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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  November 14, 2018 7:30pm-8:01pm PST

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♪ tonight, "e.t." is in the air showing you the devastation from the california wild fires and the celebrity homes in its direct path. >> the lives of many families have been turned to ash. >> plus we're with the stars dropping everything to help out. >> i'm on my way now to a shelter. >> this is what neighborhoods are about. >> "the bachelor" mansion spared from the flames, but a new danger. why armed security guards have swarmed the property. then "e.t." at the cmas. we're backstage before the big show, 22 performances and the surprises. >> it's going to be epic. >> plus -- >> the men of robin hood. >> keeps it real.
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>> i'll bayuy you a house, baby >> and why jamie might have competition from his co-stars. this is "entertainment tonight." thank you for joining us. i'm hovering above the area affected by the woolsey fire, mainly the malibu community. as you can see it's a devastating sight. hundreds of homes turns to ashes. we're here to give you a real sense of the devastation for so many. here's a map of the celebrity homes we'll be surveying today. what you see is the home shared by liam hemsworth and miley cyru it was destroyed by fire, struc including miley's recording
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studio. liam posted a love sign over his house. that is all that's left of robin thicke's home and his home is near lady gaga's home. she was spared destruction. >> i'm on my way now to a shelter in california to be with people who have evacuated their homes. >> today she's focusing on relief. the singer delivered 11 boxes of pass to a shelter last night and met withamilies who have been displaced. >> thank you to all the first responders. >> coldplay's chris martin and actor pierce brosnan also called for continued support desperate an image that only the rich and famous live here. >> there's a lot of there that need help from outside and from you guys essentially. >> we beseech you to do everything in your power you can to save our community. >> this afternoon actress alyssa milano took part in a cbs telethon for wild fire relief.
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her home suffered smoke damage. >> i'm so blessed. if i could come out and try to raise money for those who weren't as lucky i'm more than happy to do so. >> and over here is what's left of camille grammar's $3.2 million mansion. >> the trampoline my kids had to have a trampoline. i need to have my garden. so here it is. >> camille told us she knew of the dangers. >> it gets very dry here. so me and girlfriends are putting astro turf in. >> a lot of loss out here, but some home owners who escaped damage are now dealing with another big problem, looters. ♪ he's gonna start a fight >> pink's husband has a controversial solution. carey hart who rented a beach front property with his wife for
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several years posted this pic of an armed group of men captioning it if you are a looter, think twice if you are heading back into malibu. >> and speaking of looting, gist -- just below us is the bachelor mansion. while we were on the property yesterday just as we got word the owner hired several security guards to ward off would be looters. >> we are in rose room right? >> this is where it happened. >> i toured the $7.4 million property with the owner, a father who's grateful much of the estate you see on tv is still standing. >> they don't really need this building. >> what was in this structure? >> personal pictures of the kids when they were younger. i'm afraid that one of the boxes was in there. >> the owner had evacuated early and while no one from the bachelor production was present during the wild fires host chris harrison does live nearby. >> he called to make sure i was okay and i said don't worry your job's secure. >> you have to have a sense of humor. he also told us he plans to
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rebuild and everything will be in place for "the bachelor" next fall. >> we're going to head back now, but we're sending you to nashville, tennessee. nancy, you have a big night ahead of you in nashville. >> i do, kevin. yes, it's a magical time in music city right now because tonight's cmas are gearing up to be one epic country concert. ♪ people talking about what is country ♪ >> come on. you're out here now. >> it's gonna be epic. it's gonna be like nothing we've done before. ♪ baby if it's meant to be >> the guys from florida georgia line are part of the night's 22 performances. luke bryan will open the three-hour show with his new single. ♪ what makes ya country >> and some special guests. >> it's going to be a fun surprise. >> reigning entertainer of the year garth brooks, who's not nominated this year, will also debut a new song and is dedicating it to his wife. >> the closer it gets the more nervous i get. when i think about it, this is really a stupid idea.
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>> braid paisley and pregnant carrie underwood are co-hosting. both will also perform. carrie's up for video of the year. ♪ cry pretty >> she's up against these guys dan and shay whose hit "tequila" donned four nominations. ♪ when i taste tequila >> a few years ago we were buying tickets or trying to buy tickets to come to the cma awards just as fans. so for us to be nominated a few times is really cool. >> we've got so much more from nashville. coming up, our exclusive inside keith urban's cma rehearsal that's hitting new heights. but right now nischelle is in studio with news of another country star, chris lane's new reality romance. tell me more, niecy. >> yiefr -- i've got a lot more, nancy. bachelor nation is loving this one. lauren bushnell didn't find her happily ever after with ben higgins. now enter chris up first in tonight's know and tell, lauren's new lane. after months of being just
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friends lauren and country singer chris lane are dating. a source tells "e.t." it's brand new and they are enjoying spending time together. they've been flirting on social media for a while now but the couple made their red carpet debut at last night's bmi country awards in nashville. in more bachelor news it's baby bells and wedding bells for arie luyendyk jr. and fiance lauren burnham. >> we're excited to start a family. we bought a beautiful house. we're really settling in in arizona. >> the couple's expecting their first child together in june of next year and tells "us weekly" they're still planning on saying i do in hawaii in january. >> next up, channing tatum a ta he's supporting his new love jessie j. channing was in the audience gushing about his new love last night at her london show. revealing she can't have kids. he captioned this woman is something special. jessie attended opening night of channing's "magic mike live tour" also in london on saturday night.
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>> and finally chrissy metz and her new man. >> the 38-year-old "this is us" star recently confirmed she's dating 25-year-old composer hall rosenfeld, but they haven't been keeping it on the down low either. that's hal and chrissy getting cozy at her birthday celebration last month in palm springs. >> chrissy's "this is us" co-star mandy moore gave fans a peek into her relationship with musician fiance taylor goldsmith. he co-wrote the song that aired in last night's episode. ♪ when the world goes on without me ♪ >> the internet already dubbed it, the song that broke jack. >> to hear you in that room, it was immediately like oh, my gosh this is "this is us." it immediately sounded like the show, the whole universe. ♪ i'm missing you like candy >> it's been almost two decades since mandy's first hit "candy" and while she toured at the same time as britney, christina and jessica, mandy recently explained they can live on that level. that was never going to be me. ♪ i've studied my reflections >> as for how mandy feels about her "this is us" success now?
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well, she's got the same attitude that she had at 16 years old in our very first "e.t." interview. >> just as quickly as it's come to me it can be taken away just as quickly. gotta thank your lucky stars and just soak everything up as it happens. coming up -- >> that's harder than you think. >> jennifer aniston as an out of control pageant mom. your first look at her new comedy. then did the sexiest man alive get the most unsexy action figure ever. you've won't believe how much next on kron 4 news at 8: a retired bay area fire captain living in paradise saves his elderly neighbor from the fire ... while he loses everything then: brazen smash and grab robberies targeting drivers in east bay parking lots next
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zblnchts "e.t." isn't just on the air we're everywhere on every platform every
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♪ does this look like the sexiest man alive to you? yeah, i don't know. and that's why fans are losing their minds over this new idris elba doll. idris weighed in by posting a shot of montel williams. in case you still want one, it'll cost you more than $1,100. for that kind of money, i want the real thing.
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speaking of real, a racy image of zoe kravitz is turning a lot of heads and this one is totally zoe. >> can we talk about the "rolling stone" cover for a second? >> yeah, let's talk about it. let's talk about it. >> girl, drop the fire and bring it back up. >> i was really excited to recreate my mom's cover. i was excited to do it. >> what did she think? >> she loves it. >> really? >> zoe now joins eddie redmayne and johnny depp for the j.k. rowling sequel "fantastic beasts, the crimes of grindelwald." >> you never met a monster you couldn't love. >> mistake. >> there's no better place to talk about the franchise's epic return than universal studio's wizarding world of harry potter. >> it's kind of like british weather, but the sunshine. so you got snow everywhere but it's actually really warm and toasty. >> eddie's newt meets jude law as the younger al bus dumbledore. >> it's late. good evening, newt. >> you remember there's this wonderful term now wizarding world and of course the potter films and these films do join up. >> and since you can't be a
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wizard without a wand -- >> enough! >> keltie got the cast to give her a little spell casting tutorial. >> there you go. you're not knighting me. >> whatever. >> feel how weighty that is. >> yeah. now feel his dinky wand. >> now feel my little thing, like air. >> oh, my god. dumbledore. what did you get this at the half-off bin? >> like the under arm. >> oh, hey. >> quick one. >> i think that may have been the best moment of my life. >> wave that magic wands and get folks in the theater. still ahead -- >> [ bleep ]. >> jamie foxx on his stunts gone wrong as he challenges his robin hood co-stars into a sing off. plus "love actually" turns 15. the iconic scene hugh grant would like to forget. >> it's a terrible black cloud. and behind the scenes of
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keith urban's cma rehearsal. why he's afraid of carrie underwood's plans for tonight. >> closed captioning provided by -- you know when you're at ross
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yeah! that's yes for less. entertain in style all season long. it feels even better when you find it for less-at ross. yes for less. ♪ welcome back. as you can see, nashville is buzzing with excitement for tonight's cmas and for performer keith urban. i am hoping -- well, he's not afraid of heights.
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♪ it was so high we can pay the sky tear the top right off the ceiling ♪ >> keith will sing "never comin' down" off his album "graffiti u" from atop of a giant electronic stage. >> it's a ways up there, yeah. hopefully i am never coming down. that's the plan. the rehearsal was so fun, but to have an audience in front of us? missing piece. >> he's got three cma nominations tonight including the oh so prestigious entertainer of the year. >> entertainer is obviously an incredible category. it's the foundation of so much of who i am and what i do. so trying to put on better and better tours and concerts every year that end up with the entertainer nod is incredible. ♪ look in the mirror you're beautiful so beautiful ♪ >> keith's buddy carrie underwood is hosting with brad paisley for the 11th time. >> what are we gonna do now? we're gonna sing songs and tell jokes and host the sith out of this show. >> and he's a little afraid of who they might roast. >> i'm interested to see what
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they're opening monologue is going to be. who's going to get it guys? >> tonight is gonna be fun. country doesn't hold back. the cmas air live tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern on abc. i'll have all the behind the scenes action for you tomorrow. on "entertainment tonight." niecy, i have to go and get ready. >> go get gussied up. you got the good gig tonight, nance. let's talk about about the men of "robin hood." now i know what you're thinking, a new robin hood movie. there must be tights involved, right? not exactly. it seems jamie foxx started a new style trend with his merry men. >> you had on shants? >> what is a shants? >> they're shorts and pants. >> medieval shants. >> i don't have have calf muscles. >> is this how this is going to go? >> no. i'm just saying i always wear my pants all the way down here and my sock is right there because i don't have calves. >> those are culottes. >> shants, same thing. >> is this how set was? >> yeah. yeah. he's on fire constantly. >> robin the hood. ♪ castle life
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>> jamie kept this cast and crew totally entertained on the "robin hood" set. he's little john to taron egerton's robin hood in this highly stylized update of the classic tale that boasts plenty of romance and action. >> there's a line in this movie that says the danger is what makes it fun. >> it's too dangerous. >> but the danger's what makes it fun. >> are you thrill seekers or are you the kind that sits back and let's it all play out? >> i like adventure, but, you know, i got kids. i need to worry about stuff. >> in the first couple weeks preparing for this movie i got thrown from a horse and i bruised all my ribs. so for the first six weeks of shooting i was in a lot of pain. >> first day i'm shooting? i'm supposed to push him up against the wall and i'm playing and he went uh and i was like oh, [ bleep ], i broke robin hood. >> how far have you ever gone for the love of a woman? >> i'm married. there's no more romantic gesture than marry someone.
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>> i did moon dance for someone on stage once, van morrison. don't ask me to sing. >> can we get a little touch of that? >> no. >> come on, man. ♪ well it's a marvelous night for a moon dance with the stars up above in your eyes, a fabulous night to make romance beneath the cover of the skies ♪ >> there we go. >> oh! >> that would have got me. >> that would have worked for you? >> how about you? ♪ ain't saying she's a gold digger ♪ >> the most romantic thing you've ever done? >> i buy houses. all this singing and all that, nah, i buy you a house baby. meet you in the club and get you some real estate. >> that's the making of a new show, 5200 square feet, i'm with it. robin hits theaters on november
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21st. meanwhile here's a movie that screams holiday, "love actually." it turns 15 today. and for one of its stars, hugh grant, it's a painful reminder of his now iconic dance moves. >> i remember this terrible black cloud hanging over the whole thing. ♪ then jump >> this scene where i have to dansby myself in downing street. ♪ jump in >> to do it cold, by yourself at 7:00 in the morning is not a prospect i relish, but i got there. >> "e.t." is taking you back to the 2003 set of the ensemble christmas rom-com co-starring emma thompson, liam neeson and a then 18-year-old keira knightley. >> husband and wife. >> it's a bit of a love triangle. peter and juliette look like they have the perfect romance and then it turns out that mark, peter's best friend, actually is completely madly in love with her.
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♪ it's written in the wind it's everywhere i go ♪ >> bill nighy says he never was the same after playing this washed out rocker. ♪ you know i love christmas and i always will ♪ >> it was a big day when i stand in front of a fake mountain and fake snow and i'm surrounded by beautiful women in santa claus outfits and i haven't really recovered actually. >> martine mccutcheon played prime minister grant's love interest. she told "e.t." a secret about filming their kissing scene. >> we had an actual audience that didn't know when the curtain falls that we would be kissing. everybody was like oh. they filmed everybody's genuine reaction. they were like oh, my god that's martine mccutcheon and hugh grant kissing. what's going on? >> right, so not quite as secret as we hoped. >> if this isn't on your yearly holiday viewing is list we cannot be friends. the cast did reunite to shoot a short sequel, but that's as far
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as it's going to go. don't mess with a classic. sometimes you gotta leave it alone. coming up jenniferkron-4 ne eight: as the search for fire victims intensifies ...there is another dramatic jump in the death toll from the camp wildfire. plus, some evacuees say, their belongings are being stolen at shelters... a former bay area fire captain jumps into action when the fire erupted... how his work helped save a neighbor. and dramatic dispatch audio from the night the fire broke out. i'm ken wayne i'm pam moore. the news -- at eight -- is next.
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tomorrow on "e.t." -- >> i'm having an affair. >> trouble in paradise for sheldon and amy? then emma stone and rachel wise's new movie. >> i don't think we're allowed to say on "entertainment tonight." >> tomorrow on "e.t." darling just grab my ankles. >> jennifer aniston as a former pageant queen. you got me. we're getting our first look at her new movie dumpling. >> pageants are harder than you think. >> i know where we can get help. >> where is this? >> it's the closest you can get to dolly parton around here. >> that was truly a surprise. >> now at eight ... the
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devastation beyond words"this is one of the worst disasters i've seen in my career, hands down."the camp fire claims more than ten thousand homes, businesses and other buildings burned.and tonight the human toll has risen again.whoosh they're trapped in hopton road with multiple residences dispatch audio as first responders dealt with the explosive fire.whooshand here in the bay area, no matter where we are ... the air we breathe is rated red for one east bay region ... it's even worseat red you should be wearing a mask. at purple you should probably not be going outside.


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