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tv   KRON 4 News at 530  KRON  December 3, 2018 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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(grant) our top story tonight a 5:30... president george h-w bush is being honored for his lifetime of service to the country. this is a live picture from washington-c... as the 41st president lies in state for 41 hours. (catherine) today
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is the beginning of today is the ceremonies honoring the late president. our omar jimenez is on capitol hill tonight-- as the nation pays its respects. it is a week filled with remembering the life and legacy of the 41st president of the united states george h w bush.a lifelong servant to the united states, a celebrated world war two combat pilot and so much more and on his final day when he was asked whether he wanted to go to the hospital sources from inside the family say no
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he was ready to go be with his wife barbara and his daughter. the nation paused monday for the first of what will be several days of public services and memorials.all to honor a president who gave a lifetime of service to his country.voice of mary kate cary / former george h.w. bush speechwriter: that spirit of service and giving back was ingrained and i think that has carried through the generations.voice of gen. colin powell / former chairman, joint chiefs of staff under pres. george h.w. bush: i think that the service he gave to america will not be matched anytime soon. and the experience he brought to the office will not be matched anytime soon.president george herbert walker bush died at his home in houston friday at the age of 94, surrounded by family and friends.neil bush / president bush's son: my own personal view is that people shouldn't mourn the life of george h.w. bush. we're celebrating a life that was so well lived. after a brief ceremony at ellington field, members of president bush's family, including his son, president george w. bush, and his service dog, sully, who spent sunday night next to the president's casket, all boarded a presidential 747, renamed "special air mission 41", landing in washington for the last time.and today begins the lying in state for president george hw bush, 41 hours for the 41st president of the united states.his funeral will then be wednesday at the national cathedral here
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in washington dc, before he is then transported back to texas where he will be buried. reporting from capitol hill, i'm omar jimenez. (catherine) kron-4 will carry the kron-4 will (catherine) jimenez. (catherine) kron-4 will carry the president's memorial service uninterrupted on the kron-4 morning news. it begins at 8-am on wednesday. (grant) also tonight at 5:30... kron4 is always tracking local stories. here's a look at what's going on in your neighborhood right now. (catherine) the body of retired bay area talk show host ray talia-ferro has been found. kron 4's will tran is in san francisco with the details.
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police in paducah kentucky are not saying how ray taliaferro died. if it was a homicide or an accidental deathhis body was found in a wooded area about a mile from where he was last seen back on november 10th taliaferro was a longtime radio host with kgo but more importantly a trailblazer for african americans in broadcasting being the first african american to have a show in a major city he was a member of the local chapter of the naacphis family of course are devastated by the news and they appreciate all the support but they're asking for privacy at this time (grant) in the east bay....
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antioch police are looking for a hit-and-run driver after a woman in a wheelchair was hit. it happened early yesterday morning on lone tree way. police say the 65-year-old woman was crossing the street in her wheelchair when the passing car didn't stop-- and hit her. the woman is in critical condition tonight. police are
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looking for surveillance video of the crash. anyone with information is asked to call police. (grant) cramming for finals can be stressful... bringing dogs country are across the country are bringing dogs and cats for you to cuddle with.... berkely is brining out the llamas. apparently llamas have been brough on campus during finals to help students de-stress for several years now. the llama coordinator says students have developed a special bond with the llamas. unfortunatley you have to be a u-c berkeley student to pose for a selfie or pet any of the animals. lawrence karnow: clouds filled the skies today but rain is not far behind. a storm is slowly rotating off the coast. it will spin up showers from time to time the next few days. showers will generally be light but we could see a few heavier downpours. dry weather will return late on
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thursday and friday but more rain is expected next week. (grant) coming up... a distraction tactic gone wrong. see the controversial see the wrong. tactic gone distraction a week.expected next week. week. expected next more rain is friday but thursday and late on
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(grant) coming up... a distraction tactic gone wrong. see the controversial video as a student mocks a basketball player who suffers from epilepsy. (catherine) also - a christmas lights display turns heads for the wrong reasons. why neighbors were frantically calling 9-1-1.
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christmas decorations at one texas man's home is causing panic, and even prompted 911 calls. an austin family bought a dummy online and positioned a ladder beneath it, to look like it is tipping over. it's a recreation of the scene from the movie "national lampoon's christmas vacation," where clark griswold hangs from the roof while putting up christmas lights. but for some in the area, it looked átooá real.the family says one person passing by even sprang into action and tried to help rescue the fake griswold.local police say they got a dozen 9-1-1 calls about the display. since then, the family added a
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sign to the bottom of the display that áexplains the decoration for anyone else who might be concerned. (catherine) still ahead... parents are outraged after their children were served a household cleaner -- instead of juice. why officials say it's not such an unusual mistake..
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introducing my new pannidos. featuring the deli trio and turkey, bacon, and cheddar, both on toasted ciabatta bread. served in a no-mess bag, they're almost too easy to eat on the go. so here are a few panni-dos and panni-don'ts. eating in a car. eating on a car. [screaming] uughh! while tackling errands. or getting tackled by a guy named aaron. huh? [buzzer] while working on your website. while twerking at a construction site. [buzzer] actually, i think that's a panni-do. try my new deli trio or turkey bacon and cheddar pannidos. delivered exclusively with doordash. (grant) a close call at a
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preschool in hawaii. according to the hawaii health department--- a classroom assistant mistook pine-sol for apple juice while serving snacks. officials say the assistant took the pine-sol off a kitchen cart while preparing snacks and filled cups with it. a classroom teacher smelled the pine-sol and stopped students from drinking it. however ... three students did take small sips of the cleaning liquid. paramedics were called to the school but no one needed treatment. the classroom assistant who served the drinks no longer works at the school. the state health department says each year about a dozen people accidentally ingest pine-sol - - and half of them are kids. if someone gets sick, they should call a poison hotline. (catherine) time now to talk some bay area football-- not many positives to talk about in regard to the 49ers and raiders.(grant) it
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seems the only good thing is losing improves their draft slot. for more on what unfolded this weekend, we turn to our sports director mark carpenter. mark? another weekend in which we are talking about both teams losing. many fans already looking ahead to april now...the raiders have the number 2 overall pick... just behind the 49ers. and seattle still continues to be a cruel place for the niners. even with richard sherman and the legion of boom no longer in existence, the 49ers could barely put points on the board on the bad end of a 43-16 rout. they outgained seattle by more than 100 yards...but couldn't overcome 3-turnovers including a 98-yard-pick six to bobby wagner. the 49ers still in the driver's seat for the top pick. this afternoon, kyle shanahan...aske
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d to evaluate his own performance "when you look at our record, and we're all extremely dissapointed in that. we always fell like we should win more games than we have. but i'm going to sit and come to work every single day and be the same person when we have a bad record as we do a good record. turning now to the raiders...who surprisingly gave the chiefs a serious fight. the silver and black... entered yesterday's contest as double-digit home underdogs..against the team with the best record in the afc and one of the league's most productive offenses. raiders outscored kc 17-7...and made it a one- possession game with less than a minute to play. but four touchdown passes from patrick mahomes was just enough for the chiefs to seal a 40-33 win... kc goes to 10-and-2.. raiders fall to 2-and-10, just behind the niners for the top overall pick. but the draft is the last thing on jon gruden's mind.
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"no, we don't look ahead right now. we are looking at the pittsburgh steelers, that's all we are doing. i'm really proud of our team. we fought back yesterday and made it 33-30 in the fourth quter. we gave kansas city too many mulligans. we fumbled the ball to them three times. we had a fourth-and-one called back, and we gave them first downs. we are not looking ahead to nothing except the pittsburgh steelers. i can assure you that, at least on our side of the building." and the raiders host the steelers on sunday. coming up on kron4 sports at 6, the warriors taking their road trip to atlanta against the hawks... we'll have an update. (anchor) taking a live look outside... at the san francicso international airport. major delays are being reported. (anchor) time now to check on our weather... with chief meteorologist lawrence karnow. lawrence karnow: clouds filled the skies today but rain is not far behind. a storm is
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slowly rotating off the coast. it will spin up showers from time to time the next few days. showers will generally be light but we could see a few heavier downpours. dry weather will return late on thursday and friday but more rain is expected next week. (grant) next on (grant) (grant) next on kron4
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news at 5... a controversial video is making the rounds on social media. see how one student taunted a basketball player who suffers from epilepsy.
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a video making the rounds on social media is getting some major backlash (ááácatherineááá) it appears to show a student mocking a high school basketball player who has epilepsy -- by pretending to have a seizure. reporter jenny dreasler reports. nats of videoit's this video at the center of controversy. the clip posted to twitter shows a center grove student taunting cathedral senior james franklin jr. as he goes to the free throw line.the student drops to the floor.. apparently pretending to have a seizure.the original tweet with the video -- no longer on twitter.james franklin, jr./student"it didn't hit me first, like last night it didn't hit me but this morning i woke up was thinking hard and had a lot on my mind and started crying a lot."nat sound "you ok??"we caught up with james and his mother tamieka franklin ahead of cathedral's game against brebeuf saturday night.tamieka franklin/mother "he said mom they were yelling 'have another seizure for me
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have seizure for me' during the game."seizures are something james has dealt with since 8th grade.he had brain surgery for his epilepsy last august.james franklin jr./student"i'm pretty sure right now he's probably sitting in his room in the dark thinking realizing that he did something bad."tamieka franklin/mother"when you go away from the players and you start attacking their character and their disabilities, that's way past the line."center grove released a statement saying in part."we are working collaboratively with the administrative staff and athletic department at cathedral to address these issues. our goal is to always create an environment where sportsmanship and quality competition can thrive. we do not condone any behavior intended to mock, disparage or humiliate any player or student."as messages for james pour in from across the country...both james and his mother are asking for awareness about his disorder. "whoever has epilepsy don't let anybody bring you down." tamieka franklin/mother"read his story. know what he's been through, know what kids his age and adults go through every day living life with epilepsy and battling this disease."
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(catherine) that was jenny dreasler reporting from indiana. there's no word yet on whether the student will face any repercussions. (catherine) that wraps up kron 4 news at 5.(grant) ken wayne and pam moore are here with kron 4 news at six. (ken) coming up next on kron4 news at six: americans have begun paying their final respects to former president george h w bush. his body is now lying in state at the u-s capitol... we'll detail how the 41st president's life of service will be honored ithe coming days.(pam) then - union workers are voting to end the longest- ever hotel strike in san francisco. what we know about a tentative agreement that would put marriott employees back on the job. plus - a new report about the bay area county with the largest gender pay gap.. that's coming up next at six.
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(pam) tonight at 6. hail to the chief. president george w. bush on hand to honor his bush on hand george
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w. bush on hand to honor his late father.... george h.w. bush... for a lifetime of service to the country. the casket carrying the remains of the 41st- president has arrived at the u.s. capitol ... for the nation to begin its formal farewell. and this is a live picture from the capitol rotunda. the former president's casket will remain there for 41-hours --- ahead of his funeral on wednesday. (pam)thank you for joining us, i'm pam moore.(ken)and i'm ken wayne. president bush will be honored in several ceremonies this week before his body is returned to his final resting place in texas. kron 4's alexandra lin is live in washington d- c tonight with the details. alexandra? natsspecial air mission 41 brought the body of president george herbert walker bush to joint base andrews... along with members of the bush family .. including his sons president george w. bush and former florida governor jeb bush.nats the motorcade carrying the remains of the 41st president arrived at the capitol at sunset...


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