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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  December 16, 2018 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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(jrs) heavy rain came pouring down on the bay area today. this is the first of several storms expected to hit. the video you are looking at now is of the bay bridge today you can see visibility is way down as you make your way across into the city of san francisco. good evening i'm jr stone. (justine) and i'm justine waldman. thank you for joining us for kron4 news at 10. right now we want to get right to our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez who is tracking exactly where the rain is hitting right now. showers and a few thunderstorms will be possible tonight, followed by clearing and drying conditions on
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monday in the bay area. large waves will be impacting the coastline late through tuesday. daytime highs monday will be near average with upper 50s and low 60s. a weak system may skirt the northern portions of the area on tuesday, then dry out through the middle of next week.
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(justine) thank you mabrisa... we have team coverage for you this evening on the weather here in the bay area. kron 4's gayle ong is in santa rosa monitoring the conditions there. at this moment, it is the calm between the storm.just a short time ago it was coming down hard.we started tracking this
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storm this afternoon.a late fall storm has hit the bay area..we started in the east bay where the rain started falling. .on the bay bridge - low visibility - this is where you usually get a front row view of the san francisco skyline.. similar picture at the golden gate bridge..this type of storm is prompting first responders to urge everyone to take it slow.avoid hard breaking and sharp the north bay more wet roads and a sea of's where the national weather service says the storm is expected to drop it's heaviest rainfall..despite the downpour, santa rosa drew a crowd at the sonoma county fair grounds..where there was a medical marijuana competition..these medical cannibus growers from mendicino county braved the elements to participate
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this, we came prepared, brought ponchos and an umbrella, you know we're all right."> you can see the rain has subsided but it is expected to continue throughout the night. here in santa rosa gayle ong kron 4 news (justine) excessively large waves, will put off the mavericks surf competition until further notice. officials had initially said the event could be held this week. but now say the waves will be too inconsistent. and they will wait for better conditions. they say there is still three months left for the surfing event this season and that january is typically the best month for mavericks. (jrs) there's a high surf warning in effect right now for bay area beaches. waves are expected to create breakers as high as 50 feet. the conditions could make a normally safe beach...danger ous. sanaz tahernia talked with a surfer about why he'll stay out of the water. a high surf advisory went into effect this morning at 9am and will last through 9pm tonight
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along the coast from sonoma county all the way down through monterey.experts say we'll be seeing waves breaking between 25 and 40 feet high, and at times as high as 50 feet at various points across the coast. although warning signs were up well before sunrise, some surfers decided to take advantage of the waves before they "i just think it's really kind of messy out there this morning. it's kind of stormy. but actually what will happen is, this afternoon you'll see the beginning of the big swell, starting to come in. and then tomorrow morning you'll see it build really, really fast."although the waves were relatively small during the early hours, the water was choppy.they're expected to peak tonight through tomorrow, and conditions will improve late tomorrow night into tuesday morning.and while for some it may sound like a great opportunity to catch some waves, you are advised to stay away."we definitely have to be safe. today wasn't a day where we had to look out for each other though because it's not that big yet. but tomorrow, i plan on not surfing and just watching because to be honest, i'll probably be too scared to go out tomorrow."reporting from ocean beach, sanaz tahernia, kron 4 news
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(jw) you can track the weather in your neighborhood with the kron-4 app. we have full forecasts.... interactive radar.. and rainfall totals around the bay area. just download the kron-4 mobile app (jrs) and this just into our newsroom... concord police need your help finding a person they believe is responsible for a shooting. witnesses tell police this man and woman are connected to a shooting today at the sun valley mall. at four o clock police were called to the mall when a man shot off a gun. officers were told this man you see here dropped a gun near cinnabon and then shot it one time, then left with the female you see behind him. no one is injured. anyone who can possibly identify either of the two people pictured here should contact concord police. (jrs) five people are in the hospital after a pick-up truck crashes into a restaurant in hayward. (justine) the people hurt were eating inside a sizzler this afternoon. why the
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driver lost control is part of the polcie investigation right now. kron4's dan thorn is live at the scene tonight with more on what happened..dan? (dan)a scary crash for people eating that this sizzler restaurant this you can see the windows are boarded up and there's still quite a mess to clean up here. emergency officials say a two vehicle crash sent the pick up into the corner of this restaurant injuring a handful of people. images shared on social media show the moments just after a pick-up truck came crashing into a sizzler. emergency crews say a two-vehicle crash forced the truck off of hesperian boulevard and into the corner of the restaurant.
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moments of confusion and horror shortly followed... hayward firefighters say 5 people had to taken to the hospital...they all reportedly had minor to moderate injuries. the driver amazingly walked away unscathed..the sizzler has been closed for workers clean up the debris... broken glass and chair cushions cover the ground where the accident happened.. the truck also hit a newspaper vending machine--scattering some wet papers outside of the restaurant (dan)i've tried talking with people here working on the cleanup to see if they can tell me when the restaurant might open or if there is anything they can share at time and all they're saying is no comment. reporting in hayward dan thorn kron4 news. (justine) an east bay teacher has been arrested ... accused of inappropriate contact with several minors. (jrs) kron 4's alecia reid tells us... authorities followed up on a tip, and after months of investigating,
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victims. take a look .... this teacher aaron holbrook was a staff member at newark junior high school until his arrest on december 7th. police say the 42 year old digital media arts teacher sent ... what they call ... various inappropriate communications, to at least 6 boys.authorities got a call back on september 23rd of possible inappropriate behavior between the newark unified school district teacher and a minor.for months, newark police officers investigated, with the district's cooperation.through their investigation, detectives identified six male victims, all between 14 and 17-years-old.police say holbrook's victims were not students at the school he was teaching.the san lorenzo resident is no longer employed by the newark unified school district, however his name is still listed on its website. the alameda county district attorney is charging the former teacher with six counts of annoying a child under 18 years of age, and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. police are urging ... if you or anyone you know was also a victim ... reach out to them immediately. reporting from newark ... ar .... kron 4 news.
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(jrs) in palo alto -- dozens stood in the rain to honor the lives lost during the tragic sandy hook elementary school massacre.(justine) it's been six years since the shooting in newtown connecticut shook the nation ... kron4's michelle kingston is in palo alto with more from the vigil. (mk)michelle kingston, mkingstonnewtwenty young children lost their lives during a shooting at sandy hook ... as well as six adults six years ago.palo alto remembering each of them during a vigil.áánats of bellsááthe bell rang 26 times in downtown palo alto ...for the 26 lives lost six years
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ago at sandy hook elementary school.judy adams, womens international league for peace and freedom"our children should be safe. we all should be safe."sunday night's vigil -- organized by the peninsula moms demand action group jennifer morris, peninsula moms demand action"this group is about one year old and we have grown to about 500 members in just one year." sheila brar, peninsula moms demand action"we are here to not only commemorate the six year anniversary of sandy hook, but to honor all the lives lost to gun violence since then.áánats of songáá áwe will strengthen background checks yes we will yes we willááholding umbrellas ... and signs ... dozens of people joined together ... surrounded by candles and community ... remembering victims of shootings across the country. diane rolfe, palo alto"there's been so many slaughters, so many people have died. this is, and the children, can you imagine growing up being fearful and knowing other children who have died, brother and sisters?"yvonne murray, palo alto"we need to have a public outcry in order to have things change in this country."áábell natsááin palo alto -- michelle kingston kron 4 news
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(jrs) groups taking to the mexico u-s border today to protest for and against the president's hope for a new border wall. we hearfrom some who were there. (justine) a case of mistaken identity ends with two children shot. how the two are doing tonight. (jrs) and we are tracking a rain storm barreling through the bay area tonight. right now this is a livel ook at the bay bridge and you can see the rain coming down. how this could impact your morning commute.
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(justine) right now we are taking a look at the rain coming down earlier today across the golden gate bridge. and a look live at the golden gate right now.... (jrs) we are now joined by meteorologist marbrisa rodriguez with how long this rain is sticking around. (anchor) time now to check on our weather... with meterologist mabrisa rodriguez. showers and a few thunderstorms few thunderstorms will be possible tonight, followed by clearing and drying conditions on
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monday in the bay area. large waves will be impacting the coastline late through tuesday. daytime highs monday will be near average with upper 50s and low 60s. a weak system may skirt the northern portions of the area on tuesday, then dry out through the middle of next week. (jrs)
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(jrs) there was a clash at
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the border this weekend between pro-border security activists and migrant supporters. the first group gathered on a bridge near the san ysidro port of entry. many held signs reading "secure the border" and "we heart ice." at a nearby park, a group of religious leaders led a rally in support of migrants. news outlets are reporting... despite some heated confrontations between the two groups, no arrests were made. (justine) two boys with special needs are recovering after a shooting in fresno. police say the incident appears to be gang related ... (jrs) and that the shooting was a case of mistaken identity. vanessa vasconcelos spoke to police. (nats)the startling sounds of gunfire shook this central fresno neighborhood to its
10:20 pm carl mcknight / fresno pd: "it shows you the heartless- ness and lack of caring of gang members."it was 10 friday night shot spotter technology alerted fresno police to 15 rounds fired at a home on mckenzie and 9ttwo of the children inside at the time were struck by bullets -- a seventeen and seven year old -- both with special needs. lt. carl mcknight / fresno pd: "their sense of safety and comfort in their home is probably shocked right now we will do what we can to catch these individuals and make it a safer neighborhood."police say they haven't been called to the home before... and know the family has no gang carl mcknight / fresno pd: "it's an everyday family living in there. they just purchased the house in may living the american dream." though friday night was more of a nightmare... the family is thankful their boys survived.(nats)armando alvarez / crisis intervention worker: "it was a god-moment to hear the father what happened to his sons."crisis intervention worker armando alvarez visited the family with the restore project.the non profit organization does street ministry and outreach in the community..once he learned of the shooting, alvarez says he
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needed to make sure the family knows they're not alone. armando alvarez / crisis intervention worker: "it's heartbreaking but i got to glorify god with him because doctors say the bullet that went through the seventeen year olds back should've shattered the bone right here." doctors say the bullet moved in a way that the teen will have full function of his arms. his brother is already out of the hospital after being grazed by a bullet.armando alvarez / crisis intervention worker: "the community needs to come together and standup and pour their hearts into the communities where they live in." (justine) that was vanessa vasconcelos reporting. the suspects remain on the run. there is a reward for any information leading to an arrest. (jrs) a higher percentage of california pot is passing strict safety tests. testing started back in july and saw about a 20 percent failure rate after the first two months. now it's down to 14 percent. state and
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industry officials say that shows businesses are adjusting to the regulated market. cannabis-infused cookies, candies and tinctures continued having the most trouble in test labs: about 25 percent were rejected. that though was an improved rate compared to the july-august period, when one-third failed. (justine) it has now been a month since the 'camp fire' burned the town of paradise to the ground. we are now hearing the harrowing stories from first responders... on how they managed to get out alive. (jrs) getting a second chance. a nine year k-9 veteran is found dumped at a shelter. how the police force is responding... and who is giving the good boy and good home.
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(jrs) a happy ending to the case of a retired police k-nine found dumped at a mississippi animal shelter. (justine) but the man who trained him is still looking for answers. nick ducote reports. nat sound:"you don't want that, you don't want that." this labrador retriever's name is ringo.but he's not your average dog.ringo is actually a retired jackson police officer.a nine-year veteran on the police force, ringo was trained right here in jackson by randy hare at the alpha canine training center.he recently was thought to be living in retirement with his handler, but that was not the case.ringo was found at a local animal shelter and adopted by hare after being abandoned by his handler.randy hare:"i don't know that there is a word for being both hurt and mad but i was both of
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them. and i still am. you know it's just, you just don't turn your back on something like that that's been with you for nine years. next thing we knew, we got a call from an animal shelter in madison that ringo was actually being housed there. and up for adoption."j-p-d says once they were made aware of the issue, they re-assigned ringo's former handler to patrol duty, what many are calling a demotion.the jackson police department released a statement saying they hold their canines with high regard, and they are family. but that statement isn't making hare too excited to train police dogs for the department in the future.randy hare:"all i have to go on as far as jackson police department is what's happened in the past. i know they have a new administration. i actually hope that they do better than they have in the past. but all i have to go on is the past. so for me, no." when j-p-d found out about the issue, they implemented quarterly welfare checks for their k-nines both active and retired.hare says he's thankful for people calling and checking in with him to adopt ringo, but says the retired officer is very happy with his new jackson, nick ducote, three on your side.
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(justine) the yellow vests protestors came out for the fifth straight weekend in paris. the reason the protestors say the french presidents words did not deter them from hitting the streets. (mabrisa)a look at your forecast coming up... (jrs) more (jrs) more stories of courage, hope and survival coming out of paradise... and as first responders are now largely replaced by hazmat clean-up teams ... scientists are raising red flags about what could happen next. as crews in hazmat suits
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continue to clear out the toxic debris and rubble from the deadly camp fire.... rescuers are starting to talk about the extremely dangerous situations they faced.(jrs) meanwhile ... some scientists say, the camp fire could be a terrifying warning. c-n-n's bill weir reports. a month ago it was paradise. but after the deadliest american wildfire in 100 years, it is now mostly ash and rubble and melted metal. with 85 souls lost and
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thousands homeless, this camp fire is the costliest in california historybut if not for the pure heroics of helpers- both in and out of uniform- the death toll could have been so much butte county sheriff's deputy palmer lee who activated his body camera, not sure he'd even survive.natssheriff kory honea/ butte county sheriff's office:"he honestly believed that he was recording the last moments of his life. and in his mind he thought he thought that perhaps the video would survive."but somehow, all first responders survived captain rick manson/ cal fire butte county:"i found an elderly woman stand on the side of road and i only found her because i got tangled in some power lines that i had to cut.and somehow they helped the city of 27,000 evacuate or shelter in place surrounded by
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blowing flames on gridlocked roads and thanks to melting pipes, no water.battalion chief sims hawkins, cal fire butte county:"as i opened my door the embers are blowing inside my truck and thinking my truck's going to catch on fire. shut the door. run to the screaming i hear. it was an elderly couple cuddling each other."there are thousands of stories like this, making paradise a symbol of community sacrifice and survival.the biggest cleanup in state history is underway, and when the lines are up and safe, neighbors will be back helping neighbors sift through what's left.bill weir/ reporting:"but those who study fire and water, wind and climate say paradise should be a warning. in fact on black friday, as this fire was still burning, the trump administration put out the most frightening climate
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forecast in american history. over 300 scientists from nasa, noaa, the pentagon and smithsonian all agreeing that unless things change, this is just the beginning."but when asked about the report.pres. trump:"it's fine..."and its prediction of economic devastation?pres. trump:"yeah, i don't believe it. no, no. i don't believe itdr. faith kearns/ scientist, university of california inst. for water resources"you know climate change doesn't really care if you believe in it or not right? it's it's reality. we have gravity, we have climate change."dr faith kerns is a scientist at the university of california.don hankins/pyrogeog rapher, cal state university, chico"yes we are seeing larger fires..."and don haskins teaches the geography of fire at cal state chico.they both agree that california is also paying for the sin of building
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into the wilderness with no regard for natural cycles.bill weir/ reporting:"but i suppose the lesson is if you don't have a lot of little fires throughout the seasons you're going to have some really big ones."don hankins/pyrogeog rapher, cal state university, chico:"that's right. that's right. in the little fires if you could imagine checker boarding a landscape with a lot of little fires could really do a lot to minimize those bigger fires later." there are around 130 million dead trees in california, controlled burning or cutting them would cost billions.but the risk of leaving them to burn wild is anyone's guess. sheriff kory honea/ butte county sheriff's office:"one of the problems you have is part of human nature is that one we rely upon our past experiences to predict how things are going to go forward. and so i've talked to a lot of citizens who said yeah we were aware of fires but they were always able to stop them on the ridge before they got there.and so i think it engendered this false sense of security."dr. faith kearns/ scientist, university of california inst. for water resources:"a lot of natural hazards have been viewed that way sort of through the lens of history. and now it's much more like, we can't really rely on history as a guide anymore."captain rick manson/cal fire butte county: "yeah. i believe that you know from when i started the fires regular basis are much more there more destructive and the future generation moving forward. they have a very ahead of them." (jrs) two hundred and forty square miles of charred homes and melted cars are mostly what is left in the town of paradise. that monumental clean-up effort is
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expected to take at least a year. (justine) three contractors working to help clean-up following the camp fire have been fired following a post on facebook. photos were posted on the site showing several workers on burned-out property, mocking the destruction they were being paid to clean up. one photo shows the body of a cat killed in the fire, with a beer bottle placed by its mouth. the posts also include offensive captions. city leaders in paradise say police are looking trying to determine if any laws were broken like tresppassing. the company, "brigger, crane, and rigging," issued a statement announcing the termination of the crew members. (live) taking a live look outside at the san mateo bridge... (anchor) time now to check on our weather... with meterologist mabrisa rodriguez.
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rodriguez. showers and a few thunderstorms will be possible thunderstorms few showers and a showers and a few thunderstorms will be possible tonight, followed by clearing and drying conditions on monday in the bay area. large waves will be impacting the coastline late through tuesday. daytime highs monday will be near average with
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upper 50s and low 60s. a weak system may skirt the northern portions of the area on tuesday, then dry out through the middle of next week. (jrs) two weeks after tense two weeks (jrs) week.
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(jrs) two weeks after tense negotiations-- leaders from nearly 200 countries have finally agreed on universal transparent climate change rules.(justine) the agreement made at the united nations climate talks in poland-- is aimed at cutting emissions and curbing global warming. natasha chen has a closer look at the rulebook and why some say it don't go far enough. (jrs) (jrs) (jrs) president trump has
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promised to withdraw the united states, which has done more to cause climate change historically than any other country, from the paris agreement. however, that withdrawal can't fully take place until 2020. (justine) for the fifth consecutive saturday, thousands of 'yellow vest' protesters took to the streets across france. although their numbers were lower than in previous weeks, the grievances seem to remain. c-n-n's ben wedeman has more on the story. another day of pandemonium in the heart of was thought this saturday's protest might be smaller, after president emmanuel macron's latest concessions,
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among them raising the minimum wage and after the strasbourg terrorist attacks.yet several thousand yellow vest protesters braved the bitter cold to return to the champs elyseejacques, sixty- six-years-old, is protesting for the first time in his life jacques, yellow vest protester: "macron," he says, "has not given us a crumb of what we demand. we can't live this way."those demands include the introduction of swiss-style popular referendums, lower taxes, and dignity.silvaine, yellow vest protester: "we want to work to please ourselves, not just to
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survive," says silvaine.the day's demonstrations began largely afternoon, however, the boulevard was thick with tear gas, and chants for the president to resignsome tearing up the cobblestones for the battle...not eager for attention.eight thousand members of the security forces were deployed in paris saturday, far outnumbering the demonstrators.giles, a protester, tells the riot police they should switch sides and don the yellow vests. giles, yellow vest protester: "today they are here, but we have to ask, where is this "will they hold? for how long? we can see they're tired. they shoot for nothing."it may be for nothingbut shoot-gas-they did.ben wedeman: "this is act five, the fifth consecutive week of protests here and it doesn't appear, even though the numbers are smaller, that the protests are, in any sense, coming to an end."act six could very well be a re-run.ben wedeman, cnn, paris. (justine) the show must go on... s-n-l went on as regularly scheduled last night.... the reason this was a surprise to pete davidson fans.
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you know when you're at ross and you find their favorite hero at a price that makes you the hero? yes. that's yes for less. yes! with hot holiday toys for all ages, ross is your toy destination. it feels even better when you find it for less, at ross: yes for less. (justine) there was a short, but important appearance for fans of "saturday night live's" pete davidson.(jrs) important because his appearance was made just hours after he posted an alarming note on social media. polo sandoval reports. pete davidson/ comedian:"once again, mark ronson and miley cyrus..."this was pete davidson on saturday night live - hours after an alarming post on his instagram page: "i really don't want to be on this earth anymore" wrote the saturday night live cast member."i'm doing my best to stay here for you but i actually don't know how much longer i can last."according
10:47 pm
to the nypd, officers rushed to check on the 25-year old on saturday afternoon, soon after the troubling post appeared. police confirm, they were able to personally speak with davidson.neither police nor nbc will say more about what happened but davidson has been open about his mental health struggles in the past.the young comedian has previously said he was diagnosed with borderline personality's also been a very difficult year for the young comedian, october he and singer ariana grande called off their engagement ending their very public romance....then in november, davidson apologized for mocking congressman-elect dan crenshaw who lost his eye serving in afghanistan.pete davidson/ comedian:"this guy is kinda cool, dan crenshaw.... crenshaw later appeared on s-n-l accepting davidson's apology."americans can forgive one another...."this month, davidson took to instagram sharing that he was the victim of onlinebullying during his relationship with the december 3rd post davidson
10:48 pm
also wrote that he was outspoken about his illness and suicidal thoughts to increase awareness for others. he added...."i just want you guys to know. no matter how hard the internet or anyone tries to make me kill myself. i won't."davidson has received an outpouring of support from public figures including, nicki minaj, jada pinkett smith and meghan doctor jennifer caudle told hln, davidson's case is renewing awareness about suicide prevention.dr. jennifer caudle/ family physician:"this can be a particularly hard time of year for depression, anxiety, and even suicidal thoughts because there is much going on. so especially during this time of year, look out for your friends, look out for your loved ones."a reminder many more could be suffering in silence and may not make their pain known on social media or elsewhere. (justine) that's a whole lot of nope from cardi b.the bronx rapper's estranged
10:49 pm
husband showed up during her performance in los angeles saturday night... asking her to take him back. offset came onstage at the rolling loud festival with a bouquet of flowers in hand and a cake that read "take me back, cardi." cardi did not seem amused by the stunt. the pair were married last year and have a baby girl. earlier this month, cardi announced on instagram that she and offset had split. the news came amid rumors that he had been cheating on her. the niners are in that awkward position where a loss is probably better for the longterm future of the franchise....>but of course, players don't see it that way....and i don't blame them.....>these guys are playing for jobs and more importantly pride....and you could see that today at levi's stadium against a team that has pretty much owned them for the past five seasons......> pete carroll and the seahawks in town....they've won 10 straight games against the niners.....>1st quarter....niners down 6-
10:50 pm
0.....richie james back to return the kick.....he finds a seam and plays the sideline.....then kicks it into an extra know what that is folks.....issa house call!!!! 97 yards and the niners go up 7-6.....> let's go to the second quarter....same score....nick mullens finds a wide open garrett celek.....he scores and the niners go up 14- 6....we will see more from celek later.....>later in the quarter....the seahawks answer......russell wilson finds doug baldwin for the touchdown....baldwin had 4 catches for 77 yards and two touchdowns......>4th quarter....20-13 niners.....the seahawks tie it up here tho...check out the effort from chris carson.....he forces his way into that endzone for the touchdown......>this game would go into overtime.....and robbie gould seals the deal.....36 yard field goal is good.....and the niners snap their ten game losing streak to the seahawks......> for the first time all season, i felt good about the raiders on the field....>they just beat the steelers, after playing some good ball the two
10:51 pm
weeks before....>and this week they had a chance to win their second in a row against a very beatable bengals squad.....> but today, they brought me back to reality.....>bengals and raiders fans... dressed up and ready to go......>2nd quarter... raiders already down 17-0... derek carr... who set the franchise record for most passes without an lee smith... his third touchdown catch in as many weeks... 17-7 bengals...>raiders down 7 with 5 minutes left in the game...alex erickson takes the kickoff and... uh oh!... he's running down the left sideline for a 77-yard return.....>that set up... joe mixon... the local kid out of oakley... on the pitch... scampers in from 15 yards out... 30-16 bengals... mixon rushed for 129 yards and a couple of tds.....>ensuing raiders drive... carr... pressured and sacked for the 5th time today... injuries on the
10:52 pm
raiders offensive line have really taken their toll.....> jon gruden... can only look on... arms folded... raiders lose 30-16... the bengals snap their 5-game losing streak despite playing with their backup quarterback the sharks came into tonight game against the blackhawks winning five of their last six games.....>they are currently in fifth place in the western conference.....>the sharks are starting to look like the team that many predicted to get to the stanley cup finals this season...>in the second period...barclay goodrow turns on the red light for the go-ahead goal, giving san jose a 4-3 lead....>a couple minutes later...logan couture scores a goal of his own to extend san jose's lead to five-three.....>in the waining minutes of the game, tomas hertl puts the cherry on top.....>sharks go on to win 7- different players scored for san jose....> (justine) reaching out. the
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little girl hillary clinton wrote an open letter to and the reason she felt such a connection. served in a no-mess bag, my new deli trio and turkey, bacon, and cheddar pannidos are almost too easy to eat on the go. so panni-do eat one while you are in a car, but panni-don't, while you are on a car. order a pannido with doordash today. only at jack in the box.
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young girl reacted to the big news that a former presidential candidate reached out to her.
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is sponsored by food for the poor. (cinematic guitar music) - [girl speaker] when we don't find food to eat, i feel like fainting. - [woman speaker] today i have nothing. i have no idea what i'm going to feed them. - [boy speaker] i feel like my head is turning. i don't feel good at all. - [woman speaker] many people here have seen their children die. i do not want this to happen to my children. - [woman speaker] we put ourselves on our knees and ask god that people's hearts will be touched, and they will help us.


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