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tv   KRON 4 News at 7am  KRON  December 5, 2018 7:00am-8:01am PST

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george hours special coverage of the memorial service for president george h.w. bush against now. the casket of the president is being moved or prepared for moving. the hearse will transport the body from the u.s. capitol to the memorial service. >> the family and casket should be on the move any moment now. in the meantime, we have more on how the 41st president of the united states is being remembered on this national day of mourning. >> reporter: visitors continue to make their way to the rotunda overnight and into the early morning hours. last night, some even got a show of appreciation from the bush family themselves. president george w. bush and his wife laura and his brother jeb bush are here to thank people who came to pay their respects.
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they were shaking hands and even helda baby, but says that they will deliver one of the most important speeches of his long public life. a eulogy for his father at the national cathedral. a final week in washington for the 41st president of the united states. >> you view life as purposeful and particularly if you are a person of faith, this is a time to celebrate george h.w. bush, not to grieve his loss, that is what we're doing is a family right now. >> reporter: monday, members of congress, surrounded by bush family and staff, have the opportunity to reflect. >> he showed us that how we live is as important as what we achieved. >> reporter: members of the public again filing in to pay respects of their own, standing all hours of the day and night through wednesday morning. including former u.s. senator, bob dole, who was helped out of this will save -- wheelchair to salute the former president.
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>> there's a time for politics and governing. there is also a time for reflection. for our country to think about the values that make our country great. >> reporter: the memorial service is set to embody just that. drying dignitaries from all across the world. we will hear from another president, george w. bush, speaking as a son to a father. george herbert walker bush, or hero, congressman, statesman, and 41st president of the united states. president trump has declared today national day of mourning. what this means is that federal offices are closed. the supreme court has postponed their arguments. the service will get underway at 11 am eastern time. we are all waiting for the casket to be moved. should be happening every -- in a moment . we will continue the coverage at any moment what happens. let's get to caught up on brother and traffic.
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we will begin with the weather center. >> good morning. we're looking at the showers lingering throughout the course of your morning. this is after the heaviest rainfall has finished. you can see showers increasing on the golden gate bridge. it is a little less visible than it was earlier today. there's plenty of traffic heading across the bridge. here's where we're seeing the rain working its way across the bay. a few showers in the east bay as well in the north bay along 80 this morning. zooming out across the region to the south and west, it will eventually push up the direction. for the most part, what we have is shower activity dying down as we make our way through the course of the rest of the morning. 56 in san francisco. thank you back. we want to take you out live to washington, d.c., where she is at the ceremony has just gotten underway for the transportation of the casket. of president george h.w.
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bush from the u.s. capitol to the national cathedral. it looks like the band is about ready to start. we will take a listen here. >> the motorcade is beginning there. it is a ceremony that is very exact. this is not only a state funeral, but a military funeral, because the president served in world war ii and his body is going to be taken from the capital to the cathedral that he actually place the final stone in 28 years ago after started its completion. he completed it and said that it was constructed as a symbol of our nation's spiritual life and today, the nation will say goodbye to its 41st president. let's take a look at how they are going to transfer the casket as it happens live right now. >> we can hear the drum corps beginning. let's take a listen.
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>> you can see right now the motorcade that is here. and all of the military lined up waiting for the casket to be put into the hearse. there are some of the dignitaries alongside waiting for the hearse to be loaded with the casket. will make a short journey over to the national cathedral. bush himself, had a hand in what he wanted the funeral to be like. even down to taking a hearse. because president reagan was carried in a horse drone carriage. but in his need for speed, he loved all things like trains, planes, and automobiles. he wanted to be whist away in a hearse over to the cathedral, which is what president ford did before him. we are waiting for that to happen.
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it is planned down to every single detail. it is a military funeral. >> we see a live pan of the leaders in the house and the senate. there also standing by to witness a transportation of the casket as well. joining us onset, we want to introduce jason clark, he is the chairman of the republican party here in san francisco. to help us understand what we're seeing today and to reflect on the former president, bush 41, as he was often called. he went on to become president as well. that was a moniker used for him. one of the things i love about this president was that he was self-effacing. he had a sense of humor and that seem to be coming out as a common theme among stories of people reminiscing here since the passing last friday. >> definitely. i think that there is a sense that we have a passing of the
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generation as well. bush 41 was our last world war ii president. the last of the greatest generation to serve as president. after that, you see a generation of presidents who lived through vietnam, lived through the culture clashes of the 1960s, and george h.w. bush and his passing sort of represents a passing of time in the passing of that. >> you are saying in the way that we remember him now is not the way that he was remembered either during or shortly after office. >> yes. when it comes to history, we tend to look at the past with rose-colored glasses. he pushed -- he said that he thought no one would show up for his funeral. after the election, after going from a a high of 89% approval rating down to an election that is seen as a pretty big defeat,
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as you can see, and as you have seen throughout the process, he is much beloved by our country. >> what is incredible about the defeat is the way that he was graceful in the way that he left office, being the first one to write the letter and continue that tradition that continues today of letter writing. i was just reading the letter that he wrote to bill clinton and left in the oval office. to hear some of what he said, he said that there will be tough times. made even more difficult by criticism. you may not think it is fair. i am not a good one to give advice, but do not let the critics discourage you or push you off course. he said, you will be our president when you leave this note. i wish you well. i wish your family well. i think that is very telling of his grace in losing, more so in life than how people received winning as how they take losing. when he left office in a very dignified way.
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>> he really upheld the concert that he was the president of all americans and even though he was not elected to be president, bill clinton would also be his president. that is a theme that is lost in today's rhetoric. >> just a reference what we're seeing on the screen on the right-hand side, we have the live at pictures from the u.s. capitol where the casket of president george h.w. bush is currently, and it will be transported soon as you can see on the live shot on the left. that is the interior shot of the national cathedral. we can see more dignitaries arrive. we just saw england's prince charles. he is a representing the queen. we also have the prime ministers of canada there, the prince of wales. >> they want to come out and pay their respects. >> part of that, if you want to
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give us a little perspective on his worldview, because he was the president that really was a statesman as well and believed that the more that the united states permeated the world, the better. and he had a really close connection with a lot of foreign leaders, proving that one of the eulogies will be delivered by then the canadian prime minister brian mulroney. >> his legacy certainly comes from his statesmanship. before he became president, he worked in the cia and he was also a diplomat in china. as vice president, the used to joke that he went to the funeral circuit and attended the funerals of all of the state leaders and barbara bush remarks that it is very important because they met and talked with a lot of world leaders not some into the relationships for the future. one of the big outstanding things of his legacy is the fact that the united states was able to win the cold war. he was the first president to
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preside over the united states that was a sole superpower. he realized that it was a great responsibility to, that. the responsibility to be a responsible superpower. if you look at the history of superpowers, the british empire, the mongolian empire, they were not so nice to the people the world over. so, understanding how to act on the world stage when you are the number 1 was very important. i think he said -- set that tone. >> it is very tempered tone. it was key when we had the soviet union begin to fall apart. there were a lot of hawks on the usss are -- ussr side. it was his tempered measured reactions to the breakup of the soviet union that helped usher that in in a peaceful way.
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>> he was never one to dance in someone's grave. i think it is important that you do not dance in someone's grave when they are not dead and they also possess nuclear weapons. i think he recognize that in the breakup of the soviet union, we faced a new peril, because the soviet union's nuclear weapons were all over the world. they were new countries and he realized the importance of securing that and making sure that it was done in a very efficient manner. love that means you have to tiptoe around the egos of the departed, in this case, the soviet union. >> talking egos, it seems like he viewed himself with a grain of salt. had a good sense of humor about it. we talked about how he felt ashamed or embarrassed that he did not have a second term. he embraced it and upon his departure, he threw a party and invited dana carvey. and he said how strange it was.
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and it showed his great sense of humor and perspective. >> here we can see jeb bush, one of the sons, standing by is a motorcade carrying the family has arrived. on the left-hand side, we just moments ago german chancellor angela merkel. there is jimmy carter there as well. >> they're the same age. 94 years old. >> it is interesting to see angela merkel there as well, because it was under the watch of george h.w. bush that we saw the falling of the berlin wall. the reunification of germany. a lot of germans and the leadership in germany had held george bush in high regard because he helped shepard that whole transition, which was titanic. it was a huge event in german history. >> in the 1990s when he was present, germany was still an occupied country. he brought about the end of the occupation and so in a sense, with all the berlin wall was
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the end of world war ii for germany. it makes sense that a lot of germans would hold him in high regard because of how he conducted himself after the fall of the wall. >> here is the family lining up here. president bush 43 is next to his wife laura. let's listen for another moment as the solemn transference of the a casket happens from the capitol rotunda where people have been viewing the casket and paying respects since monday as that happens and he is taken in a hearse to the cathedral where there will be a ceremony. there are already well over 3000 people gathered inside the cathedral. they are waiting the arrival of the casket right now. let's just listen for a moment.
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[ hail to the chief ]
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>> we are just waiting for the bush family. you can see them there, they are going to proceed over to the national cathedral. in the casket of president bush is now in the hearse ready to be transferred. there on the left you can see the live shot inside the national cathedral or
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dignitaries or their. there is barack obama, and bill clinton, and all of the surviving presidents are there waiting for the president's body to arrive. just because he expressed himself, george h.w. bush, and letters that spanned decades over his life and we watched the hearse with his body, i will try not to choke up. want to read his last farewell letter. it was on june 12, which was his birthday. part of it reads. difference, as many of you know, for years i have said that the three most important things in my life our faith, family, and friends. my faith has never been stronger. i am blessed with the world's most loving family. and thanks to you, i feel the love of the best friend a man ever had. >> as we watch that very moving ceremony there, the casket being transferred into the hearse, we saw the camera pan
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across the bush family and we saw former president george w. bush and his siblings, along with jeb bush, who we know from let's go life as well, and we can see the emotions on their faces. again, jason clark is with us, he is a chairperson of the san francisco republican party. he's helping us take and what we're seeing right now. it is very emotional. it is written on the face of george w. bush. he loved his father and lived up to his father's dictations. >> there only one art -- one or two times in history where we've seen this. >> i think only one other time. i think was the adams family. john quincy adams and john adams. >> here we are seeing a son very his father in the president bearing another president. in his memoir, george bush wrote in the letters and
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diaries and showed him his life from an 18-year-old pilot to a politician, to a president, and he said in the preface, if you enjoy reading this even just a little bit as i have enjoyed living it, then that is very good indeed. i think that he is a man who was satisfied with the life that he led and as you were talking to us, jason, he was not satisfied with the fact that he only had 4 years in office. he was not the only president to have a single term, but after that, he was happy with it. i think with the time that he served because he spent the rest of his life very happy to serve out in the residence as a private citizen in the country. >> they formed a lasting friendship, which is really a tribute to george h.w. bush of the type of person that he was. he was able to travel the world with a man who succeeded
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him. >> they remained very close friends up until his death. >> yes. one of the great things about the fellowship of the presidency is that they often, across the aisle, will advise each other. i know that president clinton reached out to president bush many times for advice and i am sure that president bush was very happy to give it. >> we will continue one. >> you can see bill clinton right now speaking with michelle obama. the first row is all of the remaining living presidents who are here with us now. we saw jimmy carter, the same age as george h.w. bush. 94 years old. he is there. not he is the oldest living president. >> i want to come back to a point that you brought up about service. that was the hallmark of his adult life. even outside of the presidency,
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even in his post-presidency, and it reminded me that i don't know if it was a family motto, but it was something that was often said in his house growing up. a house of privilege from new england. he went to the best schools and everything else. it was always said to his family that to whom much is given, much is also expected. i am paraphrasing, but that is the essence of it. he really did live that as a motto for life. giving back. and that service and helping and reaching across the aisle and finding common ground. >> we talked with the moments from that. but from the moment he was able to go into service, he did. the teen years old. >> you talked about december 7, 1981. knowing that was his call. and he did. >> it in the president's that followed, you don't see quite the same record of service.
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we started at age 17 and serve the country. he took time off of course to go into private industry into the oil industry, but you will see consistently throughout his life after his presidency, a legacy of service. the president since don't have the quite the same legacy and length of service. it really makes them stand out, i think, among our presidents. >> it is looking at his life that you can get such a perspective on him. there is an old navy pilot saying since world war ii, that he took on as his motto. ceiling and visibility and limited. cavu. he liked speeded he liked trains, planes, and automobiles. after the ceremony, his body is going to be put in a train and dubbed the pacific union 4141
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that was in 2005 put in commission. he had a chance to pilot that for a couple of miles. it will make the track to the presidential library, which is where he will be buried next to his darling bar, barbara bush who died seven months ago. they have been married for 73 years. >> that is incredible. he will be buried there tomorrow. this is the first ceremony. his body will lie in repose in texas and then will be buried. we don't want to view our presidents as icons who are so apart from humanity. the president have presidential library sites we can learn about them. you can pay respects there.
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>> definitely. as a war hero, he probably had the option to be buried at arlington, but it makes more sense that he did not to be there, that he wanted to be next to barbara. and barbara died, right before she died, she said that when i die, don't feel bad for me, because i'm the luckiest girl in the world. she meant that. she said as you are talking about from whom so much is given, so much is expected. she said the same, where she is very lucky to have participated and been able to give back. she said, it is time for an early celebration and recollection. >> we're going to see probably some more of the recollecting going on at the ceremony as we have a number of people who are expected to speak again. just remind you of those, giving the eulogy. the most watch will probably be the words spoken by president george w. bush, his son.
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and as we mentioned earlier, he does feel emotions deeply. we saw him get a little choked up there is the casket was being brought out. we will all be watching to see how he will be able to muster his strength to deliver the eulogy in front of the eyes of the nation here. remember it commemorated honors the passing of his father, president george h.w. bush, the 41st president of the united states. >> we will be back with more live coverage. stay with us.
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we are back again following the very latest out of washington where this morning, the nation says goodbye to the 41st president of the united states. george herbert walker bush. you can see the hearse making its way down the stretch of pennsylvania avenue. there is passing in front of the white house on pennsylvania avenue. from here it will continue on to the cathedral. the head of the, we know the motorcade is proceeding and there is a shot of it as a carries the bush family. and close friends in advance of the hearse and we will be tracking his movements. it will make its way to the cathedral where it looks like mainly -- many of the
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diitaries and guess have arrived and are seated. there waiting for th portion of the ceremony to begin. >> all of the living presidents are in attendance. president trump is there. george bush, the son, who will deliver the eulogy. he was the 43rd president of the united states. jimmy carter, who was also 94 years old, the age that president bush was when he died on friday as their. as are the clintons and the obamas. we can see them sitting in the cathedral waiting for the bush family and for the casket to arrive. >> you can hill -- hear the bells tolling. let's listen in.
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for those of you just joining us, we're watching live the national funeral, the state funeral for president george h.w. bush , the 41st president of the united states. we have been following the procession. there is another shot of it and is it is moving from the u.s. capitol to the national cathedral, where all of the
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dignitaries and guess have assembled. we have seen the members of the military will be receiving the cat casket information. as you can see here. we are listening to the bells of the church time as the procession gets closer and closer. the bush family will arrive your shortly. we can see the casket from the hearse, then it will be brought into the cathedral. that there will be a 1 1/2 hour funeral which will feature at least four speakers which will eulogize the president. chief among those will be president george w. bush, the son of president george h.w. bush, father and son both served as president for a time in american history. >> actually, we were talking about everyone being assembled. we have seen all of the former living presidents who are in the cathedral, but we have not seen president trump and the gop leader of the republican party in san francisco, jason
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clark, is here. everyone is there, but president trump is not there. is it customary for him to enter last? >> it is customary. due to security concerns. >> and now here comes president trump and first lady melania trump. >> the president chose a blast. -- shows up last.
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again, life pictures from inside the national cathedral. in the front row, you see all of the past living presidents. from right to left come easy jimmy carter, the oldest living president at 94 years old. he is the same age as president george h.w. bush. >> his wife is well. then hillary clinton and bill clinton. michelle obama. barack obama. and then melania trump and president trump. they arrived last. another waiting for the casket
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to arrive. we have the head of the gop chapter here in san francisco, jason clark, with us, talk a little bit about the pomp and circumstance of this and the unusual sight of seeing all of those former presidents gathered in one wrote to say goodbye to george bush. >> it is definitely something that we have come to expect from our democracy. if you watch the funerals of british royals, they do not have that leisure, because there is no past royal or retired realtors it there. you will die in office. here, you will see the past presidents coming together united to honor someone who served as one of their own. >> it has also been described that the president belong to a club, if you will, that very few living will ever know that responsibility, that excitement,
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and the fear at times. with all the challenges you face leading the world's largest democracy and most successful democracy. there is a common bond that connects them all. i can imagine that they are all feeling that right now. >> harry truman used to call the white house the crown jewel of the federal prison system because he felt alone. president george bush said that he never felt alone, he felt surrounded by people. that is testament to the kind of person he was. >> even said that in his good luck letter to bill clinton. they said there will be a loneliness that they did not feel. i think that is because because he felt that he felt lucky to be surrounded by his family. >> he is great at connecting. even people that he disagreed with vehemently and run
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opposite side of the spectrum, he would always reach out and in many cases, would offer to do so things for people >> here are the caskets. the hearse is just pulling up. again, less listen in live as we watch the state funeral for president george h.w. bush.
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