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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  December 5, 2018 10:00pm-10:59pm PST

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(pam) driving down the
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highway and a large rock comes out of nowhere... smashing your windsheild. this scary moment is all too real ... for one woman driving in san jose. good evening i'm pam moore.(ken) and i'm ken wayne thank you for joining us tonight. police are now looking for the suspect while drivers in the south bay remain on edge. kron4's alecia reid went to san jose and has details on where and what happened. it happened near 680 north and berryessa.the driver is traumatized, but feels lucky she wasn't seriously injured. pkgwhile driving on the freeway, this victim's dashcam camera captures video of a man throwing 2 large rocks. crash i shattering the windshield and denting the suv. luckily she managed to pull over and call 9-11 and chp. it's crazy. i can't believe someone would do something like thatpolice and c-h-p are investigating, but it isn't clear who did this ... people in the area tell me
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there are homeless living was extremely scary for the woman driving and she wants to alert other drivers. according to chp, other drivers have stated this also happened to them, but so far this is the only official report of rocks being thrown. other drivers have a message for whoever is doing this.sot sotchp is warning driver to be careful, and watch their surroundings.reporting live from san jose .. ar .. kron4 news (ken) and this just into our newsroom. today police arrested a man in connection to a shooting in san rafael. we first told you about this story as breaking news on monday. the shooting took place around six monday night at pickleweed park in san rafael's canal neighborhood.
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police arrived on the scene to find a man dead inside a car with a gun shot wound. he has been identified as 21 year old errol friedman from san anselmo. police say the suspect is 17 years old and has been booked into the marin county juvenile hall for murder. (ken) two officer involved shootings in the span of 24 hours. one happening in pacheco... the other in napa. both of them are deadly. (pam) our grant lodes is tracking these shootings ... he joins us live in the studio with the latest. grant? (grant) we'll start in contra costa county... where a deputy shot and killed a man who the sheriff's department descrimes as a felon and active gang member with a long criminal history. it happened off pacheco blvd in unincorporated martinez. angelicka jorgenson says the man who was fatally shot was her boyfriend who she is identifying as paul ridgeway. the sheriff's department says one of its deputies was leaving an call on adelaide drive near pacheco boulevard... and he spotted a man walking on the street who was wanted on a no bail
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warrant for evading and resisting arrest. after a brief foot pursuit the two began to struggle. ridgeway's girlfriend disputes the sheriff's department's account of what happened next.
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died at the scene. officals say the man was an active member of several gangs in the county and had many past encounters with law enforcement. the deputy was not hurt. he has been put on administrative leave as the sheriff's department and the district attorney's office investigates the shooting. (grant) police in napa are investigating a deadly officer- involved shooting. it happened around 2:00 this morning on soscol avenue. police say 27-year-old david molina was suspected of being involved in an assault at an apartment complex. when officers arrived at the scene -- they were told molina had a gun. he then led an officer on a foot chase for several minutes. police say there was a fight when the officercaught up to him - and that officer fired his gun. (grant) molina was pronounc ed (pam) four police officers with a man who called the police on himself. alameda police received
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several calls ... from a man claiming to hear people following him. when officers arrived to help -- the 40- year old man became uncooperative. at one point, he entered a patrol car and attempted to get a locked patrol rifle. officers eventually were able to subdue him. here is what some local people had to say about the strange ordeal. "that is un alameda...that does not happen frequently in alameda // it is very safe here."(pam) as we mentioned.. at least four officers were injured in the struggle, including two with serious injuries. police say, this struggle is being investigated .. no further details have been released at this time. (pam) fremont police are on the hunt for the suspect in a double- shooting. one of the victims died.torrington court.witnesses say, they heard gunshots. the driver lost control and crashed into one woman we talked to says, she rushed to try and save the passenger.ighbors were
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out there. i said is there anyone in the car? they said yeah there is a guy in there. i said is he hurt they said yeah he is shot. i said oh my god! someone needs to go over and apply pressure. he is going to die"(pam) that passenger was prounounced dead at the scene. the driver left the car... police found him a few blocks away.. he had also been shot. but he is expected to survive. lawrence karnow: clouds and rain made for a cool day for the bay area. showers continue tonight but are more widely scattered. the will decrease throughout the night. on the satellite you can see the low spinning toward southern california. a few more clouds and showers will continue tonight but the focus will be more toward the south. highs tomorrow will be cool but slightly warmer tomorrow with highs in the 50s and low 60s. dry weather is forecast through the rain is likely early next week. (pam) tonight, texas is getting the chance to say getting the texas is tonight, (pam) tonight, texas is
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getting the chance to say a final farewell to former president george h. w. bush. (ken) mourners are lining up to pay last respects to the 41st president in houston tonight. camila bernal has more f president george h.w. bush is back home in texas.he is now lying in repose at st martin's episcopal church this is his home church where texans are
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now lining up to say their final at this same church tomorrow morning a memorial service will be held. family and friends expected to remember him similar to the way they did this morning in washington dc - thanking him for his life of service. president george h.w. bush - back in his adopted home state of texas tonightnatsreturning home from washington wednesday afternoon -- in a fitting special airlift mission 41 fly- over over of the george h.w. bush presidential library center at texas a&m university. while in houston - mourners are lining up at st martin's episcopal church - to pay their final respects to the man who gave a lifetime of service to his country.nats ceremonyearlier - the nation watched an emotional farewell from former and current world leaders at the national attendance - all living former presidents, as well as president trump and first lady melania trump. moving tributes from those who worked with him...alan simpson, former wyoming senaev met was my friend, george bush. om pres. george w. bush: through our tears, let us know the blsidaughter could have. and i our grief, let us smile knowing that dad is hugging journey will be aboard bush 4141 this is a union pacific train that was named in his honor and made to resemble air force one. he will be transported from houston to college station
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where he will be laid to rest next to his wife of 73 years and his daughter college station, texas i'm camila bernal. tonight only on 4... a petaluma family got a big
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surprise when they were contacted by history buffs in missouri. it turns out that someone had found a recording of one of their relatives ...(pam) it is believed that the relative died the next day.... when his plane crashed in world war ii. kron 4's j.r. stone is following the story..he spoke with this family and the group from missouri, which flew here to give the family the audio recording. this is sgt. earl garrison....a man who at 20 years old lost his life after his bomber plane crashed in world war 2. 73 years later and this record with sgt. garrison's voice has surfaced. audio that was recorded in the days or hours before he died.nats....don't worry about me..i'll be alright. i'm the happiest man in the case you didn't hear it he said don't worry about me, i'll be alright and i'm the happiest man in the world. his wife was actually expecting at the time. the
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record and a chair were the only two things that recently survived after a fire in st. louis, missouri...a location that garrison's wife had lived in until her death in 2003. a group called footsteps researchers were contacted and they found garrison's family members in petaluma. you see part of garrison's family moved from north dakota to the bay area years ago. this week researchers from missouri flew to california this week to give them the record. garrison's brother died four years ago but his great niece is happy to have the artifact . dad always talked about his favorite brotherin fact sgt. garrison's niece says her dad always talked about his brother who served our country.sot it's so special...this is video showing what was left of sgt. garrison's plane after that crash. one person did survive but they lost their legs. family members say that man would visit garrison's family years later.emotional....j.r. stone kron 4 news.
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(pam) the measles might be making a comeback. there is a warning after 220- new cases of measles in the united states... including some cases confirmed in california. (ken) the c-d-c is reporting 15 outbreaks this year. kron 4's gayle ong joins us live in the newsroom with details on who's at risk.. . gayle. (gayle)the c-d-c says the majority of people who got measles had not been vaccinated. that puts people at a higher risk...particularly childen. the latest bay area measles case was reported in august in contra costa county..this recent warning putting health departments on high alert. bay area health departments are on the look out.after the c-d-c reports 220 cases of the measles have been confirmed in 26 states..inclincalifornia.the was in 20-15 when at least 147 people came down with the virus at disneyland.áásotáá
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public health nurse marin county: "measles is very contagious, it is spread through the air, it can also be spread in the air after a sick person has left the room for up to two hours.">danielle hiser-honda is a senior public health nurse in marin county. she worked on the large disneyland outbreak where marin had two cases of the measles.áásotáásymptoms include high fever, runny nose, cough, red eyes and a rash all over the body for five to six days. measles could spread easily through the air.the c-d-c says measles is not made into the united states, people bring it into the country either by foreigners through americans who travel abroad.
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hiser-honda says the best way to prevent measles is getting two doses of the m-m-r vaccine. (gayle)people with measles are contagious for four days before they develop a rash and four days after the rash. doctors urge parents to get their children in the studio, gayle ong kron4 news. (ken) the days of renting a cabin or a home in one of south lake tahoe's neighborhoods could soon be coming to an end.(pam) measure "t" just barely passed tuesday night... with only 58 votes according to the county's website. doug johnson reports... depending on who you talk to, it is either great or terrible news for the city. 'eric and nikki this is of course a very dividing issue here in the city. measure t just barely passed with only 58 votes according to the
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countyús website. depending on who you talk to this is either great or terrible news for the city of south lake tahoe.'with some of the most breath taking views in the state... millions of visitors come to south lake tahoe every year.outh lake taho mean you can look around and see just how beautiful this place is. we want people to enjoy that, but we also want to respect the people who live here.'but with measure t passing... an estimated 1800 vacation homes which are currently for rent in the city... will drop to just 400 homes in the resort core over the next three years.kathy meyer, lives in meyers'i think itús bad, and i think they needed to let the other restrictions they put in place a year ago have followed through for a few more years to see how it all went.'kathy meyer lives in nearby meyers... but believes measure t was a mistake.kathy meyer, lives in meyers'definitely is going to hurt the economy.'the city estimates it will lose close to 4 million dollars in taxes and other fees.but city spokesman chris fiore says police and other officials will respect the voters wishes. chris fiore, city of south lake tahoe'from the enforcement perspective what changes a little bit is the advertisements. weúre going to monitoring the advertisements from these vacation housing rentals and make sure theyúre
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in compliance with what measure t lays out.'with so many hotel rooms in the city, visitors still have plenty of options.but with the cost of homes dramatically increasing in the city over the years... and developers only building large homes, condos and hotel rooms... many feel measure t was a long time coming.gary speir, lives in south lake tahoe'to buy a house just for the intention of renting it out year round...'(but with) 'is outrageous.'gary speir tells us he has two jobs... but has been forced to live in motel rooms due to a lack of low income housing.gary speir, lives in south lake tahoe 'everywhere is hiring out here, people are desperate for employees because nobody can live here. they all have to drive from carson, or gardnerville or truckee or wherever they come from.'still speir admits measure t is only part of the housing solution. 'everyone needs to be held accountable for the fact that people donút have anywhere to live.' (ken) and the city council plans to meet monday to accept the final results of the election. the only way to reverse measure "t" is with another ballot initiative. a live look outside tonight.. lawrence has the forecast.. lawrence karnow: clouds and
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rain made for a cool day for the bay area. showers continue tonight but are more widely scattered. the will decrease throughout the night. on the satellite you can see the low spinning toward southern california. a few more clouds and showers will continue tonight but the focus will be more toward the south. highs tomorrow will be cool but slightly warmer tomorrow with highs in the 50s and low 60s. dry weather is forecast through the weekend. more rain is likely early next week.
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(pam) after 10- hours of
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contentious debate ... protests and arrests.... the san jose city council unanimously approved the sale of more than 100-million in city- owned land .... to tech giant google. before the vote... more than 140- people weighed in. at one point, critics of the deal chained themselves to their seats in protest.their seats in protest. eight people were arrested... and that resulted in many people not being allowed to speak. but now that the deal is the done.... one city councilmember says, there is still work to do. (pam) google (pam) google
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(pam) google plans to develop a 50 -acre area west of highway- 87 into offices.. homes.. shops.. restaurants.. and parks. critics say, the plans promises for affordable housing are sketchy and not specific enough.. they also say, the project will send already high home prices.. soaring further.. (pam) the camp fire destroyed the town of paradise. now more people are being allowed back in. and we go with them.. to see whats left, and also find out how the town is going to be cleaned up from the toxins left behind. (ken) a new test might be able tell you if you have cancer in just 10 minutes. we break down the new process scientists have developed. you know when you're at ross and you find a deal on cookware that makes you say. yes! ...oh, yeah! bring on the holidays! that's yes for less. everything you need to prep, cook and serve up the season.
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it feels even better when you find it for less-at ross. yes for less.
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and you realize you are the the hostess with the mostest. you know when you're at ross yes! yeah! that's yes for less. entertain in style all season long. it feels even better when you find it for less-at ross. yes for less. (ken) australian researchers say they have a test that can detect if cancer cells are anywhere in the body in only 10 minutes! scientists from the university of queensland found cancer forms a unique d-n-a structure when placed in water. they developed a ten minute test identifiying the presence of that structure. the researchers think their discovery could detect cancer in humans, earlier than the current methods used.has not be used on humans and large clinical trials are needed before it can be used exposure to chemicals in personal care products... have been tied to
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a recent u-c berkeley study .. followed more than three- hundred children from birth to adolescence... the study found, girls whose mothers used products with high levels of endocrine - disrupting chemicals found in some makeup, toothpaste and soap ... reached puperty quicker than others. researchers suspect, many chemicals in personal care products can interfere with natural hormones in peoples bodies -- however, they also say more research is needed. (pam) 15 countries are part of the organization of the petroleum exporting countries ... with the annual opec meeting happening right now in vienna... we take a look at how the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi ... is affecting trade agreements and even oil prices. (ken) president trump may be saying the no disbanding its nuclear missile program. but new pictures suggust otherwise. what washington insiders are saying the president's next move should be with kim jong un.home.
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he pressures of today's world can make it tough
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to take care of yourself. but nature's bounty has innovative ways to help you maintain balance and help keep you active and well-rested. because hey, tomorrow's coming up fast. nature's bounty. because you're better off healthy.
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nature's bounty. (ken for the first time since the camp fire started, some people in butte county returned to their properties today. (pam) with thousands of buildings destroyed ... kron 4's ashley za-val-a shows us what some residents discovered in the ashes. ((ashley)): here in paradise , residents living on the town's east side got to go back to their homes to see with their own eyes what's left. ((denice:)) knew it was gone but i was afraid to see that it was gone."it was a wet welcome home for paradise residents like denice paton..
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((nats-this was my angel)) among rain and ashes... denice and her family found important items withstood the blaze... including her american flag and her mother's urn left on the fireplace. (( denice paton- paradise resident)) when i realized i forgot my mom that was my breaking moment, i almost fell to my knees, i hurt like i never hurt before. and when that urn was returned to me... it was a miracle. it gave me hope." denice is one of hundreds of fire victims who got to see their homes for the first time wednesday. (nats)police checked a long line of cars after lifting evacuation orders for those living along pentz road along paradise's east side. many residents returned to rubble..."i'm afraid of looters."others with their structures still standing, like denice's neighbor, marsha.((marsha martin-paradise resident)) "i hope everyone is okay, that's all i wish for. i know what they're going through. i just can't grasp it)) neither neighbor knows for sure if they'll remain residents of paradise... they say seeing their homes gives them closure from the campfire. ((denice)) "now that i know it's gone, i
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can move on now. i have closure. it's going to be okay." ashley : residents in these areas have an 8pm curfew. when evacuation orders will be lifted for the rest of paradise is still tbd. (ken) federal environmental officials are starting to clean up toxic waste after butte county's devastating camp fire. e-p-a crews are ankle deep in debris... shoveling through remains where a home once stood. phase one of the six month clean-up focuses on the removal of toxic waste. steve calanog:"every household has a wide variety of products that can present a threat to human health and the environment if released, and we need to collect them in advance of the next phase." (ken) phase two will capture remaining fire debris. that's expected to start next month. the e-p-a will
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stay in this neighborhood for a few more days before moving to other areas south and west of paradise. all collected debris will be sent to a nearby staging area. a lengthy but necessary step on the road to rebuild paradise. (pam) veterinarians are using fish skin ... to help some dogs who were injured in a recent wildfire in california. olivia suffered severe burns when the camp fire burned down her home last month. she was later transferred to the veterinary teaching hospital, at the university of california, davis. that is when vets used a relatively new therapy involving talapia skin. doctors say, the fish skin cooled down the burned area and helped olivia's skin cells re-grow. and her owners say, they can see a huge difference. olivia's owners/named not available "it was like day and night difference between how she felt. it covered up her burns, nerve endings or something, she just wasn't hurting the way she was before, she really started healing then. "rolled on her back she was happy. that night i think she wasn't in pain." medical official/name not available:"these are fish that
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come from a local market, so they are intended for consumption and then the skin is a by-product. we then process the fish skin here and get them ready r the therapy has so far been used on olivia and four other dogs. all costs were covered by the hospital. (ken) putting (ken)(ken) putting compassion above profit ...(ken) a local real estate flipper has decided to hold off on the sale of one of her properties ...(pam) in order to help a family who just love everything in the camp fire. kron4's michelle kingston reports. (mk)this full renovated apartment in oakland is no longer on the market ...and for good reason.caryn kramer, residential redeveloper"i
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looked around and i'm like, i have this place and even if i sold it today the people wouldn't move in for another 30-45 days so how could i sit here and have this place when people are literally in shelters? like, living in their cars."owner caryn kramer -- who is no stranger to helping others -- decided to hold off on the sale in order to house a family who lost everything.caryn kramer, residential redeveloper"this was on the market for one million dollars. i got a millon dolalr offer and i said no."michelle kingston, mkingstonnews"caryn flips homes for a living ... and with each sale, she builds a home in haiti through her non profit, flipping for humanity. but she decided to do something different with this apartment after hearing about the fires in northern and southern california ... -- helping those a little closer to home ..."melissa goble, lost home in the camp fire"i left our house at probably 10:15 and i would say probably by noon our house was gone." this two bedroom two bathrom apartment in oakland was taken off the market and goble and her family who lost their paradise home in the camp fire have moved in .. free of charge .. staying until they get back on their feet.melissa goble, lost home in the camp fire"we've been here since the sunday after thanksgiving which has been super amazing and awesome just because it's finally a neutral place where we can just relax."goble's family has found a sense of comfort and peace here in the bay area ... and will be moving into their own home in emeryville just before christmas.caryn kramer will then re-list this apartment for sale ... and use a portion
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of the money she earns from that to continue building homes in haiti ...helping people locally and thousands of miles oakland michelle kingston kron 4 news lawrence karnow: clouds and rain made for a cool day for the bay area. showers continue tonight but are more widelythe satellite you can see the low spinning toward southern california. a few more cloudsco
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tonight but the focus will be more toward the south. highs tomorrow will be cool but slightly warmer tomorrow with highs in the 50s and low 60s. dry weather is forecast through the weekend. more rain is likely early next week.
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(ken) saudi arabia and jamal khashoggi, russia, iran sanctions and president trump's foreign policy - all the big geopolitical themes will converge in vienna this week as opec members gather. oil prices have fallen 30% in the last few weeks, as markets struggle to respond to the world's big events.(pam) saudi arabia and russia have been talking about cutting production and boosting prices. john defterios is in vienna .... he explains, president trump has made it clear, he wants lower oil prices, in order to benefit u.s. drivers and consumers. john defterios, business emerging markets editor: "dynamics here at opec headquarters have been swinging along with the oil market. a preliminary meeting in vienna started late. ministers used an underground parking to avoid media coverage and they didn't even allow us in with the cameras, which is unusual. we had a sharp rally on monday because of talks over the weekend
10:38 pm
between vladimir putin and the crown prince of saudi arabia to cut output, and then concerns surfaced in the market tuesday about a potential slowdown in us china trade tensions. some analysts suggested it's very important for opec ministers and their non-opec counterparts to manage expectations, and make a big cut before they leave vienna."ann-louise hittle, vice president, oils research, wood mackenzie: "the management has to be look we're not going to cut that much. we're not striving for a strong price increase. we're just trying to manage the market so that we don't have prices so low, that it actually hurts future oil supply. this enables the industry to be able to bring on enough supply to meet future demand."john defterios, business emerging markets editor: "many believe the gyrations we've seen in the market will help codify opinions so they can unify on the overall cut. but we cannot ignore the political tensions as well. after the murder of jamal khashoggi, saudi arabia's been under a lot of pressure by us president donald trump to keep prices lower and production higher. qatar, a member for nearly six decades within opec is now leaving the organization in january. and we cannot forget that iran is still under us business. vienna."
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(pam) new satellite images... obtained exclusively by c-n-n... show north korea is expanding a key missile base ...(ken) this despite president trump's claims that his negotiations with north korean leader kim jong un are working. alex marquardt reports. it's nestled deep in north korea's mountainous interior, right up against the border with china.seen clearly in these satellite images obtained by c-n-n from the middlebury institute.a new - or expanded - base, just seven miles from the well-known
10:40 pm
yeongjeo-dong missile base. this new - previously unreported - construction evidence of the north's continuous expansion and upgrading of long-range missile facilities that could be nuclear-ready.even as president trump has long claimed that the denuclearizing of north korea is on track.president trump: "we're very happy how it's going with north korea. we think it's going fine. we're in no rush. we're in no hurry. the sanctions are on." the imagery shows a new headquarters, tunneling and bunkersas well as a massive underground facility.all of it - rebukes to the president who was told by kim jong un at the singapore summit this past june ....he pledged to "work toward complete denuclearizati on" of the korean peninsula. now, the president - who often touts his close relationship with the young dictator - is calling for a second summit in the new year.michael fuchs: "kim jong un is successfully playing president trump since they met earlier this year, kim jong un has realized that president trump is deeply invested in the appearance of success in diplomacy, with north korea."the president's national security adviser john bolton argues that a second summit is needed to set kim straight.john bolton:"they have not lived up to the commitments so far. that's why the president thinks another summit is likely to be productive."meanwhile, with talks at a standstill, u-s sanctions on the north remain in place. neither side willing to give ground before concessions from the other. marcus nolan:"i think the biggest concern here is that north korea continues to do this dance, where they keep the united states involved - maybe have another meeting with president trump - but not commit to any real constraint on military modernization. so they continue to build, they continue to develop, they continue to test."
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(ken) if you think driving in california is tough... you're right. a new survey shows just how bad we rate compared to the rest of the country. alexa is getting a makeover to become quite the conversationis t. meet the california college students .... who made
10:42 pm
it happen.(srts) coming up sports, the warriors...back in the place where they lifted a 2nd straight world title. highlights from cleveland... also, storytime with kyle shanahan, who tells us of his early days in the nfl spent helping his dad mike in denver. details ahead
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(ken) students at u-c davis have taken the art of conversation to the next level. (pam) they have created a social bot .. that can hold a conversation..... and it can even tell a corny joke.
10:45 pm
nat sound"hi! this is an alexa prize social bot it's really good to meet you.""we won the award because we create the most realistic social bot.""the task is mostly about building a social conversation on chat by contacting people from more than 20 minutes."nat sound "what would you like to talk about?""it has a huge variety of things you can talk about." nat sound"can we talk about the midterm election?" "republicans expanded control of the senate, the democrats took the house and seven governorships flipped. was it as you expected?""not really." "i did not see it coming. but then this was my first election so give me a break." and so basically the reason why we won is we had the longest tern duration. most interesting conversations we were not expecting that."it's very impressive that we gather together a group of people that has never done anything similar to this before. ""food is one of my favorite topics. this is the future. you see many companies bringing into existing products and having success doing it.""alexa tell me what is your favorite food. "that's a hard question. i really like orange chicken from panda express."that's kind of odd. we took many new mission many approaches things that google has done amazon's done and we tied them into a conversational engine."what did the traffic light say to the car. don't look i'm about to change.""can you tell me
10:46 pm
another joke?" (pam) (pam) the upgrade was part of an "artificial intelligence" challenge. the team's changes earned them a grant which will help them continue their a-i research. (ken) annual global carbon emissions are on track to hit an all-time high this year. that's according to the global carbon project's annual report released today. some hoped that emissions had peaked between 20-14 and 20-16. rose by one-point-seven percent in 20-17. ...and they're set to rise two-point- seven percent this year -- to
10:47 pm
a level of 37-point-one billion tons of carbon dioxide. according to the report, the rise has been driven by an increase in the use of coal around the world. (pam) this might not come as a surprise to a lot of people ... but california is being described as the worst state in the country for drivers.. (ken) this is according to a new study -- grant lodes joins us now with details. (grant) personal finance site bankrate-dot com ranked the best and worst states for drivers related to cost, safety, and driving quality. according to t -44 percent of roads in california are in poor condition. the state also has more thefts as well as higher insurance premiums, repair costs and ga averages. the average
10:48 pm
nearly half an hourarea... the commute is 32 minutes, according to the metropolital transportation commission. hawaii, connecticut, new jersey and washington round out the worst-ranking states for drivers with an average commute time of up to 28 minutes. the study says the best states for drivers are in the midwest - north dakota, iowa, ohio, minnesota and nebraska. (grant) many transit officials say there is hope... thanks to the gas tax... which earmarks billions of dollars to improve roads and traffic safety across the state, and ease congection -- that hot button ballot measure was overwhelmingly upheld by voters last month. another edition of warriors-edition of another another edition of warriors-cavs...only this time it's no longer a rivalry.
10:49 pm
the champs having some fun this morning when draymond green tagged steph curry in an instagram video in the visiting locker room... with the caption, 'they got rid of the champagne fumes this time.' tonight-- the warriors back in the place where they popped those bottles back in june. the warriors at quicken loans arena... taking on the lebron-less cavs.... --- cleveland hung around... end of the half.... rodney hood... just throws this one in to beat the buzzer... cavs surprisingly up 6 at the half. --in the 3rd... warriors take control... kevin durant... the pull-up three to end the quarter... golden state up 9... durant with 25 points and 10 rebounds... --4th quarter... klay thompson... shot only 5-of- 15... but nails this triple to put the warriors up 103-91 --the player of the game.... steph curry... gets the three here and is gets the three here and is fouled for the 4-point play... champs lead 110-97 curry... again... double clutch... doesn''t matter... hits anotr arc.... w 15... steph with 42 points amd 9 threes steve kerr's team wins going away... 129- 105... next up a bigger challenge... at the milwaukee bucks on
10:50 pm
friday ns. dismantled cal at haas pavilion tonight jordan rtinho... the kid out of de la salle... with one of his 4 three-pointers... usf up by 13 another local product with maybe the best name in college hoops... frankie ferrari... from burlingame... hits this one from burlingame... dons up 24 and rolling final... 79-60 usf... usf is off to an 8-and-1 start... cal falls to 2-and-5 the sharks just finished a 5-game road trip, but only have a brief time back home... hosting the hurricanes tonight. --we go to the tank.. look at this young fan in attendance all suited up and enjoying the festivities. --pick it up in the 2nd period-- sharks already up 2-zip... radim simek with the drive and timo meier sends it in. lights the lamp... 3-nothing sharks --then a few minutes later, meier...with the sweet feed to joe pavelski. one of two assists for timo. --sharks go on to win 5-1.. visit the stars in dallas on friday.
10:51 pm
now to the nfl-- both the 49ers and raiders home this week... we'll start in alameda. the signing of running back c-j official today... as the vallejo native and former cal bear is back in the bay area. -anderson stepping in to a running back stable...that has seen marshawn lynch deal with a season-ending injury... and mixed production from doug martin and jalen richard. --as the raiders head into the final four games of the season, the former super bowl champ with the broncos..asked if he sees this as a tryout for a permanent long-term spot. "maybe, i mean if that's how you want to look at it, i look at it as my resume speaks for itself. if i were to sat out for the rest of the season, i think with other people setting the market as well, it's just my educated guess. my resume, being what it's been, being a pro bowl running back, having a lot of success in this league. i would have found a job, it's all about timing." ' down in santa clara-- kyle shanahan and the 49ers...getting ready to host the broncos on sunday.
10:52 pm
this denver team has found a mid season surge... winners of four straight and making a run at a playoff spot. --you could say shanahan grew up around the broncos franchise... as his dad mike was head coach for 14- seasons, winning two world championships. --here's kyle...recallling his days in denver. "they won their first super bowl my senior year in high school, which was real neat. that was back when they didn't have wireless cords. i was always the cord boy, holding my dad's cords which got made fun of a lot for it, but it was neat to be up front and personal with everything. the last guy to hold cords for a coach in the super bowl was me, if you want a good trivia question. after that green bay super bowl, they went wireless the next year. i think they only won one more because they didn't have as good of a cord-holder, is what i always tell my dad.."
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10:56 pm
scattered. the will decrease throughout the night. on the satellite you can see the low spinning toward southern california. a few more clouds and showers will continue tonight but the focus will be more toward the south. highs tomorrow will be cool but slightly warmer tomorrow with highs in the 50s and low 60s. dry weather is forecast through the weekend. more rain is likely early next week. (toni vo) 'twas the night before christma,
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and all thro' the house. not a creature was stirring, but everywhere else... there are performers, dancers, designers
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