too much air, too little air, its dried out, its hard there's something that just doesn't seem right about it, there is no reason to chance it."even though the parents told deputies the candy wrapper was completely sealed... investigators say the sweet treats can still contain a chilling surprise mark povolny, detective, washington county sheriff's office: "put it in a syringe and then you can inject the syringe through the plastic bad. people might be thinking that is another reason why it is not true ' who would put and give it away' you actually don't need very much."
8:56 pm
much."need very you actually don't and give it away' meth in candy ' who would put why it is not true another reason thinking that is people might be the plastic bad. syringe through you can inject the syringe and then office: "put it in a county sheriff's washington detective, mark povolny, surprisechilling still contain a treats can say the sweet investigators sealed... completely wrapper was the candy told deputies the parents even though (pam) there have been similar reports around the country this week including here in california ... of halloween candy tainted with drugs and needles. (grant) that wraps up kron 4 news at 8. next on kron 4 news at 9. (grant) fire danger for parts of the bay area tonight... gusty winds and low humidity prompt a red flag warning.(pam) and -- all eyes on the red states... as president trump is focusing on defeating senate democrats... in states where he won by healthy margins in 20-16. tt's
8:57 pm
next at 9.
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(grant) a fire burning in the south bay shutdown parts of interstate 880 in san jose in both directions... and tonight the flames are out and traffic is moving again. (grant) thanks for joining us, im grant lodes... (pam) and im pam moore in for vicki livakis... the flames got dangerously close to the freeway... the fire was burning on the southbound side of interstate -880 ... just south of first street in san jose(grant) the freeway has since opened back up but we are tracking fire danger concerns starting tonight in other parts of the bay. kron 4 s ella sogomonian is live in san jose by the airport with more video of that fire... ella hows it looking now? the worst is over the fire is out and all lanes of 880 in both directions are back open
9:00 pm
and moving along. lets take a look at the startling video of the fire shortly after it broke out around 6:30 tonight. san jose chp sent out a traffic alert on this brush fire burning south of north first street all lanes were blocked at one point in south 880 the left lanes were blocked on the northbound side 87 north was also impacted drivers were caught in the congestion and forced to find another way around the scene was cleared sometime before 8 no reported injuries so far but there is a red flag warning tonight and tomorrow for the east bay hills mount.....and the north bay. if a fire erupts there it could spread fast luckily out here in san jose this fire was put out fairly quickly no word yet on how it started live in san jose ella sogomonian kron 4 news


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