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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  November 8, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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(pam) the 'camp fire' in butte county has exploded to áá 20,000 áá acres. the fire burning up hundreds of homes, destroying communities ... and causing mandatory evacuations. the smoke moving south ... blanketing the bay area, and even causing ash to fall from the sky in san francisco. good evening, i'm pam moore. (ken) and i'm ken wayne. thank you for joining us tonight. (pam) the fire started near pulga road at camp creek road, near jarbo gap. first reports .... of what cal-fire is calling 'the camp fire' ... came in at six- thirty this morning. the fire exploded in size by this afternoon... threatening a number of communities. several hundred structures have already been destroyed. (ken) here are the latest numbers from calfire:
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15-thousand structures are still threatened. fire personnel: 2289total fire engines: 303total fire crews: 59total helicopters: 11total dozers: 24total water tenders: 11 (ken) according to a butte county spokesperson... all of paradise, a town of about 27,000 people, was ordered to evacuate due to the camp fire and it has been completely wiped out. cal fire says evacuation orders are also being issued today also being orders are evacuation orders are also being issued today for... paradise, magalia, concow, butte creek canyon, and butte valley. those areas are listed on your screen. (pam) we have team coverage for you tonight. dan thorn and chief meterologist lawernce karnow are covering the poor air quiality here in the bay area. (ken) but first we want to get to alecia reid who is out in butte county right now. alecia what are you seeing toinght? (alecia)
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dozens of families have checked in here at the gridley fairgrounds ... they had no idea when they woke up this morning that they would be scrambling to get to safety.pkg everything was red. the sky was red. it looked like an indian summerthe raging camp fire picked up speed throughout thursday ... taking out the entire town of paradise.scary. i've never seen anything like it. how fast that thing moved. when they said get out they meant get outfamilies grabbed what they could and got out.i grabbed my photo albums, medication, all of my medical stuff and that's itfor many .. it was an overwhelming feeling ... i cried i was so scared, and i never cry when im in a bad situation. but i had to just cry for like 5 minutes then i got myself togetherthe red cross has 3 evacuation centers. there's a church in chico, and another in oroville that are taking residents in. anyone who needs a warm place to stay, some hot food, and meals 3 times a day.right now thousands of structures in paradise have been destroyed ...the exact amount will be determined once fire officials can get back in there ...for
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now ... residents are grateful to have gotten out alive. you could see it on the was about 3 or 4 stories high, and some of the flames were just going up into twisters like this, just whipping up and downstandupit's about to be a long road for many of the people staying at the gridley sigh of relief .. this evacuation center is also taking large animals.and people are taking advantage. we've seen a number of trailers with horses inside. reporting live from butte county ... alecia reid .. kron 4 news. (alecia) (pam) (ken) our chief
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meterologist lawrence karnow is on hand now. the smoke from this fire has just been billowing into the are we are noticing low visiblity and even seeing ash how bad is the air quality right now? lawrence karnow: smoke from the camp fire making for very poor air quality today. fire danger remains highs for tonight and tomorrow morning. lows in the 30s and 40s. tomorrow will be sunny but hazy and the air quality will begin to improve. highs will be in the 70s with 60s at the coast. it will be the weekend. dry weather is expected over the next 7 days.
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best day to be outside in the bay. the area has been dealing with smoky conditions blowing in from the north. (pam) kron4's dan thorn joins us live in san francisco.. he talked with air quality officials about what people should do in these conditions. (dan)ken/pam air quality officials says there is not a spare the air in effect right now. they are not expecting the quality to exceed the federal air quality safety standard..however they are monitoring the situation closely.." thick smoke the bay area..a red haze was seen over parts of the was especially bad in parts of the north bay and east bay some areas people reported seeing ash falling from the sky..air quality officials say an advisory continues through friday...sot: we're planning for the entire bay area to be
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potentially impacted by the smoke as it comes down south to the bay area. walter wallace with the air quality district says people should protect their health by limiting their exposure..sot: young children and the elderly are the two groups in specific that we're talking about. we want to make sure that those are the most vulnerable members and they're safe..a couple from sacramento, visiting marin county says the smoke didn't make it the best day in the bay..sot: i wouldn't say it was unpleasant. it's always nice to be down here but it definitely took a little away from the views that you normally see down here. sot: it was a little disapointing that we couldn't see across the water so far we didn't notice to poor of quality..but we really couldn't see anything. (dan)air quality officials tell me that despite the chilly temperatures moving in tonight--people with fireplaces should not burn because that can contribute to the poor conditions. dan thorn kron4 news
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follow this story throughout the newscast. and you can stay up to date on the evacuations and latest numbers from the butte county wildfire ... by downloading our kron4 news app. (ken) now on to a developing story we have been following all day. flags around the state were ordered to fly at half staff in
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mourning for the now 12 people killed at a night club early this morning in la.( ken 2 shot) this story continues to update as we learn new information about the shooter (pam) kron4's gayle ong is live in the newsroom with where things stand in the investigation tonight. gayle? (gayle)authorities have yet not determined a motive.but they do know the gunman - 28- year -old david long was a frequent patron at the borderline bar and grill in thousand oaks. fbi officials say investigators are seeking the motive for the mass shooting at the country music bar, hoping evidence will allow them to paint a picture of the gunman's frame of mind, authroties say long carried t e shooting years after a divorce and a discharge from the marines and months after shouting, brought a mental health specialist to his door. they felt he might be suffering from p-t-s-d, but decided not to detain him due to laws. seven months later, officers swarmed his home
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again for a very different reason-a mass shooting.12 people were killed..for just having a fun night out.this is an unfortunate reminder tragidies like this could happen anywhere. anywhere.happen this could tragidies like reminder unfortunate this is an night out.having a fun killed..for just 12 people were shooting.a mass reason-different a very home again for swarmed his officers later,seven months seven months later,
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officers swarmed his home again for a very different reason-a mass shooting.12 people were killed..for just having a fun night out.this is an reminder this could anywhere. coming up later in the show, we will hear from a local security hear from a local security expert on what to do if (ken)(ken) and our coverage of the thousand oaks fire is not over. in two mins we will tell you more about the victims who lost their lives in this lastest mass shooting. (pam) the disbelief and grief overwhelming in the community of thousand oaks .... and now we know .. there is a victim from the bay area.. we hear reaction from our new governor- elect.
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doubt saved others from being victimized.">(pam) we are learning more about the victims of wednesday night's deadly mass shooting at a southern california bar. one of the 12 killed was a law enforcement veteran -- looking to retire soon. here is video of l-a-p-d officers laying flowers at the scene where he was killed. (pam) he is now being remembered as a hero who died trying to save lives.(ken) another victim was just 22
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years old... a young man hoping to join the military. his father shared their last words together. miguel marquez reports. jason coffman/father of shooting victim: "we did just get the news that he was one of the 11 that were killed last night."jason coffman - father of 22 year old cody receives the worst news imaginable.jason coffman/father of shooting victim: "his name was cody coffman. my first born son. only him - that i know how much i miss him. oh god, this is so-- oh son, i love you so much. oh, heavenly father." for much of the day coffman hoped prayed his son was simply missing. he used the tracking function on his son's phone to find him.jason coffman/father of shooting victim: "it's at the club. it's not moving. it's not moving. that's the problem." the last things coffman said to his was don't drink and drive andcoffman/father of shooting victim: "son, i love you. that was the last thing i said."adding to this
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tragedy many of those in the bar had survived the mass shooting in las vegas just last year.nicholas champion/witness: "unfortunately it's the second time in about a year and a month that this has happened. i was at the las vegas route 91 mass shooting. it's a big thing for us. we all are a big family and unfortunately this family gottwice. "in all 13the gunman. at least 21 injured. when the call came... sergeant ron helus was on the phone with his wife.sheriff geoff dean/ventura county: "sergeant helus was having a conversation with his wife on the phone, as he does several times during his shift and said to her, hey, i have to go. i love you. i'll talk to you later."as others rushed out, helus - a 29-year veteran of the ventura county sheriff deputy - rushed in. sheriff geoff dean/ventura county: "when sergeant helus and the highway patrol officer went in, they immediately exchanged gunfire with the suspect. that's when the sergeant helus was shot several times.helus - who was planning for retirement - was remembered today in a spur of the moment memorial.people lined the route as his body was moved from the hospital to the funeral home.
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(ken) police has identified ian david long as the gunman in the mass shooting. officials say the 28-year-old veteran of the u-s marine corps had previous run-ins with the law . they are now looking for any motive behind the shooting... or any connection between long and the borderline bar.ayor of thousand oaks came out and urged people to come out and give blood... and they answered. you can see the long lines of people .. who came out in droves to help those injured by the thousand oaks shooting. the mayors office was getting calls from the community on how and where to give blood. and those
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who came out said, they were just glad to help."to hear that so many kids went out for college i just have a good time and then they were murdered. this is really sad and i'm very appalled and ashamed of the world at this point. but there's just been so many shootings i just it's it's not it's not fair and i think it's all of us can help them we can kind of make a difference."(pam0 the help was (pam0 a difference."(pam0 the help was so important because with so many people injured, the hospitals needed all the donations they could get. (ken) the southern california shooting is hitting home here in the bay area.(pam) kron4's grant lodes is here live in the studio... to talk about one victim from the north bay. grant? those killed in e of from vintage high school in napa. throughout the day...friends stopped by alaina housley family home in napa to drop off flowers.
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housley was a freshman at pepperdine university in malibu. but today at vintage high in napa...the flag was lowered to honor her memory. and the school's principal remembered housley as a kind, genuine, person who all kinds of people were drawn to.
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this story continues to develop. we will have a live reporter in thousand oaks at 10:30 tonight. and you can download our app to get new information pushed straight to your finger tips. let's take a live look outside tonight..lawrence has the forecast... fire danger we're seeing the affect of the long drought.. lawrence karnow: smoke from the camp fire making for very poor air quality today. fire danger remains highs for tonight and tomorrow morning. lows tonight will be in the 30s and 40s. tomorrow will be sunny but hazy and the air quality will begin to improve. highs will be in the 70s with 60s at the coast. it will be cooler with a few clouds over the weekend. dry weather is expected over the next 7 (ken) firefighters are currently battling are currently firefighters (ken) days.the next 7 expected over
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the next 7 days.
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(ken) firefighters are currently battling that butte county wildfire and it is spreading fast. we take a look at what is causing so many red flag warnings across the state. (pam) a tribute to a baseball legend.. we take you to the ball park where fans came from all over... to remember the great willie mccovey..
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(pam) willie mccovey, one of the san francisco giants greatest players, was honored today at a of s fe at a-t&t park.(ken) kron4's maureen kelly was there as number 44 was honored for his actions on and off the field. nats its going going gone for willie mccoveysome of the
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legendary slugger's greatest hits were played on the jumbotron at at&t park...where giants fans turned out to say goodbye to the much beloved player. many wearing replicas of his jersey....those i talked to explained what he meant to them and to the team. spirit, joy wanted to come to the ball park even though it was candle stick and windy just someone to come watch and play a game and who enjoy playing the game and made us enjoy it to just an awesome presents he has just such a good way about them just a gentle giant really he was from his early days of fan favorite and i think that partly not only because of his greatest on the field but such a humble and seemingly genuine guy that was just really likable so it's sad but i'm really glad they're doing this it's great one fan decorated his hat with of pictures of mccovey i've had the privilege of meeting willy mccovey many times and will he gives kindness, he gives a positive energy that basically lights up all fans it makes it extra specialfans got to sit and
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listen to past and present members of the giants organization who admired, played with and were inspired by the first baseman nicked named stretch.his legacy transcends baseball, transcends his six all star appearances his rookie of the year award is mvp even his hall of fame induction. that guy for that played for the front of his uniform not the one on the backi want to be like himthe san francisco fireboat paid tribute to mccovey in the cove named after him. a cove that another former giants slugger thanked the team for creating... i want to thank mac for allowing me to hit a bunch of baseballs in it and his covemccovey's family has asked for any donations made in his honor go to the giants communtiy fund which will be used to benefit youth programs in northern his hometown of mobile, alabama.maureen kelly kron4 news (ken)(ken) we are keeping a close eye on the camp fire now at 20,000 acres. we hear from experts about why there are so many red flag warnings still happening in november. (pam) with the butte county 'camp' fire already burning so aggressively, we take a look at the chances that p-g and- e will cut power as a safety precy or two after an election for governor, you should focused on other things"(ken) governor elect gavin
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newsom responding to the news of the 12 killed in the thousand oaks shooting. we will have a live report from the scene in just two and a half minutes. (lawrence)ten at ten you know when you're at ross and you find a deal on cookware that makes you say. yes! ...oh, yeah! bring on the holidays! that's yes for less. everything you need to prep, cook and serve up the season.
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and i am a certified arborist for pg&e.ughes i oversee the patrolling of trees near power lines aran pipes and underground infrastructure. at pg&e wherever we work, we work hard to protect the environment. getting the job done safely, so we can keep the lights on for everybody. because i live here i have a deeper connection to the community. and i want to see the community grow and thrive. every year we work with cities and schools to plant trees in our communities. so the environment is there for my kids and future generations. together, we're building a better california. and you realize you are the the hostess with the mostest. you know when you're at ross yes! yeah! that's yes for less. entertain in style all season long. it feels even better when you find it for less-at ross. yes for less. .. gunman .. who stormed a hern
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california bar last night, and opened fire. tonight, we are learning more about who that gunman was. (ken) ian long was a u.s. marine corps veteran ... who was honorably discharged in 2013. long walked into the popular borderline bar in thousand oaks and just started shooting ... and then took his own life.(pam) the bar was hosting a "college night" event. tonight, the community is coming together to mourn the death of their neighbors. kron4's patrick walker is live in thousand oaks with the latest ... patrick the fbi and local investigators continue to comb through evidence outside the borderline bar and grill.and while they try to determine a motive a devastated community is trying to heal.vo (vigil) candles in hand hundreds met inside the fred kavli theatre not far from the borderline bar and leaders expressing a need for unity in the wake of this tragedy.the town tonight turning to music and prayer in an attempt to heal and try to come to terms with a such a senseless act. friends and loved ones also
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in attendance.sot (runs :12) ((danny cueto/knew one of the victims: "i've only hung out with him maybe 3 times, but that's all it takes for that kind of person to make a deep impact on your life. he was the greatest person, always smiling, the most positive attitude." )) cont. vo (scene) meanwhile investigators have spent the nearly 24 hours since the shooting happened trying to answer the big question - why?gunman ian david long was known to police. officers dealt with the 28-year-old former marine in april on a mental health call but he was cleared by medical professionals.reporter livethe borderline has become a favorite hangout for local survivors of the route 91 harvest festival shooting in las vegas.we know tonight that one of those survivors is among those killed in last night's shooting.reporting live in thousand oaks, california i'm patrick walker.
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patrick walker.california i'm thousand oaks, california i'm patrick walker.
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responding to this deadly mass shooting ... taking to social media. our grant lodes joins us now ... with more on what they had to say. grant? most lawmakers tweeted today after the shooting... san francisco mayor, london breed writing: "we are well past time for action to stop the continued gun violence in our country. the shooting in thousand oaks is yet another in a long line of senseless killings." governor jerry brown tweeting: "our hearts ache today for the victims of this heinous act and our deepest condolences are with the thoudand oaks community and those who lost friends and loved ones." governor elect gavin newsom tweeting out "simply saying, 'enough is enough,' is 'not' enough. we must address the root causes of these devestating acts at every level of government." u-s house minority leader nancy peolosi said: "americans deserve action to end the gun violence epidemic and house democrats will work
10:34 pm
to pass common-sense solutions to save lives." the thousand oaks shooting is the 307th mass shooting this year in the u-s shooting this 307th mass shooting is the 307th mass shooting this year in the u-s and the deadliest, so far, in 2018. (bam) (ken) flags are at half staff at san francisco city hall and across california in the wake of the tragic thousand oaks mass shooting. governor- elect gavin newsom was in the city today helping serve meals at saint anthony's. kron4's haaziq madyun was there the governor- elect addressed the media (take pkg) (pkg)sot
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bravery. his act of heroism"> homelessness is among the many challenges facing the governor electsot homelessness stems from growing the housing crisissot immigrationsot tolerance, diversity and inclusionsotand he says he is not waiting for legislators in washington to solve any issues facing the golden statesotin san francisco haaziq madyun kron4news
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(ken) and president trump tweeting tonight saying "great bravery shown by police. california highway patrol was on scene within 3 minutes, with first officer to enter shot numerous times. that sheriff's sergeant died in the hospital. god bless all of the victims and families of the victims. thank you to law enforcement." (pam) senator dianne feinstein taking to twitter saying.... these shootings just need to stop... tweeting: "these mass murders are depressingly pervasive. schools. theaters. malls. offices. synagogues. grocery stores. bars. concerts. churches. they're inspired by racism, revenge, terrorism or just pure hatred. the one common attribute: easy access to guns." (ken) our coverage of this story continues online at korn4 dot com... there we have details on what we know about shooter. a list of victims names... and information on what to do in those types of situations. and how to prepare.. and react in a moments notice... all that
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on kron4 dot com... (pam) as we've been reporting.. the 'camp fire' in butte county is spreading fast. now jumping to 20,000 acres ... with zero percent contained. it started this morning around 6 o clock .. since then thousands of people have been forced to evacuate ... and entire towns are reportedly destroyed. (pam) we are speaking on the phone now with kron4 aleica reid who has been in butte county all evening... (ken) (ken) ááquestionáá
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lawrence karnow: smoke from the camp fire making for very poor air quality today. fire
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danger remains highs for tonight and tomorrow morning. lows tonight will be in the 30s and 40s. tomorrow will be sunny but hazy and the air quality will begin to improve. highs will be in the 70s with 60s at the coast. it will be cooler with a few clouds over the weekend. dry weather is expected over the next 7 days.
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willie brown. speaker of the state assembly for 15- years.. two terms as san francisco mayor.. he is a columnist, a power broker .. a man about town.. he has ruffled a lot of feathers.. and made a lot of friends .. in my special profile .. i found out about a private side to this icon.. from his four
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children - willie brown the father .. "hi..this is the weekly dinner gathering of the brown family - california clan at the oakland home of wife blanche brown.when the family patriarch is someone like willie brown.... even when he's not there... he's there..
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tomorrow night at ten .. i look at the willie brown legacy .. every nba season, there's a new young team that makes a serious jump...and starts to establish itself on a consistent basis. this year, the bucks are the early surprise as they started the year 7-and-0.. if you
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didn't think they were a legit team, check out what happened tonight at oracle. --bucks-warriors... champs on an 8-game winning streak. no draymond green..because of a foot injury --first half, meet the greek freak. giannis antetokounmpo... right down the middle... right at kevon looney like a hammer throw at the rim. and all draymond can do is look on the bench. -bucks led by 13 at the half... 3rd quarter, eric of the key. connects from downtown. led the game with 26-points.. --later in the 3rd, giannis again.. gets right past damian jones.. is fouled, but still throws it down 24-points, 9-boards. milwaukee just poured it on, 40-point quarter...84- points in the paint. --then we'll have to keep an eye on this... midway through the 3rd, steph curry...jumps, then kinda landed funny. warriors are calling it an abductor strain... may go through an mri tomorrow. bucks roll, 134-111..snap streak, for first loss at home. now to the nfl-- the raiders practicing in some different elements this afternoon. the smoke from
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the fires in butte county... carried all the way down to alameda raiders prepping for the chargers at the coliseum this sunday.... last season--smoke from another set of fires..did bring up some some discussion on whether the game should be moved. as far as we know, that has not been proposed just yet. 2-games technically counts as a win streak, and the 49ers can get just that this week....when they host the 1-and-7 giants on monday night football. -as you would expect, nick mullens will be starting... after his sensational debut, best opening for a qb since 1970. and we learned another detail that continues to add to his growing mystique- coaches were first impressed by him ...when he showed up to his player interview in a suit. " some of the guys do it. some of the guys look like they're dressed for their media guide picture. they have their college- colored polo on. some guys try to come and dress totally normal, which sometimes that's good, sometimes that's bad. but, nick was buttoned up tight, came in like he was interviewing for a quality control position. did a good job."
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now to thursday night football..steelers- panthers. --carolina struck first... cam newton to christian mccaffrey.. and the former stanford star books it to the end zone. 7-nothing panthers --but then pittsburgh just exploded... ben roethlisberger... 5- touchdown passes..including this one to antonio brown. 450-yards of total offense. -they also forced two tds on defense... steelers roll, 52-21 lawren (ken)(pam)
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this is not about sex. now let me repeat that because it bares repeating. this is not... about sex. so, what is this really about? my client was convicted and sentenced to prison for a very simple and almost prosaic reason. he told his subordinates to dp-- decline to prosecute-- certain cases, and the prosecution believes this was in trade for financial and sexual favors. that... is what it comes down to. (door opening) but the prosecution has a problem. the evidence that they presented at the trial was entirely circumstantial, and to be granted a new trial, we don't even have to disprove any of it. what we need to do, what we intend to do, is to persuade your honor that if the jury had heard the new evidence that you will hear over the next two weeks,


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