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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  November 9, 2018 7:30pm-8:00pm PST

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♪ tonight million dollar home threatened by massive wild fires. >> they're evacuating everyone right now. >> which "a" listers are being forced to flee. >> then we have engagements to talk about. >> it's wonderful. >> from lady gaga's plieblindin pink diamond tonic jonas' grooms gift. >> katie perry is telling us why orlando is number one. >> he's always trying to get me to work out. >> plus how ben affleck feels about jennifer garner's hot new
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romance. >> then only we're with the brady bunch kids as they go in their house for the first time. >> then -- >> only on "e.t." >> -- we have breaking back street news. >> this is "entertainment tonight". hi, everybody. thanks for joining us. we have a lot of news to end the week. >> so let's get started. here is tonight's top story. california wild fir forgiving evacuations. >> they're evacuating. >> kim kardashian shared video this morning as she and other californians were forced to leave their homes. kim thanked first responders. she posted footage from her private jet over her home. her sister courtney also evacuated. alyssa mila in a fled her home
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tweeted i took my kids and my laptop. celebs are sharing frightening images. roma downey posted these moments. this was the view of the executive producer of the bachelor, she captured the imag pray for malibu. cher who performs in vegas shared her fear and heart break. >> let's i was with lady gaga who made her first red carpet appearance since announcing her engagement to agent christian carino. >> is it great just to shout that love from the roof tops? >> you know, i think it's always wonderful to shout love from the roof tops and i'm just so happy
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to be here. ♪ romance >> dripping in old hollywood glamour, not to mention that estimated $400,000 pink sapphire engagement ring, gaga received the artist inspiration award at the s.a.g. aftra foundation's patron of the artists award. >> inside she gave a little disclaimer before delivering a 25-minute speech. >> as i've been sitting here all night i've been going oh, my god your speech is too long and everyone is gonna get bored. so if you would like to settle in or possibly leave, i would like to give you the opportunity. >> harrison ford was also honored at the event. backstage he reunited with his "blade runner 2049" co-star ryan gosling. >> on the carpet i asked about the upcoming anniversary of one of his most iconic rom-coms. ♪ let the river run >> december marks the 30th anniversary of "working girl." why do you think that movie still resonates with so many people? >> 'cause it's a good movie. >> maybe i just don't like you.
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>> me? nah. >> i watched it again because i had to do some interviews about it and i was very pleased to see how well it holds up. "e.t." was the first to tell you that jennifer garner had begun dating again and things were heating up with a new man, but what does her ex ben affleck think? we found that out too. >> we were confident that this would work perfectly. >> that's jen's new man of a few months, ceo john miller. a source tells "e.t." it's the first real relationship she's had since her marriage and ben is actually very supportive. since affleck completed rehab just over 30 days ago we've seen him and garner together frequently with their kids. we're told they are jen's main focus as well as making sure ben stays on the straight and narrow and bonds with them since the kids are a major motivation for him to stay sober. while jen's new man is still legally married, as of this week, she's not. "e.t.'s" obtained garner and affleck's divorce agreement
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which states they'll share legal and physical custody and will arentingm of six months. ben and jen also agreed that in front of their kids neither will make derogatory or insulting remarks about each other or their significant others and both will keep from arguing, yelling or using profanity towards each other. now to reconnected couple, katy perry and orlando bloom and she's talking up his amazing physique. >> i mean, we see orlando on instagram. the man works out. >> i mean orlando is like -- >> he looks good. >> i mean, he's always trying to get me to hike, yoga, eat vegan. i'm like gah. >> katy's like i'll hike to >> i sure will crunch wrap xtra onions. >> katy doesn't talk that often about her man, but you can tell this girl's in love. >> i think when you're attracted to someone it's kind of opposites attract and so i'm looking for that balance and maybe he's looking for that, you
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know, multi-tasker. i'm such a multi-tasker. >> we wanted to know if luke has a work out regimen like orlando's. >> i've never seen him in a bathing suit. >> yes, it is not orlando. i saw orlando through his sleek wool coat in new york city last week and i'm like, yeah. >> luke remind me of my dad. >> orlando is great. yes, he's been to the set and he's been very patient, but he looked over at me and he saw what i was going through and he said -- >> i understand. >> are you okay was the line. priyanka and nic license an dos could be soon. the two got the official paperwork in beverly hills last
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week and plan to tie the knot by the end of the year. >> i'm seeing myself happier and just being in the whole situation of finding someone who can be a partner to you in so many ways other than one is amazing. >> the bride to be is currently in india. one source reports the couple plans to have their marriage ceremony in the bride's home country. nick showed off his grooms men gifts, electric scooters. after their wedding they have planned a celebration in the u.s. with friends and family. we've also learned that both priyanka and nick are ready to be husband and wife. last night angels descended on new york city for their big victoria's secret fashion show and for adam levine it was also another proud husband moment. behati's big smile was all for adam who cheered like crazy every time his angel hit the catwalk. and, yes, she could hear him. >> oh, yeah, i saw him and i was like ah. it was so awesome. it's so fun. i love it. >> the couple left their two daughters with grandma and hit up the after party along with the hadid sisters, gigi and bella and their mom yolanda.
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♪ you plans tonight >> you know, there is nothing better to see your children do what they love and thrive at it. >> bella's on again boyfriend the weeknd was also there. they continued celebrating after the after party. kris jenner and her man corey gamball cheering on kendall. after almost 20 years as an angel adriana lima is hanging up her wings. there was a fun video flashback for adriana. adriana the goddess from miami. >> i have to praise you. her 6 and 8-year-old's attended
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the show. >> i have a few tricks and other talents that you haven't seen yet, but i will make sure i bring them out. think you like the spice girls. wait until you see how far emma stone took her fandom. >> plus -- >> you know what, i'm known as latina spice. >> why eva longoria is talking latina spice. >> why eva longoria is talking about taking ♪ latina spice. >> why eva longoria is talking about taking♪ ♪
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♪ the holidays begin here at the disneyland resort. jon hamm tom hanks and rita wilson were celebrating at
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♪ i heard online you were a giant spice girls fan. >> me? no. >> jimmy fallon wasn't fooled. emma stone lives for the spice girls.
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in fact, that's why emma doesn't go by her real name emily. >> yes. in second grade did i go up to the teacher and ask her to call me emma? yes, i did. was it because of emma lee bunton from the spite girls? yes, it was. >> listen, we totally get it emily and so does eva longoria baston as i found out. >> i know you're very good friends with victoria beckham and the spice girls are going on tour and she's busy working. she's not going to do it. has she asked you to fill in? ♪ if you wanna be my lover >> ya no what, i am known around the way as latina spice, so you know, i don't know. i don't know if they need me to sing, but i'm a good back up dancer. >> that would be muy caliente, but eva's a pretty busy boss lady right now. the actor, director and mom to 4-month-old santiago is also an activist. her eva longoria foundation is all about helping young latinas build a better future. >> in your most tired moments what's the thing that this foundation has achieved that has kept you going? >> the faces on all of the little girls that we provide after school programs for. there was a little girl that we
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were with and she said i wanna be an enginebeer when i grow up and we were like an enginebeer. i love it. like i hope she makes good beer. >> last night's seventh annual gala was a star-studded event honoring gina rodriguez and zoe saldana. the ladies are part of eva's do-good squad that also includes america ferrara and rosario dawson. they were out campaigning together. >> is there a movie that's going to star all five of you? >> yes, there is. we're all going to be super heros. >> i love it. still ahead our first look inside the brady house with all six brady kids. >> when i first stepped inside, i was shocked. >> no way. >> the epic remodel to match the iconic set. >> and the backstreet boys break news on "e.t." and deliver a message to a certain nsyncer.
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♪ i like that. >> it's a little crazy looking here in marcia brady's eyes. >> i know. >> right back at you. >> what an amazing day that was getting to talk to all six brady kids right in front of their tv home. the property was actually only used to show the outside of the house. now the cast is going to help renovate the inside and when they got their first look around, well, good thing there's a bunch of 'em to get the work done. >> when i first stepped inside, i was shocked. >> no! >> right now we're just trying to get acclimated to what it's like inside because it literally doesn't resemble the set. >> at all? >> at all that we had. everything from no upstairs to the size of it to the lay out of it. >> it's crazy.
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the hot pink wall paper in the master bedroom, i don't think mike brady would have approved. >> the whole backyard should be here, which it is, it doesn't relate. >> i don't know how they're going to make this look like our set. >> hgtv, which reunited the brady kids, is also putting them to work on the renovation. they've teamed up with the network's stars like "the property brothers." >> this is a split level home. "the brady bunch" house was a two-story home. >> so we are completely transforming the inside. >> so what's your project? what's your slice of the pie? >> stairway, the living room. >> i love that. >> yes. so it's too iconic. >> i'm going to have special attention to give to mike's did he know. i have some very groovy ideas for that. >> sounds like i'm going to work on the kitchen. a lot of orange formica going on back there and it's also the new build. >> 2,000 square feet will be added to the 1959 homeowner's original footprint. "a very brady renovation" premiers in september of next
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year. >> the bradys never let us done growing up. i mean, we learned a lot from them. so we feel like we don't want to let them down. >> childhood memories and a home renovation. you don't get much better than that. that will be airing in may of 2018. ♪ everybody hard to believe it's been 20 years since that backstreet boys classic. yes, we know "back street's back," but clearly they never left and only i was with them in las vegas as they dropped one major bsb exclusive. ♪ back street's back all right >> backstreet boys, we've been around forever. we're just getting started, ladies and gentlemen. >> that's crazy. >> the world tour is in may of next year. the 10th album comes out january 25th. ♪ baby don't go breaking my heart ♪ >> we took our time in making this record. we wanted it to be the best that it could be. hopefully, you know, 12 single songs would be nice, go breaking my heard over the mixed emotions anyway.
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>> so, a world tour and brand new music. i mean, quit playin' games with my heart. ♪ what are the chances that we would end up dancing ♪ >> "chances" the latest single off back street's new album called "dna" dropped today. we have the exclusive behind the scenes look at the making of the music video. >> the song itself is super deep, but it is backstreet boys being backstreet boys. >> hey brian, what are the chances of us being here after 25 years? >> oh, damn, nick. >> drop the mike. i am out. ♪ i want it that way >> you're going on this big world tour. you are in great shape because you've been doing this residency for a year. do you even have to train? >> we're always kind of training in between. >> plus we're all dads. so once we go home for the holidays we're gonna eat holiday food and we're gonna be with our kids and eat candy and it's like training your jaw.
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>> listen, if you pretend like you're 22 or 25, your body -- you can try to trick yourself. it just hurts when you get up the next day. >> i did not know this as a life long fan, but people confuse you with justin timberlake. >> yeah, sometimes. i got it from like three guys. oh, yo, there's justin timberlake and i'm like dude get your groups right. ♪ bye bye bye >> i'm just kidding. >> but you don't even have like a frosted tip, a curly noodle hair. justin timberlake is cute, but he's no brian. you know what i mean? >> i cannot wait for this tour. tickets go on sale november 14th. it's gonna be the group's biggest arena tour in 18 years. it kicks off may 11th in portugal through europe and then back in the u.s. on july 11th. family is cindy crawford's number one priority. she'd be the first to tell you she lives a blessed life with her husband rande gerber and their two teenaged kids. so in kevin's exclusive with the super model mama she expressed the importance of helping parents who aren't as fortunate. >> why am i here is to help shine a light on the work that sean and kylie are doing after
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losing their first child to a stillborn birth. and, you know, when i was 10 years old and even then, as a 10-year-old, i saw that people don't know how to talk to you about loss. grief is awkward. we are not taught how to grieve. >> cindy is spreading a message of compassion, specifically for parents who lose a child to still birth. her friends sean and kylie experienced that loss in 2005 and in hopes to help others turned their journey into the 2014 film "return to zero." minnie driver played kylie. >> giving birth to a baby that, you know, is dead is horrible. you have to go into the place of survival to get through it. >> it's a powerful story. how hard was it to watch it being played out on screen? >> what we wanted to do in making the film is to let other parents know that they're not alone. >> they lost a child. even though they never got to meet norbert alive outside of
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you, you played music for him. you talked to him. even having nicknames for them. i think presley was like lima bean or something. things like that are real. >> sean and kylie have two children now and they're all close. it's about healing for families. >> i think like most mothers i love looking back at when the kids were little, but how far we've come. >> the fact that you're as pretty on the inside on the outside makes me happy. coming up only we're in the aloha state with the cast of "hawaii 50." next on kron-4 news at
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eight: a rising death toll .. and dozens of people unaccounted for. the 'camp wildfire' tearing through butte county tonight ... we have a live report on the progress made by firefighters ... and how
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evacuees are trying to cope. it seems california is now seeing fire seasons that never end. we take a close look at the reality of year-round fire season. plus... we're learning more about the victims of the thousand oaks mass shooting. i'm ken wayne i'm pam moore. the news -- at eight -- is next. next. ♪ next. ♪ ♪ ♪ the holidays begin here
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at the disneyland resort. but to look completely healthy, you need healthy skin. cetaphil is clinically shown to strengthen the skin's barrier and protect even the most senstive skin against dryness. so you can look healthier. complete your healthy routine with cetaphil.
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travel consideration provided by -- monday on "e.t." our michael j. fox exclusive. >> how is your health today. >> at the moment it's kind of off. >> 27 years after his parkinson's diagnosis only we're with michael and his wife tracy. >> we just really like each other. >> monday on "e.t."
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you get closer i'm going to shoot-out a tire. >> all right. >> that's a sneak peek at "hawaii 50 ". this is a milestone episode. they hit 500. >> congrats to the cast and crew. we're going to whisk you away to paradise as we say good. >> have a great weekend everybody. bye-bye. ever see that photograph of your sister before? >> fedoras and suspenders on the beach in waikiki. that's odd. but this episode takes place in the '40s. >> it's a story about a case, an unsolved case from the past that's connected to mcgarrett's family and he solves it in a dream. this is a dream. it's all a dream. >> just what i need in my life, a nice drive out to the country. >> shut up and shoot, will ya. >> what's not a dream, hitting 200 episodes in nine seasons. >> i never had a job for more than three months, let alone for nine years. >> it's weird to think life after this. it's been such a big part of my life for almost a decade. so, yeah, it's pretty crazy. angeles ... to schools in
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paradise ... three major fires are running wild in california matter what town you're in or where you're from ... it's hurting all of us. state fire officials say the situation is critical. "we are basically looking at a very significant, dangerous weather pattern through the rest of this weekend (pam) a rising death toll and blocks and blocks of homes burned to the ground. utter devastation for the town of paradise in butte county. as the 'camp wildfire' rages out of control.(pam) thank you for joining us i'm pam moore.(ken) and i'm ken wayne.


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