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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  December 17, 2018 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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miles per hour along interstate 880 in hayward.... (grant) tonight a vigil held outside of the highway patrol headquarters... kron 4's j.r. stone is following the story and joins us live from hayward. j.r. you talked with andrew's family members. what did they have to say? (j.r.)they begged for those out there not to drive under the influence of alcohol or marijuana. saying it has been a very hard year. this is an officer who left behind a wife and three kids.dozens of candles were lit in hayward tonight in memory of rookie officer andrew camilleri who was killed in an accident on christmas eve of last year. it was at that time when a driver slammed into his parked patrol car at more than a hundred miles per hour. that driver, mohammed ali was just 22 at the time of the crash and was said to be under the
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influence of alcohol and marijuana. camilleri was a 33 year old rookie officer who wanted to help the community. this evening he was remembered as a great husband, a great father, and a great dad. here's what his mom had to say earlier this evening.(j.r.)the suspect here, mohammed ali is in jail and will be in court for the preliminary trial on march 5th. keep in mind chp maximum enfocement starts this friday. live in hayward, j.r. stone kron 4 news.
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(vicki) in the south bay, a woman is dead following an early morning hit and run. it happened in san jose along northbound first street near rosemary. police are now hoping that someone with information will come forward to help them find the driver. kron 4's charles clifford has details. ........ the san jose police department says that early monday morning officers were called here to the intersection of jasmine and north 1st for a welfare check. when they arrived on scene they found an adult female lying in the street along northbound 1st street.sotwhen our officers arrived they found the female with injuried consistent with being hit by a car. there was no car around so this was a hit and run. she was transported to the hospital and died a short time later.invesgtigators have been looking for witnesses and trying to locate surveillance
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video that might shed some light on what happened but so far they have come up empty handed.sotwe don't have any information on the vehcils of the suspects.the identity of the victim has not yet been released and police are hoping that someone with information will come forward.sotany information that anyone has. whether they saw something or heard somethingsotwe really need the public's help to solve this. right now we have a victim of hit and run and i'm sure the family wants answers. we want to help them with that.anyone with information is asked to contact the san jose police department. in san jose, charles clifford kron 4 news. this is the 46 pedestrian fatality in san jose this year. in the south bay, charles clifford kron 4 news. (grant) another big story tonight... the father of a boy dying in an oakland hospital... is pleading with the state department to allow his wife to join him... in saying goodbye to their child. the two- year old boy is on life support at u-c-s-f benioff children's hospital oakland... and his mother is not allowed to enter the u=s. the reason: president trump's travel ban. andy
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rose reports. ali hassan, father of dying boy: "just breaking my heart looking at my son facing death. he's about to die soon." the father of a dying 2-year- old boy.. speaking through his heartbreak..that his wife may not have the chance to see her son before he takes his last breath.2-year-old abdullah hassan is on life support at a children's hospital in oakland, california..suffering from a genetic brain condition..his mother, who is a yemeni national living in egypt, is unable to come to the u.s. to see her son one last time..because of the white house's travel ban that restricts nationals of yemen and six other countries from entering the u.s.ali hassan, father of dying boy: "i'm trying for my wife to see him before i take the life support out."hassan and his son are american citizens..he says he brought the boy to the u.s. for medical treatment when his condition worsened a few months, the council on american-islamic relations
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is stepping up to try speed up the process to bring his wife to america..basim elkarra, cair executive director: "we are calling for the department of state to issue a muslim ban waiver to allow the wife of a u.s. citizen, the mother of a u.s. citizen to hold her child one last time."ali hassan, father of dying boy: "time is running out. please help us get my family together again." i'm andy rose reporting. (vicki) a disturbing day for some san francisco high school and elementary school students. shortly after one this afternoon... lowell high school received a bomb threat. due to finals, students had been dismissed at 12-30... but there were still some young people on campus studying. they were evacuated, and as a precaution, so were students down the street at lakeshore elementary. police brought in bomb sniffing dogs to search lowell. but after two- hours ... they found nothing and gave the all clear. (grant) the search is on tonight for the people who assaulted a man... and stole several things from his apartment. this was in the park merced section of san francisco. that's where we find kron4's dan thorn
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tonight.... he's live with more on the investigation. dan? san francisco police say this home invasion and robbery happened friday afternoon around 3 o'clock. several expensive things were stolen from the victim. and residents here tell me these types of crimes are happening more and more.. police say while a 32-year-old man was sleeping in his park merced apartment friday afternoon..a pair of thugs broke in, beat him up and stole several things..sot: the victim had a laptop he had his phone stolen including some other personal property like his wallet and some cash.. officer robert rueca (roo-eck- ah)sfpdofficer rueca with sfpd says shortly after the robbery and home invasion officers responded to the home on chumasero drive. they found the victim had been badly beaten and was taken to the hospital..sot: the victim did have injuries and trauma that he was being treated for it was obvious that he was assaulted..parkmerced neighbors like akram
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abdulrahman say these crimes are happening more often..sot: constantly we've seen a bunch of people with questionable behavior around this area unfortunatelyabdulrahman says just hours after this friday afternoon robbery--his apartment was also broken into..the man was quickly spotted and ran off without stealing anything..sot: it was a very very very scary moment that just happened a couple of days ago luckily nothing happened nothing was stolen no one got injured or harmed... other residents say these crimes and the high rent in the area is forcing them out. abby kennedy and her husband say they're moving to washington state..sot: i have concerns about the civility and safety of living in parkmerced and in san francisco in general anymore and we feel like our san francisco dollars will go farther in and at the same time we'll be safer. police are still looking for the suspects wanted in this crime. they do not have descriptions of the men.. anyone with any information is asked to call police. reporting in san francisco dan thorn kron4 news.
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(vicki) up and down the bay area... dangerous waves pounding the coast. a high surf warning just ended at nine tonight... waves were expected to break as high as 50 feet all because of a powerful storm. kron 4's gabe slate was at the pacifica pier with more... the waves were so big in pacifica they were reaching the top of the pier off sharp park beach normally there are dozens of people fishing off the pier but the city closed it down for safety reasons. sound- people reacting to waves. thenational weather service issued a high surf warning along the coast for monday saying there could waves up to 50 feet high at favored breaks alot of wave watchers were out in pacifica with their phones out trying to capture images of mother nature's power. otherswere taking pictures of the picture takers. sound- people reacting to waves. isaw a few people
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soaked myself while i was getting this shot a huge wave hit two girls just off my left natsound - girls hit with wave sound- steve shaw - assistant gm, moonraker restaurant, pacifica "wehad 2 inches of water in lobby" steve shaw assistant general manager of moonraker restaurant in pacifica which sits right on the ocean incredible views but it's too close when there is high surf sound- steve shaw - assistant gm, moonraker restaurant, pacifica "430am 3 waves hit us got a broken window and structure damage" thisis the not first time the ocean took out one of moonraker's windows, in january 2017 almost the exact same thing happened a rogue wave crashed into the restaurant breaking a window and flooding their lower level banquet room. sound- steve shaw - assistant gm, moonraker restaurant, pacifica "same thing, different window, we are unlucky" in pacifica gabe slate kron 4 news .
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(grant) this is how it looked at seacliff state beach in santa cruz this morning... as the storm-driven waves battered the cement ship and pier before crashing ashore. the pier was closed along with waterfront campsites after about fifteen campers were evacuated overnight to higher ground.most people kept their distance amid warnings about the unpredictable surf. aurelio rodriguez/evacuated from high surf area "...yeah, it's nice to see nature like that but the surf was big...." (grant)farther north, the capitola warf was also closed for a time. sandbags are in place but the surf stopped just short of causing problems for busnesses and residents along the esplanade. most people are keeping their distance amid warnings about
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the unpredictable surf.surfers were quick to take advantage of the conditions, described as big enough but described as big enough but a bit messy. (vicki) it was a cold, cloudy day across the bay... (grant) joining us now is chief meteorologist lawrence karnow... with what we can expect for the work week... lawrence karnow: the bay area had a nice break today from the stormy weather. but the clouds continue moving across our skies today. tonight will be mostly cloudy with patchy dense fog. on the satellite you can see another storm moving into the pacific northwest. there is a chance we could see a few more raindrops north of the golden
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gate bridge. highs tomorrow will be cool under partly cloudy skies and in the 50s to mid 60s. we will see a mix of sunshine and clouds through the week. the next best chance for rain will come this friday and this weekend. (grant) stay connected on the weather in your neighborhood with the kron-4 mobile app. there you will find full forecasts...and an interactive radar. you can also get push alerts on bay area storms. all with the kron-4 mobile app appkron-4 mobile all with the area storms.alerts on bay also get push you can radar. an interactive forecasts...andfind full there you will there you will find full forecasts...and an
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interactive radar. you can also get push alerts on bay weekend.friday and this come this friday and this weekend. (grant) stay connected on the weather in your neighborhood with the kron-4 mobile app. there you will find full forecasts...and an interactive radar. you can also get push alerts on bay area storms. all with the kron-4 mobile app (grant) in national news tonight... thousands of government employees may be furloughed if president trump and congress are not able to avert a government shutdown. (vicki) the leaders have until the end of friday to strike a deal. natasha chen explains how funding over a border wall.. is the sticking point. president donald trump: we're
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doing this in a very friendly's been nearly a week since this televised showdown in the oval office,and the president and congress are no closer to averting a partial government shutdown.president donald trump: i will be the one to shut it down. i'm not going to blame you for it. today, the president tweeted, "anytime you hear a democrat saying that you can have good border security without a wall, write them off as just another politician following the party line."rep. elijah cummings / -d- maryland: whenever i hear a president say to the american people at christmastime 'i am going to shut down your government' it pains me.if a shutdown happens, it would be limited. that's because congress has already funded about three- quarters of the federal government through september of next year, including the pentagon, department of health and human services, and the department of labor.but there are still seven spending bills that need to be passed by the end of friday. if they don't, departments like state, justice, and homeland security will go unfunded.sen. susan collins / -r- maine: there's absolutely no excuse to shut down the government on this or any other issue. i have suggested that we revisit a compromise proposal that we brought forth earlier this year.democrats have similar proposals but president trump has stuck to his five billion
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dollar demand for a border washington, i'm natasha chen reporting. (vicki) according to a fact sheet released by the democratic staff in the senate, more than 420-thousand government workers are expected to work without pay if a partial shutdown occurs, including more than 41- thousand federal law enforcement and correctional officers. (vicki) the death of a 7-year-old girl in the custody of 'u-s border patrol' is under investigation...(grant) and immigration advocates are demanding to know whether the border patrol could have prevented the child's death. kron 4's washington correspondent alexandra limon reports the department of homeland security is defending its actions-but some lawmakers accuse d-h-s of careless disregard. lawmakers want to see for
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themselves...conditions at the border patrol station that held a 7 year old guatemalan girl for the hours before her death.the congressional hispanic caucus will lead a delegation to the new mexico facility...on tuesday.trump administration officials blamed the child's death on her family's decision to come to the us illegallywhite house aide steven millersteven miller the loss of that precious life is horrifying. it is a painful reminder of the ongoing humanitarian crisis that is illegal immigraiton.homeland security officials say young jackelin caal maquin died because her family forced her to trek through the desert with little food and water... but jackelin's father said in a statement that the girl was in good health when they were apprehended by cbp.texas congressman beto o'rourke says two hundred migrants died in the past fiscal year, trying to come into the u.s. seven were children.beto o'rourke it's not just trump, it's not just the administration, it's not just the government. it's all of us until we make this right.alexandra limonlawmakers
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have asked customs and border protection to report the death of any person in custody to con within 24 hours. but that didn't happen-over the weekend lawmakers including oregon senator jeff merkley visited a child detention facility in texas.sen. jeff merkleythey're trapped here in this child prison.merkley said the lawmakers were not allowed to speak to the children.the congressional hispanic caucus members heading to new mexico tuesday say they plan a press conference on their findings after their tour. administration officials say they will accompany the lawmakers to the washington alexandra limon. limon. (vicki) in other national news...president trump's legal team is trying to stay ahead of the latest twists and turns in the russia investigation... the president and his outside attorney rudy giuliani are both beating up on the special counsel's probe... throwing punches in just about every direction. from our partner's at c-n-n reporter jim acosta has the story.... president trump's legal team isn't exactly spreading yuletide cheer.when asked whether his client will sit down with special counsel robert mueller in the russia
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investigation...rudy giuliani/ lawyer for president trump: "they are a joke. over my dead body, but you know i could be dead."the president's outside attorney rudy giuliani suggested without any evidence that mueller's investigators are now digging deep into mr. trump's past business dealings, complaining the russia probe is now out of control.rudy giuliani/ lawyer for president trump:"this is a witch hu! they are going back now.. they're going back to 1982, 1983. they are going through business records. my goodness, they went from collusion to obstruction, no evidence. now campaign finance."giuliani is also speaking out of both sides of his mouth.when asked whether one of the president's associates roger stone gave mr. trump advance warning that wikileaks was about to dump damaging information about hillary clinton during the campaign, giuliani said no... but then added it wouldn't be a crime either way.rudy giuliani/ lawyer for president trump:"no. i don't believe so. again, if roger stone gave anybody heads up about wikileaks leaks, that's not a crime. it would be like giving a heads-up that "the times" is
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going to print something. once the crime... this is why this thing is so weird, strange. the crime is conspiracy to hack. collusion is not a crime. doesn't exist"giuliani also seemed to offer a new detail about the trump tower moscow project.the president's former attorney michael cohen pleaded guilty to lying to congress about the project admitting discussions about the proposal lasted until june 2016.but giuliani suggested that mr. trump may have had discussions which went on longer than that.rudy giuliani/ lawyer for president trump:"according to the answer that hgave it covered up to november of 2016. he said he had conversations with them about it. the president didn't hide this."while giuliani hit the sunday talk shows the president worked over cohen on twitter... tweeting his one-time fixer... "only became a "rat" after the fbi did something which was absolutely unthinkable & unheard of until the witch hunt was illegally started. they broke into an attorney's office!"but that's not true.cohen later said those federal investigators were courteous and democrats are eager to hear more of cohen's story when they take control of congress next year. rep. elijah cummings, d-house oversight committee:"i'm hoping that mr. cohen will come before the congress, where he can tell the american public exactly what he has been saying to mueller and
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others without interfering with the mueller investigation."the president spent much of the weekend airing his grievances about the russia probe, blaming it all on former attorney neral jeff sessions tweeting: "jeff sessions should be ashamed of himself for allowing this total hoax to get started in the first place!"with the president staying behind closed doors acting attorney general matt whitaker was one of several administration officials stopping by the white house...from outgoing interior secretary ryan zinke who's suddenly leaving the trump team, to incoming chief of staff mick mulvaney who has some explaining to do after this video surfaced just before the 2016 election.mick mulvaney:"yes i'm supporting donald trump. i'm doing so as enthusiastically as i can, given the fact that i think he's a terrible human being, but the choice on the other side is just as bad."the president hasn't lashed out at mulvaney but he did vent his frustrations on saturday night live... tweeting... the show is "nothing less than unfair news coverage and dem commercials. should be tested in courts, can't be legal?" that may have something to do with the snl sketch showing what life what would be like.. if mr. trump had never been elected. "i would never, ever flip on you, you're my best friend,"
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(grant) coming up... a transgender student is taking action after he says he was harassed in a bathroom... and the alleged bully?... the school's assistant principal. find out who is now helping the student seek justice. (vicki)topvo plus... a man demolishes a landmark home and now he is facing some consequences... why the home will look exactly the same before it was torn down.. (grant) and many people may still be waiting for holiday packages to arrive before christmas.... up next next... how you can keep your packages safe from porch pirates... (lawrence) weather tease
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tonight... christmas eve is exactly one week away-- and chances are some of the holiday gifts you bought online are still on the way. (grant) so, how do you keep package thieves from stealing those your porch? reporter has tips to keep porch pirates away... 'tis the season--to send out those holiday gifts -- or order something for yourself. but it's also prime season for criminals.according to a 20-17 report by "insurance quotes"-- nearly 26 million americans were victims of package
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delivery theft during the holidays.if you still have online gifts heading to your doorstep--follow these steps to make sure strangers don't walk up to front door-- and walk off with your merchandise. number one-- sign up for delivery updates.the u-p-s "my choice" program sends you updates and drop-off times to keep packages from sitting outside.number two-- have packages delivered to your office instead of your home address.just make sure is ok with that.number three-- pick it up at a facility.even if your packages don't need a signature, you they get held at the facility so they don't get left on your stoop.number four-- pick it up instead. amazon locker delivery, package concierge, and u-p-s access point all allow packages to be sent to a secure location. also, many retailers offer free shipping directly to a nearby store where you can pick up your items.for consumer watch-- i'm mary moloney. (vicki) the christmas shipping rush is hitting its
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peak! this week is expected to be one of the busiest shipping and delivery. the u-s postal service says it expects to process and deliver nearly three billion pieces of first-class mail. the postal service says packages mailed through them need to be sent out by thursday in order to make it for christmas eve. for the other shipping services-- packages need to go out earlier. fed-ex has monday as its deadline for ground and home delivery. u-p-s says you have until tuesday to ship under its three-day select-- it's most affordable delivery option-- and still make it on time. (vicki) ahead at nine... we'll tell you why you're more likely to have a heart attack on christmas eve than any other day of the year..... details coming up. (grant) plus... heavy rain in the bay area means snow in the sierra... find out just how much snow has fallen so far this season.. (vicki) and up next... a startling new report says teen vaping is on the rise... why experts say its increasing at a quicker rate than ever
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(vicki) a significant jump this year in teen vaping ... that's according to a new study .. in some cases ... nearly double the number of kids reported doing vaping compared to last year.(grant) and in one part of the bay area, those numbers are even higher... kron four's terisa estacio reports.
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(grant) the d-m-v
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continues to be plagued with long wait times. and today we learned the director is stepping down. dmv officials confirming today that jean shiomotto is retiring. her departure comes at the end of a controversial year for the department. some lawmakers have criticized the department for its hours long lines,,, technology outages... and issues with voter registration. last week, secretary of state alex padilla wrote a letter to governor jerry brown saying he had lost confidence in the director and urged them to appoint a new department leader. but according to a letter provided by the d-m-v... shiomoto had already notified the governor back on december seventh that she planned to retire. brown appointed the department's chief deputy director bill davidson as the acting director when shiomoto leaves. (vicki) new information tonight... about the off- duty oakland police officer ... who was shot in san leandro over the weekend. we're now learning that investigators believe he accidentally shot himself. kron4's michelle
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kingston spoke to the san leandro police department and has the latest on the investigation. (mk)michelle kingston, mkingstonnews san leandro police are still investigating this case ...and right now say they have yet to recover the off duty oakland police officer was eating at chilis near the bay fair mall in san leandro on saturday night ... when investigators say he accidentally shot himself in the parking lot."at first, the information didn't come as easy, but that's given the fact that the individual was suffering a traumatic event so we had to give time for the individual to seek treatment." san leandro police say after shooting himself in the chest ... the off duty officer drove to his girlfriend's apartment ... she called police.he is now recovering at a local hospital -- where he told officers he is not sure where the gun may isaac benabou, san leandro police department"he has no recollection of where the gun is ... is that concering to that there's a gun out there? very concerning, yes. that's our number one concern. in any investigation, in any case that involves a gun, we would like to get our hands on that
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weapon for many reasons. in hits case, not knowing where the gun is right now is our top priority."san leandro police say they believe the weapon used was the officer's personal gun, but say exactly what happened is still unclear. lt. isaac benabou, san leandro police department"we dont have any video right now. we dont have any witnesses to it. we are going solely based on the statements and the testimony from the two people that were present."they are not releasing the officers name at this time.we are told he is in stable san leandro michelle kingston kron 4 news planning commission ordered a property owner to rebuild an exact replica of a home they
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say he illegally demolished. the 1936 home was designed by premiere modernist architect richard neutra. the one bedroom home was sold last year for 1-point-7 million. the owner got permission to expand while still perserving the first floor. but instead the city says he leveled most of the struture...and now this is all that's left. the owner argued that the home's historic value was erased by a previous fire and past renovations. (grant) the lawyer representing the homeowner has yet to respond to our request for comment. (vicki) an annual charitable christmas holiday event is in need of a little holiday charity of its own. donations are considerably down this year... and for a good reason... according to the founder of the event. (grant) but she is hoping there are people still willing to give this holiday season. kron4's haaziq madyun has
9:36 pm
the story... sotthe warehouse that holds donations for the 2018 christmas for everyone charitable event is not quite as full this year says the event's founder mary perezsotshe says the lack of donations are a result of the far reaching impact of the camp fire and the need to help fire victims this yearsotan outcome that perez is trying to avoid. for the past 34-years she and her team of volunteers host between 1,500 and 2,000 people for a one stop free christmas experience. but as you can see...there is not nearly enough trees, toys, bicycles and gifts for the typical christmas for everyone celebration. so what do they
9:37 pm
need?sotshe says although the economy has improved there are still needy families this time of year in contra costa county sot this year's christmas for everyone event will be held at the light of grace korean presbyterian church in martinez. the event starts at 9:30am christmas martinez haaziq madyun kron4news (lawrence bay area weather) (sports tease) warriors in action tonight and a lot of football to recap...all on the way after the break.
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new tonight at continues its expansion outside of silicon valley.the tech company is investing a billion dollars for a new campus in the big apple.what people in the area have to say about their soon-to-be neighbors.that's tonight at ten.
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what a weekend it was for bay area sports...we'll get into some football in just a moment but first, the warriors... coming off a crazy win friday
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night in sacramento... golden state coming off a wild win in sacramento this weekend...tonight they're back at oracle taking on the grizzlies...let's check in on the score of that game right now... late in the 4th quarter... warriors just running away with this one the highlihgt... steph curry scored his 15-thousandth- career point... only the 5th player in nba history to do that full highlights coming up on the 10-o'clock show over to the football field...san francisco finally snapped a five year, 10-game series losing streak against division rival seattle yesterday at levi's stadium... the niners playing well in all three phases of the game..a special teams touchdown for richie james one of the highlights...backup quarterback nick mullens played well in his 6th start... going 20 for 29 with 275 yards and a touchdown...and the defense made some big plays... leading to robbie gould's game-winning robbie gould's game-winning field goal in overtime...a 26 to 23 win for san head coach kyle shanahan talked
9:42 pm
about his team's late season momentum... "you get better the more you play. i think we've given guys a lot of opportunities in these two years to play. i don't think they have gotten it right away. but, when you've got the right guys and they continue to work at it, i think they naturally get better. i don't know if that's the exact reason it's happened in these two seasons. we have played a lot of younger guys some monday night action... cam newton and panthers with the tough task of hosting the saints, the number one seed in the n-f-c...and potential league m-v-p drew brees.but it wasn't newton who would toss the panthers' first points of the game...a little trickeration as christian mccaffrey pitches it to chris manhertz...he takes it 50 yards for the score...panthers strike first at home...saints answered with a couple of field goals but still down a point...until alvin kuh- mare-uh broke away and ran it in for 16 yards 12-9 saints the final score...panthers have now lost 6 in a row after starting the season 6-and-2 a little low scoring monday night game but a fun one nonetheless...that does it for
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sports...newscast returns you work hard for every dollar.
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so we don't want you to pay one cent more than you need to for health care. at covered california, you can get health insurance at a lower cost. in fact, enrollees pay an average of $5 per day.
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see how little it costs to get covered. visit today. student in west virginia wants his school to take action after he says he was harassed in a bathroom. and the alleged bully?... the school's assistant principal. as reporter kyleigh rice explains the a-c-l-u is now helping the student seek justice. according to a letter sent to the harrison county b-o-e by the american civil liberties union of west virginia:on november 27th, a transgender
9:46 pm
liberty high school student, who identifies as a male, entered the boys bathroom when he thought it was empty. after the student was in a stall, he was allegedly harassed and bullied by a faculty member. joseph cohen/aclu"he misgendered him, at one point challenged him to come out and use a urinal, essentially to prove that he was a boy. when he came out of the stall, the principal was standing in front of the exit, essentially blocking him in so he could not leave."the student is being represented by the aclu of west virginia in the hopes of fighting for better trans rights for students at his own school, and throughout the state. the letter also claims the student is intentionally mis-gendered at school, which can have a negative impact on trans teens.joseph cohen/aclu "more than 50 percent of transgender male trans teens attempt suicide. this really is a life or death issue. and it's time that west virginia schools take lgbtq issues seriously."the harrison county board of education is fully aware of the incident at liberty, and has already launched an investigation into the alleged harassment. superintendent dr. mark manchin says they are trying to give due process, but do have some insight into the matter.supt. mark manchin/harrison co. schools "the preliminary information
9:47 pm
that i have received is perhaps, it does appear from what i've been able to confirm is that our employee did not act in an appropriate manner, and was not sensitive to the needs of one of our students." aclu representatives say the student is back at school and has a support system there.but is suffering from anxiety and has suffered a panic attack following the harassment. dr. manchin says officials are trying to action to ensure their students safety.supt. mark manchin/harrison co. schools"everybody has certain rights and also responsibilities, and we certainly take this very very seriously to ensure all of our children are treated fairly and equitably." equitably." (vicki)(vicki) according to the a-c-l-u, as of right now the assistant principal has not been disciplined for his actions. (grant) as the bay area saw heavy rainfall yesterday -- snow blanketed the sierra... a whole lot of it...
9:48 pm
there was a winter weather advisory in effect overnight -- and throughout the morning. the snow was coming down on interstate 80 early this morning...the roadways were a mess... for much of the morning, chain controls were in effect between blue canyon and truckee. but a lot of people are not complaining... as the latest round of wet weather was a welcome sight for many skiers, boarders, and local business owners.
9:49 pm
southern california's coast today... as officials say surfers are being hit by large and dangerous waves. according to the national weather service-- surf as high as 15 feet was expected in ventura county. beaches in san diego and los angeles counties also saw high waves. the national weather service says inexperienced swimmers and surfers should stay out of the water at this time. (grant) now to our four zone forecast... as we take this live look outside at the bay bridge... joining us now is chief meteorologist lawrence karnow... lawrence karnow: the bay area had a nice break today from the stormy weather. but the clouds continue moving across our skies today. tonight will be mostly cloudy with patchy dense fog. on the satellite you can see another storm moving into the pacific northwest. there is a chance
9:50 pm
we could see a few more raindrops north of the golden gate bridge. highs tomorrow will be cool under partly cloudy skies and in the 50s to mid 60s. we will see a mix of sunshine and clouds through the week. the next best chance for rain will come this friday and this weekend. (vicki) 4 your health tonight... we all know the holidays can really wreak havoc on our really wreak holidays can weekend.
9:51 pm
(vicki) 4 your health tonight... we all know the holidays can really wreak havoc on our health....(grant) but now a new study from sweden has found...the risk of having a heart attack increases on christmas eve. researchers say it rises nearly 40- percent... the observational study analyzed the timing of 283-thousand heart attacks over 15 years. they found specifically... around ten p-m on christmas eve is the greatest risk-- that's about the time you're hoping your kids are asleep so you can finish wrapping the
9:52 pm
gifts and get them under the tree. researchers also found mornings before eight a- m and monday mornings are other times related to high risk of heart attack. they say more research needs to be done to find out what exactly causes the spikes. you can read more in the medical journal the b-the medical journal the b-m-j ... (vicki) up next... marvel's upcoming film, "avengers: endgame" is already breaking records for the most viewed trailer... and now nasa is weighing in on the high anticipated blockbuster... hear their advice on how to save ironman...
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is speaking out about the "me too" movement. he was asked by a british newspaper whether it was hard to be a man in hollywood in the "me too" era. his response - "it's only difficult if you are a man with something to hide." the statement won him praise on twitter from t-v producer shonda rhimes - and president obama's former advisor, valerie jarrett. his fans circulated the statement, with one fan tweeting "that is the right answer." elba - who was named people magazine's sexiest man alive last month - praised the movement before. (vicki) nasa is now offering its advice for saving avengers' tony stark...(grant) this comes after the release of the latest trailer for the "avengers" endgame" has sparked the agency's attention... here's the clip to which they are referring.
9:56 pm
(grant) you can see robert downey junior's character-- iron-man-- is floating in space. so nasa scientists took to social media to give their advice on how to save the superhero... the suggestion they tweeted? to---"listen in mission control for 'avengers, we have a problem"... then use ground teams to scan the skies. the actor behind the iron mask appreciated the advice... tweeting back-- "always good to know nasa has your back." (grant) that wraps up kron 4 news at nine...(vicki) but our primetime coverage continues at the top of the hour. pam moore and ken wayne are here with kron 4 news at ten....guys? (pam) thank you grant and vicki.... next at ten...residents at one apartment complex, are on edge tonightafter a violent home invasion in the middle of the day.the victim was so badly
9:57 pm
beaten..he had to be hospitalized.turns out..crime is a big problem according to people who live there.we'll speak to one couple who says they are moving out.that's next in a live report. plus...a somber tribute tonight to a chp officer, killed on christmas eve by an impaired driver.we'll hear from his loved ones who have a message if you plan on getting behind the wheel while under the influence.that's next in a live report.(pam) and the high surf warning has expired..but the waves are still dangerous on the california coast.our chief meterologist is here with your ten at ten forecast.(ken) don't go away...hour three of kron 4 news in primetime starts right after the starts
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(pam) people living in one san francisco apartment complex are on edge tonight.. good evening i'm pam moore. (ken) and i'm ken wayne. police are looking for two men who they say attacked and robbed another man in his park merced apartment.. kron 4's dan thorn is live tonight with more from police and residents..dan? (dan)san francisco police say this home invasion and robbery happened friday afternoon around 3 o'clock. several expensive things were stolen from the victim. and residents here tell me these types of crimes are happening more and more.. police say while a 32-year-old


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