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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  November 30, 2018 1:30am-1:58am PST

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tonight, nick and priyanka about to be newlyweds. >> how much excited you are? >> what you never knew about their whirlwind ronc princess m >> why theirs could be the most over the top ceremony in years. then, matt lauer living with regrets. how he's downsizing his life after his ex demands millions. only we are with channing tatum in london on his "magic mike" tour. with one big regret. >> i didn't think this is through. this is horrible. then why onkra zinski bawled his way through wife's "mary
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poppins." nick jonas and priyanka chopra's wedding is this weekend. they are getting the royal treatment in india. >> everything we know about their big day. >> how much excited you are? >> nick and priyanka landed in jodhpur three days ahead of hair wedding extravaganza and were mobbed by paparazzi. also traveling with them, nick's parents, priyanka's mom, joe jonas and his fiance sophie turner. all this as she reveals wedding secrs they'll have two ceremonies. they'll be held in different spots at this palace. she'll wear nick lauren.
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nick is set to ride in on a horse holding a sword. check out the fireworks laid out ahead of the i dos. priyanka says, quote, people will need vacations after this wedding. meghan markle and harry won't be flying to india for the nuptials. a source telling us, isn't traveling much recently. ♪ i see your face when my eyes are shut. >> he says, i put my drink down, get down on one knee, this is in front of a bunch of people, and say, my life? justin bieber's new bride haley is the
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beautiful december cover girl of "vogue" arabia. haley says they won't be having children, quote, any time soon, but she definitely wants kids. take your time.she's so young. . meanwhile, a dark anniversary for matt lauer. one year since he was fired but planning a comeback in 2019. a source tells "e.t." matt lauer would love a career in news again and he's interested in quote, opportunities in london and online. >> matt lawer has been terminated from nbc news. we are still processing all of this. >> one year after his firing we are told lauer lives with regret over what nbc calls his inappropriate behavior. he remains secluded in london local delli. atappearances by the anchor, at
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charity event. we are told lawer and his estranged wife are ready for it to be over, but disagreed throughout the wedding process. a far cry from their wedding day. >> how are you enjoying married life? >> no major injuries right now. >> we are told he wants to remain on good terms with his ex for the kids. he sold this condo for above his listing but his sag harbor estate remains for sale for $12.75 million listing. he has given one interview. in . he claims the nbc scandal made him a target. >> i believe the unfortunately taking advantage of some he
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been through, and i think they se the circumstances of that situationt that. >> did you know, last week's thanksgiving day parade was the first without matt lauer in 20 years. >> we still had the guests and on cbs, you had us. we were cold, but you had us. >> we were there. more than a decade ago, channing tatum starred with amanda bynes in "she's the man." amanda says she launched his career and says she's clean and soeb other now after years of struggle. good for her. nischelle turner got his reaction. >> amanda bynes as soon as es oa star. >> i'm glad she's back on track and on the right. shawe young age. >> i'mgirls.
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>> why? you're hot. >> what? >> i love you in real life. >> if amanda is responsible for all this goodness, we thank you. but the big question s seven years after filming "magic mike" can channing still pull off this moves? >> how dusted off is old faithful. >> i want the say it's like riding a bicycle, but it's probably not. >> we caught up with channing and his hot stripper posse at the premierndon. >> do you ever think about scripping the script and say, what about magic mikayla? >> i would love pitched that. we would love doing a female. it's a sensitive time for doing that specifically. to do that right is like threading a needle. >> your ma and sister seen this
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show, by the way? >> the first two movies i'm my i'm like, oh, man, i didn't think this through. this is a horrible idea. >> i'm sure your mom was like hon noi, your hip gyrations you're so talented i don't know. going to be a big holiday for jennifer lopez and a-rod. could it end in a proposal? >> christmas? he said he was going to give you romantic, thoughtful and inexpensive. >> did he say inexpensive? >> yes, he did. >> after two years together, a >> he said y'all are going to be getting married. >> he did not say that kiddy "carpool karaoke." carey played conductor as they
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shang along to her biggest christmas hit. the proud mom's caption, our first video doing this. her 7-year-olds previously sang back up on this star, but shot different scenes for the video. >> they love the performance. they're very dramatic. >> finally, gwen gets her christmas wish. >> to be here and be in a park is beyond a dream. >> only "e.t." has her festive disneyland performance plus fireworks for a magical celebration. no doubt, this is gwen's favorite holiday ♪ you make it feel like christmas ♪ >> it's the theme of her first released music video with blake. when it comes to shelton -- >> she tells me what we are going. >> he should do whatever gwen
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says. we have more music news for you. hugh jackman just announced his first ever world tour ♪ stepping out with my baby. >> we are going europe, the uk, back the australia. >> you're a rock star. >> singing, dancing, telling stories. >> he's goechk perform songs from les mis and "the greatest showman." he'll have a big orchestra, backup dancer is and is rehearsing eight hours a day. >> actor who really wanted to be a rock star. >> hugh is finally getting his meone is excited. >> it's me. i love your dance moves. >> tour kicks off may 13th in germany at frankfurt. >> kate's first comments after rumors over a rift in royals. margot robbie unrecognizable
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as the queen of england. her transformation. behind the scenes of kelly ripa's new r favorite hot topic, her hot husband. >> i don't want to brag, but every date with mark is like a first date. property brothers hosted a celebrity ride along to rai
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property brothers hosted a
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okay, how about this? news out of london has been all about that growing royal rift between sister-in-law duchesses. kate was greeting fans and got asked this question. >> are you excited for m new ba >> yes, absolutely. >> what do you think? >> i don't love when people pit women against other women. let them be who they're going to be. kelly ripa has a new facebook series with rachael harris who costarred with mega hahn an "suits." >> i decided i was going to be rachel's plus one at the royal wedding but i guess you had to work be couldn't go so i couldn't go. >> i had i wasn't invited.
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just so you know, meghan has not returned any of my texts. >> so no royal invite for the besties who have been known to bust a moe on the dance floor. >> we officially fell in love at a wedding in italy. we did everything together that weekend and i was like, oh, i never met another person willing to do a split on the dance floor in a gown before. are you my person? kelly's base in the new york, while rachel bounces between new york and l.a. at shooing "suits" and "lucifer." they turned their face time convos into a new show. >> have you ever wiped with the card board is this. >> yes. >> we decided there was nothing off limits. >> one hot topic during their at chas, kelly's hot husband, mark c consway lows. >> every day, he's like, is this okay? can i touch you here?
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because he's never sure what's clipped in and a part of my body. >> she's bonkers. >> emily blunt on meryl streep. >> joe al win on his new leading lady. >> she's phenomenal. >> then -- ♪ take a minute >> you know her music. what you never knew about alessia cara. >> like, what is going on? >>. closed captioning provided by -- (heavy rain)
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♪ ♪ ♪
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i'm own my way to ina's and i would have to say that on ane my wedding day, birth ofs of my children and going ina's house as even playing field. >> the barefoot contessa has that effect on people. em will i and lin-manuel miranda
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appear in a "mary poppins" themed show. >> emily as a nanny had quite an effect on his husband. >> he cried and cried. he kept saying, what's happening to >> the song is so gorgeous, talking about the loss of his wife. i think he sort of crien onward >> everything is possible. even the impossible. >> in the revamped "mary poppins" emily is nearly perfect in every way, but she admits taking on the role was a daunting task for this mom of two. >> did you watch the original "mary poppins"? >> i watched it as a child, but didn't want to watch it as an adult before i played here, because i kind of knew i would be swayed by what julie did. >> no, i couldn't possibly. >> this is 25 years after the
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original when the banks children are all grown up. for lin-manuel miranda bringing his son to set was a career highlight. >> i wanted had imto see how cool daddy's job was. that's one of the moments i'll never his eyes were saucers. that was best thing. >> you have a little meryl streep. what was it like watching her transform into the crazy cousin? >> she's bonker as top si. that's actually here swinging around the chandelier. like, no, what are you dng from chandeliers. >> now, ladies if you can work on the devil wears pra da sequel i'll be one happy lady. from a magical lady to a royal one. saoirse ronan is mary queen of
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scots opposite margot robbie. >> when i was doing my research, i was like, oh, yeah, when people lived to be 40 and teenage girls were running countries. >> if you murder me, remembe you murder mary queen of scots tries to overthrow her cyster and claim the thrown of england for herself it's an epic power struggle, but the look just right. for margot, recreating elizabeth's pockmarked spending hours a day in makeup. >> all the prosthetics, it's blue and plastic so it restricted my face and facial expressions and i felt kind of trapped by this image. >> even joe al win, taylor swift's current flame died his hair for his role.
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he stars opposite em fa stone and rachel weiss in "the favorite." >> what was harder, the break dancing or getting beat up by emma stone. >> they were both a lot of fun to do. >> we know taylor enjoyed both. she gave a solid review with the caption absolutely phenomenal. so romantic -- she tagged joe in the post. >> when is she going back to award inwere alessia cara, i am so impressed with this young woman, even more so after she told me the story behind her hit ♪ >> the powerfulful people feels like it tapped into something inside of them. >> i feel like a lot of my fans.
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i have a day i feel ugly, my legs. just mick apart things i hate about myself. we all do that unfortunately. every time i sing it, it's a reminder to myself and hopefully everybody, stop doing that. she's the 22-year-old singer song writer behind some of your favoritemusic. >> ♪ keeping me up at night >> each of her songs has a message about believing in yourself. ♪ i don't want to be alive >> now alessia will release her second album tomorrow called "pains of growing." >> to me i often feel like a kid in an adult life. ♪ i love >> while she's a big star who won two grammys, alessia is
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surprised people remember her as the one who sings the ma wanna song ♪ >> i did a hip-hop festival and people started chanting for moana, like, what is going on? >> she's so down to earth, intr >> have ma you are chm love her. coming up, who has the smoothing haircare, from whole blends.
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all right, former dancer. who will make at to the finals on "dancing with the stars" juniors? we'll find out this sunday on abc. >> we have jordan fisher and frankie muniz to break it down. >> these final four, they are all here because they deserve to be here and worked their butts off for it. >> they say no one works harder than miles brown while ariana greenblatt really knows how to put on a show. >> they're so animated in performing. >> both hosts agree cherry on t >> they'll dry because s
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i think that's part b2.
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