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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  November 7, 2018 7:30pm-8:01pm PST

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♪ ♪ i'll tell you what i want the spice girls reunion tour, spicing up their bank accounts? >> which spice girl needs the money most? >> me 'cause i'm divorced. >> we'll tell you the crazy amount they could be making and how victoria's still cashing in while sitting out. plus, ariana grande's on stage slipup. >> oh, my god. >> and why she left ellen hanging. >> she's gone. she left. then, oprah's favorite things is here. >> oh, my gosh. it's so good. >> so why is gayle king at holiday odds with lady o? >> i actually don't like that rule.
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plus hot hollywood men with their adorable pups. >> this is your star moment, buddy. and the sexiest man alive, in bed with beyonce. >> it was so raw and so real. >> our flashback to bey's obsession with idris elba. >> i look crazy. this is "entertainment tonight." it's going to be a steamy show. it's been more than six years since the spice girls performed at 2012 olympics. so what's bringing them back together now? the love of their fans? >> probably. >> how about their love for ea other? >> it was probably that too. but they're also getting what everybody really really wants. tons of cash. >> come and sit down the spice girls are here. ♪ >> the spice girls got right to work today promoting their uk reunion tour on a london radio station. money the most?
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>> which spice girl needs the money the most? me because i'm divorced. you know what, i love her honesty. >> mel b who was ordered in august to pay her ex $350,000 in legal fees seemed to regret the joke immediately. >> can i just rectify, i actually don't need the money because i'm actually quite rich. i'm just doing it because i love you ladies. >> posh spice, victoria beckham, whose fashion empire has made her worth an estimated $450 million is not joining the tour. she says it's so she can focus on work and family. >> she's very excited for us. it's gonna be strange because none of us can watch the spice girls on stage, but she will be able to. >> so how much is at stake? ♪ i'll tell you what i want >> well according to one report the four spice girls will make $3.2 million each for their six shows. even more if the 2019 tour is extended. >> it's going to be a celebration. everybody's welcome. every boy and every girl.
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>> what about the shows themselves? is there new material? are you going to be recording anything new? >> yes. we're recording an album. >> stop it. >> she's fibbing. >> so allegedly they could be making half a million a show. by the way, don't worry about victoria bem ham. reportedly she still rakes in a mountain of cash because she owns a piece of the spice girls. she's good. >> she gets checks for not going to work. >> for sitting home with david beckham. >> how do i get that gig? meanwhile, it's good to see ariana grande singing again after all the trauma she's been through, even if the performance on today's ellen didn't go quite as planned. ♪ almost got married and for pete i'm so thankful ♪ >> mentioning her ex fiance in "thank you next" while dressed in bridal white and surrounded by wedding reception decor, ariana was sending a message just 23 days after they called off their i dos. grande and her girls even gave us first wives club vibes.
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but then this happened -- >> i know. oh, my god. >> the 25-year-old recovered only to have another mishap. did arie leave ellen hanging? >> we were supposed to come down? >> yeah. you left me. >> i thought we were supposed to exit. >> no. >> this caught off guard moment was real according to multiple sources. ariana wasn't expected to speak about the break up and losing ex mac miller to an accidental fentanyl and cocaine overdose. >> you've had a rough year. we all love you. we support you. >> thanks. >> slightly recoiling and backing away from ellen's mike, sources close to production tell us ariana was caught by surprise and was never supposed to chat with ellen after her second performance because they briefly spoke earlier. grande made it through her hit "breathe in" but broke apart during "thank you next" recalling her parents' divorce when she was 8. ♪ holding hands with my mama
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i'll be thanking my dad 'cause she grew from the drama ♪ >> she still looked uncomfortable. she's working for it. >> up next for arie? she will be honored as billboard's 2018 woman of the year in new york thanks in part to the success of her album "sweetener," speaking of sweet and sexy. >> you had to go there. we stumbled upon this gem that we had to share with everybody. >> it's good. >> let's flashback the king and hi queen. >> sharon, you're so bad.
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>> like that's not why you married me. >> in 2019 thriller "obsessed" beyonce played his wife, but actually she was newlywed to jay-z. >> are you okay? >> yeah. >> what did he think of your scenes with idris because women love idris? >> idris is a good looking man. >> idris is a wonderful actor and we both i think worked very well together. he taught me how to improv. i've never done that before. >> come on baby not tonight. you know this is important to me. >> you guys have some pretty hot steamy scenes. was it weird or was it -- do you think whoa, her husband's a pretty big guy? >> it's acting, baby. you know it ain't nothing like that. honestly i think beyonce did a phenomenal job keeping her private life away from her work life and that's all you can ask for. >> in the film idris' co-worker turned stalker ali larter and beyonce literally fights for her man. >> i told you don't touch me. >> thank god i've never had any type of crazy person in my house and i've never had to fight in that way. >> in real life idris is taken. he brought fiance sabrina dhowre to harry and meghan's wedding and he's the father of two kids. you gotta love what she posted about his out his "people" cove. that's my hubby. yes, sir! #chocolateforthewin.
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>> let's say they're both winning. how cool was it to see beyonce from back in the day? >> back in the day beyonce. well, i think priyanka chopra may have a different pick for sexiest man alive. her fiance nick jonas. up first in tonight's know and tell, nick and priyanka ready to wed. ♪ you got me in chains >> the i do date is moving up and we may have a new mrs. jonas before the end of 2018. a source tells "e.t." priyanka and nick were planning to get married early next year, but since day one, the couple have clicked and have never taken their relationship slow. >> it's obviously been a whirlwind, but i'm seeing myself happier and finding someone who can be a partner to you in so many ways more than one is amazing. ♪ and i keep on climbing up roof top ♪ >> so why the rush down the aisle? we're told quote, they know that they love one another and are going to be married so they don't see the appeal in waiting too long.
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next up how harry and meghan plan to bring up their royal baby. this heir will not be spoiled. the children are expected to one day have regular jobs. they'll have chores at home and brought up with respect. mandy moore talks wedding number two. >> i think everything is different. i'm a 34-year-old woman now. >> the "this is us" star fell in love again with taylor goldsmith. she said i'm living the life i'm supposed to be. visit tomorrow for the full interview. >> be prepared to ride the wave of failures. embrace the change. >> embrace the change. you've changed careers. >> so have you and hairstyles.
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oscar winner unrecognizable. who's the star packing on the pounds for a new role? >> then -- >> we have porker here and waldo picasso jonas. >> man's best friend making these men even sexier. >> and -- >> son of a nutcracker. >> "elf" turns 15. we're with will ferrell sharing stories from the set you've never heard. >> i do all my stunt food eating. first for your consideration -- awards buzz for john c riley in "the sisters brothers." >> eventually you're gonna get us killed. >> i like the duet nature of working with a partner. >> the western follows two brothers, the other played by joaquin phoenix. >> i knew that if i worked with him it would really challenge me and would bring my game up. >> the brothers are hired to kill a prospecter. >> gentlemen, i have found him. i will try to hold him until your arrival. >> the fact that people are noticing my performance and the film in general is like that's the best case scenario. >> "the sisters brothers" is out now. for more head to the for your
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♪ ♪ the holidays begin here at the disneyland resort.
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zblfrmgts that that is amazing, russell crowe on set completely transformed into roger ailes. crowe's starring in a limited series on show time about the late former fox news chief who was forced out in the wake of sexual harassment allegations. >> this is going to be a crazy thing to watch. my favorite russell is gladiator russell. he had it all going on in that one. but you know what makes a guy really irresistible? when he's got a four-legged best friend. man's best friend or sex appeal adding sidekick? some of our favorite hunks are just that much better with their fur babies in tow. like bradley cooper who cast his dog charlie in his directorial debut "a star is born." >> you know i never even thought about any other dog but him, but you have to jump through a lot of hoops to be able to do that. >> yes, we have porky here. porky basquiat jonas and waldo picasso jonas. where you going? hang out. you're on camera.
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this is your star moment, buddy. >> joe jonas adopted his miniature huskies to surprise his fiance sophie turner. added bonus, they kinda look like her "game of thrones" direwolves. >> they're definitely good backstage dogs. these dogs go on tour with us a lot. so the band feels like these dogs are theirs as well. >> give me your paw. there we go. shake. >> hello sweetheart. >> jeff goldblum adores his pup woody, a 5-year-old standard poodle. >> they say they're very smart, poodles. well, i don't know all dogs, but he seems very smart. >> the furry friends are all featured in the new issue of "people" magazine, including seth meyers and his italian greyhound frisbee. >> and usher's mini golden doodle who he won at a charity auction. >> this is my daughter and dog scarlet. >> she's even got a middle name, lady, for "lady and the tramp." you can see more of her on >> some of my hardest times she's always with me. she makes yoga fun 'cause she does downward and upward dog. yeah, i know it's corny. i get it.
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>> how cute is it that baby is afraid of the camera. one thing she doesn't have in common with her daddy. it's that time of year again. >> oh, yeah. >> oprah reveals her favorite things. what topped her list. >> you could honestly hear squeals of delight. >> oh, oh, oh. >> plus our "riverdale" exclusive, bringing back the "breakfast club." >> buddy the elf, what's your favorite color? >> what you never knew about "elf on its 15th anniversary. "e.t.'s" epic flashback. >> okay. i'll be in an elf suit. but luckily i've got the bod to pull it off. >> closed captioning provided by --
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♪ and this cost what? >> 20 bucks. >> 20 bucks! it's under $50! >> okay, you know what time it is, oprah's list of favorite things is here and only we're wither bestie gayle king taking us through lady o's coveted wish list. >> oh, my gosh! >> she put her feet in here and you can honestly hear squeals of delight. >> oh yeah. oh yeah. get that toes. oh, fantastic. >> looks like christmas came early for oprah with this almost $200 foot massager. it's on her list of favorite things which is bigger than ever this year. 107 oprah tested and approved gift ideas. >> can i have this? i'm taking this. >> this is a kneeling pad for the very serious gardeners. she's really enter garrett
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evening. she personally picked that one out. can't you see oprah and i sitting down doing arts and crafts? i can't, but the children in your house would really like this. when you first hear about fingerless gloves you go why, but for anybody that has an iphone or black berry it's great. your hands are warm, but you can still use your fingers. oprah is a very big texter. >> this year's list is budget conscious with 50 items under 50 bucks. >> we were very mindful of price range. you know, sometimes people knock us occasionally and say listen, "oprah magazine" we don't have oprah's money. none of us have oprah's money including all of us that work at oprah magazine. >> the most expensive item on the list? this electric bike for just under $1,700. and even though it takes an entire year to can you rate this holiday gift guide, oprah won't be getting any presents from her bff. >> a couple years ago oprah imposed this we don't need to exchange presents rule. i actually don't like that rule, but she goes all of us sitting here, we don't need a present. she's actually right about that, but everybody likes to open a present. >> exactly. what is she talking about?
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>> not everybody has oprah money. >> you doing all right gayle. >> can we talk about another christmas tradition? "elf." it's 15 years old today. we caught up with will ferrell. >> best part of making the movie "elf"? >> the best part was -- well, getting to wear yellow tights for 75 days of shooting. >> son of a nutcracker. >> thought tights are a timeless look and papa elf, bob newhart, predicted the film become a holiday tradition. >> i think they're just going to show it like -- release it every christmas. >> i think there's something i should probably tell you. >> it just makes you feel good. >> action! >> the very first day of filming was in lincoln tunnel in the elf suit. >> people really didn't look at me twice.
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>> hi! hello! >> people really didn't react that much because we were in new york. nobody really cared. >> "elf" marked the first leading film roles for co-stars will ferrell and zoe deschanel who dyed her hair blonde for the role. >> i hate being a blonde. i'm sorry, blondes, but i really don't like being blonde. >> their most iconic scene together is their duet in the shower. ♪ the neighbors might ♪ baby it's bad outside >> both of them really sing in the film, but zoe says their chemistry together was pure movie magic. ♪ i wish i knew how >> he wasn't there. he was singing separately from me. a lot of it, the water isn't actually running. i was just like singing my song. but you know, that's movies. >> another on-set secret? >> i did all my own stunt food eating.
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spaghetti with maple syrup, chocolate syrup, pop tarts and m&ms. >> the scene actually had to be shot twice because apparently will couldn't keep it down the first time. >> it's nasty at first, but it's an acquired taste. >> i know you're all wondering if there would ever be an "elf two." will ferrell said absolutely not. he's not squeezing back into those yellow elf tights. >> sometimes a comedy is so perfect from start to finish, you leave it be. here's something that is happening, kelly ripa is headed to riverdale. she posted this sexy shot on set, her husband mark consuelos stars in the cw series and get this -- she will play his mistress. meanwhile the family affair begins tonight as their son, michael, makes his tv debut and only "e.t.'s" leanna aguilera was on set. >> i mean, it's a bucket list for us as parents to have our son play me.
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some of the crew didn't know it was him. they're like oh, my god they did really well casting. they did a great job. he looks just like him. >> what's that, hiram? >> fizzle rocks. they're new. just hit the streets. >> this is the 21-year-old college students first ever acting gig and, yes, he had to audition. michael's playing the high school version of his villainous dad in tonight's flashback episode. >> how did you prepare for the role? did you watch scenes of your dad? >> i did. i did. i watched kind of the way he moves. i was searching and scrutinizing for any ticks. >> do i have any ticks? >> you don't really. >> tonight's episode also pays homage to the cult classic "the breakfast club" and for good reason. >> you may not talk. >> while you're here today you will not talk. >> anthony michael hall guest stars as the principal. >> they're a lot younger than i am and now i'm like an old guy on the set. but it's fun. i'm cool with it. >> it's been 33 years since the
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anthony was just 16 at the time. >> i've been very, very fortunate that i was able to start my career that way. >> as for the start of michael's acting career. well he's on board with the fandom that may follow. his dad, not so much. >> he's gotta finish school. he's gotta finish college. >> i can't say i'm not looking forward to it. i would be lying if i said it was. >> they are twin. >> that's crazy. though his fellow brat packer >> molly ringwald also stars in "riverdale" but she won't be in tonight's episode. >> mom -- molly i need reunions of all three of your movies. next on kron-4 news at eight: the president lashes out at a contentious news conference ... then fires a top cabinet member. the wild day at the white house. 70-thousand people being told to brace for losing power. as p-g&-e announces it will shut it off due to extreme fire danger. when the outages will start...and
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the areas affected. plus. now that voters defeated proposition 10...the options the state has now to address a housing crisis. i'm ken wayne i'm pam moore. the news -- at eight -- is next. ú denny's super slam is just $6.99.
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travel consideration provided by -- ♪ you know stevie wonder had a episode of "dancing with the stars" dedicated to him. now his son is on the junior edition. >> can he sing like his daddy? >> do you have dad's vocal chops? >> okay. not all the way there. we're going to work on it. i don't sing seriously.
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it feels even better when you find it for less-at ross. yes for less. (ken) democrats in ... the attorney general out ... and a reporter loses his credentials after the president loses his cool.(ken) no shortage of post=election drama in washington... or the bay area, good evening. i'm ken wayne. (pam) i'm pam moore .. thanks for joining us. karen caifa is live in washington to begin our coverage.. karen. president trump -- changing the topic from the democrats' midterm house victory.the president announcing via twitter wednesday afternoon


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