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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  November 29, 2018 1:30am-2:01am PST

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♪ tonight a royal feud hits a fever pitch. >> it was a spat that left kate in tears. >> new drama between the duchesses pitting brother against brother. >> it's interesting that harry and meghan are moving out. then judge judy's jaw dropping pay day. >> are you kidding me? >> we're at home with tv's highest paid host. why she thought her on camera career would be shortlied. >> plus -- >> you're my best friend.
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>> why will smith's tribute to his son may make you cry. >> then only we have channing tatum and the men of magic mike on a double decker bus. >> hey fellas. >> this is "entertainment tonight." welcome to london, everyone. this is a true magic carpet tonight because channing tatum and his men are all here. we're going to have so much fun. we'll get to that in a moment. but our first stop is just down the road at kensington palace. there is trouble brewing between william, kate, harry and meghan and we're uncovering the reasons behind their royal rift. >> william and kate made their first public appearance today since "e.t." broke news that their has, quote, been some tension between the royal couples. and now as harry and meghan prepare to leave kensington palace for windsor castle new
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rumors of a meghan versus kate feud. >> it appears the british media may be starting to turn on meghan, commenting on her hollywood demands, her diva like behavior and she doesn't seem to treat her staff very well. >> a lot of the feud speculation is fueled by a new story that kate was, quote, left in tears before meghan's wedding. >> it was at a fitting for charlotte who was a bridesmaid. it should have been a happy occasion. i'm told meghan was rather bride sil la about the whole thing. >> royal expert katie nicole says the brothers are moving in different directions. >> harry wants to be his own person, not in william's shadow. he wants to live in the country side and live out of the spotlight, particularly when the baby comes along. >> i think it's good we have
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four different personalities. >> harry joked about the stress of working with family back in february when the fab four made its first official appearance together. >> working as family does have its challenges. everyone's laughing means everybody knows exactly what it's like. we're stuck together for the rest of our lives. >> i'm going to need you guys to repeat that to yourself over an over. you're stuck together for the rest of your lives. that's what i have to do when i think about going to work every day with kevin frazier. >> hey nischelle, hope you're enjoying the new london bureau. joking. can't wait for you to get back home. maybe not. from the royals to the queen of the courtroom, judge judy's income from last year $147 million.
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>> you left out a word. stupid. >> "forbes" estimates her net worth at $400 million. "e.t." has been with the feisty no nonsense judge since the beginning of her tv career when we visited her home in connecticut. >> this is such adventure. to travel first class on an airplane for the first time is really quite an exciting experience for an old grandmother. it could be next year it's all over. so next year i go to florida and do the early bird. >> she's not going anywhere for at least the next few years. judge judy has been renewed through 2021. in october she told "e.t." why the show format hasn't changed in 21 years. >> we just do what has always been successful and what has been successful is listening to information, cutting through the baloney, telling a story once upon a time, the end. cut. next. that's the formula. if it's not broken, then we're not going to fix it.
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>> the real secret sauce is that judge judy is one of a kind. let's move on to channing tatum who is making it rain for an entirely different reason. nischelle turner in london with that exclusive. >> yes, channing is bringing his "magic mike live" to the uk. so i had to know, what are the chances we'll see him bring back those pony dance moves on stage? ♪ it's raining men >> is there a signature channing move in the show? like is there a body roll or a booty pop? >> i wish the booty pop was my signature move. i wish i created that. >> will you jump on stage? >> oh, yeah. yeah. >> do a little dance? >> i'm getting closer to back in shape, but if i'm ever back in shape, i promised the "magic mike" cast of vegas and london that i will strap on the old thong again. i gotta do it soon 'cause this old body isn't gonna do what it used to do anymore. >> yes, you heard right. channing will be back in "magic mike" form doing his thing on
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stage sometime next year. but for now, the 38-year-old is out promoting the show which plays five nights a week at london's hippodrome casino. channing's girl jessie j. has already been out in support. her review, you don't want to miss this. >> we want them to get up and have like a real tactile experience. >> oh, they gonna play all right. >> but as soon as you give them permission, that's what's crazy. we can't get them to sit down now. >> he's the idea guy. >> you're the idea guy? >> i don't know if that's true. >> when you first pitched "magic mike live," did you envision like this? >> no. i mean, it's a joke in the movie. >> we've been talking a lot about the markets. >> take our show global. >> we're going global. we're taking this global. if you had told my 19-year-old self that i had owned a strip club one day, i would have believed you more than if you had told me i would be an actor. life's weird that way, but now i have a vodka too.
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>> stripping and vodka baby. yeah exactly. that's right. >> did i say that out loud? i did. we are not done with channing just yet. coming up i join channing and the men of magic mike live as they shower london, remember that word shower london with love. meanwhile, another hollywood dad who isn't afraid to put himself out there, will smith. everybody's talking about his emotional tribute to his eldest son, trey and here's why. >> he said, you know what, dad, i just realized you're not just my dad and he paused and he said i'm sure you're my best friend. i was like -- >> will captioned this new father/son tribute video, it is a wild blessing to recover and restore a loving relationship. smith's first wife sheree gave birth to trey three years before he and sheree gorsuched. when will went on to marry jada, things with trey changed, quote, we struggled for years. he felt betrayed and abandoned.
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>> it was -- >> i spoke with jada in april after she and sheree opened up about their own contentions on red table talk. both women reconciled raising trey together. >> on this side of things my son could not have a better bonus mom. thank you. >> no thank you. >> "e.t.'s" been with will's mini me growing up in the spotlight. >> yo, my name is trey. >> he's now 26, tight with his dad and committed to an open and honest relationship. >> we're very deep. it gets real real. we talk about all types of stuff to not only betters but to help better the tribe. >> at 50 will seems on a journey of healing. he just publicly praised trey's mom and he faced a big fear. >> that was such a great moment. highly inspiring and i think the message there was attack your fears, really hit your fears dead on and experience the light, love and bliss that's already within. >> oh. >> will smith is not going to get me on tv.
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>> i saw him cry. >> we had a chance to hang with will and trey in the uk when will was performing. the way trey watched his father, the love between those two. >> magical. well, you can definitely feel the love between nick jonas and priyanka chopra as their loved ones gather in priyanka's hometown of mumbai for their impending i dos. >> nick! >> the bride to be was radiant in an embroidered blue suit and sari while the future groom donned an equally elaborate pale pink traditional indian outfit. they attended a pre wedding dinner at priyanka's mother's home. nick's brother joe and his fiance sophie turner, also donned indian clothing for the pre wedding gathering. the weekend wedding is rumored to be held at an elaborate palace in jodhpur, india with 15 acres of lush gardens. a source tells "e.t." understands how important it is to priyanka to stay true to her background and wants her to have the best wedding day.
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♪ oh so close >> and another jonas appears to be joining them. nick's big brother kevin posted this smooch with wife danielle on an airplane. they could be headed to the wedding. >> it's happening. get your tickets soon. >> i'm going. coming up -- >> we're in the studio with dolly parton talking about her new duet partner jennifer aniston. >> i got to know her. >> then six leading ladies with lady gaga holding court. then from "e.t." host to empire star. i get prepped for my new role. >> how am i doing
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the palm springs international film festival announced it will present bradley cooper with the director of the
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♪ big night tonight nance. nancy, my big starring role on "empire." >> your guest appearance. >> this is big. i don't know if "empire" or the lyons family will ever be the same. >> i don't either. ♪ >> welcome to the set of "empire" and, yes, i'm holding my scripts right now because i'm working with jussie smollett. i'm on the show. >> tell them why you're holding your scripts.
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>> 'cause i'm trying to get my lines right. >> 'cause you're acting. >> i'm acting. will you tell them? >> you're acting. you're an artist. keep shaking, denzel. keep shaking, idris. he's coming for you. >> nah, not really. >> you're not. >> okay, so this is my trailer right here and, as you can see, they put your name on the door. whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. it's supposed to say kevin frazier, not interviewer. interviewer? for my role i had to dig deep playing "entertainment tonight's" kevin frazier is no joke. i'm trying to get my rehearsal in. >> and action. >> jamal. >> nah. >> jamal. >> i don't believe it. >> jamal. >> again. >> on the set of "empire" this mike does not work, but i'm about to do my scene. let me change into my acting face. >> jamal, the new song is fire. >> thank you, man. i saw you jamming.
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>> during my debut "empire" episode tonight, jamal drops a new song and some big news. >> i'm engaged. i'm very happy. >> congratulations. you heard it here first. jamal lyons engaged. >> it's not often that you get a handsome bald guy on set. >> and we didn't get that guy, but we got you. >> hey kai! kai! how long have you and jamal been an item? >> have you ever done shakespeare? >> i could. >> no. we should keep it that way 'cause this is probably as far as you'll go. you know what i'm saying? >> thanks, man. >> i think you could do shakespeare. i have to admit, it was fantastic, all two lines. still ahead -- >> channing tatum, a double decker bus and 13 magic mike dancers surprise fans on the streets of london. >> it's not easy to give a lap dance. >> plus, only "e.t." has your first look at dolly parton and miranda lambert's country collaboration. >> i feel like i've known you my entire life. >> i do too. >> closed captioning provided
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♪ as we started to prepare our show, i realized one dreadful predicament. we're american. yes, as american as the open road, hot pockets, soccer -- >> you mean football. >> yes, ma'am. >> lesson learned. channing tatum with a slight british accent in that promo for "magic mike live" in london and before tonights premiere i had my own magical moment with channing and the men of magic mike as they spread holiday cheer all over london. this place has a special place in channing's heart for another
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reason. >> we got all the guys on here. we're going to run around, give away some tickets. this is a big deal for us. >> i love london so much. my daughter was born here. >> was she? >> yeah, it's crazy. >> did you bring her back with you? >> i've been traveling back for two days and back three days and back. so she can't travel that much. >> i stalked your instagram. what were you making anyway? what was that? >> slime. all the kids love slime these dies. >> did you get it off your hands? >> it took a minute, the first batch. i made the wrong consistency. somehow she fixed it. she's 5. she fixed it better than i could have. >> one double decker bus. channing in the middle of 13 male strippers. now the cold london rain made the guys cover up all this goodness, but, hey, we are not complaining. >> do you guys have an area of expertise? >> i merely break dance, but i also sing and play some instruments, you know what i'm saying. ♪ tall, blonde, dark and lean >> is there a group chant at the beginning that makes y'all get hyped? >> we are strippers.
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we are strippers. >> the crew surprised fans handing out tickets to the "magic mike" london show. >> that's two tickets to "magic mike" london. >> oh, my god, thank you. can i give you a hug? >> yeah, of course, you can. >> and why you may appreciate the men for these fine moves, channing made this confession. >> it's not easy to give lap dances. it's just not. you got to enter somebody's space in a way that isn't intrusive, that isn't like making somebody kind of go ah, i'm scared now. we found good guys. they got good mama relationships. they are something. >> if you love your mama, you can give me a lap dance. >> like sincerely. >> you know that's a headline. channing tatum says it's not easy to give a lap dance. >> it's not easy to give a lap dance. ♪ it's raining men >> i will have much more "magic mike" action tomorrow from their big premiere because we could all use a little more channing tatum in our lives, right, nancy?
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>> certainly not a bad thing, niecy. thank you very much. well, the same could be said of miss dolly parton. she rerecorded some of her classic hits for the new netflix movie "dumplin" starring jennifer aniston and we've got your first look. ♪ jolene jolene jolene >> dolly sings a new version of her iconic song for the movie where jen both produces and stars as a former beauty queen whose plus size daughter signs up for a pageant. >> this is my daughter willadeen. >> i got a call sayin' jennifer aniston had taken the book and was gonna make it into a movie. i said i would love to do the music. >> the book was inspired by dolly's songs and there's a soundtrack with both dolly's hit and new material. on the song "push and" that's actually jen singing back up. ♪ i push you away and then i pull you in." >> i have to say i got to know her, you know my husband absolutely loves her.
1:53 am
he was more excited just me working with her than i was when i got the whole sound track album. >> that was truly a surprise. >> "dumplin" comes out next week. dolly's interviews and scenes from the recording studio are from thursday's cmt special "dolly and friends, making of a soundtrack." she invited other singers including elle king and miranda lambert to lend their voices to the album. ♪ i ain't nobody's fool >> to follow in your foot steps is an honor for all of us. >> well thank you, but i wouldn't advise you to try to walk in my shoes. >> they don't look that comfortable. >> that's my dream. >> the "dumplin" soundtrack is available friday. another star mixes movies and music lady gaga. the star of "a star is born" was named the best actress by the
1:54 am
national board of reviewers. >> gaga got candid about her performance. you couldn't wait to do that. >> first of all, i wanted to be an actor before i wanted to be a singer. this is a big dream of mine. for many years i created characters for myself because i did not make it as an actress. so i made characters that i could be. >> gaga is having a moment seated among hollywood's legendary actors. she credits bradley cooper forgiving her the courage to make her dreams come true. >> did i have reservations? no. i believed and trusted 100% in bradley. because he believed in me so much, i was able to transcend. >> gaga wrote the signature song while in character.
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she said she was so affected by the role it was hard to shake off. >> what i admire what you all do, because this is new for me, the amount of places that you have to go to play a role and to bring that deep, deep place every day to set. i mean that is incredible. i just have to commend each and everyone of you for it. i still feel like i'm recovering from playing this role. i still feel like i'm recovering from playing this role. coming ♪ beds get sick too protection. lysol laundry sanitizer kills 99.9% of illness- causing bacteria detergent leaves behind. lysol. what it takes to protect.
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