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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  December 17, 2018 7:30pm-8:00pm PST

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it's life care. hi, everybody. this is an "e.t." exclusive. >> kate hudson the mama of three's new plan to drop 25 pounds. why she's turning to oprah for help? >> it's the best kind of crazy. behind the scenes drama at "saturday night live." >> then -- >> the unfortunate thing about my daughter and harry -- >> we know somebody on the royal
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naughty list. >> she's always been a very controlling person. >> plus get ready to laugh, we're handing things over to will ferrell and john c. reilly. >> this is a life long dream of mine to be a correspondent for the great "e.t." >> for me as well. these are the questions i always wanted to ask you. this is "entertainment tonight." kate hudson gave birth to her third child just two months ago. now she's found a new way to drop the baby weight. >> very simple. just follow oprah's lead. >> welcome to ww. >> hi. thank you. >> so everybody has a reason to get healthy. >> my why is really my kids and my family an longevity and really wanting to be here as long as i possibly can. >> here's the before and after, about eight weeks after baby. the new goal, lose 25 more pounds in just about four months. the mom of three said she wants
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to keep up her milk production, have more energy, twerk, make time for her man, have girlfriend time and stay sane. >> would you say your life is the best kind of crazy right now? >> yes completely. >> it's all about being healthy for kate. dropping the weight on deadline is for work. she starts working on "blood moon." >> i had everything, booty, three chins and i enjoyed getting big. i was a size 8 and a half, between 8 and 10. i can relate to how difficulties to lose weight now. >> we're told it was an easy yes for kate to become weight watchers, now known as ww, global ambassador. she joins jessica simpson and
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oprah on the program. >> it's not just about losing weight. it's really about connecting to yourself. >> absolutely and fish tacos for me. >> i'm just happy we're face timing together. i love you. >> i love you too! >> fish taco it is. that would be fine with me. >> i could go for one right now. >> i'm hearing you. let's talk about tv news right now. "saturday night live" tied its highest rating of the season this weekend. host matt damon was one big reason why. but there was also some serious headline-making drama. here's why all eyes were on "snl." >> once again mark ronson and miley cyrus. [ cheers and applause ] >> viewers were very curious to see ariana grande's exfiance but he only appeared live for a few seconds. this just hours after posting an alarming message, i really don't want to be on this earth anymore and then deleting instagram. the nypd told "e.t." they performed a wellness check on
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pete. ariana who continues to support her ex in his mental health battle seemingly rushed to 30 rock tweeting i'm downstairs and i'm not going anywhere if you need anyone or anything. >> stay strong, bro. >> later davidson was seen with rapper machine gun kelly who alerted pete's fans he was flying to new york to, quote, make sure he's good. the comedian likely skipped the cast's star-studded after party. >> hi, miley. >> musical guest miley and fiance liam hemsworth were there also on hand host matt damon with his wife lucy after poking fun at this matt. >> matthew, you're gonna host the academy awards. >> all right. >> damon did get serious too paying tribute to his late father kent who lost his battle with cancer last year. >> my dad knew there was nothing more important in the world than to laugh with the people that you love. >> "snl's" last episode of 2018 also packed with guest stars. of course alec baldwin. he once called playing his guest
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role agony. will alec be back? a source tells "e.t." that's the hope. all eyes also on our favorite royals these days, especially with rumors of an on-going rift between the fab four. well the family drama continues for the duchess today as her father thomas speaks out again. >> she's always been a very controlling person. she's always been in charge. >> saying he won't be silent, thomas markle tells "good morning britain" he's been ghosted by his duchess daughter and frozen out of her life. >> i try to text her. i just haven't received any comment back. i'm here. she knows it and i've reached out to her and i need her to reach back to me. i love her very much. >> markle believes meghan and harry buy into the negative tabloid stories about him.
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>> they believe everything they read in the papers and for the first year they were telling me never believe those things, but now they're believing it and thinking i'm saying a lot of things i'm not saying. >> the 74-year-old retired lighting director says he was not paid for the interview and hopes the freeze will end soon so he can meet his future grandchild. >> i'm certainly hoping that everything goes well and that they produce a beautiful baby and i'll get to see a little meghan or a little harry. >> meghan's estranged sister samantha is also speaking out. she criticized meghan and harry's holiday card which features their backs turned saying is this towards the world or just the ragland and markle family? it's a bit sad. and a source tells "e.t." that meghan, harry and their baby plan to visit the u.s. and canada in the fall of 2019. the palace has yet to confirm the trip which may not be formalized until after their child is born. let's move on and talk about some hip-hop royalty. queen cardi b. tonight it's her turn to help james corden get to work, but fun fact, she doesn't have her driver's license so james helps her practice.
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>> you want to turn the wheel. >> i'm scared. >> now right. >> i've been driving for 20 years and i'm still hitting things cardi. over the weekend cardi had a different type of scare. >> she didn't see this one coming. up first in tonight's know and tell, cardi's stage crashing ex. >> i just wanna tell you i'm sorry, bro. >> cardi was clearly not amused by offset's shenanigans waving off the flowers he brought her on stage during her show in l.a. on saturday. >> the rapper's attempt to win back the baby's mama didn't seem to work. cardi posted to her fans to be kinder to her ex-husband.
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>> i'm not saying that i'm gonna get back together with him. i just don't like that bashing online thing. >> meanwhile kaley cuoco and carl cook show major pda on a snowy mountain honeymoon. "revenge" alums emily van camp and josh bowman are now mr. and mrs. the couple tied the knot on saturday. emily told us she had no idea what kind of wedding she was planning. >> never knew what i wanted to do for a wedding. i'm enjoying this moment. it's nice. coming up -- >> i think there's a part of all of us that a geek out about the royals. >> will ferrell's royal obsession confession. why he wants to sneak into the queen's bedroom? plus "agt" decks the halls. and
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"e.t." has a behind the scenes look at jack black's baby transformation for the house with the kwlok in its
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♪ hey, mel b, rollin' with another all-girl crew there. she celebrated christmas with some old high school friends and her baby sis. >> didn't she tell us she has two broken ribs? she's movin' pretty well. >> mel b's injury won't be an issue tonight on nbc. "america's got talent" is taking their best holiday performances and tying them all up with a brand new bow. ♪ merry christmas >> from heart warming to heart racing. >> tonight 12 of america's favorite acts will return to the stage to spread holiday cheer.
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if these acts look familiar, it's because they are. performed and to the tumble.m nick cannon hosted the special in 2018. terry crews takes over this year. all four judges will be back despite howie's holiday's gift giving skills. >> i refuse to accept any christmas gifts from howie. >> howie is the worst. he has given us some weird stuff. >> you got me a slipper, a flip flop. >> which you gave back. >> well would what i dwith a slipper. >> sounds good to me, as long as it's not a used slipper. >> i don't think howie would do that. he's a germophobe. >> i thought it was the grinch that stole christmas. let's go to kevin. >> if i'm the grinch, that would
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make you the grinch's sister. coming up we have john c. reilly and will ferrell squaring off. >> thanks kevin. a "game of thrones" star crushing on a crazy rich asian. >> that's the most attractive man ever. >> why emilia clarke and henry golding might be your favorite new rom-com couple. ? but first we teamed up with verizon to create some holiday memories. >> now tonight here on our "e.t." holiday carnival we are going to show you how we party "e.t." style. >> yes, we are and we are so excited because we have teamed up with verizon and we are going to capture all the google pixel three and the new palm. >> it is and how cool is this palm? it actually syncs to my bigger phone so i can leave it at home. and i can slip into my clutch or hide it in a cute dress and still stay connected all night. >> i'll have a churro please.
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my mom is texting me. she wants to know if i'm coming home for christmas. >> i'm gonna finish by taking a group selfie with the google pixel three. watch this. >> kevin, i'm not in the shot at all. >> i got you, keltie. >> everybody smile. here we go. one, two, three. >> the google pixel three and palm are available exclusively from verizon. for great holiday deals for everyone on your list visit their website. closed captioning provided by --
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♪ melissa mccarthy and her husband ben throwing an epic '80s bash. i don't know what i love more the wigs or the point set thats. >> meanwhile our boy kevin frazier is joining us in ohio. while he doesn't look like he's
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in costume, he might as well-being a ghost buster. >> i'm in ohio and one of the most haunted towns in america. we'll have more on that in the weeks coming. first let's talk about the will ferrell and john c. reilly. they're talking about taking over my job. >> hello, everyone. this is will ferrell and i'm joined by mr. john c. reilly. kevin frazier should be here. >> i guess he has got bigger fish to fry. thanks, kevin. won't ever forget it. >> these are the questions i've always wanted to ask you. >> we've done a ton of movies together. how are we not sick of each other yet? >> i think because we genuinely like each other and we're careful not to outstay our welcome with each other. >> we both have demonstrative signals to each other, like i've had enough. >> i can't even with you right now. okay. when you see this face? just turn around.
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>> i know. >> can i go tit for tat and ask you a question? >> yes. >> what is the one question you have always wanted to ask me? >> oh. >> well, do you fancy yourself a sportsman at all? >> well, thank you for that question. that is a great answer. i just want to know what the question was. >> so let's talk about this movie "holmes and watson." why should people go see our movie? >> because it is ridiculous. >> what have you done with sherlock? >> why, watson, i never left. >> amazing. >> if you like sherlock holmes we make all kinds of jokes about the stuff that is in sherlock holmes stories. if you don't know sherlock holmes or you don't like him, there's still enough there. >> would you mind if we had a picture together? >> who's going to take the photograph? >> i will take it. >> we're solving a royal family murder mystery in this movie.
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>> a murder at buckingham palace. >> do you personally geek out about the royal family in real life? >> i think there's a little part of all of us that geek out about the royals. >> to sneak into the queen's bedroom and put on some of her jewels and walk around in her negligee, right. >> sneak through the hall ways, ah, my word. >> why do i feel like we'll see will soon in the queen's clothing. holmes and watson opens up christmas day. michel nischelle. >> safe travels back home, kev. now christmas is also celebrated in emilia clarke and henry golding's upcoming rom-com. it's actually in the title and i was exclusively on the very cold london set. >> i didn't know it was gonna be 47 below. >> yeah, yeah. >> i've got lots of layers on. i'm not gonna lie. there's three long johns and a couple of tops as well. >> i'm in tights.
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>> the temperature was 30 degrees. it was about 3:00 in the morning. their co-star and the film's writer emma thompson suffered with them. >> this is my new look. >> keeping this couple warm their mutual admiration. >> henry was a big fan of "game of thrones." >> i needed more. >> as for henry, i think emilia speaks for all of us. >> i have not said this to you 'cause it's sort of embarrassing. you came on the screen and i was like ah god. >> that hasn't changed. >> well, yeah. so my day job is to work in a christmas shop as an elf. go figure. >> it's just my general mood and persona doesn't quite add up to the cherry outfit i'm in. >> that's when henry enters the
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picture. >> it's very christmassy. >> we dialed it up to an 11. >> you guys could be making another instant holiday classic. >> well, you know, let's not think ahead. >> why can't we? you wrote it. >> i didn't know i could love dame emma thompson anymore, but i do. >> and she gives good hugs. >> i love that. >> now to a beauty gift that keeps on giving and we know chrissy metz is a huge fan. >> guys, i just got a lash lift. how cool is this? >> yes, the lash lift is so cool. it's one of the most googled beauty trends of 2018. so how easy is it? i think i found the secret. >> why are we so obsessed with these flirty lashes? >> because lashes have a lot to do by -- with young and sexy look. >> elysee zhadikpur at yumi lashes u.s.a. in los angeles
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says the keratin lash lift is a way to boost your natural lashes without extensions. >> what is the difference between an eyelash extension or a false lash and this? >> totally different. yumi lashes that doesn't cause any damage. your lashes get healthier, thicker and longer. >> how fast does someone see results after they leave? >> immediately. >> so how does lash lift work? step one elysee cleans the eyes, then covers them with a small plastic shield. >> the shield just helps me create that curve, the desired curve. >> now it's time to lift. after curling the lashes upwards she applies the lifting cream. >> after the treatment is done it's time to tint the lashes to really make them pop. the whole process lasts about an hour and the results are instant. >> looks so good. >> isn't that amazing? they kind of look like little falsies. between $150 to $250 and lasts eight to twelve weeks. but there are a few rule toss follow afterwards. the biggest one keeping your eyes dry for 48 hours. >> i wouldn't sleep on my face.
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i wouldn't go in a jacuzzi or hot yoga. just keep dry. >> now there is also this disclaimer. elysee says the treatment is not recommended for nursing or pregnant women because hormones can affect the lift. those pesky hormones. >> and my mood. coming up a lot of people want tiffany haddish to host the next on kron-4 news at eight: a heartbreaking plea from a northern california father to the state department... his two year old son is on life support... the boy's mother, unable to see her ailing son, because of the white house travel ban.and... dangerous waves creating problems on the california coast.we are live in pacifica where a high surf warning remains in the search is on for the person behind a deadly hit and run in the south bay i'm ken wayne i'm pam moore. the news -- at eight -- is next.
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provided by -- ♪ should tiffany haddish host the oscars? she ready. >> "saturday night live" had some fun with it. is the real tiffany haddish ready to take over the oscars? >> tiffany just addressed it for the very first time. >> i'm not hosting . i'm not trying to host it. i would like to get another two, three years in the game of hosting everything before i do something that big. also, i've said and done a lot of things that i don't want to apologize for. i got your back, kev. >> she said what she said.
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>> that's right. maybe a few years down the road. she would be fun. maybe a few years down the road. she would be fun. >> yeah, giv youand the holiday spiritoss just hits you... yes! or when you get the best deal... on a treat for your best friend? or when you score a magical gift... at an unbelievable price? yes! that's yes for less. ross has you and your list covered with gifts you'll love to give. and it feels even better when you find them for less-at ross. yes for less. not to the finish.t. but to the beginning. a fight that can only be won, if we stand together for one cause. him.
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expert care for every new beginning. now at eight ... just breaking my heart looking at my son facing death.a father's desperate plea to allow his wife to see their dying son. (whoosh)natbig waves ... the power of the oceanstorm=surge surf damages a popular restaurant and forces the closure of a pier in pacifica. (whoosh)an alarming report on the rise of vaping among teenagers ... think most don't think how bad it is - like it is not as bad as cigerettes, so they use and then get hooked. (pam) the father of a child dying in an oakland hospital ... pleading with the state department to allow his wife to join him... in saying goodbye to their child.(pam) good evening. i'm pam moore, (ken)


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