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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  December 19, 2018 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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video tonight of her arrival... and tonight a family spokesperson just addressed the media on their behalf... talking about what the family is calling a bittersweet reunion...(grant)2 shot bam thanks for joining us im grant lodes...(vicki) and im vicki livakis.... the mother was initially blocked from entering the country... before she was granted a visa to come see her son at oakland children's hospital.(grant) tonight she has landed at s-f-o that's where we find kron 4's alecia reid tonight with the latest on the family reunion. alecia? we're standing outside the international terminal where this mother arrived half hour was extremely chaotic and overwhelming ... a sea of supporters bombarded the family ...lawyers and advocates were able to speak to the crowd and the media. saying this mother .... shaima swileh has been requesting a
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visa for over a year ...she can finally reunite with her 2 year old son tonight to say her final farewell.abdullah suffers from a genetic brain condition and is on life support.the state department granted her a waiver after his story spread on social media. abdulla and his dad ... ali ... are u-s citizens ....his father brought him to california to seek medical treatment.however .... shaima ... who is a yemeni national, .... currently lives in egypt ...and was denied access to the u-s due to the muslim ban. this is what ali and his supporters had to say..sot the family headed straight to childrens hospital in oakland. they're now asking for privacy as they grieve.reporting life from sfo .. alecia reid ... kron 4 news.
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(grant) concord police are investigating a homicide involving a homeowner and a possible intruder. it happened last night around 9-20... on phoenix street near placer drive. a homeowner told police, someone rang his doorbell. a few moments later they said .. someone began kicking the rear door.. then broke a window in order to get into the home. the homeowner--- fearing for his life--- shot the suspect... who later died in the backyard. investigators believe the homeowner was targeted because he grows and sells marijuana. (grant) a san francisco police officer has been arrested and charged with robbing a bank. according to court documents filed by the f-b-i.. rain olson daugherty is accused of robbing the east west bank in the city's sunset district. daugherty allegedly handed a teller a note demanding money. then told her to quote "calm down... just do it." about 9-thousand dollars was stolen the officer is currently suspended
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without pay. and this is not the first time daugherty has been in legal trouble. he's among nine current and former officers who sued to keep the police commission from disciplining them for sharing racist, sexist and homophobic text messages in 20-11 and 20-12. the courts earlier this year...allowed that action to move forward. (vicki) in the south bay... another hit and run accident out of san jose... making it the third one in less than a week. kron four's rob fladeboe has the details... as police are now searching for the driver who left the scene.. amra singh and his neighbors were shaken by the scene they woke up to early today near the intersection of 33rd avenue and berrywood drive just north of mckee road. two pedestrians, both women, were crossing 33rd from east to west when they were hit by a vehicle that did not stop and remains at large says officer gina tepoortenofficer gina tepoorten/san jose police
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"...we are looking into the fact that speed was a contributing factor and that the two pedestrians were in the crosswalk when the collision occurred...."skid marks suggest the hit and run driver was doing well over the school zone 25 mile per hour speed limit. an hour later and there would be a lot of kids crossing the street to nearby anne darling elementary. off camera, this neighbor joined the call for a stop sign or speed bumps here. anonymous neighbor "....all the neighbors here are wondering how long it's going to be before someone is killed..."neighbor "'s so sad, i don't know how people can be so careless and hit someone and then just leave...."police are looking at surveillance video but so far have released no informationabout the alleged hit and run driver while describing the suspect vehicle only as a dark colored sedan. both victims were sent to the hospital, one with life-
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threatening injuries.amra singh/neighbor " one cares about our street, i have two ids and we need at least ten speed bumps here..."rob fladeboe/san jose "....this is the 3rd hit and run acccident in san jose in less than a week. on monday a woman was struck and killed in a collision at first and rosemary and last saturday a man was killed on quito road in west san jose. all and run drivers remain at large. in san jose rob fladeboe kron4news (grant) another big story tonight... a tesla model s caught fire not once but twice.. in less than 24 hours... and it had not just been in an accident. take a look at the damage from the inside at the damage take a look at the damage from the inside to the hood of the car. the first time the tesla sparked up was at a tire shop in los gatos around two yesterday afternoon. the
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owner got a flat tire on highway 17 - fire crews say it was sitting in the parking lot of an auto shop for about ten minutes when it caught on fire. firefighters responded and quickly contained the fire... crews let the car cool for six hours.... then it was towed to a campbell tow yard around ten last night... where it caught fire again! this is something industry analysts say is not uncommon for electronic vehicles. (grant) at this time it's unclear why the tesla caught fire the first time or the second time
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santa clara county fire crews are working with tesla to investigate... (vicki) this latest tesla fire raises safety concerns on electric cars,but some consumers áástill want to buy one. kron 4's gayle ong is live at one of the tesla stores in santana row with reaction from potential buyers. gayle? the interested buyers i spoke with say they are of course concerned about safety but think the tesla fire incidents over the years are a case by case basis. busy foot traffic at the tesla store on santana row wednesday. this after a fiery incident the night before..a tesla model s caught fire in las gatos hours later it caught fire again after it was towed to campbell.the cause is still under investigation.but an anonymous source at tesla tells me just by looking at the wreckage,either the cars battery pack got damaged or the tow truck may have damaged the car getting it onto the bed...the battery pack takes up the bottom of the car,past
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fires occured from people running over debris, puncturing the battery packs. tesla as since added more armor.back here on santana row, excited electric car enthusiasts window shopping. it's one of the hottest cars on the market. tesla motors started in silicon valley - and is now known as the fastest electric this tesla owner was driving off..he tells he is of course concerned about safety,but says it's all about taking care of your stuff.and for most - their car is their prized possession tesla is investigating the incident that happened yesterday,live in san jose gayle ong kron 4 news.
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widespread speculation is still running rampant... after a mystery light was seen all over the state earlier tonight. just after 5:30... people stopped that they were doing and starred. the national starred. the national weather service bay area office tweeting that what was seen initially moving through the sky was a meteor. but that metor then helped form what's known as a noctilucent cloud. for a while earlier there was widespread speculation that what we were seeing was thanks to a rocket launch. there were scheduled launched at vandenberg air force base near san louis obispo. but that was scrapped... as was a space x launch. by the way if you have video or pictures, we'd love if you would share them with us on the kron4 mobile app - using the kron4
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mobile app - using the report it tab...easy to upload them tab...easy to upload them there. (vicki) joining us now is chief meterologist lawrence karnow. a meteor, and a noctilucent cloud? lawrence karnow: cool fog slowly gave way to partly cloudy skies and cool temperatures. high pressure brought dry weather to the bay area today. on the satellite you can see high pressure sending the storm track north. clouds will increase by tomorrow afternoon with a chance of showers tomorrow night. highs tomorrow will be in the 50s to low 60s. it should be dry into the first part of the weekend with a chance of showers late saturday night and into sunday
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morning.. more rain is possible christmas eve and christmas day. day.and christmas christmas eve and christmas day.
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san francisco mayor london breed is getting some heat after writing a letter to governor jerry brown asking for help with her brother's prison sentence.(grant) her brother - napoleon brown - was convicted of killing lenties white in 2000... by pushing her out of a car on the golden gate bridge. brown has served nearly two decades of a 46-year prison sentence. the mayor is asking the governor to commute
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her brother's sentence, and grant him an early release. the mayor's brother has a history of drug arrests and coictions... and she says, he needs help and treatment. breed admits that she knew she would be criticised for writing the letter, but believes it was something she needed to do.
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military leaders are questioning. natsdevastation and ruin for miles in eastern syria, seen in exclusive video obtained by cnn, as isis fighters make their stand.natsstill despite the reality on the ground, president trump says isis is defeated and ordered the surprise withdrawal of all 2,000 us ground troops stationed mainly in eastern syria where isis still controls territory.leaving the pentagon - which does not believe isis has been completely defeated -- scrambling to devise a way to safely get troops and their equipment out of harm's way. and a suddenly reshaped middle east.seth jones, harold brown chair, center for strategic and international studies: "this clearly sends a message both to moscow and tehran that syria and frankly bigger parts of the middle east are yours." there is confusion on all fronts.several allies were caught unaware.on tuesday the state department was adamant the isis fight is not done. robert palladino, state dept. deputy spokesperson:"we've made significant progress recently in the campaign, and - but the job is not yet done." natsan official dod estimate says there may be up to 30,000
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isis fighters in iraq and syria.just days ago the chairman of the joint chiefs said the us was not close to finished its task of training local forces to fight isis. gen. joseph dunford, chairman of the joint chiefs of staff: "we estimate for example about 35-40,000 local forces have to be trained and equipped to provide stability. we're probably somewhere along the line of 20% through the training of those forces. but with regard to stabilization, we still have a long way to go. and so i'd be reluctant to affix a time."the planned pullout comes just a day after the us announced to sell turkey a patriot missile defense system- somethng it wanted.and it's now it is raising questions whether trump's decision paves the way for turkey to move against their long-time rivals, the kurds, who've been allied to the u-s in the fight against isis.seth jones, harold brown chair, center for strategic and international studies: "erdogan has been asking the us to leave so that he can deal directly with his kurdish problem. and in return, the us may be pushing for something including greater arms sales, maybe a way to balance against turkey's relationship which has grown stronger with moscow."though a state department spokesperson tells cnn it has no connection to other policy matters. congressional republicans already are serious.sen. lindsey graham:"if obama had made this decision, republicans would be all over him. i don't think general
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trump is going to be any better than general obama." (grant) back here in the south bay... a san jose family tells kron 4 that someone has been stealing christmas decorations i the neighborhood. one theft was last week in the willow glenn neighborhood and the thief was recorded on surveillance video. kron 4's charles clifford has details.
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well, christmas is less than a week away and the decoations are up on homes all over the bay area. the family that lives in the home behind me here put up their deocations just after christmas but there are a few things missing.this is is surveillance video from a home along gavota avenue in san jose. it was recorded just after 4 in the morning on december the video a shadowy figure can be seen walking onto the lawn and stealing 4 christmas decorations, including a mickey mouse, a mini mouse and a rudolph. in all the thief is in front of the house for just a few minutes and then leaves in a car.sothe knew right what to go fortim lund lives here with his family. he was upset to find that someone had stolen his decorations, espeically the disney ones which are his kids favorites. sotim angry and upsettim called police and filed a report online but so far, no suspects have been identified. lund says that many of his neighbors have also had their decorations stolen.sotwe have seen reports. two people who live around the corner had things takenwith christmas just a few days away, tim is doubtfull his missing ornaments will be returned but he says this won't dampen his family's holiday spirit.soti'm angry enough to want the individual to face some sort of correctinal action.sotyou bent my christmas but youre not breaking it. i still got the spirit.anyone with information is asked to contact the san jose police department. in san jose, charles clifford kron 4 news.
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christmas is right around the corner. and some families in need got a little extra help today putting new, wrapped presents under the tree. 25-hundred colorful wrapped presents greeted kids at the s-e-i-u local 10-21 office in oakland. all the gifts were donated, as was the time to wrap them up so nicely. families pre-registered in advance to get the presents. if it was not for these gifts, kids might not get any presents under the tree.
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have enough money for everyone sot there was a time that my child was at the point they could not get a gift they were going to walgreens to get something for 99 cents just to have something under the tree that is why it is really touching to me that we can bring a smile to peoples faces> (vicki) santa also made an appearance. he posed for pictures with the kids. this is the first year s-e-i-u hosted a toy giveaway.. and based on the success of all 25-hundred presents being passed out, the union wants to make this a holiday tradition. (grant)(grant) for 54- years, one san jose non- profit has been helping out families in need during this holiday season... by distributing toys.(vicki) kron4's maureen kelly reports tonight, that charity is still in need of donations to help reach its goal .
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today's the first day of sacred heart community service is annual toy giveaway. where they try to make kids of working families struggling to make ends meet here in the bay area have a happy holiday season. their goal is to help over 6000 kids by giving away close and 19,000 toys. parents or guardians who made appointments are able to shop with a volunteer elf to help pick out two toys and a book per child and angela lottery and enter a lottery to possibly win a bike. this is the 54th year that this nonprofit has held this toy giveaway. they've already given away nearly 7550 pound boxes of food this holiday season. despite being located in the silicon valley here in the bay area common one of the most expensive regions in the united states if not the world. they say the need is real. "our members report to spending 80% of their paychecks on housing costs alone. it's really leaving a little left behind for them to celebrate their holiday traditions." those i talk to picking out toys for their kids say they really appreciate the help. "it's so hard here, you have to work two jobs making 40 dollars an hour. i appreciate this every year, coming to stand in line, the hot chocolate the candy canes, everytng."the toy giveaway continues until 8 o'clock tonight and will continue on thursday. they say there is still time for people to donate new toys or money. they are short at this point close to 7000 toys. maureen kelly kron4 news
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(grant) coming up... a community outraged after disturbing photos of two possible students wearing kkk- style hoods surfaced all over the place... what parents have to say about the investigation... (vicki) plus... new vending machines are popping up on university campuses nationwide... but this particular kind doesn't sell sodas or doritos... it sells a generic brand of emergency contraception... details ahead...
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(grant) and up next... the federal reserve has raised interest rates yet again... find out how the hike will impact your wallet after the break...
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(vicki) 4 your money tonight... with the federal reserve announcing the fourth interest rate hike of the year today-- get ready for wide-ranging changes for all of us....(grant) especially for those who have credit cards debt, are looking to get car or home loans, etc.
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reporter mary moloney explains the direct impact this will have on your wallet ......if you save.invest.use credit or want to buy a home or car -- listen up!the federal reserve announced its fourth interest rate hike of 2018-- jerome powell, federal reserve board chair// "since that period, we've had low unemployment and strong growth" this time, it's by a quarter of a percentage point to a range of 2.25 to 2.5 percent. and financial experts say the raise will impact nearly everyone.chris burns, financial expert// "where people are going to feel impact is how the market will respond to this. and that immediately impacts your 401k, right?"for borrowers-- it's going to cost more for credit cards, loans and mortgages.the pace of the impact will vary... but experts say credit card users will feel the effect first because those rates are directly in line with the fed's increases.chris burns, financial expert// "so literally by their next bill, they could see a raise in that interest rate. and depending on how much you owe... that could mean a lot of extra money even on your minimum payment. "for savers -- experts say this latt hike
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will translate into more earnings on deposits in a savings account.chris burns, financial expert// "interest rates going up have been a great thing for someone close to retirement because it means their safe money might actually get a decent return." despite the increase, federal interest rates are still at historically low levels.chris burns, financial expert// "so if you're looking at a long- term loan now is still a great time to look at that and i can tell you in 5 or 6 years it's gonna be very different."for consumer watch-- i'm mary moloney. (vicki) ahead ta nine... a stunning new york times report... accusing facebook of sharing your user data ... with dozens of other companies... hear the facebook's defense... (grant) plus a retired plice officer ááarrested... what he was caught doing that has the community outraged... (vicki) and up next... we can't make this one up. how the c-h-p says one man tried to avoid paying tolls-- and ended up getting caught.
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(vicki) now at 9:30... here's something you probably have never seen before ... the c-h-p in marin caught a driver who covered up part of his license plate... with a terriyaki chicken wing sticker. (grant) c-h-p says the driver pulled the receipt cover-up stunt to try to avoid paying tolls...he was subsequently cited.(vicki) kron4's michelle kingston spoke with chp today and found out this type of activity is quite common. (mk)officer andrew barclay,
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california highway patrol"i will say that is one of the most obscure ways we've seen people cover digits on a license plate, but it's not an uncommon thing to see people doing different things to try to disguise or hide their license plate."michelle kingston, mkingstonnewstolls are expensive in the bay area ... and some drivers -- according to chp -- are finding creative ways to get through without paying up. officer andrew barclay, california highway patrol"it's a big issue and we do see it around here. my area of patrols is both the golden gate and the richmond bridge so we do see a lot of toll evasion."on tuesday night -- an officer noticed something covering up a white mustang's license plate on 101. when he pulled the driver over, he noticed a safeway terriyaki chicken wing sticker covering the first two digits of the front and back license plates
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on the car.officer andrew barclay, california highway patrol"the driver was how those stickers got on the exact same two digits on both license plates, but based off of our investigation, we are in marin county and this is an individual who actually lives in the east bay and so obviously they are traversing different bay area roadways, likely going over toll bridges somewhere along the way and again, you know we've seen toll evasion before by covering license plates. this is just a new unique way to do it."the driver was cited for suspended license and having an obstructed license plate. his car was marin michelle kingston kron 4 news4 news (grant) police in san francisco are releasing more information about a car involved in a deadly hit and run. this is surveillance video showing the suspect's car.. as well as a woman believed to be the driver. it happened a week ago at bush and leavenworth. investigators are now saying that the car that fled the scene is a dark colored 2007 or 2008 honda fit. the car likely has front end damage-- and employees of auto body shops are being asked to be on the lookout. 58-year-old tere-sita collins was killed in the crash. (vicki) in the north bay... police in petaluma are looking for a man who they say stole a football jersey from a
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sports memorabilia store. these are pictures of the suspect. it happened last night at "national sports memorabilia" in the petaluma premium outlets. police say the man in his 20s or 30s stuffed the jersey into his pants before leaving the store. in the photos you can see a large tattoo on the back of his neck. officers are now asking for the publics help identifying him. (grant) police in vacaville arrest one of their own... investigators say a retired police officer is suspected of unlawfully recording a couple having sex inside his home while they were house sitting for him. and as reporter rowena shaddox explains... the 51-year-old was an officer for more than 20 years... (mug shot)vacaville police arrested 51-year-old neal, who served as a cop with the department for more than 20 years. he retired two years ago.investigators say he unlawfully recorded a couple having sex inside his home, who were housesitting for him at the time. detectives say there's a lot
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of potential evidence they're handling. neal also faces three counts of bribery and disuading a witness, after police say he tried to talk the victims out of testifying against him. investigators don't believe at this time there are other victims.and don't believe neal did any of this while on duty as a police polen assures vacaville residents that police will always work to protect them. (grant) (grant) that was rowena
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shaddox reporting. brian neal will appear in brian neal will appear in court on january eleventh. (vicki) "demolish but do not sell" - that is what the attorney representing the families of the 36- victims of the ghost ship warehouse fire, is asking the judge. the request is listed in the civil lawsuit against the owner of the property. attorney mary alexander says, the oakland property represents an asset to the owner, so she is trying to block any potential sale of the property before a judgment is rendered. alexander says, her clients do not oppose demolition, however they would like to see the site preserved as a memorial. (vicki) a new york times investigation revealed that facebook shared its users' private data, without its users' consent, with other tech giants including microsoft, amazon, spotify, and netflix.(grant) but facebook claims... that is not what happened. kron 4's gabe slate reports. the new york times has reported that it obtained
9:36 pm
internal facebook documents that show how the social media giant arranged to share data with more than 150 companies. the new york times says amazon got access to facebook users names and contact information through their friends on the social network, yahoo could look at user's friend's posts. while microsoft's search engine bing was allowed to see the names of virtually all facebook users' friends without consent.the times also said in their report, streaming services netflix and spotify had the "ability to read facebook users' private messages.sound from - adam schwartz is a senior staff attorney with the eff's civil liberties team"i use facebook and was alarmed" adam schwartz is a senior staff attorney with the electronic frontier foundation's civil liberties team, he says it's time for action to hold facebook accountable.sound from - adam schwartz is a senior staff attorney with the eff's civil liberties team"it's time for government to take action" a few of the companies named in the report have already spoken, amazon and
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yahoo told the times any data they accessed was used appropriately. netflix replied to the times on twitter that it "never asked for, or accessed, anyone's private messages."in a newsroom blog post facebook said --- "none of these partnerships or features gave companies access to information without people's permission,"and that "facebook's partners don't get to ignore people's privacy settings, and it's wrong to suggest that they do.facebook says they worked closely with four partners to integrate messaging capabilities into their products so people could message their facebook friends - but only if they chose to use facebook login and in a statement sent to kron 4 news facebook said quote - "we know we've got work to do to regain people's trust. protecting people's information requires stronger teams, better technology, and clearer policies, and that's where we've been focused for most of 2018. partnerships are one area of focus and, as we've said, we're winding down t integration partnerships that were built to help people access facebook."end quotein san francisco gabe slate kron 4 news (lawrence bay (lawrence bay area weather)
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(sports tease)still ahead.....we have some warriors highlights.....>they were in salt lake city....and you know that's always an adventure.....>stay with us.....>
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the warriors were on the road
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tonight taking on the utah jazz.....>utah has had a rough season.....but they are always a tough team to beat in salt lake city....>rody of the best defensive presences in the nba.....>we pick things up in the second quarter....steph curry doing what steph curry does best.....he knock down the thre to tie the game......32 for steph on the night....>near the end of the half....rudy gobert catches the oop from rubio....51-49 jazz......>rubio....51-49 oop from rubio....51-49 jazz......> 4th quarter....joe ingles hits a three pointer to make it 93- 82....ingles had 20 points on the night....>warriors down by six.....until kd knocks down the trey to knocks down six.....until kd knocks down the trey to make it a three point game......>warriors still down three....seconds left.....andre iguodala misses the trey.....steph curry chases down the rebound but they say it's off on curry....and warriors lose 108-103.....>
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the 49ers are coming off of their most impressive wins of the season.....>and they want to ride that momentum out for the rest of the season......> and big reason for them being able to get that win on sunday is because of the play of quarterback, nick mullens.....> mullens went 20-29 with 275 yards and a touchdown pass on sunday.....most importantly, he didn't turn the ball over.....>mullens play as of late has really opened up the playbook for head coach kyle shannahan.....> nick's been real consistent. there's definitely a number of times i haven't called a good play and it hasn't ended up bad. that's what allows you as a play-caller to be more aggressive. you always want to call the perfect one. sometimes, you've got a smaller chance of getting it, but if the risk isn't as low, then you feel a lot better doing it more."it more."a lot better doing low, then you feel a lot better doing it more."
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not to the finish.t. but to the beginning. a fight that can only be won, if we stand together for one cause. him. expert care for every new beginning. philadelphia are investigating
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a pair a disturbing messages with a connection to an area high school. one was a hate-filled letter, and the other is a photo believed to be of two high school students wearing k-k-k style hoods. dan koob reports. a snapchat photo depicting two people, believed to be strath haven hi school students, circulated tuesday night into wednesday morning.elliot kurz: "it's horrible what happened. we had a few discussions about it in class, and we were thinking that they probably didn't really mean it but they
9:46 pm
were just looking for attention. and there was a protest going on during school, and we thought the protest was sort of giving them what they wanted."an investigation has begun to determine who was involved in the photo and a letter filled with hateful language that was distributed in the community. lisa palmer:"we're just made aware of the situation, and we are now looking into it, and our principals are in the process of interviewing a number of students."haden soch, student: "i think it's terrible. i don't know why they did that. for this they seemed like relatively good people but i don't know what they were doing "tamyra durnell has nieces and nephews who attend the school. she says, something needs to be done to keep these sort of posts offline.tamyra durnell: "they miss warning signs. they miss clues. that's how the mass shootings happen all over the country. these clues are here so they need to react and these people and children need to be held accountable before it's too late." (grant)(grant) school officials say the people in the picture has been officially identified ... and officials are
9:47 pm
investigating where the photos originated. (vicki) two police officers in texas are being hailed as heroes after pulling a man from a fiery wreck... and it was all caught on camera. bodycam video shows a terrifying video shows a bodycam on camera.was all caught on camera. bodycam video shows a terrifying rescue... two chambers county deputies arrived at a fiery crash scene to find a man pinned inside... the deputies worked together to pull the unconscious man from the flames they then used a nearby puddle to cool him off. the man was taken to a hospital and is now in stable condition (vicki) now to our four zone forecast... as we take this live look outside at san francisco.. joining us now is chief joining us now is chief meteorologist lawrence karnow... lawrence karnow: cool fog slowly gave way to partly cloudy skies and cool temperatures. high pressure brought dry weather to the bay
9:48 pm
area today. on the satellite you can see high pressure sending the storm track north. clouds will increase by tomorrow afternoon with a chance of showers tomorrow night. highs tomorrow will be in the 50s to low 60s. it should be dry into the first part of the weekend with a chance of showers late saturday night and into sunday morning.. more rain is possible christmas eve and christmas day. (grant) 4 your health tonight... the morning-after pill will soon be available in vending machines to more students...(vicki) these vending machines will be placed on another college campus in new york. but as emily drooby reports, some pro-life activists are ááalready not happy with ááalready not activists are pro-life day.and christmas christmas eve rain is possible christmas eve and christmas day.
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(grant) 4 your health tonight... the morning-after pill will soon be available in vending machines to more students... (vicki) these vending machines will be placed on another college campus in new york. but as emily drooby reports, some pro-life activists are ááalready not happy with that. vending machines - but instead of chips or soda, they sell emergency contraception which
9:50 pm
is also known as the 'morning after' pill.the machines already in place at schools across the country, including columbia university in new york.danielle smith, student: "i have definitely seen them and it was a big hype when they first put them in, it's really good to have those resources right on campus."now barnard college, a liberal arts women's college also in manhattan that has a partnership with columbia university, plans on installing one of the vending machines outside their primary care service custer, barnard college student:"i think it's really great that barnard is actually providing options in a way that is non-discriminatory and people can really access this without shame."the new trend is very controversial with pro-life groups.alice lemos, the board of directors secretary to the bridge to life, a charity that helps women in crisis pregnancies, explains this distribution method could cause problems. alice lemos, the bridge to life:"we don't know the long-term effects of high dose hormones is and we are making it more and more difficult for young women to say 'no,' we are saying in essence that a pill solves every problem and it doesn't."lemos further explaining she believes the
9:51 pm
vending machines push women further away from just saying no.alice lemos, the bridge to life:"it's not bubble gum, we're talking about high doses of hormones, i think it's terrible that the campuses are encouraging bad behavior, 'just saying no' actually does work."the vending machines, already set up at columbia university, are located in building lobbies.the pills sell for $40 and are in the machines along with items like tampons and advil. in a statement to currents news, barnard college said, "after assessing student need and evaluating best practices among our peer institutions, we decided to install vending machines to ensure students would have access to a range of over-the-counter medications, including emergency contraception, at hours when pharmacies may be closed and they have need." columbia university has yet to respond to our request for's estimated the barnard vending machines will be ready some time during the upcoming spring semester. semester.
9:52 pm
(grant) that was emily drooby reporting... some univeristy campuses here in the golden state already have morning after pill vending machines...(vicki) they include stanford, u-c davis, u-c santa barbara and pomona college... (vicki) after the break... it's the most wonderful time of the san francisco. how the holiday is drawing people from all over to experience christmas here in the bay area... that's next in dine and dish..
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(grant) maybe you've
9:55 pm
noticed e holiday hustle. the traffic jams headed into the city, the crowded restaurants. folks looking for a dash of cheer. (vicki) so tinight on dine and dish, i found some festive dish, i found some festive food in the tourist mecca of fisherman's wharf. these young fellows came all the way from texas for a san francisco treat. their noses pressed up to the window - watching sour dough bread shaped into snowmen and crabs and turtles. they come for the clam chowder in a bread bowl. ...for for festive cocktails. visitors also flock here for the local crab in season. boudins in fisherman's wharf is a magnet year round for tourists with a taste for sour dough and sea food. and for the holiday's - it's dressed up and serving up specials - like this avocado crab roll for starters. chef misael reyes of boudin's bistro is partial to dungeness...
9:56 pm
served up cold in a this elegant crab salad or sizzling hot in this skillet dish with sour dough secret sauce. (now not so secret.) but there's roasted corn for corn chowder and this surf and turf lobster and filet mignon. this couple from la is celebrating the season with a taco twist... and a toast to the holidays for one and all. one and all.holidays for one and all. (grant) that wraps up kron 4 news at nine...
9:57 pm
(vicki) but our primetime coverage continues at the top of the hour. pam moore and ken wayne are here with kron 4 news at ten....guys? (pam) thank you grant and vicki.... next at emotional reunion between a mother...and her dying son. shaima swileh is at oakland children's hospital where her two year old son remains on life support.she touched down at sfo just a couple hours plenty of hours plenty of supporters. the message from the family's spokesperson about their ordeal.that's next in a live report. plus...a tesla catches fire twice in the south bay.tonight our gayle ong spoke with a tesla employee about what he thinks went wrong.we are le in the south bay with that story.(pam) and a san francisco police officer...arrested and charged with robbing a bank. what we're leaning about his checkered past.(ken) don't go away...hour three of kron 4 news in primetime starts right after the break.
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...for the past year a yemeni yemeni mother... barred from traveling to the u-s, has arrived in the bay area, and is finally reunited with her dying two year old son. now


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