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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  November 12, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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going to die, die fighting."> now at 10 -- the camp wildfire is now the deadliest and most destructive wildfire in california history.(ken) thank you for joining us i'm ken wayne.(pam) and i'm pam moore. fire crews and rescue teams making some of the most unthinkable discoveries ... as they continue to comb through the damage tonight.(ken) the dead have been found in burned out cars ...or next to their cars.. and in the smoldering ruins of their homes... and tonight the search for more bodies continues. 42 people have died. 13 of those remains were found just today. more than 64-hundred homes have been
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destroyed... though the overall number of structures destroyed surpasses 7- thousand. the fire has burned 117- thousand acres. and is 30- percent contained.(ken) and tonight the effect of this devastating fire continues to be felt locally as smoke smothers the bay area. kron-4's chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is tracking that part of the story. but first ... we go live to j-r stone in butte county .... j-r (pam)
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(pam) and coming up at 10:30 tonight -- kron 4's dan thorn explains how people are managing to cope with the devastation.. (ken) thousands of acres burned ... and just 30 percent of the camp fire contained. some help is coming from outside california.kron 4's
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alecia reid joins us live from san francisco tonight ... how much help are we talking about? right now there are 5100 firefighters assigned to this mission.every county along the coast from monterey all the way down are sending help.pkg help is flooding in from california .... from alameda county .... teams from oakland, hayward, berkeley, fremont, livermore-pleasanton, alameda, piedmont, albany, as well as the east bay regional park district fire department are up north this's not just firefighters to battle the blaze ... they also need :strike teams, task forces, water tender crews, and overhead crews ....a numbber of those strike teams in butte county came from
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cities and counties all over california.there are also coronor teams from all across the state, as fire says they're taking as much help as thecan get.sot - here are some other fire oregon nevada utahh, and all the way from south dakota. we appreciate them coming all the way across the country to help defend your community and your lives.standupalso today ... a group of 200 firefighters left from texas ...and there are more than 2-thousand volunteer inmate firefighters helping out.reporting live francisco ... alecia reid ... kron 4 news.currently there are 10 coronor search and recovery teams consisting of law coroner investigators from throughout california this search. we have 2 specially skilled anthropology search teams assisting us. one as you know is from cal state chico, another one came in from reno, and we're expecting a 3rd to come in tomorrow from (pam) one of the people killed in the 'camp fire' has been identified by family... as 63- year old ernie foss junior. foss was a san francisco native who moved to paradise 8 -years ago. kron4's maureen kelly has new information about the victim, and his stepson.. who at
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this hour.. is still missing . ernie foss junior's daughter calls the loss of her father devestating. the 63 year old widower was a cancer survivor who suffered from an illness that kept him bedridden and requiring oxygen. he was found dead outside his home on edgewood lane along with his dog bernice. his daughter believes foss may have been dragged out of the house my his stepson and caregiver, seen standing in this photo. that stepson, andrew burt is one of the many missing, which is compounding the family's grief. this is a photo that foss posted on facebook of his front yard in paradise. other bodies were found on that same dead end street. foss's daughter says his power and phone lines were down and there was no way he would have known about an evacutation order nor would he been able to request the medical transport he would have needed. the san francisco native moved up to paradise after being priced out of the bay area eight years ago. her daughter says her father was
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a musician who taught music lessons out of their apartment near haight street. according to his facebook page he had many good memories from when he toured with a band called raine daze. the macateer high graduate also studied and later worked at heald college. he leaves behind two living children and several grandchildren.maureen kelly kron4 news (ken) there is growing anger over the fire and some are pointing fingers at p-g-&-e power lines as a possible cause of the fire in butte county. this, as new information is revealing how firefighters first on the scene ... responded to dispatchers.. kron four's terisa estacio has more. (take vo/so)sound full - stand by.... that scene and those words repeated over and over again, by the large army of fire fighters and police and sheriff's deputies that raced to the area to face the flames in the camp fire. in the early morning hours of last thursday, when the camp fire started... pge reported that it had thought about shutting down power lines in several counties due to extreme dry and high winds predicted. however, a pge spokesperson told kron four, that they decided against the public
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safety power shutoff,or psps as a preemptive move throughout butte county. now, pge is coming under intense scrutiny...i spoke with one attorney who was invoved in suing pge in the san bruno blast where 8 people died... he had scathing comments for pge in this latest situation. joe cotchett, cotchett, pitre & mccarthy. why did they not turn off the power? they could have, now people are dead. attorey joe cotchett continued to blast the utility - cotchett. they choose profit over safety. and kron four news is learning this... late monday, a woman says she received an email last week, where pge informed her they needed to come onto her property because quote, they were having problems with sparks relating to transmission lines. back to terisa estacio live) we reached out to pge, they admitted last week they had some sparks on a transmission line... they say certainly under investigation as for what started the camp fire. calfire is also saying there is has been determined yet. te (ken) we reached out to pge,
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and it admitted last week there were some sparks on a transmission line. they say the cause is under investigation. calfire says no cause has yet been determined. (pam) the poor air quality in the bay area is forcing schools to cancel outdoor and indoor sports practices. school officials at the branson school in the city of ross in marin -- cancelled football practices and games during championships. coaches at the school say, it is not safe for kids to be expercising in the smokey air.
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a senior and football player says, their team made the playoffs this year, which is a big deal for them the next scheudled playoff game has been cancelled twice ... due to the poor air quality. (ken ) you're taking a live look over the bay bridge tonight as haze still lingers over the bay area from the deadly wildfires buring across the state... lawrence has details. lawrence karnow: smoke from the camp fire cintinues to bring poor air quality to the
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bay area. unhealthy air continues to sit over most of the bay area. highs today were in the 60s and 70s. we are seeing some changes in the weather as high pressure is finally breaking down. a few more high clouds will move across our skies tomorrow and it will still be hazy. highs tomorrow will be in the 60s and low 70s. offshore winds will bring more smoke to the bay area the next two days but it looks the the air quality should improve after that.
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celebrated across the country today... when we come back... we'll hear from some visitors who paid their respects for those who served... at the world war two memorial. and -- president trump back-tracking on some of the inflamatory comments he made last week about the california wildfires. and -- we are also tracking the wildfires burning in southern california tonight. we'll take a look at the destruction there .. as more than 100 homes have now been destroyed.
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following a couple of other major fires in california. some residents in malibu are getting their first look at the destruction caused by the woolsey fire.(pam) and a new fire broke out in the south and was gaining ground and threatening homes .. it is called the 'peak fire'. our grant lodes is here with the latest on the fires in southern california. here's a map of the southern california fires all burning in fires all california southern of the here's a map here's a map of the southern california fires all burning in ventura county. although, the woolsey fire here is also burning in l-a county... the hill fire is burning over here... and today, a new fire popped-up... called the peak fire... and it had people quickly evacuating. th peak fire started just before ten this morning... just south of the 118 freeway. many people, evacuating the area before the emergency message even went out.karla pelletier / resident:"when the fire was right across the street, my husband here who is calm, cool and collected, just watching, i'm like, oh, i've got to go pack and get ready in case we were going to be evacuated." 0:12 and look at this video...
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this is the santa susana pass, which runs somewhat parrelell to the 118. the drivers trying to avoid the fire... but getting soaked in the process. so far no reports of damage or injuries. switching to the woolsey fire... also in ventura county. this is new drone video of the fire's destruction in malibu. you can see, some homes were spared... while there's nothing left of the homes around them. crews are still battling the woolsey fire... so far, 2 people have died, more than 90-thousand acres have burned and right now, it's 20 percent contained.
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residents have been allowed to go home in some allowed to go home in some areas... but 200-thousand people still remain evacuated. the cause of the woolsey fire is under investigation. (ken)the president tonight walked back some of the inflamatory comments he made last week about the california wildfires:i just approved an expedited request for a major disaster declaration for the state of california. wanted to respond quickly in order to alleviate some of the incredible suffering going on. i am with you all the way. god bless all of the victims and families affected. let's take a let's take a live look outside .. chief meterologist lawrence karnow is here with the latest lawrence karnow: smoke from the camp fire cintinues to bring poor air quality to the bay area. unhealthy air continues to sit over most of
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the bay area. highs today were in the 60s and 70s. we are seeing some changes in the weather as high pressure is finally breaking down. a few more high clouds will move across our skies tomorrow and it will still be hazy. highs tomorrow will be in the 60s and low 70s. offshore winds will bring more smoke to the bay area the next two days but it looks the the air quality should improve after that. (ken) veterans day is being celebrated across the country. it's a day of respect and admiration for those who sacrifice for those who that.improve after quality should the the air but it looks the the air quality should improve after that.
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(ken) (ken) veterans day is
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being celebrated across the country. it's a day of respect and admiration for those who sacrifice for the country. (pam) washington correspondent drew petrimoulx found out.. it was an emotional day for some visitors ... at the world war two memorial today. they came to take pictures and lay flowers. they walked among fountains and wreaths. the young just seemed happy to have the day off school. but for joann and maurice prescott from lake charles, louisiana -- "it means a lot." maurice prescott is a marine corps veteran. both he and his wife joann come from families where military service runs deep and some gave all. "i had an uncle that i was named after -- i cant help it i get choked up." at the world war two memorial we also met cindy myers. "they fought and they answered the call of duty without hesitation." she came to give
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away american flags on behalf of the daughters of the revolutionary war. "it's the very least i can do is to go out and try to promote the flag and promote honor for our veterans." "three in europe and one in the philippines, one who was a pow in korea." father and son bill and john matheny also come from a family of veterans. they have roots in east tennessee. "we owe a debt of gratitude to our veterans that we most often overlook." but on this day at this memorial that sacrifice is not lost on even if some can't find the words to express it. "he doesnt say much when hes looking at all of this... but hes thinking i can tell..." in washington -- im drew petrimoulx walmart says it wants to hire some unsung heros as new employees. we'll tell you who the company is going after... and why. the federal government has come out with its first new exercise guidelines in years. what it says you should do ... especially if
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you work at a desk. this is a fight. not to the finish. but to the beginning. a fight that can only be won,
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nature's bounty. to hire more military spouses. the retailer announced a new program monday... it is called 'the military spouse connection."(ken) it gives hiring preference to those married to active duty military personnel. walmart's c-e-o and president says military spouses are 'unsung heroes' and that the company wants to honor and help them find a job, or build a career. the news comes as walmart reports hiring more than 2-hundred-12 thousand veterans since starting a similar program for returning military personnel. (pam) the federal government has updated its guidelines for physical activity ... the department of health and human services issued the first new guidelines in the last decade. americans are not getting the exercise they need, costing the health care system
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more than 100-billion dollars each year ... and people can dramatically improve their health by moving more, and sitting less. that is not necessarily groundbreaking... but a review of several years of new research says, if you have a sedentary desk job -- you do not have to quit. researchers say, you should move more when you aren't at work.aren't at more when you should move more when you aren't at (ken) if you take vitamin d or omega three supplements to prevent heart attacks or cancer... it may not help. according to a new study... researchers followed a group of people who were randomly assigned a daily dose of each, for five years. they found there was no difference between those taking the supplements and those taking a placebo. researchers say there's no reason to stop taking the vitamins--fish oil and vitamin-d aren't harmful and may have other benefits. just talk to your doctor before you start. you can read more about the trial -- known as vital -- in saturday's new england journal of medicine. (pam) coming up -- shelters asking for your help
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to make space for animals affected by the fires. what they need the most. some butte county fire victims don't have time to mourn their losses. that's because they're also first responders. one deputy's story still ahead. signs of hope amid the destruction. we'll hear from some residents who are trying to stay positive ... in the aftermath of the fire in paradise. (lawrence)ten at ten you know when you're at ross
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entertain in style all season long. it feels even better when you find it for less-at ross. yes for less. continues to burn in butte county tonight ... having already claimed more than three dozen lives ... with many more people still missing. (pam) the latest numbers tonight.. at least 42 people have died ... with more than 200 still missing in a fire that has has burned at least 117-thousand acres... kron4's dan thorn has details on how people are managing to cope ... the camp fire leaves behind scorched vehicles and homes in the town of paradise...dozens of people have been killed and hundreds have been unaccounted for..some houses have remained untouched while many others were not so lucky..debra barrett says she's counting her blessings...sot: theres so many more people worse off than me..theres people that died.barrett and her family escaped the fire thursday they were collecting supplies from
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the elks lodge in chico...she hopes to get back to her home and rebuild..sot: gotta keep looking forward and not back though. we have to make new plans..resilience is not something the people of paradise are short on... someone taped up an american flag--it's standing tall over the rubble of what was a business...and the firefighters fighting the inferno are getting support from the community...signs line the street in front of the command center in chico... even the littlest supporters like 5 year old cooper are showing how much they care..he had this message for them..for being so brave firefighters.. (ken) first responders are risking their lives to help stop the fires burning right now in california. one deputy continues to answer the call.. even after losing everything. jessica mench has his story of survial.
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as the camp fire raged through paradise, colusa police sgt. jarrod hughes knew he had to get out fast."we just started packing. i saw the flames, i went down the road for a second," hughes recalled sunday. "saw the flames, saw how close they were. we just threw the animals and a suitcase and a backpack in the truck."all he could think about was getting his 14-year-old son, austin, to safety."it was chaos. people were just abandoning animals and cars, running," he said.he made it out of his hometown, making sure his son was ok. then he went right back to work."i get my uniform and my patrol car and head back up to help," hughes told fox40.he spent the rest of the day and night helping with evacuations while his own home burned. "it's my home. i loved it there," hughes said.but even after learning he had lost everything he was still out there working. he has been focused on finding the people missing and those who died. "it's my community, it's where i grew up. it's something i absolutely had to do," hughes said. "there was no question about it. it was get my family to safety so i can get in and get back up there and help everybody else."he was not alone. the butte county sheriff's office estimated more than 30 of their deputies lost homes in the fire but they were still reporting for was just thankful his family made it out alive. "but my heart breaks for the ones that didn't," he said."i
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plan on rebuilding," hughes said. "hefully everybody rebuilds. we'll survive." (pam) shelters for the evacuees are packed ... many are at capacity. today, marks the fifth day that thousands of evacuees have been out of their homes because of the camp fire. a whole section of the parking lot at walmart in chico, is dedicated to clothing donations.... fire victims sort through the racks... as more community members drive in to drop off more supplies... evacuees say, they are
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thankful for the people taking the time to help... volunteers tell us, this free market place in the walmart parking lot has been up and running the last couple of days... volunteers say, they are prepared to be here for as long as needed. (ken) animals are also affected by the massive 'camp fire'.tonight -- the north valley animal disaster group in chico said its volunteers are currently caring for almost 15 hundred animals.(pam) that includes about 350- dogs and almost 450- cats.kron4's michelle kingston found out how you can help those animals ... from here in the bay area. (mk)more than 1000 animals -- now homeless .. and in need of your help because of the camp fire in butte county.pali boucher, rocket dog rescue "it's terrifying. it's really
10:34 pm
terrifying for these animals." pali boucher of rocket dog rescue in oakland is heading up to chico in a few days with supplies for animals.she says the shelters up there are full ... and you can help by fostering and adopting animals here locally -- which will help make room for the butte county animals that will eventually make their way to the bay area in the days and weeks ahead.pali boucher, rocket dog rescue"but then a catastrophe like this hits and there's animals flooding in and they find ways to house these extra animals but they have to make sense of, 'do these animals have a home, do they have an owner, did their owner survive?'"boucher plans to bring a number of dogs back from butte county to rocket dog rescue beginning this week. pali boucher, rocket dog rescue "my heart breaks for them you know."michelle kingston, mkingstonnews"we are also told that the shelters near the camp fire are in need of experienced volunteers. you can find out ways to help on our website. in san francisco michelle kingston kron 4 news." (pam) and if you would like to help the victims of the 'camp fire', the american red cross is accepting
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donations.. you can check kron for details.. lawrence karnow: smoke from the camp fire cintinues to bring poor air quality to the bay area. unhealthy air continues to sit over most of the bay area. highs today were in the 60s and 70s. we are seeing some changes in the weather as high pressure is finally breaking down. a few more high clouds will move across our skies tomorrow and it will still be hazy. highs tomorrow will be in the 60s and low 70s. offshore winds will bring more smoke to the bay area the next two days but it looks the the air quality should improve after that. (pam) tonight.. more than a week
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after voting, democrats have picked up a senate seat in arizona. republican martha mcsally conceded the race to democratic candidate kyrsten sinema tonight. sinema
10:37 pm
became the victor over republican martha mcsally after a slow count of mail-in ballots. sinema is an openly bi-sexual former green party activist ... who remade herself into a centrist. she ran promising to be a non- partisan problem -solver. she did not attack president donald trump and treaded lightly on immigration. (pam) meantime... president trump is blasting the ongoing electoral recounts in florida. he suggested in a tweet today that there has been fraud in senate and gubernatorial recounts in the sunshine state.(ken) but as cnn's jeff zeleny reports - trump offered no evidence to back that up. president trump out of sight at the white house on the federal holiday observing veteran's day, but airing one grievance after another on twitter.he's injecting himself squarely into the florida recount, trying to tip the scales to republican candidates for senate and governor who are locked in razor-thin races."the florida election should be called in favor of rick scott and ron desantis. large numbers of new
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ballots showed up out of nowhere, and many ballots are missing or forged," he tweeted. "an honest vote count is no longer possible-ballots massively infected. must go with election night!"there is no evidence to back up those claims. florida law requires a recount in such close elections.and it's an odd message for veterans considering votes from troops serving overseas have not yet all been counted. their ballots are allowed to arrive after election day.after a rocky weekend visit to paris marking the centennial of the end of world war i.president trump/no name font needed:"we are gathered together at this hallowed resting place to pay tribute to the brave americans who gave their last breath in there that mighty struggle." the president taking aim tonight aim at u-s allies in a series of tweets:he tweeted: "never easy bringing up the fact that the u.s. must be treated fairly, which it hasn't, on both military and trade. it is, and always has been, ridiculously unfair to the united states. it is time that these very rich countries either pay the united states for its great military protection, or protect themselves."it was likely a response to french president emanuel macron, who confronted trump for calling himself a
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nationalist not a globalist. emmanuel macron, french president:"patriotism is the exact opposite of nationalism. nationalism is a betrayal of patriotism. by saying 'our interests first - who cares about the others? we erase what a nation holds dearest, what gives it life, what makes it great and what is essential, it's moral values." trump's whirlwind visit to paris doing less to bolster the transatlantic partnership than to expose its cracks. a far different reception than on his visit for the 2017 bastille day parade when he and macron basked in the glow of their newfound friendship. on this trip, the fallout from trump's "america first" worldview on full display - with the president arriving alone sunday at the arc de triomphe.he was widely criticized for missing a ceremony at an american military ceremony during a rainstorm. the white house insisted the visit was scrapped for safety reasons because the weather was too bad to fly.the next day, the president hinted at his displeasure with the rain while addressing a handful of living world war i veterans. pres. trump/no name font needed:"you look so comfortable up there under shelter as we're getting drenched. you're very smart people."the president also slamming california officials for the deadly wildfires devastating the state.before ultimately mentioning the victims hours later, he first tweeted a threat: "there is no reason for these massive, deadly and costly forest fires in california except that forest management is so poor. remedy now, or no more fed payments!"
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(pam) that was jeff zeleny reporting. late today.. on the issue of wildfires here -- president donald trump declared a major disaster in the state of california... and ordered federal aid to supplement state ... tribal... and local recovery efforts in the areas affected by fires. (ken) marvel fans all over the world are mourning the
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loss of comics creator and innovator stan lee.the power of his imagination was his super power. with it-- lee led marvel comics and drew people into a world where superheros and villains faced off in a battle between good and evil. spider-man, iron man, and "the x-men"... they're among the most iconic comic book heroes in history and they simply would not exist without stan lee. the visionary behind marvel comics lived a life almost as incredible as the characters he created. the native new yorker was born stanley morgan lieber. he had humble beginnings but his love for comics took him much further than he ever dreamed. he also earned a star on the hollywood walk of fame. as his creations became
10:42 pm
larger than life on the big screen, he also kept a feverish pace making appearances at events like comic con in san diego. stan lee passed away this morning at cedar's sinai medical center in los angeles. (pam) still ahead tonight -- a special treat for dozens of teens dealing with heartbreak -- after their town is destroyed in the wildfire. how the 49ers are helping them cope. (ken) and -- wildfire season has been a long one... so one thing that's on everyones mind is rain... an in-depth look into this year's "el nino" forecast when we come back. (sports) coming up in sports, the warriors looking for another win...without steph curry in the lineup. we'll have the highlights from l-a.
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ars of drought, millions of dead trees, extreme winds. our weather is becoming more extreme, and we all need to work together to keep our neighborhoods safe. i'm lisa veliz waweru from pg&e. at pg&e, we are accelerating our forest management work in high fire-threat areas, removing dead trees, trimming branches and creating 12-foot safety clearances around power lines. for more information on how to keep you and your neighborhood safe, visit at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet,
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we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more. experiencing another round of dangerous wildfires as generally dry conditions have prevailed so far this year. (pam) but a developing 'el
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nino' could be good news. chief meterologist lawrence karnow is joining us with his special report which looks into this year's el nino forecast... one of the most common questions i'm asked every year is how much rain will we get this season. this year we're expecting an el nino and this is what we could see. (lawrence) it's been another dry year but now there's hope that a developing el nino might quench our state's thirst for water. but just because it's an el nino, it doesn't necessarily mean we will see lots of rain. (track 1: 1st take) (video of hot, dry weather and natsounds of wildfires) it was a summer of scorching temperatures and some of the largest fires in california history. for 7 of the last 10 years, california has suffered through a severe drought. in fact, from 2011 to 2014, we've had the driest
10:46 pm
period since records began in the 1800s. (track 2: 1st take) (videos of dry brush and fires) it's no surprise that parched land covered with dead trees and brush have provided plenty of fuel for wildfires to sweep across the state. (natsound of fires)(track 3: 2nd take) (el nino globe graphic) and with an el nino forecast to develop this fall and winter, hopes are high for a lot of rain.(natsound of rain)(track 4: 1st take) (el nino animation graphic) el nino is a warming of the equatorial waters in the central and eastern pacific. it can change weather patterns all across the globe.(track 5: 1st take) (natsound of flooding) when we think of an el nino, flooding rain and mudslides often come to mind.(video of floods & mudslides)(track 6: 1st take) but not every el nino is the same, and they don't always bring a lot of rain.(bite - 7:10)(brian garcia, warning coordination meteorologist nws) (not all el nino's are created equal. 2015 - 2016 was a strong el nino but is was
10:47 pm
classified as a dud because we were hoping it would be a drought buster for us)(7:20) (track 7: 1st take) (imgó0298.jpg)(please burn a courtesy for noaa into the graphic)the waters at the equator have started to warm, and this year's forecast is for a weak or moderate el nino. so what does that mean for the bay area and the state? (bite - 6:15)(brian garcia)(in weak el nino years we typically see much more normal rainfall for the overall water year but we can get periods of heavy rain in any year. i don't think we've seen a strong rain year come out of a weak el nino) (6:32)(cover some of this bite with video) (track 8: 2nd take) (video of rain, then seasonal outlook graphic) computer models are now forecasting a 70 to 75% chance of el nino conditions this winter.(video of rain) (track 9: 1st take) (video of dry brown hills and reservoirs) but how much rain we see here and across the state is still unknown. (track 10: 1st take) (videos of light rain in puddles) a look at past 'weak to moderate' el nino events give us a little clue. the average of the last 25 weak el ninos brings slightly below normal rain for the state. (track 11: 1st take)(video of heavy rain) while the average of the last 25 moderate el ninos bring a little above normal rainfall.(natsound of heavy rain)(bite - 17:55)(heather phillips, vine hill ranch) i like to see the wet weather within reason but yes i think we're ready to get a few wet ones now)(18:07) (lawrence) nobody knows exactly what causes el ninos, which make them nearly impossible to forecast accurately. all we can do now is watch, hope, and wait for the rain to return. (ken) there was talk it might be re-scheduled ... but tonight's 49ers monday night football game did get started as scheduled .... despite poor
10:48 pm
air quality in the south bay .. dedicated fans waited for the gates to open this afternoon. among those fans -- paradise high school football players. the niners hosted the team ... giving them a badly needed break from all the devastation after their town was destroyed by the wildfire. "our homes gone, but like at least our family is safe and all my friends are safe, so that's all that matters."> the 49ers said the nfl, which is in charge of cancelling or postponing a game, would not act unless the air quality index was 200 or above for several hours on game day we'll open with the 49ers. 2-starts, 2-49ers.with the we'll open we'll open with the 49ers. 2-starts, 2-appearances in primetime for nick mullens.
10:49 pm
and the star from the battle of the bay.. looking to shine once again on monday night football. --we go to santa clara, check this out, the niners hosting the paradise high school football team... as they cope with the devestating fires that have decimated their town... --1st quarter, mullens... the hero last week with a mistake.. his pass is deflected and picked off by b.j. goodson... first interception for mullens... and the giants defense is ready for its closeup... that would lead to a touchdown pass from eli manning to odell beckham. --niners went into the break up 13-10, 3rd quarter... mullens getting to work... to matt brieda... 11 yard touchdown.... 20-10 49ers --but less than 2 minutes later... eli manning... to odell beckham... from 20 yards out... giants within 3. beckham's 2nd td of the night.. and yes... he can... and will dance. --this would come down to the final minutes in the 4th.. giants down 3, starting at their own 25... they would make their way down the field... his left...throws it up for sterling shepard... who makes the jump... and comes down with the score.. touchdown giants, 27-23 new york. -on the
10:50 pm
final niners drive, they get to the 20-yard line... final play to win it all.. mullens.. drops back...throw is too high and too strong. that's your ball game. 27-23 giants, 49ers drop to 2-and-8 and the giants win means the raiders now have sole possession of the worst record in the league. the silver and 1-and-8...5- straight losses, the latest coming against the chargers the raiders haven't scored a touchdown in 3 of their last 4-games.. and their struggles are to a point where team owner mark davis is sounding off on the state of the team. in a recent interview with espn-- davis continuing to endorse jon gruden...and putting the onus on him saying quote-- "i always look in the mirror, and the buck stops with me. we failed from 2014 on to have a roster right now. having jon gruden here was the endgame for me. jon's going to be the stability here. jon's going nowhere. that's just the way it is." gruden from this afternoon. "i want to deliver for him and his family, certainly, and this organization. right now it's tough. it's great to have him support me. i appreciate it. i feel the same way he does. i just want to win."
10:51 pm
finally, the warriors in l-a...trying to win a 2nd straight without steph curry running the offense. --champs-clippers at staples. no curry, but draymond green in the lineup. --and l-a showed up for this one. 4th quarter, lou to the rack. clippers up 13-points midway through the 4th. --then, golden state just went on a crazy run... held l-a scoreless in the final 5- minutes. 11-nothing run... capped off by this, klay thompson...dagger 3.. game tied at 106 and go to overtime. --in the extra period, kevin durant...already with 5 fouls.. gets the whistle blown on him here. durant fouls out.. had 33-points, triple double and forced to watch from the bench. --down the stretch, lou will..again..another drive layup...10 of the team's 12- points in ot. clippers take the lead... warriors couldn't convert on the other end --121-116 l-a your final.. warriors back home
10:52 pm
tomorrow night hosting the hawks. (weather) coming up i'll have the seven day forecast.
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in new york city's war on crime, the worst criminal offenders are pursued by the detectives of the major case squad. these are their stories. you can't treat me this way. i have done everything you've asked. i told you things i shouldn't have. i trusted you, daris. anna, please... hey, doc. everything okay? it is now. going u dbs. that got his attention. thank you, mr. ribisi.


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