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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  November 6, 2018 5:00pm-7:01pm PST

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at 5 pm. >> tonight at 5 pm, high voter turnout is expected all over the bay area. this was the scene today as people lined up to cast their ballot in one of the most important midterm elect -- elections in recent history. for some it was the first time they had ever voted. thank you for joining us. >> we have coverage from all over the bay area. we are in san francisco, tracking the californians in this tenant race. we have monitoring of the high voter turnout. and we have another reporter in san jose, where people in the south they have been lining up all day at polling places. >> a lot of excitement here with a high turnout expect
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today. i met the registrars office in san jose. you can see the longline here of conditional voters. these are people who are going to register and then vote at the same time. these are conditional votes. once they are checked out, they will be counted. that is assuming that everything checks out. there are many people voting inside. this into some of these numbers. 887,000 registered voters this year in santa clara county. that is the highest ever. 220,000 votes by mail have already been received and are in the process of being counted. that line has 600 conditional voters that signed up today. and there will probably be 60 to 70% this evening expected in voter turnout. the last election was 51%, a record low. at that time, register that
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this year many people have registered to vote through the department of motor vehicles. people are looking for change, there are a lot of young people and many millennial's are getting involved this year. i am also told, that nationally, there is a big impact on what happens locally. there's more on that from a san jose professor. >> everything that is happening nationally, is stimulating voters across the board. we will see more young voters participate than we normally do. i'm expecting to see more latinos, and other populations participate at a higher level as well. some of that is because of what is happening nationally. people are more engaged and excited about what is happening in this midterm election than they normally are. four years ago, we had a record low turnout. this year we have a record high turnout. that is a big change.
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that has much to do with what happens nationally. >> locally, one of the top issues are the ballot measures of providing money for homeless and affordable housing, supervisor contest on the ballot, some city council races, and many are watching the sheriff's race in santa clara county. i will be covering that race throughout the evening. live from san jose. back to you. >> next, the turnout has been nothing short then remarkable, where the they are at the registrars office. >> this is what it looks like at the registrars headquarters in contra costa county. it's been like this since the
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polls opened at 7 am, and the lines have not slowed up. they have just gotten bigger and longer. the registrar tells me that he has been surprised. they had anticipated a large turnout and were prepared, and yet it is one thing to think about and plan for, and another to actually see it unfold in front of you. . >> it's been a wild, all of the print six are busy, our office has been nonstop. we are seeing turnout like we have never seen in a gubernatorial midyear election before. historically, this is blowing the doors off.'s >> what is bringing all these people here? >> they think they're going to have a record turnout? why are you here?
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>> i think there are a lot of issues that are near and dear to people's hearts are being discussed now. immigration, the caravan through mexico, the governor. >> was at a big deal for you? >> i want to make change, and make life better for others. >> this is a first time voter who is representing others that are coming here in big numbers. >> i turned 18 just a while ago, so i was really excited to exercise my rights. as long as you say what you billing on -- believe in, that's what i is important. >> senator feinstein is place to stay in the senate since 1992, and is facing against a
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democrat. >> feinstein supporters in san francisco have gathered. >> they will be gathering over the next couple hours, you can see the white and blue balloons and the supporters will be coming within a few hours and hoping to see senator sign -- feinstein victorious. earlier yesterday, she dropped off her ballot in front of city hall and encourage everyone else to get out of vote today. as you mentioned, this race unlike many others is democrat versus democrat. she bills herself as a pragmatist who can get the job done, versus kevin de leon, who is talking about needing a change and a more progressive voice. he is a little more outraged and out front about the issues. feinstein says she is getting the job done and believes that she needs to continue to get
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the job done. she is very pragmatic about it. she says that yes, the democrats can gain ground, and only if voters come and take one of the two houses of congress per --. she is hopeful that people can come out so they can get these jobs done. we are here at the officers club in the presidio, and feinstein supporters are starting together. this room is expected to fill up later on this evening. that's the latest reporting live from san francisco. >> we have been talking about this high turnout is in do to what is going on nationally. upper graph tonight is what is going -- is control of congress. >> according to the nonpartisan political report, there are 75 competitive house races. 70 are currently held by republicans.
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that's one reason why democrats are becoming more confident that they will be able to take control of the house. democrats are increasingly confident that they can gain the 23 things that they need to take control of the house of representatives. the craddick strategist, says that a handful of races in california central valley and orange county could help democrats achieve that. >> the immigration policy has been disastrous. family separation at the border, and endangering the well-being of daca recipients. >> they want to ensure conservative judges. >> what just happened with cavanagh, really brings focus out for these voters.
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>> polls show that republicans will likely retain control of the senate. 10 incumbent democrats are facing difficult races. north dakota's may be the most vulnerable. however, republican nevada senator, is in trouble to. >> they may win that one. >> they will all be determined by voter turnout. specifically, whether young people minorities, and women show up at the polls. in washington, reporting live. >> our midterm election does not stop here. we will be following important propositions throughout the evening. you can always head over to for updates. we are your local election headquarters. turn in at 8 pm for results. >> a smoky fire is 75% contained inside the transfer station in san francisco. you can see some of the smoke
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behind me. there was a little damage from the fire, but the smoke caused some problems in that area. >> smoke was notice coming from a pile of debris inside the construction site -- recycling center between 1 and 2 am this morning. it is on the corner brisbane. firefighters from both jurisdictions responded. >> we don't know why it started to smoke. we are investigating this. it is a difficult thing to determine. we have a pile of wood, and cardboard, and sheet rock, and it was somewhere in the middle of the pile. something got hot. it smoldered, and we hit it with water and we had a couple of fire engines here. our workers helped to drive the tracker -- tractors and materials out. >> you can see how thick the smoke was 10 hours after the fire started. it triggered and air quality
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advisory, which suggested that people who could smell it, stay inside with their doors and windows close. >> my alleies have been bothering me, it's been dry, my throat is affected. >> that some mother of a student from the middle school, who came to pick up her daughter when school was canceled.'s men with this -- the smoke was -- >> the smoke was inside the halls and the classrooms. smelling it did not appear that there was any significant damage to the structure, trash recycling, and cope posting service was not affected. marijuana is on a bunch of ballots across the country. we will talk about where recreational and medical pot will be legalized. the most polarizing political figure may help the
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blue wave across america. the two men who want to be governor have put in their ballots. (boxes) (grant)
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lt. governor gavin newsom and republican businessman john cox have cast their votes. cox submitted his ballot in san die republican john cox and democrat gavin newsom have cast their votes. republican john cox submitted
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his in san diego, and democrat gavin newsom in new some. >> it has been a contentious fight for control. >> the california lieutenant governor started in larkspur with his wife at their neighborhood polling place. after voting, the san francisco politician took time to reflect on his political journey. >> 20 years in elected office here. folks have stood up and come out and record numbers to support our campaign. i hope that tonight is no different. >> however, the gubernatorial candidate democrat gavin newsom, says there is so much at stake. >> being a candidate for governor, i hope it -- it will
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mean as much as we don't take back the house. we would say that trump has declared war on california, and we need all the help we can get. that means having presented is that will have our back. >> this race for governor is about the quality of life and the future of california. >> republican john cox voted early, here he is casting his ballot in san diego on november 2. his closing argument for california voters -- >> this wonderful beautiful state, is the leading state in the country, and it has to be run better. we have to get better schools, better roads, a lifestyle that is affordable and livable for people. we are live at democrat gavin newsom election headquarters. what is the feeling there
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tonight? >> i can tell you that all is quiet right now in downtown los angeles. but that is likely to change in the coming hours. they were testing out the music, they just turn it on, and he gets loud. it is a nightclub, and it is the location where democrat gavin newsom has chosen to have his rally. doors will open at 7 pm, the party starts at 8 pm. when we talk about democrat gavin newsom, we talk about somebody whose campaign has been centered around universal healthcare for everyone in the state of california. and also universal preschool for kids all across the state of california. tonight, we will what has been a busy day. it has been at busy week and year, for democrat gavin newsom. we will have more reports from this location in downtown los angeles all evening long.
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back to you in this video. >> people are poised for a big party there. the polls have closed in 20 states back east. >> there were some very close to watch races that are being decided right now. >> there were a lot of interesting races tonight. most of them are being counted in georgia where the governors race has been a progressive black female against a convertible -- conservative white male. he has vowed to enforce the strictest abortion laws in the country. right now, early votes give a wide lead with 7% of the votes counted. in ohio, the democrat is heading back to washington projected as the winner was 17% of the vote turned him. in virginia, a democratic state senator has the lead in the early voting. president trump and his son donald junior have campaigned for his opponent brian
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morrissey. let's look outside over san francisco. it's perfect like a picture postcard. >> there were no excuses here in the bay area to get out and vote today. there is a red flag warning though. >> we have a beautiful weather outside, but those winds are going to be whipping here. those red flag warnings are going to go up tomorrow in the afternoon and continue through friday morning. you can see the areas shaded in red, those will be they areas in the north and east bay that will have dusting winds near napa. watch them closely, the last rain we had was in early
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october. let's look at some of those winds. it's not bad right now. about seven miles per hour around the bay area. but put this into motion, you can see all of the yellows and fuchsia beginning to show up. down below, you can see at napa, 70 miles per hour, and 30 in sonoma. this will be 7:30 am on thursday morning. you can imagine the peaks over the tops of these mountains, and the wins will be even more gusty. they could even reach 50 miles per hour. it will be blustery in the afternoon. you get the idea, it will be pretty strong down below and even stronger up above. it remains dry in california, and that's a problem with the fire danger. it has been an impressive fire season. unless we get some rain here, it will continue. but all the rain clouds are stuck all up in the pacific northwest. the showers are moving in their
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direction. this ritual breakdown, but not for now. tonight, it will be clear and chilly with plenty of stars to check out. rabbit jacket, the temperatures will be dropping off. mostly will be sunny and mild to warm around the bay area. coming up, we have more information on the marijuana propositions. we have information on the proposition that might help the homeless or her business. the mission district of san francisco is getting ready to celebrate a win, they hope. this would raise $300 million to help the homeless by taxing big corporations. keep it here, more news coming up after the break. (grant)tonight voters in
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several states will decide if marijuana use should be legalized in some capacity.
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four states ha tonight voters in several states will decide of marijuana use should be legalized. four states have measures on the ballot considering recreational or medicinal marijuana. missouri has three competing measures all of them proposing got to make legal for medical purposes. but each measure has a different amount of tax. >> utah voters are trying to decide if they want to make medical marijuana legal. here in san francisco, they are deciding on a bill that may be the possible solution to the homeless crisis. >> it touched up a big twitter war between a couple of bay area tech giants. >> we are at a music venue in the mission, where the
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proposition supporters will be, and they are still making calls, but they will come over here to watch the election results rolling. here's the video and i will walk you through what this proposition is. it is a tax on businesses that have a revenue of over $50 million a year. those are san francisco businesses. that would generate $300 million annually. it would be used to help san francisco homeless population. the money would be used to expand shelters, move 4000 people off the streets, improve services, prevent 7000 households from losing their homes, provide for mental health services, and help with homelessness prevention. there are many supporters and opponents. the supporters include diane feinstein. but the opponents believe that this is the right plan to help
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-- the supporters believe this is the right plan. >> small businesses and consumers don't pay. that's what i love about this. the people who gain the most from the city and have made their businesses on the back of the city, will be the ones who will pay the tax. >> those who are opposed to the proposition, are the mayor who says that there was not enough accountability built into the proposition to ensure that the money would be used properly. she is also concerned that it is very san francisco centric and does not to deal with a regional plan for homelessness. we will be watching the election results rolling. with the latest in san francisco, kron 4 news. >> still to come, we will get the national view on proposition c.
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>> right now at proposition 10, headquarters we will find out what the future of rent control will mean in that city. we offer free expert help choosing the best plan for you. and all of our plans include free preventive care. financial help is available, so check for yourself to see what savings you qualify for. for health insurance starting january 1st, enroll by december 15th. because you ver know when life... ...will change. get covered today. more national results coming
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in. the polls close at 8 pm tonight, but back east they are already close.
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we are getting more national results coming in. >> there's some really closely watched races and we have some numbers. >> florida's governor race has been interesting, with andrew gillam trailing by just a few thousand votes. the missouri senate race, was a cliffhanger for democrats, incumbent is in the fight of her life against the republican josh holly in a state that went for trump in 2016. she is trailing in early votes. another hard-hitting battle is in tennessee. republican martha blackburn has run on a strong anti-immigrant platform, and so far she has a two to one lead, with a quarter of the vote counted. >> that is an intriguing night on the national political stage. some big house seats are at
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stake. in california, our state race for governor, and the u.s. senate are not as hotly contested. that there is still a lot of interest. >> scott wilson, senior national correspondent for the washington post is focusing on california and the west. the so-called blue wave is electrical, a tsunami or what? >> it's yet tobe seen, but i think that democrats can be encouraged. the turnout is much higher in some of these areas then optimistic democrats have thought it would be. it has thrown off a lot of the modeling that was done. it does look like if you look at florida, and georgia, texas, and early results there, tennessee and virginia, to cut -- to key congressional bellwether races, one has
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already flipped in the other his neck and neck. the democrats can be encouraged by what they are seeing so far. i hesitate to call it a wave at this point. but it looks positive for them. >> let's just say that the democrats take control of the house, the balkans take the senate from a practical standpoint what would that mean? >> there would be a very aggressive house, and most likely the leadership fight would happen. many of these democratic house candidates have pledged not to vote for nancy pelosi as speaker. that will set up a infighting among democrats right away. once that has settled, it will depend on how aggressive the caucus wants to be. do they feel like going after trump to head into 2021 with momentum of -- or is there risking moderate interest
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heading into 2020? a lot of it is setting up the next presidential race. but not a lot happened in this last congress, and there was a divided congress -- if there is a divided congress, we will see not much legislative work, but a lot of subpoenas. >> there was record braiding turnout, which is unusual for a midterm election. some people say whether it is repuican or democrat, it is a good thing for america. is that you read? >> absolutely. the more people that feel that they have had a say, regardless of the outcome, the better it is. the last midterms were 40% turnout in california, they're hoping for 70% this time. that's much better for reflecting the state public opinion, and having people feel like they have franchise and what is happening. whether they win or lose, it means people have had something
5:34 pm
to say. i agree with your point. it is good. regardless of the side that it falls on. >> locally in san francisco, we have been talking about prop c, that prop that would generate money, but the mayor is not supporting it. does that surprise you? >> it really did. it surprised me. i have been doing some reporting on a number of propositions, including proposition 10: local rent control initiative. it's surprising to see democrat gavin newsom coming out against that. many liberals and progressives and would-be governors are facing this walk -- fine line to walk between a positive business community at a place that can house the people who live there. i have spoken with the mayor about this and she seemed
5:35 pm
adamant about cleaning up the streets and getting people and decent places to live. yet, i guess this felt like a bridge too far for her. i was surprised to hear that she opposed it. >> another big one here is the gas tax. has that captured your imagination as well? >> it has. i wondered what it would do to republican turnout. especially down in orange county and san diego where they have those congressional races. that would help decide who controls the house. looks too close to call at this point. but it is a very interesting issue. i wondered how much trouble it would cause if it is repealed. and then what would happen to those projects they got going and then would have no funding. >> a lot of bumps in the road. >> thank you for joining us on the washington post. >> thanks so much. let's get a weather check,
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around the bay area it was gorgeous today. it was unseasonably warm today. it was about 10 degrees warmer than normal. it was a nice evening out there, here's the bridge. you can see clear skies all the way to the coastline. it will stay that way all night long. tomorrow, it looks very similar. maybe a degree cooler, but still very nice. it was mid-60s in downtown san francisco. 67 in the marina. along the coastline come it will be clear. if you head to the beach as it will be beautiful. mid-60s a half moon bay. inside the bay, you will find comfortable numbers in the mid- 60s. 67 in burlingame, and then 74 in the peninsula. mild as you make your way into palo alto. 76 degrees in san jose. we might not see 80s tomorrow, but there will be plenty of 70s.
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72 in berkeley, and 74 degrees in richmond. you get the idea, winds will be kicking up, and fire danger will be on the rates as we head up -- on the rise as we headed tomorrow evening. critics say that proposition 10: local rent control initiative just barely touches on the problem. but supporters say it is a step in the right direction. there is a viewing party in oakland tonight. michelle, explain proposition 10: local rent control initiative . >> let me tell you that i am at a very quiet red bay coffee house and the event has not started yet. but this is where supporters of proposition 10: local rent control initiative will be gathering to watch election results rolling. the party will begin at 7 pm. but let me tell you about opposition 10, it will remove restrictions on rent control. were -- it will repeal the housing act, which places the power of rent control in the state government and limits
5:38 pm
government ability to dictate the cost of housing. as the law stands now, there's no rent control in housing from 1995, and the law cannot dictate read cause for renters. voting yes on it means that the state will no longer be able to limit local rent control ordinance says -- ordinances. voting no means that the state will continue to regulate the rent control policy as is. this is a very hot topic here in the city -- state of california with high rent praises and homelessness. people against the proposition say that this does not solve the problem. they say we need to focus on affordable housing. event here at red bay coffee starts at 7 pm. i hear that there will be food trucks, so stop by. reporting from oakland, kron 4 news.
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after making his first appearance at a new york federal court today, the 56-year-old is accused of mailing 16 bombs to targets, including hillary clinton, and cnn, and barack obama. none of the exposes went off, no one was injured. he is facing five federal charges in the case which authorities call a domestic terrorist attack. if can dictate, he could spend 40 years in prison. his lawyer says his client plans to plead not guilty. still to come, one of the polarizing issues on the ballot this year is the repeal of the gas tax. we will look at the pros and cons of proposition six. it is a san francisco tradition, as several high profile politicians rub shoulders. i had a chance to speak with the mayor and we will do that right after the break.
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at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more. voters lined up at the polls
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i was able to join another crowd gathered at john's grill in san francisco for the annual election day some voters lined up at the polls, and i was able to join another crowd that was at the grill for the annual election day lunch. it was hosted by us san francisco mayor, willie brown. it started back in the 80s, well after the founder passed away, but it was resurrected again. hundreds of people gathered for
5:43 pm
the free lunch, including those running for local and statewide office. >> i'm feeling good. at the end of the day, we have work to do here in san francisco. i know a lot of folks are going to help me do it. >> the owner of john's grill, picks up the tab for that event, which can be up to $50,000. today's featured menu was key lime pie, and that you can see, the wind was also flowing. -- wine was also flowing. stomach we are in oakland as mayor is trying to fend off other candidates in her bid for reelection. we will speak with one of her high profile challengers right after the break. (grant) oakland mayor
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libbby schaaf facing a re-election challenge tonight that's tougher than it might otherwise be... he the oakland mayor, libby schaaf is facing a reelection
5:47 pm
challenge that is tougher than it might otherwise be, because of the city's right choice voting system. she is voting -- pulling in at 37% of the vote, but lacks the support to win outright. with more on one of the opponents, we go to alicia. >> that's right, mayor libby schaaf has the lead right now, but she does not have enough votes to win by a landslide. also in the running, pamela price, and cat brooks. because this is a rent choice voting situation, voters can choose their number one or two or three options, and that means anyone could take the seat. we visited cat brooks earlier, who casted her vote earlier at the baptist church in san jose. her husband was by her side. he became a citizen two years ago, and this was his first time voting. she says that she is proud of
5:48 pm
her grassroots voting, and she is a serious contender. she is humbled by the thousands of people who supported her run for mayor. >> i think is critical for people to understand that even if you are disillusioned with what is happening at the federal level, the most important thing you can do, is fight at the local level. this is where we can get really two people the fastest. we have to understand that there are people inside city hall that are making decisions about our lives. many of us don't feel like the people inside those hulls care about us. it is time to shake things up and do things different for oakland. >> i think that cat brooks is the only one who is serious about the highest in crisis. -- housing crisis. she will work to get people housed immediately, sheltered in say. the incumbent mayor has been there for four years and has not done that. she had a chance, and now it's time to get someone who is
5:49 pm
committed. >> the black lives matter movement was at the forefront every time someone is killed by oakland police, and coming up at 6 pm, we will hear from some of libby schaaf's supporters and why they are continuing to support the mayor. reporting live from oakland. the gas tax repeal effort, is another issue important tonight. we are at that san mateo county with more on this one. >> proposition 6 voter approval for future gas and vehicle taxes and 2017 tax repeal initiative was introduced to eliminate senate bill one that was introduced last year, and it had increased gas by $0.20 and car registration fees depending on the value of the
5:50 pm
vehicle. people were voting yes on proposition six would basically eliminate this completely. they say it is unnecessary. the department of transportation for the state of california has already had $5 billion to work with prior to passing that gas tax last year. they want to see your prices go down immediately. that would save the family for about $700 a year. people were voting against proposition six, want to keep it as is. they say they needed to repair the roads, and fund transit projects. the spokesperson tells us that there are 350 projects that are underway as we speak that are funded as a result of senate bill one. if proposition six is passed, it would be delayed, downsized or deleted and that would force them to go back to the drawing board and find money elsewhere. at this time, we have seen 50
5:51 pm
highway jobs across the state completed this year. including the repaving of highway 85 in san jose, and we are going to see what voters think about that tonight. working to hear whether they choose to repeal opposition six. -- proposition 6 voter approval for future gas and vehicle taxes and 2017 tax repeal initiative. there's so much going on nationally between the house and the senate. 36 states are electing a governor tight. that is one of the key areas to watch. >> let's check in with the latest on the top national races. >> let's update you on the georgia governor race, stacy abrams is losing tonight. she would be the first african- american female to govern any state. but there's a big lead with 20% of the vote in with her opponent.
5:52 pm
the same is true for florida's closely watched senate race, the current governor rick scott is challenging the preterm incumbent, and right now, scott is holding onto a small lead with 90% of the vote in. back to you. >> coming up, we spoke to the fresno twins who show a bond of sisterhood after one unbelievable night. sfx: tinny headphone music
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enroll by december 15th. because you never know when le... ...will change. get covered today. (catherine) we've
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been honoring outstanding teachers in the bay area.. tonight it's a grade school teacher in san jose... kevin callahan teaches fifth and sixth grade at cadwallader evergreen elementary in san jose... colleagues say the most common word used by students to describe him is "chill." adding that he manages to be both very calm -- and commanding. one student said 'he's also a good person to talk to -- not just as a teacher, but as a person. others described him as funny, encouraging...and kind. and a shy student who never wanted to raise a hand and get involved before ...says mr. callahan makes it easy and comfortable. the principal says he does lots of work with technology and builds wonderful relationships with his class.... if you have a special teacher you'd like to nominate, just go to our website and click on 'features' - then choose 'teacher of the week.' grant and vicki? (vicki)a pair of sisters in fresno share the same birthday because they are twins. (grant)
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now they both have new daughters that share the same birthday by sheer luck.connie tran has the story. welcome to the world candra thao and nadalie xiong.the babies were born on the same night, sunday, november 4th. one hour apart.they'll share birthdays, just like their mommies:twin sisters "bao nhia yang" and "bao kou yang". natsot/bao nhia"mine weighed seven pounds and three ounce." natsot/bao kou"mine is seven pounds exactly, so almost the same."but the 23-year old sisters never thought they'd go into labor together.bao kou yang/mother"i started having like, i started spotting, so i think, i knew that i was going to be in labor. and then i told her, and she was like i'm having pain here and there too. i might be in there with you, too."laura schleicher is the nurse who helped deliver the babies.she's been at c- r-m-c for more than 18-years and says she's ánever seen twin sisters give birth on the same day.laura schelicher/nurse
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"really, all i did was deliver them. i didn't facilitate it or make it happen in any way. they just had great timing, very unique timing."the yang sisters say it's a dream come true to have daughters together.bao kou yang/mother a miracle." >> really all i did was deliver. they had unique timing. >> the sister say it's a dream come true to have daughters together. >> it's like a miracle. >> and though they don't think their babies look alike at all, they say their twin bond could land them in the delivery room again in the future. >> will see. >> we like to end on that. talk about serendipity. >> thanks so much for being with us. we will see back here tonight in prime time. a whole four hour block of election coverage starting live at 8:00. we hope to see you then. >> it's going to be a long
5:58 pm
night. a very exciting night. coming up next at 6:00, last- minute voters hitting the polls. tracking the hottest local and state elections, including the governor's race and the effort to repeal the gas tax. and we are also tracking a big national race as we start to see what impact president trump's polarizing presidency is having on the balance of power in congress. kron4 news at 6:00 is next.
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a gross now from the bay area's local news station, you are watching kron4 news at 6:00. >> we are going to need all the officials we can get. >> we are seeing record numbers of voters out for today's
6:00 pm
midterm elections. lieutenant governor gavin newsom and businessman john cox cast their votes today. cox turn in his ballot in san diego, newsom in the north bay before heading to los angeles for his election night watch party. good evening. >> it has been a contentious battle for control of the state's top spot with a clear front runner. >> reporter: california lieutenant governor gavin newsom started election day 2018 with his wife and their four children. >> i think we have the opportunity to compare and contrast. it's a pretty easy choice. triage the state, got us out of $27 billion budget deficit. now the lowest unemployment in our state's history. we want to maintain that status. i have no interest in going
6:01 pm
back to the old ways of tax and spend and i'm committed to making sure we build on governor brown's legacy. at the same time, start investing in the little guys. >> this race for governor is about the quality of life and the future of california. >> republican gubernatorial candidate tom cox voted early. here he is casting his ballot on november 2nd. his closing argument for california voters -- >> this beautiful state that is the leading state in the country, it has to be run better. we have to get better schools. we have to get better roads. we have to get a lifestyle that is affordable and livable for people. >> and, of course, team coverage this evening on the 2018 midterm elections. the staff here was covering the possibly record number of voters today. >> dan is live in san francisco tracking the battle for the u.s. senate. first, we go to san jose with a
6:02 pm
hotly contested races in the south bay. >> reporter: that's right. i'm here at the registrar's office. you've got to take part in the scene that is unfolding behind me. this is the line of conditional voters. a quick headcount a while ago. there was 150 people standing in line here. these are people who are going to register and cast their ballots tonight and pending the verification of their eligibility, those votes will be counted. 887,000 registered voters here in the county. that is a new record voter turnout tonight expected to be somewhere between 60 and 70%. a lot of races being settled tonight. vote for supervisors is on the ballot tonight. city council, measure the, and another race i am keeping track of later tonight will be the race for sheriff between lori smith and her challenger. here is more on that. >> we've been undergoing a
6:03 pm
broad transformation. >> voters decide whether to reelect smith to a sixth term spanning more than 20 years in the job. her opponent is democrat who 132% of the vote in the primary, forcing a runoff with smith who captured 43%. both have their supporters within the department says political analyst terry christiansen. >> sheriff deputies have endorsed the opponent and spent a lot of money. the corrections office has spent a lot of money on her campaign. >> i'm running for county sheriff. >> before he retired two years ago, he was second-in-command, emerging as the dominant issue in the campaign in the wake of the 2015 death of mentally ill inmate michael kiley.
6:04 pm
three jail guards were later convicted of his murder. >> there is a lot of tension there between them. there is also a lot of finger- pointing between them. they kind of lost in the weeds of who said what and when rather than focusing on what they will do to reform the jails. both of them jail reform. he says it should be happening faster. smith says it is happening as fast as is feasible. >> smith won praise for welcoming scrutiny of the jails while they believe the trouble was preventable and his efforts to beef up the jails mental health regimen at the time were ignored. both candidates support immigrant and victims rights. he says it's time for change at the top, but voters may not see it that way, says christiansen. >> i think it's close, but this county likes voting for women. i think that gives her a continued advantage. she is an extremely well-known incumbent being in office for
6:05 pm
20 years. of course, she is well known, so i would call it in her favor at the moment, but close. >> christiansen says both camps spent as much as a half million dollars on this campaign and we will watch the results for you here throughout the evening. until then, live in san jose, kron4 news. thank you. now we turn to california's u.s. senate race between diane feinstein, and state senator daily on. >> feinstein supporters are expected to gather later tonight. >> reporter: there are a handful here right now, but this whole room will be filling up as the hours go by. we expect senator feinstein to likely be here sometime after 9:00 tonight. the former senate pro tem.
6:06 pm
he is saying we need a change, more progressive voice, someone who is more vocal about what the democrats are for. earlier tonight the state senator stopped by. he is one of those supporting diane feinstein. >> i am supporting senator feinstein because i think she has done a magnificent job of representing california. i am standing up for our values and pushing back against this president. she will continue to do great work. >> now, she dropped off her mail in ballot yesterday at san francisco city hall. as you know, what's different about this time issue is not endorsed by the state democratic party. kevin de leon was. the most recent polls indicate that feinstein is ahead 45% two 36%. we will have to see how things play out. that's the latest reporting live at the presidio.
6:07 pm
voters are making their voices heard all over the country. >> the results of the midterm elections will no doubt have a major effect on america's political priorities. mark meredith joins us from washington dc bureau. >> reporter: for democrats and republicans, there's a lot on the line tonight and perhaps the person who will be most impacted by the results as president trump. it's the scene playing out across the country. people waiting in line, voting on what matters to them. >> in a way i am on the ballot and i would accept that. >> president trump told us he's optimistic republican voters will turn out in droves to embrace his agenda. he has been the election night at the white house watching the results. this year 35 senate seats and in all 3500 house seats are up for grabs. >> today every second is about winning this election.
6:08 pm
>> nancy pelosi who hopes to become speaker will watch the results unfold at a washington hotel. the former vice president joe biden says the stakes could not be any higher. >> this is the single most important off year election in my lifetime. >> experts it's become the most expensive midterm election ever. an estimated $5 billion has been spent on ads, event, and pulling. whatever the results, count on president trump to stay the course. >> trump has gotten enough confidence in this presidency to be donald trump. >> as for what the results will be, experts say that depends on internal and what issues voters decide matters most to them. >> one thing to watch out for is exit polling. voters have the chance to say what made them want to go out and say what reasons they want to be heard. reporting in washington, and
6:09 pm
mark meredith. a short break to get you updated on the weather situation outside. it has been a great day weatherwise to go out and vote. >> and there is still time to go out tonight. our chief meteorologist is standing by with the forecast through the evening. pretty good if you still want to vote, right? >> absolutely beautiful. they are adding up the votes. they are impressive around the bay area. look at these highs outside today. for november, that's not bad at all. 70s in a couple 80s popping up inland. 81 as a warm spot in santa rosa. 80 degrees in san jose and 76 degrees downtown san francisco.y so these numbers are as much is 10 degrees above the average in san francisco. even warmer in san jose. 13 degrees above the average there. we've got strong winds with high pressure overhead and that means we are seeing these above normal temperatures. unfortunately, because it is so dry, fire danger is running high as well. so red flag warnings are going up by tomorrow afternoon.
6:10 pm
in the north and east bay hills, those areas shaded in orange and red there. expect windy conditions developing within the next 24 to 36 hours. these are strong gusty winds. fairly calm out there right now across much of the north bay but watch what happens as i put this into motion. we will see orange and red, even the fuchsia. those are strong winds. even the urban areas, look at that envelope. 30 mile-per-hour gusts. 29-mile per hour gusts in calistoga and 17 in the napa valley. it's a lot stronger than that over the mountain tops. because we haven't seen rain in quite some time, that's the big concern. we will see the chance. if fires get started, they could move quite rapidly. out the door right now, you can see we have got the storms moving in the pacific northwest. showers continuing in that direction, but we are bone dry in california. now in san francisco, 14% of normal for the beginning of the season. we can make that up in a hurry.
6:11 pm
if you want to go vote, out the door right now, a lot of nice weather. 71 in mill valley, 65 degrees in concord, and 64 degrees in oakland. a very nice evening all around the bay area. >> thank you. coming up at 6:00, a nasty fire thrown off sick smoke from a recycling center for hours. it caused major air quality concerns. we had details. critical races all over the country. the polls have closed in the east and the vote tallies are underway. we will have the latest on the numbers which have already come in. the nine people running against libby tonight. we have a look at the issues and how choice of voting might affect the outcome. sfx: tinny headphone music
6:12 pm
sfx: feet shuffling life can change in an instant. be covered when it does... ...with a health plan through covered california. we offer free expert help choosing the best plan for you.
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and all of our plans include free preventive care. financial help is available, so check for yourself to see what savings you qualify for. for health insurance starting january 1st, enroll by december 15th. because you never know when life... ...will change. get covered today. (ken) the polls have now
6:14 pm
closed on the east coast. you can see in new york city the buildings all lit up red white and blue. and check out this video of our nation's capitol from earlier. a couples have now closed on the east coast. you can see in new york city, look at that. the buildings lit up in red, white, and blue. the empire state building lit up in those colors. and the rainbow peeking out from behind capitol hill on this election day. >> let's check in with catherine. >> interesting and some really close races. we are watching returns from texas right now are democrat has run a spirited campaign against ted cruz. with about half the book counted, beto o'rourke is
6:15 pm
leading. and in the florida's governor's race, it's also really tight. pulling ahead of andrew gillum, bridget -- razor thin margins. 2% of the vote remains to be counted. >> thank you for that. >> we will just check in again on the weather. people voting across the country. the weather has been an issue in some parts of the nation. certainly, not california, but some parts of the nation where there are reports of thunderstorms. can you fill us in on some of the other -- i know we are good. >> there has been a major store making its way through parts of the country in that continues to make its way over the eastern seaboard.
6:16 pm
severe weather there but this has been dry for everyone. 14% of normal in the san francisco rainfall for the season. we are still early in the season, but you can see we've got clear skies all around the bay area. dry conditions with offshore winds blowing outside. red flag warnings also going up outside and starting tomorrow afternoon, and continuing right into friday. tomorrow morning, we've got sunny side up. beautiful temperatures but it will be chilly overnight. those lows dropping down in the low 40s and parts of the north bay valleys. 40s elsewhere on the bay, so it's cool early on but the middle of the day, here we go. that warm sunshine again. no clouds to speak of. plenty of sunshine all afternoon. mid 70s is you make your way in and around the bay. upper 70s in the warmer spots, so some very nice weather ahead. offshore winds continue and you can see the computer models picking up. no clouds to speak of through tomorrow morning. even through the afternoon, looking nice and clear. again, similar to the bay area today. we will see dry weather
6:17 pm
continuing not only tomorrow but into thursday and probably into the weekend. temperatures in the mid-70s as you make your way in the central valley. 60s along the coastline and 70s toward los angeles and san diego. the numbers break down like this in san francisco. 67 in the marina. mild temperatures as you approach the coastline. plenty of sunshine and some 60s there. beautiful weather inside the bay, so enjoy the mild conditions. temperatures in the mid-70s in many parts of the south bay. lower 80s tomorrow inland, but it will still be nice. upper 70s in the warmer spots there. the numbers well above the average for this time of year, but those winds will be picking up especially in the north and east bay hills, starting tomorrow night really and then especially into early thursday morning and again probably friday morning. right now we keep things dry but the weather is staying fair. a few more clouds coming our way it looks like. >> thank you. the fire that broke out at
6:18 pm
a recycling center around 2:00 this morning is expected to be fully contained till later tonight. kron4 reports that while there was little damage from the stubborn fire itself, the smoke caused some problems in the area. >> reporter: a staff member outside visitation valley middle school wears a mask as he helps reunite students with their parents after classes were canceled due to all of the smoke in the air. you can see the heavy cloud that that over this neighborhood in the southeast section of the city. it triggered an air quality advisory from the bay area air- quality district which suggested people who could smell it stayed inside with the doors and windows one mother picking up her daughter says the daycare she works at nearby is also taking steps. >> we are keeping the children inside because of the smoke, and we make sure we close all the windows. so they are not able to go outside and play today. >> the smoke was first noticed from a pile of debris inside the recycling center sometime between 1:00 and 2:00 a.m.
6:19 pm
this morning. >> we do not know why it started to smoke. we are investigating this. it's a difficult thing to actually determine because you've got a pile of wood and cardboard and sheetrock and it was somewhere in the middle of the pile that something got hot. it smoldered, and so we hit it with water and we had a couple fire engines here. our workers helped drive the tractors and move the material out. >> because the transportation sits on the border of brisbane, firefighters from both jurisdictions responded. >> no one was injured and it does not appear there was any significant damage done to the metal and concrete structure. trash, recycling, and composting service was not affected. a man assaulted a police
6:20 pm
officer causing a head injury which led to a five hour standoff. officers responded to calls about 8:00 last night at a home in deerfield drive involving a domestic dispute. investigators say the man brandished a weapon and assault of the officer and barricaded himself inside the home. eight to 10 homes in the area of deerfield road were evacuated as a precaution. the officer was transported to the hospital and has been treated and released. a homeless woman in berkeley arrested for assault with a deadly weapon. the attack happened in austin way. the woman hit two people in the head with a large stick and then through a tree branch at a police officer hitting the officer in the head for the officer is expected to be okay. police say this is at least the third time this year that an officer has been attacked by a homeless person. >> back to local politics. oakland mayor running against nine people tonight. >> a crowded field. we're joined by kron4 live in
6:21 pm
oakland with an update. >> reporter: right now the incumbent mayor is leading the pack, but she does not have enough votes to win by a landslide. also in the running we have pamela price and cap brooks, and because this is choice voting, voters can choose their number 1, two, and three option, which gives her opponents a shot at taking her seat. libby has made a name for herself. she's made national headlines taking on president donald trump after announcing immigration before they happen. opponents say she is too friendly with developers and lenient on police, but she's also gotten endorsements from outgoing governor jerry brown and gavin newsom. she's addressed homelessness head on. one of the things hers supporters stand behind. >> i'm impressed with how she's collaborative, getting new funds through innovative projects. from the touch start program to the oakland house program,
6:22 pm
she's giving other people's money to solve the problems. >> she knows oakland inside and out. there's not one person i know that knows oakland better than libby. i think everything she's learned she is able to be much more effective in her second term, and i think she deserves it. >> supporters are confident she will get that second term. she is expected to be here within the next hour. we will be here throughout the night to bring you the latest. kron4 news. >> thank you. and coverage of the midterm election does not stop here. we will follow the important propositions through the rest of this newscast and all night long. you can also head over to
6:23 pm
your local election headquarters. be sure to tune in at 8:00 tonight through midnight for up to the minute results. coming up at 6:00, arguably the most contentious and talked about issue on the ballot in san francisco. it's proposition c. the tax on big businesses to fund programs for people who are homeless. we take a close up look next. at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more. (ken) san (ken)
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6:25 pm
tonightplan to gather (ken) we are waitingfor resluts in here in san the polls are still open here in california, and we've got another 90 minutes before we get the results in the bay area. one of the hottest oppositions in san francisco, is prop c. >> we are joined by john clifford, where prop c supporters plan together tonight. >> we are in rocco poco, a concert venue in the mission. they're going to come down here and watch the results role in. there are no results yet, and they are still at their office trying to get some last-minute votes in, it this is very
6:26 pm
contentious here in san francisco. here is some video. if it were to pass, it would be a tax on businesses in san francisco that make over $50 million a year. that would result in $250,000 -- million dollars in revenue annually that would be used to help the homeless population, expand shelton's, and get 4000 people off the streets, prevent 7000 households from getting -- losing their home, and mental health support. this has a lot of support from diane feinstein, and the point man has been a company whose company would be penalized, but he is okay with that. >> are homeless need a relief, and we can help that. >> prop c has some opposition, the state senator, and mayor
6:27 pm
says that there's not enough accountability to ensure that the money will be used properly. she is not in favor of it, because it is not a regional plan, is very san francisco specific, it does not include outside areas. election results will rolling in a couple hours, and we will be here throughout the evening. supporters of prop c will be here as the evening goes on. reporting from san francisco, kron 4 news. proposition 10 is getting a lot of coverage and we have information on that coming up. >> president trump is not on the ballot, but voters have turned out across the nation. what is driving this enthusiasm? sfx: squeak
6:28 pm
sfx: stair creak sfx: clink sfx: deep breath sfx: grunt
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sfx: tinny headphone music sfx: feet shuffling sfx: slice sfx: gasp sfx: inhale. exhale. sfx: lights scraping on roof sfx: metallic scrape sfx: grunt covered california. it's more than just health care. it's life care. (pam) we are seeing
6:30 pm
long lines as a record turnout here in california. ines we are seeing long lines in a record turnout here in california. the lines wrapped around the voting locations, you can see the video from san jose, los angeles, and elsewhere in the state. poll workers are hard at work processing the mail invalid. -- ballots. is not just california, voters nationwide are going to the polls in droves. they want to weigh in in hundreds of house races, 35
6:31 pm
senate races, and governors races and 36 states. >> many americans will have president trump on their minds even though he is not on the ballot. here's a look at the big picture. >> american voters are getting a chance to show how they feel about the trump presidency and gop control of congress. >> hope that people will see what is going on and take the time to vote. >> president trump's final push before election day came and missouri on monday, predicting he will get blamed for republican losses, and no credit for the success. >> if we don't do well tomorrow, they will put me on the ticket. if we do great tomorrow, they will say, he had nothing to do with it. >> like the rest of the country, the president waits and watches as americans decide whether republicans will hold both chambers on capitol hill, or democrats will share the power. congressional republicans wanted to make their case a
6:32 pm
round the world, but president trump zeroed in on immigration, move that could prove harmful to gop candidates in suburban candidates, and virginia, and california who are trying to attract moderates and independents. democrats made their case around healthcare and character. >> our leader with the ggest megaphone in the world is engaging in conduct unbecoming of president. it is beneath the office of the presidency. >> in addition to 435 house races, and 35 senate races, dirty six governors of manchester upper graph today. republicans are on defense in 26 of those days. -- on defense in 26 of those states. low state starters make be on the verge of delivering and upset. republican ted cruz, is losing
6:33 pm
in the states that donald trump one easily two years ago. the vote count in the governors race goes on in georgia, where the votes from atlanta, and suburbs are beginning to come in. democrats stacy abrams is trailing brian camp by a 20 points. the polls are here and open for two more hours. remember, if you are in line by 8 pm, you still have a right to cast your ballot. there's about 90 minutes ago. ballot boxes were filling up fast in san francisco. >> people are turning out like never before, this seems to be enthusiasm compared to other elections. we are in front of the city hall in san francisco. absentees and mail in ballots,
6:34 pm
can be dropped off here. you don't need to wait to get into the polling place. make sure that you sign your ballot, if you do not, they will not count it. it will be rejected, and then you will have to dispute it. it is a mess, make sure that you sign it before you turn it in. this box is stuffed. they will have a courier come by and pick it up, each box holds about 500 ballots. it is a very robust system at this point. so many people got the message to come out and vote. we showed you the side of city hall, you can also go through the front. this is your fastest way through, this metal detector on the side is very long. you can get to the polling place going through this way as well. once you drop it off, you get a choice between a sticker, or this 2018 option.
6:35 pm
this is what people are doing. they want their picture out here, so they can send it to their friends and shame the others into come out and vote. the polling place will stay open until 8 pm tonight. you can see the language choices here. they will help you out. there are plenty of translators. in san francisco, this tradition is for voters and candidates to come together at the john's grill for free food and last-minute political fund before the votes are counted. it is all organized by the former san francisco mayor. >> feeling good, because at the end of the day, whatever happens, we got work to do in san francisco. i know a lot of folks here are going to help me do it. >> it's going to be a very busy
6:36 pm
day. >> the owner of john's grill except the tab for this event camera -- this event, which can be $50,000. california will elect a new governor tonight. many are already familiar with democrat gavin newsom. they hope to have a victory celebration. >> i can tell you that the music is on right now, but many folks here at the rally for democrat gavin newsom expect the music to get louder and louder as the night goes on. i can tell you as we approach that apm closing time, -- poll closing time, people are arriving to downtown los angeles. democrat gavin newsom has not arrived yet . one of his
6:37 pm
campaign managers tells me that it was a busy day for him, as he traveled much of the state. he was in san francisco earlier today. now, he is with family members and making last-minute phone calls as we speak. this is a campaign where there has been a lot of talk about universal healthcare, preschool for kids, and at last check, some of the polls were showing democrat gavin newsom in the lead. i don't want to say that they expected, but many people here are expecting a large party tonight to celebrate. as we get closer and closer to apm, it will get livelier. -- 8 pm it will get livelier. >> where are you exactly?
6:38 pm
what venue are you at? why did they decide to do it there instead of in the bay area? >> this is a nightclub here, the thought was unity as there has been a lot of talk about that. many people would expect the rally to happen in san francisco, was so many ties to the bay area, but he wanted to unite the whole state as it was a campaign for the whole state. >> i'm sure we will speak with you from los angeles throughout the rest of the night. stay with us much more news ahead. (ken) mail bomb suspect
6:39 pm
6:40 pm
6:41 pm
cesar sayoc is being held without bond after making his first appearance in a new york federal co today. after making his first court appearance in a new york federal court today, the 60- year-old man is accused of bailing 16 pipe bombs to targets including cnn, hillary clinton, and barack obama. none of the explosives went off, and no one was injured. he is facing five federal charges in the case. authorities call it a domestic terrorist attack. he could spend up to 48 years and risen. his preliminary hearing is set for november 12.
6:42 pm
proposition 6 voter approval for future gas and vehicle taxes and 2017 tax repeal initiative, kicked off with a lot of momentum, but enthusiasm has been a waning.
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
(pam) one of the many propositions voters are deciding on .... is eliminating the recently enacted 12-cents a gallon gas tax. prop 6 one of the many propositions that voters are deciding on is eliminating the recently enacted $.12 a gallon gas tax in california. proposition 6 voter approval for future gas and vehicle taxes and 2017 tax repeal initiative would do away with the tax that is funding road repairs. >> voters are casting their ballots, can you break this down for us? >> this was introduced on this year's ballot to repeal and eliminate senate bill one that was introduced last year. it has been collecting $5 million for roadway improvement projects, as well as transit projects statewide. those who are voting yes for
6:46 pm
opposition six want to eliminated, saying that it cost too much money to live in the state of california. they do not want this $.12 tax on fuel, as well as $.20 tax on diesel. and car registration fees went up as well, to a maximum of $175 depending on the value of the vehicle. i spoke with a spokesperson from transportation who tells us that there are 150 projects that are underway as we speak. they are funded of senate bill one, and it would be compromised by this being repealed. they would be deleted, delayed or put them back to square one on these projects. some roadways here in the bay area have already benefited as a result. they repaved eight 80 in oakland, and 85 in san jose. people who want to do away with this and vote yes on proposition six say that it is just adding more to people
6:47 pm
spending money on gas. doing away with it would save $700 for a family of four. we are starting to get more results coming in from parts of the midwest and the west. >> some of the interesting races, in tennessee, marsha blackburn is the projected lack burn beating the democrat. blackburn ran a no holds a campaign hitting her opponent hard on immigration. in north dakota, the democrat is in danger of losing her seat, to the republican as he has a 20% lead right now. in arizona, the democrats do have a chance to pick up the republican seat held by retiring jeff flake, she is facing off against against a
6:48 pm
retired air force colonel. with sky high cost of living, rent control is a huge concern in oakland. >> supporters of that ballot measure say that it is made to address the affordable housing crisis. they are said to watch the results come in in the coffee location. will have our reporter explained both sides of proposition 10: local rent control initiative. >> the party hasn't started yet, you can see behind me that people are getting ready, and we starting to see some of the food trucks lining up here. this is where supporters of proposition 10 will watch the results come in. let me tell you a little bit about proposition 10: local rent control initiative. it repeals the housing act of 1995, which placed the power at the state government. as it stands, it prevents rent control in single-family homes,
6:49 pm
and it cannot dictate the rent cost for new renters. voting yes like those who are here at red bay coffee, means that the state would no longer be able to limit local rent control ordinances. voting no means that the state continues to regulate the rent control policy. some say that there is a shortage of housing in the state, and that is what is driving up the cost of rent, helping to fuel homelessness. proposition 10 gives the ability to amend local rent laws. people who oppose it say that it draws attention to the problem but does not solve it. they say it needs -- they do say that we need more affordable housing. they are not holding -- the group that is against proposition 10 are not holding a viewing party. they say it it would make a bad problem even worse. be sure to download our kron 4 news app. it at your
6:50 pm
local election headquarters. be sure to turn in apm for up- to-the-minute results. we will be right back.
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
nonstop since first thing this morning.">(pam) there are it's been wild, all of the print six in the field are busy today. -- all of the precincts are
6:53 pm
busy today. >> we have been out at the registrar's office, where they are predicting record number of ballots cast. >> historically, this is blowing the doors off. >> the registrar at contract cost the county -- contra costa county told us what it's been like so far. >> i have heard that ballot boxes are filling up very quickly. >> we are having to deliver extra ballot boxes, and two extra pickups. we are getting a tremendous volume. all of the precincts in the field are busy today. it's been nonstop since first thing this morning. we are seeing turnout like we have not seen in a mid year election before. >> what is bringing all of these people out? what is propelling the vote?
6:54 pm
>> i know that i have been telling people that they have to do it. i don't care what you vote for, just vote. you've got a do it. >> i think there are a lot of issues that are near and dear to people's hearts. they are being discussed now, immigration, they caravan through mexico -- >> it is not just seasoned voters, but first-time voters. how does it feel? >> it's empowering. all of us, with her friends feel like we can make a difference now. we are not just watching the election, we didn't have a say before, but we do now. we are the ones who will have to deal with whatever the older generation votes for.
6:55 pm
it's much more empowering to have a say. let's take another look outside. we still have an hour to get out of vote. -- to vote. >> it was impressive today, with temperatures running up in the 70s, even some low 80s in the bay area today. it was a nice evening tonight. if you have not voted, it is a beautiful evening with clear skies everywhere you go. if you're looking out towards the golden gate bridge, you'll see beautiful clear skies. it is a bone dry in california, and we can get the storms going yet. i've seen years where all of a sudden, rain starts to come in and it comes in a hurry. but out there, we are enjoying
6:56 pm
some beautiful weather with high fire danger. over the mountaintops, especially in the north bay hill, we will see some strong testing winds tomorrow night. that will continue into friday morning. we are going to see some sunshine when you get up, it will be chilly overnight with lows dropping off in the 40s. by 8 am, most of the bay area will be in the 50s, and sunny. gorgeous weather towards the middle of the day, you could head outside with mid-70s in the valleys. there will be sunshine along the coastline. some numbers could push toward 80s in the afternoons. check out your computer model to show skies showings nice and clear, and offshore winds will be blowing. things will stay clear all along the coastline through the
6:57 pm
day tomorrow. that continues through thursday. rarely do you see three straight days of no clouds. but that is what is looking like right now. it will be cold overnight tonight 40s all around the bay area. i wouldn't be surprised to see a few 30s pop up. the numbers will soar during the day and afternoon. you will see 60s within the bay, and beautiful weather and 70s well inland. there will be beautiful weather ahead. temperatures are going to be cooling down as we head into the weekend. but right now, no rain for the next seven days. our coverage of the midterm elections does not stop here. be sure to download our kron 4 news app . we start coverage again at 8 pm tonight and we hope to see you then. have a nice evening everybody.
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a ten-year-old girl charged with murder. this court sobbing. >> and more on the soulless son accused of strangling his mother. >> he believes he deserves a grammy award. >> look who is coming up? sarah huckabee sanders and first daughter ivanka. >> as 100 million americans cast their votes. >> long lines everywhere. and pizza at the polls.


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