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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  November 27, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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week. and that will cause more slick and dangerous road conditions for drivers during the work week. thank you for joining us i'm pam moore. (ken) and i'm ken wayne.. a stronger storm is on the way tonight. so we want to check in with chief meteorologist lawrence karnow. he's tracking the timing of this series of storms... lawrence lawrence karnow: another storm brought more rain to the bay area today. rain will turn to showers overnight. on the radar you can see the storm moving through the bay area. snow will be heavy over the sierra through friday. winter storm warnings and winter weather advisories are up for the western slopes of the sierra and the greater lake tahoe area. showers will continue tomorrow but a strong storm will bring heavy rain and gusty winds tomorrow night and into thursday. more rain is likely this weekend. (ken) people across the bay area are preparing of the heavy downpour. contra downpour.
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weekend.likely this more rain is likely this weekend. weekend. likely this more rain is likely this weekend. (ken) people across the bay area are preparing of the heavy downpour. contra
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contra county public works crews are planning for the rough weather ahead.. recent storms caused this oak tree to topple over on the iron horse trail in walnut creek... partially collapsing a fence, narrowly missing the house. tonight crews sat they are clearing storm drains... and, identifying any other potential hazards that could become problems during the storms. and, for those contra and, for and, for and, for those contra costa county residents concerned about flooding at their home... the county has provided five free sandbag stations in bay point... byron... oakley... martinez... and richmond (pam) and in the north bay -- it was raining throughout much of the day... kron 4's charles clifford
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was in marin county, where he talked with people in the area who say, they were happy to see the wet weather... natsrain returned to the bay area on tuesday. natsin marin county, rain on 101 during the afternoon commute, which is slow going on a good day, was reduced to a crawl as drivers adjusted to the slick conditionsnatsat the park and ride lot off 101, a spot prone to flooding, water filled the parking but mostly stayed within the lot.natsin nearby mill valley, a steady rain soaked downtown but didn't dampen spirits. everyone we talked to was still giddy thyat wet weather has returned, washing away the oppressive wildfire smoke.soti think this is great!sotit's really great. a blessing. i love it.natsas of tuesday afternoon, the creeks around marin county were filling up but still a long ways from being a flooding danger.nat this was old mill creek near downtown mill valley. running fast and muddy, but still well within its banks.
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within its banks. (pam) a reminder... download the kron-4 mobile app .. or go to kron4- dot com to stay on top of this series of storms. there you will find full forecasts... interactive radar.. and get alerts for your neighborhood.. with the kron- 4 app. download it today. and visit kron-4 dot com. only on four tonight. a mother buys a north bay teen a playstation four as a way to reward him for his good grades and the two are robbed a short time later on a public bus. as bad as it sounds no one was hurt and there is a happy ending. kron 4's j.r. stone is in santa rosa with more.
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sotthat's how much money alana spent on a playstation four for her teenage son as a reward for turning his grades around. she bought the system on black friday but it was soon taken away on this bus when the playstation four was stolen.sotthese are surveillance images showing the man who alana says stole the game system. he hasn't been caught...but this story is not about him. it's about what went down the next day...when people who care learned about what happened.sot alana works at petco in santa rosa. her boss and coworkers felt for her and they all chipped in to buy a new game system.natsyou can hear the hugging and kissing. alana's son all smiles even after the actions of a grinch on a city bus.nats oc: j.r. stone kron 4 news ((pam)) some frightening some ((pam)) ((pam)) some frightening
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moments at a north bay school today ... because there was a bomb threat. it happened just after 9:00-this morning at mill valley middle school. police say, the threat was heard on a voicemail at the school office. officials say, the school
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quickly activated its emergency response plan.. evacuating nearly 12-hundred students.we got the call in the morning and acted quickly contacting parents, and nearby residents. bomb bomb sniffing dogs went floor by floor ... and room by room looking for a device .. but did not find one. classes were cancelled for the rest of the day.the source of that call is still under investigation. (ken) an east bay school is under fire after surveillance video appears to show a teacher ... who was supervising a swim class ... looking at his cell phone when one of his students drowned. this is all detailed in a lawsuit filed this morning in contra costa county -- more than six months after 15 year old benjamin curry was found
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dead at the bottom of a high school pool. kron4's michelle kingston reports. (mk)andy schwartz, curry family attorney"he was found in his bathing suit at the bottom of the pool."more than an hour after class -- 15 year old benjamin curry was discovered under water in his high school's swimming pool. now -- curry's family attorney says surveillance video shows the teacher standing on a diving board about 15 feet away possibly looking at his cell phone.andy schwartz, curry family attorney"and it appears to us, the teacher had his cell phone in his hand and he was looking at his cell phone as he's supervising the children."according to a lawsuit filed in court on tuesday morning, the video shows curry exhausted and slipping under water while the 57 students in class were instructed to tread also claims the teacher -- aaron becker -- never took roll call at the end of class. andy schwartz, curry family attorney"it seems like a ridiculous amount of students for one teacher to watch."the lawsuit alleges that the teacher had minimal water safety training and his
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lifeguard certification lapsed about two months before the drowning.the san ramon valley unified school district will not comment on pending litigation but released a statement today that said in part, "this event was and will remain a tragedy in our hearts and minds forever. the district sincerely apologizes to the curry family and all the community members. there are no words to describe the collective sorrow following the loss of ben." (pam) their decision on whether they will seek the death penalty .. in a deadly stabbing at bart. john lee cowell was charged with murder and
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attempted murder... for the stabbing death of nia wilson .. and the stabbing of her sister letifah .. the incident happened at the macarthur bart station in july. he is now facing the death penalty ... but the decision is being postponed for three weeks. cowell is expected to enter a plea on december 20th. (ken) another big story tonight... an east bay vandalism suspect has been arrested... accused of writing hateful images including the n- word... and swastikas. as kron4's haaziq madyun reports... the community played a role in identifying the suspect. the two toned hooded sweat shirt you see being worn in the photo on the left, matches the hoodie you see on the right. it is also the same clothing worn by the person allegedly responsible for a major vandalism spree in downtown antioch over the thanksgiving weekend. tuesday morning antioch police announced the arrest of a suspect. he is 24-year-old lawrence phipps of antiochsot
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the graffiti which included swaztikas and racial slurs was very disturbing for some folks here at shearz- on-3rd beauty salonsotthis artistic mural, an antioch visual landmark was also defaced during the vandalism spreesotantioch police are not saying for a motive in this case. investigators are crediting of the arrest as a result of multiple tips from the communitysotthese still images from survellance videos prompted the tips from the community. if videos of phipps actually graffiti downtown, holding on to that evidence as part of their investigation...ihaaziq madyun kron4news
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(pam) next... the unique way local families are helping fire victims who lost almost everything in the deadly camp fire. (ken) and silicon valley companies... often blamed for helping create the bay area's housing crisis... are now stepping up to build affordable places to live. (pam) and -- marking one of the saddest days in san francisco history. we take a look back at the assasinations of mayor george moscone... and supervisor harvey milk... 40 years ago today in a live report.
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supervisor milk have been shot and killed."> (ken) it has been 40 years since two san francisco city leaders where assassinated. mayor geoge moscone and supervisor harvey milk were remembered today in a ceremony not far from where the double murder took place.(pam) the double- killing sent shockwaves through the city. their assailant ... disgruntled former supervisor dan white.. he was convicted of manslaugther.. and then killed himself not long after being parolled. moscone, who had served as a state senator before being elected
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mayor of his home town .... is remembered for many things including, changing city government by appointing women, people of color and members of the l-g-b-t-q community .... to committees and boards making city leadership more diverse. supervisor harvey milk is remembered as a civil rights pioneer... one of the first openly gay people to be elected to office. those who knew them both say, the city would be a different place today if they had lived. former former mayor willie brown became friends with mosconi in law school and served alongside him in the state legislature. he says
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mosconi forever changed san francisco. moscone was 46 - years old when he was elected mayor of san francisco. as a city native, his son remembers says that fact was an especially proud moment for his father. (ken) a candlelight vigil in their honor was held in the castro tonight..... a somber tradition now in it's 40th year. (pam) that's where we find kron 4's alecia reid... alecia -- what is the mood like in the castro? that vigil started in the castro and ended here at city hall.all evening long, people reminisced about the ground work both men .. and also how much further we have to go.pkg marching through the streets of san francisco ...i was in the original march when he got killedthe community honored george moscone and harvey milk in a candle light vigil.having known harvey personally it means a great deal to me to come and remember him as they do every yearit's been 40 years since the two were murdered inside city hall .... it's amazing to me that so much time has passedthe rain didn't stop a huge crowd from
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gathering .... first in the castro .... then at city hall. it's made me very reflective on the hard work our community has done in the last 40 years as they honor the victims of that terrible tragedy ... they remember the inspiration behind the work both moscone and milk did.i knew i was different. my parents knew i was gay, so i knew i had to go to san franciscothere has been a lot of progress in the l-g-b-t-q community, yet there'sstill a lot more to be an individual who sometimes feels overwhelmed or powerless within our community to make changes, he reminds me that every one of us has the power. we can connect with others. find the similarities other than the differences and move our world forward if we only put in the effort to do so standupmayor london breed was in attendance tonight.speakers urged her to continue giving a voive to the l-g-b-t-q community. reporting live from san franciso ... ar ... kron 4 news. a live look outside tonight lawrence has the storm details.. lawrence karnow: another storm brought more rain to the bay brought more another storm karnow: lawrence details.. the storm lawrence has tonight outside a live
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look ... kron 4 news.franciso ... ar from san franciso ... ar ... kron 4 news. a live look outside tonight lawrence has the storm details.. lawrence karnow: another storm brought more rain to the bay area today. rain will turn to showers overnight. on the radar you can see the storm moving through the bay area. snow will be heavy over the sierra rough friday. winter storm warnings and winter weather advisories are up for the western slopes of the sierra and the greater lake tahoe area. showers will continue tomorrow but a strong storm will bring heavy rain and gusty winds tomorrow night
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and into thursday. more rain is likely this weekend. (ken) still ahead tonight -- voters decide tonight in a racially charged u.s senate race in mississippi.... the back story of tension in the race... and the latest results. (pam) plus -- details on how plus -- (pam) results.latest and the contest... tension in the story of the back mississippi....senate race in charged u.s racially tonight in a their say voters have still ahead --(ken) weekend.likely this more rain is likely this weekend.
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voters have their say tonight in a racially charged u.s senate race in mississippi.... the back story of tension in the contest... and the latest results. (pam) plus -- details on how the white house is responding to new allegations from special counsel robert mueller .. about paul manafort.
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(ken) a trio of technology companies has stepped up to help end the affordable housing crisis in the bay area.(pam) kron four's rob fladeboe tells us about a big- time donation received by the housing trust of silicon valley.
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launched last year to fund affordable housing projects like "the villas on the park," here on north second street in downtown san jose, housing trust silicon valley's "tech fund," has now reached $50 million dollars. cisco systems on tuesday pledged $10 million dollars to the fund, whle linked-in and the mountain view based pure storage donated $5 million dollars each, says the housing trust's julie mahowald.julie mahowald/housing trust silicon valley ".....we are so excited to have the three companies come together as a partnership and show their faith in the housing trust and how we can quickly take their invested dollars and break ground and get housing built..."the "2nd street studios,' at second and alma in san jose is another housing trust project. the tech fund was established as an avenue for tech companies, many of whom have been criticized for helping to create the housing shortage, to do something about it. juie mahowald/housin g trust silicon valley "...that pressure is out there. it isn't the full responsibility of corporations but they have people who live
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here and they recognize that these are problems right here in their back yard that then can help solve...."to date, tech fund dollars have helped finance15 affordable housing projects with a combined 15- hundred low income homes.rob fladeboe/san jose "....the housing trust hopes this latest donation will help inspire other technology open their important to point out that both cisco and linked-in already $10 million dollars to the tech fund last rob fladeboe kron4news (pam) coming up -- voters decided tonight in a racially charge u.s senate race in mississippi.... the back story of tension in the race... and the latest results. (lawrence)ten at ten
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(pam) we continue to follow the series of storms in bay area tonight ... the heavy rainfall is expected to start up in about24 hours from now.. (ken) chief meteorologist lawrence karnow has been tracking the storms which are lining up. lawrence karnow: another storm brought more rain to the bay area today. rain will turn to showers overnight. on the radar you can see the storm moving through the bay area. snow will be heavy over the sierra through friday. winter storm warnings and winter
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weather advisories are up for the western slopes of the sierra and the greater lake tahoe area. showers will continue tomorrow but a strong storm will bring heavy rain and gusty winds tomorrow night and into thursday. more rain is likely this weekend. (ken)(ken) (ken) it wasn't just
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rain that caused problems during the commute. a large pothole shut down one southbound lane of highway 101 in south san francisco creating a traffic backup. kron 4's dan kerman explains how crews tackled the situation. tuesday afternoon billy shoemaker and her friend were gathering sandbags for her mother's house in preparation for the storm.sot billie shoemaker/getting sandbags :06 at 17th and folsom barriers were set up in this low lying area should the rains overflow the sewar systemsot idil bereket/sf puc :22local businesses have seen those issuessot hans art/hans art automotive :30rain did come at midday.. and it's believed it contributed to this. a 4 foot by 1 and half foot hill in the number 4 land of southbound 101 just south of grand avenue in south san francisco. sot officer vu williams/chp :51the chp shutdownane 4 backing traffic up past candlestick.... cal trans crews arrived on seen, conducted inspections, and decided rebar needed to be
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replaced before the hold could be filled with quick drying concrete.... cool temps and rain made for a long process that pushed into teh afternoon commute.121/afternoon commute (pam) a reminder... download the kron-4 mobile app .. or go to kron4- dot com to stay on top of this series of storms. there you will find full forecasts... interactive radar.. and get alerts for your neighborhood.. with the kron- 4 app. download it today. and visit kron-4 dot com. (pam) a family in marin wants to share their experience of helping to adopt a paradise family .. they lost their house and belongings to the 'camp fire'.
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as they told kron 4's gabe slate, you do not necessarily need to donate money,n or travel up to paradise, to help in a big way in fact, you can do it from your couch. sound from jennifer harris-marks - adopted a paradise family "how can you not help"jennifer harris-marks who lives in san rafael, knew she wanted to help one of the thousands of paradise families in need. but did not know where to start until she came across the paradise fire adopt-a-family facebook page. sound from jennifer harris-marks - adopted a paradise family "you could connect with real people in need of help in real time"she adopted the baker family, mom karla, dad marvin, and thier twin 17 year olds nicholas and kirsten-grace, the baker's lost their paradise home
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kron 4 news. gabe slate san rafael in in san rafael gabe slate kron 4 news.
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the final senate race of the 2018 midterms ... appears to now have a winner. grant lodes joins us now with the results of mississippi's senate runoff election.((cross shot))grant...history was made tonight right? ((grant/landing vo)) all major news outlets are projecting that republican incumbent cindy hyde-smith has defeated democratic challenger mike espy.she becomes the first woman elected to congress in mississippi. hyde-smith was appointed to the seat earlier this year following the retirement of republican thad cochran.but her campaign was marred by several controversies, including a video where she said she would be in the front row for a "public hanging" if invited.critics called the
10:35 pm
remarks a critics called the remarks a symbol of mississippi's history of racism and slavery."and i want everybody to know, no matter who you voted for today, i'm gonna always represent every mississippian. i will work very hard, do my very best to make mississippi very proud of your us senator. you know the people of mississippi, you deserve that. you deserve our best effort. you deserve every ounce in me to go there and make sure i can make the best decisions for every single mississippian that calls this great state home. hyde-smith's win today means, come january... republicans will hold 53 seats in the senate... democrats will have 47 seats.((grant/landing vo)) her victory also means there will be 24 women in the senate next year.that is a new record... (ken) white house press
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secretary sarah sanders held her first briefing for the first time in almost a month today ...(pam) and she indicates... there are no plans to pardon former trump campaign chairman paul manafort.c-n-n's jim acosta reports. handle with care...that seems to be the white house approach to dealing with the allegation from the special counsel's office that former trump campaign chairman paul manafort violated his plea lying to investigators.nat sound:at the white house briefing... there was no talk of pardons...sarah sanders:"i'm not aware of any conversations for anyone's pardon involving this process." but notably... no real push to urge manafort to cooperate with special counsel robert mueller.reporter:"would the president recommend that mr. manafort begin to cooperate, offer full cooperation to the special counsel's office?" sarah sanders:"we can only speak to what our role is in
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the process, and not only has the president but the entire administration has been fully cooperative with the special counsel's office, providing hours and hours of sit downs as well as over 4 million pages in documents. we continue to be cooperative but we also know that there was no collusion and we're ready for this to wrap up."press secretary sarah sanders appeared to make a point of only defending the president, not the rest of the campaign. sarah sanders:"certainly remain confident in the white house's assertion that the president was involved in no wrongdoing, he was not part of any collusion."still.. with expectations building that mueller could be closing in on new indictments in the russia investigation .... the president remains agitated with the probe...tweeting:the "media builds up bob mueller as a saint, when in actuality he is the exact opposite.he is doing tremendous damage to our criminal justice system, where he is only looking at one side and not the other. heroes will come out of this, and it won't be mueller..."the white house is also standing its ground on the killing of jamal khashoggi...with national security adviser john bolton dismissing questions from reporters about whether he should listen to an audio recording of the murder of the saudi journalist.john bolton: "i guess i should ask you why do you think i should? what do you think i'll learn from it?" reporter:"you're the national security advisor, you might have access to that sort of intelligence."john bolton:"how many in this room speak arabic?"reporter:"don't you have access to an interpreter?" john bolton:"well you want me to listen to it? what do you want me to learn from it? i mean if they were speaking korean, i wouldn't learn anymore from it either." sanders pushed back on the notion that the president is rejecting the assessment of the cia.. that saudi crown prince mohammed bin salman ordered khashoggi's killing. sarah sanders:"we haven't seen definitive evidence come from our intelligence community
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that ties him directly to that. what we have seen is a number of individuals that we know are tied to that and those individuals have been sanctioned."as sanders was speaking.. the president upstaged his press secretary... breaking the news... that he may punish general motors over its plans to close car factories in the u-s... tweeting..."we are now looking at cutting all g-m subsidies..."the white house is blaming g-m... not trump administration economic policies for its current woes. sarah sanders:"they are making a car that frankly people don't want to buy." (ken) (ken) that was jim acosta
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reporting. (pam) we are learning more about the deadly shooting at the borderline bar and grill nearly three weeks ago in california. a gunman opened fire during 'college line- dancing night' in the thousand oaks club. police say, the shooter opened fire and tossed several smoke grenades into the bar... to create confusion. he then sat and waited to ambush law enforcment officers who responded to the shooting. the ventura county medical examiner spoke today.. about the victims' fatal injuries. the gunman killed 12 people, including a law enforcement officer, before turning the gun on himself. one victim was also stabbed. the motive still remains unclear. (ken) mysterious
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explosions...neighbors in north phoenix say that ever since october... they've been hearing loud booms.(pam) the phoenix police bomb squad is investigating. max gorden explains.. people are afraid someone is going to get hurt. "it's a quiet working class neighborhood."but recently...that calm has been disturbed.(adan sanchez/neighbor) "something bomb-related going off in the neighborhood."this security camera near 35th avenue and west muriel drive caught one of those blasts(tyler grisham/neighbor) "we didn't get the exact explosion, but all you can see is rocks hailing down on my dad's truck. and it seems like it came from over the fence over there, but i guess the crater's right in front of the fence."talk of loud booms have blown up on the local next door was even reported this afternoon. standup: "and phoenix pd says they're investigating this string of mysterious explosions."since october...the bomb squad has collected evidence in the area of 43rd avenue to 27th avenue...and from west greenway road to union hills drive.(tyler grisham/neighbor) "usually you hear them late
10:41 pm
at night. it's not and for the past month...neighbors say they've become common(adan ) "anywhere between one to two a night."so far no one has been injured by whatever is blasts...but some worry it'll only be a matter of "well the real big concern is that somebody could somebody, if this continues, will get hurt." (ken) still ahead tonight -- still ahead (ken) still ahead tonight -- the new treatment that could help people with peanut allergies. (pam) plus.. the legalization of marijuana is affecting the jobs of police k- 9's. how pot is changing their role on the police force (sports) just ahead in sports, a day after the 49ers cut ties for another arrest, reuben foster is picked up by a new team. details on the linebacker's football future. plus, the olympian joe pavelski sends the sharkies to overtime, but was it enough for a win? highlights from buffalo
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here's to the stair takers, breakfast makers,
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step counters, outdoor explorers, faith restorers, appointment keepers, fantastic creatures. farmer's market goers, cholesterol lowerers cell phone silencers. the new lease on lifers, and the positive thinkers. here's to you all that see every day as an opportunity to thrive your way. the (ken)(ken) the
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legalization of marijuana is posing a challenge for some police k-9's which are specially trained to detect the drug.(pam) it turns out, some cities are just not going after marijuana crimes like they used to... now there are concerns... that change might force some dogs to retire early. doug johnson reports. nats maverick trainingpot legalization could soon make k9s like maverick here... an officer with the los banos police department... unemployeed.officer todd carter, los banos police department"he detects both controlled substances and then also does suspect apprehension."but one of those controlled substances maverick seeks out is marijuana... drug more and more police departments are √°not eager to find. officer todd carter, los banos police department"it's not something that our department is actively pursuing."nats dog trainingat top dog police k9 training and consulting in modesto...ron cloward, owner top dog police
10:45 pm
k9 training & consulting"we're not doing marijuana on new dogs."owner ron cloward tells us while bags of cocaine and other drugs are still hidden in the drug sniffing training course...nats coursefor the last few years these sample bags of marijuana have remained in their jar.cloward says out of the 20 or so agencies he trains for... very few want pot sniffing k9s.ron cloward, owner top dog police k9 training & consulting"some of your das will not, and judg don't want to use those dogs because of the marijuana." cloward explains officers can not tell what a k9 has detected when searching for narcotics.therefore cases can be thrown out in court if a police dog possibly detected legal cannabis while his handler was really searching for an illegal narcotic.ron cloward, owner top dog police k9 training & consulting"it's so easy to add an odor, it's a lot more difficult to try and take an odor away from a dog." cloward says even police departments in texas, where pot is still illegal, don't want k9s to smell pot.ron cloward, owner top dog police k9 training & consulting"had one just recently. they just said you know we're having problems with a certain district attorney's office and so we don't want to put marijuana on."however, maverick still has a job.his partner officer todd carter says pot sniffing k9s have other uses.even in california, marijuana is still illegal in prisons and schools.officer todd carter, los banos police department"high school and middle school kids can't be possessing marijuana at
10:46 pm
schools so he gets a lot of work doing that, detecting campuses and things like that." doug johnson"not only can these dogs detect narcotics but assist officers in the field. boy."so are keeping k9s like maverick to take down suspects.ron cloward, police k9 training "everybody that i've talked to california, retired a dog marijuana." (pam) though local departments may not be training dogs to sniff marijuana... federal agencies, such as the drug enforcement administration, still do, especially along the border. (ken) an estimated three million americans live with a peanut or tree nut allergy... putting them at risk of accidental exposure that could be life-threatening. a new study published in the new england journal of medicine suggests promising results for an allergy treatment in the works. jeremy roth has the details in tonight's health minute. a peanut powder-filled capsule could be the key to treating peanut allergies ... gradually exposing people with allergies to allergens could reduce their risk of a severe reaction.researchers across 10 countries studied 551 participants with peanut allergs between age four and
10:47 pm
55.most -- 496 -- were between ages four and 17.three- quarters of the participants received increasing doses of the experimental treatment -- the rest received a placebo. side effects pushed 11-percent of the participants to drop out of the study.after a year, each remaining participant took an exit challenge -- eating the equivalent of two peanuts under a doctor's supervision.two thirds of child participants tolerated the challenge without a severe reaction.half of those actually tolerated twice as much -- a four-peanut dose. 10-percent of children receiving treatment required an epi-pen during the exit challenge.53-percent of the placebo group required an epi- pen during the exit challenge. experts warn this isn't a cure for allergies --patients receiving treatment shouldn't expect to be able to eat whatever they want.but researchers believe increasing tolerance for peanuts can reduce the risk of a severe reaction.for today's health minute, i'm jeremy roth. when the 49ers released reuben foster, it was
10:48 pm
difficult to think another franchise would give him another chance, especially since this isn't the first time he's dealt with legal issues. what's even more tough to fathom is a new team signed him just days after he was arrested for domestic violence. the washington redskins claimed the linebacker off of waivers this afternoon. just because he's with a new franchise, that does not mean he'll start playing games... the league has placed him on the commissioner's exempt list, which means he can be at the team's facility. √°however, he cannot practice or attend games. he still must go through the legal process of his recent charges... and face any potential discipline from the league. foster's old team faces the seahawks this weekend. while the raiders have a lot of work ahead, welcoming the 9-and-2 chiefs to oakland. seeing as they already have a losing season, the team can put renewed focus on keeping derek carr upright. the franchise quarterback...has already been sacked a career-high 35-times this year... compared to 20-through all of last season. this past sunday in baltimore, he was seen limping...and suffered an ankle injury. all indications are he will play this sunday against the chiefs.
10:49 pm
jon gruden...on how his qb has been handling increased pressure "i think he's done well. i think he's done well in all areas. he's adapting to a new offense, he's adapting to new skill receivers around him. we've had numerous injuries up front. we've had a new feature back. he's had a lot of change, but he's doing well. he's taking care of the football. i don't know when the last interception is that he has thrown. i'm proud of what he is doing. now to the sharkies-- facing a team that had the worst record in the league last year and now can't be stopped, the buffalo sabres. --sharks coach peter deboer... hoping for a better result than the 6-nothing loss in vegas... -- scoreless in the 2nd eriod... rasmus ristolainen... makes a great fake and turns makes a great fake and turns on the red light... 1-0 sabres --sharks trailed 2-zip, then the olympian comes in to save the night. joe pavelski...two goals in less than six minutes... tucks it on the power play to tie it all up. --game goes to
10:50 pm
overtime, but unfortunately, buffalo prevails.. jeff skinner...right to the back of the net. --3-2 sabres your final for their 10th win in a row. , another bay area sports franchise reaching out to victims of the devastating camp fire. the san jose earthquakes...holding their 3rd-annual winterfest this weekend... and proceeds will go to the north valley community foundation and the paradise high school soccer teams. the team has also donated 10-thousand dollars to relief funds. . winterfest takes place this sunday. . finally tonight, another episode of the zion williamson dunk bonanza. duke taking on the hoosiers...their first game since losing to gonzaga last week... and the 6-7, 285-pound freshman was playing angry... just attacking the rim over and over...7-dunks in a 25-point night. what a performance for the future lottery pick. dukies roll, 90-69
10:51 pm
(weather) coming up i'll have the seven day forecast. (pam) (pam) four- time olympic
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10:53 pm
gold medalist simone biles was honored by her hometown today. (ken) houston mayor sylvester turner named
10:54 pm
november 27th "simone biles day" and presented her with a declaration and key to the city. biles is one of the most decorated gymnasts in history. earlier this month... she won four gold medals at the world championships in qatar, becoming the first american to win a medal in every event at worlds. she says... being able to represent houston is an honor. (ken) the creator of the animated nickelodeon show "sponge bob- square pants" has died. stephen hillenburg was 57- years old. nickelodeon tweeted -- "today, we are observing a moment of silence to honor his life and work." hillenburg revealed last year he had been diagnosed with the neurodegenerative disease a-l- s, or lou gehrig's disease. he told variety he intended to work on his show for as long as he is able. the series about a sea sponge named spongebob and his various underwater-dwelling friends has aired on nickelodeon since 1999. it airs in more than 200 countries and been translated into more 50 languages. it has earned numerous awards during its run, including four
10:55 pm
emmy awards, and has been adapted into a broadway musical. lawrence karnow: another storm brought more rain to the bay area today. rain will turn to showers overnight. on the radar you can see the storm moving through the bay area. snow will be heavy over the sierra through friday. winter storm warnings and winter weather advisories are up for the western slopes of the sierra and the greater lake tahoe area. showers will continue tomorrow but a strong storm will bring heavy rain and gusty winds tomorrow night and into thursday. more rain is likely this weekend.
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- congratulations. you're on gun buy-back duty at the grocery store over on ashland. - what does that entail? - people turn in guns. you give them a grocery gift card. no questions asked. and bring your galoshes, you're gonna get soaked in that parking lot. - okay, but do we give them-- - hey! you two, over here. go. go, scoot. it requires no more explanation. - hey. - hey. - got word from headquarters. you're both up for mandatory firearms requalification. get to the shooting range by friday. - now, remind me, 'cause i'm drawing a blank here. who was it that had the most shots in the black the last time we requalified? - i believe the operative words here are "last time." - i got my money on you, girl. - okay.


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