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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  December 10, 2018 9:00pm-9:58pm PST

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say they are outraged and fed up with people living in r-v's on their streets.... and now some residents are taking it up with leaders who say they are not making the problem any better. (jr stone ) thanks for joining us, im jr stone in for grant lodes... (vicki) and im vicki liviakis... it's happening in the city's portola district which is from alemany boulevard to mansell street... that's where we find kron4's dan thorn he is in san francisco with details on the heated neighborhood meeting. natspeople living in the portola section of san francisco say they're tired of rv squatters parking and living in their neighborhood. several times a monday night meeting at the pelega rec center got heated..nats..these residents want their voices heard..sot: the people that are living in the rv's it's now..we don't look to the going of say they want goals to address the problem.. supervisor hillary ronen says she too is frustrated. especially with the response from other city leaders..sot:
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because they said they had a whole plan in place to on how they're going to deal with this issue in all neighborhoods . ronen says the city's only response to the problem is to ban oversized vehicles from certain streets. ronen says this tactic only pushes r-v's from one neighborhood to the next. for example, these rv's along felton street were along university ave just the day before..sot:nothing is done and it's not fair..human rights organizers say there needs to be alternatives to help these people.sot: something other than more restrictions because people dont just have to go somewhere.. (v another big story we are following tonight ... the release of police body camera footage taken in napa it was early last wednesday morning when police shot and killed a man who was wanted for hitting a woman... this after an extended chase.
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kron 4's dan kerman has a closer look at the body cam.. it's this 911 call last wednesday morning... that lead to a chase and ultimately a napa police officer shooting and killing the suspect 27 year old david molina. monday, napa's police chief released edited 911 audio and edited police bodycam videosot i thought its important to provide a transparent component to what's occurring the footage show office christopher simas giving chase towards and apartment complex, through a park, over a fence and into a ravine. sot robert plummer/napa police chief :45 despite officers commands molina failed to comply over 31 times he is told to comply show us your hands stop running, molina failed to police say the chase went on more than 5 tches up and is able to cuff one of the suspects hands... but then things go horribly wrong ---nats--the chief says thats the sound of the suspect grabbing the officers ar-15
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automatic rifle and firing multiple times... no one is hit... then over the next 20 seconds another struggle , and this time the officer regains control of his weapon--nats-- sot molina then says some curse words and comes towards the officer and then fearing he has already in a struggle for his life discharges the weaponmolina died on the scene.. .police say the weapon he reportedly was carrying, this 38 special, was found 75 feet from the shooting occurred.standup dan kerman / napa 205the major crimes task force and napas sheriffs office are both investigating this shooting.. the officer remains on adminsitrative leave. in napa, dan kerman kron 4 news.
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a mentally ill man who was shot by officers on the peninsula earlier today... has died. the incident happened this morning in redwood city, at a home on lincoln avenue near el camino real. officers were responding to a 911 call of a man harming himself with a butcher's knife. here is what witnesses saw go down after police arrived.(jr stone) redwood city police say they received a report that the man, 33-year-old kyle hart was cutting his wrists and
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throat inside the home just before 9 this morning. police say when they encountered hart there was a confrontation and he eventually charged at them with that butcher's knife. investigators say hart had a history of mental illness. he lived at the home with his wife and two small children. that woman was covered in blood and had minor injuries. it's unclear what happened to cause that. police described the confrontation with hart.wife of this man">(jr stone)okay but it appears at least one of them may have witnessed everything that went down inside the house between the mother and the father. .... (jr stone) a bay area famitonight when it comes to finding a man who has been missing for about two weeks now...(vicki) he
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is gavin octaviano... a 22 year old uc-irvine student... he was home in daly city for thanksgiving break. he told family he was heading out to meet friends the day after the holiday ... but his friends say he never showed up. kron4's michelle kingston is in san francisco -- where family found his car after he went missing. (mk)michelle kingston, mkingstonnews"this is where the family found gavin's car after he was reported missing. in a parking lot near the golden gate bridge."veena octaviano, sisterhe is very selfless. he's very kind hearted. he has the biggest smile that everybody remembers. this is gavin octaviano's stocking and the first holiday his family fears he may not be with them on ch veena octaviano, sisterand it's hard because people keep saying he's 22. he's probably just out there like not wanting to deal with his family. that's not our brother. cuz if it was we wouldnt be making this a big deal that we are.gavin came home from school for thanksgiving break and on
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friday nov 23 he told his family he was going to meet up wtih friends for dinner but he never made it to the restaurant.steffi octaviano gines, sisteri was like be safe we love you let us know if you need anything and then he just went out the doorits been weeks since gavin went missing .. his family now asking for your helpveena octaviano, sisteri know that he loves all of us very much and that's why i keep telling people that i know that he is not doing this on purpose and if he is lost we just want the bay area to be aware of his face and if anyone sees him anywhere to give us a call because we want him home michelle kingston, mkingstonnews"we reached out to police but have not heard back. in san francisco michelle kingston kron 4 news." (jr stone) a massive storm dumped rain, sleet, and snowfall in parts of the carolinas and virginia over the weekend causing dangerous driving conditions and and now, there
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deaths carolina... tonight, the region is expecting temperatures below freezing, which could make a bad situation even worse... reporter omar jimenez is in charlotte, north carolina with treacherous roads, stranded travelers, and thousands without power...this weekend's record-breaking winter storm dumped rain, ice, and snow across the southeast... some areas seeing a year's worth of snow fall in just a matter of hours...creating a nightmare for road crews...snow plow operator/hickory, nc: "it's deep, it's about a foot. i'm doing parking lots right now, and the tractor won't evpush it enough."and claiming at least two roy cooper / north carolina: "a man was killed yesterday in matthews when a tree fell on his truck. and in haywood county a woman living at home on hospice care
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passed away during the storm." now below-freezing temperatures across the region could make a miserable worse... gov. roy cooper / north carolina: "with cold temperatures today and freezing nights ahead, the snow and ice and the danger may not go away as quickly as they came. temperatures tonight could turn wet and slushy roads into ice rinks tomorrow morning."about 3,000 flights were canceled at area aiports over the weekend... and there are more travel headaches in the forecast for stranded fliers...passenger stuck at richmond international airport: "probably half the people are irritated about how they can't get their luggage in an immediate sense of urgency and the other half just know it's weather, you can't predict it." and yet despite the misery, some are trying to embrace the winter wonderland...giles jackson/charlottesville, virginia resident: "i enjoy cross country skiing. down hill skiing i'm liable to break something, but certainly cross country is safe."in charlotte, north carolina, i'm omar jimenez. (jr stone) continues to causes chaos tonight.... (vicki) joining us now is chief meteorologist lawrence karnow... how karnow: a weak storm brought a few showers to the bay area this morning before moving out of town. by the afternoon mostly sunny skies had returned. tonight will be mostly clear and cold with patchy dense valley fog in the north and east bay. on the satellite you can see the cold
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front that moved through and is now headed toward southern california. there's another one that will drop in from the gulf of alaska tomorrow night and wednesday. but it will only bring a slight chance of showers. tomorrow will be mostly sunny with a few clouds late. highs will be in the 50s and 60s. more rain is possible friday and sunday.
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(vicki) in national news tonight.... more revelations investigation and president
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saying that there was absolutely no collusion in hi natspresident trump is trying to convince the world... inthe revelations in the russia investigation... mocking any notion of collusion with moscow... while declaring his innocence in the payments made by his former attorney michael cohen to women alleging affairs with mr. trump.the president misspelled the word "smoking" and tweeted: "democrats can't find a smocking gun... no smocking gun... no collusion." "...that's because there was no collusion. so now the dems go to a simple private transaction, wrongly call it a campaign contribution,..." "....which it was not... cohen just trying to get his sentence reduced."democrats wel be campaign finance crimes... and potential grounds for impeachment.rep. jerrold nadler/(d) new york:"well, they would be impeachable
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offenses. whether they are important enough to justify an fferent question but certainly they'd be impeachable offenses."if not impeachment... other democrats say... perhaps prosecution.rep. adam schiff/(d) california:"my take away there's a very real prospect that on the day donald trump leaves office the justice department may indict him. that he may be the first president in quite some time to face the real prospect of jail time."the president is sticking to his talking points. president donald trump:"on the mueller situation, i am very happy with what we are reading because there was no collusion whatsoever. there never has been. the last thing i want is help from russia on a campaign."as he denies collusion... the president is trying to clear up the confusion inside the west wing... after announcing the departure of his chief of staff john kelly... while teasing he was on the verge of tapping a replacement. president donald trump:"we'll be announcing who will be taking john's place. it might be on an interim basis. i'll be announcing that over the next day or two, but john will be leaving at the end of the year."the problem... the young, ambitious staffer initially eyed for the job... the vice president's chief of staff... nick ayers said no thanks... and revealed he's leaving the white house... forcing the president to start scrambling.natsbut sources tell cnn other top administration officials aren't interested in the post... as in budget director mick mulvaney and treasury secretary steve mnuchin.g-o-con indicated he might take the job... and u-s trade representative robert lighthizer is also under discussion.sen. chris murphy/(d) connecticut:"i'm also worried about general kelly leaving the white house. i imagine he was one of the people that was attempting to convince the president not to fire mueller." (vicki) (vicki) sources say trump has
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privately told confidants he wants his next chief of staff to shift goals (jrs)consulate of saudi arabia in knew he was in danger. and now more information is out about the last moments of his life.....including his last words: "i can't breathe." many in washington d-c say saudi crown prince mohammed bin salman ordered the murder
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of jamal khashoggi. but the trump administration says there's no smoking gun. and the new york times reports president trump's son-in-law and adviser jared kushner had numerous talks with the prince after khashoggi's murder. samantha vinograd/national security analyst"pursuing a 'just jared' strategy is probably the best way to get their desired outcome by working with kushner""they don't have to deal with the professionals who might be weighing other options."(jrs) the trump white house has been criticized over the insistence that u-s intelligence agencies have no direct evidence linking the crown prince to khashoggi's khashoggi's murder. (vicki) active duty troops will begin leaving the 3-thousand by the holidays. there have been roughly 54-hundred troops along the border in recent weeks. they have been installing razor wire barriers and protecting border patrol agents in california, arizona and texas. president trump ordered the deployment of troops in response to a caravan of central american
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migrants moving toward the u-s border. (jr) back here locally... a possible homeless solution could be coming to the south bay.... these tiny homes are about 80 - square feet, insulated, and could get people off the street and onto their feet. the two proposed locations for these tiny home communities include the berryessa district near mabury road and the other is on felipe avenue near the 101/280 interchange. the san jose city council will need to declare a shelter crisis and approve the budget before these tiny homes can be built. this goes before the city counci december 18. (vicki) this holiday season if you would like to give back there are ways to do so across the east bay. kron4's ella sogomonian is live in newark at the salvation army where they are collecting both food and toys. ella how can people pitch in? live its the season for giving so if you have the means and want to help the salvation army is accepting
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turkeys toys and your time... pkg the salvation army in newark is gearing up for a big give away during the holidays. they're asking for food toys and warm jackets but also need volunteers who can help pass them out. their angel tree program allows businesses to sponsor a child, for the tri-city location they can pick up a tag at raley's supermarket and kaiser permanente in fremont. the sign up list for kids to get toys ended in october but families in need are still eligble for those free holiday meals. volunteers will help pack them up in boxes...the salvation army is specifically asking for turkeys.sot: lily maccallum, salvation army// "the holiday are coming around very soon and if you weer thinking as a private citizen that you would liek to help out and he ainneed like i said we are accepting donations of turkeys and also
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donations of forzen desserts and finally a lot of folks just like to donate their time which is absolutely priceless and we are accepting volunteers to help us ring a bell."look up a location near you because some salvation armys across the east bay are distributing holodays meals those in need can cook at home. while others will host a santa workshop where kids pick up toys. there are other east bay organizations you can either volunteer at or benefit from including: - all salvation army's - the alameda and contra costa county food bank - you can drop off toys at all alameda county fire departments until december 24th and contra costa county fire protection district stations until noon this friday the 14th. - meals on wheels in walnut creek at 1300 civic drive needs volunteers to deliver food to seniors and financial support. - christmas for everyone 68 at morello avenue martinez will serve a full traditional christmas meal on christmas day and hand out a bag of groceries on your way home, plus will have gently used clothes to choose from// they also need volunteers - the pleasant hill senior center on 233 gregory lane is collecting food too. apparently toys for tots in concord are no longer accepting donations because they've hit their limit which is good news. tag if you're in need come on down and pick up free food for your holiday meal here at the salvation army on december 18th. in newark ella sogomnonian kron 4news.
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(jr stone) the alameda county sheriff's office is collecting sporting equipment for children in butte county who lost everything in the fire. dick's sporting goods sent more tbikes to aid in the effort.bikes total to give to kids in we getting a clearer understanding of the acts of heroism demonstrated during the camp fire in butte coutny. (jr stone) 85 people died in the fire.. most of them senior citizens. many
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residents did get out alive due in part to dozens of citizens, acting on instinct, who put themselves in harms way to save others. kron 4's ashley zavala met up today with one man who is credited with saving the young and old. "you have to look out for your neighbor in that situation" shawn paul -- a maintenance worker at the core butte charter school will never forget november 8th...the father of five daughters spent the first part of his morning checked on the elderly at this now ompark. "i went from mobile home to mobile home to mobile home to make sure i got everybody out, or at least up and moving, a lot of them couldn't drive so i had to find neighbors that could take them."by the time he finished knocking on doors.. traffic out of paradise was gridlocked.. "the couple i evacuated from the mobile home park ran out of gas, so they came with me, then i had an 87-year-old
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gentleman who couldn't drive at night."he and the seniors along with about 100 other scared community members stood by at the church parking lot nextdoor."we knew we were safe because it was a big parking lot but the fire was all around us," shawn says they were in the parking lot for about 8 hours while the fire scorched the town around it... "the maintenance guy from the church was there with me the whole time, he helped me get snacks and he was out there fighting the flames the whole time." first responders kept an eye on the group until it was safe to escort them out.. shawn says what he did was just a small part of so many courageous acts in butte county...."everybody was a hero that day. it should be called paradise:town of heros" (jr stone) coming up.... one of the longest standing
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conspiracy theories is that the moon landing was a hoax. and now that theory just got a high profile supporter-- a golden state warriors super-star... details on who it is.. (vicki) plus... from selling bread - to selling pot?? a midtown bakery that's been a local staple for nearly three decades... could soon close its doors to make way for a marijuana dispensary... (jr stone) and up next for all those shoppers still looking for holiday gifts... there is still time to shop on cyber monday part two... find out which stores are offering deals on green monday... (lawrence) weather tease
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everyone knows about cyber monday.well, today is cyber monday part two-- which also known as 'green monday'.(jr stone)2 shot tele green monday is considered one of the biggest online shopping days in december... and there is still time to cash in on deals... it usually takes place on the second monday of the month. that gives shoppers around two weeks to find their perfect christmas gifts. plus stores still have time to ship them out before christmas arrives. retailers from big box stores like walmart... target and best buy are offering deals to draw customers to their sites. as well as amazon and overstock-dot-com. and on top of that.... many stores have free shipping with no minimum purchase. 'green monday' was actually created
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by e-bay in referred to their top sales day in december. (vicki) ahead at nine... chaos in the streets outside of a nightclub... but not for a party... instead, it was all over the release of a pair of shoes... (jr stone) plus... two police officers fired after body cam video surfaced showing one them punching an inmate in the face. they never faced criminal charges... and now some say it's time for that to change. (vicki) and up next... a home burglary caught on camera... where it happened and the simple mistake you shouldnt do that'll make you a target.
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♪ when you have doctors working as a team for your health, you get the care you need to help you thrive. ♪ visit to learn more. kaiser permanente. thrive. ♪ (vicki) a brazen home
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burglary caught on video in san francisco's richmond district.(jr stone) the thief is recorded as he rifles through the garage of a family while they slept.(vicki) kron4's maureen kelly has the latest numbers that show home break-ins are spiking in the city. im pissed it's a family was sleeping upstairshomeowner jafon hakkinen is hoping someone can identify this man....who was captured on video stealing from his richmond district garage just before 5am saturday addition to the drill set you can see the man take off the shelf....right above the camera that is recording the burglary in progress....the man walked away with hakkinen's golf clubs and mountain bike. the homeowner believes the thief was able to gain access to his garage by first stealing his garage door opener.a neighbor's camera shows the man before the crime...apparen tly trying to open car doors.....hakkinen says after
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his door was opened, the man came in and calmly took the items one a time....and was filmed walking away the the items before coming back for more.the guy was cool as a cucumber he wasn't sweating he looked really put together he didn't look like he has issues or was homeless....he looked like a regular personwhat really galls me is that after he left he left my garage door open wide anyone could have come in.police are investigating and hakkinen is widely sharing the man's photo on social media. i want him caught i want him made an example of itthe thief is already an example....of the spike in burglaries reported in the city. according to sfpd as of october of this year there were nearly 4800 of them so far in 2018....which is up 13 percent from the same time last year. maureen kelly kron4 news (jr (jr stone) in the south bay... a san jose family has
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been targeted several times by a pair of thieves. new surveillance video shows a man walking up to a black car... getting inside... and driving away. the theft happended on november 25th. the night before... the owner says her son's car was broken into and the thieves stole several items including two pairs of car keys and registration information. the thief used one set of stolen keys to take the black car. hours after her car was stolen the thief returned with a woman and stole items from the garage. in the video the man tries to start a second car but fails. the homeowner says two nights later the man returned to the home.. but did not take anything. (jr stone) mental health professionals california are walking off the job this week. they're protesting what they say affect care. a union president says patients have to wait a month of more for follow=up ts
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staffing levels. and that kaiser needs to hire hundreds more clinicians. 4-thousand psychologists, therapists,, social workers,, psychiatric nurses and more will picket through friday. (vicki) teachers at oakland high school say they are not happy with their pay -- or lack of contracts. so today...they walked out of class. they marched to oakland city hall to call attention to a bargaining impasse between the school district and the teacher's union. district officials said educators who participated in the "sick out" might be subject to disciplinary action and a loss of pay. teachers say they dollar a year (jr stone) par east bay city are upset tonight saying their kid's classrooms lack heaters to keep their kids warm during school. those parents are now demanding action in light of all the chilly weather. kron 4's terisa estacio has the story from hayward. ana barajas, parent the
9:33 pm
teacher sent an email, that the heater had been out for several weeks and the children were cold. ana barajas says she contacted kron four news because she was frustrated to hear abou the conditions at her son mateo's school in hayward. she said she felt awful for other children as well and knew it just wasnt right what she was hearing. barajas. some children live in cars, they need a safe place, such as school, and no heat is just not right. parent. my son's teacher brings a portable heater. at treeview, other parents and kids told me their experiences. kid, "it is cold sometimes." we reached out to the hayward unified school district - and they told me they were made aware of issues surrouding the heating system... and that quote, maintenance staff worked to address the situaiton withink one business day of receving notice by implementing both short term aremembedies and a long term solution. the heat will be working in the classrooms as welary as this afternoon. ana. i just want something done. in hayward, terisa estacio kron four news. (vicki)(vicki) (vicki) from selling bread
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- to selling pot?? a midtown sacramento bakery that's been a local staple for
9:35 pm
nearly three decades.. could soon close its doors to make way for a marijuana dispensary...(jr stone) some nearby businesses are not welcoming the idea - and asof the pot. (nats)lunch hour at the bread store in the heart of midtown sacramento.. brings a constant stream of customerscraving fresh baked goods..(jean dufty - longtime customer) "they make the only good rye bread in sacramento here!" for almost two decadesjean dufty has been a loyal fan of the rye bread(jean dufty - longtime customer)"maybe 18 years"but a bright blue sign on the front window -hints at a big change that ámight be coming to this j street staple.. "safe accessible solutions cannabis dispensary" has applied to move into the bread store's longtime home but first - the city of sacramento has to hold a hearing to review the permit. its because the proposed location is 300 feet from a residential area - and 600 feet from this church.. and a drug rehab for dufty -she doesn't mind the business moving in"i dont care what they put in here"(stand up) "but some nearby businesses do mind. the city notified nearby
9:36 pm
property owners - and y written in opposition.. its not because they oppose the dispensary - but instead - because they say this area already has a serious lack of parking"bevmo and office max are among the business opposed to the dispensary.midtown association hasn't taken a stance on the proposed cannabis shopexecutive director emily baime michaels tells fox40(fs)"we are eager to learn more after giving the applicant the time and opportunity to respond to the parking and security concerns expressed by neighboring businesses" (jr stone) "safe accessible solutions cannabis dispensary" is not releasing a statement at this time(vicki) bread store has not publicly posted anything about closing or moving the bakery... if the permit gets approved. there will be a city hearing on it this thursday.. (lawrence bay area weather) (sports tease) just ahead
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in sports, the raiders with a shakeup in the front reggie mckenzie is removed from his general manager post. details and reaction. also, an update from oracle, warriors facing the wolves.
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you can get health insurance at a lower cost. in fact, enrollees pay an average of $5 per day. see how little it costs to get covered. visit today. starting tonight with the warriors, back home and getting one of their stars back. --golden state hosting the t'wolves... draymond green back in the lineup after missing time with a toe injury. here's an update,.. at last check,
9:40 pm
warriors up 101-89... klay thompson with a buzzer beater three right before the break. we'll have full highlights later tonight. now to the other big story of the day--reggie longer the raiders general manager. --the reports started coming out yesterday afternoon, and it was made official official today.. mckenzie's tenure with the silver and black is done after six seasons. to alamed --decisions that earned him executive of the year honors in 2016.. --then when jon gruden came on board, there were questions on how much input he would building the roster... and it's still not known how much the pair worked together. -the raiders say the search for a new front office exec is now underway. --gruden wouldn't discuss what led to today's decision, but says he didn't expect a change to happen. "i really didn't have a sense of it. i've just been in a dark shaft room working hard trying to get ready for the next game. this is all somewhat surprising. there's been a lot of speculation and a lot of rumors coming out of here early in the season. you don't know what's real, what's
9:41 pm
smoke, what's fire. you really don't. but we have made a change and we have to respond and that we will." finally, monday night football...vikings in seattle. --hawks took a 6-nothing lead till about 3 minutes left to go... then, they busted the game open in a span of 18 seconds... ripping off two touchdowns... including this 29-yard fumble return by justin coleman. --seattle moves to 8-and-5...and they are on the verge of clinching a wildcard spot. coming up on kron4 sports at 10, details on a special honor given to the warriors...that's only been granted to three teams. until then more news after the break ♪ toyland, toyland ♪ little girl and boy land ♪ while you dwell within it ♪ you are ever happy there
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people gathered for the release of a new air jordan shoe... many people lined up for hours to try and snag a pair... but things took a turn for the worse when crowds got wild... reporter franklin white explains what happened.... natschaos in miami...nats police forced to break up "e11even" (eleven) nightclub saturday. but not for a party...instead, the release of this new shoe. kahmahreeah lotfy/witness:unch just trying to rush the door late to get in. so everyone was just kind of pushing and it just got out of hand."the miami-based company solefly organizing the secret launch, partnering with air jordan to create and sell their new nike air jordan retros.but before the event could even start, customers became ruthless.nats
9:45 pm
the crowds began pushing and shoving--some even seen breaking down metal barriers. noam prosper/witness: "everybody in the back were pushing everybody in the front. and at the end of the day, the little kids in the front, they were just getting trampled over."police on hand, doing their best to control the cop even suffered minor injuries. officer kiara delva/miami police:"one of our officers did suffer some discomforting pain near the chest area and he has been checked out and he is expected to be okay." solefly... forced to cancel the event, releasinstement... " number one priority, we've had to cancel our release today. we will reschedule our launch for a future date, thank you." customers we spoke to say they hope the next shoe launch is done properly.noam prosper/witness:"i hope that they learn from this year and change it up next year because this is -- it's wrong."nats (jr stone) the new launch date and location has not yet been announced.
9:46 pm
(vicki) an elderly woman was hospitalized after she was run over by a car during a robbery - and the whole thing was caught on camera. we want to warn you this video may be disturbing for some viewers. security footage from inside a mcdonald's in florida... it shows a man in a white baseball cap and maroon shirt approach the elderly woman from behind. he reaches over her shoulder and grabs her purse. then the man sprints out the door and into a waiting car, with the woman chasing after him. she opens the driver side door, but the suspect backs up -- dragging her, knocking her to the ground, and running over her. police are still looking for the suspect. (vicki) two police officers were fired after body cam video surfaced showing one them punching an inmate in the face. it happened back in april in louisville, kentucky...(jr stone) they never faced criminal charges, and some say it's time for that to change. reporter kaitlin rust has the story and shows us the disturbing video.
9:47 pm
christopher 2x/activist"the bottom line is is civil rights weren't being protected right then."in a press conference. local activist christopher 2x spoke about the reaction this video has gotten all over the country.he's been working with the family and says multiple civil rights groups have reached out and are outraged. christopher 2x/activist"if terrance would have did the same thing to the correctional officer there would have been charges on him." terrance whitehead, the inmate seen in the video, is suing the former officers david schwartz and devan edwards federally, claiming the two beat him, pepper sprayed him and before the video starts.but local attorney michael goodwin says that punch is enough to prove a violation of civil rights. michael goodwin/attorney "corrections officer has no justification in using force like we see on the video." goodwin says excessive force is the violation that jumps out to him.the suit cites violations of the fourth, eighth and fourteenth amendments, which guarantee protections for whitehead even in custody.and since this a civil suit resulting in monetary damages, those involved are calling for criminal charges.the fbi is investigating, but it may take time if charges are filed. michael goodwin/attorney"the
9:48 pm
prosecutors in a lot of these cases involving law enforcement officers are very slow or very careful when they charge and when they don't charge." (jr stone) christopher 2-x says a civil rights group based in dallas might organize protests in louisville. (vicki) the family is scheduled to hold another press conference tomorrow night to discuss policy changes. (vicki) now to our four zone forecast... as we take this live look outside at the embarcadero... joining us now is chief meteorologist lawrence karnow... lawrence karnow: a weak storm t bay area this morning before moving out of town. by the afternoon mostly sunny skies had returned. tonight will be mostly clear and cold with patchy dense valley fog in the north and east bay. on the satellite you can see the cold front that moved through and is now headed toward southern california. there's another one that will drop in from the gulf of alaska tomorrow night and wednesday. bring a slight chance of showers. tomorrow
9:49 pm
will be mostly few clouds late. highs 50s and 60s. more rain is possible friday and sunday.
9:50 pm
(jr stone) 4 your health tonight... the c-d-c has confirmed two dozen more cases of a polio-like illness in young kids.(vicki) acute flaccid myelitis is a rare illness that causes paralysis. the agency said there have been 158 confirmed cases in 36 states so far this year, mostly in young the number of cases is still growing. there is currently no cure or vaccine for the illness, but experts recommend washing your hands regularly and protecting against mosquito bites. the c-d-c is investigating risk factors and causes. (jr stone) woman who have
9:51 pm
given birth can be at a slightly higher risk of breast cancer compared to those who haven't. that's according to a new study that looked at about 900-thousand women worldwide who are younger than 55. it shows that the increased cancer risk peaks during the first five years after giving birth. the higher risk still lingers for up to 23-years after having a child. but after the 23-year-mark, things appear to change - and a childbirth then seems to make women less likely to develop breast cancer.say that motherall. (vicki) breast according to a new study by the journal of clinical guidelines for genetic testing limits the number of women who can get tested -- patients without genetic testing for breast cancer might not get the appropriate treatment for their cancer -- which could be a matter of life or
9:52 pm
death. one of the authors of the study says the data supports one clear guideline -- that all breast cancer patients should receive genetic testing. (vicki) up next... just months after n-b-a star kyrie irving apologized for his comments about the earth being flat... now a splash brother is bringing another conspiracy theory to light...
9:53 pm
9:54 pm
(vicki) there are people who believe the earth is flat, holocaust deniers and nine-eleven debunkers -- but one of the longest standing
9:55 pm
conspiracy theories is that the moon landing was a hoax. (jr stone) that theory supporter-- n-b-a super-star stephen curry. the golden state warriors point guard admitted on the "winging it" podcast that he doesn't believe humans have ever been to the moon. nasa ended the race to the moon in 19-69 when neil armstrong became the first man to walk on its surface. several subsequent missions landed 10 astronauts on earth's natural satellite over the next three years. they brought back video of the experience as well as rocks and dust from the moon. curry's comments come a week after nasa successfully placed its insight lander on mars. (jr) that wraps up kron 4 news at nine...(vicki) but our primetime coverage continues at the top of the hour. pam moore and ken wayne are here with kron 4 news at ten....guys?
9:56 pm
(pam) thank you jr and vicki.... next at ten... a heated debate tonight in one bay area neighborhoodwhere r-v squatters are filling up the streets.residents got a chance to residents got a chance to sound off... and they sa, y the city is only making the problem worse.find out where...he cobay area family hoping someone has seen this missing college student who vanished while on thanksgiving break.where he was last spotted.(pam) and the british prime minister delays a controversial vote on brexit. we'll speak with a member of the bay area economic council... about what that means for the global economy.. (ken) don't go away...hour three of kron 4 news in primetime starts right after the
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9:59 pm
people living in one san francisco neighborhood are outraged.. and say they are fed up with people living in recreational vehicles on their streets.... and now, some residents are taking it up with their local leaders, who residents say, are not making the problem any better. (pam) thanks for joining us, im pam moore(ken) and i'm ken wayne. it's happening in the city's portola district which is from alemany boulevard to neighborhood meeting. there was outrage from residents living in this area. they want their streets cleaned and these r-v's . but problems lie with the city not coming up with solutions. nats
10:00 pm
people living in the portola section of san francisco say they're tired of rv squatters parking and living in their neighborhood. several times a monday night meeting at the pelega rec center got heated.. nats..these residents want their voices heard..sot: the people that are living in the rv's it's a lifestyle they have chosensot: we look straight ahead when we drive in our neighborhood now..we don't look to the right we don't look to the left because we're afraid of what we're going to see. many of say they want measurable goals to address the problem.. supervisor hillary ronen says she too is frustrated. especially with the response from other city leaders..sot: n place to on how they're going to deal with this issue in all neighborhoods .


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