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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  November 11, 2018 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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now at 10 -- three
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incredibly destructive wildfires continue to burn across california --- and the death toll keeps going up -- with new information sunday night about ámoreá bodies recovered from the camp fire. (jrstone) good evening -- i'm j.r. stone.(justine) and i'm justine waldman. the camp fire is already being called the most destructive fire in state history and the third-deadliest-- six more bodies have been recovered today. and more than 200 people are still missing. (jrstone) kron4's dan thorn is live in chico where he was briefed at a cal fire press conference earlier this evening and joins us with details. dan. another sad update from officials..the number of people killed by the camp fire has gone up again..29 people have died with 6 more bodies being recovered in paradise. and fire officials say there's still an enormous amount of work to be done sot: more work to be done.. emergency responders giving their latest update as the
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camp fire rages on..29 people are now dead with 6 bodies being found in paradise on sunday..sot: those remains recovered today were located in paradise 5 of them were in homes one was in a vehicle.. areas that saw fire sunday included yankee hill...firefighters say some of the flames reached up to 150 feet in the air. crews could also be seen still putting out hot spots throughout parts of paradise. burned vehicles continue to line the roads in and around the fences were put up at feather river hospital on peach lane. workers say they're a deterrent to keep looters from stealing medical supplies and medication from hospital's the pharmacy.the sheriff says there have been more than 60 calls for suspicious incidents including looting but there have been no arrests for looting..
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as for evacuations...emergency officials say there are no more orders at this time.. however, people need to remain vigilant. reporting in chico dan thorn kron4 news. (justine) the butte county superintendent of schools has announced the closure of all public schools in bute county through friday -- november, 23rd. butte county school officials say they will continue supporting students... family and staff affected. and are working closely with the california department of education... district superintendents and charter school leaders throught the duration of this emergency. (jrstone) firefighters have been busy battling the camp fire on the ground and in the sky. air tankers are being used to fight the flames from above. kron 4's alecia reid visited cal-fire's sonoma county air attack base, where they are standing by, and at the same time, keeping
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an eye on the butte county fire. 22 151 dash 12875 it's been non stop for cal- fire since the deadly camp fire started days ago. the sonoma cal-fire airbase is keeping track of overhead help needed in butte county. 5 helicopters, 1,2,3,4, 4 airtanker and a lead plane are on it right now. each plane carries a thousand gallons of fire retardant. checking my radio making sure everything is accuratefor this crew ... the last day and a half it's been so bad we haven't been able to flysky conditions have been hazardous. cal fire has been keeping them clear for any new fires that may erupt. the number of aircrafts we use at a fire is based on the complexity of the incident skies cleared a bit on sunday ... and they were able to respond to a number of outbursts.the big turnout for pilots have been the woolsey fire in malibu and the butte county campfire . pilots are limited to 7 hours of flight time per day, and can never combat fires overhead at night. for small fires, usually 2 or 3 airtankers and one helicopter suffices however on large incidences such as the fire in paradise, they have 21 helicopters assigned to the incident. not all are assigned they stagger them throughout the day along with the fixed wing airtankersair tactical group supervisor captain nick welch tells me ... regardless of how large the fire, or busy the season ... planes are maintained on a daily basis.
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everyday we show up and the pilot will do preflight on the aircraft whether they flew the day befoer or not. it's just kin of the standardreporting from sonoma county .. alecia reid ... kron 4 news. (jrstone)(jrs)tonight we are hearing from one person who escaped the camp fire and rescued friends and neighbors along the way.kron4's gayle
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ong joins us live in the newsroom with his story.gayle. jacob jones was one of the thousands of residents who fled in their cars when the camp fire broke out thursday morning.he saved five people, five dogs, and a cat in his two seater car. jacob jones grabbed what little he could in such little amount of time..he picked up neighbors, friends, their children and pets and drove off in his two seater 19-91 honda civic he calls "betty white"
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managed to fill up there..
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jacob is staying with family in the south bay he plans to rebuild his home and return back to work on of his passengers texted me if it wasn't for his ride - she and her family would have been stuck in the in the newsroom gayle ong (jrs) 52-thousand people have been evacuated from the camp fire. evacuation centers are housing some of those people across the region. (justine) evacuees are still waiting to find out the fate of their homes and others are looking for missing family members. kron 4's sara stinson has the story of several evacuees during this tragic time.
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diane papedo flew in from colorado after days of not being able to find her brother. you could see the relief in her eyes when she the two were reunited at this evacuation center.another couple - chip and flores were just reunited after losing eachother in the evacuation. holding on tight to one another - they just found out their homes didn't survive the camp fire. while sol bechtold is still looking for his mother who has been missing since thursday.
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evacuation center as there are tons of resources, insurance companies, food, clothing, you name it, anything you would need during this gridley, sara stinson, kron four news.### (justine) thank you (justine) (justine) thank you
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mabrisa -- and if you would like to help camp fire victims
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the american red cross is accepting. donations.. kron
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(jrstone) one of the tweleve shooting victims at borderline bar and grill in thousand oaks on wednesday was 18 year old napa native alaina housley.(justine) she was
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attending pepperdine unversity as a freshman and was killed while enjoying a night out with friends. kron 4's ella sogomonian is in napa tonight where housley was honored with a police procession for her return. sot: ella sogomonian// "family and friends say alaina housley was an incredible woman with so much life ahead of her...that life full of promise was tragically cut short in a shooting rampage in southern california...on sunday afternoon police led a procession down this napa intersection for her grim homecoming."a red sun glared above as a napa community gathered in support of the family of alaina housley in their darkest hour. her parents are forced to face the heartbreaking reality that the young woman was killed just four days ago when she was shot on a dancefloor in thousand 18 years old she was the youngest among eleven victims before shooter turned the gun on himself.sot: sarah gauger, friend// "she was in the prime of her life in as chool that was perfect for her and i hope it sparks change."housley was celebrating country music night with college friends from pepperdine university where she was studying english.
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she had just entered as a freshman after graduating from vintage high school in napa where played tennis, varsity soccer and served in student government all four years.her friends say she was a wonderful person who didn't deserve an end like this.sot: zoe danner, friend// "it was of the utmost importance it was a drop everything and come here thing becayse thats exactly what alaina would have done for anyone else."sot: melanie vargas, friend// "and her family too her family is incredible within the community and they just didnt deserve an end like this."sot: antonio mancilla, supporter// "theres nothing i can say to make them more comfortable this is a horrible situation that no parent should go through and i hope you guys can fine the resources to ge tthrough this in a healthy manner and if you ever need my help i live here in napa so i will do everything in my power to make this a better situation for you guys im sosorry."in her honor napa police escorted housley where supporters stood along soscol ave and silverado trail.those who know her say the athlete, musician and honor student will be remembered for her being genuine and bringing out the best in others.housley will now rest in peace at the tulocay cemetery. sot: ella sogomonian// "in napa ella sogomonian kron 4 news.
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(justine) (justine) and we are learning more information about the gunman tonight. a second high school track coach recalled him as volatile and intimidating. evie cluke coached ian david long on newbury park high school's track team in 2007 and 2008. (jrstone) in an interview today she said long would lose his temper, throw tantrums and scream, and that she witnessed him assault a fellow coach. another time, he used his hand to mimic shooting her. both coaches say they reported the behavior to school officials, who did nothing. school officials could not be reached for comment. (justine) on the peninsula -- (justine) palo alto police arrested a man in connection to 2 suspicious fires that burned with in a hour of each other. now under arrest is, osvaldo
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madrigal (mad-re-gal). police reports detail how one of the fires spread to building that used to be the compadres restaurant on el camino real. an officer noticed smoke coming from the vacant restaurant. and when firefighters arrived, they found flames coming through the roof. they also rescued madrigal (mad- re-gal) from the burning building. he was treated for smoke-related injuries and then later booked into the santa clara county main jail. (anchor) time now to check on our weather... with meterologist mabrisa rodriguez.
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(justine) coming up -- an arrest has been made in connection with an investigation into needles found in supermarket strawberries. details ahead. (jrstone) and -- it was a veterans day ceremony one family will never forget. the gift they recieved from an anonymous artist.
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i can't feel my legs. and bald eagles got, well, balder... oh no, is it obvious? way are we giving up on burgers. that's why i created the all-american ribeye burger, made with 100% ribeye beef, fresh spring mix, and provolone cheese on a potato bun. that's a good looking burger. ribeye burgers are back, america. try them today. (justine) veterans day is today-- in stockton a family of a fallen soldier recieved a gift that they say they'll be forever grateful for... kristi gross has the story. a special delivery, unveiled--- for a álocal, gold star family being honored today... as the áworld pauses to mark the 100-year anniversary of the armistice that ended world war one--- and the ácountry celebrates the men and woman serving our nation this veterans, day---the stockton family received the portrait
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of staff sergeant john w. perry. a labor of love like this portrait cant be anything but love for service and sacrificeááástuart perry--- a marine veteran--- accepted the painting on behalf of his son john and the others killed in the suicide bomb attack in afghanistan two years ago, today. our son john was attacked and killed while preparing a group of soldiers for a veterans day event, just like this one. áááthe painting was sent to stockton police department with no address so an officer tracked down the family to make sure it got to them. the artist--- kaziah hancock--- paints the portraits honoring fallen military service members and law enforcement at no cost. it's an absolute pleasure. it's a beautiful work of art, really special to receive something like this. where somebody does this for families the portrait even captures their john's smirk-- which brought a smile to their face. the smirk is like oh okay let's get this over with so we can get going. that's my son. the perry's say they'll be forever this honor for their son but addfor them... the day will always hold a different meaning...veterans day is our new memorial day. ááá (justine) that was kristi
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gross reporting. the perry's say they'll be forever greatful for this honor for their son and the day will always hold a different meaning... (jrstone) protest errupted as world leaders gathered in paris sunday to mark armistice day, which coincides with veterans day in the united states. the main message of the anti-trump protest was to speak out against the president and what he stands for to those who oppose his "america first" message and policies. (jrstone) however -- president trump remained focused on honoring americans who were killed in world war one when he visited a cemetary in paris(justine) in another ceremony at the arc de triomphe, the french president issued a warning about the resurgence of nationalism ... a philosophy that fueled the first world war and the term that was used recently by president donald trump. trump declared himself to be a nationalist at a rally supporting texas senator ted cruz in october and has pushed
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an "america first" foreign policy. (justine) we continue to follow the deadly wildfires burning across the state. an update on the rising death toll when we come back. (mabrisa)a look at your forecast coming up...
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dead because of the 3 big fires burning in the state right now... (jrstone) and that number is expected to rise-- as officials are searching through charred remains. john lorinc reports. powerful and dry winds...sweeping through california.literally fanning the flames for three major wildfires that have scorched the state for jerry brown/d-california"we're going to do everything we can, we're
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requesting a presidential declaration, funding coming from the federal government, of course there will be efforts from the state government as well. it's a time to pull together and work through this tragedy."in the north the camp fire has destroyed more than 6-thousand homes--making it the third deadliest and the most destructive fire in the state's elements forin southern california-- the woolsey and hill fires have burned some 90-thousand acres combined.scott major/malibu resident"i just went down there where the house used to be. and i wasn't down there very long, but the only thing i found left was a ceramic teapot i made in high school."the town of paradise-- left in ruins by the fire.......numerous bodies were found there, some burned beyond recognition.crews are moving in assessing damage and searching for more victims. more than 300-thousand residents statewide were forced to flee their homes.chief mark lorenzen/ventura county fire dept."do not stay in your homes to try to defend them. please leave that to us. please do not put your lives at risk. we want to be able to go in and protect your homes. we do not want to have to go in to protect lives, but we will."i'm john lorinc reporting. (jrstone) president (jrstone)
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(jrstone) president trump addressed the issue with numerous tweets this weekend. in one statement he blamed the fires on the "gross mismanagement of the forests." in a separate tweet he said: "our hearts are with those fighting the fires....the destruction is catastrophic. god bless them all." (justine) and if you would like to help camp fire victims the american red cross is accepting. information is on kron (live) taking a live look outside at san francisco's embarcadero.... (anchor) time now to check on our weather... with meterologist mabrisa rodriguez.
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(jrstone) the migrant caravan traveling to the u-s southern border is now spread out across different parts of mexico -- but some of them are getting close to their final destination.the first group are nearing tijuana.the jalisco attoney general's office says 520 migrants arrived in guadalajara saturday. 390 of them departed sunday morning on board 10 buses in route to tijuana.jalisco authorities are expecting another 1200 migrants very soon.
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(justine) australian police say they have arrested a woman in connection with an investigation into needles found in supermarket strawberries earlier this year. the 50-year-old woman was arrested sunday after a "complex investigation" into the alleged contamination of strawberries in queensland, the queensland police service said in a statement. she is expected to appear in brisbane magistrates court on monday.the arrest follows at least 100 reported cases of sewing needles or pins found in fruit across the country. the needles were found in strawberries in all six australian states and in at least six different brands. (justine) and tonight on kron four news at ten.. willie brown is a bay area and california political icon ... but few people know willie brown the father. tonight in kron 4's pam moore's special report - we hear from his four children about their high profile dad..
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and -- a concerned mother speaking out tonight after strange voices took over her daughters watch... details ahead.
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(jrstone) a nebraska mom is concerned after a device that's supposed to keep her child safe ... could potentially be doing the opposite.(justine) the device is this pink watch... the concerned mom says her daughter is recieving distrubing messages from it... mason maurio has more. tiffany berney / mom: "we buy these for our kids to be safe and here they are potentially putting them in more danger." this pink watch on the wrist of 7-year-old makenna berney - is a location and contact device.worn away from home - so mom tiffany......can keep a close berney /
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mom: "if she doesn't answer within 10 seconds it automatically answers, so i can hear the background just to make sure everything is okay."on her way to school - thursday - it wasn't.makenna berney / daughter: "it just started going and i got kind of creeped out.">makenna's gadget began playing messages - from voices she'd never berney / mom: "i got a phone call from her saying that her watch was making funny noises and there's weird people talking to her on it. i was like, 'oh, she's overreacting. my oldest has her spooked about something.' then she had played it and was telling me about it and i was likethat's legit."strange, luring voices - from a berney / mom: "i just want to play, don't tell your daddy. just step into the car. i can still hear the gentleman's voice in my head right now."and a young girl.makenna berney / daughter: "step in the car par tit sounded like a girl."mason mauro / reporting: "ready to go makenna? ok. so makenna makes this walk, the three or four minute walk to her
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elementary school every morning. since the incident, her mom is a bit concerned about how she's going to get there."tiffany berney / mom: "we don't know if it was interception, or someone hacked into this and was talking to her and enticing." (jrs) that was mason maurp reporting. a cnn affiliate reached out to the maker of the watch to find out if it could have been hacked.they learned that the issue could be with an accompanying mobile app...but the company isn't sure how an unauthorized party could contact the device. (justine) and tonight on kron four news at ten.. few people know willie brown the father. in pam moore's special report - we hear from his four children about their high profile dad.. profile dad.. (justine) people
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throughout california.. know the name willie brown. speaker of the state assembly for 15- years.. two terms as san francisco mayor.. he is a columnist, a power broker .. a man about town.. (jrstone) he has ruffled a lot of feathers.. and made a lot of friends .. kron 4's pam moore found out about a private side to this icon.. from his four children - willie brown the father .. "hi..this is the weekly dinner gathering of the brown family - california clan at the oakland home of wife blanche brown.when the family patriarch is someone like willie brown.... even when he's not there... he's there.. another week, another underwhelming performance by the oakland raiders.....>the offense hasn't scored a touchdown hasn't scored the offense raiders.....>by the oakland performance underwhelminganother another
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week, he's there.. not there... even when he's willie brown.... even when he's not there... he's there..
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another week, another underwhelming performance by the oakland raiders.....>the offense hasn't scored a touchdown in over nine
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quarters.....>in fact, since the raiders last got into the've both taken your kids trick or treating....and turned back your clocks back an hour.....> this latest clunker was at the coliseum against the los angeles chargers..>smoke filling the sky over in alameda......obviously the devastating wild fires effecting the entire state....prayers up to all who have been effected.....>we pick things up in the first quarter....and the raiders with some trickeration.....j onny townsend pulls down the punt and he is running for dear life.....he takes it into chargers territory...>but as quick as they bring the fans to their feet....they shut them up....fourth and one for the raiders....carr finds dwayne harris on the shovel pass but he is stopped short....>more bad offense from the raiders....carr drops back and is sacked and melvin ingram on the corey leegent on the return....that turnover leads
10:50 pm
to a charger field goal to tie the game....>now just before's still tied a 3....but this feels like when the momentum swung to the chargers side....they score just before the half....phillip rivers to keenan allen......>so after scoring just before the half....the chargers start the third quarter with the ball....rivers dumps it off to melvin gordon....and he does the rest one on the raiders defense wants to tackle and gordon takes it 66 yards to the house.....>later in the quarter....raiders down 17-3....and driving....carr finds jared cook in the seem.....cook has been one of the lone bright spots for oakland this season....that would lead to a field goal.....>4th's 20-6 chargers....raiders going for it on fourth down....and i don't know exactly what happened here....apears carr throws it away.......that play is pretty much the raiders season in a nutshell.....>
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final score... 20-6 chargers... after the game derek carr... who seemed unusually somber... was asked if the losing is getting to him (wipe to sot) "you know i thin um... something happened that frustrated me... deep down i'm good i promise... i promise. something happened that just kinda bugged me and it had nothing to do with me and i'm not gonna tell you so..." "they doubled us up again, we've been doubled too many times, where the opponent scores on the last possession of the first half and the opening possession of the second half... and its a lot for us to overcome right now, when we become one dimensional.' sharks back on the ice... hosting calgary... a moment of silence before the game for the victims of the fires in butte county... first minute of the game... joe pavelski... spins and gets it to evander kane... who puts it in the back fo the net... 1-0 sharks 2nd period... kane... from behing the net... nice stickwork... then gets it
10:52 pm
to joonas donskoi... who puts the sharks up 2-0 3rd perios... still 2-1 sharks... calgary with a golden chance to tie it... but martin jones turns away sam bennett with the nice stick save(wipe to scoreboard) ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ the holidays begin here at the disneyland resort. and you find a deal on cookware that makes you say. you know when you're at ross yes! ...oh, yeah! bring on the holidays! that's yes for less. everything you need to prep, cook and serve up the season.
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surprise visit to serve dinner to everyone at the law enforcement staging area at butte college. (justine) the butte county sheriff's department tweeted these photos of the dinnter. deputies followed the pictures with a message saying: "thank you so much guy for filling our bellies and lifting our spirits." (toni vo) 'twas the night before christmas,
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