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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  December 4, 2018 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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good evening i'm pam moore. (ken) and i'm ken wayne. rain and slick roads could make for a dangerous ride tomorrow. so we want to get right to meterologist lawrence karnow for a look at what we can expect tonight and into tomorrow morning. (pam) thank you lawrence...
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and we have team coverage of
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the rain for you tonight.(ken) j-r stone is in san mateo checking on the rain coming through the bay area. j-r what is it like there right now? (jrs) sot i like the rain10 year old norma torres' thoughts echo that of most folks out there. happy, grateful, excited, and lovin' the rain. sot i like it...i really like it...cause it's rain i want some water tuesday some used their umbrellas to stay dry others not so much. norma's family bundled up and enjoyed every moment of it.sot why do you like the rain...cause i could get wet.driving conditions in the rain between half moon bay and san mateo...less than ideal but even that wasn't enough to damper thoughts.soti like it i really like it...rain i enjoy the's helping a lot...rain along the peninsula was on and off tuesday evening but we didn't see a major rise in the amount of collisions. something that usually happens when the rain starts.sot everyone staying dry? yesss (jrs) (pam) president george h.w. bush continues to lie in state at the u.s. capitol this evening... he has beem visited by both the general public, as well as smaller groups of people who were
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important and close to the former president. (ken) natasha chen is on capitol hill with the latest on how the country continues to honor the 41st president. well there were long lines of people trying to get into the rotunda we saw families with young children, parents explaining to their children why it was so significant for them to be there. earlier in the there. them to be president.honor the 41st (jrs) yesss (jrs)
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(pam)(pam) president george h.w. bush continues to lie in state at the u.s. capitol this evening... he has been visited by both the general public, as well as smaller groups of people who were important and close to the former president. (ken) natasha chen is on capitol hill with the latest on how the country continues to honor the 41st president. well there were long lines of people trying to get into the rotunda we saw families with young children, parents explaining to their children why it was so significant for them to be there. earlier in the evening the bush family including former president george w bush along with his wife daughters and brother went in there to thank their supporters. every-day americans -- influential leaders -- and family -- all continue to honor the life and service of president george h.w. bush. bobbie/paying respects: i just thought, it's an opportunity to just you know pay respects for somebody that worked very hard for our country for a long time.butted to juan hernandez/paying respects he
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was such an example on a global stage, at a critical time. taking the time for reflection today on capitol hill -- "did he mean something special to you?"no name given/paying respects: yes, he was the first commander in chief when i started serving in the air forcetuesday evening -- president trump and first lady melania crossed pennsylvania avenue to blair house where they were greeted by former president george w bush and former first lady laura bush. nats they met in private for nearly 25 minutes. in one of the more poignant moments tuesday - former u-s senator and republican presidential candidate bob dole arrived at the rotunda to pay his last respects. natsthe 95-year-old former u-s army captain was helped up from his wheelchair to salute the casket. among the other visitors - the current and several former heads of the c.i.a....and some of the military leaders of operation desert storm who served under president bush, including colin powell. voice of gen. colin powell / former chairman, joint chiefs of staff: he cared about every single, soldier, seaman, airman, and marine we sent over there and he wanted us to
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finish the war quickly and to get out of iraq and back home and away from kuwait quickly. his son george w bush will be among the speakers at a funeral service at washington national cathedral tomorrow. president trump is expected to attendon capitol hill, i'm natasha chen. (ken) to honor the 41st president the federal government is shutting down some services for a day of mourning ... (pam) among the entities closing... the post office. kron4's ella sogomonian tell us what we can expect wednesday. regular mail deliveries will be suspended by the u.s. postal service wednesday.their retail services and offices will also be closed after president donald trump declared december fifth as a national day of mourning.sot: "i think its appropriate to have a day of mourning for an ex president and he is a distinguished ex president and its appropriate to have this day."the day will be take to honor the late 41-st president george h w bush.those who heard about the closure rushed
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to the post office the day before to send out their important mail.sot: "so i needed some things to go out so here i am running to the post office to mail them." while procrastinators will just have to wait until thursday. sot: "i have been putting off some things for a couple of weeks that i was going to mail. and now they'll just have to be put it off a little longer i guess." along with post offices...wall street and some banks will also be security and federal offices across the nation will be closed.and the supreme court will postpone all arguments for the day as well as any votes in congress. you may still see the eagle fly by though... because...the u.s. postal service will still do limited package deliveries, to prevent interruption this busy holiday san francisco ella sogomonian kron 4 news. carry the president's memorial service uninterrupted tomorrow morning. it begins at 8 a-m but we will have extended coverage on the kron 4 morning news starting at 4 a-m. (pam) a tragic story in the east bay... a young
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boy in critical condition tonight with a severe brain injury ... and police believe the injuries were caused by his mother's boyfriend....(ken) the mother's boyfriend is behind bars tonight... charged with hurting the child. the family is from san leandro, but the boy is being cared for at oakland children's hospital. that's where we find kron 4's alecia reid tonight... she has the latest on the investigation.... (alecia) this boy's injuries were so extreme ... he was on life support.but he is now breathing on his own ... however he remains in critical condition.pkgwhile most children are gearing up for the holiday season ... a 6 year old recently had to undergo emergency brain surgery after police say his mother's boyfriend abused him. there is some significant trauma to the brain and bleeding so they had to go in and remove some of his skull to relieve the pressure.this investigation started on thanksgiving eve ... when both the boys mother and her boyfriend of 6 months ..... johnathan davis ... brought
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the unconscious child to san leandro kaiser hospital. the 23 year old claimed the child's mysterious head injury came about when he fell down a flight of stairs and hit his head. however, doctors say his injuries are not consistent with a fall and there's no way this was accidental. the child's mother was at work when he was hurt, but backs her boyfriend's story. these type of cases are very difficult for usthe young boy had to be rushed to oakland childrens hospital where specialists took over. after days of investigating .... and neither party cooperating with police ... davis was arrested and charged with felony assault on a child. it's just sad that they know what happened that night and the truth hasn't come out yet police say there was a history of abuse between davis and the boy. one episode as recently as october that left the child injured. the 23 year old is being held without bail for allegedly abusing the 6 year old. we're hoping the boy can regain consciousness and get well enough that he can tell us what happenedstandupdavis has a 15 month old daughter from a previous relationship that also lived in the household. both children are now in protective custody. reporting live from oakland
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... ar ... kron 4 news (alecia) police police are offering a 10-thousand dollar reward for information leading to the arrest of a man they say shot another man in the back on foothill boulevard in oakland in october. kron 4's michelle kingston talked with police today about the latest on this case. (mk)oakland police say a man
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was walking home from work on foothill boulevard ...when another man shot him several times in the back.the suspect took off -- and police are still looking for him.officer joel hight, oakland police department"right now it does not look like this was a robbery or anything that went bad it looks much more like a targeted incident and we are just looking for again more cooperation from anybody who was out there at the time of the shooting."michelle kingston, mkingstonnews"it is a busy intersection with a lot of businesses and people walking by. police hope somebody saw something and comes forward."oakland police are offering a 10-thousand dollar reward for information. they say they have leads but no motive at this time.officer joel hight, oakland police department"anybody who saw this shooting and can corroborate statements and video evidence that has been recovered, we are looking to
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strengthen the case so we can present a strong case to the district attorneys office." two months have passed ... and police and the victim's family are looking for answers. police say they are not identifying the victim.officer joel hight, oakland police department"due to the suspect still out there and we there could be we just want to safeguard his identity until it's his name and if you have any information -- contact oakland oakland michelle kingston kron 4 news (ken) it's common for teens and young adults getting their wisdom teeth pulled to be prescribed pain pills. but new research from stanford university says giving them the drugs could increase their chances of getting addicted. the study looked at 15- thousand 16 to 25 year old dental patients who were prescribed opiods in 2015. six percent of patients were reportedly at risk for being diagnosed with opiod abuse. and seven percent of them continued use the drugs about three months after surgery. while the percentages may seem relatively low, the study's author says it is definitey a red flag. dr. alan schroeder/stanford university school of medicine
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particularly give this age range when teens are going off to college and they have this full bottle for 20 opiods pills maybe they need 1ú or none and they have this full bottle to be used by themselves or others. dr. schroeder recommends the first step is for dental professions to initially prescribe a non-opiod and if it turns out the pain is too much , maybe one or two opiods, not 20. a north bay boys and girls club is facing a major lawsuit. it claims the sonoma valley club failed to prect children from a coach who was sexually abusing them. this man, paul dwayne kilgore, is currently in prison serving a 150 year sentence. an attorney representing four victims says, there were alarming signs that started at the beginning of kilgore's employement at the center. he apparently failed a sexual harrassment test... and adds, there were a number of complaints against him, brought to management.. but
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the suit says, they declined to remove him. the attorney says, the club could have put an end to his abuse years ago.
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has the forecast.. lawrence karnow: it was a cloudy and cool day with highs only in the 50s. doppler radar is picking up on some rain moving in now with more to come. low pressure will stay off the coast but it will spin up some showers and a few isolated thunderstorms. showers will be on and off through the night and tomorrow before slowing by tomorrow afternoon. it will will also be windy at times near the coast as the low moves south. highs tomorrow will be in the 50s. dry weather will return on thursday and into the weekend. rain is possible again at the beginning of next week. (ken) bart, for the first time is offering mobile ticketing, mobile is offering the first time bart, for (ken) next week.beginning of again at the beginning of next week.
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next week. beginning of again at the beginning of next
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week. (ken) bart, for the first time is offering mobile ticketing, where digital ride tickets can be bought and stored on your phone. but. there's a catch (pam) kron 4's tech reporter gabe slate went to the san francisco international airport.. to learn about this new bart app .. bart has launched a new stand alone app called the "bart to airport" it's out you can download it. it offers presale digital mobile ride tickets to and from the airport and you get a discount on ride tickets if you use the app here's how it works. this is what the first digital mobile bart ticket looks like sound from bart spokesperson alicia trost it's a first for us, we are testing the tech.. bart spokesperson alicia trost gave us a demo of what the new stand alone bart to airport app this app let's people buy ride tickets to and from sfo or oakland airport and
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store the tickets digitally on the phone they are targeting traveling friends, couples, and families with this app when you purchase tickets for two or more travelers through the app you get a 25% discount on ride fares.sound from bart spokespersonfaster and we are testing tech win win for everyone right now the bart fair gates don't have the ability to talk to your phone, that technology is still a few years from being implemented into the bart system. so for now to start testing mobile ticketing.. bart had to get creative. here's how it will work you have to show the bart station agent in the glass box the ticket on your phone and they will let you in.. or out... if the agent isn't around. bart staff will use telephones and surveillance cameras to get your through sound from bart spokespersonthere is a number you can call and have staff let you pass bart told me they hope to add digital mobile ticketing to all bart rides in the next few years. now, this makes three apps that bart offers, the official bart app for mapping, and pricing your trip and getting train delay updates, this new airport app, and the bart watch app that one for reporting crimes or suspicious behaviour. bart said they are working on combining all three apps into one in the next couple years at sfo gabe slate kron 4 news.
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((pam)) the meeting is still going on ... and there is no decision by the san jose city council .... on whether to sell land to google for a massive tech campus downtown. the meeting has been interrupted several times by protesters who chained themselves to chairs in the council chambers. the city council is expected to vote tonight.. but e vote was delayed because nearly 100 -people wanted to speak during the public comment period, which started earlier this afternoon. google is offering to pay more than 100- million dollars for city- owned land .. surrounding diridon station. business leaders are hailing the development as a game changer good for san jose. but critics... some of whom are on a hunger strike... worry that it will contribute to an already dire shortage of
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affordable housing. (ken) space-x postponed today's falcon-nine rocket launch from cape canaveral, florida -- over moldy mouse food. that's right, they found mold on food bars meant for mice. the cargo for the international space station includes the mouse food and 40 mice for experiments on the effects of micro-gravity on aging. the launch has been rescheduled for tomorrow. crews used the rest of today to replace the moldy cargo. in addition to the mice, the cargo includes christmas provisions, supplies and other science experiments. (pam) the rain is continuing to pound parts of the bay area. coming up.. we will take you to the north bay and look at the conditions there. (ken) and a recall on beef is widespread across the us. the brands and number of states impacted
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nature's bounty. recalled due to salmonella contamination. more than five-million pounds of raw beef products have been added to the initial recall from back in october. according to the u-s-d-a's food safety and inspection service... the recalled beef was distributed nationwide. the centers for disease control and prevention reports 246 people have gotten sick in 25 states since november 15th. there are no reported deaths. to check and see if the ground beef in your fridge is at risk head over to kron 4 dot com for the brands impacted. (pam) more dog and puppy food is being recalled because of toxic levels of vitamin d-- that could lead to kidney
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failure for your pet! last week's for your pet!kidney failure could lead to kidney failure for your pet! last week's recall included sunshine mills' evolve for puppies, sportsman's pride for large breed puppies, and triumph chicken and rice.. now, the recall has expanded to several additional brands -- including nutrisca, natural life, abound, and nature's promise. the affected bags have different recipes and dates ... so be sure to check the f-d-a's website for a complete list. (ken) with everything the victims of the camp fire are going through trying to rebuild paradise.... a local preschool is stepping in to ease some parents minds. (pam) and for those who never evacuated... being left behind can be tough. we hear from one man ... about how he is surviving when everything around him has been destroyed by the flames. and the reason he can't leave now. (ken) tragedy before the holidays in an east bay mall parking lot... what we know about an accident that
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left a three year old dead. (lawrence)ten at ten
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lawrence karnow: it was a cloudy and cool day with highs only in the 50s. doppler radar is picking up on some rain moving in now with more to come. low pressure will stay off the coast but it will spin up some showers and a few isolated thunderstorms.
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showers will be on and off through the night and tomorrow before slowing by tomorrow afternoon. it will will also be windy at times near the coast as the low moves south. highs tomorrow will be in the 50s. dry weather will return on thursday and into the weekend. rain is possible again at the beginning of next week. (ken) right now you are taking right now (ken) next week.beginning of again at the beginning of next week.
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next week.beginning of next week. (ken) right now you are taking a live look at the golden gate bridge. the rain has been falling in the north bay since around 4 this
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after since around 4 this after noon. and we are expecting this storm to continue into at least tomorrow morning(pam) kron 4's (pam) kron 4's charles clifford went to marin county with a look at conditions. over at goodman hardward store, the staff has been stocking up on rain supplies. things like rain boots, tarps and sandbags. the manager tells me they have had a run on rain gear and christmas decoriation.not far away, the mill valley sandbag pickup was quiet but it looked like a few bags had been scooped up... ...but it is going to be pretty persistent. for now in marin county, charles clifford, kron 4 news. (pam) it is a (pam) that everyone needs to be
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alert while out in the crowds this time of year. a three-year- old girl is hit and killed by a car in an antioch parking lot. (ken) today the contra costa county coroner's office identified the little girl as angela nguyen from brentwood. kron four's philippe djegal reports from the scene of the accident... where the child is being remembered tonight. (philippe) a somber start to the workday for employees who work at the somersville towne center in antioch. a small group of them laid flowers and a stuffed animal down outside of sears... where, monday night, the contra costa county coroner's office says 3-year-old angela nguyen from brentwood was hit by a car and eventually killed.
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martha barajas/mother- "that's very sad too that that happened to anybody, you know, but especially a little kid during christmas season -- more sad, even." nguyen was run over by a car in front of sears at around 7-30 that night. police have not released who she was with at the time... or, the factors that led to the driver hitting her...natalie mello/shopper- "we don't focus enough on what's going around us. it's, you know, what we gotta do and where we where we gotta go." police say the driver did wait for officers to arrive... and, that it appears neither drugs or alcohol were involved.danielle waren/mother- "at least he stayed. cuz, a lot of people -- a lot lately, a lot of people haven't been doing -- they've just been leaving. it's not right." shoppers tragic reminder of how difficult children can night, let alone in a busy parking lot.martha barajas/mother- "depending also, the clothes the kids are they're wearing dark clothes and it's already dark and kids running. so, it's a lot of reasons to be extra careful in the parking lots." so, for the kids' sake and everyone elses... watch your speed during the holiday shopping season. in antioch, philippe djegal, kron four news. news.
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(ken) there are now only 11 people missing from the camp fire. the butte county sheriff's office released a statement on last night announcing the number of deaths following the camp fire has dropped by three, making the total 85. it said this number decreased by 3 due to remains originally thought to be separate cases, but have since been proven by dna to be the same case. (ken) it's been almost a month since the camp fire burned paradise. destroying thousands of homes and other buildings.(pam) despite mandatory evacuation orders, some people refused to leave. jessica mensch caught up with a man and his elderly mother, who have been surviving in the destroyed town .. all this time. ((pkg))natsit seems like a typical day at the weldon household."i love where i'm at"but looking down the street the damage of the camp fire, comes into clearer focus. "just about everyone i know lost everything. gone.
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everything burnt up."almost a month after flames tore through paradise brad weldon and his mom norma, are still living in their home the last left on their block.weldon chose not to evacuatedespite mandatory ordersbecause his mom refused to leave."when we told her the fire was coming she said 'i ain't leaving. let me burn." fighting the flames with a garden hose and buckets of pool waterhe was able to save his home and his momhe says it took a little help."my wife, she passed three years ago. her angel was there."when the fire passed, they chose to stay put.his area is still under evacuation orders, so if he leaves town, he won't be allowed back in.for almost a month now, they've been surviving off of stored food "see we're not going to starve. not at all."their generator gives them power. "nats generator buzzing."he's even worked out running water and plumbingusing water from his pool."the pump sucks the water out of the poolruns it through the hose, which goes over and hooks back into the plumbing."weldon says he's
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always prepared for the worst. "my mother taught me take care of things. be prepared. have food, have shelter, have water. take care of your stuff."but as days turn into months, he's relying on firefighters to bring him supplies and other neighbors who have been able to sneak through road blockshe calls them 'the underground.'"fuel shows up all the time on the underground."they are hoping evacuation orders will be lifted in their area soonbut the sheriff's office hasn't released a timeline.relying on faith that they'll make it through"i pray constantly." knowing they have each other to lean on."she's everything to me. i'm going to take care of her till she dies. she's fine, the house is fine, the dogs are fine. i don't see why we can't just keep on living a normal life." (pam) that was jessica mensch reporting. weldon is hoping his neighbors will come back and rebuild here. but no matter what, he says, paradise is home and he is not
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leaving. (ken) reliable, affordable childcare can be a challenge for parents under any circumstances... let alone in the aftermath of a fire that has turned their lives upside down. but one group is coming together to provide a safe free space for young children to learn and play while their parents rebuild. karma dickerson has the story. the campfire destroyed tens of thousands of buildings... but it's given new life and purpose to these in gridley. sot-ricky samoyoa/ director ecenter- because it was closed already and we felt we could provide support for victims of the fire we said let's open it up and let's call some teachers up and just a few days notice, sot- this is our preschool classroom from kids 3-5 this gridley daycare facility for children of migrant workers is offering free childcare to to people affected by the campfire. sot- this is specifically set up for infants and for toddlers we have two separate sides ricky samoyoa is a project director with ecenter who runs seasonal daycare facilites like this across eight counties. sot-we worked really hard yesterday to get the activities ready to open up the environment the staff are licensed providers who
10:38 pm
normally are on leave october to april according with the migrant season... nancy becares was working as a substitute teacher in her hometown when she got the call. sot-nancy becares/ head teacher- just tell me what you want me to do and i'll be here nancy now drives about an hour to make herself available to take care the young campfire victims. she says that while she and her colleagues are trained to work with children who have experienced trauma... she thinks even just a safe space will benefit them. sot-nancy becares/head teacher- even if it's like an hour or two then come just to make their day better, just to forget the whole situation and for the parents a chance to handle the many things in their plate sot-be able to take care of their business and also just have some free time for themself and just kind of reflect on all the things that have happened. in gridley, karma dickerson (pam) the victims (pam) (pam) the victims of the
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'camp fire' continue to do what they can to rebuild their lives after losing everything in the fire... and now they will be getting a little extra help from breweries around the world. these santa clara county firefighters are coming together again .. this time joining forces with rock bottom brewery ... to help the fire victims.. the sierra nevada brewing company put out a call to all the breweries in the country, asking them to brew a new i-p-a it created.. and then donate the proceeds to camp fire victims - and the response has been better than anticipated.
10:40 pm
something that camp fire victims have demonstrated through the devastation ((2shot))((pam)) a special night in sacramento. ((ken))governor jerry brown inducted eight people into the california hall of fame. ((cross shot))grant lodes joins us now.. grant one of the inductees used to work here at kron 4? ((grant/landing))that's right pam and ken...she's an icon in the bay area...belva davis.she worked for years here at kron ((take full))belva davis was one of 12 people honored tonight. davis was the first woman of color to work as a television reporter on the west coast of the united states. she was won eight emmy awards for her reports on some of the biggest stories in the bay area including the birth of the black panthers, and the assassinations of san francisco mayor george moscone and supervisor harvey milk. belva says she was humbled to be rewarded for her accomplishmentsi tried to keep from crying, but a few tears fell. when you are where you are, you don't really take yourself so seriously. you
10:41 pm
know you shouldn't. the person you are interviewing is the person you want, so when i saw all of that and i saw those people and saw those people who bothered to talk to me, i wanted to go yay. among those honored tonight...former san francisco mayor ed lee, robert redford and joan baez.((grant)) it is the 12 year of the state hall of fame ceremony. (pam) we are taking a look at the most recent hint from former vice president biden about his decision to make a 2020 presidential run... and reaction from california's his harris about (ken) today the c-i-a briefed lawmakers on its findings in the killing of an american based journalist. reaction from washington on the jamal khashoggi case. (sports) coming up in sports, the raiders make a late season roster move..
10:42 pm
and sign a player that's coming back home to the bay area. details ahead.
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this is a fight. not to the finish. but to the beginning. a fight that can only be won, if we stand together for one cause. him. expert care for every new beginning. (ken) some of america's
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most powerful lawmakers say they now have no doubt... the saudi crown prince is responsible for the killing of washington post journalist jamal khashoggi. andy rose has the latest. sen. bob corker, (r) tennessee: "i have zero question in my mind that the crown prince mbs ordered the killing, monitored the killing, knew exactly what was happening.. planned it in
10:45 pm
advance."republican lamakers aren't mincing words..reacting to the information they just received..during a briefing with c-i-a director gina haspel on intelligence gathered related to the murder of washington post journalist, jamal khashoggi.the c-i-a has concluded with "high confidence" that the saudi crown prince, mohammed bin salman or "m-b-s," was behind his murder.sparking tensions between the white house and the c-i-a.james mattis, u.s. defense secretary: "we do not have a smoking gun that the crown prince was involved."the white house and the state department say there is no "direct" evidence the saudi crown prince murdered khashoggi.president trump recently put out a statement saying, quote:"the world is a very dangerous place! could very well be that the crown prince had knowledge of this tragic event -- maybe he did and maybe he didn't!"saudi officials admit khashoggi's murder was premediated...after surveillance video showed khashoggi walk into the saudi consulate in turkey..and an imposter disguised to look like him walked out.turkish officials say khashoggi was strangled and dismembered... sen. lindsey graham, (r) south
10:46 pm
carolina: "there's not a smoking gun.. there's a smoking saw. we'll do more damage to our standing in the world and our national security by ignoring mbs than dealing with him."i'm andy rose reporting. (pam) former vice president joe biden just gave the strongest indication yet.. that he may run for president in 20-20. it came during a book tour stop on monday... in montana. biden said quote, "i'll be as straight with you as i can. i think i'm the most qualified person in the country to be president." in addressing his qualifications, biden said, the issues facing the nation today... are the same ones he has been working on for a lifetime. those issues include foreign policy... and the plight of the middle class. biden added, his decision will be coming within the next two- months... and he will make the decision together with his family. california senator kamala harris who is also considering a 2020
10:47 pm
presidential run... reacted to the news aboout biden. sen. kamala harris: "i think very highly of joe biden. i think a good deal of him. i think he's been an incredible public servant and an incredible vice president." "no. you know i'm going to... i will definitely through the holidays and probably into the first month of the year figure it out. and i'll keep you posted."(pam) democratic senator kamala harris said, she will decide 'over the holiday' and the 2020 run will be a "family decision." harris is in her first term as senator... and made history as the first african-american woman to represent california in the senate. at 2-and-10 with 4-games left, the raiders don't have much to play for, but here's a nice headline, especially in regard to bay area ties.. former cal star and vallejo native cj anderson will be suiting up for the silver and black. the raiders adding the veteran to its offensive backfield today. anderson's most recent stop
10:48 pm
was in carolina... before that spent five seasons with the broncos, where he won a super bowl. --his presence will hopefully help a running back stable that's been plagued by injuries and turnovers... marshawn lynch on i-r... and doug martin, jalen richard and deandre washington each lost a fumble this past sunday. --so we'll see how anderson adapts to an offense....that derek carr seems to be finding his rhythm in, how's this interceptions in his last 7 games. "derek has been hot. he's been playing well. he's really picking up the system well. he made some great audibles. he made some great throws. i'm excited about that. his recognition is really good. he's got a very fast mind and a really quick release. he can be really accurate if protected and that's a combination we like."" the 49ers now 2-and-10.... three-game losing streak... and have dropped 9 of their last 10 games. -the remaining four matchups...coming against formidable opponents.... broncos this sunday, seahawks at levi's, host
10:49 pm
khalil mack and the bears, then the season ends in l-a against the rams. --even through the team's struggles this year, kyle shanahan remains confident in what he wants the team to achieve long term. "we've had some close ones that i believe we should have won. that's why i believe our record should be better than it is. but, by no means just because our record isn't better than what it was last year does that change how i feel. we did some good things at the end of last year. we've had a number of setbacks this year. but, i think this is a necessary process to where we are going to go and some of the tough decisions that we have to make going into year three." --elsewhere in the nfl-- today saw the return of the 'will colin kaepernick play again discussion?' --redskins head coach jay gruden was head coach jay gruden was asked about the possibility of signing kap today... after backup qb colt mccoy left yesterday's eagles game with a broken leg and is done for the year. --that leaves only mark the starter for now. --gruden said there have been talks about kaepernick, however, he says they'd have to teach a new offense...and quote-- 'there's
10:50 pm
not a lot of time to get a brand new quarterback and system installed in a couple of days.' finally--big news with one of the country's high- profile programs today.. ohio state head coach urban meyer announced he'll be retiring at the end of the season. the 54-year-old cited a number of factors led to his decision including--the suspension imposed on him earlier this year... and a number of health issues, such as a brain cyst that's caused chronic stress-related headaches. he's one three national championships in his career, one with the buckeyes and two at florida. the rose bowl on january 1st will be his final game...and he maintains this will be a permanent decision. offensive coordinator ryan day will take over as head coach. (weather) coming up i'll have the seven day forecast.
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order">(ken) you can call it a snowball efct..... a nine-year-old from colorado gets the town of severance to lift its snowball fight ban. dane best stood up to the severance town board and explained why boys and girls should be able to take part in the classic winter activity. members peppered best with questions..... and asked him about safety issues. his three-minute long presentation did the trick and the ban was
10:54 pm
lifted! best even had the honor of throwing the first legal snowball. the snowball fight of a bigger ordinance that halted people stones and other objects. sutter health is giving back this holiday season through its "adopt-a-family" program. the health care provider is teaming up with several non-profits to support local families in need. more than 250 families are being 250 families more than 250 families are being 'adopted' this year. employees from sutter health branches across the area are donating gifts from the family's wish lists. " the families we adopted, there " the families we lists. " the families we adopted, there was two children they were asking toys. the adults asked for a baby hummidifier. it kind of runs the gammet in what asking for "(ken) sutter health says more than 25-hundred families have been adopted through the program in the last ten years. lawrence karnow: it was a cloudy and cool day with highs only in the 50s. doppler radar is picking up on some rain moving in now with more to
10:55 pm
come. low pressure will stay off the coast but it will spin up some showers and a few isolated thunderstorms. showers will be on and off through the night and tomorrow before slowing by tomorrow afternoon. it will will also be windy at times near the coast as the low moves south. highs tomorrow will be in the 50s. dry weather will return on thursday and into the weekend. rain is possible again at the beginning of next week. - you sure the controller's not busted?
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